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  President Trump Returning to the White House  CSPAN  August 4, 2019 6:26pm-6:36pm EDT

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tomahawks and nobody is close to us in submarine technology. phenomenal stuff. aircraft carriers are coming on. is president, gerald ford coming on and out on sea trials ight now, so we have great things happening. >> mr. president, we thank you for your time. >> thank you. great honor. thank you. >> tomorrow morning the president will speak from the white house about the shootings el paso and day on the. we'll have live coverage at on c-span in tern morris town, the president alked briefly about the shootings on his way back to the white house.
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>> thank you very much. extend our condolences paso, texas,e of el and dayton, ohio. they're incredible people and been through a lot. the t want to also thank law enforcement in both places, the job they've done is incredible. also want to congratulate them. i mean nobody could have done what they've done. been as bad as it was, it could have been, so much worse. them. to thank the job they've done is incredible. hey were right on the ball in el paso and they were there, so quickly and day t o, less than a
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minute. think of the damage he did in such a short period of time. minute, the law enforcement acted and killed him. and it would have been unbelievable. it would rible, but have been, so much worse and could have been, so much worse. say that these places. incredible we love the people. hate has no place in our country. and we're going to take care of it. i spoke with the attorney at length.ll barr i spoke to christopher ray, director of the fbi. to the governors. both governors. we're doing a lot of work. of people for working right now. a lot of law enforcement people and others. to members of congress about whatever we can do and a being done right now as we speak. i'll be making a statement
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time, but just on behalf of our first lady and myself, con sew do lenses to all. we have to get it stopped. on for years going and years in our country, and we have to get it stopped. much, and i very will be making a statement 10:00 and i'llout see you there. thank you all very much. >> we're talking to a lot of people and a lot of things for works and a lot of good things and we have done much most administrations talked ly we haven't much about it, but we've done a lot. hperhaps more has to be done. this is a mental illness problem. these for really people that for very, very seriously mentally
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ill, so a lot of things happening and a hot of things appening right now, and i will see you tomorrow at 10:00. thank you. >> the president this afternoon issued a proclamation about the shootings that reads in part, nation mourns with those who's loved ones were murdered shootings in el paso and dayton, ohio and we suffering e pain and of all those injured in the two condemn attacks and
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these hateful and cowardly acts. orders flags at half staff at all government buildings. this flag lowered to remember the victims of the shootings. > and tomorrow, the president will address the nation on the mass shootings that took place texts and dayton ohio. e'll have live coverage at 10:00 and we'll get your reaction after his remarks. and congressional reaction to dayton aso and shootings. senate leader chuck schumer said and dayton, one awful event after another. mcconnell must call the senate back for an emergency
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universal t background legislation on the senate floor for debate and a vote immediately. his colleague, joe murkily of shootings d two mass in 24 hours in dayton nine illed and dozens injured in under a minute. nearly 30 people dead because hooters were able to use weapons of war. republican jim jordan of to no place ays there's in america for hatred. here's no place in america for racism. we're the greatest nation ever. with the people of dayton and el paso. let's stand united in condemning this evil. here's more from the sunday programs.ews >> well, this is terrorism and such.e to name it's a it's very clear that the loss of charleston and san diego, pittsburgh all by el paso, too,w in
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is symptomatic of the effects of terrorism.nalist we cannot keep america safe from the threat to the american prepared to re not name it and confront it. we need an administration that's that and we can't keep pretending this is just random or this is something that confront. what you have sheer two things coming together. ne, the weak gun safety policies of this country and two, the rise of domestic inspired by white nationalists. we need to acknowledge this is a american lives are at risk and we need to do some thing about it. on.let me move during one of the debates your 2020 opponent of washington said president trump is a quote white nationalist. that was a stark accusation. you agree with that and think president trump is a white nationalist? yes. i do and again, from some of the
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records that i reciteed to you, things that he has said both and then as the president of the united states, be open for debate and you, as well as i have a to call that out, to make sure that the american people understand what is being name by the person who holds the highest position land.lic trust in this he does not even pretend to respect our differences or to that we for all created equal. he is saying that some people inherently defective or dangerous members of the jury any sent of something you might the third right not something you expect on the based states of america on their religion and sexual orientation and immigration tatus and countries they come from calling those if africa, [bleeped out] whole nations and would like to have more from nordic countries the
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hitest place on man it earth today, so again let's be very clear about what is causing this is. who the president he's an open a vowed racist and s encouraging more racism in this country and this is incredibly dangerous for the united states of america. have a responsibility to stand up and be counted on this issue. 24 hours two mass shootings. t least 2 people for dead and dozens injured. the latest overnight in ohio. nation was still coming to grips with the wal-mart in el paso texas. there opening fire popular bar in a district in dayton, ohio. nine deaths in that shooting. 16 others injured and the shooter has been killed in the investigating the wal-mart shooting in el paso texts. this happening, so often in america?