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tv   Washington Journal 09082019  CSPAN  September 8, 2019 7:00am-10:03am EDT

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revenge." the last plot to remake america. as always we will take your calls and you can join the conversation on facebook and twitter as well. "washington journal" is next. ♪ host: a live view of the u.s. capitol. congress is back in town this week with a number of high profile hearings. on tuesday, the house judiciary committee taking up gun legislation. steve mnuchin before the senate banking committee. it is sunday morning, september 8. in campaign 2020 new hampshire democrats are wrapping up a daylong convention with -- speakers from 19 of the presidential candidates. will be innt trump north carolina tomorrow evening for another make america great again rally. we begin this hour with your
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comments on what you think is the single biggest issue that will decide the 2020 race our phones arare open. join in on the conversation on social media as well. send us a tweet or online at good sunday morning. a lot to talk about. want to begin with this headline from "the washington post." the president calls off the taliban summit. the president canceling a previously undisclosed summit at camp david with taliban leadership and the afghan president after the taliban took responsibility for an attack last week that killed a u.s. soldier. trump said the meetings had been set to take place today. on twitter the president up your to cancel the talk with the taliban indefinitely, a significant blow to the peace
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process which was nearing its conclusion. in tweets saturday evening the president wrote he is called off the negotiation and accusing the television of perpetrating the attacks to strengthen their negotiation. what kind of people would kill tomany anin order strengthen their bargaining position? they did not. the taliban must first stop killing the afghans and then we should talk to record to the afghan government. the canceled summit would have taken place just ahead of the 18th anniversary of this week september 11 attacks which led to the u.s. invasion of afghanistan. more details available at washington you can also join us in a podcast from two weeks ago looking at the situation in afghanistan that is available on the free c-span radio app. we turn to presidential politics and the headline from the union leader with 19 of the candidates in new hampshire yesterday for a
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daylong series of teachers. as the candidates tried to rally their supporters and strengthen ther hand all in advance of first of the nation's primary for february 11 next year. among those getting the most attention, senator elizabeth warren. >> ifor democrats to win, you can't be afraid, either. this is our moment in history. this is our moment. from senator elizabeth warren in new hampshire yesterday. issue willn, what decide the 2020 presidential election? a republicanohn, line from new york. good good morning. caller: it is more like is it going to be socialism that decides it. is it going to be, you know, normal democracy? it is just crazy. this whole united states is a bunch of turmoil, just turmoil.
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we don't know. host: let's go to david joining us from massachusetts. good morning. for taking myyou call. from the a big issue is abortion. that has brought very distinct line between the republicans and, uh, the democrats and -- maybe they should start showing young men what actually happens in an abortion. because they are essential to getting young women on that path. host: thank you. we will go to al next on the democrats line from chicago. good morning. caller: listen, any democrat that runs against donald trump i'm for. i just think donald trump is, he's got to be the worst president in history because he is not in it for the right reasons. donald trump is in it to enrich
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himself and he is not in it for the country. so, any democrat i'm voting for. host: thank you. manchesterm dan in have two yesterday for the democratic party convention. s leadingy' show the polls has its perils. based on a conference call the biden campaign had. he remains ahead in the poll, although -- saying they are gearing up for super tuesday and beyond. the president this past week releasing a new campaign ad in advance in a series of make america great again rallies that will take place this fall, including tomorrow in fayetteville, north carolina. nd if yourour ha government plan would provide coverage for undocumented immigrants. >> they are all the same's. these democrats -- support spending taxpayer
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dollars covering illegal immigrants, calling for socialized medicine, destroying health care as we know it and putting illegal immigrants before hard-working americans. the democrats. radical, reckless, socialist. they are all the same. donalddent trump: i am trump and i approved this message. host: we're five months before and newuses in iowa hampshire and 13 or 14 months before the elections next year. with the house and senate coming back " nothing done" is the headline. by the numbers, the house has passed so far 4,214 bills. the senate, i'm sorry that they have taken up. 4,214 bills in the house. the senate more than 2400. the bills that have become law -- 16 in the senate and 40 in the house of representatives. numbers are available online. david from akron, ohio. good morning. caller: good morning.
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for me, it is a collection of issues wrapped under one issue and the one issue is the need for wholesale political and economic change. alove our country but i'm main street patriot not a wall street patriot. wall street has run our crush. it is more of an oligarchy than a democracy. if you look at citizens united, there is no accounting for money that goes into campaigns. so we have global warming, climate change that needs to be addressed, health care, income and wealth inequality and campaign finance reform. and the other side always says, well, how you going to pay for these things? you pay for it by rescinding the tax cuts to billionaires and giving the other people to pay their fair share of taxes. i think amazon paid -- made $10 billion and paid zero in income tax. it's funny. the conservative always say, we
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are -- where are you going to get that money? they did not asked that question for the wars in afghanistan and iraq. they did not ask where the money was coming from for the trillion dollar tax cut. it is always where is the money coming from when the people are going to benefit, but when the military-industrial complex benefits then there is no question about cost or tax cuts for billionaires. host: thank you. let's go next to tony in texas. good morning. caller: good morning. i really love c-span. the biggest issue is going to be the same issue it is every campaign. it is going to be voter turnout. and we can be pretty sure i think in 2020 we are going to see a lot of voter turnout. which is good for democracy. host: thank you. this is from bc venus. the big question is do we continue to transform america into a fascist state or do we
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restore the american that made the middle-class under fdr under eisenhower. gina is joining us on the democrats line. alexandria, virginia. good morning. caller: hi. are you john? host: no, it's steve. caller: i'm sorry. i like you and john the best but i forgot your name. my biggest issue is going to be corruption. that donaldhink promisese a lot more - that he is going to be able to keep unless he corrupts our federal government completely. in the latest story about these airmen, air force department flying to kuwait to drop off supplies. at his golf club. i'm starting to think that trump has a similar enticement that
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putin has, were he will get on people. he is always inviting all these leaders to say it is property. how do they know that they are not being taped? for some reason, he is always -- and it is so obvious that there is a reason that he needs to do this, because it is not like nobody is not going to know this. but it was said that putin does the same thing to get leaders to bow down to him, too. host: there is a story and politicao dealing with the property in doonbeg. this is the headline from the new york times. military drop at a scottish airport sometimes included trump resort -- available at thanks for adding that to the conversation. this is another tweet.
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economic impacts from presidential policies take on average tenuous to take effect affect and besides that president do not really controlling economy. joining us from lawrence, kansas. is there a single issue that you think will decide this casrace in 2020? caller: i don't think they are is a single issue. i agree somewhat with the gentleman a couple of calls ago. it is health care, it is corruption, it is use of resources. and also, i must say i agree with his talk about taxation. you lookand you know, at when our country was great and people who made a lot of money paid 50% of their wages and taxes above a certain amount of money. and the other thing i will say that, you know, the spending that we make on military stuff is just incredibly wasteful. dhink about how much it woul
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cost to pay off every student debt that exists right now. micro fraction of the amount we spend every year on the military-industrial. that is what needs to change. we need to stop giving money to boeing and those -- excuse m-fers who steal from us every year. call.thanks ofor the we mentioned the story from a union leader. we carried it all day yesterday live from man had chester, new hampshire. 19 candidates, one message. unity and defeat trump. here are the details. the 19 democratic candidates gathered on saturday saying only part -- could take down president donald trump in 2020. the candidates had assembled to woo donors at the state party convention. i hope you fall in love with one. i predict you will fall in love with many. that is from the national dnc
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chair who addressed the 9000 in attendance. there were stock differences in the levels of support each candidate had in the arena. fans of senator elizabeth warren share the loudest and chanted her name. supporters of senator bernie sanders were almost as enthusiastic. former vice president joe biden who has the broadest support was met with moderate applause as were senators kamala harris and maître pete buttigieg. spokespersonn calling the convection "a circus" the rnc bought billboards across the street to mock the front runners. campaign a free trump rally broke the attendance record with 11,500 attendees. one of those attendance yesterday was senator bernie sanders. [video clip] senator sanders: we will all come together to defeat the most
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dangerous president in modern american history. this country, this country cannot continue to have a president who is a pathological even uses his sharpie pen to lie about the direction of american. how crazy -- the direction of a hurricane. how crazy is that? we cannot continue to have a president who is corrupt, who is using his office to enrich himself and his family. we cannot continue to have a president who is a racist, a axist, a homophobe, xenophobe and a religious
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bigot. that is not what america is about. together, we will make donald trump a one term president. host: that from senator bernie sanders. the convention began shortly after 9 p.m. yesterday, wrapping up just pass 4:00. it is all in a website at from the washington post, warren and sanders draw excited spectators in new hampshire. at a democratic event in new hampshire, senator warren stands out. donna has this tweet on the number one issue, getting trump out. william is joining us from washington, d.c. good morning, democrats line. caller: thank you very much. it was alluded to earlier that turnout is going to be an important issue but i want to refine that and maybe you can give me the accurate numbers. if i remember correctly, almost 40% of americans did not vote in the last election.
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much bigger than the democratic base or republican base. i think the numbers though, which people together more of that 40% means 70 million people did not vote who are eligible to vote. some of those were voter suppressed but that is a small number. and i personally think the biggest issue now is whether democrats can get that 70 million who did not vote to get registered and fight. they are mostly young people and mostly minorities. i'm 78, always vote. there are too many americans that are not good citizens and i feel very strongly. i'm retired military. if you have -- if you don't vo te, you are not a good american. a lot of them people think that their vote i does not come. all they have to do is review past presidential elections to realize their votes to count. the point is that young people and the people that do not vote need to get out and vote and they need to do a little study of civics. another horrifying number is that 2/3 of americans do not know the three branches of
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government. my main issue for the next election is whether americans are going to be good citizens, and we have to realize that trump is the symptom not the disease. the people that are not good americans i think are the disease. host: thank you for the call karen joining us from new york. good morning. caller: the issue should be leadership, because this country has so many serious problems. out of is our debt is so -- we could not bail ourselves out like we did the last time. now, i think the people are catching on, because the candidate that i think would be the best leader is elizabeth warren, and she did get a very good response. she and her daughter wrote a book. "the two income trap." and predicted the crash in 2008. and she is stating that there
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will be onei in a year or two, and she is not the only person. there are many analysts predicting there is going to be a very, a worse crash than 2007-2008. she is best equipped to address this. she founded the consumer financial protection bureau that has returned billions of dollars to consumers who were dayted by banks and pay lender's and every other. banks have stolen from us in many ways, which james rickard is the expert on that. she is so talented. and so, she has a conscience. and i can't tell people. better look atey what our country is really facing. host: thank you for the call.
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autumn chill. the pre-election gridlock sets an early for most of the big issues. as house and senate lawmakers return this week. mark with a response to an earlier caller regarding energy issues. quit you quit fracking drilling for oil and shut down all of the coal plants, energy will go up? you will be an idiot if you did not believe that. good morning, sophia. caller: good morning, steve. calling, if you will allow me, i wanted to make a statement about the callers. i really enjoy c-span. i have been watching it for 35 years but i have never been a caller. but the last two years i have been calling. i really don't appreciate the --ple that call and sound like you and pedro.
