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  President Trump at Emergency Operations Center in El Paso Texas  CSPAN  August 8, 2019 3:16am-3:22am EDT

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>> the uniform is honoring of the united states. it is something we needed to do -- he needed to do, he risked his own life in doing that. setting up and doing it had a a time when a lot of people were running is indicative of his caliber. mr. trump: and everybody knows it. >> great example of the united states. mr. trump: very proud of that guy.
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>> thank you. real hero. [inaudible conversation] mr. trump: thank you very much. fantastic job. we had an amazing day. as you know, we left ohio and for the, the respect office of the presidency, i wish you could have then and there to see it. it was no different here.
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we went to the hospital -- just came from the hospital. we were there a lot longer than we were anticipated to be. it was supposed to the fairly quickly. we met with numerous people. we met with the doctors and nurses, the medical staff. they have done an incredible job, both places just incredible. the enthusiasm, the love, the respect, and let's see if we can get something done. the republicans want to do it and democrats want to do it. by the way, here is a great hero. the job he did, you know who it is. the whole world knows who you are. you'll be a movie star. who knows, that'll be next. but what a job you did. there were a lot of heroes. there were a lot of heroes who did incredible work. now we are going in to say hello to some of your folks. this is the most respected man
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in law enforcement and i want to thank you very much. wasrter: you said today about -- [indiscernible] mr. trump: they should not be politicking today.he in the mayf could possibly go in and take the tour with you. they could not believe what we saw. they had never seen anything like it. the entire hospital, no different than what we had in el paso. -- entire hospital was everyone was so proud of the job they did, because they did a great job. i said com, at the request. we made the tour and they cannot believe it. she said it to people, he said it to people. i get on air force one were they
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do have a lot of televisions, and they say i don't know if it was appropriate for the president, etc. the same old line. they are very dishonest people and that is probably why he got 0% and failed as a presidential candidate. i wanted to meet this hero before i did anything, and we appreciate it.