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tv   Campaign 2020 South Carolina Republican Party Silver Elephant Gala  CSPAN  August 3, 2019 5:50am-6:59am EDT

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jersey became a state, the new jersey state constitution made no mention of sex when discussing voting qualifications, it only had a property requirement. women who owned property, primarily windows and single women, not all women in new jersey, kurd and did vote at the local, state and. announcer: national elections then on the presidency, author john farrell talks about nixon's early life and career. >> 1947 and 48, he campaigned for the marshall plan. he went to everyone we club, every chamber of commerce, and every american legion hall, every crowd that could take him. he told them that he owed them his best judgment, not his obedience and he convinced them,. and when the primary parties were held, richard nixon did not just win the republican nomination, he won the democratic nomination.
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he had wagered everything and carry the day. he ran o unopposed. announcer: explore the nation's past on american history tv every weekend on c-span3. announcer: next, a south carolina republican party annual silver elephant gala in columbia. speakers include senator lindsey graham, gov. henry mcmaster, and acting white house chief of staff mick mulvaney. this is just over one hour. hour. >> all right. well, welcome again y'all continue to eat. welcome to the 52nd silver elephant gala event. thank you for being here. we want to dedicate this event to you. i wanted to get just a few comments and talk about the party, and you know, obviously,
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you are here tonight because this stuff matters. we're all engaged and involved in this business of politics in some capacity or another because we care about various principles. we all share some common core conservative principles. many may car more about one issue than the other. but we've got a solid con serve active platform and we're in this because we know that politics matter when it comes to policy. ronald reagan said that personnel is policy. the type of people that we hire are the type of policys that we're going to have. and if that's the case that means that elections are about personnel. and election matters. and if elections matter, well, that means that our party matters. your being involved in what we do makes a difference, make a difference in the things that you care about that actually get you involved. and as result of your efforts for the last, you know, year, year and a half especially as we
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close this last election season, we've had another year of incredible successes. 2018 election cycle, we kept every statewide office in republican hands again. give yourselves a round of applause. [applause] we maintained our state house majority again. we picked up more local and county offices all around the state again in 2018. and not only that, but we more than doubled -- more than doubled the number of people who voted absentee republican statewide in the last cycle. and the statistic i'm most proud of or blown away by, i guess you could say was the result on the straight ticket ballot. so this was only the second election in the history of south carolina that republicans beat democrats on straight ticket voting. the first time was in 2016, we beat them by three points statewide. and in this last election we
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beat them by eight points all across south carolina up and down the ballot, benefits every candidate on our ballot and that goes back to the work that y'all helped us do. thank you. but you know, it's easy for us to get comfortable sometimes with success as we mentioned it so many times. you know, we can get too used to winning and forget all the hard work we had to do to make it possible. and we can't let that happen. and i was reading a few days ago in the book of proverbs and came across something that reminded me of this fact. proverbs chapter 34, in versus 30 through 34. solomon rights i went by the field of the laze yizz man and the feel of the man desloid of understanding and there it was all overgrown the thorns. surface was covered with nettles. the stone wall was broken down. and when i saw it i considered it well. i look on it and received instruction. a little sleep, a little
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slumber, a little folding of the hands to rest, so shall your poverty come as prowler and your knee as an armed man. that's a principle to take that heart right now. that's something that tells us, you can't afford to get confident or comfortable, we can't afford to be lazy because when we are it won't take long and we begin to have problems. we have to remember this, the law of the jungle says that if you sit still long enough something's going to eat you. we can't afford to sit still because the things we care about are too important. we win, ke wasn't qi. if we lose, we can't quit because our opposition never quits. and i don't know if you've been watching tv lately but they're kind of becoming unhinged. they've got son far left, by the time they start casting votes in january, we won't be able to see them anymore. hey've gone so far left. the only thing that they agree on is that everything should be free.
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until we run out of people's money. we're going to go from a picture of a donkey to a picture of santa claus. everything free. we have to remember two main things that got us here. one is our core conservative principles. the things that we believe in and how we communicate those values and those principles to other people, our message that's what people respond. and the second thing is all the hard work that all of you here in this room and other folks around this state have done. and if we continue to do that, then we will continue to beat democrats up and down the ballot and all across south carolina. so thank you for being here. [applause] so now, i want to take a moment and welcome a man who has been making liberal heads explode by confirming in a record case. in case y'all haven't been keeping track. i think we're up to 150 federal judges that have been confirmed
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now. i think -- we're setting a record pace. i think we're going to get so far that by the end of the president's first term, he would have appointed 1/3 of all federal judges. i give you the biggest headache on the senate judiciary committee, senator lindsey graham. [applause] senator graham: thank y'all. thanks a bunch. thank you very much. thank you. [applause] thank you all very much. thank you. all of you must want to be a judge. thank you very, very much. it's been a hell of a week. i'm glad to be home. you're the most normal people i've met in six months. thank you for coming tonight. so thanks. how about a round of applause for our party chairman? [applause] i'm having the most fun i've had
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in politics because when with president trump anything and everything is possible. i'll let you fill in the blank. from a republican point of view, don't you think we have a lot to be grateful and thankful for? well, the first group i want to thank is the democratic party. if it weren't for them, we wouldn't be doing so well. so i may be wrong, but i don't think this is going to work. here's the deal. you lose your health care. and we give it to an illegal immigrant. i don't think that's going to work. can you believe they're saying this stuff? we're going to decriminalize coming into our country. you get a parking ticket. and once you pay the parking ticket, you get free health care. i'm going to make a prediction. half the people in the world will take us up on that dea.