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you guys are your job to listen to our comment. our issues. not to tell the person that really irritated me yesterday, she wanted to talk about president trump's economy. you are this and that. you know, this is unnecessary. it is unpleasant for us to hear it. if she wanted them to know, if some of them -- interview president trump less month. you ask him four questions and 30 minutes. you allow him. he even say you are a fine man. that is why i let you interview me. the top issue, important, the deficit. and the other one is you ask him, what is fake news? and a lot of people call after that.
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they say you were the best journalists, the way you're asking. havey, i know i don't enough time for me. to please people. you do not like what you hear, what -- the way you guys present or ask the question, don't watch, don't call. go back to -- i know he's listening. and he's listening to this. these. kind of people watch them. don't make our time that we enjoy c-span. thank you, steve. the other one was one, i cannot believe it. the caller says, after he asked whatever he said he wanted to say, he said it him. you have the ugliest tie. it is unnecessary. it's unpleasant. the way things are going right now, we don't need to be angry. we do not need to be upset.
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but, anyway, thank you for listening to me. host: don't be a stranger. the only thing i will say is that this program is really a reflection of what people are talking about. what is in the news. our goal as we said yesterday is to share with you the information, the editorial, the stories, both supportive and critical of any president and let you decide. always opening the phone lines to hear from people like you and critics. we welcome the criticism as well. the number one issue in the 2020 election is restoring faith in the american system of government beginning with sending donald trump home. from "the washington post" a new poll showing that joe biden still in the lead as the democratic field shakes out. followed by senator elizabeth warren, senator bernie sanders, senator kamala harris and mayor pete buttigieg. it is available online at washington the trump campaign releasing
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thisweb video touting his 2020 reelection efforts. [video clip] >> four more years! four more years! this is atrump: movement like we have never seen in the history of our country. >> trump country. president trump: and that is what this fight is all about. we are taking on the failed political establishment and restoring government of, by and for the people. it is the people. you are the people. you won the election. >> we love this country. we love donald trump. >> promises made, promises kept. >> we support donald trump. >> this is epic. president trump: we are going to make our stand. we are going to stand for liberty, we are going to stand for justice, we are going to stand for freedom, and we are going to stand for the sacred rights given to us by the hand
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of almighty god. joined our movement, the greatest movement and the history of our country. you protected your family. you defended your dignity. you recaptured your destiny. and you took back your country with that great election 2.5 years ago. onere one united movement, united people, and one united state its of america. >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the president of the united states donald j. trump. donald trump: you have always been loyal to this nation. now you finally have a president who is loyal to you.
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day between now and november 2020, we are going to keep on working, we are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winnin g, winning. we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong again. america safe again. make america great again! thank you! >> four more years. four more years. host: that released by the trump campaign. want to share with this-- an in-depth piece as the journal
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follows those who traveled along the road with presidential. "on the road with trump's rally diehards." here are some of the specifics. president trump's perpetual tour attracts political programs and who camp outside arenas for days at a time for the chance to stand in front of the row and cheer the man they say has changed theu.s. and their lives. somewhere between 5% and 10% of attendees have gone to multiple events. one of them saying you go to the rallies and he basically tells you that you don't have to put up with the swap in those kinds of people. he's a 40-year-old walmart worker from michigan. she has been to 29 rallies. because of him i decided not to pay for obamacare, not to pay the fine. before the quietly would've paid the fine, but donald trump tell me that we have a voice and now i stand up for myself. details available from the wall
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street journal website. bill in boston, independent line. what issue will decide the race from your standpoint? caller: thank you, c-span. the issue is going to be trump. trump himself. it's a love-hate relationship with the country. either you like them or you don't. the people who like them see the person who's given, uh, i don't know how to explain it. he's given us a different vision on the country, you know? he is not a typical politician. the reason why he is there because he is not a typical politician. everybody is sick of politicians, you know? especially here in massachusetts where we have like the kennedys and elizabeth warrens and like the hack-a-rama. so, in my opinion, it is going to be, the deciding factor is if you like or hate trump.
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host: thank you for the call will our friends in the u.s. choose again president trump who acts in the best interest of the american people or will they choose yet another self-serving democrat who will have learned since alexthe last election? the wikileaks exposure said it all. on the republican line, joining us from georgia. good morning. caller: morning. how are you doing today? host: how are you? caller: just fine. i'd like to say this. what is wrong with this country right now is the people are not getting behind donald trump and. supporting him . he's done made this country. the economy is better than any country in the world. and he's accomplished more than any president has ever been. and when everybody needs to get behind him and support him and wall built down
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there to keep illegal weapons out of this country. host: lisa with this tweet. there are issues that matter more to me but no one issue will decide my vote. i vote for the individual. i believe will do the best job in the office regardless of race, gender, religion, whatever. trump was the best vote i ever cast and will be again. more from "the wall street journal." it is like an addiction. on the road with donald trump's rally diehards. the trump rally diehards, a few dozen men and women who have been to more than 10 rallies are almost exclusively white. many are recently retired with time on their hands and little to keep them tied to home. a handful never had children and others are strange from their families. several live paycheck to paycheck the consulate offer strangers a cold beverage, sandwich or their last cigarette. for many front row joes, the trump era marks their political awakening. among the first americans to identify -- the endurance of mr. trump's political peel, they are
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reveling in the victories like mr. trump on stage each recounting the election night triumph without prompting. available at on the republican line, richard is next from minneapolis. good morning. caller: yes, good morning. you know, i used to have some respects for bernie sanders but, man, the way he was lying, calling trump a racist and lying about his past, i lost all respect for bernie sanders. but, anyway, my greatest issue i hope trump gets the china trade deal settled. and the wall built. those are my two main issues. 500have been losing $ billion a year since about 1998 when clinton passed the, uh, wto. clinton and all the rest of the democrats and republicans. those are my two main issues.
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host: thanks for the call. more from yesterday's new democratic party convention and former vice president joe biden who was the first of 19 speakers. the order of speakers determined by alphabetical order. [video clip] vice president biden: our president is not up to this moment. where he lacks the moral authority to lead, this president had more in common with george wallace than george washington. and, ladies and gentlemen, we have 330 million americans. have to do what this president cannot do. stand together. stand up again. stand up against this god-awful situation we face with his administrative-- him as president. stand up for our best, what our nation believes. we believe in honesty, decency, treating everyone with dignity and respect, giving everyone a fair shot and leaving no one behind. and giving hate no safe harbor.
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demonizing no one. not the poor or the powerless, the immigrant, the "other." maybe most important, leading not by the example of our power but by the power of our example as we always have. be part of bigger than something -- part of something bigger than we are. it is we are. and president trump does not get it. america is an idea. that is an idea that is strongly than any army, bigger than any ocean, and more powerful than any dictator or tyrant. it gives hope to the hopeless. and, and not only are our values under attack our very democracy is. we've now learned nothing is guaranteed about democracy. we have to earn it. we have to protect it. we have to fight for it. the most powerful, the most powerful idea in the history of the world beats in the heart of
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the people of this country,it beats in all of this. the american creed. we hold these truths self-evident. we, the people, are the most unique experiment in all the history of the world. host: that from joe biden at the state democratic party convention. our question on the sunday morning, is there a single issue which will decide in your mind the 2020 race? more of your calls in a moment. this is a tweet from fred trump with a picture of the rally inside the same arena in new hampshire saying that the pace was packed to the roof. that's not coming people at home. democrats do not get crowds like this. the media lies. good luck, democrats. . the country like the direction we're going at the top of the hour ben howe will be joining us. the author of the new book "the immoral majority." judge jeanine pirro will be joining us. ahead on our program the sunday
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morning. lowell, is joining us from florida. democrats line. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. i just wanted to put might two cents in. i don't think that president trump will win the state of florida. there has been a large, a large, people, a number of people registering to vote for the first time. i think we have big turnout, i think the democrats have a better chance. host: thanks for the call. tim, republican line, good morning. is there one issue that will decide this race? caller: yes, there is. christians are for trump. and christians are for a strong economy. and the democrats, they have lost their way. when he they set their in a-- when womenbortions, are just about to have their babies, they have lost their
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way. thank you for the call. host: lynn is joining us next from ohio. good morning. caller: how are you this morning? host: fine, how are you? caller: i am great. what i think is going to be the biggest issue is voter turnout. i've worked on the obama campaign, the two times. and we really worked to get out the vote. we got more people to show up. if the democrats do not get on the ground and go door to door to get the vote out. i am from ohio, and i know they are going to have some voter pur ging. and it is what it is. can't change it. but, we as the democrats have to work harder. i sit here and watch the rallies from trump. it is all is like watching hitler. how the people, they are just
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mesmerized with his baloney. america is great. it always has been great. all we need is a leader that has some moral values. the abortion issue is between a woman and god and her doctor. nobody of should be involved. it should be out of politics. i don't get this. i'm 75 years old and i don't want somebody telling me what to do with my body. then when these people come on and say i' cushionm. how can you be a christian when you believe all this crap? that donald trump spews. our main issue he has got to be defeated. host: thank you for the call. american corporations fled america to higher asians. ceo's, who are
7:37 am
usually republicans who lost american jobs. by the way this program is carried live every sunday morning on serious ex-im -- and carried on the bbc parliament channel in great britain. " democrats return to a battered trump." e begins by saying president trump is emerging from a turbulent august with a new problem, capitol hill democrats are about to be back in town focusing on gun issues and renewed investigations, including the trump properties. beverly is joining us from california. democrats like. good morning. caller: good morning and thank you so much for c-span. my issue is resistance. i think that resistance and vot er, to getting out the vote is really important.
7:38 am
likeuse the were socialist it is toxic. as long as they are doing something for taxpayers, then it is socialism. but when we get, what was it, a $100 billion, was it $70 billion in tax breaks? that's not corporate socialism? also, the nonsense about equating christians and abortion. not an you say that when christian spokesperson has said anything about children in cages, six cages, children dying. all of this immorality with the president and a prostitute but that, they are christian. they are taking a christian stand. let's face it. this president is not. he does not have anyone's interest. he's incompetent.
7:39 am
as far as money is concerned, he is profiteering off of being a present. ident. how much of our tax money every weekend flying to every single golf course? the american people need to wake up. this guy is not, he's definitely not a president. he can't even string together a paragraph. he's embarrassing. he is not a leader. and he has not done one thing about all of the shootings. this is like the norm now. he's skipping over that and making america great when you cannot go out of your home? then you're going to lock up, i. to lock up workers that are killing chickens but the people that are hiring them, the management and owners, there is nothing done. this is just a smokescreen. even as much as the economy right now, it seems like we are really riding high. but this is all smoke and
7:40 am
mirrors, because when we are propelled on now are those tax cuts that nobody got any money from, except the corporate owners. none of the workers got it. sure, right now it looks like all wall street is doing great. we're going to hit another, to, remember, 2008. we are going to hit another bubble because this is not real. host: did get a tax cut although it was a minimal compared to the wealthier americans but the tax cuts were across-the-board. some of you are saying it is time for u.s. as a nationsome os time for u.s. as a nation to revisit and embrace jfk's invocation to ask not what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country. cani ask, ask how you preserve and protect the set of self-sustaining ecosystems entrusted to us by nature's god. one of the stories from yesterday's event in new hampshire, senator harris who said i did not hear the word.
