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Mike Pence
  Vice President Pence Remarks at WWII 80th Anniversary Event in Poland  CSPAN  September 2, 2019 3:34pm-3:59pm EDT

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unfiltered content from congress and beyond. on television and online, c-span is your unfiltered view so you can make up your own mind. brought to you by your cable or satellite provider. >> mike pence spoke yesterday at an event in warsaw, poland commemorating the 80th anniversary of the start of world war ii. this is just under 20 minutes. >> ladies and gentlemen, the vice president of the united states of america. mike pence will now deliver an address. >> president duda, president
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presidents,other prime ministers and heads of state, distinguished guests and most of all, the noble citizens of poland, it is an honor to be here. on behalf of the president and united states and all the american people to mark the 80th anniversary on the outbreak of world war ii. two years ago, president donald andp came to this very city spoke of the remarkable bond between the american people and the people of poland, saying in polandds, america loves and america loves the polish people.
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today, as vice president of the , it is my great honor to stand here today on , aalf of the american people poland that is safe, strong and .ree as the president said, the story of poland is the story of people who never lost hope, never been broken and never forgotten who they are and today in the heart of warsaw, standing humbly before the tomb of the unknown soldier, we have gathered to
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bear witness to the courage of the great people, the spirit of a great nation and the profound and lasting strength of a great civilization. while the hearts of every american are with our fellow citizens in the path of a massive storm, today we remember how the gathering storm of the 20th century broke into warfare and invasion, followed by heroismble hardship and of the polish people. during the decades of untold struggle and suffering that followed the outbreak of world war ii, the polish people never lost hope. you never gave in to despair and you never let go of your 1000
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year history. in the years that follow this , your light shone in the darkness and the darkness did not overcome it. the character, faith and determination of the polish people made all the difference. it would, in time, turn shattering defeat into glorious victory. usis difficult for any of [inaudible] the horrors that began 80 years ago. of nazieeks, the armies soviet divided this
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country into occupation zones. the nazi leader issued the command for the physical andruction of the enemy merciless compassion death of polish men, women and children. those dual invasions marked a conflict unlike anything the world had known before. we resolve here today, the world will never low -- never know again. in just over four years, one in
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five polish citizens would be murdered at the hands of the evil ideology bent on authoritarian rule. the nazis systematically polands. colons -- tens of thousands would be killed. over 21,000 sons and daughters were massacred at the hands of 1940 andnists in april buried in mass graves. city, morein the men, women and children gave their lives in just nine weeks of the warsaw
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uprising. and uprising which was followed by the deliberate and total disruption -- destruction of the forces stoodviet by and allowed the slaughter. up died fighting to liberate these bloodstained streets from fascism, decatur ship from communism. as president trump said two , there is a courage and strength deep in the polish character that no one could destroy. today, we remember the long
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roll call of polish heroes, their names and the memory of their heroism will be enshrined in the hearts of their people and freedom loving people forever. the long and terrible war , buted here in poland , that death struggle involved and compelled the extraordinary sacrifice of reagan's and the nation across the world. remember the 16
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million americans who left the peace and comfort of their home to liberate europe and stood over 400,000and [inaudible]ans for their country and the peoples of nations they did not know. countrymenmember my with honoracrifices and gratitude. remember the citizens who served and sacrificed to save europe. recall the patriotism of the
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--nch, the dutch, the checks greeks and romanians and others. a selflessnessed that will be remembered for the ages. none fought with more valor and determination than the polls -- pols. ,n their decades long struggle poland proved itself a homeland of heroes. as we remember the war that , we doere decades ago
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well to pause and reflect on the causes of [indiscernible] >> the fight against the twisted ideologies of nazi-ism and the eternalflected struggle between right and wrong, good and evil. they were driven by an h it and we could urge -- ancient and we and impose their will to control the lives of air -- ordinary men and women. morality became socialist morality.
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when we think of the depravity ,f totalitarianism concentration camps, the secret , thee, state propaganda destruction of churches and endless hostility to people of help but thinkot whohe words of another lived under soviet totalitarianism. pondering the ruinous times and , if i were called upon to identify the principal trade , ithe entire 20th century
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would be unable to find anything more precise than this. men have forgotten god. remake theought to world by force the not have the last word. there was something greater at work. andugh the brutality of war through four decades of communist rule, as president , polandid two years ago and the other nations have endured a campaign to demolish their freedom, malls, history, identity and faith. yet, you never lost that spirit. tried to break
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you, but poland could not be broken. in june 1979, one of poland's greatest sons returned home. history records that in this very square, he preached that the polish people could not understand their history or their future, apart from the greatest source of their strength. visit cause ar's avolution -- caused revolution of conscience.
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the momentum of those nine days would eventually lead to the fall of the berlin wall in 1989 in the end of the soviet union in 1991. ,on that day in this place that man paul ii dead cannot understand who he is or what his true dignity is for what his vocation is, nor what his final end is.
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without christ. when the holy father spoke those words, the millions of poles gathered here spoke for their ,ation and their history lifting their voices, they sang we- they want god and their horses echoed around the nation and the world. a memorial to honor that historic moment stands before us , just opposite the tomb of
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the unknown soldier. spacea symbol of polish -polish faith. the trueestimony to solidarity of people among nations is only possible when that solidarity is seen in the light of a providential creator. today, we are gathered as , allies. ,or more than 40 countries representatives of freedom and loving nations. today, the fate of our people is shared by freedom and
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self-determination. resolve that the words in that unraveled that , notnight of depression just for the people of poland, but all across eastern europe. those wordsve that that have sustained from the beginning will never be forgotten. [no audio] [inaudible] america and poland will continue to call on our allies to live up
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to the promises we made to one american andhe polish people know that a strong alliance of free and independent nations is the best defense. [no audio] today, we remember those that were lost and their long struggle.
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four goals -- for all those who sacrificed here to win a victory. we remember those that were lost also do wellnd we an enduring victim for freedom and the role that by people in poland play their strength and their example . as president trump said here two uprs ago, america never gave on the freedom and independence of the polish people and we never will.
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[applause] on this occasion, if any should doubt that the destiny of , let them freedom , to thepoland theageous people and see indomitable spirit of strength and resilience, a freedom loving people standing on a foundation of faith. struggle,des long their courage and faith shone forth. though it may take decades, where the spirit or the warriors -- lord is, there is freedom.
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having paid tribute to the past, andow look to the future with the inspiration, courage and resolve of the polish people from this day forward, i can the poland, america and all freedom loving nations will meet that future together. .hank you, god bless you god bless poland and god bless the united states of america. thank you very much, mr. vice
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president. >> watch c-span's coverage of the democratic presidential candidates at the convention. live coverage is saturday at or, listenastern with the free c-span radio app. >> working to protect labor rights so we all do better and from north carolina republican, richard hudson, this is a time to recognize our workers, honor the contributions of our incredible workforce past and present and time to celebrate the men and women
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