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tv   Rep. Jamie Raskin on Meeting with State Department Inspector General  CSPAN  October 3, 2019 12:42am-1:04am EDT

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restrictions on automatic weapons. need to pay strong attention to that issue. the campaignm trail, part of c-span's battleground states store. >> after the state department's inspector general briefed senior members of congress in a closed door meeting, democratic congressman jamie raskin of maryland told reporters about a packet of articles and memos pertaining to ukraine and other matters that the inspector general turned over to congress.
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to secretary . it is in calligraphy. secretary pompeo in the white house. it may have come from the white house, it may have not. we don't know. series of folders which all come from. folder after holder. i don't have time to fully scrutinize everything in here. a packet ofally propaganda and disinformation spreading conspiracy theories. those conspiracy theories have been widely debunked and discredited.
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apparently, the material came in may of this year. it coincided with the moment in which the ambassador was recalled. it was clearly targeting her and other people. the inspector general turned it fbi and has not done anything else internally with the state, as far as we understand. when the whistleblower report came out, he thought he needed to turn it over to congress. we are now in possession of this packet of began to and disinformation that was circulated in may. i mentioned a number of people planning to see, most notably ambassador jovanovich. secretary state pompeo is trying to block her from coming. we don't think he will succeed, what he wants to prevent her from coming to congress to give packet and it's
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curious history raises troubling questions. why would secretary of state pompeo in possession of this packet of disinformation? why did he circulate it? to who else did he distribute it? why was his staff involved in the process? it raises more questions than answers. i'm not sure it's necessarily urgent. i can understand why the inspector general wanted to turn it. >> what is the inspector general's concern? >> you would have to ask the inspector general. realized given the whistleblowers account and reporting suggesting there has been an effort to target the ambassador, and the effort to deploy the president's cabinet
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to go abroad in search of conservancy theories. you have to ask him. he didn't say specifically what he thought he had to turn it over. that was my impression. generale inspector alleging the secretary of state was targeting the former ambassador with this document of conspiracy theories? >> he was not alleging secretary of state pompeo did it, but it was all addressed to secretary of state pompeo. this is where it came from. he made it available to the inspector general. with thesistent conspiracy theories you see andne about crowd strike ukraine having concocted the whole story about the russian interference in our election.
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special counsel robert mueller found there was a sweeping campaign by a russian interfering election. the intelligence community accepts that fact. there are conspiracy theories that the president has been promoting, attempting to undermined the findings about that. given the president was not found by robert mueller to have been conspiring with russia, it thees the question why white house is still trying to undermine the separate finding that russia engaged in a sweeping systematic campaign to undermine the election. that concerned vladimir putin the russian government. >> who is responsible for that document? >> the inspector general has no idea where it came from. on its face, it says it's coming from the white house. it doesn't look like white house stationery. then there are trump hotel folders going into it. it has mysterious and uncertain provenance. >> the attorney general was
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covering his basis, not alleging any wrongdoing by anyone inside the state department? >> correct. the inspector general was saying we are sitting on this packet of disinformation that came from some uncertain place. this is my interpretation of it. by theay be misconduct secretary of state or other state department employees in disturbing this if they did know where it's coming from and they had an authentic source in the white house. maybe it did come from the white house. i think that's the big mystery. it is clear that it is a package of propaganda and disinformation and conspiracy theories. the real question is where did it come from and how did it end up in our lap right now? the id become aware of this? it went to secretary pompeo, and
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then the ig. >> that's what you have to ask the ig. council tot was the the state department who turned it over to the ig. >> is there any other ways -- >> we don't know the answer to that. ratherle thing looks immature to me. it looks like a collection of some newspaper articles coordinated. conspiracy 30's. >> a false flag operation if it was done so temperatures. >> it can be anything at this point. >> there would have been reporting that the urgent matter related to the state department retaliating against career officials who wanted to cooperate without democrats. did that come up? >> that was not the purpose of this meeting. that was not the subject. the whole meeting consisted of the inspector general turning
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over his packet of information to us. then people tried to figure out where it came from and what it means. >> what caused urgent concern? questionss one of the people where the president at the meeting at no. the inspector general seems to feel he had been sitting on this for months and it may be relevant to the work of the committee. the big story is the president was involved in a shakedown operation against the ukrainian government attempting to obtain political dirt on the bidens. he held up hundreds of millions of dollars in foreign military and economic aid to make that happen. they covered the whole thing up. efforts not much of an to refute that on the facts, but there is an effort to try and go underneath it to say there was a
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vast conspiracy to make up everything robert mueller investigated. i don't of the relevance, but at some point, it's hard to follow the conspiracy theories. this packet of information is meant to advance the conspiracy theory that the finding there was a sweeping campaign by russian interfering election was specious. writeyou go for trying to political articles, you are on the judiciary committee. how does that play into this? this?e ig come forth with prompted by the fact where this deep into impeachment and thought he was compelled to do so? >> there's nothing directly relevant to the president's impeachable conduct. i don't think it relates to the president, but it does relate to efforts to sabotage ambassador jovanovich and to smear a number
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of employees who were getting in the way of the president. that is really the importance of this document. there was an organized effort to go after the people who the white house or mr. giuliani thought were getting in the way of the president. that is my interpretation of the situation. it is totally my interpretation of what this is. he said he wanted to turn it over. everybody will have to look at it and see if there is something valuable. >> can you be more specific about the claims? what are the actual claims? imagine -- the committees are going to be discussing what to do with the information.
