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tv   Campaign 2020 Tulsi Gabbard at Iowa State Fair  CSPAN  August 10, 2019 11:06am-11:28am EDT

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what is known as the wingding dinner. also a gun safety event in des moines. we are streaming that on yesterday, representative tulsi gabbard at the political soapbox center stage at the iowa state fair. >> aloha. that's what i call iowa nice. it is so good to be here with all of you. thank you so much to the des moines register for hosting this and giving us the opportunity to give a little background about who i am and why i am running for president. i am really grateful throughout this whole campaign to have the opportunity to come to places like iowa, to go to communities across the country and be reminded in every stop that we have about how great our country is. why?
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because i know who makes our country great. it is we the people. to see the diversity and to see the heart, the care that we as americans have for each other is what gives me hope for our .uture right now we are facing incredibly challenging times. divisiveness great , and unfortunately we face self-serving politicians and people in positions of power who are seeking to tear us apart and to divide us for their own selfish gain, whether it be for political gain, for profit, for clicks online, whatever it is feared they are putting their own selfish interests ahead of the interests of the people, dividing us based on the color of our skin, where we come from, how we worship or if we worship or who we love, all of these
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things that make up the diverse fabric that is the united states of america. this is so heartbreaking. this is so heartbreaking because we love our country. i love our country. i love our people. it is why after the terrorist attack on 9/11, i am listed in the army national guard. i still serve as a soldier today , now for over 16 years. [applause] thank you for your service. it is why i deployed twice to the middle east. i volunteered to deploy with my unit. if we could for just a moment asked all of our veterans who -- here and those are stand andare here to be recognized. thank you for your sacrifice. thank you. i had the privilege of serving with the book from all across this country.
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check, check, check. hello?bard: that's better. from the day i showed up for basic training through my missouri,n texas and all the different places we had an opportunity to go, people i served with during those two deployments downrange, and the amazing thing i felt was that those who i stood in formation with, those i served with, we uniform,the same focused on that mission of serving our country, of keeping the american people safe. there was no difference in that came that even though we democrats, republicans, independents, conservatives,
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brown,s, black, white, different religions, we represented the diversity of this country, but we stood as putting with one focus, service above self and putting country before so. self.peaks -- before this speaks to what unites us as a country. i think it is especially important for us to remember that now as those who are in power seat to tear us apart for their own selfish gain. it is only as we the people stand up around this unifying unifying of freedom -- principle of freedom and justice and unity and remembering those inalienable rights enshrined in our constitution for every single one of us, the right to liberty, life, and the pursuit of happiness. when we come around these unifying principles with love for each other there is no
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obstacle we cannot overcome. it is only when we do that we can begin to solve the great challenges of our day. and there are many. we are starting on that common foundation, coming together, overcoming those partisan differences and having conversations with each other based on respect, understanding that when we care for each other , we will find we have far more in common then maybe we realized before. when we come together, we realized the already will he concerned about our loved ones falling sick and not being able to get the health care they need because they cannot afford it. when we come together, we will realize that we are all concerned about having clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. realize weether and are concerned about making sure our kids are not rate for the
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life when they go to school. -- their life when they go to school. we want to make sure that we have bridges that serve us, that our infrastructure does not threaten us or our families. when we come together, we can recognize how much we have in common. we have different ideas on how to solve these challenges. that is not a bad thing. when we come together united in that mission of service and care for each other, we bring about that change. here forat is at stake me as a democrat offering to serve as your president and commander in chief is yes defeating donald trump, but it is bigger than that. it is bigger than that. folks in this country were struggling and suffering before november 2016, and we have to recognize that in order to solve
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the problems we face. if we don't recognize those problems, we will never be able to solve them. as we look down each of the issues that concern us, we come to a couple of common threads. do you feel that our country is fulfilling the vision our founders had for us? that we really have a government of, by, and for the people? we don't. ,nstead we have a government of by, and for the rich and powerful, the very few who can buy influence over politicians who are for sale, special interests who are just looking out for their bottom line and how they can make more profits without thinking about the consequence on our daily lives. when we are talking about the deep-seated change we need, this is what we are talking about.
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the only way this change happens is when we the people rise up and demand it and demand we have leaders who truly are of, by, and for the people. to take away the influence that money has in our politics. to stop the revolving door that we see with elected leaders that serve one day and go and get hired the next day to work as a lobbyist. there are very clear reforms we need to make in washington to overturn citizens united, to get rid of dark money in politics, to make it so politicians are not influenced by the pac contributions they get from lobbyists, to make it so politicians are not allowed to become lobbyists after they leave office. we have so much power as people. we have to remember that. we're the ones who hire and fire the people who are elected to serve us, not the special
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interests, not the big corporations. we have got to exercise our voices to make sure that is actually happening. that is how when we do that we can begin to bring about the change we need to see. i'm really proud of our campaign. we have a completely evil powered campaign -- people powered campaign with volunteers and folks giving whatever they can to make sure we are able to get our message out there taking andontributions from pacs lobbyists. there is a lot of work that we have ahead of us. we talked about couple of them. the thing i hear most from people is about health care, about how most families in this country are one health care emergency away from total bankruptcy and disaster. how is it possible that in this
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country we spend far more as a country on health care, yet we have far worse outcomes? it is unacceptable. this is why i support passing medicare for all legislation that will make sure every single american is able to get the care we need in this country. , if you wantance to choose that route, that is up to you. we have to make sure no one is turned away when they are sick and in need of care. this is something that is impacting all americans. another thing impacting all americans is the problems posed to us by climate change. sometimes when you get into these conversations in washington, they get very political when you talk about climate change because it is this hot topic where you are either on one side or the other.
