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  President Trump Indian Prime Minister Modi in Houston  CSPAN  September 23, 2019 12:00am-1:40am EDT

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com market analysts on the future of television, video, media. >> you will see the live tv model only survive for sports and news. almost everything else will move toward on-demand models. content, liveof entertainment content or streamed real-time entertainment, to young people is a kind of oxymoron to begin with. the idea that there is a time of day for a particular show is and ought concept for anything other than a sporting event. >> monday night at 8:00 p.m. on c-span2. india's prime minister narendra modi was in houston for a speech before a stadium filled mostly with indian americans. the prime minister met with u.s. lawmakers and heard from house democratic leader steny hoyer of maryland. president trump also spoke.
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this is about 90 minutes. announcer: please rise for the national anthem.
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o say can you see, by the light, what so hailed at thed -- twilight's last gleaming? whose broad stripes and bright fightthrough the perilous watchedhe ramparts we were so gallantly streaming? glare, thekets'red gave bursting in air, that ourough the night
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flag was still there. does that star-spangled o'er the land of and the home of the brave ♪ [cheers and applause] >> thank you. [chanting usa] ♪
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♪ [singing in foreign language] ♪ [cheers and applause]
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>> good morning, houston. [cheers and applause] texas.di: good morning,
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good morning, america. [cheers and applause] p.m. modi: greetings to my fellow indians in india and around the world. [cheers and applause] this morning, we have a very special person with us. [cheers and applause] p.m. modi: he needs no introduction. [cheers and applause] p.m. modi: his name is familiar to every person on the planet.
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[cheers and applause] name comes up in almost every conversation in the politics.lobal [cheers and applause] is. modi: his every word followed by tens of millions. a household name, and very popular. planned to occupy the highest office in this great country.
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[cheers and applause] to commanderom ceo in chief. [cheers and applause] boardroom to the oval office. [cheers and applause] from politics to the economy into security. deep and lasting .mpact everywhere , he is here with us. honor and privilege to
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welcome here in this magnificent and magnificent gathering. [cheers and applause] , i maydi: and i can say him often. every time i found the warmth, energy, the president of the united .tates of america [cheers and applause] trump.di: mr. donald
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[cheers and applause] p.m. modi: i told you, we have met a few times, and every time, he has been the same warm, energetic,ccessible, -- i admire him for something more.
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he believes in american future and has strong resolve to make america great again. [cheers and applause] he has already made the american economy strong again. he has endured much for the .nited states
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ring loud and clear. diwali in then of white house lit up millions of faces. with joy and appreciation. him for the first , india has a to me true friend in the white house.
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[cheers and applause] p.m. modi: your presence here testimony tot that. [cheers and applause] here our: indeed, -- havehave become taken their relationship to new heights. mr. president, this morning in theton, you can hear heartbeat of this great world's twoof the largest democracies.
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the strength and depth of human bonds. between our great nations. [cheers and applause] people are, at the heart of all relationships, from hyderabad. boston to bang leroux. .rom chicago angeles to louisiana. delhi.w jersey to new
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hundreds of millions are glued it isir tv's even though rather late on a sunday night in india. world inaround the areerent time zones in theing history making. mr. president, you have family in me to your 2017.
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today, i have the honor to introduce you to my family. for a billion indians and people of indian heritage around the gentlemen, i and friend, a you, my , a great india american president, mr. donald
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trump. [cheers and applause] [chanting usa]
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pres. trump: hello, houston. i am thrilled to be here in the great state of texas with one of america's greatest, most devoted, and most loyal friends, prime minister modi of india. thank you. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: prime minister modi is doing a truly exceptional job for all of the indian people. it is my immense privilege to be here with him today. at this profoundly historic event. we are especially grateful to be joined by over 50,000 incredible members of our nation's thriving, prospering, flourishing, and hard-working indian american community. thank you. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: just a few months ago in the largest democratic
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election in the history of our indians wentllion to the polls and voted overwhelmingly for prime .inister modi and his party congratulations, mr. prime minister. that is a lot of people. earlier this week, i understand you marked another important milestone. i know everyone here joins me in wishing you a very happy birthday. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: happy birthday. i want to take a moment to address every resident of houston affected by the recent horrible flooding. the entire american nation is standing by your side. we are ready. we love you, we support you. we will be there with you every
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single step of the way. i just left the coast guard hanger at the joint reserve base where i was briefed on the texas flooding. we are working with your great governor, greg abbott, lieutenant governor dan patrick, and senators john cornyn and ted cruz. thank you for working hard together. my administration will not rest until you have fully recovered, restored, and rebuilt. i know you will come back with the same tremendous spirit we have shown every single time, every time there has been a problem. it is called houston strong. [cheers and applause] i haveinister modi and come to houston to celebrate everything that unites america and india. our shared dreams and bright futures. i have also come to express my
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profound gratitude to the nearly 4 million amazing indian americans all across our country . [cheers and applause] pres. trump: you enrich our culture. you uphold our values. you uplift our communities, and you are truly proud to be americans. we are proud to have you as americans. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we thank you, we love you to know, my administration is fighting for you each and every day. you asto recognize , andsador to india minister, of india, thank you both very much.
