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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe Biden in Keene New Hampshire  CSPAN  August 25, 2019 5:28am-6:59am EDT

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campaign 2020. watch our live coverage of the presidential candidates on the campaign trail and make up your own mind. campaign 2020 -- your unfiltered view of politics. q&a, theoretical the futureauthor of of humanity, talks about our destiny beyond earth and achieving digital immortality. >> digital immortality takes everything known about you on the internet, your digital footprint, your credit card records, what movies you see, what winds you buy, what countries you visit, your videos, your pictures, increase a profile that is digitized that will last forever. when you go to the library of the future, you will not take out a book about winston churchill. you will talk to winston churchill. >> tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a.
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>> democratic presidential candidate, former vice president joe biden, gave a campaign speech and met with voters in keene, new hampshire. this is about an hour and a half. [applause] >> are you guys pumped to see the vice president? i am a united states navy veteran, a new hampshire business owner, a former department of defense policy expert and someone who is tired of the division and decline of american values we have experienced in the last three years. vice president biden will repair, and revitalize our relationships with allies and neighbors to restore our geopolitical leadership. these relationships are vital to our national security and the well-being of all americans. as someone working on the front lines to mitigate the suicide numbers in the veteran community, i can say that we
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cannot afford a start over. we must improve and expand upon the medical care act and vice president biden has the experience, the knowledge, and an actionable plan to do that. as a veteran, i know that vice president biden appreciates the costs and sacrifices of serving our country. both of his sons served this country and he uniquely understands the challenges. on a personal level, vice president biden and president obama made it possible for me as an lgbt servicemember to serve our nation openly and without fear. [cheers and applause] something i could not do when i first started my military career and i am forever grateful for that. but we cannot move backwards on civil liberties. it is an honor of a lifetime to introduce vice president joe biden. [cheers and applause] ♪
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frmr v.p. biden: thank you, thank you, thank you. hello, keene. [cheering] you know -- well, i love you too and i love this town. the danger is i may come back too often. i may not leave. what a beautiful town. i really mean it. i want to start by thanking president treadwell. she needs this like a hole in her head. i also want to say that there is a lot of things that i want to talk about today but i have a
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tradition that i have honored since and most people do since i have been involved in national politics. i never criticize a president's foreign policy when he is abroad and i mean that sincerely. i will have a lot more to say and i did yesterday about the president's foreign policy and what is going on at the g7 and what is in fact going on with russia etc. which has me greatly concerned but i will not take the time today. it is an omission by intention because i do not think it appropriate to criticize the president while he is abroad as it relates to foreign policy. [cheering] and i want to say to erik, you are doing a great job for an awful lot of warriors that come home in real tough shape. i showed erik -- i have a schedule that i've carried every day for the last 470 years. [laughter]
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but on the back, for i think it is the last 12 years, i carry with me a little black box that i have in the bottom. and i have my staff every morning, and now i can do it online, contact the defense department. i want to know exactly, exactly the number of fallen angels that have died or been wounded. and as of today, yesterday, when i spoke it was 6883. unfortunately today, it is 6885. i hate it when people say we are over 5000 or 6000. every one of these women and men, and some of them belong to you, every one of these fallen angels has left an entire community behind and they deserve to be remembered. folks, what erik is doing is working with these folks.
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it is not on this list. it is ok. don't worry about it. what is not on this list is that there are roughly 300,000 soldiers as a consequence of iraq and afghanistan since we went in who in fact are coming home with post-traumatic stress. more people are dying of suicide, more military personnel are dying from suicide than there are being killed in action and we have to pay attention to it. and it relates to everything from mental health, straight through to drug abuse which in many cases is a mental health problem to substance abuse across the board. and folks, it also results in actions and activities that are almost beyond their control. and so, we have an obligation. and i want to thank you, erik, for your commitment as a lieutenant in the united states navy to continue to fight for these women and men.
