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tv   Washington Journal 08012019  CSPAN  August 1, 2019 6:59am-10:04am EDT

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the way. thank you so much for having me. god bless you. [applause] >> here is a look at our live coverage thursday. on c-span at 10:00 a.m. eastern, the senate judiciary committee meets to consider legislation that would change the asylum progress for migrants trying to enter the u.s. that is followed by a discussion from the hudson institute about combating economic threats. at 7:00, president trump hold a rally in cincinnati as part of his 2020 reelection campaign. on c-span two, the senate is back at 9:30 a.m. eastern to vote on a budget deal that also suspends the debt limit for the next two years. on c-span3, there is a discussion on the political situation in puerto rico following the recent resignation of puerto rico's governor. later, we hear from senators ted cruz and rick scott speaking at a student conference hosted by the young america's foundation. the next three hours, we
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will get your reaction to last night's democratic presidential debate in detroit by taking your phone calls, facebook comments, and tweets. washington journal is next. is next. ♪ host: good morning. pundits referring to the two nights of the debate as a "motown showdown." for joe biden, this reference, a detroit do over. 10 candidates on the stage. ahead, some of the key moments from last night's cnn debate come around 2. how it is being covered this morning as well as your reaction. 202-748-8000 for democrats. 202-748-8001 is the line for republicans. for independents, 202-748-8002. join us on social media and we will read your tweets at
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@cspanwj. join the conversation on our facebook page at this is the headline, front page of the washington post, democrats pull no punches. my colleague, greta brawner. host 2: look at politico's headline with the data points. outbursts, 14 obama 21tions and 20 -- nearly minutes is how much time joe biden got and perhaps, not unexpected, he got the most time as candidates went after biden for his record on women's rights. , the mostto twitter tweeted about u.s. politician number 1, donald trump. number 2, joe biden. three, kamala harris and 4, barack obama.
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notesudge report banner dems attack not trump, but obama. the former attorney general under the obama administration eric holder morning be wary of attacking the obama record, build on it. there is little to be gained by attacking a very successful and still popular democratic president. from group will -- google trends, this is how americans searched. number 1, kelsey gabbard. bottom of the list, michael bennet. here is from twitter as well, the most tweeted moments during night 2. .umber one was booker to biden there is a saying, you are dipping into the kool-aid and you don't even know the flavor. gabbard criticizes harris's record on --
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the first thing she will do as president is clorox the oval office. from that number one moment, here is last night possibly debate. [video clip] >> there is a saying in my community, you are dipping into the kool-aid and you don't even know the flavor. you need to see the reforms we put in place. the aclu has said i embrace reforms not just in action, but in deed. you are trying to shift the view from what you created. there are people right now in prison for life for drug offenses because you stood up and sat tough on crime. phony rhetoric that got a lot of people elected, but to destroy communities like mine. this is about the present right now. host: this is the headline inside the wall street journal also available online. debates leave a trio of presidential battles.
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washington editor writing "over the course of two long nights of debate, three different contests emerged. the first is the battle to not joe biden from his position as the front runner and the second is a struggle between moderate and progressives wings and the third is a quest to find a candidate who might be able to straddle both lanes. none of these debates -- mr. biden and other moderates asking whether big price tags won't drive some middle-of-the-road voters back into mr. trump's arms which leaves the question of whether anyone can straddle the moderate or progressive camps. two candidates, senator harris and pete buttigieg emerging as the two most likely to be able to pull off that tricky balancing act. let's get to your phone calls. first up, john from georgia,
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independent line. what did you think? cooks: there are too many . there is no message coming out that is resonating with independent voters. independent voters want to see people back to work. congress and democrats need to all a shoveling -- about a shoveling earth policy. host: the headline, biden fighting jabs by liberals over his record. last night or early this morning, the president tweeting the following. the people on the stage tonight or last were not those who will
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make america great again or keep america great. our company is breaking records in almost every category. we have prosperity and success like never before. it will soon be time to keep and build on that prosperity or let it go. the president saying we are respected again around the world, keep it that way. we will only grow bigger, better, and stronger together. next is paul joining us from connecticut, independent line. host: good morning from plymouth, connecticut. butd not catch the debate, i read the reviews and my candidate is tulsi gabbard. host: why is that? thinkinghe took on the on iran -- took on harris. accused harris of locking up
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low-level druggies, hiding evidence, and supporting prison labor. we should look at these candidates that come forward and try to repackage themselves. tulsa gabbard is an honorably served veteran who wants to keep us out of war. she is truly the only antiwar candidates -- candidate. as the toprated her search in last night the bait in all 50 states. nominee, canthe she bring the democratic party together? about: i don't know bringing the democratic party together, that is a long shot. however, she could bring up the issues of an awful lot of people . there are republicans and independents that believe we are in too many wars.
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the entrenchedst her twitter account reflected that. helpingher sister is her on that one, talking about a fledgling campaign that needs help. she has stood out. it's amazing when you travel through the midwest, the billboards you see with her picture on them. host: biden goes on the attack against kid harris, a reference he made at the start of the debate and on the issue of health care, this exchange between the vice president and the california senator. [video clip] >> i listen to the american families who said 4 years is not enough to transition into this plan. i listened to american families who said i want an option that
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will be under your medicare system that allows a private plan. i designed a plan where, responsive to the needs of american families, there will be a public plan under my plan for medicare and a private plan under my plan because the bottom line is we must agree that access to health care must be a right and not just a privilege of those who can afford it. 30 million people are going without access to health care. >> vice president biden, your response. >> by response is the senator and anyseveral plans time anyone tells you you will get something good in 10 years, you should ask why it will take 10 years. this is the single most important issue facing the public. ande very blunt straightforward, you cannot beat
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president trump with doubletalk on this plan. >> unfortunately, you are inaccurate in what you are describing. the reality is our plan will bring health care to all americans under a medicare for all system. our plan will allow people to start signing up on the first day. babies will be born into our plan and right now 4 million babies are born every year in america. we will ensure everyone has access to health care. your plan, by contrast, leaves out almost 10 million americans. i think you should think about what you are saying, but understand the people of america want access to health care and do not want cost to be there barrier to getting it. >> vice president biden, your response? >> the plan, no matter how you cut it, costs $3 trillion when it is employed.
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secondly, it will require middle-class taxes to go up, not down. thirdly, it will eliminate employer-based insurance and thirdly, what happens in the meantime? >> first of all, the cost of doing nothing is far too expensive. second, we are now paying $3 trillion a year for health care in america. over the next 10 years, it will probably be $6 trillion. my plan is about immediately allowing people to sign up into coverage. >> one of the moments from last night's cnn debate. rick on twitter, sat to see what is happening to joe biden real-time, he's used by date has by" and gone -- his "use
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date has come and gone. lisa saying it is clear the media wants to pretend biden and harris were the stars of the debate because they are on the dnc chosen two, but i am betting that is not who democratic voters want. we want to hear from you. 202-748-8001 for republicans. 202-748-8000 if you are a democrat, tell us what you thought about the debate last night and the night before. greta brawner with more on the stage and the backdrop in detroit. host 2: cnn had the headline about what went into making the stage. a fox theater transformed for two nights of democratic debates . it took a team of more than 100 more than 1000nd hours to assemble the set. there are more than 25 cameras at the location.
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500 plus lights, 40,000 pounds of equipment and 110 pallets of gear. cnn said there was so much equipment, it took 953 foot semi trucks to haul it in. how did the candidates qualify for the debate? candidate had to either achieve 1% -- received contributions from 65,000 unique doubters -- donors. the bar was purposefully set low for the first debates of the cycle, but it will be set quite a bit higher for the third set of debates that will be televised in september. news.comdebates, vioxx reports the dnc is raising the bar. candidates have to meet a .olling and donor threshold
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at least 130,000 unique donors from at least 4000 unique donors in 20 or more states. tony in texas, did you watch last night? caller: i sure did and i really love c-span. i wish i could get it in hd. these democrats have a heads up on this and starting with a diverse pool early and whittling it down to one candidate might be enough to turn texas blue. i wish republicans would have done that before the last election. host: who do you think that democrat would be and would you support that democrat? had to rank them, i am going biden, of course. then i have to say i love castro, but i am a little bit biased. and then booker.
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i like the way they work together. commonl have a democratic vision. more so the second night than the first night, but i think this is a good idea for them to do this now and pick their best person. texas blue, i guess. host: greenbelt, maryland, what did you think? caller: good morning. , joe biden made a salient point. you see donald trump having a lot of approval because of the border. people should be coming, but they should really check. the border should not be free.
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if anybody is coming from mexico or wherever, they should be screened and checked before coming to our country. host: thanks for calling and thanks for listening on c-span radio. from portning us crane, new york. independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. i love this show. i think tulsa gabbert is the only candidate that makes any sense. she is antiwar -- not antiwar, but anti-stupid war that gets us nothing. i cannot see why the media will not let her speak. the other nine people were trending on twitter and tulsa gabbert was not even though she clearly won the debate. i think twitter is trying to interfere in the election and
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that should be looked into. host: we will go to rick joining us next on the independent line from ohio. good morning. caller: i am 62 years old and i grew up in detroit in the 60's and 70's. back then, we were the greatest .ivilization man has ever seen the guys who came back from world war ii, they became the labor unions. they cashed corp. -- taxed corporations at 90%. -- based on their employees and the people who supported their employees, would have enough people to elect the president of the united states and it did not matter if they were republican or democrat. 90%.were still taxed at long story short is the
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democratic party has been dead for 25 years. it died the day bill clinton signed nafta. over the past 40 years, you can look decade by decade and see who destroyed the country. that is a 15 second delay c-span has to protect the people that did destroy our country. host: that is not true. the delay is to make sure we don't get profanities on the air. we do not censor anything on this network. jews from, it is the new york, connecticut, and california. host: the candidate's moments available online at washington post -- .emocrats pull no punches joe biden attempting to regain his footing by adopting a more
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aggressive and combative posture wednesday night faced relentless attacks on his decades long senate record on race and criminal justice and his commitment to women's rights. the exchange showcasing deep divides in the party taking on greater urgency as candidates strive to make gains before the field narrows. if the first night was a showcase of the liberal versus moderate split, the second night put on display other divides in the thirst to have a nominee that represents the party's growing diversity. half of the 10 candidates were minorities, making it historically a diverse lineup. there was this exchange last night with senator cory booker, the former mayor of new jersey and joe biden. [video clip] >> we are in a situation where when someone is convicted of a drug prime, they go to jail or prison. in prison, they should be
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learning to read and write and not just sit and learn how to be better criminals. when they get out of prison, they should have access to everything they had before including programs for education, making sure they are able to have public housing, including all the opportunities available because we want them to become better citizens. that is the essence of what my plan and detail lays out. that is what i think -- i know what my plan does and it is not dissimilar to what the senator said we should be working on together. is a response is this crisis in our country because we have treated issues of race and poverty, mental health and addiction with locking people up and not lifting them up. saidice president has since the 1970's, every crime
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bill major and minor has had his name on it. mine.are your words, not this is one of those instances where the house was set on fire and you claimed responsibility for those laws. you cannot now come out with a plan to put out that fire. we have to have far more bold action on criminal justice reform, by having true marijuana justice, which means we legalize it on a federal level and reinvest profits in communities disproportionately targeted. the bills that the future president here -- the senator is talking about our bills passed years ago and overwhelmingly. crack2007, i tried to get powder to paint -- cocaine limited. in 2000 -- you had a policed to
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parma that went out and married rudy giuliani's guy and engaged in stop and frisk. 75% of those stops viewed as illegal and you found yourself in a situation where three times as many african-americans were caught in that chain. the justice department came after you staying you were -- saying you were engaged in behavior that is inappropriate and nothing happened the whole time you were mayor. i am grateful he endorsed my presidency already, it is no secret i inherited a criminal police with massive problems and decades long challenges. the head of the aclu, that i put forth national standard-setting accountability. pleaseot interrupt you, show me that respect, sir. we have a system that is broken and if you want to compare records and frankly, i am shocked you do.
