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tv   Army Col. Kathryn A. Spletstoser News Conference on Gen. Hyten  CSPAN  August 5, 2019 2:27am-2:47am EDT

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>> army colonel kathryn generalser, who accused had no sexual misconduct, was at the hearing and had a news conference after, responding to questions about the allegations as well as remarks by senators forcee former air secretary that general hyten is innocent. this is 20 minutes. >> he stated that he did not know where anyone else's rooms were. he did. it was across the room from his. he knew that and he visited me there. those are key points that i would like you to know. i would also like you to know that i feel like i got sandbagged in there. if you want to know how the
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investigation was done come the investigators -- they investigate the victim. its approach is to blame and shame the victim. the evidence actually supports moving forward with criminal charges even though you did not investigate the suspect. several people questioned how it was done. view the volumes of stuff where you interviewed a guy who may have spent five minutes airport countse as a substantive interview. i think we should talk about the fact that not everybody on the security detail agreed nothing happened. there was at least one member that figure prominently in the air force osi investigation who did ink something happened and that there was something clearly .ff i will tell you as the senior person on the travel team, i maintain close proximity and the closely with
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communications team, and it was me who was interfacing with them at all times. the notion that they would be protecting him from me or vice versa is erroneous. the fact of the matter is we spent a lot of time alone together. that is corroborated every single day. it was not by my choosing, by his. everything i stated in that investigation was in fact corroborated. i stated up front this will be a classic he said/she said unless you get some official stuff. everything i said would be corroborated was. i think it is important to know you have a senior leader who couldn't answer simple questions on minutia, maintaining discipline. the fact of the matter was that there were at least 12 people who brought it to his attention throughout the entire year, and yet he did nothing about it.
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told the general and others, rough around the edges it may be, he really liked it. that's in the record. it's a fact. i didn't come on to him. that he could have raped me. understand you think -- if you want to thank someone -- he does have a good record. it is not as diverse as you think. the fact is i had a perfect 28 year record, and contrary to what he said, he was enamored with it, and it wasn't up and down. i had been promoted early. he mentioned the white house experience.
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i also had a number of opportunities the army was affording me, so to sit there and say i was an average officer after i turned him down for sexual favors and after he sexually assaulted me is ludicrous. facts. about the to say there's nothing there is false. gone over 96,000 documents -- most of the emails were at the secret and asked him level -- i his roi and no one afforded him -- they alsoty didn't include all the unclassified emails because we
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talked to a number of people who thatever seen those emails were clearly in the classified system. that the interesting texts disappeared when the phones were upgraded. the reality is we are not talking about winning a case in a court of law -- you are talking about a promotion to be the second guy in the military the united states of america. to treat his subordinates under his command with dignity and respect, when that is his mantra , i will tell you this -- what was a in there today political spectacle at the expense of an innocent victim who has never white about
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anything, who has a perfect and .nblemished record my ethics and integrity are above reproach. i can't say the same about him. i will take a couple questions. >> do you want to testify publicly? >> i don't want to be here now, i don't want any of this. i think it's important that the rest of the senate here's the facts of the case. it is important for the american people to understand, no one made a false accusation -- everything i said and that roy was corroborated. most of the stuff he claims were corroborated against him. the fact of the matter is you are not being told the truth in the air force did a great investigation. had this been handled properly,
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they could have turned the law enforcement investigation over to the fbi and you would've had a fair process, and impartial process, we didn't have that. >> why do you think there were some senators who may have been sympathetic to what you are saying while there is still a question about corroborating -- >> i want to handle that in an open hearing. nobody actually talks about the facts. making accusations against an innocent victim and just assuming she's lying -- there's no evidence. that's one of the key findings, even though i was then to the subject of the investigation, there is no evidence anywhere and never will be that i'm lying because i am not, i am telling the truth. i believe you said you were a wounded soldier -- did you make of that?