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joint byso probably -- nasa deputy administrator also joined by the nasa deputy ofinistrator, governor kentucky, your state attorney general, a couple great senators, kevin, thank you. thank you all for being here. thank you, kevin. we have a lot of senators, a lot of congresspeople. congressman brady. he gave us a very nice tax cut, folks. inc. you, very much. you very much. thank you all for being here. among the leadership for this celebration are many members of the house and senate. they are all over the audience, including house majority leader steny hoyer and again, senators my campaign, and for president, i promised all of
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that. if we were elected, india would have a true and great friend in the white house. i can tell you you have never had a better friend as is it then president donald trump. that i can tell you. [cheers and applause] the prime minister knows that. on this day, i am happy to report that the relationship between the united states and india is stronger than ever before. the ties between our nations are grounded in our common values and our shared commitment to democracy. we are free nations with great faith and a fierce devotion to our national independence. we are governed i the rule of law, guided by commitment to justice, and strengthened by our love of liberty. our national constitutions, both
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begin with the same three beautiful words. we the people. [cheers and applause] that means that in america and respect,ke, we honor, empower, and fight for the citizens we proudly serve. under prime minister modi's leadership, the world is witnessing a strong, sovereign, and thriving republic of india. [cheers and applause] decade, with the help of prime minister modi's nearly, india has lifted 300 million people out of poverty. that is an incredible number. incredible. that's incredible. [cheers and applause]
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decade,ump: in the next 140 million indian households will rise to the middle class. in both india and the united states, we are seeing something really remarkable. our people are prospering like never before. we are slashing bureaucracy and cutting job killing redtape. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: in the united states, thanks to our massive tax cuts at all of our great senators and congressmen and women that are here today and pro-worker policies, our economy is breaking one record after another. have my election, we created over 6 million new jobs. we have created 750,000 jobs right here in texas. [cheers and applause] includesrtantly, that
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70,000 new texas manufacturing jobs. they said that could not be done. unemployment, think of this. unemployment in texas is currently at the lowest rate ever recorded in the history of our country. unemployment in the united states has just reached the lowest level in over 51 years and very soon, we think that will be broken to be a historic number. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: unemployment among african americans, asian americans, and hispanic americans have all reached their lowest levels in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] the last twoover
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years, the unemployment rate among indian americans dropped and one third percent. wages are rising. incomes are soaring. inequality is falling at the fastest rate in many, many years. in the past 12 months alone, the average worker has taken home rising wages and $3000 with tax cuts and all of the other things we have done and for the first time in history, most new hires of prime working age are minorities and women. the first time that has ever happened. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: through our pledge to america's workers, we have secured commitments for nearly
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14 million employments and trading opportunities for american workers through our great american companies. we passed the biggest tax cuts and the biggest tax reforms in the history of our country. record number of job killing regulations, giving the average american household more than $3000 every year. never in the history of our country, no matter how long the presidency, have regulations been cut to this extent. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: every day, the indian american community is helping to strengthen our country and build our future. indian americans are pioneering groundbreaking medicines to save countless lives. they are developing
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revolutionary technologies that are changing the world. they are founding new businesses that provide jobs to thousands of our fellow citizens. , i looknister modi forward to working with you to make our nation even more prosperous than ever before. [cheers and applause] that's what's happening. the economic miracles taking place today are just beginning. in the united states, there has never been a better time to hire, invest, grow, and pursue your dreams. indian companies employ tens of thousands of americans across a range of industries, including american steel. india's gsw steel announced it would invest up to $500 million to revitalized a
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shuttered steel plant in the great state of ohio. we welcome india's glowing investment -- growing investment right here in the lone star state. nations around the world are investing in the united states because they know we have the best economy and the best workers in the world. they have never invested in our country like they are today. we want to thank everybody. india has never invested in the united states like it is doing today. reciprocal,y, it is because we are doing the same thing in india. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: on tuesday, two japanese companies, toyota and -- announced a combined
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investment of over $800 million which will create over 900 new jobs right here in texas. at the same time, we are working to expand american exports to india, one of the world's fastest growing markets. we are committed to ensuring indian people have access to the finest goods in the world. products stamped with the beautiful phrase, made in the usa. [cheers and applause] soon, india very will have access to another world-class american product. nba basketball. wow. sounds good. that sounds good. next week, thousands of people will gather in mumbai to watch the first ever nba basketball game in india.