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overden fighting jabs health care, criminal justice, and more. kevin, democrats line, frankfort, kentucky. good morning. caller: hello. i love your show. you have a great show. i would like to say two unrelated things. first, i don't think a whole lot of people are actually paying attention to any of this. i know the trump people don't pay attention to any of the democrats or what they have to say. unless you are a truly, truly proud democrat are not pay any attention to that at all. nextll be probably early year when anybody pays attention .o what is going on with the tv i want to say one other thing.
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it is unrelated. --80's,, since the determined what our boundaries will be and feel like that is .he 1980's we don't have to go through salamander districts or anything like that because we have someone who figured that out for us. let me say one other thing and then i will be off of here. kentucky is in a horrible job-deprived situation. there are not a whole lot of peoplere in kentucky for
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who are highly intelligent. host: thanks for the call. the senate race with mitch term.ell seeking another one of the races we will be following. more on last night's debate with greta brawner. host 2: senator kiersten gillibrand attacked joe biden for a 38-year-old op-ed he wrote. subsidizing deterioration of family, that is what he wrote 38 years ago. the communications director for kirsten gillibrand tweets the op-ed saying expanding the childcare tax credit and allowing more women to work would subsidize "the deterioration of the family." those are his words, he should explain to america how does a mom working to -- lead to the deterioration of the family? andfact checked this moment
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huffington post reporters found congress was considering expanding the tax credit and biden was the only senator who voted against it, not because he opposed the credit altogether. it is because he did not want the tax credit to go to couples earning more than $30,000, which equals over $88,000 in today's dollars. [video clip] >> i think we have to have a broader conversation about whether we value women and whether we want to make sure women have every opportunity in the workplace. when the senate was debating middle-class affordability for child care, he wrote an op-ed -- he voted against it, the only boat. what he wrote was that he believed women working outside the home would "create the deterioration of family." he also said women working outside the home were "avoiding responsibility." i just need to understand as a
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woman who has worked my entire career as the primary wage earner and primary caregiver, my second son, henry, is here and i had him when i was a member of congress. under vice president biden's serving ins my congress resulting in the deterioration of my family? i want to know what he meant when he said that. [video clip] >> that was a long time ago and here is what it was about. it would have given people making today $100,000 a year a tax break for child care. i wanted child care to go to people making less $100,000 and that is what it was about. as a single father who raised three children for five years by myself, i have some idea what it costs. i support making sure every single solitary person beating childcare gets a tax credit now, that would put 700,000 women
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back to work and increase -- it is the right thing to do if we can give tax basis to corporations. >> you did not answer my question. what did you mean when you said when a woman works outside the home, it is resulting in the "deterioration of family." these are quotes, it is the title of the op-ed and it causes concern because we know america's women are working. most women have to work to provide for their kids. many women want to be working to provide for their communities. either you don't believe it today or what did you mean when you said it. >> in the very beginning, my deceased wife worked. i don't know what happened, i wrote the violence against women
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act. i was deeply involved in deeply -- equal pay amendments. you came to syracuse university with me and said it was wonderful. i am passionate about the concern making sure are treated equally. i don't know what has happened except that you are now running for president. host: back to your calls. frank in monroe, independent line. did you watch last night and your reaction? caller: i watch the whole thing. c-span oncongratulate its anniversary and we have been part -- you have been part of my morning for 26 years. host: we thank you for that and thank you for watching. your reaction to the debate? caller: i was a 36 year conservative, never voted democrat in my life.
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after trump, i am out of the gop . he has embarrassed me and traditional gop years -- gopers. one thing i was upset about is they seemed to favor the candidates known to well. they did not give that woman, williamson, enough air time and i thought she was well spoken and says synced. i would have liked to know more. they seemed to favor too much the folks they knew well like the well-established politicians. i do not remember the oriental gentleman's name, but they did not give him time either. i may, but i probably won't, vote for a democrat. i am a never trumper. host: thank you for the call. a cnn has granted c-span permission to re-air the debate. more on that in a moment. back to your phone calls.
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tanner in connecticut on the democrats line. caller: thank you for having me. love c-span. love your broadcast. i would like to respond to your last caller that said republicans do not pay attention to this stuff. i have been a republican 18 years and i think i will be voting democrat early this year because i love that little guy, chang. caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. appreciate c-span. it is great. the coverage is super and i appreciate what you all are doing on c-span. my concern is the medicaid for all. harris is promoting it. bernie sanders and warren.
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my concern is big brother. more government, where does it end? of can paint a rosy picture medicaid for all, everybody getting it. it effectively takes away and eliminates all health insurance therivate health insurance government, in many ways, cannot even run itself. it is very badly run and how are we going to improve it with medicaid for all when they cannot even run themselves? caller: thanks for the call from north carolina and this is from the washington examiner on vice president biden. maybe this is the best he could do. david axelrod was not too enthusiastic about joe biden's debate performance.
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axelrod worried about biden's performance after his second debate of the 2020 primaries. the good for joe biden was maybe the best he could do and the bad news is this could be the best he could do. he was much better than last time, much more engaged, but he had moments in which he was uncertain or on the defensive. is joining us from florida. good, independent line. caller: yes. how are you doing? i would vote for any democrat in there that wins except for mayor de blasio. i think joe biden can get the union vote. he can take pennsylvania. he can take back michigan because he saved the auto industry. he is more favorable and smart because medicare for all is taking away private insurance. bernie sanders, elizabeth warren think they will get those things through the senate.
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with mitch mcconnell there, they have another thing coming. all that stuff they are talking about cannot be done unless they take the senate. donald trump is using the presidency as a cash call. every time he goes to his golf course, we pick up the tab for the carts, the secret service, and i think he is in the back arabia.f saudi europe, canada, other places, nobody goes to saudi arabia and kushner is getting all this money.
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host: we sat down with the president earlier this week in the roosevelt room of the white house. kirkland,xt, washington. also the democrats line. good morning. caller: thank you for having me. i love c-span. biden'so focus on joe response and i fully agree with axelrod's statement on biden yesterday night where he said andn was uncertain defensive regarding his statement with the 1980's position on the child tax care credit and how women working is considered a deterioration as the family, which is hard to look at as a woman currently. host: do you have a candidate
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and if so, who is that? caller: probably currently would be kamala harris. host: thanks for the call. greta brawner, we have a tweet from karen who says does anyone know what the hecklers were shouting during last night's debate? do you have an answer? caller: yes. --host 2: yes. there were four times hecklers interrupted and a couple work during the opening statements of bill de blasio and cory booker. [video clip] >> last week, the president of the united states attacked an american city, calling it a rodenting, rat infested, mess. we need a nation that understands this tired, old language. standby, senator.
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please stand by. [applause] host 2: according to detroit wxyz television, what they were ,"anted was "i can't breathe directed at bill de blasio because it was in reference to a police officer accused in the choking death of eric garner staten island in 2014. bill de blasio, during the debate, his staff tweeting out to protesters in the audience, "i heard you. i saw you. i thank you. this is what democracy looks like and no one said it was pretty." the other chants happening during joe biden's response to an immigration question is folks were chanting "3 million
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deportations" in reference to the obama administration. host: let's get back to your phone calls. line.h, democrats caller: watch a bunch of people take sucker punches at each other. they don't have the intimidation .actor can't seeint, i anyone doing that. kamala harris could put up a good thing with trump. host: when you say this headline from the washington times, the
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democrats, civil war is heating up. would you describe what the country is going through right now as a civil war? caller: how would i describe the democrat party? host: yes. caller: it is a mass of confusion. everyone seems to be taking swings at each other, but nobody seems to want to make a move to get everything done. i did not hear a positive statement on what you are going to do about it, the solution to the problem. republicansout saying they will drain the swamp, democrats need to drain the swamp, too. they need to drain and start over. it is ridiculous. host: we will move onto john moving us from ohio -- joining us from ohio. caller: good morning and thank you for taking my call.
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i am overwhelmed and so glad that i have become an independent. i was enslaved to the democratic party for years and now i am free, free from the republicans and free from the democrats. i can support the wall along the mexican border. i can support gun control because i am free from both of those parties. i believe in this election coming up. you have about a third of the country democrat and about a third republican. i will -- i believe it will be the independents that sway the vote to the left or right. host: looking a year out, how do you think they will sway? for the republicans and donald trump or the republicans -- democrats and its nominee? caller: i think the independents will go to trump. i look to trump to win by a
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pretty nice margin. the democratic party is not the democratic party of old. i am 71 years old. i was voting straight ticket, they are no longer the party of the american people. they are the party of the illegal immigrant. ont: if you are joining us c-span radio or the free radio app, your reaction to last night's debate. around 2 that took place in the fox theater. the state of michigan, a key battleground for both parties. --es joining us from edlyn edmond, oklahoma. did you watch last night? caller: yes, sir. i did. thank you for c-span and thank you for taking my call. after listening to them speak, it is evident andrew yang will
7:42 am
be the next president of the united states. host: why is that? we apologize for some of those profanity calls coming in and we theif you do call in, keep dialogue straight and avoid any profanities. it is not part of the conversation. go somewhere else if that is what you want to do. caller: good morning. i am calling on the republican line. i am registered independent, but i am calling to address your questions of the most recent caller possum the last three except for the guy who got a little stupid. host: we apologize for that when that happens. caller: believe me, i am not offended. people can say whatever they want to say. i have zero problem with that. i understand you are media and you don't want to use time for that. let's get to my comment.
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i think your callers before the most recent guy are hitting on the point. anependents, there could be independent candidate. i have been registered independent since 1975 in pennsylvania. until 2012, i voted for everybody who was elected president. that means carter, reagan, bush, barack obama. when i was in vietnam, he was running against a guy who was a pow when i was in vietnam and i voted for him, for barack obama. caller: thanks for the call. let me go back to this from nolan findlay, biden finds the old joe in detroit. detroit.e woke up in it was vintage uncle joe, a politician whose career to career has been suspended on
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charm and familiar eight or and -- familiarity. diminished hairs without bullying her, defended his record, have the discipline not to be pulled away from the political center and make voters forget the fact that if he wins the presidency, he will be the oldest person ever sworn into office for a first term. from north carolina, good morning. caller: good morning. anhink joe biden did excellent job and i think he would be an excellent president. dayink he could begin from 1 and that he knows how to unite the country and he has moral standing and character and i think that is very important as well and he knows policy, both
7:45 am
domestic and foreign policy, so he can begin working on that immediately also. host: can he get the nomination and who do you think will be his democratic challenger? caller: yes, i think he can get the nomination and what was your other question? host: who do you think will be his toughest challenger in the primaries? caller: i am not sure if he has one. i think it won't be an issue. host: what about the age factor? caller: well, i think the current president -- how old is he? host: he is 73. caller: i don't think that is something should -- that should be taken into consideration. his abilities and the way he can handle the position is important. republicans calling in, they don't realize republicans have submitted a budget already to
7:46 am
security,re, social food stamps for those persons who need that and there is a lot of people who need food stamps, not just the persons so many republicans try to attribute that to and i don't think they really realize what is going on and that tax cut was for the top 1%. there is so many people that have been affected by that tax cut and i think the democrats are ready to take over and we are bringing the country back together again, which is so very port -- important. we will hear from matt in arizona, independent line. how are you doing? i think tulsa gabbard was the best last night. she is smart as a whip. dumpld like to see trump
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pence and put her in as vice president. i think that would be cool. he was right about afghanistan, get the hell out of there. host: another moment involving cory booker and vice president boat -- vice president joe biden. [video clip] >> again, we are playing into republican hands who have a very different view trying to divide us against each other. mr. vice president, we are not going to let people cross the border. an unlawful crossing is an unlawful crossing if you do it in the criminal court or civil court. the criminal court is giving donald trump the ability to violate the human rights of .eople coming to our country no one surrenders their human rights. doing it through the civil courts means you will not need these awful detention facilities i have been to, seeing children
7:48 am
sleeping on pavement, people being put in cages. nursing mothers, small children, this is not necessary. we have seen piloted programs that have 100% compliance with the civil courts where people are evaluated. if they have no reason to be here, they are returned. if they are, like the people i victimsuarez who were of sexual assault -- we are butchering our values. >> mr. vice president, your response. >> i agree with the senator, the asylum process is a real process and has nothing to do with that section of law. we should, in fact, and we tried to get passed, significantly increasing the number of legal immigrants. this country can tolerate more people. we have been able to cherry pick
7:49 am
from the best of every kind -- every culture. it took courage, resilience, absolute confidence and we should be encouraging people. host: before the debate began, this tweet from the president, very low ratings for the democratic debate last night, they are desperate for trump. with more on the numbers, greta brawner. host 2: cnn's website notes they had 9.2 million viewers on the first night. how does that compare to the debates in june? the first night for the nbc debate, 15 million viewers and the second night was 18 million viewers. the two hour debate out rated and thes got talent season finale of the bachelorette, which averaged 7.4 million viewers.
