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tv   Whistleblower Complaint Against Pres. Trump  CSPAN  September 24, 2019 5:06pm-5:18pm EDT

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i thank our chairmen, chairman nadler, chairman schiff, chairman engel, chairman cummings of oversight and chairman cummings i have been in touch with constantly. he is a master of so much including inspectors general and richardlowers, chairman neal, congresswoman maxine waters of the financial services committee. and i commend all of our members, our colleagues for their thoughtful, thoughtful approach to all of this for their careful statements. god bless them and god bless america. reporter: madam speaker, what is going to be accomplished? host: house speaker on nancy pelosi making it official
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announcing the beginning of official impeachment inquiry. we will go live at 5:30 or so and expect to hear from house republican leader kevin mccarthy, his briefing coming up at 5:30. we will have that live once it gets under way. the speaker mentioned the testimony thursday of the acting director of national intelligence. that is coming thursday before the house intelligence committee. joseph maguire will testify and will have that live over on c-span and also have it live at c-span dorgan all of our live coverage and follow on the c-span radio app. we will continue to take your phone calls up until we hear from kevin mccarthy. ere are our phone numbers.
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we are on the phone with greg in mississippi on the republican line. go ahead with your thoughts. caller: i just want to say, open up that phone transcript, that's great. these impeachment inquiries, whatever, i can't believe you get so much done with all the stuff. and ex acknowledge engineer rations and lies. i will vote for him again. host: west virginia. caller: i have a hotline for social security. what i would like to know is when did we as the american public give up our rights to equal treatment, equal trokes of the law and the 14th amendment, because this claims anybody they
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bring up on charges within their social security administration that we file a complaint against, we get told nothing. we cannot know the status of whether they are convicted or not, the status of whether they committed a crime or not. so who deals with the criminal activity and the illegal activity without the american public to do anything about it? all they can do is report it. host: houston, texas, democrats' line. [indiscernible] caller: i would like to say to the americans, democrats or republicans, leave donald trump alone. i am a democrat. donald trump told us the truth. when he was running for office he said he knows how this government is operated.
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donald trump is doing just what the democrats and republicans have been doing for years. donald trump is a man that does .ot back down. however, donald trump is showing the world our strong points and our weaknesses. people said he is a traitor. but the democrats and republicans seems to me he won the race war. donald trump is showing what is wrong, whether you are a democrat or republican, however you want to flip the coin. nobody is trying to correct things. and donald trump is being treated just like barack was and that's good for donald trump, because what the republicans did to barack everybody now is doing to donald trump. most of the republican politicians want to see donald trump fail.
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they want to see him fail because there will be no one else. host: you are seeing the republican leaders want to see him fail? caller: yeah. how did he defeat 17 people and shut them up and keep their mouths closed and only he can keep them more to his as well as the democrats? if donald trump, worst case scenario for this country, why don't they get rid of him? host: jack is next, oklahoma, jack. caller: i'm a christian and this ountry is run on christians -- indiscernible]
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caller: i have been so disappointed in the democrats, their lying and hoax and the fact they won't legislate, all they want to do is investigate and this impeachment thing, they are impeach, impeach, impeach and not given one fact that he can be impeached. i'm sick of them. i will not vote democrat anymore. but i will vote for trump in 2020 because he has done a lot that the democrats refuse to acknowledge. and listening to nancy pelosi's
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this is going to be an inquiry. more and more investigating. accuse so holy and trump and his followers of doing the very same thing that they are now doing themselves. i have no more faith in the democratic party. i'm not saying all democrats but congressional democrats. i will not vote democrat anymore and trump has made promises and kept his promises but democrats have done nothing, no legislating just investigate, investigate, investigate, even when the investigations have en proven to be false, inaccurate and this whistleblower crap, on the face, he is saying he heard about it. host: nancy pelosi making it
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official announcing officially that the house would begin impeachment proceedings against president trump in part because she said it is breach of his constitutional responsibility. jim jordan of ohio tweeting his reaction saying democrats have been trying to impeach the president since the beginning of this congress. michael cohen's testimony was a bust, john dean's testimony was a waste of time. speaker pelosi's decision to pursue impeach on allegations only shows that the speaker has suck comed to the socialist wing of the democrat party. this was never about russian collusion, it's all about undoing the 2016 people and the will of the american people. we will hear from kevin mccarthy in 15 minutes and he will make a statement. and we will have it live for
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you. joe is on the democrats' line. caller: i'm so proud of the speaker here and the king is not the law the law is the king. and imamazed at the calls you are receiving. we watch different media and have a different bias. i don't want to sound craft but i don't want to make up my mind before the facts. if you don't fight hide enough, at the end of the day you don't believe in them. and i really believe that my congressman has been listening to me and my congressman has done what i have asked and that's to wait, to wait patiently until we have enough people and enough facts have come forward to change the americans' opinion about this 46 th occupant. host: who is your congressman?
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row khanna. essman he has been supporting the house. i'm not sure what the senate is going to do. we need -- i would ask if i could, could we not have these hearings on c-span 3. i think it is worthy of c-span 1. host: which hearings? caller: the inquiry, can we have them on c-span 1. host: it all depends on the schedule of the house. as we are able on c-span or c-span two, we cover the house. the senate on c-span 2 and many
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of the hearings wind up on crmp span and it depends on how thosism peefment hearings and we don't know how those happen. we will show those to you and we will have the c-span networks. speaker pelosi just 15 minutes ago announcing that the house would move forward. ere's what she had to say. ms. pelosi: good afternoon. last tuesday, we celebrated the anniversary of the adoption of the constitution on september 17. sadly on that day, the intelligence community inspector general formally noticed the congress that the administration was forbidding him from turning over a whistleblower complaint on constitution day. this is a violation of law. shortly thereafter, press reports began to


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