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so it's important we win this lection. you know what, we've got to be thankful for in south carolina s you. the activists, the people that have been doing this before it was popular and cool. we're winning now but the way we're winning now is that a lot of you believed in the party before it was cool. so thank you very much for making people like me possible. we've got a great federal delegation. if you don't believe me, ask them. they'll tell you. joe wilson couldn't be here. it's his 50th wedding anniversary. and i think it was a close call for joe. but let's wish him a happy wedding anniversary. [applause] he gave roxanne a key chain. [laughter] south carolina's the best place in america to do business. and we've got a hell of a governor. thank you very much, henry. thank y'all very, very much. but you're going to hear from a special person tonight. our speaker's job is to organize
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donald trump's life. [laughter] he's got the hardest job in america. and mick, you're doing a hell of a good job for the president and our country. nd we thank you. i got off to a rocky start with the president. ut we're all good now. i've come to like him. he likes him. so we've got a lot in common. [laughter] but i'm here to tell you that when you look and step back, it's been an incredible ride. and mick, you're part of the reason he's been so successful. ou work really hard. you give him good advice. and from a republican point of view, and if you're a conservative, i'll put this man's presidency's up against anybody including ronald reagan and that's saying a hell of a lot. the quality of judges is
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amazing. kavanaugh and gorsuch is going -- are going to do a great job. we're about to cross 150. so this will be a legacy long -- after all of us are gone. these are young, energetic women who are going to change the federal judiciary. if you believe in cutting taxes, we have. if you believe in a strong military, yesterday we voted on a budget that was by no means perfect -- anybody got a loved one in the military? anybody got a friend in the military? they've got more money to do their job since they had since ronald reagan. and they've got a commander-in-chief who's got heir back. so we've got a lot to be grateful for. from my point, thank you for helping me. i know i can be a handful at times. for you and them. so what you saw this week was frustration.
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i tried to work across the aisle when it makes sense. i'm trying to get things done that need to be done. but i will not have my good nature abused. i'm from south carolina. smiling faces, beautiful places. but don't take us for granted. and don't play us. so ladies and gentlemen, when it comes to the republican party, we have come a long way. and our neighbors in north carolina and georgia are going to have real contest. what makes south carolina different? you. a word of caution. drew is right. they're hungry. i'm going to have the first real opponent as a democrat than i've probably ever had. he raised a million and a half dollars in one week because for every person who liked kavanaugh somebody didn't like it.
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but there's not enough money in the world to beat me in the senate in south carolina because of you. [applause] who's from charleston? who's from the first congressional district? let's make a pledge that we're going to take that seat back in november 2020. we've come a long way in the last 52 years. but the best is yet to come. god bless y'all. [applause] >> y'all give senator graham, another round of applause. thank you, sir. [applause] now, fortunately, senator tim scott was unable to be with us this evening. but he did send a long a special
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message for us. so if we could roll the tape. >> hey, y'all, sorry i couldn't be there tonight because there's no place finer than to be in the carolinas. i want to thank every single spern in the room for their hard work, dedication and the belief in the conservative cause. we knew our policies work. we know they bring opportunity where it hasn't been before, and we know certainly our ideas build a stronger, better nation. in case you hadn't heard, there's a few big elections next year including my good friend lindsey graham and of course, president donald trump. let's make sure we keep things red, ruby red. i hope you have a great night. thank you, again. and god bless. [applause] >> and now, i want to welcome to the stage a man who stood in this spot and is head up at least nine of these evens in the past. i think i could count. we tried to figure it up.
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at least nine of them. a fellow who has been working every day to bring our conservative principles to state government and also working to bring strong conservative principles to the university of south carolina. y'all welcome, governor henry mcmaster! [applause] governor mcmaster: y'all, thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. thank you. --thank you, drew. thank you. i've got so much to say. it's been nine years. and i tell you those are great nine years. this is a great, great republican party. it doesn't look like this everywhere in the country. but we've got it here. and we're going to make it stronger and stronger. as you know, donald trump himself has said a number of times that he owes his election to the people of south carolina, the republican party didn't quite do as well in new hampshire and iowa and came here
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and stomped it and kept on stomping the whole way through. he knows that we love him. 've heard him say 100 times. i've heard him say tell those republicans in south carolina, i love them. i tell you again, that's what he says. he is a great man. [applause] i want to recognize my wife, peg. peggy, you understand putting up with the party chairman. peggy. we just celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. that woman right there. stand up, peg. wave your hand. wave your hand. [applause] there you go. i told a friend, we celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary. he said that's nothing. we just celebrated our 58th. he said i know the secret of a long successful marriage. i said what's the secret of a long successful marriage? he says twice a week, we find a nice quiet restaurant. we go and have a nice quiet dinner. two nights a week. i go on tuesday. she goes on thursday. [laughter] ok, then.