7:50 am
twitter reaction from the candidates after they concluded last night's debate, joe biden's team tweeting i just got off the stage where i shared a vision for a bold future because i know if we work together, there is nothing we cannot do. let's keep our momentum going asking for donations. cory booker noting the vice tongue,t's slip of the calling him president. "future president" has a ring to it. kamala harris, trump has mega donors and dark money packs willing to cut blank checks to buy him 4 more years. help us win. previous caller noted he liked the performance of tulsa gabbard on the debate stage. " haslsi: d out
7:51 am
spiked to number one on google trends. she asked to join her campaign to make sure she meets the donation requirement for the september debate. host: this is from one of our viewers and his take away from last night. kamala harris learned what it was like to be attacked from every side like biden experienced. karen in kentucky, democrats line. did you watch last night? caller: i did. host: what did you think? caller: i have had favorites from the very beginning, actually. fan in bernie sanders 2016 and believed at that time he should be the democratic nominee. i still believe that. well. elizabeth warren as i can tell her and bernie are old friends and they seem to be working together. it would not surprise me they
7:52 am
have agreed if one is the nominee, the other will be the vice. i feel like they are locked and loaded and ready to go after trump and wynn the election and turn this thing around. host: from the bronx in new york, sophia. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. i am so happy to see you today. i normally wait on sunday and they -- i had one question for you and one comment. interviewed is you president trump. i would like to know what day they are going to show it. i have c-span 3, 2, and 1. if i get off the phone, let me know what day they are going to air it. host: i can tell you now and you -- we can get your comment. it will air sunday morning at 2:30. we aired it -- if you have
7:53 am
access to a laptop or computer, it is front and center on the homepage. a 26 minute interview we conducted in the roosevelt room. you can watch online anytime or saturday morning eastern time. caller: thank you so much and my comment is about the debate last night. it does not matter who for me because i am exhausted. i cannot choose. anybody who could take -- i voted for mr. trump, steve, and i voted twice for president obama. i am so tired and exhausted and about president trump. that is all i have to say. in last part is i was going to call sunday. sunday is president obama upon birthday. i wanted to say happy birthday president obama. he never made me cry, he never
7:54 am
made me angry the 8 years -- even though i am republican, then conservative, that is all i had to say. thank you for taking my call. host: if you have the radio app, the interview will be posted on our podcast. the interview is at 10:00 saturday morning. that will be followed by the democratic debate that airs at , the firstrn time night and the second night will air sunday morning at 10:30 eastern time. the interview with president trump, 10:00 a.m. saturday morning following the "washington journal." alan is next joining us from wilmington, delaware. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. --t night during the debates and i have watched both debates.
7:55 am
i was disappointed with the cnn moderators. it seemed they were more like kids on the playground. did you hear what he said about you? what do you say? folks on theve the podium a chance to really express what it a they were trying to get across. the other thing is with these debates, by the time next year rolls around, nobody is going to remember anything they said on stage. i thought the debates really were pretty much a waste of time and that the moderators were using them -- promoting them like they were a sporting event. host: what about your former senator? former vice president joe biden?
7:56 am
you are from delaware. caller: i think joe biden's record is fair game and i think especially his senate record because basically, as vice president, he was just on obama's coattails. from his senate record, i think the major thing in his career, doing his time in the senate, i think he was wrong on and i think his time has passed and he should ride out into the sunset. as far as last night was concerned, i thought hooley on castro wasulian probably the best on the stage. immigrants illegal cannot vote, human rights for them is not a strategy.
7:57 am
your overall thoughts about the debate last night? any stand out moments? guess i feel like democrats and republicans are failing american people and the 49icare system -- i worked years and paid all of this in and why should people come from another country and get free health care when we have people right here in america that are homeless? the independent party, if they get out and run, they would win. ask: if you get through, we you turn the volume down on your set, that eliminates feedback and we can hear you better. this is from gail collins inside the new york times. debate drama, here is joe. who won the democratic debate?
7:58 am
my vote is elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. nobody on game new -- on day 2 came close. some of his answers might have been modeled and he faded off after the first hour. expectations -- were so low, that was like clearing hurdle. we still have 10 more debates and the next round is september. from new york,us independent line. caller: this is carlos from new york. i want to talk about the democrats in the debate and how .hey talk bad about trump i call in as a democrat -- it is because i used to be democrat. i am republican now. my whole family was from mexico,
7:59 am
but we love donald trump. legallyto this country and we work every day, every week. unless you pay your own medical, everything -- the people that come here and don't have a paper or anything like this and they take advantage is not the american way. it is stupid and there is no way it can continue because you spread more hate. host: we will go to richard next in new mexico to review her thoughts of the debate last night? caller: i think all of them are nothing but fake. they are not going to walk the walk and talk the talk. legalimmigration, immigration, not a legal. trump is the one that is going
8:00 am
to do everything for everybody. those people are not going to do nothing for nobody. all they want to do is rob people for the money and the best thing i like about what trump is is they're states and how nasty and dirty their states are and that is the truth. him calling them out and telling them about their own backyard because they want all the illegal to come here, what about the people in the united states? the democratic party are nothing but shysters who do not care about nobody in the united states. hour,it is the top of the 8:00 and washington, d.c. and this is the headline from the wall street journal as joe biden weathers attacks during the heat of primary debate that took place last night on the stage at the fox the other in downtown detroit, michigan. phone lines are open.
8:01 am
202-748-8001 is the line for republicans. 202-748-8000 if you are a democrat. 2 if you are independent. we look at the debate news and other stories on this thursday. >> we begin with some other news, politico saying another prominent new york democrat, chair of the house appropriations committee backed an impeachment inquiry, nita lowey makes democrat 117. from her statement, she writes that it was clear from the robert mueller testimony the president has not been exonerated as she says it is time for the house judiciary committee to move forward with impeachment proceedings. yesterday the senate was slated to vote on a two-year budget deal that would also raise the debt limit ceiling.
8:02 am
because the gop was not sure they had the votes to pass it it has been scheduled for today. the hill newspaper quotes twotor john thune, number in the bishop, he said failure is not an option and we will --d out tomorrow -- failure he said democrats and republicans will have to deliver votes for this but failure is not an option. in the hill article they note there are about a dozen gop senators, including that romney, marco rubio, rand paul, who have said they would oppose the budget deal despite the president's blessing. other republican centers including tom tillis of north carolina and tim scott of south carolina remain on the fence. 16 gop senators voted against the 2018 budget deal, dozens have voted against previous agreements making likely there will be additional gop no votes
8:03 am
announced. host: we will have live coverage of the senate vote and debate on inpan two with nancy policy ghana yesterday as she tours parts of africa with the house and recess for the next month or so and returns in early september while the senate is out for five weeks. your reaction to the debate last night on cnn, the base that will air this saturday and sunday respectively at 10:30 am eastern , thank you to cnn for allowing us to rebroadcast the debates over the weekend. sarah from rocklin, california, democrats line. caller: i did not watch the debates because my cable company dropped cnn and i did not have access to a computer. host: who is your cable company? caller: wave
8:04 am
they just keep taking away from the basic service. i am upset with that first of all. that other news channels could not cover it. something of importance like that should be earmarked -- should not be earmarked to just one station. i am 62 years old. i have voted since i was 18 every year. it seems like the democrats and republicans say the same things and make the same promises. they blame each other for all wrongdoings. i have never experienced anything like this, sometimes you just start crying. you see the president making remarks like with the pakistani president, on the iran problem, you know, our president is willing to kill billions of
8:05 am
people or make a deal, he is fine with either one. if that is diplomatic, the representation of our nation, we are all in for trouble. i truly believe that my career representative does not write the letter and does not answer back to me when i have issues. partiesas there are two fighting like children and not taking care of the people's business, it will always be the fighting that takes over this country. host: let's bring you back to the debate. was there a moment, issue, or candidate that stood out in your mind? caller: none of them do because they are all career politicians and nothing changes. host: who will you vote for?
8:06 am
caller: i do not know, i do not even vote -- know if i will vote for a democratic president, i am disgusted with the party. i am disgusted with the sitting president and disgusted that social security is messed around with, that is not an entitlement, that is a right. i am disgusted by dual parties. thank you for the call from california. cnn give the questions in advance or did the candidates give cnn the questions to be asked, the dnc would be wise to get someone not so biased to ask tough questions. this from the philadelphia inquirer, joe biden absorbs attacks and a second democratic debate, this time he was prepared.
8:07 am
former vice president joe biden was at the center of most of the exchanges, absorbing blows from all directions to delivery shots back while the candidates spent little time discussing the one figure that unifies democrats, republican president donald trump. joe biden needed to show more of a steady president -- presents after being blasted in the first debate come he unloaded inherits for engaging what he calls double talk on her health plan and telling viewers to search for her record as a prosecutor and attacking cory booker's crime policy when he was mayor of newark, new jersey. at times it seemed like it was 9-1 as they challenge joe biden on his five decade record. barbara, independent line, florida, good morning. caller: yes, longtime caller, longtime watcher. i watched the debate last night. muche never heard too
8:08 am
about tulsi gabbard and i think she spoke eloquently. i like what she is saying. a lot of stuff on their. i have still not decided how i will vote. host: thank you for the call. when you get through, turn the volume down. climate -- he made climate change front and center in his campaign. a question from dana bash. firsthand terrific impact climate change on americans across the country already. saw with theiri aluminum home, now a pile of molten aluminum, they lost everything in the paradise fire. a nonprofit in davenport, iowa was washed away in the floods. we have to act now.
8:09 am
climate change is not a singular issue, it is all the issues we democrats care about. it is health, it is national security, it is our economy. we know this, middleground solutions like the vice president has proposed, or middling average sized things will not save us. too little too late is too dangerous and we have to have a bold plan and mine has been called the gold standard. we also need environmental justice. i was in zip code 48217 in detroit neighborhood yesterday next to an oil refinery where the kids have asthma and cancer clusters. i believe this after talking with them, it does not matter your zip code or your color, we need clean water in america. >> when i am president, before staying -- the first thing i
8:10 am
will do as clorox the oval office. [laughter] i would then reengage and climate change and lead a worldwide conversation about the urgency of this crisis. the greatest threat to humanity is global climate change. i visited a family and i were -- brokener furniture got and the dishes were broken and bud was everywhere, that is the impact of severe weather on families lives. we need a robust solution. when john f. kennedy said i want to put a man on the moon in the next 10 years, not because it is easy but because it was hard, he knew it was a measure of our innovation, success, our ability to galvanize worldwide competition. he wanted to have a space race with russia, why not have a green energy race with china and why not have clean air and clean
8:11 am
water for all americans and rebuild our infrastructure? why not invest in the green jobs? that is what the green new deal is about, i will put it price on carbon. , one ofrsten gillibrand the 20 democratic candidates appearing over two nights in detroit, michigan at the fox theater. naples, florida, democrat, thank you for waiting and good morning. caller: good morning to you, sir. an interesting presentation today as in other days. that of all the candidates who were there, the person most impressive was vice president biden. i think he was prepared to deal with many attacks that came to him, against them, from all corners and his responses were in good humor, factual, and respectful.
