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  President Trump Departs White House for G7 Summit  CSPAN  August 24, 2019 2:44am-2:56am EDT

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tapes and creates a profile that is digitized which will last forever, so when you go to the library of the future, you will not take out a book of winston churchill. you will talk to winston churchill. >> sunday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span skew hyundai -- q and a. >> president trump will be overseas this weekend for the g7 summit in france. before departing the white house, the president spoke to reporters about the ongoing trade dispute with china and the actions of federal reserve chair jerome powell. pres. trump: we are going to france. we're going to have a good few days. it will be very productive, seeing the leaders who are friends of mine, for the most part. wouldn't say it in 100% of the cases, but for the most part. i think we are doing very well.
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our economy is doing great. we are having a little spat with china. we'll win it. we put a lot of tariffs on china today, as you know. they put some on us. we put a lot on them. we are up to $550 billion. they have been hitting us for many, many years for over $500 billion a year. taking out of our country much more than $500 billion a year. we want that stopped. ok? reporter: [inaudible] pres. trump: we will see what happens. at this moment, they want to do that, so will see what happens. they want to have talks -- i am always open to talks. reporter: [inaudible] pres. trump: in 1977, we had the -- an act passed, the national
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emergency act. i have the absolute right to do that. we'll see how that goes, but i have the absolute right. 1977. check it out. reporter: [inaudible] >> i think our terrace are very good -- tariffs are very good for us. we are taking in tens of millions of dollars. china is paying for it. china's manipulating their currency. i think our tariffs are working out really well. people don't understand that yet. at the same time, china had the worst year probably anywhere from 30 to 50 years. their worst year. they want to make a deal. reporter: [inaudible] pres. trump: no, i am not happy with jay powell. i don't think he's doing a good job at all. i don't think he is much of a chessplayer. i have got him. so, you know, that's what i have. that's what i have, what can i tell you? he is not much of a chessplayer. reporter: [inaudible] pres. trump: i am going to see prime minister abe. i look forward to it.
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he is a great gentleman. he is a great friend of mine. reporter: [inaudible] pres. trump: we are going to see what happens. president moon is also a good friend of mine. we will see what happens with south korea. reporter: [inaudible] by doing further missile tests? pres. trump: no, i don't think so. i think we have a good relationship. we will see what happens. that could always change. kim jong-un has been pretty straight with me, i think. we are going to see what is going on. we will see what is happening. he likes testing missiles, but we never restricted short-range missiles. will see what happens. many nations test missiles. we tested a big one the other day, as you probably noticed.
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reporter: [inaudible] responsibility for that? pres. trump: not at all. not at all. because if you look from november 9, the day after the election, we are up 50% or more. we are up many, many points. we were up about 16,000, or $17,000. we are at 25,000. so don't tell me about 600 points. reporter: [inaudible] justice ginsburg? pres. trump: i hope she does really well. our thoughts and prayers are with her. it is a very serious situation. i am hoping she is going to be fine. she has gone through a lot. she is strong. very tough. we wish her well, very well. reporter: [inaudible] pres. trump: i don't like what france did. they put a technology tax on our tech companies. it is not that i am the biggest fan of the tech companies, as
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you know, they were very much opposed to the republicans and are very much opposed. somebody came in the other day and said the other day the election that we had in 2016 with hillary clinton, that it could have cost me anywhere from 2,600 to 2,600,000 votes. i think it went up to close to 10 or 15 million votes. i'm not a big fan of the tech companies, but i don't want foreign companies and foreign countries -- i don't want them doing anything having to do with taxing unfairly our companies. those are great american companies. frankly, i don't want france going out and taxing our companies. very unfair. if they do that, we will be taxing their wine or something else. we'll be taxing their wine like they've never seen before. i don't like it. that is for us to tax them.
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not for france to tax them. other than that, i have a very good relationship, as you know, with macron, and we will have a very good couple of days. i look forward to being in france. reporter: [inaudible] the chosen one the other day? in a biblical sense? pres. trump: let me tell you. you know exactly what i meant. it was sarcasm. it was joking. we were all smiling. a question like that is just fake news. you are just a faker. reporter: are you changing your ideas about giving reparations to african-american reparations in this country? pres. trump: i never stated my ideas. you tell me what my ideas were. i never stated them. they were your ideas. no, no, no. don't put a question like that. i never stated my ideas. don't put a question like that. reporter: [inaudible] pres. trump: say it?
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reporter: do you want powell to resign? pres. trump: do i want him to resign? let me put it this way. if he did, i would not stop him. reporter: [inaudible] pres. trump: he is a very good competitor, but we are going to win. reporter: [inaudible] the foreign aid cuts? pres. trump: they are going to be -- rather than renegotiating everything again, i'm going to do the way i just said. we will be distributing that money differently. reporter: [inaudible] denmark? pres. trump: she's a wonderful
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woman. we had a great conversation. we have a very good relationship with denmark, and we agreed to speak later. she was very nice. she put a call in and i appreciated it very much. reporter: how far are you willing to push china? pres. trump: look, china has been hurting our country for 30 years with the money they have been taking out. other presidents should have done something about it, and a long time ago -- whether it was clinton, or bush, or obama -- any of them. they should have done something about it, and they didn't. i'm doing it. i have no choice, because we are not going to lose close to $1 trillion a year to china. and china understands that. i hope that with president xi, i have a good relationship. but they understand, we are not going to do it. this is more important than anything else right now that we are working on, just about. we have to make sure that our
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taxpayer -- look, we have helped rebuild china like nobody else. they've done a great job. i don't blame china. i blame our presidents, our representatives, past administrations for allowing that to happen. it is a disgrace. reporter: [inaudible] >> the house will be in order.
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