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  Campaign 2020 President Trump Rally in Lake Charles LA  CSPAN  October 11, 2019 8:35pm-10:05pm EDT

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a countryto a contiguous awaiting immigration proceedings. >> you are calling these judicial decrees, you haven't answered my question. >> i turned the question around on you. can you think of any example in american history? >> that's not my job as a reporter. can anybody hear -- >> can anybody think of a single example in american history where the executive branch issued an order that didn't -- did nothing but say, do the law that congress passed? the judge said, no. you cannot do the law congress passed. do the other policy invented by in administration. can you cite an example? >> did the judge tell the ministration with the law is? >> your questions include standing about jurisdiction. ♪
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pres. trump: i want to thank the people of louisiana. you have been so great. ever since the beginning. right from the beginning. i'm thrilled to be back with thousands of loyal american patriots. that's what you are. that's what we are. [cheering] you work hard, you pay your taxes, you respect our police, you defend our values. god,tand strong for
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family, and country. [cheering] pres. trump: tomorrow, you will head to the polls and you will vote to replace a liberal democrat who has told you out. john bel edwards. you will replace them with a great new republican governor. this saturday, you also have, not a bad football game coming up, right? not a bad game. i guess they are both unbeaten. i was watching a little bit of a clip today. your quarterback does not look too bad, does he? [applause] pres. trump: boom, boom, boom. it's a great game. ellis you and florida. here's what you do. [applause] pres. trump: so important.
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i want you to enjoy the game. i don't really want you to enjoy the game if you don't vote first. you know why? you will be sitting there watching some incredible the ball and you'll feel guilty. it will ruin your entire afternoon. go out and vote and then go and enjoy the game the way it should be enjoyed. [applause] [cheering] seen trump: as you've under republican leadership, america is stronger than ever before. this is what's happening. [cheering] pres. trump: we've created 6 million new jobs and opened 10,000 new factories since my election. [cheering] statesrump: the united has the hottest economy honors. you know these prime minister's and presidents and kings and queens and, sometimes dictators. we take them as they come.
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we take them as they come. they always start off, sir, congratulations on the great job you've done with the economy. [cheering] the hottest numbers, the hottest economy in the world. we have the number one economy anymore in the world. -- anywhere in the world. [cheering] pres. trump: had our opponents got elected, you would write now be the number two economy to china and we are now so far ahead. it will never happen if smart people are standing here. [cheering] we've ended the war on american energy. with your help, right here in louisiana, the united states is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere on the planet. [cheering]
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pres. trump: how about these democrats? they want to get rid of oil. [booing] pres. trump: they want to get rid of natural gas. they want to go to wind. i just can't watch the show tonight, the wind stopped flowing. watch lsu and- florida. there was no wind today. i'm really angry at john bel edwards. he has not done the. best in the job. -- he has not done the job. we are restoring the unrivaled fight -- might of the u.s. -- military like never before. [cheering] way, we willby the introduce some great senators here tonight, you have great congressman. we approved something called veterans twice.
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-- choice. [cheering] pres. trump: the veterans can see a doctor outside of the v.a. if they had to wait two weeks or three days. they can go and see a doctor. we pay the bill. they get better. people were waiting for six months. our veterans, we are taking care of our veterans. [cheering] pres. trump: you notice that, with the veterans? it used to be all the time, every time, where's the veteran? how are you, sir? he looks like a veteran, too. not going to mess with him. great. see theotice, we don't bad stories about the veterans. the fake news will go out all over the united states. [booing] pres. trump: they will look. nbc is one of the worst in the world.
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they will look. they will look for a veteran. they will find a veteran that is not 100% happy. they will make them a star. do you notice? for a year and a half, we've been in great shape. they don't talk about the veterans. [cheering] [booing] pres. trump: you know what? your police work fast. they work fast. [cheering] pres. trump: they work fast. they don't mess around in louisiana, do they? that was beautiful. i love to see it. our police are great.