8:12 am
i think he presents the person who is most likely to succeed in the one-on-one against president trump in the election. i do not think he is perfect but i do think he has a history in which he shows growth, changes in views and attitudes that have been demonstrated. i watched him for many years. i am 82 years old, a retired new york lawyer. servinge good honor of as a law clerk in the federal court of appeals in new york working a good deal of the time for then federal judge thurgood marshall. i think it is important to say that the discussions i had with justice marshall, then a judge, he was supposed to forced busing -- opposed to forced busing, he felt it was too much of a burden
8:13 am
on young children. miamithe first debate in on msnbc, the exchange on busing between senator harris and the former vice president, what did you think? caller: i thought it was somewhat muddled and i did not think that the vice president responded properly. i do not think he was aware or maybe not have been aware of justice marshall's negative view of busing. when i served as a law clerk any federal court of appeals, my first job out of law school in 1962-1963 terms. shocked when i discussed that with justice marshall. when working for him, i understood his position.
8:14 am
there is no such thing as perfection and you want to do the best you possibly can. president asd vice a senator over many years that he served and, is the perfect, he is not. but i do think he represents a good balance and represents good positions and those that are reasonable and possible. i think he is welcomed and that he welcomes and would be amenable to all appropriate things that are fiscally possibly. and: thank you for the call your comments from naples, florida, new york native. a tweet, i will stick with the president who has created more jobs, rising wages, 6 million lifted out of poverty, i could never vote for the democrats that would reverse this with high taxes and regulation policies.
8:15 am
how is this playing in great britain? bbc has the story, joe biden hits back at his rivals in writing, the former vice president came into detroit with a giant target on his back. kamala harris had drawn blood with her attacks in the first debate and weakness begets weakness, he clashed with her on health care, she and cory booker blasted his record on criminal justice reform and he took shots from julian castro on immigration and climate change, kristi gillibrand questioned comments he made about the place in a woman's workplace and he did not have a clean slate by any means, there were several moments displayed the kind of stumbles that typified his first debate but he did mount a vigorous defense at his record and his policies. that commentary available on the bbc website. what happens next with that part of the story, greta brawner. >> the new york times has the
8:16 am
headlines, down in polls and fundraising, candidates get creative with their finances. we noted earlier that in order to qualify for the third debate and forth debate in september, the criteria, they raised the bar and fundraising is important with the new york times saying many of the candidates delayed staff payments until july two look like they had more money in their coffers. amy klobuchar of minnesota delayed the largest payment at the end of june, her previously mid-june payroll has shown roughly 275,000 in salary and taxes by holding up payment of the next set of paychecks until july her cash on hand was inflated by at least that amount. not the only maneuver boosting her books, raising more than $750,000 earmark for the general election, donors who gave her the more than $2000 legal maximum from the primary bought
8:17 am
technically money she has in the bank she cannot legally spend it in the primary. they note that the campaign of jay inslee and amy klobuchar the delay payroll has been sending their second paychecks on the last day of the month which fell on sunday in the june. these gimmicks they say are not unusual, beto o'rourke of texas brag about breaking bernie sanders 24 hour record for fundraising in march and only later when he filed the full financial report was a clear his total included general election funds he could not spend in the primary. at the next debate and who is already qualifying for that debate. if you look at the article, it is already seven of the top-tier candidates who have qualified already, joe biden, kamala harris, etc.
8:18 am
if you go into the article it says there are several others like beto o'rourke and amy klobuchar that right now are not qualifying for this debate. brooks england a fox news tweaking this out, kamala harris now calls donald trump rhetoric of file and helpful but excepted $5,000 from him in 2011 when he was pushing birther theories about barack obama, court filings revealed he does about the donation, donated to a charity in 2015 and notes according to sworn donald trump affidavit, and aid from eric schneiderman asked the donald trump family contribute to the kamala harris reelection campaign in 2011 and a ivanka trump attended a fund-raising event for her in september of 2011. news on the gop front with this headline, huffington post, charlotte is regretting posting
8:19 am
the convention. this is one of the ugliest moments of political discourse set a charlotte city councilmember who was on the losing side of last summer 6-5 vote to approve a contract to host the 2020 republican convention and says this specifically is about the racism of this administration and the elements that bring, i wish we were not bringing that here. host: you had a lot of calls yesterday on marianne williamson's of dust performance, the mystical appeal -- performance. , cnn needs tovan put away his debate stopwatch. both available online at washington this from alvin brown who says tulsi gabbard was good when she questioned kamala harris about her past prosecution records as a district attorney in california. whichever democrat wins the
8:20 am
nomination, one thing is certain , we need someone to restore respect, honor, and dignity to the office of president of the united states. there is a picture of barack obama shaking hands with a cub scout. steve says this will dwindle down to, elizabeth warren, harris, and biden, we need to get down to it. i do not want i what were new hampshire picking the nominee. >> republican line. caller: i did listen to the debate and i heard the usual. ofy throw in a little bit the kids in cages. the people in cages right now are eating better, receiving great medical attention, clothing then they did before they escaped from their country.
8:21 am
they also throw in some anti-police stuff, which is horrible. i think they need to quit pacifying people. i think they need to start giving a little tough love like work, be good in your community, clean up your community, if you see trash, picking up. if the police pull you over, comply, respect, and be on your way. i think people should wake up and stop being pacified by the democrats. come out of your box and realize that everyone that is for donald trump are not racist. i love everyone. i am quite -- white. i am not racist. stop letting them bring you down and pacify you. host: we will be in columbia,
8:22 am
south carolina tomorrow evening for a state republican party dinner. a tweet from the present early tos morning, congratulation kelly of kentucky for her confirmation as the united nations ambassador having served so admirably as ambassador to canada and doing an outstanding ,ob, no matter how difficult she will be fantastic at the united nations. donald trump calling his new ambassador a winner. hubert from indiantown, florida, democrat line. good morning. caller: good morning. i watched the debates and none thatem address the issues concern the black community in my opinion. they would not call donald trump what he is, a big it. -- a big it.
8:23 am
bigot. i do not understand why they will not call it what it is. host: john in florida, good morning. caller: good morning, steve, my name is john and i am in clermont, florida. i called on july 1. please give me a little bit of time. i have important messages. i created an embryonic stage of a third-party called the truth party and it can be found that truth party 2020 on twitter and i am saying the independent voices, i am formally a democrat but they are not working and neither party is pure -- neither party is. i want to offer something to independent voices who need to think about the truth party. the idea behind truth party is led by president truth.
8:24 am
if you look at the word truth trutrump, they begin with but trump i represent the mp for more politics. representinge th the healing. i compare the two. one is formal politics and what is for healing. host: they confided how and where on twitter? caller: truth party 2020. host: tom in san diego. the morning. -- good morning. caller: thank you for taking my call. i want to be inspired. i was inspired when carter was in, when obama was in, when clinton was in, i do not feel inspired with donald trump. i do not want to get into why.
8:25 am
anybody up against him in the end, i would vote for. host: do any of the current democrats inspire you? pete.: mayor i like the way he thinks. i do not think he will get in. i would like to think that would vote for anybody against trump. anybody onstage, they all taught good. -- would vote for anybody against talk good he is young. and we need somebody with good energy and i feel good about him. i feel inspired by him. something would change like it did when obama was in there. i felt good about it. host: greta brawner read the tweet from eric holder which
8:26 am
said to democrats, hold your fire because the obama record is something to build on and not attack, paraphrasing what he has, because -- the hill this headline, joe scarborough blasting 2020 democrats for attacking obama's policies more than donald trump. msnbc morning joe anchor slamming the 2020 democratic presidential candidates, saying they were spending more time attacking former president obama's policy than president trump during the second round of primary debates. he wrote that these candidates are attacking barack obama's policy positions more than donald trump, that is politically stupid and crazy. anchor,ents from msnbc a frequent trump critic came as democratic presidential candidates targeting policies joe biden helped oversee during the obama administration. mary from marietta, georgia, democratic line. caller: good morning.
8:27 am
host: go ahead, mary. caller: i watched the debate on the democrats and republicans. when i watch the republicans debate, nobody seemed to run against donald trump. all of them were there for show. the democrats are bringing biden down, trying to make their points. scarborough, that was so wrong they would do that. they are doing donald trump's work for him. he is a satan. he does not care about people of color. he only cares about his race and he needs to be out. in theana milbank washington post says, joe biden was good enough and that was a victory. joe biden was adequate is the headline.
8:28 am
the issue of immigration came up with andrew yang, here is that moment. >> my father immigrated as a graduate student and generated over 625 u.s. patents. a good deal for the united states and that is the immigration story we need to tell, not always focusing on the distressed stories. if you go to a factory in michigan, you will not find wall-to-wall immigrants but wall-to-wall robots and machines as immigrates -- immigrants are being scapegoated. host: your calls and comments and reactions. cassandra from mobile, alabama. caller: good morning, c-span, i have been watching for many years. i would like to make a comment that 20 candidates are still trying to remain and they will bigger among -- bicker among
8:29 am
each other and stand out, we need to come down -- calm down. i thought the moderators pitted them against each other and set a negative tone from the start with the questions. i like kamala harris. i would like to see her get a little bit more attention. host: thank you for the call. that is the photograph from the wall street journal, the former vice president and california senator side-by-side in the scene in debate. cheryl, independent line. caller: good morning. i watched the debate. , i used to be a straight ticket voting republican and became unhappy with how far right, especially in texas, the republican party had gone. the first democrat i voted for was obama in his second term
8:30 am
because i especially supported the affordable care act. texas has more uninsured people than any other state in the country. i like joe biden because i am more moderate. or evenamy klobuchar kamala harris would be a good vice president. i honestly do not think this country at this point in time is ready for a woman president although i would support one. host: let me stop you, why do you think the country is not ready for a female president, speaking as a woman? caller: i voted for hillary clinton, i am a retired research library and and consider my husband and i considered voted for trump but i did a lot of research on him and not only was he totally incompetent and unqualified to handle the presidency but he is a morally
8:31 am
unfit man and he has a moral problems his entire life and so we did not vote for donald trump . i voted for hillary clinton. calmness.healing and once they get donald trump out of there, they will find the damage to the federal government is a lot worse than what we can see now. anybody that will cause more chaos. i think the democrats should spend more time talking about trump and how to correct today's 10-15, 20oing back years. especially for the older candidates, it makes them seem old and out of it. we have to look forward. ump has been worse than what i was afraid he was going to be. we have to many problems ahead
8:32 am
of us to spend time talking about what happened 10 or 20 years ago. people change over time. i was raised in an extremely conservative republican family and i have changed over the years. educated a highly mostly suburban suburb but a lot of my women friends voted for democrats in the midterm elections. if you put a highly progressive candidate in their as her presidential candidate, i can tell you they will not vote for trump again. i have a lot of people who have turned against him. host: thank you for adding your voice to the conversation. from the washington post, the candidates moments and a brief summary of the moments that stood out in the debate last night. the second of tonight's that aired on cnn. one moment was kirsten
8:33 am
gillibrand of new york. >> we need a conversation about how we value women and whether we want to make sure women have every opportunity in the workplace and address vice president biden directly. when the senate was debating middle-class affordability for childcare come he wrote an op-ed, he bowed -- he voted against it saying he believed women working outside the home would create the deterioration of family. he also said that women who were working outside the home were avoiding responsibility. understand, as a woman who worked my entire career, the primary wage earner, primary caregiver, my second son is here and i had him when i was a member of congress. under vice president biden's analysis and my serving in congress resulting in the deterioration of family because i accessed affordable day care.
8:34 am
what did he mean when he said that? >> that was a long time ago and that would have given people making today $100,000 per year a tax break for childcare. i did not want that, i wonder the childcare to go to people making less than $100,000 and that is what is about. as a single father who raised three children for five years by myself i have some idea what it costs and i support making sure that every single solitary person needing child care gets an $8,000 tax credit. that would put 700,000 women back to work and increase the gdp by almost 8/10 of 1%, it is the right thing to do and if we can get tax breaks to corporations, why can't we do it this way. >> you didn't answer my question, what did you mean when you said that a woman works outside the home is resulting in the deterioration of family. these are quotes.