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[applause] and there are many things to talk about today. and obviously, i am not going to trespass on too much of your time because it could keep you standing for hours. but folks, let me begin by saying what i'm not going to talk about. but just mentioned briefly. i think what is happening now, as of yesterday, the trump administration has filed a brief in congress, the supreme court of the united states to say that lgbtq people have no civil rights. [booing] it is a -- he is already challenging the right to marry, banning transgender service numbers, removing title ix
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protections from students. we have to pass the equality act which some of you involved in this know what i'm talking about and under my administration, we will get it passed. [cheering and applause] you know, when i launched my campaign, and made my stop here right after my announcement, i said you would be seeing a lot of me. the bad news is that you will be seeing a lot of me. because it is really important. you guys hold one of the two keys to get through the gate. and this is -- i have to admit to you, i get in trouble with my staff nationally when i say this but god, this is god's country up here. you guys are lucky to be where you are. but look, i said when i launched that you would see a lot of me but i am here this morning to say there is something i think is truly frightening for not
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only our nation but for the world. this administration is actually, it seems to me, to be falling apart. when the pressure of economic, when the economy is teetering on a recession, i think we are all concerned about their ability to handle not just the economic piece of it but the emotional consequences of what happens. the trade war in china is blowing up. we just learned that the united states created 500,000 fewer jobs than we thought last year. warning signs from an inverted bond market to collapsed manufacturing are all around us. and we are only going to make this administration act more radically. -- erratically. there is a lot to say about international relations as i said but i will keep that for another day and keep with my tradition but the truth is that president trump is in trouble and he knows it. we will have to fight even harder to push back against the worst instincts coming out of
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this administration. i predict they will increase. not diminish. increase. i said it many times in this campaign that we can overcome four years -- can you all hear me in the back? we can overcome four years of president trump's administration. but if we give it another four years, this white house will fundamentally and forever change the character of this country which brings me to the point -- we cannot just be a campaign about beating president trump. he is trafficking in some of the ugliest and darkest forces that have long run through the history of this nation. a simple campaign is not enough to beat him. there has to be a movement. there has to be a movement, a movement grounded on the values and ideals that define us as a nation. america is unique. unique in all the world. no other nation was founded the way we were.
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we hold these truths to be self-evident that all men and women are created equal. no nation has ever been founded on that principal. we the people, in order to form a more perfect union -- it is unique in history. no nation, no tyrant can take us down. only america can rip itself apart. so this has to be a movement to stand up for who we are and what we believe and we democrats have a special responsibility. i think, an obligation to do more than just win. folks, president wilson i believe was the one that said the party is worth no more than that for which it stands. we have to stand for the country. we have to repair the moral fabric of this country. the conservative columnist talks about -- he said there is an invisible moral fabric that
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holds up society that is being ripped, rended and has to be restored. we have to reach beyond our party in my view and unify the country and we have to restore the soul of the nation. you know, we have to be what we once were again. we never fully lived up to our obligations. but we never walked away from them before. we never abandoned them completely. we have to be a nation of values of honesty and decency and treating everyone with respect and dignity. giving everyone a fair shot. leaving nobody behind. giving hate no safe harbor. demonizing no one. not the immigrant, the poor, and the others as is happening now and lending the power of our example, not just the example of our power, but lead that way. and stand as a beacon for the world remembering that we are something bigger than ourselves.
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we all know in our gut that this election is different. not because i am on it. because people will say i am talking about me. we all know this is different. we know. the words of the president matter. they can move markets. they can send our brave men and women to war. they can bring peace. they can appeal to our better angels or they can unleash the deepest, darkest forces of this nation. ladies and gentlemen, we are in a battle for the soul of america. and that is why i am running for president. that is why i'm running. the second reason i'm running -- [cheering and applause] frmr v.p. biden: and by the way, can you think of any other president who when you saw what happened in charlottesville said there are good people on both
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sides? no president has ever said anything like that. the closest you can come is before andrew johnson. there is a second reason i'm running, i'm running because we have to restore the backbone of this country, the middle class. wall street did not build america. you built america. my mother and father built america. it was built by hard-working, ordinary people doing extraordinary things. that is the history of this country. you know, my dad used to have an expression and he said it all the time after he lost his job in scranton and had to move when coal died. he was not a coalminer. my dad was a salesperson. there was no work. he would always say, joey, a job is a lot more than a paycheck. it is about dignity, respect, your place in the community.