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the names you have been reading about in the conspiracy theories are in this packet. the bidens, jovanovich, so on. there has been an attempt to create a narrative that would somehow justify what the president did. from our perspective, everything is irrelevant. this is an irrelevant distraction from the matter at hand. was to use the military national security power of his office to extract political dirt from a foreign ally resisting russian aggression. that's the only thing america understands and that's all america needs to understand, because the rest of this is a public and agonistic extortion distraction of events. people have a chance to read it on their own to see if there is anything. i think america's eyes are glazing over at all of the
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propaganda we are getting as an effort to distract from what we know has happened. there is a crucial story everyone needs to understand. you offer a reason for why the ambassador was targeted the way she was? >> he did not really get into the merits of what anyone was saying. >> the motivation behind this effort -- >> the inspector general said it is something that landed in our laps in may, the provenance was the white house. there were trump hotel folders on the inside. they don't know where it came from. together wast attempting to advance the storyline that mr. giuliani would like to be advancing. i'm not sure of the oversight committee or intelligence committee, but they are looking at it. it is not classified material.
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>> is it safe to say that all of this has been with ukraine, are there theories unrelated to ukraine? best evelyn wood reading. i wasn't able to study it minutely. the focus of it was ukraine. , the ukraine investigation is related to russia. there's some of that. >> jovanovich was supposed to come today and was delayed. was it partly because the ig was going to talk about this? >> i don't know the answer to that. >> you mentioned rudy giuliani -- >> that is my interpretation. if you read the packet of information, it's a series of hallucinatory propagandistic suggestions that has been very
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consistent with the things judy only -- rudy giuliani is saying. guess who was behind it, if it did not come directly from the white house, i would guess it was giuliani. his name is all over it. there's a series of memos where he was present. ask him whether he knows anything. maybe he doesn't and it is one of his acts. >> the ig mentioned giuliani at all? >> no. >> you talked about the secretary of state. role?u clarify about the >> i don't know the answer to that. that's one of the things we want to get to the bottom of at this point. where did this package of
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handial come from that was delivered to secretary of state apparently was assistant. it says the white house, but who knows where the white house, that's speaking metaphorically. >> it would be curious to know where it came from and what he knows, and what he did with it. was the secretary of state cooperative? >> there is no discussion. >> rudy giuliani may have been behind this, what evidence you have? >> it is a guess.
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>> you speculated this may be giuliani. is it reasonable to do. when you talk about being deliberate about the process, is irresponsible to suggest and take that leap of faith? consistent with the things he has been saying. i have no reason to think he prepared the documents, but it's consistent with what he has said. he may know something, but he may know nothing. >> were you the only lawmaker at this meeting? if so, why? >> i may be the only local lawmaker who is available. i was able to comment. i was happy to participate. think the -- everybody else present, the other staffers were they were present. i have looked through all of them, but i am definitely going
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to study it again. not central to this investigation, it is a distraction, is that right. it feels to me like a completely irrelevant distraction from the work at hand. i will study it more carefully. there's been an effort from the beginning to distract us from what the misconduct of the president was. it is an unprecedented situation. the president used the military national security power of the u.s. to shake down and ally the country for political dirt on an opponent in an election. we have never experienced anything like that before. true, there's not much of a defense. that's why there's an effort to distract us with a lot of other things. this may not report of the effort. >> there is no evidence that ties it to the white house. rep. raskin: i am suspicious of
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it but maybe it did come from the white house. it didn't say who it came from. other than the fact it said the white house. i think it is likely to go to the next page. that is a xerox of the trump hotel and are our -- there are four or five of those built into the package. can't say for sure. looks like it is about 40 pages. that is the whole dossier. >> [indiscernible] rep. raskin: i don't want to get any, get into that anymore deeply. i can't release it to anybody without -- yes, this is unclassified. >> [indiscernible] rep. raskin: the house and senate intelligence on oversight. at least. >> [indiscernible] ms. rowe-finkbeiner: -- rep. raskin: it looks like trump hotel stationery which were the folders used, the documents
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placed in. >> [indiscernible] rep. raskin: sorry? no, looks like the same hotel, sam trump hotel stationery. -- same trump hotel stationery. i believe this is an irrelevant distraction from where we need to go. we thought it was about something else. this is why we are reporting something else is at stake but we got this packet of information. >> is there something they would have liked the ig to address, as we are hearing about ukraine and pressure put on congress, trump administration officials not to comply? all weskin: this was talked about. i am being -- i have to go. >> [indiscernible] rep. raskin: i am being beckoned why my staff.
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>> live thursday on c-span, a discussion on the diversity of federal judges hosted by the center for american progress at 11:30 a.m. eastern. than 4:00 remarks by samantha power, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, followed by a town hall meeting with congresswoman alexandria ocasio-cortez in queens, new york, a legislation with federal benefits. on c-span 2 9:00 a.m. general david berger, commandant of the u.s. marine corps, discusses priority for the indo pacific region. noon eastern looking at libel laws and the media, hosted by the heritage foundation. former federal reserve shares janet yellen and ben bernanke talk about inflation on monetary policy. that is 9:45 a.m. eastern.
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