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y'all, south carolina, i'll be brief. there's a lot i'd like to say. but south carolina is red-hot. donald trump is red-hot. he's changing the world. we've been waiting if man like this. and we've been waiting for times like this in south carolina. we have got a great team. and all we have to do is stick together, and we can being a a symbol, a leader in the united states. we are punching way outside of our weight with mulvaney and tim where he is and our congressional delegation, we highly respected, highly regarded, highly influential and we're leading. it feels good for south carolina to be leading. donald trump is leading. and that's leading the prosperity not only making this country strong but help making this state strong. let me remind you briefly of some things we've done just in the short time that i've been in this office. i tried something new. i thought we would work with the legislature. you know what, they're trying to
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do it. and so we were able to get some things done. they embraced over 60 of my executive budget proposals. this is unprecedented. we recommended ourselves, commended, determined that we were going to rebuild education in south carolina to the highest possible quality for all of our children. getting and keeping excellent eachers was enthusiastically embraced by both chambers and parties resulting in the first of many steps to continue strengthening our educational system which is one of the weak links that we have. we know when businesses look to invest, they look at a lot of things. they look at the research universities. they look at the port. they look at our technical college system, which is the best in the united states. but we're weak in some places in south carolina. being weak is not good. but being weak and not understanding it and not determining to fix it is a disaster. and we determined to fix it.
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we raised those salaries. we got officers going in all the schools. and we have mental health counselors available for every school and every district and every place in south carolina right now because of what we did in this last year in the legislature. [applause] we also created something that's not been done before. it is a rural school district, economic development closing fund that will provide a spark for industry and business to go into our poorest areas in order to build those plants and build those factories to give the people jobs well. we have to have jobs. we have to have strong families and good education. if you take any one of the three legs of the stool away the other two fall down. we know from experience and history that throwing money at it is not the answer. sure, it takes money. but it takes strong families. -- when the children go home. it takes jobs to have strong families. we have to have the jobs the rural area and we've taken great steps this time to do exactly that.
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president trump has created a strong vibrant economy and created a surplus in government n our state. so what did we do? for the first time ever, we decided be have to pay the money for all those critically important things. let's do something. if we have a surplus if money that we didn't expect to come in, let's don't spend it. let's get it back to the taxpayers. taxpayers, raise your hand. you're going to be getting a check for the first time in your life back from the government of south carolina for the surplus that you created by going to work and working. [applause] for the first time ever we froze tuition and fees for sons and daughters of south carolina for our schools and universities. for the first time ever, it's time to reign in tuition and spending and to remind our friends in academics that higher education is to enrich our
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families and not impoverish them. and we're making progress there as well. [applause] speaking of academia, i hope you may have noticed and as proud as i am that we have a new man on the team, three-star general robert castlin who is working as the president of the university of south carolina. [applause] we need more leaders like bob in public service in south carolina, which is one reason i'm proud to announce that we have a new powerful cabinet agency. for the first time ever we have the department of veterans affairs. we're going to look after our veterans and keep them safe and keep them engaged in our society. you remember mark clark in world war ii? he ended up being the president of the citadel. he said that south carolina has more patriotism per square inch than any place in the world. i believe it.
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this is a military state. we have military traditions. and when you combine our military tradition with our reat tradition of faith, our judeo christian faith, you combine that with living in paradise with the mountains and the rivers and the beaches and the streams, you come up with businesses that all kinds of people want to work in south carolina. businesses all over the world tell me the same thing. sometimes it's different languages. sometimes we have interpreters. but they say the same thing. they can go anywhere in the world. but they come into south carolina. you've seen them. samsung is here. boeing is an american company. volvo is here, mercedes is here. all in south carolina. they say the people of south carolina, it is a handshake state. they're loyal. they're honest, hard working. dependable and smart. when they give you their word they'll keep it. that is unusual in this whole world that's why they're coming
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to south carolina. that is the core of south carolina. that is the core of our republican creed. it is the core of what we believe in. and it is what is making us a great and greater state. but there are some things we have to do. and i want your help to do. because we're really flying high. lindsay mentioned georgia, north carolina. they're looking at us every day. tennessee doesn't have an income florida doesn't have an income tax. tax. we've got an income tax. it's too high. it's too high. we've got to cut the income tax. [applause] and i have proposed about a $2 pn 2 billion cut across all of the income tax brackets in south carolina. and also speaking of that military tradition, our first responders, all the men and women in uniform i've proposed and i hope the legislature will accept and i hope you agree to help us get this done. no income tax on the retirement paid for the men and women in uniform retired in south
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carolina. [applause] speaking of saving lives, i promise you that as long as i am your governor, i will never stop fighting to protect our unborn children and their right to life. and this means that no tax dollars for abortions for planned parenthood in south carolina ever! that is ever. e-v-e-r. one day the courts could see it our way. one day the courts will understand that freedom of speech means you can pray in public just like you pray at ome. when i was attorney general, we had a case where the wiccan high priestess in great falls was offended because they said a prayer and ended in jesus' name.
