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  President Trump Delivers Remarks to House GOP Retreat  CSPAN  September 12, 2019 7:58pm-9:12pm EDT

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i wouldn't believe that story. anything's possible but i don't believe that. reporter: are there any democrats debating tonight that you have respect for? pres. trump: i respect all of them. reporter: all of them? pres. trump: i respect everyone. let me tell you, it takes a lot of courage to run for office. i respect all of them. see that? i'm getting to be much better as a politician. you never thought you would hear that answer. reporter: [inaudible] pres. trump: i think so. it depends on the democrats. it depends on whether or not the democrats want to take your guns away because it is a possibility not this is just a ploy to take your guns away or whether or not it is meaningful. if it is meaningful, we will make a deal. if this is a movement by the democrats to take your guns away, it will never happen. we will never let that happen. we will always be there for our second amendment. we are going to see. if the democrats want to make a deal, we can make a deal.
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thank you, everybody. announcer: president trump departing there for baltimore, and we are live in baltimore this evening, introductions are underway ahead of the president's remarks. mick, stand up, please. [applause] we are very proud of you, mick. all right. ago, the bit years -- the british troops after burning down the capital, they attacked fort mchenry right here in baltimore. a small force of american soldiers defended the fort. like the rest of our countries patriots, he fought for freedom,
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liberty, and against tyranny. the odds against them were vast. but they did not break under the onslaught of the british bombs. onslaught of the british bombs. the next morning, they lowered , and tattered battle flag in defiance of the raised a large 30 by 40 foot flag in its place. the message was clear, fort mchenry was still standing. the values that its defenders fought to protect were still standing and not just standing, they were victorious. francis got key witnessed this special moment, inspiring him to capture a significant in a poem whose lyrics later became the "star-spangled banner." that star-spangled banner yet wave over the land of
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the free and the home of the brave?" today some people find our flag and national offensive -- national anthem offensive but we know our history. we stand for our national anthem. we proudly salute our flag. most importantly we uphold and cherish the values they represent. this president, this conference, this country will always fight to protect freedom not only in our time but also for future generations. we must take our task and seriously as defenders of fort mchenry took theirs. i know we are up to the task because we have a very special president who is up to the task. who is meeting the challenge each and every day. please join me in welcoming the president of the united states of america, donald j. trump.
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proud to be an american where at least i know i'm free and i won't forget the men who died for game that write to me and i gladly stand up and defend her still today because there ain't no doubt i love this land god bless the usa ♪ you, everybody. some group. some group. [applause] mr. trump: winning is a good thing, isn't it? winning? "four moreng
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years"] mr. trump: thank you, it has been fantastic. a lot of power. a lot of power. thank you for your friendship and your devotion, to our nation . i am delighted to be here with so many terrific republican members of congress. you are terrific. i want to thank our amazing whiprship team, republican and one of the bravest men i know, steve scalise. thank you very much. [applause] conference chair liz cheney, thank you, liz. [applause] nrcc chair tom emmer. tom, thank you, tom. bill ferguson.ip
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great job. thank you, great job. aisles and want to proudly welcome our newest republican congressmen, people that thought a big fight and they are winners. they reacted so incredibly under pressure the world was watching. a lot of people were hoping for the opposite outcome but many more people were hoping for the outcome we had. a man who was not expected necessarily to win, then he was brutal and brilliant and did a andt job, now soon-to-be now congressman dan bishop for many years. thank you, dan. what a great job. what a great job, dan. man who fought so
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hard, and he was supposed to win won little tiny bit and he by a lot of points, it was a big victory and i want to congratulate you, greg murphy. he will be with you folks for a long time. they are special people. north carolina, thank you. it was some crowds that turned ,ut, like people never expected and it was a great evening of television. i would not say the fake news was too happy with the outcome of that is ok. we did it and worked together as a team. it was very inspirational for a lot of people to watch. everyone here tonight has a critical role to play in the final crossroads. havengress democrats embraced a dangerous agenda. radical socialism and open borders. democrats are determined to replicate the most catastrophic failures of world history right here in the united states.
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they have never learned. they have not watched. each of you in the house republican conference is on the front lines defending american freedom, american security, american prosperity and the american way of life. you are the ones doing the defense. hundreds of millions of our fellow citizens are counting on us and so help us, god, we will never, ever let them down. [applause] together we are going to fight historic rattles, and we have historic battles ahead of us. going to make our country even greater and we are going to win overwhelming victories for the american people. the spirit we have in the republican party, i don't believe has ever been this high. over the past 2.5 years we have already delivered unprecedented
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progress for citizens of every background and walk of life. now we must go directly to the american people to share the story of what we have achieved and to explain our bold vision for the future. working with republicans in congress, we slashed 30,000 pages of regulations from the federal register. [applause] and that is an all-time record and we did that in a lot less years. it is a record no matter how long the president's have served. we saved an average american $3000.ld earlier today my administration formally repealed the horrible, watersus anti-everything of the united states rule. [applause] thank you, louis. thank you, louis.