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it is about being able to look your child in the eye and say, honey, it is going to be ok and mean it. maybe some of you had to do it in the great recession that we had. a lot of people out there call it the longest walk -- the longest walk for a parent is to go upstairs and tell their son or daughter that they cannot go back to school. mommy or daddy lost their job and you will go and live with grandpa for a while. today, -- i knew my dad meant it when he said that it would be ok. he thought it could happen and it happened. but today, many people do not believe that. they cannot do it. we have to change this. the majority of the middle class people do not believe their children will have the chance they had. we are no longer the wealthiest middle-class in the world.
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i am pretty darn sophisticated about what built the nation. and here is the deal -- the reason why we need a strong middle class, the middle class does well, everyone does well. the poor have a way up and the wealthy do very well. and folks, the reason for america's social, political, and economic stability through difficult times has been a strong middle class. believing anything is possible. and we are losing that now. i will be rebuilding the middle class to bring everybody along. everybody. by the way, i have a number of brilliant economists that work for me. when you ask them to define the middle class, they will give you a number. but it is not a number. it is a value set. it is about being able to own your own home. being able to send your kid to a park and know they will come home safely. being in a situation to send your kid to a local public
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school and if they do well they can go beyond. and if they do qualify, you can figure how to pay for it. being able to take your mom home after your dad passes away and hope your children never have to take care of you. you have a little breathing room. it is a value set. but every american, in order to be able to have that value set, it matters to every family that there be a good education and economic opportunity. access to affordable health care. a climate that you can breathe the air, and drink the water. [cheering and applause] [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: i don't have a middle ground. [indiscernible] >> no fracking. no fracking. frmr v.p. biden: you can frack with me later. we will talk later. [indiscernible]
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frmr v.p. biden: i'm happy to talk with you later. anyway, but by the way, i agree with her. here is the deal -- in order to maintain dignity, you have to be able to have the ability to have a health care plan that is affordable and decent. because what happens when you have a sick child with a pre-existing condition and you look at that child and there is nothing you can do about it? not only is that child in trouble but it deprives you of your dignity. or you are being told somewhere along the line that you know you have a husband, a wife, a son, or a daughter who has terminal cancer. and they say -- by the way, how many of you have lost someone to cancer? or are dealing with it? it is the same in every single crowd i speak to. you know what i'm talking about. i cannot imagine what it would be like for my son beau, a
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decorated veteran coming home from the war in afghanistan and after being in iraq for a year and two years later contracting terminal cancer. they gave him a month to live, he outlived the month but did not outlive the prognosis. he was attorney general of delaware determined to finish his job and he did. i cannot imagine looking at my daughter-in-law and my two grandchildren lying in bed and if an insurance officer had come in and said -- by the way, your time is up. you have outrun your coverage. you are finished. folks, this is about not only the health of our families, it is about -- what is the worst thing for a parent? to look at a child with an opportunity or a problem and know there is nothing you can do to help them. nothing you can do to help them. that does not have to be this way.