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in my invited, mr. prime minister? i invited, mr. prime minister? no issue is more important than energy security. for the first time ever, the united states is the number one producer of oil and natural gas on planet earth, and number one by far. with much of it coming right here from the great state of texas. [cheers and applause] more trump: that means jobs, higher wages, and lower prices at the pump. yesterday, we were thrilled to hear about the indian company petronas pledged to purchase lng from the united states, which could lead to billions of dollars of lng exports to india
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in the coming years. [cheers and applause] we have plenty of it. over the last year, crude exports to india have grown by 400% and liquefied natural gas exports continue to soar at record numbers. thank you. [cheers and applause] exports notdous employment in america. they increase freedom and security for india. safe, ther nation united states and india are forging an even stronger security partnership. india havee sales to also reached $18 billion over the past decade. we make the greatest defense mechanisms and equipment
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anywhere in the world, and india knows that well. we are looking forward to concluding several new defense deals very soon. there are a lot of them in the works. in america, we are creating the united states space force and we are working with india to enhance space cooperations. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: the united states and india will demonstrate dramatic progress of our relationship, holding the first ever tri-service military exercise between our nations. it is called tiger triumph. good name. good name. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: very good name. the braveonor all american and indian military service members who work together to safeguard our freedom. we stand proudly in defense of liberty. we are committed to protecting
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innocent civilians from the threat of radical islamic terrorism. pres. trump: [cheers and applause] pres. trump: thank you. statesdia, the united also understand that to keep our communities safe, we must protect our borders. [cheers and applause] since taking office, my administration has launched a
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far-reaching effort to improve and vetting for applications of entry. we are working hard to make sure those who would threaten our security are denied admission into our country. we are enhancing our vetting efforts like never before, not even close. we are doing it on a daily basis and will soon be setting records . border security is vital to the united states. border security is vital to india. we understand that. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we are further taking unprecedented actions to finally secure our southern border and stop illegal immigration. i want to thank the president of
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27,000 who right now has soldiers on our southern border. it's been incredible has taken place. illegal immigration is deeply unfair to millions of wonderful legal immigrants who work hard, pay their taxes, follow our rules and obey our laws. washingtonhose in who would raid your health care to fund free benefits. they want to fund free benefits to those who enter our country illegally. we don't want to do that. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: if we don't do it, they won't come. allow politicians to take away your health care or given to illegal immigrants. believes ourtion
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first duty is to the highest loyalty of all. we must always be for the american people, whether it is african-american, hispanic american, indian-american. we are going to take care of our citizens first. we are going to take care of our indian-american citizens before we take care of illegal immigrants that want to pour into our country. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we want to build a nation where every family can live in a safe community with access to great schools, work at a job you love, and have the best chance to reach the american dream. we love the american dream. concluding, i want to say america has always been a nation of pioneers and patriots.
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risktakers and freethinkers. honedted workers who have a trade, master their field, and teach their children to always give their very, very best. americans indian helped write the story of american greatness. everyone here today has a crucial part to play in building an even grander and greater greater american and indian future. to help achieve that exciting future, we are strengthening our cherished bonds with the nation of india and we are proving the awesome power of democracy and unlimited potential of free people.
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together we will continue to deepen the ties between our nations. we will honor the faith and dignity of our citizens and we will achieve incredible advancements for our people, for our children, and for the world. we will discover new cures and save millions of lives. we will advance cutting edge technologies lift millions and millions of people out of poverty. we will pioneer new frontiers in space, working together, raising the sites of humanity. we will uphold our values, defend our liberty, and control our destiny. the united states and india will make our nations stronger, our people wealthier, our dreamers bigger, and our future brighter than ever before, and it won't even be close.