7:41 am
she apologizes for the response when somebody referred to the president as mentally retorted. -- retarded. the democratic candidate apologizing to her response to that rally goer, calling president trump's actions mentally retarded. senator harris first responded by saying yes, and then laughed. i did not hear specifically with that person said. >> we must understand that this is a time that will define the soul of our nation. this is a moral moment in america. we democrats have to be careful. i don't care who our nominee is but we cannot tolerate democrat to turn against other democrats and try to tear us down. purityection is not some test that if you do not like everybody correctly then you are
7:42 am
not a good democrat. we need leaders that are not going to turn against each other but turn towards each other because that is where our strength is. and we can't make another mistake. we can't make the mistake that says, we got to play it safe. this election is just about finding somebody who can beat donald trump. let me tell you right now. we have got to beat donald trump but beating donald trump is the floor. it is not the ceiling. usting donald trump, igets out of the valley but it does not get us to the mountain top. host: senator cory booker one of the candidate speaking yesterday at the new hampshire state democratic convention. nextrites, i want the president to take up the issue of wealth inequality. raising the minimum wage to $15.00 and hour is just abandoned. we need a system that will
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guarantee workers a fair share of their fruits of their labor. from indiana, democrats line, good morning. good morning, chris. caller: yes, sir. we need to get donald trump out of office. he's been around tv for about 40 years. used to watch them on johnny carson and then david letterman. boasted about his products from china. i'm one for, uh, statistics. and realism. donald trump and his immoral ways have all been televised throughout the years. host: let me share with you from "the new york times sunday review." the real donald trump is a tv character. understand that you understand what he is doing in the white house. there's pages of him in different settings. if you look at that, what is your reaction? caller: well, it is. he is all about, that is what his tv show "the" apprentice"
7:44 am
was all about. about donald trump, about big money. donald trump is about big money. donald trump is for corporations. donald trump is for corporate world. as long as he profits, it's a big bonus for him. host: thanks for the call. the trump campaign releasing this new video last month. new jobs created in the month. >> when i look at the way things are, it reminds me how far we have come. >> these numbers, they are depressing. >> the punch to the gut. >> the economy is growing even more slowly than we thought. >> things are starting to change. there's more opportunity. and security to invest in the ones that matter. theook, we can't get
7:45 am
distracted from the biggest issue with our jobs. >> but this could all go away if we do not remember what we came from. right future. ♪ worthe the future fighting for is not guaranteed. host: that from the trump campaign. our question, is there a single issue that will be a deciding issue in the 2020 election? walton joins us from washington, d.c., independent line. good morning. caller: yes, good morning. i thoughtas given, about the -- issue. and when the president said he after theto wait till 2020 alleging to propose a health care issue, i'm
7:46 am
questioning -- quite sure a lot of people have not given it any thought that should this current the.electionnt not win he would not have to propose a health care issue. it's something for people to think about. as far as the military is concerned, when congress passed and gave away millions of dollars more with the president's request. he turns around and takes the money and puts it into helping to build the border wall. and, you know, every chance he praisespreys -- the the soldiers. how we can you say one thing and do another gets of people who have -- who are guarding the country? host: anyone who claims to be a christian and a trump supporter is either lying or profoundly confused. ben howe is the author of the new book "the immoral majority:
7:47 am
why evangelicals chose political power over christian values." be joining us in about 15 minutes at the top of the hour. and judge jeanine pirro will be joining us. we hopi tune in for that as well. jim from leesburg, virginia. caller: i say immigration. the public charge law. notcome here, you should get anything. back to the guy before you about the military and the border wall. i'm a combat vet. you talk about protecting this country, i do it. the border wall, they drive wages down. african-americans in this country should be ashamed about the immigrants that comeh here and take their jobs away. that to china and the military. china has way surpassed us in the military. we do not want to admit it. talk about military spending.
7:48 am
you need to look about five years. we have got immigration, immigration. host: "the new york times" with this headline " conservative rebellion in britain contrast to the gop's trump -- britain and the u.s. has seemed lashed together amidst the storms of the last two years. amplifying each other but in one respect they have diverse. in london rebels in the conservative party staging an insurrection this past week against the new prime minister boris johnson on his plan to try e.u.ock thleaving the without a deal. also want to share with you a story that is inside "time" magazine on the actual structure of the house of commons. the parliament building. vulnerable, with more than 4000 windows, many of which do not close or leak. a look at the restoration
7:49 am
efforts inside the parliament building in london. available at more from yesterday's rally. the issue of guns that will be front and center on tuesday. we will have live coverage on a hearing on the marking of gun legislation. this last fall, two mass shootings. here is former congressman democratic candidate beto o'rourke. [vidoe elo clip] >> there is no shield against this president who has no honor and no morals and no access. we are connected to a country that is defined by its ambitions and its aspirations on the hard work and resolve and the dedication of the people of america who want to see the them realized. this is a country that has produced -- this is a country that has produced much for our lives. this is a country that has produced the leadership that will ensure we not only have universal background checks and go flag laws, but that we
7:50 am
the necessary steps further, as politically difficult as they may be, a gun registry in this country. thoseery single one of be15's and ak-47's will brought back so they are not on her streets, not in our homes and do not take the lives of our fellow americans. host: that is congressman beto o'rourke yesterday in manchester, and him to. this tweet, this president is allowing companies to poison our air and water. lynn is joining us. good morning, from maryland. good morning. caller: for me, the issue is character. he has none. we need to get a president with character. we also need a president who can really love this country.
7:51 am
donald trump doesn't care about this country. donald trump cares about himself. and we need to take back our country. this is about the constitution. this is about our constitution surviving. i oworry. his countryd for and world war ii. i watch it die each day with this man. because i seel beautiful beautiful children that are brown but putting cages. that's not us. we are better than that. i am a christian. . i don't understand how a christian can vote for this man. i really don't. the think the christians who do, they need to read the bible, they need to go and read it, because donald trump is the go lden calf. i thank you very much for listening to me but it is about character, sir. character. host: thanks for the call.
7:52 am
let's go to ken, joining us from bolton, mass. good morning. welcome to the conversation. caller: i think the answer is immigration. some are disappointed that so few people are actually naming an issue, as opposed to a personality person like donald trump. but upholding our high standards. so many of us have immigrants that went through ellis island. and those type of standards by which we expect new immigrants to have a sponsor, have a capacity to wor. k. host: how do you fix the immigration system right now, ken? caller: i'm saying enforce the laws the we have. congress has plenary power. and they should be making sure. that the laws that already exist are enforced host: thank you for the call. again, we are asking you is
7:53 am
there a single issue that you think will decide the 2020 race? our campaign 2020 coverage continues tomorrow evening live on c-span 2. the president traveling to fayetteville, north carolina. will be at the crown event center. that gets underway at 7 p.m. eastern time. you can listen to it on c-span radio or the free c-span radio app. the house and senate both in session this week. virginia is on the phone in new jersey. republican line. good morning. caller: good morning, steve. i am a senior citizen. i'm 66 years old. i state my age to give me some wisdom. i know the true treasure of the united states is not our money, not our gold, not any of those things. our true treasure is the people of this country. and the most important aspect of human beings is they are given
7:54 am
and endowed by their creator with the right to life. and so the right to life is about, the most important issue in this upcoming election. i am a mother. and a grandmother. and i am hoping and praying that our country turns back to this basic understanding that when we go to our creator, which as a theater citizen, i am much closer to him than i am to the people that are alive today. i tell you that the right to life is the most important issue in this upcoming election. because if we do not defend it and we do not preserve it, our country will be lost, because life,ll get a value for when you have sacrificed for it. i have had children. i have grandchildren. and i know they are the true treasure of america. and so, i ask all of the people of this country to realize that
7:55 am
our treasure is not gold, it is not what we pack in our barns. it is what we have and what we are surrounded with. all the children are my children. all the grandchildren are my grandchildren. all the people are my treasure. thank you. host: from frank in "the new york times." the republicans are dropping like flies. including a member from texas deciding not to seek reelection. what do we tie remembers of congress know that trump doesn't? joining us from fort washington, maryland. good morning. caller: good morning. how are you all doing? i'm doing well. thank you for c-span. two points. the single issue i believe essentially will boil down to what the definition of being an american is.
7:56 am
whoever most clearly defined or redefines that. host: thank you. this is a tweet from the president. nothing on it. you can watch it. cat lookingt's a at laser light with cnn below him and the president with that map. that some are calling sharpie gate. that's from the president tweeted out shortly before midnight last night. dan in madison, wisconsin. good morning. caller: good morning. i believe that the foreign policy and the line that goes with it will be damaging our country for the minimum of our next president of four years. i was born into a military family. i father almost spanned six decades in the air force. and i guess to go along with everything i've seen in the s, i'm glad i am childless right now because i
7:57 am
could not explain to my offspring what the hell happened to america. host: we'll go from dan to daniel in massachusetts, also on the democrats line. is there a single issue that you think will decide this race? caller: yes, climate change. we need to see ourselves inside the global community. national security. life.e right to . all of those things fit inside. we need to understand we are and a crisis for the species of this planet. the planet will survive but human beings may not if we do not fix the way we have polluted the system that we live in. everything, every solution to this crisis can bring about all the things that we, as democrats, republicans, and independents care about. human beings, equality, rights
7:58 am
for all. they all fit inside solving that number one issue, climate change. thank you. host: this is the headline from "the washington post.." and sanders drawing excited spectators in new hampshire. senator warren taking aim at former vice president joe biden. here is part of what she said which we carried live yesterday. [video clip] afraid.warren: i am not and for democrats to win, you cannot be afraid, either. this is our moment in history. to dream bigoement and fight hard. host: that's from senator elizabeth warren. the trail later this morning with senator cory booker. we. covered senator, harris friday evening in new hampshire representative tulsa gabbard was at politics and eggs last week.
7:59 am
much of it re-airing later today on the c-span networks. from columbia, south carolina. what is the issue? what is going to decide this race in your mind? is going to repeat itself all over again unless the economy goes on tank. i'm, concerned all of those candidates including president trump audit jump off the tallahassee bridge. thanks for taking my call. i think it's going to be like -- all over again. host: do you think the donald trump can win 49 out of 50s states? thanks for the call. joining us from lagrange, texas. good morning. caller: hi. good morning. i think the biggest issue facing the election this coming year is both parties have a problem.
8:00 am
the democrats are focusing on nine issues which are forcing the republicans to fight back. we have got people talking we've got falling apart infrastructure, all of it is everywhere. we can't focus on one issue. until we can get together and agree on some facts, it's just going to be a repeat of 2016. host: thank you for all of your calls and comments. is joining us in just a moment. his new book, he will be with us for the next hour. a reminder, newsmakers is after the washington journal. our guest is the president of the senate majority pack, trying to elect democrats to the senate.