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[applause] thank you. i always say the only thing that had going for it was the title. i said i am the only one that would find this, but it was a good thing we did, right, louis? government will no longer try to micromanage every rain puddle and drainage ditch on private land. they took your land away from you. we enacted the accountability act so anyone who mistreat or abuses our veterans can be promptly fired. [applause] there was a time you could not --e anyone know how matter anyone know matter how much they
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stole or were satanist, and we had some of those. you could not fire them and now we can do it quickly and easily. they don't treat them well, we get them out. 600ave removed 7000, employees and give our veterans the care they deserve. we are also very proud to tell choice which is something special, they have been trying to get it for decades and decades, choice so more veterans have the right to see a private doctor if they have to wait in a line, instead of three or five weeks with numbers you would not believe, you are sick, not feeling well and they say come back in four weeks. now you go to a local doctor of your choice, by the way. else were they said you could have your doctor and you can have your plan 28 times. that didn't work out too well. you can see a doctor, we pay the
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anl and it has been incredible thing. what is happening at the v.a. has been really something special. you just see it. all you used to see and read about was how bad the v.a. was run, and i don't hear the stories anymore. people will run out and start trying to find somebody. who is unhappy? thousands and hundreds of thousands, please call us immediately and that is the problem. people are really happy. what we have done there is incredible. we achieved record funding to restore the height of the american military, $700 million last year, and now just to prove , thank you very much, $700 billion next year, more money by far than ever before. [applause] moneymember that is all
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that is built in the usa. we build it right here. .merica is respected again our nation is stronger today than ever before. we have the greatest equipment. we have people with spirits like they have not had. we have the greatest equipment. our equipment 2.5 years ago was old and tired, ammunition was low, our planes did not fly well or at all. now we have beautiful new planes and jets and fighter jets and bombers, and we have hopefully everything -- hopefully we don't have to use them much or at all but we have the greatest military we have ever had. [applause] and together, so importantly we ended the last administration 's heartless war on american
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energy for all the folks in texas. you are happy, plenty of other places but you are happy. the u.s. is the number one energy producer anywhere in the world by far. [applause] for the first time in more than 60 years, we are now a net exporter of american natural gas. [applause] we are ending decades of foreign energy reliance to unleash the blessings of american energy independence. we are really, if you look at what is going on in certain countries in the middle east, and you look at the streets, and ,ou see the ships -- straits and you see the ships being taken away -- iran is much different.
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number one, they would not take them. they better not. number two we don't have many there. we used to be flooded. we used to get everything there. now it is a whole different story. we are very energy independent. we have invested billions of dollars to combine -- combat the opioid crisis and those struggling with addiction to find access to treatment, education and employment, tremendous problem. we have had success with opioids , not that it goes away but foring very strongly something that can really take away the pain without being addictive and we are getting close. this is a -- people go into the hospital for a week and come out drug addicts. they come out addicted. it is a terrible thing but we are working hard and getting close, finding a painkiller that is not addictive. for the first time in three
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decades drug overdose deaths have declined over 30 years. [applause] first time. thanks to the entire republican team in congress, we passed biggest tax cut and reform in american history. [applause] and we are now working on a middle tax, a tax cut for the middle income people that is going to be very inspirational. it is going to be something that i think is what everyone is looking for. we will be announcing it in the next year. it will be a very substantial tax cut for middle income folks who worked so hard. we will work on it altogether. you see what the other tax cut has done and frankly i am not sure but i would say the regulation cuts, the massive cuts in regulation, still have
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plenty of regulation but the massive cuts equal the tax cuts in terms of jobs and and businesses. the combination of everything worked because we probably have right now the strongest economy in the history of our nation. [applause] and what the media is trying -- they want a recession so badly. the word, and every time they go after us, the market goes up. you have got to explain this to me. we are very close to having another stock market record. went up again today. recordsit is over 100 area days where the stock market hit in the history of our country all-time highs. it is over 100. i will get the exact number but it is really something. three weeks ago if you listened it was like doom and gloom. i don't think they believed it,
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but that is ok. we are doing very well with china. to dowould like something. we are taking in billions and billions of tariffs and they are eating the cost. it is not being borne very much by us. billions and billions, money flowing in. we never have taken $.10 from china. supply chains are being broken like toys and people are leaving and millions of jobs in china are being lost. we don't want that but we want a fair deal. we have lowered our business tax for one of the highest in the world to one of the most competitive. returned trillion have to our shores, $1 trillion, part of what we did. we doubled the child tax credit. [applause] you to a number of people
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for that, but especially the ivanka trump. it was important to her that she understood jaron is here, but she understood what that meant. she worked so hard. we created opportunity zones to revitalize the distressed communities. tim scott was fantastic and many other senators who worked hard on that but tim scott in particular really worked hard, south carolina and we thank tim. they are doing numbers nobody believed possible. so much money is going into areas that have never seen money in a long time. we eliminated obamacare's cruel and unpopular individual mandate. [applause] since our election in 2016, we have created 6 million new jobs including one million manufacturing, energy and