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i want to thank everybody for being here. i want to especially thank great , thend a great leader leader of india, prime minister modi, my friend. thank you. god bless you all. god bless india, and god bless america. thank you. thank you. now i would like to invite on to this stage in front of this incredible group of unbelievable modi, whoime minister is going to give some of his wisdom, and his wisdom is indeed great. thank you all very much. it has been a great honor to be with you. thank you. thank you.
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[applause] >> your attention, please. those of you who need translation, please prepare your translation at this time. channel 14 hindi to english. for hindi toe english. thank you. [applause]
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prime minister modi: thank you. thank you, president trump. thanks a lot. howdy, my friends.
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>> today, we are witnessing here the making of a new history and the making of a new chemistry, too. the energy of nrg bears testimony to the growing synergy between india and the united states of america. the presence of president trump and the presence
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of various representatives of the great american democracy, whether they are republicans or and for them to say such wonderful words for me and for india, and to also give me of steny, the presence hoyer, senator cornyn, senator and, and my other friends what they have stated about the growth of india and all the praise for india is a mark of respect for indians living in america, respect for their capabilities and their achievements.
12:47 am
it is a mark of respect for 1.3 , apart fromans elected representatives, many american friends are also here at this event today. indian, iof every extend a very warm welcome to all of you. i would also like to express my appreciation to the organizers of this event. peoplebeen told that registered for this event in very large numbers. however, due to space
12:48 am
thousands have not been able to attend. apologies, my personal apologies to all those who could not be here today. praise theo like to administration of houston and texas who, due to a sudden change in weather, had to experience a lot of difficulties, but in a very short time, they were able to put things back in order and make the arrangements, and as president mentioned, they proved that houston is strong.
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you may have named this event " howdy modi." modi on its own is nothing. i am just an ordinary person who follows the orders of 1.3 million indians. and therefore, when you ask modi, my answer is that -- only answer to this is
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[speaking foreign language] [speaking foreign language]
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friends, our american friends must be wondering and surprised, what has he just said? trump and my american friends, i simply said everything is fine. however, i said it in some different languages from india. languages are a very
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integral part of our identity as a liberal and democratic society . for centuries, in our country, dozens of languages, hundreds of indiats have coexisted in in perfect harmony and are the mother tongue of millions of people. and friends, it's not just languages. cts,ur country, different se dozens of communities, different rituals and ways of worship, hundreds of different regional traditionalferent dress styles, different season cycles. this is what makes this land
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amazing. unity and diversity is our heritage. and this is what makes us unique. india is they of very basis of our vibrant democracy. trend, and this is our inspiration. , we take with us the value of diversity and democracy. today, over 50,000 indians presence in the stadium, more
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than 50,000 indians who are present here in the stadium are thisas representatives of great tradition of ours. there are several among you who also contributed very actively during the 2019 general festival, the largest of democracy in india. after the 2019 election, the flags of indian democracy is flying high across the world. over 610 million borders, took
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part in this election. sense, the 610 million at borders is almost double the population of america. and in this number, there were 18 million youth who were first time voters. these elections also had the maximum turnout of women voters in the history of india. time the largest ever number of women were elected.
12:56 am
friends, the 2019 election sets another new record. for the first time in 60 years, it was the first time that a government elected with an , completed,ority its five-year terms, and came back with an even racial .ajority now, why did this happen? who made it happen?
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no, not because of modi. this is because of the indians. friends, indians are known for their patients. impatient.w we are we are impatient for the development of our country. we are impatient to take the country to new heights in the 21st century. today the buzz word in india is development. part in india is
12:58 am
collective effort, inclusive growth. today, the biggest policy in india is public participation. today, the strongest sentiment among india is the resolve to attain. today, india's greatest resolve is the creation of a new india. india today, it's working tirelessly, day and night, in order to realize the new dream of a new india. most special about it is that we are not competing
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against anyone else but with ourselves. we are challenging ourselves we are changing ourselves. friends, today, india wants to a much fastert pace than before. today, india is challenging the , andet of those who say -- mindset is
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, 1.3e last five years billion indians have together achieved results from every single field, result that no one could have even at madge and were possible earlier. we are aiming high. we are achieving higher. brothers and sisters, it took seven decades in our country to achieve a rule of sanitation coverage of 38%. years, we made $110
1:01 am
million. today the rural sanitation coverage is 99%. in our country, it took seven for a household to have cooking gas connection on his stove and it stood at $.55. 95%.ok this figure up to and within only five years, we
1:02 am
150 million new gap connections. india, it took seven decades , and in just five years we have taken this figure .o 97% >> in just five years, we over 200,000 roads in a rural area.