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in great falls. and she sued. and the american civil liberties union brought the case forward and unfortunately, lindsay before your judges got there, the others got holt of it. and they said the great falls were wrong. they were getting different preachers coming in. but they said they violated her rights. well, i told them. i was attorney general. i said well, y'all go ahead. we sent out a memo to every town, every council in south carolina. i said you go ahead and pray to what you want to. and we will defend you. they have them sued again. if we get the right kind of judges on that bench, they will say, when you want to pray, you pray at home, you pray in public and private. however you want to pray. that is freedom of religion. when they tell you you can't pray, that is abridging that freedom. [applause] we had a preacher at first presbyterian church, his name is
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mark. he's a genius. he knows the bible backwards and forward. they said dr. ross, we would like you to do the invocation. but if you could, please, leave out the part about jesus. he said, i'm sorry. i can't go. if i can't pray to jesus, y'all are going to have to get somebody else. well, that's how you've got to stand up. because i tell you, ladies and gentlemen, the left is out there. and if there's any doubt they're out there for us, you just look on television. i've never turned on to tell -- television, every news show, except fox what they're doing is jumping on president donald trump. it's like the vampires and the sun is hitting them. they're screeching. and they can't stand it. and they're all over it. if it weren't for donald trump, i don't know where we'd be. lindsay, if he hadn't gotten elected, can you imagine the kind of judges that president clinton would be appointing right now? can you imagine? they're in academia. they're in the courts. they're in the press.
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but they're not in this room. [applause] and we got to work. it is a battle. i promise you, it is a war out there. you don't see it all the time. sometimes you have to come smack up in front of it. i remember christopher gadson was the one that had the flag that said don't thread on me. it was a south carolina. on't thread on me. he thread on the honorable indsey graham and he rose up like that snake and he bit them. we're not going to let them hread on us. and this republican party, this state republican party is the vehicle through which we will stand up and strong for the things we believe in. so i want to thank you for being ere.
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i want to thank you for all that you've done. we have work to do. i'm proud of you. i'm proud of donald trump. i'm proud of our republican party. 'm proud of our successes. and we're going to have some more. we stick together in this state better than they do anywhere else. most of us related either by blood or marriage or something. it's easy. we can turn on a dime. we're right in the middle of the size of the states in the country. we're right in the middle of the population. there are a lot of states that have fewer people than we do. but we have a great, great impact on this country. we have a great impact. and we're going to have more and more success and to quote that great philosopher finally to finish, great philosopher tim mcgraw, also known as a country music singer. i like it, i love it, i want some more of it. and we're looking for success. and we're going to the top. and thank you!
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[applause] >> thank you governor mcmaster. y'all give him another round of applause. [laughter] [applause] well, that's my privilege -- wait. i'm sorry. we have a video. i'm getting ahead of myself on the script here. our chairman was unable to be with us again this evening as well. but she wanted to send out a message. y'all, please roll that tape. >> hello, south carolina republicans. i hope you're having a great time at your 52nd annual silver elephant gala. i wish i could join you to honor everything you do for our party and president trump. a big thank you to your state
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chairman drew mckissick and cindy costa and john mccall for their leadership in south carolina. thank you also for governor henry mcmaster, senator lindsey graham and your entire del gration for championing our shared value. tonight, let's reflect on the strength of the republican party 2020ook ahead to accessful cycle. we will secure many more victories by working together and staying unified as a party. let's continue to unified voters and spread our message across south carolina. let's recruit new activists and grow our party. let's elect republicans up and down the ballot and re-elect senator graham. and in 2020 let's keep america great and re-elect president donald j. trump. god bless each and every one of you. god bless south carolina and god bless the united states of america.
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[applause] drew: well, now, it is my privilege to welcome a man who has been representing the conservative republican calls for decades. first, as a member of our state house. then as a member of the state senate. then, as a member of congress, and actually taking on and then taking out long-time democrat john sprat. then serving as the director of office management and bucket acting director of the consumer bureau and acting white house chief of staff working with america to make america great again. i give you the honorable mick mulvaney! [applause] mick: oh, thank you. goodness gracious. i want to start -- thank y'all very much. i'm going the start by thanking henry for those brief opening remarks.
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laugh henry reminds me of -- i was backstage with the president at cpac back in june. and i'm sitting there with steven miller and the speech would be about an hour and about 15 pages. steve and i would be sitting there. 20 minutes in, steven starts sweating in. 20 more minutes he's sweating a lot. about the first hour mark he's sweating bullets and pacing back and forth. i said steven, what's wrong? he said, he's only on page 2. anyway, it is so good to be home. it is so good to be back. my son was playing in a baseball game and i didn't get a chance to see him. it's nice to go to drew, and go, look, i haven't seen my son play baseball. do you mind if i slip out? they didn't even miss a bit. thank you very much for that accommodation. [applause] fort mill got whipped by grier. it's good to be home.