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construction jobs. remember when president obama said forget manufacturing, not going to happen. we have almost 600,000 in terms of manufacturing jobs and nobody thought that was possible. as soon as we get the trade stuff perfect the way we want it, only sign it when it is really good, we do until you see what happens with this economy. we are ready to really rock it even more. , theo from election night day after, november nine, and you look at the numbers on stock markets, over 50%, through one case are -- 401k's are through the roof. whatever it may be, numbers they have never had before, no one seen anything like it. this is when we are fighting would we havee, this great military and we
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defend countries that are immensely wealthy and they don't help us out. they don't pay us for almost anything. we are talking to those countries. they are our friends and allies. sometimes our allies treat us worse, but we don't let that happen. takes a little getting used to because no one has ever asked them. we are defending your country, you are rich as can be, you have to pay a little bit. they go no. no. mr. president, got to pay. you got to pay. the answer is, but nobody has ever asked us to do that. that is why i am different. [applause] i say tell me why we are defending you for free. why a tiny fraction of what it costs, then you take advantage of the united states for many years on trade. so we get killed with trade, we
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get killed defending your nation. tell me, mr. president, mr. prime minister, king or queen, why are we protecting your go, but nobodyey has ever asked me that. they can't think of an answer. the only thing they say all the time, because it has always been that way. i say it will not be that way any longer. you got to pay. it is true. [applause] not going to be that way any longer. last month we were 600,000 people joined our workforce for the first time ever, most new and women.inorities nobody knows that because the media doesn't get that across. [applause] more than 7 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps and we now have a 13 straight months of wage gains of
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at least 3%. [applause] think of that. during the campaign i used to say people would go back 21 years, when i was running, and they made 21 -- more money years ago that they were making 2.5 years ago. they were making more money. etihad two jobs and even three jobs. not anymore. african-american, hispanic american unemployment have reached the lowest rate ever recorded in the history of our country. [applause] i wonder if that will be mentioned during the debate. i don't know. i have a feeling -- kevin, you think they will be talking about that? it is a good debate point. they hit me left and right, i will say african-american unemployment is the lowest it has ever been.
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thank you very much, good luck. is afterer good one african-american and hispanic american poverty rates have also reached the all-time in our history record lows. how do you lose this debate? how do you lose this? it is a tough one to beat also. our pledge to the workers are securing commitments for 13 million employment and training opportunities for american citizens. we have the greatest companies in the world and they are training people -- government can't really train them. we are training people through these programs where we are walmart is an -- example and so many others. we are going to the companies and they are taking people and training them. no one can train them, only the company itself.
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13 million people and it is something beautiful to see. we gather to celebrate these extraordinary gains. we have done things i don't think any administration has come close to. we have done things that few have thought about doing, but we need to prepare for the coming fight because the traditions and beliefs that have made the dream possible are under attack like never before. you have never seen anything like it. i have never seen anything like it. house democrats are pursuing the most radical far-left program ever put forward in that historic chamber. it is the democrats and it is the media. we are fighting two battles. the democrats and the media. it is as if they are one because they are one. they are working together. they are colluding and they are
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extracting. obststract -- they are ructing. with the grim specter of socialism descending on the democrat party it is up to all of us to ensure the survival of american liberty. we have a very big task. people say you are going to beat this one or that one, they are so far-left. it is hard to beat a socialist when you have a wealthy country. we have a wealthy country. when they say we will give away your health care, we will do free education, we will cut student loan debt down to nothing, $1.6 trillion out the window, everything is given away, then they say we don't have to raise your taxes -- if you pay five times what people are paying you would not come close. we are working hard on a place
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called venezuela. 15 years ago it was one of the wealthiest and today they don't have food or water or anything. they don't have anything. we are sending things to help them on a humanitarian basis and we are working with columbia and other nations to help the people that have been able to essentially escape but that was socialism. look what happened to them in a short time. issue after issue americans must choose between fundamentally different visions that will define our nation for many generations to come. more than 130 democrats in congress have signed up for the bernie sanders total government takeover of health care. crazy bernie. he is a crazy guy. when french -- which would dramatically raise middle-class taxes, eliminate private health insurance for 180 million
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americans and destroy medicare forever. republicans will always protect medicare for our great seniors who earned it and paid for it, and we will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. [applause] 228 house democrats voted to put america back into the disastrous paris climate accord. how is that working out for paris? the yellow vests. they didn't like all of that money being sent to people that they had never heard of the country from which they came, and hasn't been working out well but that would have been a disaster for us. it would have cost us a tremendous fortune. they were going to take away our wealth and say we can't do certain businesses. we can't take new orleans gas. we can't do anything.