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and i'mnd it uninformed very disappointed. opportunity to do a lot of right things as part of the process and as a victim i should have been afforded the opportunity to provide my input in person, where she could have asked me these questions. i think it is disrespectful that he or anyone else wouldn't accommodate an injured soldier, somehow making something up. it's a really slippery path. say to the senators support? >> nothing surprises me. i am disappointed that the senator did not actually reach -- i think she didn't give you all the facts. the fact of the matter is i hate people who are unwilling to look
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me in the eye and have a professional discussion. >> what is your message to the sender from a subcommittee? what you want them to know? i would say that you saw somebody testify today who is not qualified to be the vice chairman of the joint chiefs of staff. yes, youyou have is know a lot about nuclear command-and-control, but you clearly lack the ability to lead on basic people level issues or understand what personal asking tore and are be the second highest ranking person. >> the argument is that the air force didn't run a fair investigation. do you fear that they were given the consideration it was due, and if it goes out of committee, are you going to the other
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offices? >> i think everybody can review that now. i have a job to do, so i don't know that it makes a lot of sense. i think what makes more sense is having a public testimony world the other senators can hear it. this should be tried in the court of public opinion, and the sad fact is that had this been done right, the general would not beget a confirmation hearing today, he'd be at a preliminary 32 --g, and article having gone forward with the charges for some of these sections. every general shouldn't be treated under the same circumstances as anybody else.
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we didn't think it was necessary -- there are a whole host of department of defense instructions that actually adjudication, but none of that stuff was entered in. have been done still hasn't been done. it will be nice to know who made the decision to give him a free pass. nuclear command-and-control in this country transfers from the commander and back down. you have a guy who's been under felony sexual assault investigations, and continues command. nothing should happen in the --cess, but the department
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none of that was solved. disappointed at the female democratic centers that did not show up? >> to my understanding, they would like to show up but several of them are running for office. i think the timing of the hearing in the rush to get this through is more telling than anything. >> have you heard from them recently? >> i have not. >> senator gillibrand is among those who wanted to take the investigation from the military. >> i don't think that's a binary question. it's not senator mcsally's position. as somebody who has been a senior commander and has done a whole lot, i think the commander should have a vital role. having said that, in a case like
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this, there is no way as a commander i would not automatically recharge it. in order to protect myself as a commander into ensure due process. there are several policy options that should be available. in essence, i think this case literally proves heard. >> what would you like to see done differently moving forward, in terms of victims of sexual assault in the military being heard, having their case -- >> this moving forward tells everybody, every sexual assault survivor victim, that they need not bother to report it because they won't be taken seriously. there own character, despite having a flawless record, will always be questioned. they will be the ones investigated. they won't see justice. in the end, they are allowed to
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sexually assault people and they will just get promotions. >> what are your own future plans in the military? >> i plan to retire at the end of the year. >> how is that been influenced by this? >> it hasn't. the reality is -- this is corroborated in the roy -- in the last attack at reagan i had already informed the general that i was going to retire in short order. wanted to encourage me to stay in and get promoted. that wasn't my dream, though i certainly wasn't opposed to it. i felt like after 28 years as an like id and ceeo, i felt have done the best i can do and i really wanted to go on to other things and serve in other ways. >> do you support the release of
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the report? >> good luck with that. yes. >> the general made one comment about -- [indiscernible] i honestly don't know what he was referring to. i find that one really interesting. i don't recall making 34 complaints against anybody. i know i probably did a whistleblower complaint. in the po process for this, the general sparked an investigation on himself. to say that i caused 34 investigations, levied 34 claims, that's completely not true. it would be interesting to see where we got that information. nobody put that to you? >> i was not asked that
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question. what i just told you is what they asked and the metric i gave them. >> did any of those numbers sound familiar? think -- i don't recall making any deputy commander. i think the way they do investigations is they look for i think there are some issues. general height done this kind of things anyone else? >> i don't know whether or not he has done it. i have to ensure he doesn't get the opportunity to do it to somebody else.
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i met the reagan defense forum. i was scared. i thought a lot of these come on's were high school-ish, sophomoric, and i thought i could just make it to the end. but that was something that happened at the reagan forum. they don't want to make this a partisan issue or a political statement but as someone who had almost been raped that evening i was just devastated and i
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was scared. and it was a horrible position -- half thedy senators in their -- maybe less weree international media at the reagan defense forum. conservative -- fox news was there to do reporting the next day in the national security advisor was there. respected in the republican administration -- i knew the value of that place and i wasn't going to cause -- but in hindsight, i should have. we would not be here today. a lot of people probably
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would've been ruined. then general heightened would have been held accountable and he would probably be sitting in jail. thank you. announcer: the president has issued a proclamation about the shootings, reading in part, "our nation mourns with those whose loved ones were murdered in the tragic shootings in el paso, texas and dayton, ohio, and shares in the pain-and-suffering of all those who were injured in these senseless attacks. we condemned these hateful and cowardly acts." the president also ordered flags to be flown at half staff on all government buildings through august 8 in honor of the victims. as he was leaving his private golf course in bedminster, new jersey, the president spoke to reporters about the mass shootings.


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