1:03 am
in seven decades, less than 50% of the people had a bank account years, partin five of the banking system, in five over 370 million bank accounts have been opened. friends, now that people need to be less worried about their basic necessities, they are able to dream big, and are focusing their energy on achieving their goals. my friends, for us, ease of
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doing business is important to us. living ishe ease of equally important. and the way to achieve this is by empowering people. only in the common man is empowered that social and economic development over the country will take place at a fast pace. let me give you an example. friends, it is often said today that data is the new oil. houston, androm
1:05 am
houston, i'm sure, you understand very well what it means. in fact, i would further add .hat data is the new gold focus of industry 4.0 is on data. know, and i want you to pay close attention to what i'm which, so you know country offers data at the lowest rate in the world. it is india. b of dataindia, one g
1:06 am
to $.30,y around $.25 which means a quarter of a dollar. and i would also like to tell that the global average b is about 25-30 times this amount, this newrdable data is the identity of india, affordable has redefined governance in india. 10,000ia, nearly
1:07 am
services of central and state government are available online. friends, there was a time when up to even three months for a passport to be ready. today, a passport is delivered to your home in less than a week. it used to be so difficult to get a visa, and i think you all know this better than me. today, u.s. is one of the biggest users of india's facility.
1:08 am
there may be times when registration of a new company would take two or three weeks. now, a new company can be registered and just 24 hours. time when filing tax returns was a big headache. getting your tax refund could take months. have takenanges that place, if you cared about them, they would amaze you. , on the 31st of , i'mt, on just one day just talking about one single approximately 5 filed theirle
1:09 am
income tax return online. that is 5 million returns were filed in a single day, more than population ofal achievement,r big the refunds that used to take months are now received within a week or 10 days and are transferred directly to the taxpayers bank account. for any country striving for development, it is essential to
1:10 am
have welfare schemes for their citizens. for needy citizens in particular , in order to build a new india. essential to bid farewell to a few things. we have given a lot of importance to welfare but also to farewells. on the second of october this celebratese country the 150th birth anniversary of mahatma gandhi, india will bid open defecation payment in the last five years,
1:11 am
india has also bid farewell to over 1500 outdated laws. the complex web of dozens of taxes in india were an obstacle to creating a friendly environment. our government has been -- bid farewell to these taxes. we have made the theme of one nation, one tax, come true in our country. setting we are ourselves the challenge to do away with corruption and we are working towards bidding farewell
1:12 am
to it in all endeavors. toia has also bid farewell we have also bid farewell to names that have existed just on paper in order abet investment schemes. can you imagine how much money we have saved by preventing it from falling into the wrong hands? approximately 1.5 trillion
1:13 am
, that is almost $20 billion u.s. country, we are creating suchnsparent ecosystem that the benefits of development .an be enjoyed by every indian depriving even one indian of acceptable tot india. facingntry was also another challenge for the last 70 years. a challenge that india bid farewell to only recently.
1:14 am
you have understood. and that is article 370. article 370 deprives the people
1:15 am
of -- development and equal rights. the forces were exploiting the situation. now the same rights that were given by the constitution of india to the rest of indians have now also been given to the .eople the discrimination against women, children, and
1:16 am
traditionally underprivileged has been put to an end. friends in the upper and lower houses of our parliament, this topic was debated extensively for hours. proceedings were also telecast live across the country and across the world, and also our party does not have a majority in the upper house, despite this, both houses of our parliament, the upper house and houseser house, both related decisions on
1:17 am
this with the two third majority. i would like to request all of , for the parliamentarians of india should receive a standing ovation for what they have done. thank you very much, all of you. india's actions within its are causing discomfort to some people.
1:18 am
who are unable to manage their own country. these people have put their hatred of india at the center of their political agenda. these are people who want unrest. these are people who support terrorism and who nurture terrorism. you know them very well. you know who they are.
1:19 am
the whole world knows who they are. whether it was 9/11 in america 2011 attack in mumbai, compilations of these attacks found? friends, the time has come to fight a decisive battle against thoseism and against all who promote terrorism.
1:20 am
i would like to reiterate the ist that president trump firmly committed to fighting this battle against terrorism. president trump's commitment to himt terrorism, let us give a standing ovation for his commitment to fight terrorism.