8:01 am
he talks about mitch mcconnell and his own race for reelection. >> let's not kid ourselves. in a state that donald trump won percent, senator mcconnell is very unpopular. unpopular where his job numbers are in the low 20's. this is not something we've seen for some time. he is uniquely vulnerable and it's going to be a very interesting race. of anre has been more impact on mcconnell. will it help? we saw that in 2018 defeat focus on loc. -- loc. elosi.icy
8:02 am
, more organically from around the country. mitch mcconnell is a very powerful metaphor for a broken washington. he is carrying that now more than before. republicans, there is a certain borderline anger at their own party. they just keep saying more of the same. they are not shielding it from whatever love donald trump thinks. mcconnell is the face of that chaos in disarray and the broken washington. senator mcconnell said he
8:03 am
would not hesitate to fill the supreme court. if you are a republican or conservative, you are certainly aware of the hypocrisy. that brings it back to the business as usual mentality. i think you are going to be surprised number of candidates that will find themselves trying to distance themselves from mitch mcconnell. can be heard at 10:00 eastern here on c-span and the free c-span radio at. he is the president of the senate majority pac. back, ben howe. the book is why evangelicals choose political hour over christian values. good morning. guest: the book title, a lot of
8:04 am
people think it's about evangelicals themselves. -- that's not what i'm talking about. i'm talking about the idea that we all fall short in the problems of the moral majority which came around in the 1970's was the idea that they were bringing some form of righteousness inherent to them to the rest of america. stigma, years, that oft idea that they are sort believing they are above everyone else and inherently righteous has been something that has chased him. at this point, they buy into it themselves. host: this is what happens when the people who believe they have the moral high ground find themselves on the low road. christians face powerful opponents.
8:05 am
we are surrounded by atheism and hedonism. we find no greater enemy than ourselves. guest: that's absolutely right. , the pastor of the first baptist church in dallas, he is on trumps advisory board. godlessalking about the left when in the election and been tossed into darkness in the united states. the ideas it went should be splitting up americans that we might want to reach this christians by party is very dangerous. the mixture of partisanship and religion is particularly dangerous and creates a cultlike mentality that can be built around a person. you: i want to share with again this tweet. it deals with your book. anyone who claims to be a
8:06 am
christian and a trump supporter is either lying or profoundly confused. i think anybody can be a christian and make errors in the way they approach things. anyone who supports trump and believes they are doing it as an act of christianity is not saved, they are making a terrible mistake if they think they are displaying their love for god or their obedience to him by pulling the lever for republicans. int: one of the anecdotes your book is something we covered in i would. donald trump was asked about god and religion. let's watch. >> i tried to do a better job. i don't think so. if i do something wrong, i just try and make it right. got into that picture grade when we go to
8:07 am
church and when i drank my wine and i have my little cracker, that's more asking for forgiveness. host: you are laughing. the reference to cracker is communion. guest: there is a lack of understanding of how important communion is for christians and what it means. we are talking about the blood of christ. book it's like he knows the song but doesn't know the tune. he speaks to the issues. he speaks to christians with a language that sounds like he's just trying to appeal to them but he doesn't know how to talk to them. him whoeople around will do that speaking for him and speak about him in such a way.
8:08 am
what he said about forgiveness. that is the core aspect of christianity, asking forgiveness. , when it came to that particular issue when he asd that, they approached it though he was somehow more pious by admitting that he doesn't ask for forgiveness as we might be for calling him out for it. they find ways to rationalize everything he does to make sure that his mistakes and virtues, they want a transactional relationship. host: your book explains how we reached this point. in a real political sense, this is the direct result of the previous decades of politics, the polarized obama years, culture, correctness most things are by would invite racial hate. there is an
8:09 am
understandable thing that happens to someone. if they believe they are being maligned or they are being treated unfairly, you can want revenge. .here are a lot of people i was in the tea party and i was writing for red i was very much concerned with the conservative movement. there was a sense that we needed to make america great again, we needed to get revenge on all the people that have been harming us , line about us and so on. in a lot of ways, trump is the result of the realization of that dream to get back at all of the elites and show them the american people won't take any more. the very much channels what we
8:10 am
have been saying in the tea party. it was unexpected for me that donald trump would be a way for that to happen. host: explain your background. in the home ofp an evangelical minister. i went to church. conservative all my life. in the fieldking of making campaign ads for a lot of republican campaigns here in d.c. in 2015, i left the republican party because they weren't any longer representing what i had been working for my career. host: it seems like the essence of your book is you have in the
8:11 am
white house someone that has he hasrried three times, starn affair with a corn and a playboy playmate, he was a womanizer before he got married. these are facts that he has talked about. now you have somebody that the evangelicals respect, admire. how would you phrase it? with: you have somebody all of those truths about them. it's not necessarily about him as it is the movement and how they supported. 1990's were in the looking for character. it they were saying we are not looking for a transactional relationship with the president. we don't want to get what we need out of someone. they wanted moral leadership. that's what they claimed. when it was clinton and we had a
8:12 am
good economy, they said it didn't matter. james got people like dobson and read and jerry falwell senior and pat robertson, they said it didn't matter if the economy was good nomuraere allowing leadership. itald trump came along and was only true if it was a democrat. this is the source of all of our problems and politics. it's the very heart of partisanship. isst: what you have here christianity or any faith dealing with the eternal. politics is very short term. we are dealing with the next campaign and the next election. it's treated as the life or death situation. a lot of decisions are made out
8:13 am
of urgency. with mixing religion and politics, one is going to influence the other. the long-term view starts to come into politics or the shirt to -- short term comes into religion. specifically is a christian, the idea of the world influencing my faith is antithetical to what the bible warned us against doing. it's exactly the worst ingredients, mixing faith and politics in such a way where faith is used as a campaign tool. host: we are going to get to your calls in one moment. the washington examiner had a review of the book. what is the point of political activism?
8:14 am
that is a question you'd never ask in the book. guest: political activism, anything that someone does with their life is what i would refer to as the means. we talk about the means and the ends. our job is to make sure that we are in line or in harmony with in the meansld us and trust that the ends are in god's hands. thatn't speak to the idea she is asking whether or not what we do matters. it does. it matters in terms of our hearts and souls, how we conduct ourselves on this planet. that's what jesus was asking us. said heen the president was the chosen one and said he was just kidding later, what was your reaction? guest: initially, this is a
8:15 am
perfect example of how somebody loses the benefit of the doubt. ways speaking of about himself in a way that i would call delusions of grandeur. he is very certain of his own destiny in a lot of ways. has spoken about himself as the only one who can fix it regarding many different things. person is being hyperbolic or joking, with him i don't think so. i think that's how he sees himself. host: this is ben howe. dana is joining us from los angeles. good morning. go ahead. good morning. fromr: i'm calling
8:16 am
california. i'm a republican basically. i'm a christian. the best part of the new testament is when jesus walks into the synagogue and starts firing stuff all over the place, throwing them out of the synagogue. that's the kind of action you need. trump isn't perfect. god works in mysterious ways. there, put this guy in he ask a certain way. he knows what's going on in this country. if you look at this country, when i was a kid, everybody was on the same plane, thinking the same way. we had small differences. there are people on one side that hate country and the other side that love the country.
8:17 am
he is far from a perfect guy. at least he's going back to the roots. trump for being trump. he was raised as a millionaire. host: we will get a response. this is what i encounter a lot, the ideas that we are losing the culture. that's not really the way we are asked to look at this sort of thing. christian values are not a possession than we own and put on a shelf and keep safe. we were warned that we would be hated and persecuted at times. christian, they are the ones that are losing something. host: we will go to randy next. good morning. caller: good morning. thanks for having my call.
8:18 am the immorality that we were seeing was coming from career politicians entrenched in the system. when we saw someone like trump come through, it's a new type of blood into the clinical system. it drew our attention to that. see liberals that want to move away from religion. we see republicans as someone who wants to keep it in. i know what you are saying. there is immorality in what trump has done. we have to look at what he does in the office. thank you. host: another tweet from a viewer. trump doesn't know the bible.
8:19 am
all they care about is using trump and directing the power of the presidency. is -- whatcaller he's saying is understandable when you talk about less religious things. he is saying someone is an office that is representing what i believe and his personal life doesn't matter to me. the issue is we have religious leaders gathering around this whatevering him that he does is ok as long as he gives this movement what they want. the transactional relationship, i can't i into it. host: how can you do a segment on this and not mention abortion? we just did. that's a key thing. guest: the issue with a lot of christians when they talk about used as as that it's
8:20 am
way to deflect any concerns about anything the republican party does. the idea is if there is going to be a pro-life party and a pro-choice party, illinois christians can vote for his pro-life. the polling doesn't show that is their top concern. an of other things center around self-interest. they love toers, talk about abortion because it shuts down criticism. host: we were the only network that carried donald trump as a candidate at the family leadership conference that took place in iowa. more on his discussion of religion. >> i pray. i go to church.
8:21 am
i do things that are wrong i guess so. i'm a business person. i'd really do well in business. i've done great. i've made some the great deals. i own some the greatest properties in the world. i think god helped me. god gave me a certain brain. i went to a phenomenal school. it's the greatest business school in the world. i did really well there. i was a great student. i was born with a certain intellect. host: you are smiling. guest: he sells everything the same way. estate,es, trump real everything is sold the same way. important, talk about how great he is. sidethere are some comments.
8:22 am
it just doesn't work. host: you come with a republican background. the economic suffering in small-town america is real and hard and it exacts a heavy price. the war on drugs, the stock market failure, the tech industry overall, all of this cannot be free of blame. explain. guest: one of the mistakes we make in this divisive culture is we don't want to understand why people got to where they are. people engage in a culture war. if you don't understand why someone is where they are, it's because what they've gone through or how they've been maligned by their opponents. you're never going to bridge this gap. we are never going to get anywhere. we can't have a political system that is designed to be fighting
8:23 am
a culture war were the only way it gets solved is if 50% of the country is destroyed or made irrelevant. both treated that way. the way to win is to annihilate your enemy. .hat's not going to work it's dangerous i think to talk about it that way. a lot of them come from a place of feeling like they've been beaten down my the system, by their opponents, by progressivism, by a lack of christian values, whatever it may be. there has to be a way to talk about those things without diminishing them. when it comes to christianity, donald trump knows the notes, but not the tune. kathy is joining us from arkansas. caller: good morning.
8:24 am
the last time i called and i was hung up on. speaking of the pastors plane over trump, we all need prayer. i'm glad he's got them in their praying over him. the democrats, they have changed so much. they have no morals whatsoever anymore. they want to kill babies. that, theyng like will not stand. the bible tells you that. i will not vote for a democrat
8:25 am
no more. they have gone way too far. they will destroy our country. they will destroy it. thank you for letting me talk. host: what are you hearing from her? guest: the same partisanship that is combined with faith. i'venly thing i would say, don't want people to think they are pulling the lever for god when they vote for republicans. it's dangerous. host: good morning. caller: hello. thanks for taking my call. address the to problem. , he hassident trump
8:26 am
enact whato republicans of been doing for a long time. they've been able to group together all of these single , the voters, the anti-gay evangelicals, the climate, the gun control and grouped them altogether. they are voting against their own interests economically. i would like him to address that. i think they talk a lot like they are one issue voters and they talk about abortion. the truth is most polling shows they have standard republican views in terms of tax cuts, regulation, terrorism. they often point to abortion as a way of trumping any concerns about morale elite.