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this would happen one of the great travesty. that and the clean waters act didn't give you -- today we have the cleanest air, the cleanest water we have ever had in the history of our country. [applause] just for the press because they will get me, let's say over the last 25 years. i would say the first few years they had cleaner air and water because there was nobody here. i have to be accurate but they will not put it on, they won't put the second part on. they won't put the explanation on. we have clean air and water. the paris accords would do nothing to improve our environment. it would only punish our country while foreign people operate with impunity. you look at china, india, russia and other places, smokestacks pouring out, everything is
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pouring out. we are going to be clean, but isn't it sort of naive -- then they talk about plastic straws. what about the plate, what about the wrapper made out a much tougher plastic? we have not gotten to that. just straws. some day you will explain that to me, louis. you are a big environmentalist. can you explain the straw? they can't explain it. we did a couple of things. we are working on cars because for a virtually insignificant amount of energy will be able to produce cars that are substantial by $300,000 or so cheaper, less expensive, much safer, because the heavier -- they are heavier, stronger, not made of papier-mache.
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heavy, strong and they will cost a lot less money. people said what is with the lightbulb? here is a story. i looked at it. the one we are being forced to use -- number one to me most importantly, the light's no good. i always look orange, and so do you. the light is the worst. number two it is many times more expensive than that old incandescent bulb that worked very well and very importantly i don't know if you know this, they have warnings. if it breaks, it is considered a hazardous waste. it is gases inside. read what they say. if it breaks, bring it to your local whatever, have it wrapped -- what are we doing?
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i said to one of the people today, they break a lot, so what do they do -- they throw them away. they call it hazardous waste, but many times more to expensive -- it is many times more expensive and the light is not as good. we are going to sell that but we are going to sell incandescent bulbs and people are happy, it has been amazing. [applause] .eople don't tell you why they say he is getting rid of an energy-efficient ball. they don't tell you about the dangers of the bald and the cost of that bold. over 100 democrats signed up to support the $100 trillion green new deal. that is a beauty. planes, iws, no more guess no more people. because kevin is just like a cow , just smaller. >> [laughter]
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mr. trump: i had to pick somebody and i looked at that beautiful, political face of yours. a little truth to that. democratsened -- i say it ist incredible. aoc.are standing behind i call her cortez. you don't have time to go through the whole name. her name is cortez. i called her aoc and the others aoc plus three. aoc plus three. that is the definition. i see what she is talking, she is going through this deal that is so insane but i don't want to talk about it. i hit pocahontas too early. i thought she was god. she has emerged on the ashes and now it looks like she could beat sleepy joe.
8:32 pm
he has no idea what he is doing or saying. president xi of china, he is tough. he is a. kind of a guy. great guy but he is dying to see -- he wants sleepy joe. imagine this, those guys in a room. here is xi. hi. here is sleepy joe. where am i, where am i? just sign here. like you guys have been doing the last several years, let us take money out of your account and keep rebuilding china with america's money. stoppingthings are that are bad, foolish and crazy. but we won't let democrats obliterate domestic industry and cripple working-class families with skyhigh energy prices. democrats are proposing to pack the courts with laws and activist judges.
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look at these. doing well, lately we are doing well. [applause] signed the 150th judge, federal judge. [applause] including court of appeals in two great supreme court justices. think about it. [applause] and yesterday, coincidently, we just won the asylum case, the big one, the big one. so it it in a vote of 7-2 wasn't a very close one. and to me, so importantly, because we want to build that wall, we are building that wall because three months ago we got
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the case on the wall. that wall is being built and it is being built rapidly, and we hope to have as much as 500 miles of wall built by the end of next year, 500 miles. that is a lot. that is about what we want. despite is being built the most obstructive group of people i have ever seen. if they want to run their , theygn with open borders want to run their campaign on some of the things they are saying, green new deal and all it entails, i say let them go. don't criticize too much, please. one thing i have learned about politics, you can say something insane but is absolutely , like they are saying, then two weeks later say the opposite and no one will ever call you on it.
