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tv   President Trump First Lady Arrive in Biarritz for G7  CSPAN  August 24, 2019 1:39pm-1:42pm EDT

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spanish border. biarritz. he is joining the french prime minister along with g-7 officials for meetings about policy, the environment, and trade. there is an opening dinner this evening, welcoming ceremony tomorrow morning, followed by several one-on-one meetings with leaders and a g-7 group photo. announcer: from the airport the president one to the hotel
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for meeting with french president emmanuel macron. here are of that meeting. -- here is some of that meeting. >> welcome. we are very glad to have you. once again very happy to have you. [indiscernible] we will, syria, ukraine, north korea, and iran. [--] coordination. especially on iran. contacts, we of have worked very hard. being sureo here, [--]we don't, and second
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the economy, how to be, and the . iation in terms of [--] think if we managed to take the [--] ion, very importance issues at hand. -] what i how to [- look at the united states, we need new tools to renew economy. we can find it probably an -- in tax cuts. third, gender equality, wishes [indiscernible] and, obviously, c


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