8:35 am
that causes concern for me because we know america's women 10 working, four out of mothers have to work, the primaries -- primary wage earners. most women have to work to provide for the kids and most want to work to provide for their communities. i do you do not believe it today or what did you mean when you said it then? >> my deceased wife worked when we had children, my pregnant worked, the situation is one, i wrote the balance against women act, i was involved in making sure equal pay amendments, deeply involved in all of these things and came up with the it's on us proposal to make sure women were treated more decently on college campuses. you came to surface university with me and said -- syracuse university with me -- i do not know what is happening except
8:36 am
you're now running for president. host: karen has this week, i tweet feeling -- has this >> campaign 2020 news, wendy proud toeted out i am announce my campaign for congress in texas, running to be a voice for every texan who feels forgotten by a broken political system, time to make washington listen. will you stand with me? wendywendy davis, she gained a national following with her 13 our stand against a pro-life bill in the state senate in 2013. she tried to channel that notoriety into a bid for governor a year later and was crushed, losing by more than 20 percentage points.
8:37 am
she is now running against freshman republican chip roy and covered texasho politics says wendy davis is running against chip roy who won in and they usually close race and the dnc has this -- he won narrowly. kos says wendy davis raised to an $50,000 and the first 24 hours of her campaign -- $250,000 in the first 44 hours of her campaign. the president -- .4 hours of our campaign and. we mentioned this earlier, south carolina gop dinner featuring mick mulvaney, the white house chief of staff, friday evening at 8:00 p.m.
8:38 am
eastern time, also on c-span,, or download the radio out -- app. host: the debates will air again this weekend, our thanks to cnn, 10:30 saturday and sunday morning respectively, a chance to see them in their entirety. kay from winthrop, maine, republican line. caller: good morning. democrats.ome of the it seems like they should be living in the past and arguing amongst themselves about what is happened and have nothing to offer. if some alien landed on the united states, they would probably think this is the worst country in which to live. i would stand up for mr. trump. inwas hindered by the rhinos
8:39 am
this first couple of years and then by robert mueller investigation after that. he managed to get great things done, tax cuts, regulation rollbacks, which help small business, moving the u.s. embassy as promised, greater economy, great unemployment for everyone, great energy improvement. i hate it when i hear people call him a racist and a bigot and they do not back it up with anything specific. host: one of the issues he discussed with us in our white house interview you can see saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern time. another viewer says after the debates i feel like a kid at baskin-robbins, so many flavors, sweet, sour, tart, salty, a well-rounded range of ideas and policy agendas come anyone would be a refreshing change from our divider in chief and what excite my vote. rodney, democrat line, fresno,
8:40 am
california. caller: good morning. i think the democrats should quietettle down and be and let elizabeth warren, she will be a nightmare. nightmare.will be a trump, nightmare for him. she is tough, prepared, ready . host: the candidate from the start were ready to attack, this from the washington post to , former vice president joe biden attempting to regain his footing by dumping a more aggressive and combative posture during the democratic debate wednesday night in detroit, facing relentless attacks on his decades long senate record, race
8:41 am
and criminal justice, immigration and health care, and his commitment to women's rights. showcasing many of the deep divides within the party that are taking on greater urgency as the candidates striving to make gains before the field narrows. if the first night was a showcase of liberal versus moderates within the party to the second night put on display other divides and a thirst to have a nominee who represents the parties growing diversity, half of the 10 candidates on stage on wednesday were minorities, making it historically a diverse lineup. steve joining us from lake elsinore, california, independent line. caller: good morning. i voted republican from ron reagan until obama. .ow i am concerned i am now a california independent. i am concerned about the racism from the right.
8:42 am
what i do not understand is how the spiritual can condone the current environment in washington from the republicans. instance,e you a for it is universal that lying is wrong. illustration,u an in the bible, john quotes jesus as saying -- is the father of lies. when i watched the debate, i worry, the democrats hit biden on his past voting record. things change. you vote according to the time. i felt they were a little unfair to him. i am enjoying the debates because they're giving us a lot of information. i think we need to look to the future and not the past. host: thank you for the call from lake elsinore, california.
8:43 am
inside the new york times, centrists, nostalgic, that is malarkey, the term the vice president often uses and even though his record was under old, --joe biden, 76ers 76 years old, addressing the younger contenders, saying go easy on the kid, the reference to senator harris, the u.s. senator and former attorney general was 54 years old as they took the stage. david from wisconsin, good morning, independent line. caller: good morning, america. i have been watching c-span since the early 1990's. i voted for ronald reagan. then i went for bill clinton both times. i hated george w. bush. times except for his last two years. i voted for trump this time and
8:44 am
what i'm watching on the debates so far i am not seeing anybody on the democratic side that is saying anything i like. i may have to go for trump a second time. host: another contender for the democratic nomination is senator bennet of colorado, recently reelected for a second term, recovering from prostate cancer so he delayed his announcement but was on stage last night and here's what he of the site. >> -- here is what he had to say . >> i have a crystal-clear, i believe we should finish the job we started with the affordable care act, with a public option that gives everybody in this audience a chance to pick for the family whether they want private insurance or public insurance. it requires drug companies to be negotiated with by medicare and provides competition. that is totally different from the plan senator warren and
8:45 am
sanders and harris have proposed, which would make illegal employer-based health insurance in this country and massively raise taxes on the middle class to the tune of $30 trillion. as joe biden said, we do not need to do that, it does not make sense to take away insurance from half the people in this room and put huge taxes on almost everybody in this room when we can pass a public option and trust the american people to make the right decisions and have universal health care in two years, not 10 years. [applause] >> i need to respond. >> secretary castro? >> this is something personal to all americans, i grew up with a grandmother with diabetes and i saw her condition get worse, she had medicare, i want strengthen medicare for the people on it and expanded to anybody who wants it.
8:46 am
i believe that if somebody else -- has a private insurance policy that a strong they should hold onto it but i do not believe the profit motive of big pharma or big insurance companies should ever determine in our great nation whether somebody gets health care or not. , senatorr harris bennett suggested you support banning employer-based health insurance, is that true? >> with all due respect to my friend, michael bennet, my plan does not offer anything that is illegal, but separates the employer from health-care, meeting where you work will not be -- the kind of health care you get will not be a function of where you work. i met so many americans who stick to a job they do not like and are not prosperous simply because they need the health care the employer provides. we separate employers from the type of health care we get another my plan we do that. as it relates to insurance and pharmaceutical companies who
8:47 am
will not be called in and not be taken to task by senator biden or senator bennett's plan, we will do that. >> senator harris is my friend as well. we -- if we cannot admit tonight which is in the plan, which is banning employer-based insurance , we will not admit that when donald trump is accusing democrats of doing that. we need to be honest about what is in this plan. host: lucille is next in savannah, georgia, democrats line. what did you see and hear? caller: how are you doing? host: doing great. how are you? caller: i am blessed. i watched the debate. host: what did you think? i think it was very interesting. i am going to vote for joe biden. host: thank you for the call
8:48 am
from savannah, georgia. greta brawner is next. >> the most tweeted moment from last night, according to twitter, number one, joe biden, a saying in my community you are getting into the kool-aid and you do not even though the flavor. tulsi gabbard is number two, criticizing kamala harris's harris on criminal justice and number three is kristin gillibrand sang the first think she will do when she becomes president is clorox the old office. -- oval office. cory booker to joe biden, kool-aid man, the official twitter account for kool-aid sent this out, the kool-aid man dropping the mic. >> there is a saying in my community, you are dipping into the kool-aid and you do not even know the flavor. [laughter] reforms,and see the new jersey with the aclu has
8:49 am
said that i am braced reform, not just in action but indeed. you are trying to shift the view from what you created. there are people right now in prison for life for drug offenses because you stood up and used the tough on crime phony rhetoric back on a lot of of people elected but destroyed communities like mine. this is not about the past but about the present. host: cory booker and former vice president joe biden, the headline from the new york times , joe biden fighting off jabs by liberals over his record. lauren and maryland, democrat, your thoughts about the debate, did it change anything? caller: for me it is too early to change anything. but i do wish the candidates would focus more on what their policies are and more details on what they are doing with health
8:50 am
care and with due loan debt and with the economy. and not focus so much on just trying to bring joe biden down. i think he handled himself very well. obvioust was just so that everybody was trying to gain the votes they think he has an trying to take that away from him. while a understand that while i understand -- while i understand -- host: i used there with us? -- are you still with us? democratic candidates beginning in a week will be in des moines at the iowa state fair which starts with joe biden thursday afternoon and we will have all of the candidate speeches in what is known as the des moines register soapbox and we continue into mid-august and we hope you tune in with the schedule available on our website at, answered all of our
8:51 am
campaign 2020 materials and you will see the search engine. melvin from asheville, north carolina, independent line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. caller: i want to comment about hadstatement that they figured out reagan was a racist and there was nothing to prove that but that was not true. york andk boys in new him stating that obama was not an american citizen. he was born in another country. the information on what he has stated was also stated. he is definitely a racist. host: gabriel is next, durwood, maryland.
8:52 am
republican line. caller: good morning. i basically wanted to say that any candidate who would resist atrocities and would not -- host: kansas, good morning. caller: i want to point out something missing. foreign policy. i think we point out russia and china our enemies but we do not talk about establishing bigger and better relationships with developing countries. the united states and a bigger position of international authority. host: andrew, white plains, new york, a democrat. caller: i watched most of it and was not overly impressed with any candidate. joe biden will probably be the favorite.
8:53 am
i would like to point out that i think one thing not being addressed enough is, assuming a democratic victory next fall, we have to deal with the republicans having the senate and not much a shift in the senate seats into the 2021 cycle. i see this as they more divisive. i wish the candidates would address the culture wars, where do they want to lead us? we have to stop the sniping as show is a direction forward. host: peers in gillibrand, your senator -- kissinger the rent, your senator -- kirsten gillibrand, what you think about her? caller: two words, al franken, she lost when she did that to him. regrets franken says he
8:54 am
resigning from u.s. senate, stepping down in january of last year. ,nother issue from the debate and exchange between joe biden and kamala harris and tulsi gabbard on the issue of criminal justice reform. >> when senator harris was the attorney general for eight years in california, there were two of the most segregated school districts in the country, in los angeles and in san francisco. i did not see a single time she brought a case against them. she also is in a situation where she had a police department when she was there that was abusing people's rights and the fact was she was told by her own people shouldr own staff, she do something about it and disclose to defense attorneys like me that you, the police officer did something that did not give the information that would explicate your client.
8:55 am
she'd never did that. what happened? a federal presence that enough is enough and it freed 1000 people. google 1000 prisoners free, kamala harris. >> senator harris, your response? [applause] true and asply not the attorney general of california where i ran the united states, second only to the united states department of justice, i am proud of the work we did, national recognition for of theortant reforming criminal justice system and cleaning up the consequences of bills you past when you were in the united states senate for decades. [no audio] [applause] it was the work of the initiative of getting people jobs and counseling. i did the work of putting body cameras on special agent in california. i am proud of that work. >> tulsi gabbard, you took issue with senator harris confronting
8:56 am
vice president pence in the last debate as he called it a false accusation that joe biden is a racist. >> i want to bring the conversation back to the criminal justice system but disproportionately negatively impacting black and brown people all across this country today. senator harris says she is proud of her record as a prosecutor as you will be a prosecutor president but i am deeply concerned about this record. too many examples to cite but she put over 1500 people in jail for marijuana violations and laughed about it when asked if she said she had ever smoked marijuana. [applause] that would evidence have freed an innocent man from death row until the court forced her to do so. she kept people in prison beyond her sentence to use as cheap labor for california and she fought to keep a system in place that impacted poor people in the worst way. poster gabbard
8:57 am
with kamala harris and former vice president joe biden in the debate last night. democrat,t. louis, did you watch last night? caller: yes i did. i appreciate you for giving me the time. , i like hisew yang plans and i like what he is saying. people in the midwest and in america across america are not really seeing the whole thing that is happening to our jobs. our jobs are all getting taken away by automation, whether you are a clerk, a truck driver, a warehouse worker, or no matter what you are doing, automation is taking our jobs. the robot revolution is here and it is starting us out.