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you are in the craziest business i have ever seen. you can do whatever you want and two weeks later they will say something different. i want to bring them down the pike before we start criticizing the green new deal. i want to say because we are on television, even though i guess they should be watching the debate but probably watching us -- we have a lot. see those cameras? we kicked reporters out but those cameras, we are on live. the green new deal, we want that thing to go as long as it can because anyone that can win office promoting the green new deal, they deserve to win. they got to be really good and have the greatest line of crap anybody has ever had in the history of politics. their delivery has to be -- lousysometimes
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politicians, but they have one thing that is incredible, they stick together. you people have to stick together. we have more spirit with our congress men and women than we have ever had that i see. you are in a small -- just a little short of taking the majority. you are going to take it. you are going to take the majority. [applause] dan, dan bishop, and craig murphy, they will tell you because they saw what happened. we went into those communities and they went out to vote like no one has ever seen. i will staff in every community i can. we will make a list -- i got a lot of energy. you don't have the energy, you can forget that one. every says i got to rest for a couple of weeks after two stops. let me rest. stairs, she did
8:37 pm
not like airplanes, she did not like a lot. she said i don't have to go to wisconsin to campaign. her husband was a pro. doing int they were wisconsin, i don't like it. a lot of those trump and trump hence signs, a lot of them. i don't like it. don't worry about it, darling. wisconsin will be fine. the winner of wisconsin is donald trump. . lot of signs, she said in michigan there were a lot of signs in the long. signs all over the place. got to go back to michigan more often. michigan hasn't been won for decades by a republican. my people tell me great. i don't know who her people were. if they ever threaten me with that that i colluded with her people that i could understand. that i could.
8:38 pm
because they told her don't go back to michigan. don't go back. won the greatas state of michigan. donald trump has won the great state of pennsylvania, great state of north carolina, the great state of florida, the great state of south carolina. remember they said we would lose texas. they didn't say that. they are crooked as hell, but they did say texas is in play. game,somewhat new to the i said let me ask you a question. what does it mean and they say it is in play? it is too close to call. i am six or seven months at this thing. texas is in play. i went to make a speech, we had a line miles long.
8:39 pm
everybody was telling me a great guy got into texas, wearing his big cowboy hat, i wish we could wear them -- no one would look at my hair and criticize. you ever notice in texas they wear the hat -- i would do that. i wouldn't have to worry about ,airspray or my hair blowing beautifully blowing in the wind. this guy is on television, strong texas guy and they ask him about the race being so close like five months before the election. he said i don't know where you come from but i come from texas. one of the things i will tell you for real, this race is not close at all. trump is going to win by a lot. get to the evening and they are saying texas is in play, it is too close. the polls close at 8:00. unless you have a huge commanding lead -- it takes an
8:40 pm
hour or three before they say won. the polls have closed, donald trump has won the state of texas. like six months, then today i heard it again. i think it was buttigieg. edgesaid -- boot and then -- no one can pronounce his last name. nobody. the judge. trump.y buttigieg and what i've done for energy, if anyone beat me in texas -- i don't think rockefeller could beat the in texas. the real rockefeller, the first rockefeller. he would have a hard time. buttigieg -- he is doing a rotten job running his own city. lousy job. buttigieg is two
8:41 pm
points up in the state of texas against president trump. . said i don't think so i don't think so. i don't worry about that too much. you think buttigieg's winning texas? i have had him up to hear. -- here. democrats care more about illegal aliens and their own constituents. know our duty is to american citizens. democrats voted against'kates 's law andinst kate the charge about gun possession which was like -- got away with murder, can you imagine? it is not over yet. to lace inible thing
8:42 pm
san francisco, holding her others hand and saying, what happened, can you imagine the shock of it? that is incredible. this low life gets out. gets out. people all over the world see that and say what is wrong with united states of america when they see that? last year more than 80% of house democrats refused to support our heroes, ice and nearly every house to mcgrath voted in favor of sanctuary cities allowing illegal aliens with severe criminal records to terrorize innocent communities and these guys were tremendously successful in north carolina because all we kept doing was saying the governor and all of these democrats, right, all of the democrats want sanctuary cities and they let somebody out fairly recently and that somebody wreaked havoc.
8:43 pm
i will tell you, it was so horrible. instead of taking him, getting him to ice, but i will tell you the folks at ice and border patrol and law enforcement, they are not treated properly and we respect them, most americans really respect them. [applause] you know we have ms 13, the toughest people you have ever seen but not as tough as ice. ice runs in to their nests. they call that a nest. they don't like guns because they are not paid for in a. they take young people, slice
8:44 pm
them up, beautiful, young and in a case, 16-year-old young girls walking home from school. they took them and sliced them up because it was more painful. animals. collusive attacked me because i called them animals. she said they are not animals, they are human beings. i don't think so. ice will go into a nest. they call it a nest. we have a lot of them congregated, up to no good and ice will run into the nest like it is, like they are having breakfast with their family monday morning. they are tough and they are patriots and love our country and we are throwing out ms 13 by the thousands. we are getting them out of our country. [applause] even tough sheriffs say,
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better than they do it. i agree with them, better than they do it, the sheriffs agree but they say better that they do it. then the democrats want to keep them around and actually take care of them and protect them. i don't know, tell me if it is good politics and i don't care about the politics. it is so bad for our country but if you told me you could win borders, -- we take thousands of people, really bad people. public servants like a sacred pledge to defend the nation and its people, politicians who support sanctuary cities, have forsaken the solemn vow instead of making a shameful fact to shield and harbor criminal feuded -- fugitives. they will do it at any cost. people in california, they don't
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want sanctuary cities. it is the politicians that want them. a lot of the people are revolting. they don't want sanctuary cities. they can't be safe in sanctuary cities. they are protecting criminals. in july, montgomery county, maryland declared itself a sanctuary city for criminal aliens, forcing local jails to release these dangerous inmates instead of safely handing them over to ice. ice will take care of the rest. two months later eight illegal aliens have been arrested for rape or sexual assault of a minor. last month local officials in montgomery county released and accused terminal alien rapist ice'she streets, defying powerful request to turn them over to them.