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that is why we need to finish the job on health care. when we passed the affordable care act, i told president obama, what is the big deal? or something to that effect. i did not know -- thank god my mom was not around. [laughter] anyway. you know he made historic progress in extending health insurance to some 20 million people who did not have it before. and maybe most important, providing protections for more than 100 million people with pre-existing conditions. we now have to finish that job. we have to make health care a right and not a privilege. and give everyone the peace of mind that they deserve. for me, that means a public option. it is the most cost-effective way to get universal coverage. when it comes to education, my wife, who is a teacher and who
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is teaching now, back in the classroom at a community college where she teaches in northern virginia, and she has an expression -- any country that out educates us will outcompete us. we have to make sure every child gets an education regardless of their race or if they have a disability. we have to eliminate the funding gap that exists between minority whites and -- majority whites and nonwhites districts, between rich and poor districts. that is why i have put a plan in to take title i funding for distressed schools in a district and triple the amount of money we spend from $15 billion to $45 billion. we need to bring everything in our power to confront the climate. investing $400 million as no one else has suggested in research and energy to accelerate innovation. partnering with farmers and ranchers to develop the next generation of biofuels and
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working with farmers to capture carbon. building clean energy infrastructure. and have the charging stations in place for 2030. a railroad system and you need one here in your state, by the way, in my view. putting america on a course for net zero emissions and a clean energy economy. finally, i am running for president because i believe we need to unify this nation. i know i am told that i find it fascinating, some of my 300 opponents -- i am only kidding. there are a lot of qualified people running around me. but i know i am being attacked for being naive about being able to pull a nation together. if we cannot pull a nation together, we are in deep trouble and will not get anything done. we will just engage in the greater abuse of a president saying i will by executive order do what they have no authority
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to do. the only way we will get anything done in this country is by working together. the president has decided to be president for his base. i will be president for every american. every american. everyone knows who donald trump is. we have to let them know who we are. who we are. we choose hope over fear. we choose unity over division. truth over lies. and science over fiction. look, folks, let me conclude because i know i'm keeping you standing too long. here is the deal -- i get frustrated and the press is probably tired of hearing me say this. i get frustrated with democrats and republicans with their heads down while they walk around. folks, folks -- there is not a single thing beyond this nation's capacity. when i got elected when i was 29 years old to the senate and i was brought up to be sworn in they said i was a young idealist and an optimist. i am more optimistic about our
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chances than i have ever been in my entire life. we have to first get rid of donald trump in order to do it. so vote. think about it. we have the largest economy in the world. we have more great research universities in the united states than in all the rest of the world combined. we are in a position in the u.s. where our workers are three times as productive as they are in asia. what are we worried about? what are we worried about? it is time to remember who we are. on the health front, why don't we set up -- which i'm going to do in the department of health, a section just like you have in the department of defense? it is called darpa. advanced research projects. why aren't we doing the same thing in health care? we should be putting away $100 billion to deal with alzheimer's, diabetes, cancer. no other group can do that but we can do it.
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we can do it. and we can get it done. folks, the opportunities -- this young man standing in the front, his generation is going to see more incredible change if we move forward and are able to take back this country in the next 10 years than you or i have seen in the last 50 years. we are on the verge of so much that can be done. i really mean it. this is a genuine opportunity. an opportunity to not only take out donald trump as president of the united states who stands in the way of all these things but unite the country in a common purpose. a common purpose. the fact of the matter is, the vast majority of the american people, democrat and republican, agree on the issues within a span that is rational. but it is our policies that are broken. they are ugly, mean. and they are directed by a white house that is now preaching
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division based on race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation -- it is just wrong. we have to bring it back together. and so folks, i will be back and go into great detail and i'm happy to do it and provide to all of you the ability to know in great detail all of my positions in great detail. but folks, one thing is certain, i promise you, i promise you, the united states of america will in fact own the 21st century if in fact we invest in our people, remember who we are, and remember it is "we the people, we the people." god bless you all and may god protect our troops. thanks for being here. i appreciate you. thank you, thank you, thank you. where am i going? ♪ [indiscernible conversations]
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♪ [indiscernible conversations]
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frmr v.p. biden: would you write a letter to my wife and tell her that? sure. oh, you are not going anywhere. i need you. god love you. what is your name? good to see you. good to see you. i go by joe. >> [indiscernible] >> can i take a picture with you? frmr v.p. biden: sure, give me your camera. you can stand right there.
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>> thank you. >> don't worry, i have your back. frmr v.p. biden: thank you. >> stay hydrated. >> you sound like my sister. >> can i have a picture with you? frmr v.p. biden: sure. fire away. ♪
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>> i know it is true. thank you and good luck. >> it is a pleasure to meet you. >> please tell me you will be running with president obama. frmr v.p. biden: we have to double the amount of money we spend and focus on it. you ought to get the number of my staffer. thank you. thank you. i hope you are right. you give me the camera and i will take the picture. that is all right.
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frmr v.p. biden: i don't care about the other candidates. i take better [indiscernible] you have five of them now. one second and i will be happy to do it. >> thank you. ♪ frmr v.p. biden: is the number on here? is there a number for me to reply? >> you are the next president. thank you. frmr v.p. biden: there you go. where are you from? i am irish. 80,000 people showed up. in county loughlin. what is your name?