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it's essentially great to be back with most of you know who i am. you would think that doing what i do for a living and being on tv like i am and the folks we hang out with and people would know who i am. this actually happened. this is not doctored. for those who think it's me, it's not me. it's kevin hasset, the head of the economic advisors. i get it because kevin and i both look the same. he's a geek and i'm a geek. i think that's not that big a deal. this one i don't get. [laughter] i'm at a loss -- i'm not sure. i'm not sure what that is. and then i was pointing that out to my office and somebody said well, ill could be a lot worse. it could be this. [laughter]
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so actually -- [laughter] i showed that last night to the r.n.c. up in charlotte. i was looking at it up in the screen, i feel really bad because really if you change the hair to white and slim it up just a little bit it would be a good impersonation of trey gowdy. but we'll leave that one for now. so anyway, i'm trying to figure out what kind of speech to give tonight. and the -- the dirty little secret is that i don't give really good political speeches. i can't do what henry just did. i can't give the real good rousing speech. i give good geeky speeches that put people to sleep. i don't give witty speeches. i can't do what tim does which bring a tear to your eye and i don't have good hair like tim. i figure to have fun with the people back home and the several people who are watching on c-span. [laughter] but then i start to realize and my staff always helps remind me of this, i'm a budgets geek.
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i'm still the director of office of management and budget. the one thing about budget people is we don't have a sense of humor. my family reminded me of this. the triplets are 19 now. several years ago they were 7 or 8 years ole. we were sitting at the dinner table. i said something extraordinary witty. it was monty python and little jonathan winters. it was quality material. and it was complete crickets and my only daughter who was 7 or 8. turns to my wife and says, mommy, does daddy have a sense of humor and we just don't get it? he goes no, sweetie, daddy doesn't have a sense of humor he just humors himself. it turned to make fun of other people. who better to make fun of at the silver elephant than the dem crates? the nice thing about that is that it's really really easy to
6:26 am
document i thought we would walk through a little bit of how the democrats have been wrong and let's have some fun at their expense. i start with this one just to remind everyone what it could have been like. she actually said that in a "new york times" interview. and to think about -- what it would have been like of someone who running for office would have said this. and everyone -- when people say, i don't like when the president said this. go look at that because that's what would -- you would have had. then we move into more fun stuff. the neat thing, by the way, is i can't read the screen from here. so i'm not sure which one is up. this is where nancy pelosi said that -- when we introduced the tax bill, she said it would be nothing but crumbs for americans. this is the woman who was singing from the roof tops when congress passed a bill that would give everybody $40 a week
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more. let them keep more of their payroll taxes, $40 a week. she said this was the greatest thing ever. $40 a week. this is what president trump has done. $5,120 per household just since the tax bill has passed. you've also got -- [applause] wage growth rising faster than it has in decades. and it's been focused on the lower groups. these are not crums. you've got seven million people lifted off of food stamps. this is what this administration has been able to accomplish. stacy abrams, she lost the race for governor and decided that was a really good preparation for running for president only to find out that beto o'rourke had taken that spot on the stage. so she said that -- that we weren't going to bring back jobs. plants were going to close. layoffs were looming large and wages continue to struggle.
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unemployment at the lowest rates in history and more job openings than people looking for jobs. this is what the president has been able to do. one of my favorite foils is larry summers who just really doesn't like me. the trump economic team has not engaged in a serious analysis or been in dialogue of those who are capable of it. the people who have been involved in that serious analysis were me -- it was me and kevin hasset head of the c.e.a. he's at stanford. it was gary cone and the treasury secretary, four really, really stupid people putting together proposals an estimate first the federal government. turns out we were a lot better than larry summers. so i don't have any response to larry on that one. lastly, we'll do this one. krugman is not a big fan of the president. you can see this. when might we expect the markets to recover, and the short answer
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is never. that was larry summers on the day after the election. making fun of democrats, all we have to do is put that up. what you've seen over the democratic party over the course of the last few years -- hole on -- hold on one second. all right. we'll stop there is just a complete meltdown. they've gone nuts and are not paying attention to what's happening in the country. they have no idea, for example, household savings is up up. consumer confidence sup. everything is up. it's make america great again economics. and the democrats simply refuse to get it. they're not in on the joke. i don't understand why they refuse to celebrate the fact that the country is a lot better off than it was before. so how we've been able to do this --? everybody talks about the tax bill, everyone talks about lowering the rates and that's great. everyone talks about the
6:30 am
cooperate and that's great. my favorite part i think is going to have the longest impact for the greatest -- for the greatest impacts for the longest period of time is the change we made in how we tax capital. i remember being in a small business and thinking to myself, wait a second, i made some money this year. i didn't take any money out. but i have to pay taxes. that made no sense to me. so what we did is if you want to reinvest in your business, you don't have to pay tax on the money you reinvest, something republicans have been trying to do for a long time. in fact, i've been working it out since 2012 with rick perry. for those of you who don't remember, i worked on rick perry's election for the three days that he was in first place and he was going to be president. what i don't tell a lot of people publicly is that i also did the debate prep for rick perry, not the best job to have. we were at dinner recently. he and anita were with me and
