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tv   President Trump First Lady Arrive in Biarritz for G7  CSPAN  August 24, 2019 11:41am-11:44am EDT

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>> that is difficult to say but certainly after the court's would be looking to move as expeditiously as possible and work with the committee. a couple of days, a couple of weeks? anit is difficult to put estimate on it. it is likely more, given the volume of information. a significant amount has been done already.
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>> i will as the clerk to return to court. the president and first lady arriving in biarritz, france. to join the japanese prime others. and dinner thisopening evening, a welcoming ceremony tomorrow morning so -- following several one-on-one leaders tomorrow.
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>> the airport went to the hotel for lunch with french president macron. here is some of that meeting. >> i do welcome the president and we are very glad to have you here at biarritz.


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