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if you just stop for a moment and talk as people, not as partisans, then we find we all need clean water to survive. water is life. none of us can survive without it. we need to know that our kids and families and homes and communities will have clean air to breathe. we want to make sure that we have a safe planet. we want to protect the homes and land that we love. the land that we farm. this is what we are talking about when we talk about addressing climate change, moving away from fossil fuels, investing in clean and renewable energy that is better for us, better for the planet, and better for our pocketbooks. we are talking about things that are important to all of us as people. we talk about criminal justice reform. this is an area where we have bipartisan support, where people across this country are seeing
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their lives damaged, families being torn apart by this broken justice system, by a failed war on drugs where people are still being thrown in prison for basic marijuana violations. i have why in congress introduced the only bipartisan bill in congress that would finally and the federal -- end the federal marijuana prohibition to begin that process. these are things that are important to all of us. we look at the opioid crisis and the epidemic and the toll it is taking on families across the country. see how big pharma is responsible for delivering these addictive drugs, cheating and lying to people about how addictive they are, where folks are not told about the risks and dangers that go with them, and we end up with devastation,
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people losing their lives, families being torn apart. then seeing those people who are victims of this crisis being treated as criminals. this is wrong. this is a symptom of what happens when we have a government for the rich and powerful rather than for the people. this is why we need to invest in treatment, to make sure we are providing those opportunities to build that path towards recovery and do all we can to hold big pharma accountable for all the damage they have done. there are so many issues we need to address. criminal justice reform, bringing about comprehensive immigration reform. something we are seeing happening at the border, but it is affecting communities across our country. i have spoken with a lot of folks today that are concerned about our broken legal immigration system. why is it that congress has done nothing?
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hyper partisanship. people are more interested in the political win than solving the problem. ,magine how much we could do imagine how much we could do if leaders in washington took off their political hacks and said s and said let's sit around the table and figure it out, just the way we do in our own lives. you have got to work it out. there is so much potential and opportunity for us to make sure every time there is an election, you don't see the same old conversations happening, that we can actually begin to solve these problems. there is an issue that is central to all of these that i want to bring up, and i think many of you will recognize how important it is. .hat is the cost of war the cost of war is something that we as veterans, as service members, as those who have loved
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ones who have served or are serving in the military understand the high human cost of war. during my first appointment to iraq in 2005, i served in a field medical unit. every single day, i saw that heart-wrenching high human cost of war. brothers and sisters in my unit, brothers and sisters in uniform who paid the ultimate price, whom never -- never made that trip home. others did, but many coming home with visible and invisible wounds. reality thatthe even if you have never served in uniform, every single one of us as americans has paid the price for war. realize it, but the reality is every time politicians tell you, sorry,
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there is not enough money to make sure the levees in your communities work to prevent flooding, there is not enough money to build up our infrastructure, to make sure the water is clean, to make sure our teachers are paid what they deserve and our kids are getting a great education. sorry,ime they tell you there is not enough money, the reality is these same politicians are signing off and approving spending trillions of our taxpayer dollars on paying for these wasteful, counterproductive wars that make our country less safe. we have seen these wars in iraq and libya and syria, how they have strengthened groups like isis and al qaeda, how they have taken such a toll on our service members. how they have taken a toll on devastating the lives of the people in these countries where we have waged these wars, and they have sucked resources out of our communities that we so
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desperately need. this is why it is important to recognize you cannot separate foreign policy from domestic policy. it is not one little issue that sits on the side. this is why as your president, i am committed to ending these wasteful wars. [cheers and applause] gabbard: working to end this new cold war we are in between the united states and countries like russia and china, escalated by things like what president trump just did recently by tearing up the historic inf treaty that was negotiated between reagan and gorbachev 30 years ago, a treaty that made our country and the world more safe. set of working to improve it,
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exercising diplomacy in andtiations, he walked away is now sparking a nuclear arms ways that will make our world less safe, that pushes us closer to the brink of nuclear catastrophe and total annihilation and also spending more of our taxpayer dollars to build those weapons. this is what we are talking about. this is what is at stake. this is why there is such a sense of urgency, why we cannot this searing about change in our leadership and foreign policy so we can focus our limited resources directly in serving the people. tos is why i am so committed push forward in this campaign, bringing the experience that i , but ass, as a soldier a member of congress, serving almost seven years focused on national security, the foreign
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affairs committee, the armed services committee, the homeland services committee. challenges we face, the obstacles are great, we are not naive to the power of big money, the power of the establishment, but we have to remember there is no force more powerful then we the people rise up, united in this love we have for this country and each other and our future, transcending all the things that are used to divide us, staying focused on our mission, our mission of service, serving the best interests of our country. that is why i am running for resident. that is why i am asking for your support. if you would like more information, please visit i look forward to coming back to iowa. enjoy the rest of your day here.
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aloha. another big one. >> aloha. ms. gabbard: thank you. have a great day. yesterday, representative tulsi gabbard. we are back live at that same location for the political soapbox organized by the des moines register. we have been talking about the food available at the state fair, including cookies and ies,m wonder bar, funnel fr peppermint sipper. admission to the state fair is nine dollars. on our website, we are live with another event taking place across town in des moines organized by gun safety action fund moms demand action. the event is being streamed on the website at 17 --
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candidates discussing gun safety issues. this is in response to the shootings that took place in dayton and el paso. we are going to continue with our live coverage from the iowa state fair. in just a moment, senator kamala harris will be there to deliver remarks. each candidate has about 20 minutes to deliver remarks and take questions. that will be followed by ohio congressman tim ryan, who will be joining us on the c-span 2020 campaign bus. also this afternoon, senator amy klobuchar. our live coverage continues here on c-span and on c-span radio. you can also listen to our programming on the free c-span radio app. >> '


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