6:31 am
pam. he turns to pam. he said there's three reasons i love your husband. number one, he's the smartest person in d.c. ander can't remember the other two. rick, that's really funny unless you were waiting backstage during that debate. so the tax reform has been real and something we've been trying to do for a long time. and we think there will be impacts for a long time. you heard about draining the swamp. what you haven't done is what we're actually doing. i don't know if you saw the news the other day. but the usda moved two offices out of washington, d.c. i think to kansas city, missouri. yes, you can applaud that one. because that's what we've been talking about doing. guess what happened? guess what happened. more than half the people quit. now, it's nearly impossible to fire a federal worker, i know that because a lot of them work for me. and i've tried. and i can't do it. but simply saying to the people, you know what, we're going to take outyou outside the bubble outside this liberal haven and move you out into the real part
6:32 am
of the country and they quit. what a wonderful day to streamline government and do what we haven't been able to do for a long time. [applause] by the way, when i say it's really hard to do that even that was difficult to do. p. i ran the cfb nothing against cleveland but it's just not in washington, d.c. i thought it would be better to get it closer to the government because we were doing services all over the place. it was against the law -- against the law for me to move the headquarters of the cfpb out of washington, d.c. that's how hard liberals work at making sure government hives forever and that it gets bigger. else warren when she wrote dod frank made sure you had to have the headquarters in washington, d.c. because she knew that it would never -- it would always get bigger if it were there. she pays for than everybody else. she hired everybody there except
6:33 am
one person. when i got there, we tried to change that. it's really, really hard to drain the swamp. but we're working hard at it. you know about the successes in natural increasing gas. i wish i had more fun stories about imagine if but i don't. there were some really good ones that involved ryan zincy who isa friend of mine. he was a former navy seal. and all the stories i have in ryan i can't tell you in public when to tell vision is on. reorganization of government is something that the republicans have been trying to do for a long time. i presented on the reorganization of government, number one there's more to do during the day. and number two, what you saw was a presentation of what's broken in government. there are agencies that are in the departments that they are because the president did not like the secretary at the time
6:34 am
they were created. that's not made up. i can't remember the name of the agency but there's an agents si at the department of commerce that should have been at the department of state but the president didn't want it to go to state at the time. he sent it over to commerce. that's a stupid way to run a business. what does it get you? it's a stupid way to run a government. what does it get you when you do that? it gives you this. a pacific salmon in the pacific ocean is governed by the u.s. department of congress. and it's governed by the department of interior. and it has to go to the u.s. army corps of engineers. when you have a chicken -- i always get this one backwards. the chicken is laid an egg. that is governed by the f.d.a. it's broken. and governed by the f.d.a. if you put the egg in a sandwich is governed by the f.d.a. if you have a frozen pizza and it's got cheese, it's governed
6:35 am
by the f.d.a. as soon as you add pepperoni it's governed by the us d da if you have an open face club san witch it's governed by one agency and covered by another. this is stupid. no way to run a government. we are fixing it in washington, d.c. and my favorite story we'll prove it to you. here's why. we've got -- reorganization of government that ties in with reorganization because that bizarre function of government gives you a regulatory scheme that makes no sense. the president's number one priority beyond taxes an foreign government he says where are you on de-regular? and everyone one taking it extraordinary seriously. he wants you to take off ever organization for every one that you add. instead we've taken off 16 for every single one. [applause]
6:36 am
when he said every time you put on a new reg and it costs $1 extra, you have to go find another regulation to get rid of -- to get rid of that dollar so there's no new burr. we exceeded that by billions of dollars a year. this is stuff that goes straight to the bottom line of your household. straight to the bottom line of businesses. and straight to the bottom line of the country as a whole. but my two favorite every single regulation and government flows through the office of management and budget. we see every single one. in the first week, i am at work and i have the career bureaucrats come over. they said, it is going to be hard because they never asked us to do it for a long time. none of these folks have been there since reagan, but if you wanted to start, you could start with a secret must.
6:37 am
i said i have never heard of the secret list. what happened was in 2011, barack obama was getting ready to run for reelection and was finding out that he hadn't done enough to satisfy the far left wing of the party. a lot of things he had promised in 2008 he had not delivered. he came up with regulations to satisfy the far left. they realized swing voters might not like some of this. they created what is called the pending list. they didn't tell anybody. when their left-wing supporters came in, they said this is what we are doing, and we don't have to disclose it to the public. they liked it so much, they kept it. over 800 pending rules and regulations are on that secret list. the day we put it out into public, every single one went
6:38 am
away. 800 regulations in one day. [applause] how do you come up with ideas like that? donald trump cannot do it by himself. tim and lindsay cannot do it by themselves. you do it with the men and women that come to work for someone like donald trump. i want to tell you a story about one person who works for donald trump, and this is my favorite story in my three years of working for this administration. the office of regulatory affairs handles all of the regs for government. the woman who was working there at the beginning of the administration was taken and put in brett kavanaugh's seat on the d c circuit, one of the leading administrative lawyers in town. i sit thinking to myself, how can i replace this person?