8:27 am
they can vote for their own interests. host: neil gorsuch will be making news. he has a new book out. he makes his mark at the supreme court. he was one of two appointees confirmed by the senate. how significant was that for the christian right? a lot of people want to believe that though matter who donald trump is, he is going to deliver something. a sitting he became justice, they believed that was fulfilled in a lot of ways. that's going to play in 2020 as well. they are going to look at it as a few more seats. that's the promise land, more supreme court justices. host: we will go to michigan
8:28 am
next. caller: thanks for taking my call. nobody is perfect, including you. president trump isn't perfect. that godng the things approves of. god hates abortion. of the other things he is doing to help the church, the you think we should compromise our faith by disagreeing with trump. that's not true. thingsoing a lot of the that christians and the bible specifies. that's why they support him. you seem to be compromised yourself in the way you talk. we cannot support things that god hates. whether it's on the sexuality, abortion, these are things that bring down a nation and bring
8:29 am
judgment from god. perfect?dent bush obama push things that god hates. that's why you see a lot of the christians supporting trump did he doing things that god approves of. that's all. host: in the event that we showed excerpts from, he talks pro-choice inas the 80's and 90's. he switched to the republican party. do you have any issues with that? caller: here's how i view it. he may not even be a christian. , what he is doing is important. he is doing things that strengthen america and -- that god will bring judgment.
8:30 am
host: hold on a minute. guest: if you're saying what he does matters, does it only like? when it's what you with something else it doesn't matter? you will vote for them as long as you get what you want? caller: i'm looking at the bible as my standard. even if he does three things that are approved by god, that's important to me. did obama do any of those? he was dragging this country toward globalism. is youwhat i'm asking say if he does things that are sinful that doesn't matter as long as he does these other things. obama, healk about did nothing but simple things? caller: i'm saying obama did things that god does not approve of. guest: and trump doesn't do
8:31 am
things god does not approve of? caller: trump is doing a few things that god approves of. that's ok with me. i will choose it over somebody like obama that did hardly anything. guest: that's what i was asking. you are saying it's fine as long as you get what you want. caller: is trump saved? probably not. guest: like what? caller: like going against abortion. like going against homosexuality. things that bring down nations. guest: in terms of homosexuality, he has not come out against that. i'm not suggesting he does. is that something he has done? caller: there's is a difference between someone supporting that orsomebody doing nothing
8:32 am
going against it. that you get this opinion overall, he is pushing things that are important to christians. that's why christians support him. is what doonfusion you mean by pushing. if you were talking about actions he is taking on any issue, i'm not sure what they are. trump is not presiding over an expansion of pro-life laws. what isan his rhetoric, what got approves of? caller: he cut funding of foreign funding for abortion. he is pushing to get rid of abortion clinics. he called planned parenthood a great organization. caller: right now, he's not
8:33 am
doing that. guest: i'm going back to what i originally said. that he can doit what he wants as long as he's pushing issues for christians, and even if they conflict with things he previously did, as long as he doing things that matter to christians, you don't care what he does. caller: what the alternative? guest: my question is if you does,care what else he you say you do care. what do you do about that? caller: do you support somebody who is against that? you support people that are closest aligned with your beliefs. that is the standard of the bible. trump,have obama or trump is doing things for christians, who do you support? we will leave it there.
8:34 am
on that isinal word it's important to look at the character and actions of two presence. barack obama had more christian like attitudes than president trump ever has. host: he was the carnival barker of the scheid show -- sideshow. he convince conservatives he was one of them. this,mple one was christian evangelicals would never vote for this man. but they did. guest: looking back at the 1990's, there was no evidence that they would, other than they onlye telling me care about republicans, which turned out to be accurate. host: 81% of white evangelicals voted for donald trump.
8:35 am
18% for hillary clinton. let's go to tom in texas. caller: good morning. from a moral standpoint in our country, there is one thing that we could do that could really correct and aligned our country to run properly in the sense ont the biggest thing going across the country as we have politicians that give money to voters in return for votes. to keep them in office. can needs to be done is we go ahead and create a situation where if you take money or except money from government, let's just say the federal government, you have a choice. you have a choice to take it.
8:36 am
if you take it, your via right to vote is suspended. that,n as you were off you're right to vote is no longer suspended. i don't really have an opinion on that. host: this was an extraordinary moment. pope francis issued the following statement. a person who thinks only about building walls wherever they may be in not building bridges is not christian. leader has the right to question another man's religion or faith. guest: i enjoyed that about president trump. no leader in the christian movement has a right to say these things is an interesting way for him to put it. it's very much like he's taking on the authority of christian leaders themselves.
8:37 am
host: he took on the pope. people amongof protestants like that. lifeope is not part of our , the pope is not a consideration and a lot of them don't like him. they don't like the idea of it. for that, that was a good move. i know a lot of protestants found to be nice. he attacks evangelical leaders like russell moore who have spoken out against them. host: let's go back to your phone calls. good morning. caller: good morning. say i amnt to disappointed, very disappointed
8:38 am
in the republican party. i'm very disappointed in this. allow the president of the united states or any person to say that they are a christian when volcker conversation, callingcting women, democrats and republicans names, and then say that he has never repented. that's not scriptural. any person that is a christian that has been born of the holy spirit knows. it, you put religion and you can say these things. i was a democrat. i will vote for a republican or
8:39 am
a democrat. to blame everything on barack bush, thisresident is doing the thing that god called him to do. that's not true. sufferldren are going to behind this. bible, solomonhe was the richest man. he had everything. it was all vanity. as far as abortion and all of homosexuality, who are we to judge another person about their spirituality? that's the problem. we don't talk about adultery. birth't talk about
8:40 am
control pills. birth control pills, if you want abortion, they take birth control pills. host: thank you. guest: there's always a risk. i continue to stay away from declaring who is and who is not a christian. i think it's the role of all christians to hold accountable anyone else who claims they are in terms of what they are doing and talk to them about whether they are projecting. i'm not going to question whether or not trump or obama is a christian. host: this is from the washington post. this is a reference to the president. evangelicals will not be turned off by his first term. guest: a lot of times, polling
8:41 am
shows a discomfort. people didn't like it that he was saying gd. young republicans don't like the way he talks about the borders. sure what most of them think their alternative is. , i want that, i've got to vote republican gazette the only party that represents me. because that's the only party that represents me. tot: god chose know what build the ark. he chose david to be king. to become the apostle paul. guest: the idea of using redemptive figures is popular in the bible. areidea of using people who
8:42 am
going to show that we need to trust in god is very popular. that was mostly what those stories are about, putting aside our vanity, not embracing it. trump embraces it. does is in is he service of something greater, we should look past it. we are defining that idea. host: it goes back to what you call the hypocrisy. after the access hollywood tape, ralph reed said character matters about bill clinton was more pragmatic about the situation. it doesn't matter now because voters don't care. the ends justify the means. guest: that was something that a lot of the same leaders talked that they did not believe.
8:43 am
wereconomy and peace considerations when it came to matters of morality. once the was a president or a candidate they thought was going to serve their needs in terms of that power as a movement, pragmatism found its way back in. they were willing to look past whatever they had to. host: richard is joining us from illinois. thank you for waiting. is do you question believe that trump is acting in a moral interest of code? daily acts on his business is per train that he is acting like a moral person? just myhis is obviously
8:44 am
opinion, my guess is he's acting in the best interest of what matters to him in that moment. host: we will go to morgan in pennsylvania. caller: good morning. thank you for c-span. you've got it perfectly right. i am going to buy your book. the hypocrisy of the religious right today is nauseating. you see it in franklin graham, the perfect example. franklin graham came out and said you can't trust bill wife.n if he lies to his you cannot trust him. trump committed adultery in all three of his wives. he supports this man. it's enough to make a true person of faith get sick how
8:45 am
they support this man. it's ridiculous. i don't know what it is. about what obama didn't do. he tried to bring health care to the poor. trump is done nothing but make the rich richer. god says read what about what happens to people who don't hear the cry of the poor. hypocrisy ank the lot of people see in evangelicalism is going to have an effect on their ability to reach people. that is my primary concern. host: curtis is joining us from new jersey. caller: thank you. this is very hard conversation to have. i was recently a womanizer and a drinker and i found jesus christ.
8:46 am
it changed me. it changed my character. , i read the reason bible and there is a spiritual axiom, if you judge others, you will be judged. god is the ultimate judgment. it's the ultimate sin to talk about god and politics. i'm in the middle. i don't trust either side. i don't appreciate the stage that has been given. i don't believe his christian faith is strong. host: do you want to talk about your faith western mark -- faith? i think it's interesting,
8:47 am
judge not lest you be judged, by the way you're not a christian. caller: how are you doing. how been looking at christians are being per trade from a gentleman the claims to be a christian. his testimony. seconds, can you give your testimony as a christian, when he was born again. why he got saved. they have that testimony. the reason why christians vote because not that he's a christian, all we are saying is the issue.