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how are you g? good to see you. in county loughlin. what is your name? how are you doing? good to see you. >> ok. frmr v.p. biden: are you ready? >> thank you. >> can we take a selfie? awesome. two i very much. nice to meet you. [indiscernible]
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>> it is a huge deal. that is what we need. thanks for being here. >> [indiscernible] obamacare. are you aware of that? covered under obamacare. it is like car insurance. frmr v.p. biden: it is because of the governor. obamacare is nationwide. unless they pull back. give me your name, i will give you a call. hey, good to see you, man. how are you? my lord. god love you. it has been a long time.
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my irish friend. ready? there you go, man. >> [indiscernible] the environment. we can get a lot of people. frmr v.p. biden: we have. [indiscernible] the farm. [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: good to see you, al. god love you. >> i will be honest. i will be there. frmr v.p. biden: by the way, bill is the cochairman of my campaign. >> [indiscernible]
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frmr v.p. biden: god love you. >> is there anything i can do? frmr v.p. biden: there is a lot you can do. by the way, we need more staff. we have a phone number. good to see you, man. thank you. what is your name? >> jenniffer. frmr v.p. biden: tell me about you, jennifer. >> this is my daughter. we are trying to get out to meet all the candidates. frmr v.p. biden: good. >> we very much enjoyed today. thank you very much. [indiscernible]
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>> i was wondering if you could tell me while i am standing here [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: i ended up with a debt of over $285,000. i get it. here is the deal. there should be debt forgiveness for public service. we should have four years clean and free. there are a lot of things we can do. a lot of things that you can do. we are also going to cut back [indiscernible] on the private colleges.
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no interest on accumulating debt when you get beyond $30,000. you will do fine. it is really important. and your parents are making a great sacrifice. >> it is a public university. frmr v.p. biden: you are in. you are in. fantastic. i went to a great public university. how are you? thank you. >> good luck to you. frmr v.p. biden: is this yours? all right. >> wonderful.
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frmr v.p. biden: what is your name? >> lorraine. frmr v.p. biden: would you like a picture? >> please. frmr v.p. biden: all right, man. ok. thank you. thanks for your help, guys. thank you. >> i know much more now than i ever did. frmr v.p. biden: volunteered with the obama campaign. ready?
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>> hoping to be able to call you mr. president. frmr v.p. biden: thank you. [indiscernible] >> thank you very much. >> i appreciate your battle with cancer with beau. everything you battled. and the moonshot and everything. i appreciate everything. cancer is personal with me. my name is gene.
6:10 am
frmr v.p. biden: let me give you a phone number. >> your battle means a lot to me. visit.should come and
6:11 am
>> i am worried about the next generation and the artificial intelligence. i hope they have prospects. frmr v.p. biden: they do. by the way, the world economic forum -- we have to start talking about it. i have talked a lot about it. >> is that right? god love you. >> i have two friends that ran away from california because of the fires. i want you to meet them. frmr v.p. biden: i spent a lot
6:12 am
of time, that is why the national service fire gave me their endoresement. it is the climate. the climate. i was in idaho and montana. frmr v.p. biden: what a great school. >> [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: i am happy. by the way, i have a daughter and son -- [indiscernible]
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>> awesome. frmr v.p. biden: what is your name? >> jacob. frmr v.p. biden: good to see you, jacob. are you a student here? thank you. sure, man. let us do it. how are you? we love new hampshire. it is hard not to love. >> thank you, joe. frmr v.p. biden: god bless you. >> can we get a selfie? frmr v.p. biden: sunglasses and ice cream.
6:14 am
frmr v.p. biden: thank you. >> i appreciate you. frmr v.p. biden: what is your name? >> roland from massachusetts. frmr v.p. biden: good to meet you, roland. what is your name? good to see you. how are you? i tell you, i know a few people
6:15 am
here. >> do you know jim connor? frmr v.p. biden: yes. almost home. >> i work here on the ground. frmr v.p. biden: you work here? you sure can. how are you and what is your name? >> my name is jillian. i just came here for college. frmr v.p. biden: pretty cool college. where are you from? >> we have been touring colleges all weekend. frmr v.p. biden: where did you go? >> a lot of schools in boston.