8:58 am
they will not laser us to death like in the movies but the robots will starve us out because they are taking our jobs. proposal, i like the dividend idea, i do not know where he stands on cannabis. legality is exactly one of the problems with the criminal justice reform. if we do not start talking about legalizing cannabis and the smaller and more, if it has to be dried, let it be. host: as we approach the top of the hour, the third hour of washington journal, spending the morning hearing from you, your comments and reaction from the second debate that aired last night on cnn that took place in detroit, michigan. the next round of the debates which will likely include a smaller field on the state will take place in september on abc.
8:59 am
the headline from the washington post, democrats pull no punches. 202-748-8001 is the line for republicans. 202-748-8000 for democrats. .end us a tweet @cspanwj the line for independents is 202-748-8002. this is a tweet, greta brawner, i want your reaction, the debate format needs a major change, more fairness and balance of the theidates, equal time for lesser candidates and a mix of media and town hall questions from citizens, stay on the issue in the early rounds and all should be able to advance. why does the media controlled the rules? what have you found? column addresses that, cnn needs to put away its debate stopwatch, riding the worst of
9:00 am
night one may have been the format itself which started with a painfully high-octane video that managed to simultaneously of oak the nfl today, world wrestling entertainment, and jeopardy. spaceship set that took 100 people a days to build and involved nine semi trucks. efforts were an improvement from nbc's efforts. there was a major flaw. cnn's moderators allowed almost no actual debating is the enforced the time limitations. that ridiculous rule needs immediate reform. cnn, they note how the candidates over tuesday night and wednesday night qualified for these debates. the candidates had to either
9:01 am
achieve at least 1% support in three poles from an approved list of pollsters, or receive campaign contributions from 65,000 unique donors, including 200 donors each from 20 different states. for the third and fourth democratic debates, the bar is higher. fox news reports candidates must meet a polling and donor threshold. at least 2% in four national dnc approved poles, and 130,000 unique donors from at least 400 unique donors in 20 states. take a look at the list. at the end of july, only seven candidates meet all the requirements. two candidates had met just the donor requirements. the former hud secretary castro and andrew yang.
9:02 am
one candidate met just a polling requirement, amy klobuchar. 15 candidates have yet to reach either requirement. these are the folks you may not see on the debate stage in september. follow-up from the viewer who sent a tweet, first thing to be done is to clorox the democratic party, the dnc and the candidates. nix the the issues, media and voter questions. the second round, from circleville, ohio. george, good morning. caller: thank you for all you do. there is one issue that has never been brought up. i wrote tom perez, the perez, the
9:03 am
democratic national chair about this. i wrote president trump and numerous people. it was going to be published and then it was blocked. the thing is when social enacted women did not work outside the home. that was enacted in the depression. how many decades have passed? 70% of working women work outside the home. most are married. many take time off to start a family. as my wife did. we had a child had to go through an eight hour neurological brain operation. she had to take off her that. they get penalized. those that take off count is zero. my wife worked for 34 years full-time. she will get not a dime more in benefits than a woman or spouse and never worked at all. is that fair? host: george, thanks. caller: we are concerned more with illegal aliens. women are being used left and right. from the return email
9:04 am
social security. they said it is a job of a family to budget. don't count on social security as a retirement benefit. we are $22 trillion in debt. most of that is owed to social security. host: approaching $23 trillion. george, thank you for the call. side, former bureau chief and now executive editor. the debates leave a trio of presidential battles. "over the course of two long nights of debate, three different democratic presidential primary contest emerged. to knock is a battle former vice president joe biden from his position as the front runner. the second is a deep struggle between the party's moderate and progressive wings. the third is a quest to find a candidate who might be able to straddle both lanes. none of these parallel contests were resolved on tuesday and
9:05 am
wednesday night. mr. biden and other moderates are asking you visit price tags will not drive some middle-of-the-road voters back into mr. trump's arms and 2020. ift leads to the question anyone can straddle the moderate and progressive camps. two candidates, senator harris and senator -- and mayor pete emerged as the two most likely to be able to pull off that tricky balancing act. barb is joining us from harrisburg, pennsylvania. good morning. caller: good morning. i love c-span. i wanted to say, as an ebay boomer, mayor pete inspires me to the point where i seek out his speeches on youtube. obama was my inspiration. now mayor pete, like julian
9:06 am
castro, but i think mayor pete has it all. i think he could lead the country really well. thank you, c-span. the: do you think he has experience to be president after serving as the mayor of a midsized city in indiana? caller: yes, i do. he is world-class. overview ofas an the entire situation in this country, all the problems. i really love his proposals. me he is just the one. host: thank you to that call. marianne is joining us from lake worth, new jersey on the independent line. caller: good morning. i am really right now a republican. i am 82 years old. please bear with me. i have 18 grandchildren and
9:07 am
great grandkids. host: how do you keep track of all of them/ -- them? caller: they are always at my house so i have no choice. host: congratulations. caller: i have eskimo in my family, russian, polish, italian, black, hispanic. some come from costa rica and some from brazil. i have diverse. please don't call me a bigot or a racist. democrats, andhe i used to be a democrat. the democrats want to give you handouts. they want to give you the fish for the day. republicans want to give you a helping hand so they give you the fishing pole so you can catch the fish when you're hungry. i'm so sick of the race card. for eight years we had a president -- that woman that
9:08 am
says she researched trump and that garbage, i'm not saying he is god or anything. they made obama the messiah. i looked up -- i wanted to vote for him. terrorist andr tors, going back to reverend wright and farrakhan, his buddy farrakhan. all these people. ors, bergdahlt and the other when he helped. these are the people he wanted to help. host: thank you for that call. every miter, if you want to -- a reminder, if you want to watch our interview with president trump, watch it saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. that's followed by the first of the two cnn debates.
9:09 am
our thanks to the network for allowing us to rebroadcast the debates in their entirety in case you missed them. 1030 one will be airing at a.m. eastern time on saturday morning. sunday, the second debate that took place last evening including vice president joe biden, the current front runner. that airs on sunday following "newsmakers." with more on the debates and what is making news last night, greta. >> tulsi gabbard's exchange with, the harris over the attorney general's record. gabbard praised for pummeling harris. following up on a caller who wondered where andrew yang stands on the issue of cannabis, here is a graphic put together --ther website and it shows
9:10 am
by the website and it shows federal legislation supporting legalization. you can see most of the democratic field supports federal legislation. those that do not support federal legislation, former vice president and senator joe biden unclear forident, senator amy klobuchar and steve bullock. host: from the president this a.m., the 12:05 people on the stage tonight and last word not those that will make either america great again or keep america great. our country now is breaking records in almost every category from the stock market, to military, the unemployment. we have prosperity and success like never before. richard, you are next. caller: good morning.
9:11 am
clear into say it's the democratic situation that they are lost. they are very lost and they are not looking forward to our future. i don't hear any of them talking about anything to help america. i think they are unqualified. i will vote for trump again. host: why did you vote for him and 2016 over hillary clinton? caller: i think hillary after benghazi it was terrible. she is a liar and a thief. everybody saw that. host: thank you for that call. warren from west virginia, thank you for waiting. caller: hello? thought barnum & bailey went out of business. after i watched the democratic debates they are back in business. thank you. host: katie from woodbridge,
9:12 am
virginia, democrats line. caller: good morning. i have a couple of comments. one about the woman who called supporting mayor pete. i agree. i am a pretty middle-of-the-road traditional democrat who also being a part of what democrat is is being progressive. mayor pete is not get enough coverage even though he is one of the leading front runners, one of the top five or six. if people take the time to listen to his policy decisions, even though he is not with tons of experience, he is so smart and really picking up on what i think the country would find useful in the policies. he also is so articulate and stating his positions. i think if people gave him a chance to wrap their heads around what he is saying, it
9:13 am
would seem appropriate for the debate against trump. up on youre follow other point. mayor pete buttigieg is openly gay. will that be a factor or should be a factor in the nomination fight? caller: it absolutely should not be a factor. will it be a factor? of course. that needs tory accept the fact there are a lot more people who were gay than i think most conservatives think. i think they all know people that are gay or no a friend or family that is gay. that they arecal avoiding the fact that someone could be a candidate for president he was gay. what i wanted to say was that i think pete could have taken advantage of an opportunity when biden said it is time to bring in these young people and get them to vote.
9:14 am
mayor pete is young. he is the perfect candidate to take us -- i'm in my 50's. he's the perfect candidate to take the country to the future in a way that is clear eyed. he checks every box as far as being in the military. only he and gabbard are the two that served in the military. he is the sun of immigrants. he has got -- the son of immigrants. he has all the information we need to get behind a candidate if people can get over the fact he is gay and is not given a lot of airtime. he is a completely rational democrat and i hope people take the time to go find out what he is about. host: thank you. this, there is five revelations from detroit. "predictions of a joe biden pile-on were spot on.
9:15 am
he held his own, remembering his opponents have liabilities in their pasts as well. they split over medicare for all, the signature issue of a curmudgeonly senator from vermont. those who thought, the harris might take it easy on biden as suggested when they met on stage were wrong. while the palpable tensions between the top pulling candidates was the big storyline of the night, cory booker and tulsi gabbard have their moments as well. if biden was the chief target for his rivals on wednesday, harris was a close second." that story available online at let's hear from a republican, keith in florida. caller: good morning. i guess i middle republican curmudgeon, an old cranky guy. causing theump is democratic party to implode. it sort of scares me how were
9:16 am
going to come out on the other side. you have candidates up there that are apologizing for being white. they were born that way. one let a prayer asking god to forgive him for being white. god made him white. now they're asking forgiveness for him. you just ran through all this stuff, the way they are cheating on their finances on the reporting. in have bernie sanders it belated it so it looked like they were getting paid $50 per hour. they are being -- $15 per hour. they were exposed. i'm surprised during both debates. it may good for a debate but they interviewed the candidates for two days. comments from the the candidates against each other. on bernie they laid out a few things about his medicare for all plan. at the very end they threw in,
9:17 am
what you think about congressman delaney calling it political suicide and crazy? at one point on the first debate night night before last one of them said cnn used a wing talking points. they use them last night against each other. they ripped president obama's policies to go after joe biden. it is really crazy. not one of them ended the debate night with god bless america. i cannot imagine president kennedy ending a debate without saying god bless america and the troops that fight to protect us. host: thank you for that call from florida. most of the debate focusing on domestic issues and divisions among democrats, especially on medicare for all. immigration came up. there was one exchange on iran with andrew yang and the governor of washington, governor jay inslee.