8:48 am
who is closest that we can vote for? we know trump is not a christian. what other choice did we have? all we are doing is trying to vote for a person that minds of closest to what we believe. that's what we're doing. i find a contradiction in what you are saying. you are doubting my christianity because i have concerns about the evangelical movement married itself to the republican party. when it comes to president trump, you are very nuanced about it. i just want to get what i want out of this president. all i'm doing is saying it's an issue for me, that evangelicals have combined my faith with one
8:49 am
political party. they are giving people the notion that the way to serve god in america is to every other november whole levelers for republicans. host: the subtitle, how they chose power over christian values. winning is fleeting. victory is eternal. most: that was one of the difficult parts of writing this book. i have always been a conservative republican. i was seeing things that were not going the way i wanted in terms of policy issues. that whatemind myself we are talking about is larger. i look back at the clinton era and the idea presented was that we are moving the country toward
8:50 am
immoral ambivalence and that's not going to be good. they were right. i don't think they had the right motivations. onesjust end up being the ushering in the things they were warning about. fully populist situation where my faith is present figures who are divisive, hateful, presenting cruelty is love. it's distorted. it needs to be worked on from within. host: what happens next? at some point, donald trump will leave the white house. the moral majority groups will still be out there. defendthey down the road
8:51 am
future occupants of the white house? guest: they have already shown it. they get what they want when it came to trump, even if it was against what they said it in the 90's. what they will do is whenever they have to and without concern for how it looks to outsiders as long as they are protecting their group. they will say whatever they have to. involved inf people the acquisition of power, they are not reaching people that need to be reached. then,lly between now and we have a movement in the church that is going to get pushing away at the idea that politics should be preached in the pulpit. host: scott is next. good morning. caller: i just want to congratulate ben for his
8:52 am
stamina. arkansas, i am in the heart of trump country. i am not a christian. my mom's. i was confirmed in the church. i see two major problems. they are massive misinformation combined with under education. i live in an area that is predominantly republican. they have really low education standards. information at face value from the internet or fox news. they are told what they want to hear. what theyp with believe and they vote in a way that they think is going to help either their own personal interests or their the with christianity. my mom taught me that
8:53 am
christianity is compassion. i don't call myself a christian, i do consider myself a believer. no matter what party you are, you should aim for compassion. ist you are trying to say you see people aiming for as much power as they can grab. what they say doesn't match up with their actions. guest: one of the things in the book, the christianity my parents showed. i had some bad people around me as a teenager. they were doing bad things just like i was. rather than kim demme, my dad invited us to come over and talk. he did not cram religion down our throat. he just brought the topic. some of those friends got kicked out of their homes and my mom
8:54 am
took them in. to me, my understanding of christianity is compassion. fortunate in what i grew up in. a lot of people see something different, what concerns me are people outside christianity. i get a lot of heat from people saying i'm attacking fellow christians. to somehowt accommodate people who hate christianity or the opposition. people rather reach outside of christianity than other christians. i want other christians to think of it that way. the concept is you should be trying to attract people to this. when they mock me for having a good friendship outside of evangelicalism, i feel like i'm doing the right thing. host: you've been making the
8:55 am
rounds. the collar mentioned fox news. did they invite you? -- in terms of which network? fox news? they did not invite me. i would love to go on. i've been on plenty of shows where they disagree with me. i went on dennis prager radio show. i have no problem going into so-called enemy territory. host: you did it this morning with the calls. why did fox news not invite you? guest: they don't think my thoughts on this are helpful. there is a lot of flip side of the coin stuff in politics. there are issues where they think only the opposition does that.
8:56 am
one of them is mediate bias. there is plenty of media bias out there. there is no question there is media bias in favor of conservatives or against liberals. when it comes to this particular not narratively helpful. i haven't run into that with a lot of the other networks that are supposedly more biased. host: we are going to kansas city, kansas. thanks for waiting. caller: thank you for taking my call. who is this guy? you picked a guy out of thin air that wrote a book. he's calling us the same thing as hillary clinton. all you have to look at in this election is who is trying to do right and who is trying to give away the country and turn it into a socialist utopia?
8:57 am
this guy has no idea. thank you goodbye. guest: without sounding too defensive, i grew up in an evangelical home, a republican home. i spoke at tea party rallies. i wrote for right part news. i wrote for every conservative outlet you could think of. i was hired by ted cruz and john cornyn to make videos in campaign ads. more't know how to have conservative and evangelical ownentials than my published history. host: christine is in rhode island. good morning. caller: good morning.
8:58 am
can you hear me? good morning. i just want to say you are getting every target. i wasn't even going to call in. i had to. there was somebody from wisconsin. i've seen this from the in --ing, how they rot are keeping us divided. i am evangelical. i still follow certain pastors. it's about money making. i'm not going to say all of them. he is nothing but an entertainer. he has done it for years. he is a con man. host: we are short on time.
8:59 am
it guest: one of the reasons i don't talk about a lot of office,cals in elected cruz, theyand ted are the political side of it. my concern is related to the church side of it, not the people in office. host: your message in this book is what? guest: my bottom line is the faith that we are saying we are protecting in the voting booth is not the faith that jesus asked us to protect. he asked us to protect the meek and the week and to reach out and make christianity attractive to the world by -- world.
9:00 am
by merging it with politics, we are destroying that. evangelicals chose power over political power by ben howe. guest: thanks for having me. host: coming up is judge jeanine. ♪ week inis the biggest sheridan, economically, and and a tiny --entertainment wise. a few years ago, we were as dead as a doornail, so we decided we needed a rodeo to provide andomic opportunity
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on c-span, c-span3 and online at or listen live on the free c-span radio app. ♪ campaign 20, live carriage --coverage and make up your own mind. your unfiltered view of politics, campaign 2020. washington journal continues. is judgening us jeanine pirro, and her book, titled, "radicals, resistance, and revenge" and think you so much for being here. why did you write the book? last book,wrote my which really was about the upper echelon of the department of
9:03 am
justice and the fbi and the corruption i believe has gone on their, not the reich and file obviously, i stepped back and looked at what was going on. it was the kind of thing that i had never seen in my lifetime, and i realized it was all about radicals who were resisting what the american people did in putting trump in the oval office and then resisting everything he was doing, and it was all about revenge because hillary clinton did not win the 2016 election. remaket as a plot to america by the left. everything from the fundamental values, the constitution, the bill of rights, the criminal justice system, as well as the economic system. so the book is really a reflection of today, what the left has done in response to donald trump and how everything
9:04 am
has changed in a way that i have never seen in the how many decades i have been in law enforcement and politics. host: i have to ask you about the president, shortly after midnight this morning, re-tweeting your opening calling james comey a lion.g how much influence you think you have over the president? guest: i have known the president for almost 30 years. my husband was his lawyer and we spent time with them especially traveling back and forth with him on the weekends with our children, to florida, and we had a home there and he did as well. i know him as a good man. he has known me as a prosecutor and district attorney. i have been a prosecutor for 38
9:05 am
--30 years. we often talked about justice. whether or not the president takes my advice, and i very much i spent a that, but lot of time on that. as someone who spent many years in a courtroom, and you have an allegation, you have to back it up with facts, and that's what i do with my opening statements every weekend on fox on justice. my arguments are backed up with facts. if the president retweeted it, it must be that he must've liked something about it. i don't know that i have any influence over him at all. the president is the kind of man who likes to hear from a lot of different people and then makes up his own mind. i think that what many americans is not know, in his mind, he an incredible chess player. he knows all the steps long before they occur.
9:06 am
he will take advice and listen to people, then he is interesting in the sense that he will try something, send out a particular issue, see how it plays. he is a very smart man. the fact that he has been so successful in his presidency only two years in so far, is an indication of how smart he really is. without me or anyone else influence in him. host: do you think you speak his language in your program and in your book? guest: there been several newspaper articles where they will say that i speak his language. maybe we are both new yorkers and i don't put myself in his category. i am just kind of a no nonsense straight sugar --shooter. i don't waste time with niceties. i see things and call them as i see them. i think in a lot of things that
9:07 am
he sees, i see in a similar way. it's really very fundamental. when the president ran in 2016, he talked about law & order. interesting was because that's what i did for three decades. i said that's interesting, but now when i look back, i say he scient, who knew that that would be on attack, the blue line that separates the civilized from the barbaric society would be as thin as it really is. he was so right about that. that is the kind of thing that i have been talking about my career. things need to have consequences. in that regard, i agree with him. i think most people agree. that's why this outsider was elected president, because when he speaks, whether it is
9:08 am
politically correct or not, and i don't think it is, and i think that was refreshing for many people. sense, and in spite of everything, the truth is he is delivering on his promises and he makes sense to most americans. i suspect before you answer the question, before you even ask the question, 20/20, you will see that most americans still agree with him. host: from the book you write the following, for over two years the presidency has been under siege. our commander in chief subjected --on precedent a maligning unprecedented maligning by the mainstream media. guest: that's what i said.
9:09 am
from the day the president took office, from when he was president elect, the hate coming from the left was unlike anything i have ever seen. i want to make one thing clear. this isn't about democrat and republican. this is about american versus un-american, right versus wrong, respect for the president, for the office, for the system of justice. this man has not gotten one day in the oval office without incoming. i'm talking about the protests, when they started, with madonna saying i have thought about going up the white house and kathy griffith with the head of donald trump and johnny depp saying when was the last time and actor assassinated a
9:10 am
president? onn it was impeached 45, and the left they were saying we are not going to the inauguration, not going to show up. won the election fair and square. this didn't have to go to the courts. presidency, and that is the end of that. but they were not happy. they were so upset that they could not drag hillary clinton across that finish line, that the revenge and the venom was something like i had never seen before. then everyone around him, his family was not safe, his timeter-in-law, the first she was pregnant, they were saying i hope she has a miscarriage. i hope she falls down. when did america turn into a people so angry at someone civilly because he won the election?
9:11 am
having known the president for so many years, the fastening part is when you walked down the street with him 20 years ago, before even thought about being president, hardhats loved him. you would go to dinner with him, he would go into the kitchen and take care of people in the kitchen. he was kind, just a good man. al of a sudden, and he was guy that they wanted quotes from, they wanted to be with him, and the singers, everybody wanted to be in one of his hotels, his casinos. all of a sudden he runs for president as a republican and he is public enemy number one. what changed? one thing, he got into politics. the man they adored all of a sudden became the enemy. that's why i talk about the white house being under siege. i talk about the fact that everything he has done, he's
9:12 am
accused of being a racist, 90% of the press about him is negative. he did not even get a honeymoon. --a honeymoon time of one day. -- look at milani at trop elania trump, she is a lovely woman, and all of a sudden she's stupid and this and that. they are under siege, and yet the man gets up every day, he goes out and fights for america. what he has done is he has one. unemployment the lowest it's been in a century. lowest hispanics, employment --unemployment and
9:13 am
history. we've got a gdp that obama said 1% was the new normal, he hit 4%, then 3%, there are negotiations going on. he is taking on china. but everything is negative about him. host: our guest joins us from new york. we will get to your phone calls in a moment. ,emocrats, (202) 748-8000 republicans (202) 748-8001, one quick follow-up, does the president bear responsibly for the tone he sets? he has been a very divisive president. you talk about the partisanship in this country, doesn't the white house bear some responsibility? guest: the president makes it clear what he wants to do is keep us safe, gets jobs, he wants to make sure that the border is closed, no one has a right to come into this country.