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law enforcement, great. [cheering] pres. trump: they do an incredible job. gains are nation's put at risk by a rage filled democrat party that has gone completely insane. [cheering] pres. trump: for nearly three years, democrats have waged a nonstop battle to overturn your vote, overrule your voice, override your values, and overthrow the results of the most spectacular election in the history of our country. 2016. [cheering] your senators and your congressmen, the real senators and real congressmen and women of this country, they are not standing -- the good people of louisiana will never stand for it. it's a hoax. [cheering]
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pres. trump: the democrats are fighting to restore the rigid political class that through open our nation's borders, shipped away our jobs, sacrificed our wealth, sovereignty,ur flooded our cities with drugs and crime, and bogged us down in one foreign war after another. the endless wars have to stop. [cheering] we are directly taking on the unholy alliance of corrupt democrat politicians, deep state bureaucrats, and the fake news media. there they are right there. [booing] pres. trump: it's really funny. i see all those red lights. that means you are live, right? as soon as i start talking about the fake news, i see those
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lights go off so fast. but then they come back on. you know why they come back on? last night, by far, all over cable, the highest-rated show , a what we did in minnesota state we are going to win. [cheering] that's why they come back on. they have no choice. trump but they want to get those ratings. hey, what's going to happen and 12, 16 years when i'm no longer president? the ratings are going to tank. i actually think they are going to endorse me. [cheering] pres. trump: if they don't, can you imagine having pocahontas as your president? [booing] real pocahontas
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we wouldn't have minded. the fake pocahontas, you can't have it. how about sleepy joe? [booing] his son who knows nothing about energy, unlike the people in this room. [cheering] slides into the ukraine, he flies into ukraine, he walks out with $168,000 a month. $3 million. he doesn't know what a gasoline tank looks like. [booing] pres. trump: they are paying him hundreds of thousands of month. he slides into china and he takes out $1.5 billion. i have to tell you, i made a great china deal today for energy, for the farmers. [cheering]
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pres. trump: pres. trump: for the banks. for some many, technology is one of the greats. problem, it will be $50 billion in bond purchases. i don't think our farmers can produce that much. i said, that's ok. should we make it 20? i said, make it 50. our farmers will buy more land and they will buy bigger tractors. [cheering] pres. trump: they actually said, i want my farmers. i want them to come back. we can produce this, it's too much. we can't produce that much. i want to tell you, i got china to order a lot. [cheering] pres. trump: it's true. it's true. china, in their record
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year, they will catch it. four pinocchio's for making up what i said on the phone call. the biggest year was $60 billion in agricultural. that's a lot of corn. 16 billion was the biggest year. 40-50re going to buy billion dollars worth of agriculture. [cheering] my people said to me, they can't do it. they cannot produce that much. my peopleu know what, wanted to stop it 20. i said, i'm not stopping at 20. i want them to come back and say, sir, we can't do it.
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i love my farmers. they will be at their busy -- out there. there will be more tractors sold. they will be bigger and better and more powerful. they will be made by american companies like john deere. [cheering] pres. trump: for your senators and your congressman that are here, that was one hell of a deal. this was phase one. you have to seize these -- see these. they're happy to do it. we had a great relationship. let me get back to biden. right? [booing] pres. trump: where is hunter. last night i said, where is hunter? he is the hottest thing in the whole country. by the way, where is hunter? [booing] pres. trump: he walked out of china. he walks out with $1.5 billion.
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i said, you know, those aren't the same guys i've been dealing with from china for the last year and a half. 1.5e guys don't give you billion if you know nothing. that's not the same chinese people i want to meet. instead of $50 billion, it would be $500 billion worth of corn. it's a crooked deal. the fake news is always covering it. [booing] pres. trump: right? the fake news. go, the claim is unsubstantiated. any claim is ok. with them, why the claim is totally unsubstantiated. i say, it's not unsubstantiated. he took a fortune out of ukraine and did nothing. he took a fortune out of china. how tough is china?