6:16 am
frmr v.p. biden: i know those schools in boston. how about a photo? >> i am not with them. frmr v.p. biden: i am sorry. let us get a picture. good luck. you are a senior this year. >> i am. frmr v.p. biden: i need your help, man. hello, how are you? what is your name? [indiscernible] all right. thank you for the help. frmr v.p. biden: is that right? what is your name? [indiscernible] they have a great medical school. >> [indiscernible]
6:17 am
frmr v.p. biden: you have to take a look at my plan.
6:18 am
[indiscernible]'we can make massive progress right now. find me one person -- >> [indiscernible] the pipeline. frmr v.p. biden: no, no. and i agree. >> the world is on fire. frmr v.p. biden: literally on fire. what we should be doing -- 500,000 [indiscernible] i understand. if we have 500 recharging stations. guess what? i have a plan for it. we should go back to --
6:19 am
>> how long [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: find me some scientists. >> what about the minimum wage and renewal energy? frmr v.p. biden: but that is what we are doing. come on. take a look at the plan we have put together. you don't know a single person in the world that knows about this. the 40. know the science. how are you?
6:20 am
who is that guy? you know him. >> this is my sister [laughter]. frmr v.p. biden: your mom? >> you just got my vote. [laughter] frmr v.p. biden: 20 years -- [indiscernible] $260 billion a year. that and cancer are things we have to deal with now. i have been very involved. look at my record. god love you. what is your name? >> don.
6:21 am
donald. unfortunately. [laughter] >> [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: by the way, i have spoken a lot about it and been involved in the national organization as well. i wish we could talk more. give me your number. i will call you. we can talk on the phone. i know that is a difficult thing to do.
6:22 am
give them a number. >> my name is jack. frmr v.p. biden: caden, can i do it? how do you spell that? >> my wife and i are here from nantucket. >> thank you so much. >> i'm a retired manager. >> you and i met in 1977. i was the chairman of the speakers committee.
6:23 am
frmr v.p. biden: i thought i knew you. pell grants. >> k-12. we don't have to worry about being evicted or homeless. frmr v.p. biden: ok, that is why we have to get back into the communities. there is no one there. we only have one school psychologist for every 1700 kids. anyway. god bless you. i really appreciate you.
6:24 am
frmr v.p. biden: i have been to puerto rico many, many times. [indiscernible] where in puerto rico? >> san juan. you can tell them i know. what is your name?
6:25 am
>> my wife and i came from washington. josh is a good friend of mine that just got engaged. frmr v.p. biden: josh and christine, i understand you are a good couple. i hope you are as happy as i am in my marriage. god love you. where are you from? are you in school still? >> i am going next year. frmr v.p. biden: where? >> emmanuel college. you are the first president i get to vote for.
6:26 am
frmr v.p. biden: there is a lot we can do. that is why we talk about it. that is what my dad would say. you have to show up. i show up. you have to show up. [indiscernible]
6:27 am
i have a friend that is a trucker. and then there is automated tracking. what are we going to do? we have to let them know that we hear them. that is what i do. god love you. what is your name? hello, kev. how are you? >> can i get a picture? frmr v.p. biden: do you have a camera? [indiscernible] >> hello, i am sophie. i am from vermont.
6:28 am
frmr v.p. biden: you want to take a picture? are you ready? here we go. >> i am with her. frmr v.p. biden: god love you, man. i tell you. [indiscernible] >> i'm hoping for a re-do. the last one only had half my face. frmr v.p. biden: what is your first name? >> mimi.
6:29 am
thank you so much. good luck, sir. frmr v.p. biden: hey, come here. come here. how are you doing? you are being so good. do you like dancing? a lucky man. thank you so much. thank you for being here. can i get a high five? all right. >> we love you. we do. we are counting on you. thank you so much. [indiscernible]
6:30 am
>> i've been a democrat longer than you. i was born a democrat. frmr v.p. biden: god love you. so was i. thank you, man. we've got to win. >> definitely. you like my button though, huh? [indiscernible]
6:31 am
>> make america great again? frmr v.p. biden: no, it is already great. make america honest again. [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: what is your name? thank you so much.