9:14 am
it is a privilege, something that we grant. when he doesn't want people coming in, unless they get in line like everyone else, for the civil reason that we need to know who they are, what they have to offer us, like everyone else who waits in line, then he is a racist now? host: why do it as name-calling? guest: what are you talking about? aboutwhen he's talking members of congress should go back to where they came from, that tone. guest: you did not finish the quote, should go back and then come back and do it here. you didn't finish the quote. he did not say go back to where they came from, that they could go back and then come back and do it again here. that is the problem. he's accused of being a racist, but at the same time, they never finish the sentence that
9:15 am
explains he isn't. this man is the least recent person i know based on his history with people. do i think he is responsible? no, i don't think he is responsible. he has passion. he calls things the way he sees them. he is not going to take any gruff. he is a straight talking new yorker. host: from the book, he treats in the same way he treats any other political leader with whom he must negotiate. saying kind words about him is just part of his salesmanship. his opponents can spin it anyway he wants. he fights for the country and his style is working. let's get to phone calls. bob is joining us on the republican line. caller: good morning, judge,
9:16 am
love your show. i don't know if you have any books in the works, but i have an idea about climate change. you always hear about 97 percent of the scientists for climate change, and i would like you to interview them. when vice president biden trades in his cad light escalade -- cadillac escalade for a leaf or t, i will believe him. guest: what he talks about is the hypocrisy of the left, and the hollywood hypocrites and the fact that it's almost the left wants to tell us what we should drive and eat and where we should live, we should get rid of our airplanes. now we should not eat
9:17 am
hamburgers. when the greeng, aocdeal came out and started talking about the train house gas emissions and she said we get a net zero, and the reason we can't get total zero is because of the cow flatulence. sure enough, in a few days she said we don't need to eat hamburgers for lunch, breakfast and dinner. you will not tell americans what they can eat. the people on the left need to focus on what is important and one of them is not telling us how many hamburgers we can have, straws we can have, whether or not we should drive a car or not be able to fly on an airplane when people like the actors fly around and leave a
9:18 am
carbon footprint themselves in their private jets. the's hypocrisy that american people cannot deal with. this is what i will tell you what to do, but don't mind me. i will do what i want to do. host: i'm sure you saw this story from the hollywood reporter. this indicates that you are not allowed to appear with bill o'reilley. guest: yes. host: is your job safe at fox news? guest: let me make one thing clear, i have been at fox for about eight and a half years and i have a show where i'm allowed to do and say what i want. i have perfect freedom to say what i want. i have an opinion show. i love my show and i love
9:19 am
working there. a lot of people talk it --talk about what can or cannot be done. the truth is i am in a position where i can talk to millions of people, and i can give them straight talk that they have become accustomed to on saturday nights. i continue to do that. i have been on a book tour since my book came out. for manyto be at box more years. i have a long-term contract. all is well. the: this tweet from president from august 28 when he said that fox isn't working for us anymore, when he tweeted that, what was he referring to? guest: i don't know. you would have to ask him. i am not quite sure what that was about. i'm not trying to avoid the question. i really was not in the mix then. i don't know if i was away -- i think i was away.
9:20 am
you would have to ask him. host: this is kevin from colorado. good morning. caller: good morning. congratulations on your suspension from fox. you were suspended and you shared that with the audience. left, you attack the about us and what we do to you conservatives, he gets negative coverage because he lied and distorted, every single morning, every single day we have to tune idiocy thatl of this nation has never seen on the left or on the right. , you keepur network this alive. recently, just last week, you said the democrats are trying to
9:21 am
replace you. you are saying that you are predominantly -- you have an predominantly older white audience, one percent is black, probably less than that. host: let's get a response. the venom truth is coming from the left is clear every day, when they try to shut down the people on the right from saying their first amendment free speech, when they are taken off twitter and facebook, and the left demands people lose their jobs and shows, when the left, like debra messing said i want to out everyone who supports president trump so they never work in this town again. when the left gets to the point where they want to shut down free speech, and then don't want mars would bill
9:22 am
rather have a recessions so americans don't work. then you got this mccarthyism and the blacklisting from the left. you got to ask yourself, where is this coming from? the first amendment is a constitutional right. the united states has protected hate speech. they said specifically that is not just speech everyone agrees with that is protected. it is hate speech as well. and then there are these cowards who cover their faces and attack people on the right, a domestic terrorists organization, and the plea standdown because they are told like liberal mayors they cannot make arrests of people, and it just last month they were attacking people on a bus with a hammer. if you want to talk about the
9:23 am
fundamental freedom, they are being limited to the left. then you've got the constitution where when someone like brett kavanaugh is nominated to the supreme court, the closest thing to an altar boy i've seen an adult man in my lifetime, and then he is called a rapist, denied the presumption of innocence because he is a republican and a united states toator, a woman who belongs the most prestigious club in the world, she said all women need to be believed and mentioned just shut up. that is not the criminal justice system, not the system that we hold dear to our hearts. but when it is a republican on the right, trying to speak, then the major effort by the left is to shut them down and get rid of
9:24 am
them. i'm going to call it out whenever i see it. host: i want to get your reaction to some news, a headline from the washington post, the president calling off a television summit. he did so -- a taliban sub. summit. your reaction to the developments that the meeting has been canceled because now this is linked to the death of a u.s. soldier. that: not only linked to death, but several other --several other people as well. if the taliban cannot do a cease-fire through negotiation, then there's no way you can count on these people for a final deal that apparently was by thisd administration. i think the president was right to say, enough.
9:25 am
the president wants to bring the american men home. he doesn't have to have a deal, and he knows that. he knows when to walk away. we have seen him do it over and over. he's got leverage, knows how to use it, and america continues to be safe. of something that i did not answer in the one of the questions that was about putin. this president has imposed sanctions on russia more than any other president in the history of this country. i find it interesting that people say that the president is whatever,tin or because they want to make this collusion delusion that doesn't exist. in truth, it was barack obama who looked the other way and the
9:26 am
russians annexed crimea. it was barack obama who looked the other way when they invaded ukraine. it was barack obama who allowed for the sale during his administration of 20% of the uranium from america to russia with money going back to the clintons. it just occurred to me when i was talking about how this country is safe, whether you like this president or not. host: another point from the book, we are reaching a turning point that will forever determine our future. you have a decision to make. it's hard for many people to resist the siren song of socialism. guest: i did a chapter on socialism because in 2016, when bernie sanders ran and he said that he was a socialist,
9:27 am
h, and nowwent, o everybody pretty much as a democrat socialist. i don't know what really that means. in 2011, bernie sanders had on venezuela isbsite a classic example of how successful socialism can be. he hash, it's not, and since taken it down. in venezuela today you can see the results of socialism. animals.eating zoo women giving birth on the side of the road because there's no hospitals. there's not enough food. now they say, look at the scandinavian countries. them --ough and in analysis of them, which are far more free market than people realize.
9:28 am
socialism,call of lifee running around, that is good and it will be great until you run out of other peoples money as margaret thatcher said. a capitalist system. the economy is roaring. more jobs than people to fill them. i have talked about the fact that not just african-americans, but african-american women, never been more of them employed than under this president, if you recall, who said to that community, what have you got to lose? socialism to young millenials is something that is not seen for what it really is. is it a nice sounding term? nobody gets to work, everybody gets basic income.
9:29 am
i have a chapter in my book called the democrat cloud car or i don't know where these people are going, but they what a basic income. they want medicare for all illegals. in california they want medicare for all illegals, but californians need to pay for their own medicare. you want to talk about democrats, dirty needles, this is rats, garbage, a democrat run city. between their saying we want democrats to run the city, it's in ataking america to hell hand basket. it's not going to work. know if didn't california is a democratic run city, but you might want to think about that again. guest: oh, san francisco.
9:30 am
oh, you are correcting yourself. taliban, i'm asking a ,uestion, the taliban terrorist do you think it's ok to e with terrace, bring them to the united states, the people who supported the guy who did 9/11 to begin with, you think it's ok to negotiate with terrorists, and i grew up as a republican, and that used to be bad. you are saying it's good, bring the people who did 911 to the united states during the week of 9/11, the anniversary, and negotiate with them in secret. is that ok with you? when: did you feel the way
9:31 am
barack obama was negotiating with iran as they yelled kill all americans, or is it just a political thing? caller: i never voted for barack obama, so don't bring him into this. if you can't answer my question -- guest: i'm happy to answer your question. if we can bring our troops home and save them from the devastation that happens to our troops when they go abroad, our president will do whatever he can to do that. end, was no meeting in the was there? host: we have our color from michigan on the democrats line. i find that narrative portraying trump as a victim laughable. venomreplay some of the you spewed against obama.
9:32 am
whenr as the stable genius he went bankrupt, some seven times, but on the russia thing, michael flynn talk to the russians and lied about it. jeff sessions talk to them and lied about it, and manafort talk to them and lied about it. we can come to one of two conclusions, either they had something to hide, or they were just stupid. which is it? thanks for the call. guest: what the caller is talking about is the collusion , andion which bob mueller the left loved him, said there was absolutely no collusion. manafort is in prison for tax evasion and not registering as a
9:33 am
foreign agent and working with the ukraine. as for michael flynn, even the fbi agents who he spoke to said they don't believe he was trying to lie to them. i'm not going to go through each case. i can tell you if people want to collusion this russia delusion when the democrats were falling all over each other to swear that this president was a --sian asset and a fracturing of this country over the absurdity of that, it's just not worth the time anymore. it has been dispelled. truths nothing and no that has trump involved with that. russiawant to talk about collusion, let's talk about
9:34 am
fusion gps, cristobal still --this first deal, that document used to spy on an american citizen in order to get insight into the presidential campaign, paid for by hillary clinton. her money was laundered through a law few -- firm and then fusion gps hired a foreign agent to go after trump. aftersurdity of it all one side is investigated but not the other, is really disappointing for someone like me who is been a prosecutor and judge and district attorney for 30 years. furtheru take it a step by saying the following, why is that the chief justice john roberts reviewing what is obvious to the nation that a make-believe story paid for by hillary clinton laundered through a law firm written by a
9:35 am
foreign operative became a basis -- teresa joins us from tennessee. i know you thought you would get a fair shot here, but you get many more democratic republicans -- callers then you do republicans. host: that's not true. we get calls from democrats, .epublicans and independents and judge, you are welcome back any time. go ahead. iller: being a prosecutor,
9:36 am
feel that the democrats are attacking only white people's guns. i'm not racist, but we legally buy ourur guns, go to firearms, and i think this trump me and i think listens to you because but i fear that he does not see what is going on. no one is saying one word about taking the guns out of the hands in chicago,members philadelphia. to us it feels like an attack just on our white community because we do the right thing. just because the black people in these communities vote democrat, it's never mentioned. on 60 people being shot weekends by black people and innocent black people being shot in democrat say nothing about
9:37 am
that. i just feel this attack, and i would like to get your opinion. just for the record, we have had to democrats, two republicans and two independents in the last half hour. so we have been balance. asst: i've talked about this a judge, this black on black crime which does not get the attention that it should, and chicago is a classic example. other than that, i don't want to talk about race as it relates to guns. i am a proud gun owner. other guns, you may know how i feel about it. the united states supreme court is affirmed my right, and it a god-given right, a natural right. let's talk about chicago,
9:38 am
because i lived there for a few years. i go to the south side occasionally to meet with senior citizens who lived in the buildings there when i was doing a show there. , gunsoblem with chicago are illegal in chicago, so everybody thinks if you make guns illegal across the united states, there won't be any crime. hogwash. the perfect example is chicago. the reason chicago has so much gun crime is because the people who have the guns are all criminals. it's all illegal weapons. the only way to resolve that is to prosecute gun crime. the last time i checked in chicago, they prop --the prosecution of gun crime is low. you've got all kinds of criminal elements with drugs who got
9:39 am
these guns. the state attorney has to tell so lowis gun prosecution in that city. it's easy. i used to prosecute these cases. undercover,self an confidential informants, you squeeze defendants you have already arrested any do some gun trafficking prosecution. then you add time for any crime committed with a gun. all of a sudden the gun crime will go down. here is where the problem is, in the prosecution. when we have a criminal justice system with no sanctions, no consequences, no results, they will continue to have these guns. that's the problem. with a legal gun, and as a judge i used to sign pistol permits, they talk about insurance, and if you have to get this and that.