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i called one of the biggest people on wall street. one of my big, powerful guys. i said, let me ask you one question. what are the chances of doing that? he said, zero. i said, you are the biggest on wall street, steve. you are the biggest. what are the chances you can do that? he said, even the big ones can't do that. for a guy to walk in off the street with no experience, a bad track record, just got thrown out of the navy. he walks away with 1.5 billion. these crooked people say, this is totally unsubstantiated. [booing] can you imagine john kennedy? jr. or ifagine if don eric trump or our beautiful a vodka, she works so hard. [booing] pres. trump: can you imagine if
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they walked out with $1.5 billion? they wouldn't be saying, totally unsubstantiated. they would be saying, where's the nearest cell? this is a horrible thing. it's a disgrace what's going on. it's a whole big fat disgrace. it's very unfair to republicans. you know why? we are here and they are not. [cheering] pres. trump: the democrats and the media, they are partners. they are partners. ok? we are talking about the southern border. they are saying it's a manufactured crisis. they said it was not a crisis. you had caravan's, we stopped it. the wall is being built like you've never seen before. [cheering]
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remember a few months ago? a manufactured crisis on abc. nbc. abc again, manufactured. cnn, crooked as hell. a manufactured crisis. cbs, ladies and gentlemen, in a manufactured crisis. it's a word that was never used. now everything on network -- every single network used it. you know what? it's collusion. it's collusion. [cheering] pres. trump: that's the real collusion. with us, there was no collusion. that's the real collusion right there. they colluded and they conspired to sabotage our incredible movement. they want to deceive the american voter. they want to hurt the american voter. .e had an election
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there has never been a greater victory than the victory we had in 2016. we will have a bigger one in 2020. [cheering] tryingrump: they've been to stop us for more than three years with a lot of crack -- cr ap. the first from -- time i heard about russia, they said, do you know anything about russia? no. have you colluded with russia? i laughed. i thought they were kidding. some of the is came up. the you know anything else about russia? no. i know where it is. i don't deal with it. ago, hehe guys 12 years was from russia. i don't know. they come up again. sir, russia keeps coming up. dino anything about it?
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it's a witchhunt. this is the insurance policy. this was the insurance policy. remember? from the two lovers. if she doesn't win, we have an insurance policy. these people are corrupt. these people are disgusting. the two lovers. they put it on the fbi server. so their spouses wouldn't find out. they didn't want to put it on their private. it didn't work out well for them, did it? [booing] pres. trump: lisa, i love you. i love you lisa. i love you so much i can't see straight. lisa. she will win 100 million. just in case, my darling, i love you. win, wecase she doesn't have an insurance policy. we will take him out. he's a corrupt -- these are
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corrupt people, folks. [booing] pres. trump: she said, peter, i love you so much. you are so great. i don't think she loves him too much anymore, do you? i hear the word is not too good. the word is she's not in love anymore. we've been living through this so-called insurance policy because they know we are putting a stop to their pillaging and plundering and hoaxes. [cheering] the radical policies are crazy. the politicians are corrupt. their candidates are terrible. they know they can't win an election so they are pursuing an illegal, invalid, and unconstitutional bullshit impeachment. [cheering]
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[chanting] pres. trump: they are scammers and con artists. perpetrating hoaxes and witchhunts. a man like greg gerrit, great guy. he wrote a book and the book tells you the whole story. bestseller book. great guy. so many. he's not a lawyer but he's better than the lawyers. he's called streetsmart. so many great people.
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john sullivan how about these fraudulent writers of the new york times? they have to give back their pulitzer prize. that is a fix. prize won the pulitzer for talking about trump and russia. people were right, like sean hannity. rush limbaugh. laura ingraham and tucker carlson. jeanine. and frankly, the best show by far in the morning is fox and friends.
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how about lou dobbs? varney is great. and maria bartiromo. many others. getting't these people the real full of surprise? they were right. they called it right. the times, the washington post, they are dishonest, horrible. i think very bad for our country. it is a phony deal. there writers get full of pullitzer-- prizes. the ones that really got it right go home empty-handed.
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thank god we have them on our side. thank god that we have a thing called social media. we get the word out. like nobody has ever gotten the word out before. it is called a witchhunt. greatest massthe delusion in american political history. this is one of the great khan jobs ever. we must never let it happen to another president. they never thought i was going to release the transcript of my call.
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the whistleblower who works for biden. he comes out with a totally phony report on my phone call. they never thought i would release it. so they thought they would be ok. it sounded horrible. that is why i had to release it. the president of ukraine came out and said he did nothing wrong.
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he got elected on an anticorruption platform. known unfortunately as a very corrupt place. the fake news hardly puts them on. know what we are talking about. nobody thought we would release the call. nobody knew we had a transcript. ,hen i heard the viciousness worse than the whistleblower. why are we protecting a person that tells you things that are true? shifty schiff, little adam schiff, i have had you up to here.
