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  President Trump Meets with First Responders in El Paso Texas  CSPAN  August 8, 2019 3:22am-3:28am EDT

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do have a lot of televisions, and they say i don't know if it was appropriate for the president, etc. the same old line. they are very dishonest people and that is probably why he got 0% and failed as a presidential candidate. i wanted to meet this hero before i did anything, and we appreciate it.
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plusis is 17 of the 140 customs and border patrol officers. [inaudible] job, the greatest. officer inside the walmart and she is the one the hospital said her actions -- television the
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other night and he did fantastic. thank you very much. rodriguez,officer she is one of the police officers on the scene. she joined forces with dps and made entrance into walmart in case there were additional threats in their. >> you didn't know exactly what was going on -- >> we went in completely blinded. >> in addition to that, one of the victims was her uncle. >> my uncle passed away unfortunately and my cousin is moment,. at the fighting for his life. mr. trump: did you have any knowledge they were there? >> i answered her call not expecting to have any relatives involved in the shooting. mr. trump: you knew immediately this was the real deal. you could tell by these bullets and this is a bad scene. >> absolutely, sir. we could hear it right away.
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i would love to have this book signed. if you'll sign right there. thank you, darling. that is really incredible. nicely, huh?up that's beautiful. that's your dad. that was just recently. is that what he wants to do? >> yes, sir. marine corps.
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what his first name? >> frankie, or frank. mr. trump: looks beautiful. was that a photobomb? say hello to him. >> yes, sir. >> nice to meet you. >> this agent responded instantaneously and he really coordinated the 140 personnel, the tactical team, medical team, support and coordinated that. mr. trump: good job. that was perfect coordination.
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around the world, they are all talking about the job you are doing. >> the rest of these individuals providing the tactical support, medical support, pierce support, and air support. 40ey were 17 of the 10 personnel who responded. mr. trump: who's going to mess with these people? >> nobody. >> nice to meet you. nice to meet you.
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>> i want to thank everybody again. the job you have done is incredible and we are with you all the way. we've sent you a lot of equipment over the last two and a half years, close to three years. hard to believe, but a lot of equipment your way. a lot of equipment that wasn't being used came your way. military equipment that wasn't going to be distributed for some reason, maybe someone will explain why but that is the way it was and it was a lot different. you deserve it and we are with you 100%. the chief has any problems, he calls me and i am there.