9:18 am
>> i would move to de-escalate tensions because they are responding to the fact we have pulled out of this agreement. it was not just us and iran. there were other world powers part of that multilateral agreement. we have to try to reenter that agreement, renegotiate the timeline because the timeline now does not make as much sense. i signed a pledge to end the forever wars. our strength abroad reflects our strength at home. what's happened? we have fallen apart at home so we elected donald trump and now we have this erratic and unpredictable relationship with even and our long-standing partners and allies. we have to start investing those resources to solve the problems right here at home. we spend trillions of dollars and lost thousands of american lives and conflict with unclear benefits. we have been in a constant state of war for 18 years. this is not with the american people want. i would bring the troops home and de-escalate tensions with iran and invest resources in our own communities. >> governor inslee, your
9:19 am
response? >> i think these are matters of great and often difficult judgment. primer for sort of presidents to read. we have to determine whether a president has adequate judgment in these decisions. i was only one of two members on this panel today who called to make a judgment about the iraq war. i was a relatively new member of congress. i made the right judgment because it was obvious to me that george bush was fanning the flames of war. now we face similar situations. we recognize we have a president who is willing to beat the drums of war. when you do president who can stand up against the drums of war and make rational decisions. >> thank you, governor. between andrewt yang and governor jay inslee. first, other news on this thursday. >> from politico, the headline,
9:20 am
an update on impeachment. majority of house democrats now support and impeachment inquiry. the democrats who support the proceedings eclipse the halfway mark, 118 out of 235 voting members today when representative ted deutch of florida announced his support. he was the 23rd democratic lawmaker to support impeachment proceedings in the week since former special counsel robert mueller testified to congress. ted deutch announced his support in an article in the sun sentinel out of florida. that presidentis trump claimed victory after the molar testimony. he seems to think that mueller's performance was not enough to trigger an inquiry. sorry. the question is not whether the house should vote to proceed with formal impeachment inquiries. the inquiry has already begun. he says the constitution gives the house the sole authority of
9:21 am
impeachment, officially launching an inquiry has never been a prerequisite to using that authority. committeeary refers it to the full house for a vote at any time. in the passive resolution was grant the committee additional subpoena authority and financial resources. that was the official start. he writes times have changed. in grant the committee 2015, republican leaders get committee chairs brought subpoena powers, powers that chairman nadler retains today. no magic words are needed to be uttered on the floor. no vote to authorize and impeachment inquiry is necessary. the house is out this week and back in their districts for six weeks. the senate is here this week trying to wrap up legislative business. voteeir agenda today is a on a two-your budget deal that would also raise the debt limit. the headline from "the hill,"
9:22 am
support." over gop they right there are a dozen lawmakers he right now are no votes, including senators mitt romney, marco rubio and rand paul. fence.remain on the senators tom tellis and tim scott. 16 gop senators voted against a 2018 budget deal. dozens voted against previous agreements, making it likely they will be additional gop no votes announced. our coverage of the senate gavel-to-gavel on c-span2. host: thank you for that. this is a tweet from another viewer. what did americans learn? trump looks good now. democrats should vote for trump. maria is doing this from tennessee on the independent line. did you watch? i thought it was
9:23 am
revealing. gabbard -- isi was impressed with her. host: tulsi gabbard. caller: i was impressed with her. i think the california lady -- host: senator kamala harris. caller: she is an immaterial little girl. bus and complained about it. there were millions of people that were walking to school. maryland,n next in democrats line. good morning. caller: good morning. host: did you watch last night or the night before? caller: i have watched both of the debates over the last few weeks.
9:24 am
i really enjoyed all of them. i think it is too early for me to decide who i would want to vote for for president. i did notice something over the last few weeks. while i don't necessarily have one specific person yet i would vote for, i noticed that certain people would be great at certain jobs in the cabinet. host: for the democratic nominee, is there one or two candidates are leaning towards? looking at seriously? biden, coryink joe booker and kamala harris would be my top choices. host: how did they do last night? caller: i think cory booker did the best out of anybody i have seen so far. ust: mary lou is joining from maple shade, new jersey on the independent line. caller: good morning steve and greta. thank you for c-span.
9:25 am
steve, i watched a little of both debates each night. i have got some serious concerns about the medicare for all. i'm a senior. i worked many years in the system to make sure when i reached a certain age i would get good medical care through medicare. if they attempt to do medicare for all, they will bankrupt the system. i don't think the seniors that are calling into you, the older people understand the ramifications of medicare for all. you are not only going to get bad care. in some cases you may get no care. they are just overloading the system. now they're talking about putting illegal aliens on the health care. that will only make it worse. seriously, people need to think about what they are doing. joe biden starts talking about strengthening the affordable care act. if you people remember, joe
9:26 am
biden was right by parag obama when he was signing it -- barack obama when he was signing it and he made a comment i will not repeat. if you want your doctor, you can keep your dr.. -- doctor. no. be careful who you vote for. the democrats are radically to the left. the policies they are espousing are only going to hurt this country. they are not going to help it. host: we will play one of those moments. one of the arguments from senator harris is your employer where you work should not dictate the type of health care you have. medicare for all would streamline it and make health care across the board available to everyone, regardless of where you work or what you do. other: my concern is the thing i think they are lying to the american people about. they will not admit that in order to do certain things they want to do, they are not going
9:27 am
to raise taxes on the middle class. host: senator sanders said he would raise taxes on the middle class families. senator warren has not said so one way or another. caller: a lot of them said they. will not can the middle-class really afford to have any more taxes raised on them? the sad part is they honestly think the medical community in this country is going to be satisfied with the peanuts they're getting paid for covering all these people. i have doctors right now who were getting up to retirement age. they are so disgusted with the health care system the way it is now. they are not going to read -- they are going to retire and we will have medical providers to accommodate the people that need health care. with here is that moment senator kamala harris on the issue of medicare for all on stage with former vice president joe biden.
9:28 am
[video] >> i listened to american families who said for years is not enough time to transition into this plan. it will be 10 years for the transition. i listened to families who said i want an option that is under your medicare system that allows a private plan. yes,igned a plan where, responsive to the needs of american families there will be andblic plan for medicare, a private plan out of my care for medicare. the bottom line is we must agree that access to health care must be a right and not just a privilege for those who can afford it. in america today 30 million people are going with that access to health care. >> vice president biden? >> the senators has several timesso far and any someone tells you you should get something good in tin years you should wonder why it takes 10 years.
9:29 am
you will lose your employer-based insurance. this is the single most important issue facing the public, and to be blunt and straightforward you can't beat president trump with doubletalk on this plan. >> absolutely. vice president biden, you are simply inaccurate and what you are describing. our plan would bring health care to all americans under a medicare for all system. it will allow people to start signing up on the first day. babies will be born into the plan and right 4 million babies america.every year in under our plan fee will ensure that everyone has access to health care. your plan leaves out almost 10 million americans. i think you should really think about what you're saying but be reflective and understand the people of america want access to health care and do not want
9:30 am
costs to be the barrier to getting it. >> response? $3 trillioncosts when it is in fact employed. after two terms of the senator being president. secondly, it will require middle-class taxes to go up, not down. it will eliminate employer-based insurance. what happens in the meantime? >> i would like to respond. the cost of doing nothing is far too expensive second we are now year for trillion a health care in america. over the next 10 years it will probably be $6 trillion. my plan is about immediately allowing people to sign up and get into coverage. host: we are getting your calls and reactions on twitter. did is from will who says
9:31 am
she say that medicare for all with be more flexible than employer-sponsored health care coverage? lol. how will doctors respond to it medicare rates for their services. u.s. doctors are used to being very well-paid compared to others. jeremy and lawrence, kansas on the independent line. caller: good morning. the debates last night and the night before, along with this exposed theaign main problems with our political system in this country. used byhe divisions harper partisanship. the political parties have basically become political cartels. they control access to the airwaves, to ideas, to ballots. even c-span, which i love c-span as a venue for the american people to call and voice their
9:32 am
opinions. even c-span falls into this by doing it democrat, republican, independent when they hosted people to talk about the molar report, the question of impeachment. it was only open to democrats. those of us that are independents that have been reading books, for proof of collusion and conspiracy by seth abramson know there is a deeper issue going on in relationship to foreign intelligence and compromise and the role of the organized crime, and compromising people like the current president. c-span has hosted these authors and does not allow the admin dependent -- independent american people to weigh in. this was all on display last night in terms of the debates. the second thing is we are divided in terms of our thinking by reactionary ideological thinking rather than deep inquiries into our serious problems in the idea of solution
9:33 am
building. i will give you two examples. when they talk about so-called health care, it is not health care. it's about health insurance. no one brings up the issue we monsantoole deal with and the poisoning of the american people. it's destroying our children's health. and monsanto is being sued for large amounts of money. none of the politicians will bring that up. why do we have such a disease? problem in this country that and wereciate are an open forum to hear from all points of view. we will open it up to democrats to find out how they feel about the 2020 campaign over the republicans and their views of donald trump. to keep it interesting for all of you and for social media.
9:34 am
we hear from all points of view. we just want to respond to that. >> on last night's debate the most tweeted about u.s. politicians during night 2, topping the list was president trump. the candidates mentioned him 68 times last night. number two, joe biden. number three,, harris from california. number four is the former president barack obama. he was criticized last night by the democratic candidates. that has drawn theire of some political operatives on the democratic side. eric holder who served under president obama. "be wary of attacking the obama record. build on it, expand it, but there is little to be gained for you or the party by attacking a very successful and popular democratic president. an advisor to hillary clinton's campaign.
9:35 am
"the gop did not attack reagan. they built them up for candidates. candidate to attack obama are wrong and terrible. obama was not perfect but next to trump he kind of is. this is my outrage of the day." she did not stop. --ndidates that do this wrong can tactically stupid. she says blessing obama was so erotically stupid, it's mind-boggling to me. the campaigns of listening to the wrong signal which is --ally assign -- take sign a sign that the campaign is off. was the most searched for candidate in all 50 states during the second debate. host: let me pick up on some of the comments from former republican congressman joe
9:36 am
comments from former republican congressman joe scarborough who is now on msnbc. the headline from the hill, scarborough blasting the democrats for attacking obama's policies more than trump. slamming thegh 2020 candidates, saying they are spending more time attacking former president obama's policies than president trump during the second round of the primary debate. joe scarborough writing, "the candidates are attacking barack obama's book policy decisions more than trump and that is politically stupid and crazy." frequentorough, a critic of the president. james is doing is from franklin, pennsylvania on the democrats line. your thoughts on all of this. caller: good morning. say everybodyans wants access to quality affordable health care. there is so much variation in health care plans and what they
9:37 am
pay and their deductibles and et cetera. there was no such thing as a quality affordable health care plan for working-class person in this country. i'm lucky that i'm a retired state employee. i do have it but i feel for the other people that i know how expensive things are. there is nobody working-class that can afford health care in this country. on the republican line from oregon city, oregon. caller: good morning. a lot of people don't understand what they're looking at. i see something good and i see the bad and the republicans. trump's daily one that helped our economy -- trump is the only one that helped our economy. this is one reason why they're trying so hard to get him out of the house with all the lies they say. nobody is perfect. those who are might as will step up and say they are better than god because nobody is.
9:38 am
the point i'm trying to make is if they researched this they would find a lot of people that hillary, obama and a lot of -- overmocrats who associating them selves with, they are communist people. also the fact they are all socialists and the first thing they will do is lie to the people and tell the people they are not going to raise their taxes but they are. they have. i have not seen one thing the democrats have done for years that they have promised the people they were going to do to help this country. they just keep finding ways to slide it off on the republicans or somebody else. look at san francisco, l.a., san diego, new york, even portland. even the freeways going up to washington out of oregon. the homeless living on the streets.
9:39 am
yet they want to allow all the illegals in, give them insurance. if people research with a get, they get more than what regular person gets on medicare already, and i'm on medicare. host: thank you for the call. this is from gail collins. debate drama. her opinion piece available online at who won the democratic debate? my vote is for elizabeth warren and bernie sanders. they were both on day1, but nobody on day two came close, unless the joe biden tramp of failing to fall down. some of his answers were muddled and he faded off, but expectations were so low that it was like clearing a high hurdle. let's have another debate with warren versus biden. maybe throw in booker and bernie sanders. we still have 10 more debates to go. the next round is scheduled for september.
9:40 am
a reminder that the candidates will be in iowa at the iowa state fair. if you'regn 2020 bus, in the greater des moines area, check it out. hardcovers begins a week from today with former vice president joe biden among those speaking at the soapbox sponsored by the des moines register. live coverage throughout the week and a half at the iowa state fair is underway. tony from santa fe, new mexico. morning.ood i would like to say a couple of things. ranleague of women voters the debates, they were always more fair. the rnc and the dnc said hell no. the dnc said there is no such aing as the democrats, and lawsuit in a court of law. that's a question i would like to ask. the news media don't ask
9:41 am
constitutional questions. how about for health care, the root of the problem? bill to nixon allowed a say health care can be -- a profit can be made on health care. how about some of the other problems linked directly back to citizens united where they usurp the constitution? some of those have allegiances countries that they pledge allegiance to rather than this country that they pledge allegiance to. we have a declaration of independence to separate us from certain things in this country. host: not only the debate but the stocks that took a tumble, dropping more than 330 points yesterday after the fed announcing a rate cut but indicating there are no future cuts expected.