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out and he makes up my conversation. i was watching because people think that is what he said. nervous nancy. [booing] i used to think she loves the country, she hates the country. nancy pelosi hates the united states of america. she would not be doing this. us,ign people looking at they honestly think we are nuts.
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she was angry when she got to read the transcript. that is not what she was told. but she was stuck. think of a guy who makes up a phone call. i would have loved to see their faces. he goes before congress and makes up the story of what i said.
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he made it up. it was fiction. are you immune from something like that? that should be a crime. i need you to send the democratic establishment a clear message, you're going to fire your democratic governor who has done a lousy job. to sunday great republican the governor's mansion. when john bel edwards ran for office, he made your state a sacred promise that he would not raise your taxes. brokee got elected and
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that promise by ramming through in yourest tax hike state's history. [booing] because the state likes me, i think i one by a lot. -- won by a lot. know why the hell you like a guy. but i like you guys too. i used to go to construction sites where people would be putting up housing. i like those workers. john bel edwards lied to the people of louisiana.
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edwards is trying to destroy louisiana's energy sector. you know that, right? with threats and lawsuits inspired by the radical left-wing democrats. that is what he is doing. he is not good. he goes around saying he likes me very much. but behind my back, he does not like me. he was a superdelegate for crooked hillary clinton. [booing] it looks like bernie lost his chance. bernie was hitting a baseball today to show how strong he was. they're just there was not a lot of bat speed.
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bernie, get better. it is the only time i've ever said anything good about him. did they take advantage of him for years ago and they let him do it. -- he let them do it. he figured he would wait for years. when bernie gets out, it looks like those will go to your radical leftists elizabeth warren. [booing] that will be the end of sleepy joe. he is who i would like to run against. i don't care. just put them out there. let's get this thing going.
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our friend brian kemp did a number on stacey abrams. she had oprah. oprah did a test used to be a really big friend of mine. she used to go to mar-a-lago. she likes the key lime pie. she went to georgia and she stacey abrams. the obamas went. [booing] all brian kemp had was donald trump. we had a rally at the airport. 55,000 people there.
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he won by 2.5 points. that was amazing. every star went down there for stacey abrams. take four moret years of a liberal democrat governor raising your taxes, killing your jobs, attacking your industry, and taking money from open borders. how about these people who want open borders? let everyone come in. [booing] tomorrow you have to vote john bel edwards out. [cheering] is the way you do that before the game, you got to get going. just leave an hour early. maybe an hour early. it is a runoff. if he does not get 50%, then one
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of our two great candidates will win. will be john bel edwards against one of our two great candidates. they are both great people. they are both pro-jobs, pro-workers, profamily, pro-life. and pro-louisiana energy. if that is ok. [cheering] i was here a couple of months ago and they opens the biggest lng plant i have ever seen in my life. they have been trying to get this thing approved for years.
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i got those permits so fast for them. these big energy executives were sitting back and they could not get it approved. nothing they could do. your governor was lousy. no one could help. that thing was so dead. i came along and got it approved. consultants called up these big energy executives. we were able to get it approved. i never saw these people. i know it was a good thing. they probably got millions in consulting fees. i would rather give it to you people. or charity. but it came along. nobody knows consultants better than me. they make the environmental rules tough. you have to pay them a lot of money to skirt your way through. it takes years and years and millions and millions. i got that plant approved and i came down two months ago.
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had never seen anything so big. now they going to double it up. they will protect your second amendment. our two guys. edwards won't. when it gets close and they start calling from washington and schumer and pelosi call, we want to to get rid of the second amendment, he is 100% going to drop the second amendment. you will not have the rights that you have. john bel edwards will not protect your second amendment. [booing] our guys support your police. they defend the great workers and families of the state. if you want to governor who will fight for your values, get out tomorrow and cast your ballot.
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it is very important. [cheering] , fear -- come up here. here is the problem. we are on live television all over the place. they don't like this. they say put trump back on. you are not allowed to hit your republican opponent. you are only allowed to hit john bel edwards because he deserves it. ahead. >> is this incredible?
