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  POTUS on Ukraine Impeachment Inquiry  CSPAN  October 9, 2019 8:55pm-9:05pm EDT

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coverage of the southern festival of books starting an 11:00 eastern saturday and at 1:00 sunday on book tv. coming up in 40 minutes, president trump at a signing of an executive order on federal regulations. during the event, the president to questions on joe biden's call for his impeachment. here's a look. joe biden came out for the first time today to say you should be impeached. your response? >> he's holding like a rock. -- folding like a rock. we have him on tape with corruption. he's getting the prosecutor for $2 billion, saying we will not give you the $2 billion unless you get rid of the prosecutor because the prosecutor was gone. that was the prosecutor --
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excuse me? >> 1.2 billion. >> not a lot of money. his son takes at $1.5 billion from china. the 50,000 monti was getting from ukraine, it looks like $168,000 split among him and his friend. there's a payment of about $3 million to his son. his son just got thrown out of the navy. biden is dropping like a rock. i don't think he will make it. i didn't think you would make it for a long time. i guess this is one way he can do it. he didn't say that until right now. he sees what's happening to him. he is no longer the front runner. look. i feel badly for him. i know he's going through a lot. he's been hit. he's been caught red-handed. sayingman who is on tape exactly what he's going to do in terms of corruption. he gets away with it. if that had happened to a
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republican, they would be in the electric chair right now. they would be walked into the electric chair. it's a whole different standard. what joe biden set on tape -- this is it like, we think. what he said on tape, the fake media doesn't want to play the tape. it's too bad what has happened to him. his campaign is thinking. he walked away with -- look at the kind of numbers. his son is incompetent at best. he got thrown out of the navy. i don't want to say why. sudden, he's making a deal with ukraine where they are getting $168,000 a month between the two of them. $168,000. he gets trillion dollar payments. all of this money coming out. the kid has no expertise in energy. it's an energy company. he has no expertise. you and i know more than he
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does. china.k into a couple days later, he gets $1.5 billion out of china. he has no expertise. i have friends that are the smartest people on wall street. i said, is that possible? they said, no. pretty sad situation. >> i want to clarify something you said earlier. if they hold a vote on the floor and submit to the rules, you will participate? >> if the rules are fair. i don't know exactly. if republicans get a fair shake -- the republicans have been -- we were very nice to them. when paul ryan was the speaker, he really wouldn't give subpoenas. i'm not saying good, bad, or indifferent. he's a man who knows it very well. they go in with all the corruption you have been reading about. all the things they did wrong with comey and all these people.
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all the things they did wrong. when we wanted a subpoena, meaning they wanted a subpoena, it was hard to get it. i'm not sure he ever issued a subpoena. nancy pelosi issues subpoenas, come on and get them. gives them to nadler the guy made up my phone call. in the united states congress, he made up my phone call. i have had people who have said i did not like the way you talked to the ukrainian president, i said, did you read my speech? , a lot of people saw that. frankly, i don't know if anybody would have even noticed. congenial andlly gentle words and made me sound like a tyrant. it's a terrible thing. he defrauded the american public.
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it is all a big con. have had the transcript, you would not have had a whistleblower. all you have to do is read transcript. what's even more important than transcript, though i think it is the most important, these are crooked people. lawyer it'sdemocrat
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a con job. this is a con being perpetrated by united states public and even the world. a poll just came out today, very small people want to see something. that's the way it is. i say this. all you have to do is read the transcript. you know what is almost as good as the transcript? sayingainian president he did not even know what they were talking about, no pressure. the foreign minister of ukraine saying it was a very normal call, there was no pressure at all. that is when you see all of the elements that they saw the whistleblower, when you see what the whistleblower said about the phone call, it was totally different.
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and i don't know why a person that defrost the american public should be protected. you tried to bury that transcript. >> that, i don't know. i assume it was for leaks, i this city is like the leaking capital of the world. if you want to get something out the press, all you have to do is hand it to somebody in washington. i think they are probably time to protect it from leaks. we took that transcript almost immediately. selling we waited until now. -- it's not like we waited until now. when i heard the phony version and what was being horribly said
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, i would like to see who the person is in the whistleblower. the conversation is i think a perfect conversation. if that person exists, i'm not sure they exist. but i think it's important and i say this to congress we could have a spy and i don't want to have spies. china am negotiating with and syria and all of the countries, if you look at turkey and erdogan. kim jong-un, i don't want to have spies in the white house. i want to be free to make calls. i don't think it is fair that somebody interprets a call. i don't mind a misinterpretation. if you read the whistleblower report, it bore no resemblance to what the call was. c-span's campaign 2020
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coverage continues as president trump post a rally in minneapolis, minnesota. eastern,sday at 8 p.m. the washington times on, and listen for you wherever you are in the free c-span radio app. vice president mike pence visited iowa where he gave a speech on the u.s.-mexico trade agreement. this is 25 minutes. [bombastic music] well, hello,