8:47 pm
have in march, in durham north -- a shortarrested time later that same illegal alien was charged with murder of a 19-year-old woman in georgia. -- theseappening over are stories i could give all day long. i love the angel mom's. i love those women. women and families i got to know a lot of. they have suffered. they are scorned by the radical left. who could score and a person who lost their daughter, put in an ashcan and burned? likefind the person and is who can even, who could go through what they have? it happens a lot. far worse than what i'm telling
8:48 pm
you tonight, far worse. democrats believe our cities should be sanctuaries for violent criminal aliens. republicans believe our cities should be sanctuaries for law-abiding americans. [applause] democrats also believe any illegal alien who merely sets foot on u.s. soil should be automatically released into the interior of the united states and given free health care for life. these policies impoverish u.s. immunity's while enriching human smugglers, traffickers and vicious criminal cartels. 208 house democrats, 90% of the caucus, voted against notifying ice when an illegal alien tries to buy a gun. democrats want to confiscate guns from law-abiding americans so they are defenseless when someone walks into their house
8:49 pm
with a gun. whatever you want. whatever you want. i am defenseless. whatever you want. how crazy is this? republicans will forever uphold the fundamental right to keep and bear arms. [applause] thank you. the agenda of the democrat party is the demolition of the american middle class, because that is what happens. a republican agenda is to make our neighborhoods safer, families stronger and our middle-class bigger and more prosperous than ever before, and we are on our way to doing it, but we have to win this next
8:50 pm
election. i said the other day, i don't know if anyone said it before, sounds like it should have been said many times before but it is like a plant. you grew the plant, put it in but it has not really grabbed on yet. he will not. it needs time. we need time. we have done tremendous changes, tremendous, and we will do other changes, great other changes. we need the additional time to let it grab on because they will destroy what we have done. we can't let that happen. you won't have energy, business, jobs, income, it will be a disaster. you have to fight like hell. i tell the story of a man who , always hateds me me and i always hated him. can't stand that guy. >> [laughter] mr. trump: i meet him and he is
8:51 pm
working with my people on helping us out with fundraisers and everything. i say what are you doing here? trying to help you get elected. i said you got to be kidding me. i said, you do have no choice. you don't have a choice. he said i really respect what you have done over the last three years, almost three years now. i respect you. it has been great for business and jobs. i have more people working than when you became president and it is a credible what has happened. for the first time in my life i liked this guy. >> [laughter] guy. but no, he is one of many. i was joking one-time, walked up to -- i said i don't have to make a long speech. whether two like me --
8:52 pm
you like me or not makes no difference because our country will go to hell if any of these people get in. it will go to hell. i'm going to leave, i joked, then i came back and talked but i said i was joking but i am really not. you have no choice. the income of the seine -- worstner they are, the they are doing. the left will take your money, they will take and hurt your families. i don't think people could allow that to happen. we have a country that is doing i think better than ever before, the economy the strongest it has ever been, military, all of the things we have discussed and you have to fight so hard that we win this election. i had a big meeting on ethanol and the farmers. it was incredible.
8:53 pm
chuck grassley was there and joni ernst, mike downs, a group of great people. room.itting around the ben sasse, who has become good -- we had arguments before but doesn't matter, ben sasse was there. had a great group of people. as we were sitting in the oval office talking about farmers, i realized all of these people have to make sure that we win because farmers will be totally put out of business. many businesses will be put out. i don't even know what they are thinking. what are they doing? some of the people -- set to some of the people, strong republicans, i said you really have to make sure that we win because if you don't, this country is in such trouble.
8:54 pm
i used to talk about 2016 as being a very important election and it was. is -- i willy this never say more important but i can almost say of equal importance because everything we gainsone, and the biggest are to come because the hard work of getting it approved, you were involved, it was so hard. we got things done. the tax cuts, all of the things had healthwould have care done and we will get it done if we get back the house and keep the presidency. we would have had health care done except for -- [applause] we had one little surprising vote late in the evening but we would have had it done. we would have had it done and we will get it done in the house. even on health care we have done an incredible job. the mandate and all of the other
8:55 pm
things we have been able to do. we are fighting for everyday citizens who work hard, raise their children, follow our laws, serve our communities, respect our police and believe in america with their every ounce of their heart, their soul. we are fighting to protect their jobs, defend their families and to ensure their children can the american dream. the republican party is actually loved in this country, and i think in a certain way loved like never before because they see we are fighting for this country, what we grew up with, the values that we want. party, somean people take it for granted but you are loved. i see it all the time. i saw it in north carolina, backstage, so many people have said thank you for saving our nation.