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we need someone to do for louisiana what president trump has done for the usa. [cheering] we need a conservative. a businessman. someone who is not beholden to special interests. someone who will fight for louisiana. that is why i am in this race. let's go get it. let's fire john bel edwards. let's thank our president for coming down here to help us. [cheering] >> i just want to thank the president for coming to louisiana and making louisiana great again. president, we thank you so much for taking care of our veterans.
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for rebuilding our military. and for protecting our southern border. [cheering] i dropped a resolution to expel nancy pelosi from the house of representatives. pres. trump: thank you very much. you have to do it tomorrow. get a runoff. tomorrow for the entire republican ticket. we are also delighted to be joined by two really good friends of mine. these are warriors. different types of people but equally they fight for you and
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they love the state and they love this country. one has a strange name. he called me up. they said there is a man named kennedy on the phone. he is running for the senate in a state that likes you a lot. i said where? louisiana. [cheering] i said let me check it out. it is true. very successful guy. brilliant guy. i am a big student. i like academics. my uncle was a professor for 35 years at m.i.t. he went to oxford. that is as good as it gets. he was a great student at oxford. he puts on that country stuff all the time.
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we know the country is smarter than the other guy anyway. john kennedy says, i would love to have your support. said, to me you are the real china kennedy, you are the real deal. it was a friday night and there was this massive airplane hangar someplace. it was somewhere in your great state. we had thousands of thousands of people show up. i looked at him and i liked him and i looked at that crowd and said, i think you are going to win tomorrow. the election was on a saturday. john kennedy won by a lot. it was a great thing for our country. where is john kennedy? come here. we have another guy. anytime i talk about health care , anytime i want to know anything about medical, taking
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care of people, i call a man named bill cassidy. he is incredible. what a heart. , on a peer, john. john.e on up here, oxford! sen. kennedy: is this incredible or what? is this louisiana? i told you, donald j. trump loves louisiana like the devil loves sin. [cheering]
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>> earlier i gave him a quiz. i imagined you were running against joe biden. [booing] and i asked him, who is more likely to secure the southern border? but there was one question i forgot to ask. who promised to build a new river bridge? pres. trump: two great men. two great americans.
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another man who is very brave. he was in bad condition. i was at the hospital the night he was expected to die. he was not looking too good that night. i went there and the doctor said, it is almost impossible to save him. i think he is better looking now than he was two years ago. the greatest thing, he was playing baseball. he was shot while they were practicing. steve scalise. [cheering] he is recovering. i don't want to go into it. he had a lot of damage. he went out and he played in the baseball game six months later.
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the first batter hits a groundball right ahim. i said this is going to be terrible. pault down and he got that and he caught it. and he threw to first. he could barely throw. he threw it to first on the batter was out. that was a miracle. the first pitch of the game. [cheering] how tough is that? i don't think anybody else would have been able to stop that sucker. he is a great friend of mine and he is another one. he loves you so much. he is really a brave guy. steve scalise. [cheering] and then we have some other great warriors, great congressmen.
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come on up, fellas. thank you. they are warriors. they make better -- our lives better on washington. you have an agriculture commissioner well known all over the country. commissioner.
9:26 pm
thank you. and solicitor general. thank you. nice hat. we are going to do something that a lot of presidents and people have said you needed. all the work is done. it is getting ready for final approvals. that is the hard part in many cases. it is all done. 10 are going to rebuild the i- river bridge. [cheering] we are going to build it. finally i would like to welcome the winners of the 2019 little league world series
9:27 pm
championship. segarra -- louisiana's own. it drives me crazy how good-looking they are. look at them. stay there for a second. i am in the white house today and we had the little league girls championship. they are incredible. they come from north carolina. they were undefeated. they were incredible. they had a tremendous team. north carolina. in and i said, where you from?
9:28 pm
they said, louisiana. [cheering] throws the ball 75 miles per hour. i think he is being recruited by the entire major leagues already. he is 12 years old. i say, where you from. they said louisiana. i said i'm going on a beautiful plane called air force one. the world's most beautiful plane. i am going to a place called louisiana. come? want to calm -- parents.ed at their
9:29 pm
they didn't want to take their parents. they won the whole deal all over the world. they are the number one team. somebody told me they started off with thousands of teams all over the world. so used to watching japan win. it was always a little controversial. he is 12 but he seems to be 18. i am only kidding. he is a friend of mine. he will understand the way i kid.