6:39 am
the chief of staff -- i get a chance to work with people like larry kudlow, who has been around since ronald reagan, one who who has been around since the nixon administration. i think, how do i find young people to get into these positions so that 30 years down the road, we maintain that institutional knowledge? one was paul ray, a valedictorian at hillsdale college. i had him as a junior member and wanted to promote him. the president says i want a dereg update. i've got just the guy. tomorrow you are going to present on dereg to the united states in the oval office. after paul wet himself, he said that is fine.
6:40 am
you don't get to do what i did with the powerpoint with the president. it is like the lightning round in a game show. you have to talk about everything and come back to your topic. he is a very high energy person. you have to be ready, but you have to be able to talk about 15 other things or else you will get creamed in this meeting. i can do that. we go and sit down and paul sits across the desk from the president, here is my presentation, and he starts. the president let him talk for six or seven minutes -- i have only seen it one other time. he let him complete the entire presentation. the president looks back in his chair and says, let me ask you a question, it seems to me that you have the perfect job for you, that you love this job more
6:41 am
than any job in the world, that this is the job that god put you on the planet to do. paul is like, yes sir -- no, this is the perfect job for you. paul says, yes sir. no, let me ask another way. if you could be you doing this job or, say, tiger woods. i mean tiger woods 10 years ago with all of the wins and the money -- if you could be you or tiger woods, who would you be? he leans across the resolute desk, takes off his glasses, says mr. president, if we achieve everything we achieve in this meeting, tiger woods is going to want to be me. [applause]
6:42 am
chief mulvaney: that is the kind of person that you get working for you when donald trump is the president of the united states. there are literally thousands of men and women doing what you would do if you were there to fix this government every day, and you will never hear of a single one of them. i have 1500 pauls working for me. the only reason they are there is because donald trump is president. the only way they will be able to continue to do things for the next six years is if we can reelect donald trump as president. that, for me, is motivation to come out on a friday night and talk you folks. [applause] chief mulvaney: how do we know it is working? we talk a lot about numbers, gdp growth and job growth and household income.
6:43 am
they are numbers, right? numbers don't tell a story. franklin's says -- he says we talk about numbers too much. i said frank, you are right, with one exception. i have one number that tells a story. it is my favorite number. the one i ask for every single week, show me the quits rate. it is buried in the job data. you might see a number of new unemployment claims. if you look hard, you can find the quits rate. the percentage of people last month who lost their jobs by their own free will. it is the number of people who said i don't like my job and i am going to do something else because i have the opportunity to either switch jobs to make more money, switch talents to do better for my family -- towns to do better for my family. the quits rate is what i'm
6:44 am
looking at. the quits rate is at historically high level under president. if that doesn't talk about people's confidence in themselves and the government, i don't know what is. more people under donald trump are willing to say i will take a chance on myself than ever before. they were not doing that under barack obama. i have seen it manifest one time when we were in texas. it was after the hurricanes, and it was a middle-aged couple. they had just lost their business after the hurricanes. the president said we will get you all of the help that you need. as long as you keep doing what you do, we know we will be able to take care of our families again. that speaks to a confidence in this country that was not here for far too long.
6:45 am
that is something that you and the party has built, and hopefully something we can build for the next six years. i don't like paul krugman, paul krugman doesn't like me. i have looked hard to find something that paul krugman has said that is right. this is the one thing i found. you can make me total dictator of the country and i could do everything i know to work and i could not change the growth rate by a couple 1/10 of a percentage. that is a true statement. he would do everything he thinks would work, and he still wouldn't get you up by more than a few tenths of a percentage point. thankfully for krugman is not the total dictator of the united states, president trump is the president of the united states, and for that reason republicans will prove to people that government is not the solution, that you are the solution, that we can run our own lives, we can take care of ourselves and make america great again.
6:46 am
thank you all for having me. i very much appreciate it. [applause] >> give him another round of applause, mick mulvaney everybody. [applause] [indiscernible] [laughter]
6:47 am
>> i want to take a few minutes to give out a few awards. we have so many of you here who do so much for our party, so many of you who have given above and beyond the call of duty, whether it is financially, whether it is volunteer time, many of you are willing to take the risk and run for office and represent our party. we find some particular person to recognize what they have done, but there is a lot of folks who have been there for years and years and we want to take a moment to recognize one of them this evening. this is an individual who has been involved in the party longer than i have, which i have been involved in for about 30 years, an individual who was on an executive committee when i first got involved in the party, working to represent our parties -- our party, many times against long odds. we think all of you doing the work -- thank all of you doing the work for us. this is an individual wh servedo -- who served his country in vietnam.