9:42 am
details available at hispowell, the fed chair, meeting was on c-span and is posted at the issue of immigration. this is an exchange between the former vice president in new jersey senator cory booker. [video] >> we are playing into republican hands, who have a very different view and are trying to divide us against each other. i'm listening to the language of my colleagues. we are not going to just let people cross the border. an unlawful crossing is an unlawful crossing. if you do it in civil courts or if you do it in the criminal court, the criminal court is giving donald trump the ability to truly violate the human rights of people coming to our country who no one surrenders their human rights. doing get through the civil courts means you will not need these awful detention facilities that i have been to.
9:43 am
i've seen children sleeping on pavement. people put in cages. this is not necessary. we have seen using the civil system piloted programs that have 100% compliance with the civil courts. people are evaluated. e a reason to be here, -- if they have no reason to be here, they returned. there are survivors of sexual assault we would not even allow to petition for asylum. >> mr. vice president, your response? >> the asylum process is a real process and the president is ruining that. -- we shouldfact increase the number of legal immigrants able to come. this country can tolerate a lot more people. the reason we are the country er is we cherry picked for the best
9:44 am
of every culture. immigrants built this country. that is why we are so special. it took courage and resilience come.nfidence to host: responding to a piece in the wall street journal, roy says imagine if the democratic establishment had six debates in the run-up to 2016. maybe sanders will be president. having the special delegates putting their fingers on the scale before the people voted in the primary killed senator sanders. it reeks of corruption. more on the debate and reaction, greta? >> where are the candidates heading next? august is a busy month for them. the first event early august is the dickinson county summer sizzler, a democratic drought in northern iowa. then the iowa state fair on august 8 through august 18.
9:45 am
our coverage is going to be on with more than one million attendees and the impossible to miss clinical soapbox, this iowa mainstay is a must visit stop on the trail for candidates of all political stripes. if you have the iowa democratic wing being thinner on august 9. 14new hampshire, august through 19 is a quintessentially tradition of old home days, an annual event that draws natives back to their towns for parties and a parade. september, the new hampshire seacoast or public in women's chilling fast and the polk county democrats onto temer 21 in iowa -- september 21 in iowa. debate will be september 12 and 13 in houston. host: that is a lot of food. you did not mention the buttered cow at the state fair which we
9:46 am
will be covering. thank you very much for that. el from eagle, idaho. caller: i would like c-span to bring back jonathan gruber, the architect of obamacare. behink his insight might valuable in the justification for his comment he depended upon the stupidity of the american people to pass obamacare. as far as the debates go there are a lot of platitudes that were thrown around but very little specifics. i think of the american people knew how much this medicare for cost, their taxes would probably double. i just don't think we are ready for that. there are some solutions that even montana has brought cost, s would probably double. forward in lowering health care costs. that was not even given airtime.
9:47 am
twoar as elizabeth warren's cent tax, what she meant was it was a 2% -- there's a big difference between two cents and 2% of $100,000. host: do you have a candidate in this race? caller: i'm an independent. and stevehn delaney bullock of montana were the most reasoned candidates. they were kind of middle-of-the-road which is what i think america wants. they don't what a far left socialist agenda. greta mentioned the winking dinner. we look -- wing ding dinner. it will be a busy month. part of her campaign 2020 coverage. you can check out the schedule at we will continue to promote the schedule on the network, including mick mulvaney, acting
9:48 am
white house chief of staff in columbia, south carolina tomorrow evening for a south carolina republican party dinner. how coverage of that event on c-span and c-span radio getting underway at 8:15 eastern time. you can listen on the free c-span radio app. norman finley of the detroit news, biden finds the old joe in detroit. that's available online. sleepy joe woke up in detroit wednesday night. it was vented to uncle joe, a politician whose career has been sustained on charm and familiarity and streetfighter grid when needed. he seemed to understand his challenge, appeared in command, diminished tears about bullying, defended his record, not directly from the clinical center by his progressive opponents, and if he wins the presidency he will be the oldest president ever sworn into office for a first term. robert from key largo, florida.
9:49 am
caller: good morning. i like biden. i think he's the only salvation for the future. hello? host: go ahead. caller: also i believe he will be able to stop trump and putin from drilling in the arctic. that's very important for the people in this country to ,ealize if they drill for oil eventually it is going to somehow implode. the people are realizing we only have 10 years left. if we do make the right decisions this time, we might not have another time in our lifetime. host: thanks for the call. david axelrod on biden.
9:50 am
the bad news is maybe this is the best he could do. ivan is joining us from taxes on the republican line. -- texas on the republican line. caller: howdy. i watched both debates and i don't see how democrats could ever put these people up there and that they can beat donald trump with the views they have. and i wasnd watched waiting for the volkswagen to come up on stage and all these people pile back into it. host: thank you for the call. california.n city, caller: i hope you don't mind being a little prejudiced and biased. .ou're one of my favorite hosts even with people not knowing
9:51 am
your affiliation with any think want to accuse you of stuff. keep up the dignity and grace. with the candidates i wish my democratic friends we get off the subject of access to health care. we all have access to health care. it is just a matter of being able to afford it. it is way beyond my paygrade but they can come up with some better plans than free stuff. thank you very much, steve. host: thanks for that call from sun city, california. savannah on the independent line. i want to reinforce what people were saying about stop the attacking -- stop attacking each other, stop attacking obama and keep your eye on the big picture. we have the attacker in chief as a president right now. we don't want anymore attackers. we don't want to elect them.
9:52 am
all these things people are -- weting are good about can't stop anything. we can't change anything. we can't do anything if we don't get someone who can be trump. the way to do that -- beat trump. just give us your point of view. tell us what you think about what you're going to do and let us choose, except it and get behind that person. when you start attacking you get people that are upset and they are not going to help the other guy and they just stay home. let's stop attacking each other. remember what the big goal is here. just tell us what you think. that is what we want to know. host: michael with this tweet. will the dnc massage the debate format going forward? many voters are not happy with what transpired so far.
9:53 am
to be in overcorrection from what happened in 2016. sylvia on the republican line. caller: good morning. i watched the debate and i believe joe biden would be the best candidate. i don't think the other ones can even hold a candle to him. i would definitely vote for him. i like him very much. i don't like it when they call him names, like sleepy joe and things like that. thank you so much. host: charlie is next on the independent line from new york. caller: good morning. i'm an independent progressive. our country needs a revolution. i am with bernie and elizabeth warren. the reason i'm not a democrat as i feel like they pandered to african-americans. antiracist butg they go overboard with that stuff. i don't think they recognize the problem of personal responsibility in our country.
9:54 am
i think they are unbalanced when it comes to those things. ier country needs bern and elizabeth warren. host: biden goes on the attack against kid harris, making reference to senator harris. referring to his kid. one point she referred to him as senator. sarah is joining us in california on the democrats line. did you watch last night? caller: good morning. i'm wondering why none of the candidates mentioned the kaiser permanente plan. i am 65 this year. between medicare and kaiser i pay about $250 a month versus 65.0 a month when i wasn't no one seems to mention this plan. they do preventative care.
9:55 am
they are the most efficient health care plan i've been involved in. we have been very big on needing health care in our family with a son with a progressive brain disease, my mother-in-law and myself, husband, we have been users of health care. kaiser is phenomenal but no one is mentioning this at all. and looking at that model. that is my plug for this morning. host: how is your son doing? caller: he passed away. he made it to 21 and he had a very good quality of life. the doctors were phenomenal but we had to go to war with blue cross and blue shield. we were always fighting battles. he did have a good quality of life. my husband is an attorney and i'm educated and you how to work the system but it was not easy. under 65 -- you are under 65 and you need health care, it's really hard. kaiser has been phenomenal.
9:56 am
they are fast, efficient. they takes a problem care of it the same day. there are hardly any problems. host: who is your candidate in this race? caller: i like mayor pete a lot. harris, --, they all need a plan for health care, education, and how to take care of the american public in a way that satisfies people. nobody is ever going to be satisfied in terms of the numbers of -- what we have in this country. we have different needs. trump -- need donald he's not the right person. the candidates need to look at that. our daughter is 30. she thinks joe biden is just old school. host: thank you for the call.
9:57 am
sorry about the loss of your son. thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. we appreciated. -- appreciate it. they save money is the mother's milk of politics. >> cnbc has the headline that the president is racing to the hamptons for fundraisers in the hunt for wealthy donors. the president will be attending a reelection campaign fundraiser on august 9. joe farrell, a real estate tycoon for the hosting. tickets start at $2800 and go up to $250,000. participants will get to photos with the president and eight tickets to the reception at his home. donations will go to the trump victory committee, a fundraising operation between the campaign and the rnc. it says that the president's campaign has raised $100 million in the second quarter.
9:58 am
he notes for the democrats joe biden, senators, harris and cory booker are getting ready to head out to long island for a fundraising blitz. according to those with direct knowledge of the matter. watch for that. after the debate, many candidates were tweeting out to their supporters and asking them to give money, including former vice president who asked his viewers to text him at this number. joe30330. that sent people to pete buttigieg's fundraising page. you had elizabeth warren also tweeting out to her viewers, the way you run a campaign should reflect your values. alice is -- ours is when his recent grassroot fund raised.
9:59 am
-- ours is one into percent grassroot funds raised. tulsi gabbard, according to josh rogan, is suing google after the first set of debates for $50 million because she could not run fundraising ads after the debate when her searches were high. they were a troll campaign by trump supporters. she lost $50 million. it shows according to google searches that tolson gabbard was once again -- tolson gabbard was once again research -- tell c gabbard -- what?the criteria is seven candidates have qualified? >> the fundraising numbers are a lot higher. there are seven candidates. they have to have unique donors up to 400 from 20 different states. they are raising the bar.
10:00 am
the dnc sets these rules. they raised the bar for the next debate in september. host: thank you for being with us. a few more calls and a tweet from diana who says trump is pressuring the fed to keep his economy. he doesn't understand the meaning of independent. maryland.rentwood, i just want to say that basically i have been a democrat all my life. over 50 years of voting. thatlooking for a democrat is more the type of democrat that i started out with, like john kennedy. this bunch that has been on the stage for the last two nights, i can't find one of them that i want to vote for. it seems like they are racing to give our country away. taxes,nt to keep raising
10:01 am
they want all of this illegal immigration. with immigration, i don't understand why these people can't understand what the word illegal means. host: do you have a candidate right now? caller: i don't think there is one up there right now that makes me want to vote for them. it is totally sad. they are in a race to the bottom. who can give away the most health care, who can give away the most college. who can give our country away. yourself of bettering is out the window with these people. we want to put kids through college and we don't want them to pay. you can do that and bankrupt the country and then you will end up with no carpenters, no plumbers or nobody to do the things to keep the country moving. host: a quick follow-up on the
10:02 am
president's tweets regarding baltimore. what did you think? arear: truth be told, the that the gentleman serves in, -- host: congressman elijah cummings. caller: it is truly awful. he has not done a lot to help his own people over there. that district over there is god awful. i would not want to walk through it after dark. i would probably not want to walk through it in the daytime. let truth be truth. and this final point is from the bbc, an opinion piece on how the debate played out. ship, it studies the is available online at bbc. the former vice president came into the debate with a target on his back. kamala harris had drawn blood with her attacks. he clashed with harris on health
10:03 am
care. both harris and cory booker blasted his record on health care. jay inslee went after him about climate change. britain, great observing what happened in the debate in detroit. we have permission to air the bates this weekend heard the first one airing at 10:30 on saturday. joining us on this thursday, we are back tomorrow episode ofh another c-span's washington journal. enjoy the rest of your day. ♪


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