9:30 pm
japan always did great. this year, you have the world champions of little league. from louisiana. [cheering] congratulations. on up here, kids.
9:31 pm
i will tell you what. i just said, does anybody want to say something. they said no. you and i know they do not choke. you don't know what the word choke means. >> you all for the
9:32 pm
support. [cheering] pres. trump: where is this big picture? come up here. i want to represent the sky. somebody is going to make a lot of money representing him. are you ready for the major leagues someday? what are you throwing? did you do pretty well? you kept them pretty well set out. they could not see the bar -- ball. 8-0. you did not pitch a bad game. go get 'em, kids. thanks, fellas. i don't think they want to
9:33 pm
leave. champions. there is no choke. they don't choke and we don't chug. we don't like chokers. with the help of everyone here tonight, america is booming again. we are winning. we are putting america first. you have not heard that in a long time. 7 million americans have been lifted off of food stamps since our great election. unemployment just reached its lowest rate in over 50 years. forployment african-americans, hispanic americans, and asian americans have hit the all-time lowest rates in the history of our country.
9:34 pm
wages are rising fast. fewer children live in poverty today when i was selected. i have cut a record number of job killing regulations. over $1 trillion has been brought back in and is being spent building in the united states instead of building overseas.
9:35 pm
the democrats running for president have pledged to abolish all american production of oil and natural gas. that is wonderful. democrats are promising to annihilate louisiana's economy. [booing] we are never going to let them do that. one of your senators just set it. i came here to get you to go out to vote. one of your senators told me, you never have to go back to louisiana. go to those states that are close. .ichigan, pennsylvania
9:36 pm
we absolutely won those states by so much nobody ever saw it coming. i did something like this the night before the election. it was the same kind of an arena. it was packed. that was north carolina. we won pennsylvania last time. the first time in many years. we won michigan. we won south carolina. florida. and wisconsin. we have to get nancy to approve the usmca. we call them the do-nothing democrats. take over it after we the house.
9:37 pm
the last administration betrayed our nation energy workers. are proudly promoting american energy independence. we are independent. i approved the keystone xl pipeline and the dakota access pipeline. 48,000 jobs. my first week in office. i signed executive orders to speed up the construction of critical energy infrastructure. -- i opened up and warm drilling sitegest anywhere. it is in alaska. they could not get it done. even ronald reagan could not get it done. done. it we ended decades of ruinous trade policies that ransacked the communities of the state.
9:38 pm
fouriana lost one in manufacturing jobs after the and disasters of nafta china's entrance into the world trade organization. probably the worst trade deal ever made. nafta with theg brand-new u.s.-mexico canada agreement. will be a massive victory for farmers and ranchers and growers and workers. they may say we cannot do anymore. we don't want anymore. they will be calling me from nebraska. from iowa. we are winning so much. please, mr. president. we don't want to win so much. we are not used to it. they will be calling me from nebraska.
9:39 pm
.rom iowa if there was honest voting, i do think i would've one that as well. but there is not. whatever they tell you, there is not. they will be saying we don't need anymore. it is not a nice feeling? democrats in congress should get back to work and pass the usmca. we have taken the toughest action ever to confront china's decades of abuse and now we are getting along with china. i wasas a great day almost late for you because i was with china. i said i am not going to be late for louisiana even if it means standing up china. [cheering]
9:40 pm
it was between louisiana and china. i had to pick louisiana. [cheering] today i was with the vice premier of china. one of the most powerful men in the world. we made that significant process .- progress they want it badly. it will end the mistreatment of american workers and companies it will be great for china too. wewill not rest until achieve economic fairness and justice for the american worker and american people. ofocrats have put the needs foreign citizens ahead of our own. we protect borders of other countries. we don't protect our own borders.
9:41 pm
you see the numbers. they have plummeted. 27,000. think of it. just because the democrats would changesove simple mexico has helped us more on our border than the democrats. all they want to do is this .ullishness people see their game. the voters are smart.
9:42 pm
in a recent debate, every presidential candidate raise their hand in favor of giving free government health care to illegal aliens. [booing] why they come to america. why wouldn't they come? free everything. i did it again. i was just kidding.
