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tv   Campaign 2020 Joe and Jill Biden at Hawkeye Area Labor Council Picnic in...  CSPAN  September 2, 2019 6:53pm-7:15pm EDT

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there was another met -- young man in the carmel valley who was heroic as well and it turned out rodriguez pinned the pin on him. my point is i was there, the fact -- the point i was trying to make i will make again, the valor and honor of these warriors are as significant as any warriors we have ever had in the history of the united states of america. thank you. >> thank you so much. >> sign my cast! me.biden: you're kidding >> yeah. mr. biden: it's a great day. >> how are you? >> thank you, vice president biden. nice to meet you.
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mr. biden: hey! i don't blame you, man. >> i'm going to get out of the way. mr. biden: are we going this way? >> thank you. nice to meet you. mr. biden: hey, guys, how are you? hey, man. >> i'm alex. i'm curious what you think about the electoral college, should we keep it? mr. biden: i think it will take more than just one change. >> what changes?
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mr. biden: don't get hurt here. i'm going to end up back in the car show. i have a 65 corvette. if i don't see her, give her my love, william? -- will you? how are you? >> nice to meet you. mr. biden: i don't know about this guy.
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i'm not sure about this. [laughter] >> we are going to go inside. mr. biden: god love you! how are you? how are you doing? mr. biden: hey, low ready, this is joe biden. i'm here with your daughter. we were reminiscing.
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i'm well. nice to talk to you. i bet she is freaking out. mr. biden: i remember. god love you. your daughter tells me you are doing well. oh, great1 that's great. maybe i will get to see you before this effort is over. >> you well. you will. mr. biden: ok. i hope so too. well, i need you. if you need me in there, i need you to get me in there. thank you. hey, mama. i'm going to hand you back.
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mr. biden: hey, man, what's your name? hey, luke. how old are you? where am i going? >> watch the van. watch the van. watch the van. mr. biden: good to see you, pal. [laughter] mr. biden: that is pretty good, man. you got it. come on, guys.
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>> watch out. watch out for the car. mr. biden: can't afford to lose you. >> we are going to try to get you through here, there will be a lot of people. mr. biden: how are you? >> have a good day, joe. >> come on, you guys. mr. biden: how are you doing, young man? 'ya?how are what is your name?
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>> everybody knew you were coming. one more. >> we have one coming. >> you don't want to put too much in there. we aren't in mar-a-lago. mr. biden: how are you? >> i am doing good.
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>> three of them? you are killing me. one more? ok . [inaudible chatter]
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>> backup. back up. mr. biden: you want your picture? all right, let's do it. all right, here we go. ready?
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thank you. good for you, man. hi. camera?the maybe we will take more than one step at a time. mr. biden: stick with it, man. >> want me to take it? i can take it.
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[inaudible chatter] >> you know more about it than i do. mr. biden: hi, how are you? >> switch with me, ok? >> he was born on bob marley's birthday. mr. biden: bob marley! [inaudible chatter]
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>> take another step. >> coming to you next. [inaudible chatter]
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mr. biden: here we go. ready? >> great one. >> cannot get one? -- can i get one? >> thank you. thanks.n: >> let's keep walking. [inaudible chatter]
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mr. biden: ready? >> thank you. mr. biden: this is cruel and unusual punishment. i hope you are on my team. i do not to screw with you. [inaudible chatter] >> keep moving back.
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thank you. mr. biden: where have you been? i have been waiting for you all morning. what is your name? how are you? perfect. mr. biden: thank you. >> joe, we love you. >> yes sir, we are. we have everyone right here.
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>> if we could do a tiny pivot to the left. mr. biden: where? [indiscernible chatter] mr. biden: i have been waiting for you all day. where have you been? you.
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it's ok. it's ok. you. >> i am 70 years old and i'm working so hard for you. you are going to win. you stay in it. it.biden: i am in how are you? turn around and let's get a picture. [indiscernible chatter]
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>> be patient. >> thank you very much. good to see you. >> can we take a picture? mr. biden: we sure can. >> we love you, joe. mr. biden: thank you. all right.
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[indiscernible chatter] where are the automobiles? >> grandma has a nice car. [indiscernible] >> thank you again for coming.
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