8:56 pm
when you have done is incredible. some of the things you have done in a short time is pretty incredible. [applause] first duty is to care for its own citizens and that is why we are working to give the american people a high quality -- this is what is going to happen. a low-cost health care system with more transparency and we are doing transparency. you have seen that. a man who came in who is an expert, tremendous man, who i have a lot of respect for. he said transparency. explain transparency, sound simple. i got it done. this is where people can go to hospitals and price and pick their doctor. he said this is bigger than any health care you can do. it will be put into effect. the secretary is doing an incredible job. it will be put into effect soon.
8:57 pm
people are able to go and negotiate the price is. you have poorer stories where a woman will cut her hand and go into a hospital -- don't ask how much but go into a hospital and have the hand and then they get billed $5,000 and don't have $5,000. the horror stories are unbelievable, and we went through it, some of you in the room, when i did signings. we are having transparency where you can have lists of prices, some problem, they list it. you can negotiate prices. you can go to the drugstore and say, we want to see how much is that -- right now you can't do that. they don't let you do that but now we do. we have done a lot. right to try is something we have done. [applause] you have to see the results.
8:58 pm
illrson can be terminally in the old system and we could have a drug that we know works but will take another year of testing until the person, sorry, you can't use that because it may hurt you. it will kill you, you are terminally ill. they wanted to do this for 45 years. it is not as easy as all of that. the country was worried they would sue the countries. the doctors were worried they would sue the pharmaceutical companies. they got everyone into a room. what we do is sign an agreement where we guarantee in our tough agreement where you guarantee we have no liability, the doctor has no liability, the pharmaceutical company has no liability and various other things and everybody is happy. they said we don't want to run the risk. if a person is terminally ill --
8:59 pm
we don't want them on the list because they do a list of success. when a person is very, very sick knew the end of their life, terminally ill, we don't want that person on our list as a sample. i said i understand so we won't have that person. he will not have that person. -- you will not create -- very, sick terminally ill people but for your list -- they said well, we like that and we got it signed. you have to see the success. , allto go to asia, europe over the world if they had money. most people did not have money so they would go home and die. ,ow they have the right to try and i will congratulate you on that because you were the ones who did that job and greg was great, wherever he is. you stood up fast.
9:00 pm
that is good. thank you, greg. i called greg and said, you got to get it done. it wasn't easy. we had more people coming at us. thank you very pres. trump: that is why we are ending years of economic surrender and we are confronting china's chronic trading abuses. past people let them loot our economy, racking up trillions and trillions of dollars in trade deficits. now, the world is on notice that people are not going to be able to do that to the united states anymore. they get it. they come to me, and they see me. the leaders, i know them all. some of them, i have great respect for. some, i do not get along with as well. there was a poll that obama is more popular in germany than i am. i said, of course he is. he is not saying to germany, you
9:01 pm
have to pay us for the military, and why are you paying billions and billions of dollars to russia for a pipeline coming in that we defend? we paid billions of dollars to russia, and then we defend germany from russia. does that work? work? does that give russia billions and then we defend you. that is a wonderful deal. we have plenty of those. that is one of the better ones. with your help, we will also achieve an historic victory for the american farmer, rancher, and workers by replacing the horrible disaster. to me, one of the worst deals ever, nafta, and we are replacing it with the usmca, which really is better. [applause] pres. trump:pres. trump: got to get it up for a vote. i got to put it up for a vote. the democrats are going to vote for it. unions love it. farmers love it. i would say unions like it, but they like it. we hate nafta. it is their all-time least --
9:02 pm
manufacturers love it. the farmers are desperate for it. it is so important, and that it bipartisan. i told nancy pelosi -- nancy plotted up for a vote. you have to do something other than try and impeach somebody that did not do anything wrong. you have to. [laughter] pres. trump: i said it is hard to impeach somebody who did not do anything wrong. "the mueller report is out!" after is no collusion" two and a half years. russia said, you know, if we really did pick him, we made a real bad choice. [laughter] pres. trump: think of it. aboutonight, i am talking -- we have the strongest military. we are spending billions and billions. strongest military, right? we have the strongest energy. hillary wanted windmills. she wanted solar. solar is fine. you know, small potatoes compared to what we are talking about. does not have the power that you need.
9:03 pm
i love solar. i think solar is good, but it is limited. the wind is very expensive because you put up this windmills -- they are made in germany and china. think of the pollutants that go in the air when they are making these massive steel things. if it is anywhere near your house, your house goes way down in value. try dropping a windmill somewhere close to your house. try selling your house. they make noise, they kill all the birds. the energy is intermittent. you happen to be watching the democratic debate and the wind is not blowing, you are not going to see them. what happened to this debate? [laughter] pres. trump: he says, darling, the wind is not blowing. that when mel stopped. that windmill stopped. republicans know that american true backbonehe of america. that is why i was the first president to propose nationwide paid family leave in my budget.