9:43 pm
the democratic vision for america is to rob american taxpayers to fund socialism for the entire world. if you don't want democrats to raid your health care, steal your money, overcrowd your schools, and overwhelm your communities, then you have only one choice. you have to go out tomorrow and vote republican. get john bel edwards the hell out of office. i never forget that i am not president of the world. i am president of the united states. [cheering] we reject globalism. we embrace patriotism. we believe that every american
9:44 pm
citizen deserves a government that is loyal to them. and thecrat party extreme radical left are trying abolish the distinction between citizens and noncitizens. cases, people who come into our country were treated better than our vets. we have a number of great vets. people who were coming in illegally were treated better than them. not anymore. just recently, new york city, i love new york city, we have some real bad leadership over there. the mayor ran for president. he got zero. how do you get zero?
9:45 pm
it is impossible. there has to be one strange person out there. he got zero. new york wanted him to do so well. they did not want him back as mayor. they would have said let him be president, just keep them the hell away from new york. he issued a rule that the use of the term illegal alien can now be punishable by a fine of up to $250,000. can you imagine? you are a hard worker and you're saving your money. you just built up that money after years of construction work. you are rich. you feel better than trump ever did. and one of those bad moments, use the word illegal alien. they say thank you very much, give me that money you worked
9:46 pm
your ass off for. their attack on free speech goes hand-in-hand with their attack on america's borders. the radical democrats are soft on american freedom and american citizenship. democrats also continue to encourage foreign intervention in our elections by refusing to support a simple and beautiful thing called voter id. [cheering] maybe i can ask our senators and congressmen. it is so popular. if you want to go out and buy groceries, you need identification. almost anything. neednly thing you don't identification for is to vote.
9:47 pm
they cheat like hell. that is why. maybe they could put out a voter id. you guys believe in that, don't you? they could put it out. that is why i love this state. now i know why i won the state. people cannot cheat. i love this state. it is so great. don't change. put it out for every other state. most states don't have it. americans should vote in elections.
9:48 pm
you go out to california and you see what is happening out there, it is a disgrace. democrats accept sanctuary cities. violent criminal aliens onto your streets. citiescans believe our should be sanctuaries for law-abiding citizens. had trump's they loves cops. and cops love trump. nevermocrat party has been so far out of the
9:49 pm
mainstream. they have gone crazy. they are people. they are crazed lunatics. every democrat running for president has pushed a health care agenda that would and medicare as we know it. we will always protect medicare for our beloved seniors. will always protect patients with pre-existing conditions. will protect your private insurance. who has private insurance? how would you like it if the ticket away? away?k it we have taken swift action to lower the price of health care for working families.
9:50 pm
we got rid of the individual mandate. unpopular, unfair thing . that is when you pay a fortune for the privilege of not having to pay a fortune. you are paying to not have to pay. it is terrible. i got rid of it. it is a big deal. that was not easy. our ambitious campaign to reduce the price of prescription drugs has produced the largest decline in drug prices and more than 50 years. we are bringing them down much lower. to give our states, the drug industry has been pretty well wired. drugs are very expensive. in other countries, you can buy the exact same drug for 70% less.
9:51 pm
same drug, same factory, same company. i just gave the governor of florida and i'm giving other governors the right to go to toada and other countries buy the drugs. they pay much less. we are giving states the rights to go to other countries and make a deal on drugs. than going through this horrible system where the democrats refused to allow you to do anything to cut the price of drugs. they don't want to let you do it. to help patients with life-threatening conditions, we passed rights to try. , very are terminally ill sick, we have the best doctors and labs and technicians in the
9:52 pm
world. they have so many different things. you could not get it. you are terminally ill. you're going to be around for four weeks. we can't give you this drug. it may hurt you. for 50 years they have been trying to get it. i did it pretty quickly. these we will do disclosures that say you are not going to sue the government or the drug company. , it is a miracle. so many people have been saved. it is incredible. they don't have to wait six years. they will be gone. every top democrat also now supports late-term abortion, ripping babies straight from the mother's womb right up to the moment of birth. that is why i have asked congress to prohibit extreme late-term abortion.
9:53 pm
republicans believe every child is a sacred gift from god. [cheering] democrats are now the party of high taxes, high crime, open borders, late-term abortion, socialism, and blatant corruption. the republican party is the party of the american worker, family, dream. that is what they want. republicans want the american dream. [cheering] we have confirmed 100 -- people don't even believe this, record federalbama gave me 142 judges. i figured it was none. i said, you have to be kidding. within two months we will have about 100.