6:48 am
walter cronkite on the news was talking about how we were losing the tet offensive and he looked at the television and his mother was there and said walter cronkite was a liar. he said, that's walter cronkite. i don't care, he is a liar. he this past year has gone off to the state executive committee, but hopefully he will not go away and keep helping us. in for deferred county -- in orangeburg county. please give a round of applause for roy. come up, sir. [applause]
6:49 am
drew: come on down. [laughter] here he is. actually i think we have some of roy's family this evening. come on up, roy, come on up. so we are giving roy the south carolina republican party lifetime achievement award. y'all give him a round of applause. [applause] thank you. thank you so much. appreciate all you do for the party, sir. y'all give him another round of applause. [applause]
6:50 am
drew: alright, one more. we talked earlier about the growth in the elephant club and how much so many of you have done, and we appreciate all you have done. we appreciate much more our county chairman of state which have helped us grow the elephant club. we started a competition this year. to make it fair between big and small counties, we took the number of riemer he voters each county has -- primary voters each county has and assign a membership goal to all counties around the state so the small counties could compete with the big counties and it would be fair. as of yesterday, we have had 12 or 13 counties that have exceeded their goal. one county has exceeded their goal to the tune of 184%. so if you could, please give a round of applause and have someone come up from georgetown county. give them a round of applause. [applause]
6:51 am
georgetown county, where is the county chairman? come on up, sir. so this will be our first annual elephant club membership award for 2019, awarded to georgetown county. [applause] drew: and i want to publicly
6:52 am
thank the chairman from georgetown county, who is not here this evening i believe, but y'all say thank you if you see her. i want to take a moment to recognize our former state party chairman. come to the stage and say a few quick words for us. [applause] >> thank you mr. chairman. i appreciate the opportunity to wrap up the night. we've got something special going on in south carolina's republicans don't we? it has been like homecoming week this week, talking to you all and loving on you. we have a fantastic story to tell as republicans in south carolina. back in the day, getting the party started, and when governmen -- when governor mcmaster was party chair, they used to meet in the phone booth. for those of you under 30, those were less enclosures where you went to make a phone call. now we are filling up convention centers like this. it is not accidental. it is a big deal.
6:53 am
policies republicans have put forth. when you think about what south carolina republicans have done, we have a governor who has the foresight and the insight to be the first statewide elected official to endorse the guy who is going to be the next president of the united states. pretty good deal. [applause] >> pretty important when the president will take your phone call because you endorsed him first. we have all of the constitutional officers. you have met them tonight. we have an awesome pair of u.s. senators. we have majorities in the house and senate. we own this state. it is harder staying on top than it is getting on top. think of the stories coming out of this room. senator tim scott, the first african-american republican senator since reconstruction
6:54 am
right out of south carolina. [applause] former governor nikki haley, who showed the united nations how effective and sharp she is as ambassador. not small. the state rep we just heard from who went to the united states congress, who becomes omb director under president trump's presidency and now is white house chief of staff, mick mulvaney, from this room. [applause] chad: and finally we've got lindsey graham, who served in the state house, goes on to be part of the impeachment group when president hunton was impeached, --clinton was impeached, now sits in the powerful seat of the united states judiciary committee, affirming and confirming president trump's judges. [applause] chad: that's all out of this room as south carolina
6:55 am
republicans. now is not the time to rest on our laurels. the chairman says we are at 406 members of the elephant committee. if you like what south carolina has going on, if you like the policies coming out of here, if you like the success under henry mcmaster's leadership, help us keep this going. i was on a flight trying to get the president elected, i was getting upgraded to first class. i said to a guy, he got upgraded too, hey, you are from south carolina. i love your state, it is fantastic. i didn't know how to shut him up. did you hear about the couple that lived in south carolina and were tired and moved up north? he said, i hadn't heard that one. i said, that's right. [laughter] we have a going on in this
6:56 am
state. the south carolina republican party is the strongest state party in the nation. i have sat on the rnc committee. y'all have it going on. if you want to see us take back south carolina this next time in the election cycle, you have to come off the hip and pay money to the party. if you want to make america great, if you want to keep america great, it starts right here in ruby red south carolina. keep america great, write your check to the south carolina republican party. god bless y'all. [applause] drew: it has been a great evening so far, but now i would
6:57 am
encourage you to stick around, because we will not officially close the program. we will welcome the recollections band to the stage. give them a round of applause and enjoy the rest of the evening. thank you for being here. [applause] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> next, live, your calls and
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comments on "washington journal ." interview with's president trump. and then the democratic debate. weekend on book tv, today 7:45, the former policy director for senator elizabeth warren talks about the effect of this of government involvement in promoting opportunity. while introducing competition into some of these concentrated markets. this is not a high in the sky idea. gigabytega has had one internet as a public option 100,00010 and more than of the people there take advantage.


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