9:04 pm
very important. [applause] pres. trump: women want it. our goal is to ensure that every american family enjoys an amazing quality of life. together, we are going to fix our housing finance system. we are working on that very hard to protect the dream of ownership for the next generation. we are going to make new cars more affordable and much safer. my administration will issue standards that will save families thousands and thousands, as i said, of dollars per car. we are going to fight for the future of cities like baltimore that have been destroyed by decades of failed and corrupt rules. the left-wing agenda of total government domination crushing regulation, crippling taxes, unrestricted migration, and -- i mean, think of this. it is undermining all law
9:05 pm
enforcement. they undermine law enforcement, and they devastate america's enter cities. they have been -- inner cities. even the cities like los angeles, look at what is happening. it is like -- look at what is happening! francisco, take a look at what is going on, and we are going to have to step in to do something about it because we cannot allow that to happen to our great cities. los angeles is a great city. we cannot allow it. in the not-too-distant future, we are going to step in. we are not going to allow it to happen where major companies are leaving their cities. leaving our country when they see that! you walk in, they pay a lot of rent. they walk into a beautiful building, the best street in california, and you have a site that nobody-- sight can believe and we are going to have to do something about it, and we will do something about it. we are going to give them notice. we gave them a notice today. clean it up!
9:06 pm
you got to do something. we cannot have it. these are our great american cities, and they are an embarrassment, what democrats have let happen. republicans want to rebuild our inner cities and provide a future of limitless opportunity for all americans. and republicans believe that parents should have the right to send their kids to the school of their choice. [applause] so just in: wecluding, and everything do, republicans are fighting for the values that bring us together as one nation under god. we support, protect, and defend the constitution of the united states. we stand up for the heroes of law enforcement. we reject globalism, and we embrace patriotism. we believe that there is no treasure on earth more valuable than our american citizenship. we believe --
9:07 pm
[applause] pres. trump: -- that children should be taught to love our country, honor our history, cherish our heroes, and always respect our great american flag. these are the values that unite us tonight. these are the values that bind our country. these are the values the american people share deep in their souls. and these are the values that republicans will champion all across the land. and that is what is happening, and that is why people love what you are doing. that is why people are loving the republican party again. [applause] is to bemp: our task truths,t to these certain to this vision, bold in our actions, and forever loyal to the citizens we serve. our mission,ue to
9:08 pm
and we have to, and we have to stick together, like they do, they got nothing else on us, but like i said, they stick together. if we remain firm in our convictions, if we always put america first, then there will be no limit to the progress that we will make, no bounds to the good that we will do, no ceiling on the heights that we will reach, and no and to the victory -- end to the victories we will achieve. we will win, win, win, and we will keep on winning. you know, i tell that story, and some people love it, and probably, some do not, but i think they all love it. i am going to win that place like, here we go. i am going to use dan as an example. i am in north we are going to win -- north carolina. we are going to win so much.
9:09 pm
we are going to win, win, win. our country, we go back, and we have been doing so much winning with trade and all of these different things, and i am going to go -- i am going to go to dan bishop, and i will say, dan, we are going to win. they will come in to see dan. they will say, please, please, stop the president from waiting period you are a new congressman. go to the oval office. he respects you because unlike these other people, he does not know you so well, so you are so respected, and please, see the president and talk to the president. tell him to stop whining so much. we don't want to win so much in the great state of north carolina. and i am going to say, dan, i am sorry. i am not doing that. we are going to keep winning, winning, winning. right? we are going to keep winning, winning, winning. [applause] pres. trump: congratulations. after all we have achieved and after everything that we have accomplished, our message is simple. the best is yet to come.
9:10 pm
[applause] pres. trump: the best is yet to come! together, we will make america stronger and safer and plowed her and greater than ever before. you are a terrific group, and i know almost all of you. i like most of you. i know all of you. [laughter] you are ap: now, terrific group, and i think we are going to have a terrific long time together. kevin and everybody, i want to thank you. this was an incredible evening. thank you very much. great job. thank you. thank you. ♪
9:11 pm
♪ we will have more from the house republican retreat in baltimore tomorrow, when gop leaders hold a news conference, east --8:45 amc a.m. eastern on c-span two. >> watch our exclusive interview with nancy pelosi, now online at, as she discusses her relationship with president trump, and mitch mcconnell. aboutht now, it is not senator mcconnell. senator mcconnell has been very clear. he is not doing anything the president does not want, and so, that is where we are. i do not know why a leader in the senate would abdicate his n thensibilities, weake institution which he leads, just because the president does not want to. >> an interview with nancy si