1:21 am
thank you, friends. a lot isand sisters, happening in india, and a lot is changing. and we are moving forward with the desire to do so much more. we are going to set new challenges for ourselves and achieve them, come what may. i recently wrote a poem about the feelings of my countrymen. i would like to recite a few
1:22 am
lines from that point for you. poem for you. i won't go into a lot of detail, we don't have much time. but here are a few lines. to you, a mountain of problems it may seem. mountain of problems it may seem. fact my tower of courage and my dream. it is in fact my power of today, india is not discarding challenges and putting them off. we are dealing with them head on.
1:23 am
today india is not looking at making just a few incremental changes. we are focusing on comprehensive solutions for problems. even things that seemed impossible. that theydemonstrated can be done. friends, india has now rolled up its sleeves and resolved to become a $5 trillion economy. throughmphasizing development of infrastructure and increasing investments and exports, we are moving forward, creating a people friendly, development friendly, and investment friendly environment.
1:24 am
spend 1.3ng to chilean dollars on infrastructure. friends, during the last five untappedspite all the -- uncertainties in the world, india has attained an average growth rate of 7.5%. and bear in mind that if you look at the average achieved during any previous government term in office, this kind of road has never been achieved. for the first time, india is going through at the same time a period of low inflation, low
1:25 am
physical growth -- low physical development and high-growth. today, india is one of the top destinations in the world. means the years 2014 and inflow into india almost double. haverecently, we liberalize the fbi norms for single brand details. mining and contract bring inring can now foreign investment up to 100%. yesterday, i had a meeting with the ceos from the energy sector. they were very encouraged by the toision we have taken
1:26 am
attacks.educe their feedback was that this would send a very just in message, not india, but to global business leaders at well -- as well. this decision will make india more globally competitive. america,for indians in and for americans in india, there are unlimited possibilities and prospects. india's journey toward a $5 and the strongy economic growth in america under
1:27 am
president trump's leadership tol give these opportunities you awake. in his address, president trump mentioned economic miracles. they will definitely become reality in the next two or three days. i will haveump and i hope that from these discussions as well, we would have very positive results. trump way, president calls me a tough negotiator. however, he himself is quite an
1:28 am
expert in the art of the deal. and i am learning quite a lot from him. friends, our forward march towards a better future will now gather greater momentum. you are a driving force for this. today you may be far away from india, but your homeland government is not far from you. in the last five years, they
1:29 am
have changed, both the content and form of the interaction that is for the film room now. are not justissues government offices anymore. they are your friends first. who is working overseas, the government is also constantly working for their interest and security. services, straining overseas,fore going emerging the body, so many steps have been taken that have considerably helped indians and going abroad and
1:30 am
gene in a foreign land as well. butyou fit these overseas, with the new opportunities for the 21st century will emanate from this event today. we have the strength of common commontic values, a resolve to build a new future for our country, and that is why go towards acan bright future.
1:31 am
i would like you to come to .ndia give us an opportunity to welcome you, this friendship of us to achieve the shared dreams that we have and take our relations to new heights. she has driven all americans, political, social, and business leaders, for their presence here today. gratefulness fell and all of your severed again -- you again.
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thank you, houston. thank you, america. god bless you all. thank you. ♪
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c-span's washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. monday morning, a discussion on iran sanctions with michael sing. we will also talk about in the 2020role presidential campaign. be sure to watch live at 7:00 eastern monday morning. join the discussion. >> here is a look at our live
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coverage monday. eastern, at 11:30 a.m. president trump's remarks at a religious freedom event in new york city.. 7:00, the discussion on social media right when it comes to social media. on c-span two, at 9:10 a.m. eastern, public health officials will discuss how they address the measles outbreak. the u.s. senate at 3:00 p.m. to consider the nomination for deputy treasury secretary. communicators, one of the nation's top telecom analyst on the future of internet, video industries. >> you will see the live tv model only survive for sports and news. almost everything else will move
1:39 am
towards on-demand models. liveurveyors of entertainment or stream real-time entertainment is, for young people, kind of an oxymoron to begin with. the idea that there is a time of day for a particular show is kind of an odd concept for anything other than a sporting event. >> when congress returns next week, the senate pans to take up the house-past spending bill to fund the federal government and avert a possible shutdown at the end of this month. another vote on a joint resolution to terminate the resolution on the southern border. also a bill barring separation of family members and limiting length of detention. he