6:32 am
>> i know you are going to win. frmr v.p. biden: i will take you along with me then. >> i am definitely going to vote for you. can you sign my poster? tell me aboutn: you. good to see you. where are you from? i don't knowen: why my family ever left. >> i loved obama and you were a great vice president so i know you will be a great president. frmr v.p. biden: thank you.
6:33 am
>> i liked what you had to say about finding the soul of america again. wer v.p. biden: that is who are. what is your name? good to see you, ben. happy birthday. >> old guys rule. [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: i look at it this way, it's how old you were. how are you? let's do a picture quick.
6:34 am
thank you, man. i saw a yankees hat. what is your name? >> thanks, joe. frmr v.p. biden: thank you. >> thanks very much. [indiscernible] >> hi, i wanted to give you a hug and thank you for giving us hope.
6:35 am
frmr v.p. biden: there is reason to hope. what is your name? how are you doing? >> do you want a picture? [indiscernible]
6:36 am
frmr v.p. biden: it's nice to be back. do you want a picture? god love you. thank you. here we go, got it? 5,4,3. there we go. >> mr. vice president, how are you? i sent you a letter. frmr v.p. biden: i remember.
6:37 am
>> you never acknowledged it. geoffrey owens was supposed to give it to you. frmr v.p. biden: he did, it was my fault. >> i can help you. when you get to the final debate , you got 99 people don't know what that means. you got 20 million people and you got to take a stand. >> another thing, i sent you an email day before you campaigned -- debated sarah palin. i said you had to call around and you did. that is because of my emailed. medicare,o end-of-life, they were not getting paid. i can help you with those.
6:38 am
frmr v.p. biden: can i walk by? i'm sorry. let me have your camera. [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: who are we doing? who else? >> me. i'm a volunteer, i'm on your campaign. frmr v.p. biden: >> thank you. >> it's a nice to meet you in person, i am really pleased. my phone died. frmr v.p. biden: it's ok, we will get the photo to you. ready?
6:39 am
>> thank you for your wisdom. how are you? you drove three hours. >> keep it up, i just wanted to shake your hand. frmr v.p. biden: hey, man.
6:40 am
what's your name? i was talking to you, a lot is going to happen. >> can i ask you a question? what would you do to make sure russia does not interfere in our election? frmr v.p. biden: there is a whole lot. [indiscernible] thank you for your time. >> good to meet you. frmr v.p. biden: hi. [indiscernible]
6:41 am
frmr v.p. biden: hi. you.ry nice to meet thank you for everything. frmr v.p. biden: i'm not hugging her, just to be clear. only asking for a picture. >> thank you so much. >> i work here at the college, i will do everything i can. frmr v.p. biden: how old are you? >> 11. frmr v.p. biden: you're getting old, man.
6:42 am
>> put this in your speech. frmr v.p. biden: trying to do it. i do it all the time of if i put it in something that everybody else wants me to talk about, i'll end up standing here in our and half. you have my support more than anybody who has been running. new hampshire is a real tough. you guys have got to change it. we should condition the support based on whether the state will step up.
6:43 am
greateasst public institution. i went to one. thank you. there is biden: nothing moderate about my plan. >> will you commit to a pledge to not take money from fossil fuels? frmr v.p. biden: yes, i have. look at my plan. you understand the wonderful folks out there are not telling the truth. i have not taken money and i will never take money. and ask the others what they are
6:44 am
going to do. ask them whether or not they will be joining me, whether or not they know how to pull the world together. i know how to deal with the rest of the world. >> i ask everybody. [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: no family
6:45 am
separations at all. they still show up for hearings. people seeking asylums $750 million to help change the nation of their country. i'll send it to you. you can get the address. how are you? [indiscernible]
6:46 am
frmr v.p. biden: we will make it more solvent for years and years to come. [indiscernible] we will send you the whole thing. >> somebody get my camera.
6:47 am
frmr v.p. biden: thank you. >> thank you, joe. [indiscernible] >> i am in the mental health field. any messages i can give my colleagues? >> i have gigantic plans for mental health. thank you. >> my partners can be open about who they are, thank you.
