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  President Trump Reacts to Whistleblower Complaint Hearing  CSPAN  September 26, 2019 7:40pm-7:49pm EDT

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>> president trump reacted too testimony from the acting director of national intelligence on the whistle wlore complaint. the director testified before the house intelligence committee about the president's known call o ukraine's president. president trump i just watched a little bit of this on television. it's a disgrace to our country.
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another witch hunt. here we go again. adam schiff and his crew making up stories and sitting there like pius. it is a disgrace and terrible thing for our country. and can't do any work. they are going to lose the election. they know it. and it should never be allowed what has happened to this president and i think i have done just about more than any president in his first 2 1/2 years and very few have competed what we have done for the military and economy. we have the best economy anywhere in the world by far. we have rebuilt and so incredible with tax cuts and regulations and i have to put up with adam schiff on an absolutely perfect phone call to the president of ukraine. but adam schiff doesn't talk
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about joe biden and his son walking with millions of dollars from ukraine and china, walking away in a quick meeting. he doesn't talk about joe biden firing a puerto rico puerto rico and he is bt going to give him money from the united states of america. they don't talk about that. my call was perfect. my phone call, there was no pressure. and he said it loud and clear for the press. what these guys are doing, democrats are doing to this country is a disgrace and shouldn't be allowed and should be away to stop it. maybe legally through the courts. we can't talk about gun regulation. we can't talk about anything. because frankly, they are so tied up and so screwed up, and nothing gets done. i'm using mexico to protect our
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border because the democrats won't change loopholes and asylum. i want to thank mexico, 27,000 soldiers they have. think about how that had that is. when we use mexico because the democrats won't fix our broken system. and the republicans are all on board and want to physical it but the democrats won't do it. they don't want to talk about infrastructure or lowering drug prices. and nancy pelosi has been highly jacked by the radical left and everybody knows it. thank you. indiscernible] >> the president arrives back at the white house today at new
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ork he took turns to greet reporters and take photos.
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