9:40 am
it's the legal gun owners who are being punished every time whackadoo kill someone. we are all being blamed. you and i have a right to have that gun. if there is a problem, and i agree we've got to look at some of these people committing these outrageous crimes. at the same time we have to recognize the average american citizen has a right to have a gun. host: this is carol from texas. good morning. caller: good morning. i really appreciate it. our president and our beautiful first lady, they went down to el paso, texas, and they posed with the baby that the fox news predicate -- reddick rhetoric -- rhetoric had helped to orphan.
9:41 am
this thing about tricks -- trump, about making america great again, it's about making america paid again. i see this all the time, i got news for you, these mexicans, they were the americans, that guy that went down to el paso to shoot a bunch of mexicans, he shot a bunch of americans. i am tired of this anti-immigrant, this rhetoric coming out of fox news out of people like you and coming out of our president. it's demeaning and beneath the office, beneath you. used to be a judge. you know better. it's time that that stopped. i refuse to accept your
9:42 am
recitation of the facts. you are dead wrong pride the notlem in this country is the color of anyone. don't accuse me of any kind of issue related to that. i have 30 years of prosecuting without fear or favor and making sure that hate crimes were vigorously prosecuted. i thought for hate crimes law. i was the first prosecutor in the history of new york state to convict a white person, a police officer of killing and african-american. stopped at hogwash as it relates to me. back to it, here's the issue, it's not immigrants. you and i and everyone else is an emigrant, got that?
9:43 am
only native americans belong in this country naturally. the question is, do you come legally or illegally? if you come illegally, there is a problem. we don't know who you are. we cannot vet you. we do know that 90% of the heroin into this country comes through the southern border. if that is the case, we should theble to decide and vet people coming through that border. in october of 2018, one hundred 44,000 people came through that border. that's bigger than a lot of cities in this country. don't you think that the social net in this country can only take so many? there's got to be at least one million, and we don't know who they are. they could be just people who want a better life.
9:44 am
i agree with that. there are also, just by virtue of percentages, people within that group whose criminal records we don't know. you don't know who they are, what their predilections are, their issues are, and they just come into the country and go into the interior of the country, and we end up educating them, housing them, giving them food stamps good we can only afford so much. anyone ofdare accuse racism and hate are there is a line, the illegals can get to the back of the line of the people who want to come to this country legally. they wait in line. they wait for a visa. they hire lawyers and learn american history, about what this country is about. they pledge allegiance to this country. they have something to offer.
9:45 am
then we accept them and naturalize them as citizens. forget about you and me and what we think. what about that group that is doing it legally? why are they entitled to just step over and ignore the laws and then, if you are an illegal committing a crime here, we will do a sanctuary city so that in the end, we protect you from being deported. who is at risk there? american citizens and other illegals are at risk. don't you dare accuse me because when i was a district attorney, i would go into the emigrant community and try to get them to work with me so they would who weree immigrants victimizing them because those victims would be afraid to come to law enforcement. what i would do is represent the victims to go after the illegals
9:46 am
who were victimizing them. i just want to finish. it's a lot more complicated than what you call it as racism trade i want to add one more thing, what happened and el paso was a crime. it was an outrage. the kind of thing that i prosecuted my whole career, those people were innocent victims, and we have to honor them, pray for their families, and the ripple effect on the community. your very quickly, reaction to some news breaking on this sunday after weeks of speculation, mark sanford will in fact challenge president trump in the republican primary. your reaction. guest: that's interesting. i don't have a reaction. he can do it. it's not going to matter. i don't believe he is anywhere near the caliber of the man --
9:47 am
or a woman, who should run for president. i don't know anything about him that even puts him in the league. let him. host: sheila from north carolina, good morning. good morning. judge, i love you. i guess i'm part of the 1% of african-americans that are your fans and watch your show. i find this so insulting, how liberals and democrats just go right to raise and can't wait to say something about race, something about race, but they are supposed to be the ones that are colorblind and they don't care about sexual orientation. it is such a crock, such a line.
9:48 am
i just want to say that you are just shooting with both barrels. i hope that is not not pc, but you are. you give it to them, girl. i would love for you to speak about this, because i just started checking up stuff on my list because i wanted to bring things up, and you just cleared the deck. the only thing i wanted to ask twitter, youbook, know what i'm talking about, the attack they are having on conservatives and what they're doing on the web. please just keep doing what you are doing, tell trump that he does have lacked people behind him. peoplewaking up --black behind him. we are waking up. keep fighting the fight.
9:49 am
i appreciate that. the silencing of people on the right--by people on the on facebook and twitter is frightening and unconstitutional. areust heard that there dozens attorney general's, bipartisan on both sides who are going to start looking at the and facebook,e some of those others, and the last time this happened was with microsoft. i didn't know how many years ago that was. i think we will start seeing some changes, but it is --i had dennis prager on my fox show last night, and he talked about he had the 10 commandments, and one of them
9:50 am
was how shall not kill. takenk twitter made them it down, because he used murder, and that wasn't allowed. it is all absurd. andpreciate what you said, we will continue to fight the good fight. people need to be able to dialogue. if the left this wants to shut speak, tell time we the cops to stand down, that's not america. that's not the way it's supposed to be. we don't do it to the left. you heard how angry people are on the left. it's amazing. host: a note regarding the back of the book, and these two pictures with you. meiser lancelot is standing very properly next to lancelot is standing next to me, and i have
9:51 am
a rescue. her name is stella. it is the first rescue i have gotten. i have had dogs my whole adult life. geta trump said you got to rescue, and my mom, who died, i dedicated my book to her, my mom. and they said you will never get as much appreciation from an animal as you will from a rescue. i tell you, every day this dog says thank you with her eyes. i love her to death. as a prosecutor, i prosecuted animal cruelty cases, and the canning -- county would not give a shelter. start some of these people had horses and goats, i had pigs and dogs and cats, and i'm just an animal
9:52 am
lover. my mom, who passed in april, she was my best friend and my moral core. i miss her every day. i can't say anymore. from texas,s lisa with judge jeanine pirro, good morning. caller: 44 minutes of hearing her, wow. i was hoping to speak with the justous guest, but i would advise the judge to read the to reviewport and this andr on, review see where the radel kills him
9:53 am
--radicalism and the hate is really spewing from. host: have you read the mueller report? guest: i have. i still have a copy on my desk. go ahead. don't understand what the question was. color on the a republican line. good morning. while i believe that the anger and the hatred on the left is because of hillary clinton losing the election, but when i think of president obama, and i did not vote for him, he had a dignity that you would want in a andident, in any leader, you knew that he would not ever do anything to demean the
9:54 am
office, but president trump, and i voted for him, but i will not again, with these tweets, is not acting like an adult. this childless -- childish mindset that i see scares me and it lowers the president and the presidency. so many people have said to the president, stop tweeting, especially at night, but if you see what has happened with the mainstream media, the president made a decision to go around the mainstream media on facebook and twitter, and he's got an incredible number of followers. he literally issues his own press releases, so to speak, through twitter. he is limited to so many
9:55 am
characters. i think what he does is he brings it in simple terms. when he decided to take on the press, people said that that was political suicide. it turned out it was not. if anything, he showed the press to be less than honest, the muchtream media to be very a part of the left. you may not like what he does and what he tweets, and certainly that is your business. i don't think you can disagree that every day the man is trying to make this country better and safer. how you carry yourself is one thing. results are another. you look at the economy, if you looked at who really worked with russia, compare the two presidents. rid oflooked at who got
9:56 am
isis, president obama called team, didn't know whether to this metal them or destroy them, none of which he did. caliphates in and the is gone in a matter of -- donald trump comes in and the caliphate is gone in a matter of time. it's your decision what you want betterbut for me, and my off now than i was four years ago? there's no question. i think americans will be asking themselves that. host: our last color from california on the republican line. caller: good morning. watch your show every sunday and saturday, and i want you to aller aboutst c
9:57 am
the president's tweet, he's not a politician, and he is getting to the core of the people that have been forgotten. i just want you to know, keep doing what you are doing. i am so proud of our president, and these republicans that are anti-trump, that's because the thing is, they just want it to go business as usual. people don't understand. this man is down to earth. yes, the tweets are the way they are, but i like them. he gets to the heart, and i am so proud that i have a president that is working for the people because like you said, we, the people, and democrats and liberals want to do away with we, the people. they want to control what we eat, what we drink and what we do.
9:58 am
host: very quickly to that point, i want to get this other book, -- excerpt from the and europe hate speech is prosecuted. the left would like to bring that thinking to prosecute in america. the reason is because it combats in the station --bullying, but in reality these laws silence voices and erase certain views. guest: first of all to to answer what alfred was saying, donald trump is the outsider president. it was the fact that he was not politically correct that fascinated americans, the fact that he is not beholding to anyone, not a part of a legacy. no lobbyist groups own him, all of that. that is why he is gotten such pushback because he does not
9:59 am
play the game where one hand washes the other. as it relates to hate speech, let me clean --let me be very clear, free speech is just that. it's --the supreme court has affirmed the fact that we have free speech, meaning they will protect hate speech, speech that no one agrees with because that is what our founding fathers insisted on. if we get speech that everyone agrees with and then there is that one lone voice that doesn't agree with that, and we say that that will not be allowed, that is as close to fascism i think as anything. what is happening in europe --i had a woman who was a victim of hate speech. she talked about -- i forget exactly what it was, maybe a religious leader preach he talked about a fact that was true and she was convicted and the high court affirmed the
10:00 am
conviction. if we start prosecuting speech that we don't like, then we are in a situation where we are no longer america. we need to have a different opinion could we can't just have one opinion. if that comes to america, which is what the left wants because they want you to speak in their little correctness, is the enemy of free speech. if they don't like the way you say something, and they say you have to say it a certain way, we no longer have free speech. we are no longer a free country. this is no longer america. host: the title of the book, radicals, resistance and the leftt -- revenge, spot to remake america, joining us is judge jeanine pirro. you have an open invitation to come back anytime. we would love to have you. thank you. guest: thank you. host: we continue the
10:01 am
conversation at 7:00 a.m. eastern time, 4:00 for those on the west coast. joining us tomorrow morning is gabby maura politico and mike. debt, ourdit card conversation with matt schulz. that is tomorrow morning beginning at 7:00 a.m. eastern. newsmakers is next. be sure to check out our book tv andon c-span3's american history tv. enjoy the rest of your weekend and have a great week ahead. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] with jb newsmakers poersch. president of the senate majority pack. then, debating the house of
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commons on brexit. >> this weekend on american history tv, this evening at 4:30 eastern, scholars on the history of u.s. policy toward iran and iran's nuclear program. at 6:00, historian dan albert talks about his book, are we there yet? the american automobile past, and present. explore our nations passed on american history tv, every weekend on c-span3. steve: joining us on newsmakers is jb poersch. he is the president of the senate majority pack. thank you for joining us. j.b.: thank you, steve. steve: let me begin with the senate republican leader up for reelection in kentucky. we have not seen him public in the last month because he fractured his shoulder as a result of a fall that took place


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