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  President Trump Departure Remarks in Morristown New Jersey  CSPAN  August 13, 2019 3:40pm-3:54pm EDT

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president trump: the stock market continues to do very well. we have very, very strong numbers. we have a lot of artificial numbers from other countries because they are devaluing currencies, doing things that are not very good for the country. what short-term it is very good for their country. we are not following suit. it's a very bad thing. we have a very powerful country, a very strong economic and military country. the stock market is way up today , for various reasons. i see where we collected close tariffs soion in far.
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the data valuation -- the devaluation by china, they have pumped a lot of money into the system. ofhas been an amazing period time. to help a lot of different groups of people. we had a very good talk yesterday with china, a very, very productive call. i think they would like to see something dramatic. i was not sure whether or not they are wanting to wait to see if the democrats have a chance to get in. hopefully that is not going to happen because the economy would go to hell in a hand basket very fast. they would like to make a deal. i'm not sure if it is the tariffs or the call, but the call was very productive.
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so far they have disappointed me. they have certainly delayed their decision. their intention to buy a lot of farm products. we had a very good call with china. you know they have problems in hong kong. it would very much like to do something. [reporter asking question] president trump: just in case some of the tariffs would have an effect on u.s. customers, so far there have been virtually none. the only impact is we have collected almost $60 billion from china. but things that may have an impact on people, things that are related, but it will not be relative to the christmas shopping season.
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he is a very highly respected pundit. he is a big trump fan. that was from him. plus he is a man with half a million followers, a lot of followers. wants toow, bill barr do an entire investigation into the whole matter. what happens, he has been going on for a long time, the whole epstein episode. investigation by attorney general barr, he is handling that. the retweet was from somebody, he very respected -- a very respected conservative pundit. questions]sking president trump: i want a full investigation, and that is what i absolutely have demanded.
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that is what our attorney general, our great attorney general is doing. he is doing a full investigation. is a veryong thing tough situation, very tough. we will see what happens, but i'm sure it will work out. i hope it works out for everybody, including china, by the way. i hope it works out for everybody. [reporter asking question] president trump: a very tricky situation. i think it will work out and i hope it works out for everybody, including china. i hope it works out peacefully. hope nobody gets hurt, hope nobody gets killed. the chance of doing a deal with china? president trump: i've always been optimistic. my only question is whether they are willing to wait and take the chance of winning the election
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and deal with somebody who is weak and ineffective and doesn't know what he is doing or she is doing, like they have in the past. ago, 10 years ago, five years ago, they should have been done a long time ago. they should have been done by president obama. out 500 shipping billion dollars per year, and much more than that when you include the theft of intellectual property. what i'm doing now is something that should have been done many years ago. questions]sking i don't thinkp: it is fair to have the american it iser -- i don't think fair to have the market taxpayers pay for people coming to the united states. so what we have done is institute what was in place many
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years ago, our founders. it andjust reinstituting i think it's long overdue. i'm tired of seeing our taxpayers pay for people coming into the country and immediately go on to welfare and various other things. questions]asking president trump: i think what chris cuomo did was horrible. his language was horrible. he looked like a total out-of-control animal. he lost it. and frankly i don't think anybody could defend him because he spews lies every night. i don't know how anybody could defend him. i watched and i thought it was terrible. i don't know who is defending him. maybe they did not see him. but i think anybody who would have seen chris cuomo would have
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thought that was a disgrace. [reporters asking questions] president trump: i think chris cuomo was so out-of-control i would not want to see a weapon in his hands. i guess his fist is not a weapon or he would have done something. he talked about it, but he didn't do anything. but i think chris cuomo was very much out of control, actually. anthony was a guy who worked for me, who really didn't have a clue. he worked for 11 days. he made terrible statements and gestures. heard greathave ou detail. anthony did not support me at
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the beginning. he went to somebody else, then he went to somebody else, and he only supported me after it was a foregone conclusion. anthony is really somebody who is very much out of control. and he doesn't have what it takes. he really doesn't. he wanted to come back in the administration the last five months. i said, anthony, i can't take you in, i'm sorry. he calls so much. he is a nervous, neurotic mess. i said, anthony, i can't take you in. i said you have to stop calling. too many calls, anthony. behold, now he feels differently. but anthony is upset because he wanted certain things. anthony wanted to come in the administration. as you remember, better than i do, he was a disaster. reporter asking questions]
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president trump: we have tremendous plastic coming from asia, china. it is plastic floating over in the ocean, and the various oceans from other places. plastics are fine, but you have to know what to do with them. some other countries are not taking care of their plastic. they haven't for a long time. and the plastic we are getting is floating across the ocean from other places, including china. questions]sking president trump: i am convinced that mitch wants to do something. i've talked to mitch mcconnell. he's a good man. he wants to do something. he wants to do it i think very strongly. he wants to do background checks, i do too, and i think a
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lot of republicans do. i don't know frankly if we will get it there. i talked with chris murphy, the senator. we had a great conversation. we will see what happens. i believe mitch -- and i can tell you from my standpoint -- i would like meaningful background checks. i think something -- look, it's very super bowl. secondis nobody more pro- amendment, but i don't want guns in the hands of lunatics. i think if we do proper background checks -- thinker: do you really the clintons are involved in jeffrey epstein's death? president trump: i don't know, when they check the logs, bill planen, he was on the about 27, 28 times. why did he say four times? that the question you have to ask, did bill clinton go to the island?
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because epstein had an island. that was not a good place, as i understand. i was never there. so you have to ask, did bill clinton go to the island? you find that out, you will know a lot. thank you very much, everybody. >> a bit later president trump spoke this afternoon in the pittsburgh area to the shell petroleum complex, talking about american energy and manufacturing. this is just over an hour.
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