6:48 am
frmr v.p. biden: i remember seeing two men kissing in a suit, my dad told me it was simple, they love each other. >> you've got my vote in november. frmr v.p. biden: thank you. [indiscernible] >> my daughter is a social
6:49 am
worker. >> are you kidding me? only if i get to take one home with me. who has got the camera. it is a pleasure to meet you. [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: ready?
6:50 am
1, 2, 3. got it. >> you've got a lot of work to do. >> can we get a picture with you? he loves the presidents, he wants to be the president. he knows them all my heart. frmr v.p. biden: remember me as the president, ok? don't say joe who. what's your name? >> i am mariah. [indiscernible]
6:51 am
frmr v.p. biden: how are you, man? >> i'm good. thank you so much. i want to say i support you. frmr v.p. biden: well, thank you. how are you? do you go here? what year are you? all right. ready? thank you. thank you so much.
6:52 am
>> i would not stand and wait for anyone else. frmr v.p. biden: are you from the college? >> no, i am from massachusetts. i drove all the way to see you. we wanted a picture. frmr v.p. biden: ready? >> thank you. good luck. frmr v.p. biden: you've been waiting a long time, i apologize. how are you? [indiscernible] >> i really appreciated your comments about mental health and school. frmr v.p. biden: as i said, i
6:53 am
married a teacher. >> thanks for doing this. can we get a picture? frmr v.p. biden: sure. >> it is an honor to meet you, sir. >> hi, i'm a student here. frmr v.p. biden: hi, what year? >> i am a freshman. frmr v.p. biden: where are you from? >> i'm from maine. >> hello, i am also a student here. frmr v.p. biden: have a good year. are you read?
6:54 am
y? there you go. >> thank you. >> i'm julia. frmr v.p. biden: hi, julia, that's my favorite name. my daughter's name is ashley, i wanted a julia. >> i wanted to ask you a question. as watching a video of an event you had in berlin. [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: i have been involved in this for a long time. i don't think first use should be the way we go. >> i appreciate it. >> i'm zack, i'm a proud union guy. i teach science. thanks for fighting for unions
6:55 am
all the way. >> thank you, sir. frmr v.p. biden: i'm not going to stand on the hill in flip-flops. god love you. [indiscernible] frmr v.p. biden: nice to see you, what is your name? >> sandra. i saw you when you ran with barack. thank you. frmr v.p. biden: god love you. thank you.
6:56 am
>> as a new voter and a college student, i will be taking on a lot of debt. believe me, in: know. i get it. >> what i want to know is what we are going to do to decrease the overall student debt. frmr v.p. biden: give me your name and get you the whole plan. bottom line, three things. what is happening here in the state they are not supporting. it's something like 9%. it used to be that states were paid to support universities.
6:57 am
secondly, student debt is something you should not have to pay back unless when you graduate, you're making more than $135,000. and when you pay back, it should not be a 10% ratio. and if you go into public service your debt should be forgiven. community college should just be free cutting in half the cost for college education. we can afford it at $6 billion a year and eliminate just one of those tax cuts, we could pay for it all. >> this is a great honor for me. [indiscernible]
6:58 am
>> i am teaching, before that i was a rehab manager. i want you to know that despite which upsides, i am voting for joe. i don't know where he came up with with that. have a good day, sir. frmr v.p. biden: hi, how are you? let's get all three of us in. excuse me. >> next, live, your calls and comments on "washington journal. " newsmakers with stephen law. after that, president trump at the g7 summit in france. tonight on q&a, theoretical physicist, the author of the future of humanity talks about our destiny beyond earth and
6:59 am
achieving digital immortality. takesital immortality everything known about you on the internet -- your digital footprint, your credit card records, what movies you like to buy, your videos, and pictures and creates a profile that is digitized and will last forever. in the library of the future, you will not take out a book on winston churchill. you will talk to winston churchill. at 8:00 eastern on c-span's q&a. morning, michael o'hanlon of the brookings institution discusses a potential u.s. withdraw from afghanistan. then, former new york police eugeneent officer o'donnell discusses policing in america today. and later, sebastian johnson discusses


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