9:54 pm
[cheering] our historic investment and rebuilding the military has included $25 million for a place called barksdale air force base. ever hear of it? right here in louisiana. stationion to naval air joint reserve base new orleans. warriors have more ammunition, missiles, rockets, tanks, fighter jets, everything our troops need to defend our country than we have ever had before. it is all made in the usa. [cheering]
9:55 pm
at the same time, we are putting a stop to the endless wars. we have to bring our folks back home. wars going on for 19 years. we are police agents. we are not fighting wars. we can't do it. not fair. other countries should help us. they don't treat us right but they are starting to. one of the middle east -- going into the middle east is one of the best -- worst decisions ever made. it is like quicksand. we spent a trillion dollars in the middle east. but then we want to fix up a bridge and they say, sir, that is a lot of money. we are slowly and carefully bringing our great soldiers and warriors back home. [cheering] after decades of rebuilding foreign countries, we are
9:56 pm
finally rebuilding our own country. [cheering] watched as your politicians apologized for america. not so long ago. now you have a president who is standing up for america and we are standing up for the great people of louisiana. [cheering] the path to victory begins with a giant win tomorrow here in the great state of louisiana. [cheering] support, we will show the corrupt democrats in that the american people are not backing down. we will never, ever forget.
9:57 pm
we will send a terrific new republican governor to baton rouge. [cheering] tomorrow, before the game, get neighbors,s, family, get out and vote republican. these are two great people. with your help, we will lift millions more of our great citizens from welfare to work. from dependence to independence. from poverty to prosperity. moreher, we will elect republicans to congress to create an immigration system that protects american jobs, wages, families. we will be able to tell mexico and their great 27,000 soldiers who are doing this as a favor to your president, we are not
9:58 pm
paying for it, we will tell them thank you very much. your services are no longer needed. deals thatct trade result in more products proudly stamped with the four beautiful words, made in america. we will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine. finding new cures for childhood cancers. and ending the aids epidemic in america. you did not know that this will be done. it will be ended in 10 years. we have the medicines to do it. can you believe that? it could have been started a long time ago and they did not do it but i am doing it. 10 years, the aids epidemic will be ended. who would've thought we could do that? privacy, free speech, free assembly, religious liberty, and the right to keep
9:59 pm
and bear arms. [cheering] and above all, we will never stop fighting for the sacred values that bind us together as one america. defendort, protect and the constitution of the united states. with the heroes of law enforcement. they are great. i hope they know how much we cherish them, and i think they do. we saw it last night in minnesota. we believe in the dignity of work in the sanctity of life. we believe that faith and family, not government, bureaucracy, are the true american way. we believe children should be taught to love our country,
10:00 pm
honor our history, and to always respect our great american flag. [applause] and here in louisiana and all thess this land, we live by words of our national motto, and god we trust. that will never be taken away. shoulders ofhe american patriots who crossed continent, settled a tamed the wilderness, revolutionized industry, pioneered science, won two world wars, defeated fascism and communism, and we are going to defeat socialism and put a man on the face of the moon. citizens like you helped
10:01 pm
build this country, and together we are taking back our country. we are returning power to you, the american people. with your help, devotion and drive, we are going to keep on working, we are going to keep on fighting, and we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. one people,ovement, one family and one glorious nature and -- glorious nation under god. america is thriving like never before, and ladies and gentlemen of louisiana, the best is yet to come. [applause] vote tomorrow. together, we will make america wealthy again. we will make america strong
10:02 pm
again. we will make america safe again. and we will make america great again. thank you, louisiana. get out and vote tomorrow. thank you. [applause] ♪ you can't always get what you ]ant" playing i saw her today at the reception a glass of wine in her hand i knew she was going to meet her connection at her feet was a footloose man you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want but if you try some time, you'll
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you can't always get what you want but if you try some time, you might find you get what you need ♪ i went down to the demonstration to get my fair share of abuse we are going to vent our frustrations if we don't, we are going to blow a 50 amp fuse ♪ you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want you can't always get what you want >> on saturday, president trump
10:05 pm
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