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tv   Bob Cusack  CSPAN  October 13, 2019 3:06am-3:15am EDT

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the system, i hear you. but don't let that frustration cause you to walk away. instead, let it cause you to make you jump in politics. my example. i was frustrated by politics and decided to run for office and i'm trying to fix it. if you are frustrated by politics, do the exact same thing, run for office, get involved knock on doors and make , your voice be heard. that is the in your opinion of town halls. one of the 17 we are doing is making sure citizens have a political voice and voice matters, that we are listening even if we don't see eye to eye, , i want to hear what you have to say, and i want to continue to work i'll close by saying, we for you. i'll close by saying, we are not going to fix every one of these problems overnight. a lot of these challenges are real. but i can promise you a couple of things. i'm going to promise to continue to tell you the truth, i'm going to continue to show up in front of our community again and again, and i'm going to continue to work hard for the values we
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share. there is a lot more that we share then divide us and we will >> bob cusack, editor-in-chief of the hill, the impeachment inquiry ramped up with trump administration officials. who is set to testify in the coming week? bob: we are going to have a number of people. fiona hill is one. she used to be a diplomat for the trump administration. she is going to testify, she knows what is going on in
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europe. marie yavinovich testified today, the state department tried to block her, she was a career state department employee, she was subpoenaed, the house democrats said the subpoena forced her to testify, but she was clearly eager to testify. the testimony of hill and another person who's texts were released, he is a trump donor and the state department did block his testimony, but it looks like he will also testify next week. host: are we getting any timeline from democratic leaders on an impeachment vote? is a greatat question and something our reporters are asking about. certainly i think you will see something this year. not only is it timing, but is it going to be about ukraine and obstruction of justice? will it be larger, will it deal with financial issues? how broad will impeachment be? i think you are going to see it in all likelihood before thanksgiving, but speaker pelosi has not given any timeline.
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but covering for her -- covering her for years i don't think she , wants to drag this into 2020, the election year. remember democrats want 2018 not on impeachment, they won on issues, health care. but i think she wants to get this vote done some time in 2019. host: during the two-week break, the president announcing the withdrawal of troops from northern syria, and then turkey invading northern syria, and strong reaction on capitol hill including proposals for sanctions, one by liz cheney. the conference chair for republicans. why is this a big issue on capitol hill? bob: it is a really big issue. it's one of the rare issues that has split republican leaders from the president. mitch mcconnell has been very critical of this move. you mentioned liz cheney, member of the house republican leadership. and the other top two above her, steve scalise from louisiana and
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kevin mccarthy are backing the sanctions bill. so it is going to divide republicans who are torn between supporting their president, and they just didn't like this move of leaving syria and abandoning the kurds. so you are going to see, potentially you are going to see votes next weekend beyond that would admonish the white house for making this move. and that is going to be a tough vote for some republicans, no doubt about it. host: it does seem as though, the president sees the withdrawal as a political winner for him. bob: that's right. he has made the case that the country is very war weary. at his rally last night, he repeatedly mentioned we need to stop the endless wars. it triggered some applause. certainly, you know, it's interesting because some republicans will support him here, and i think some democrats also will support him if they are forced to vote on it.
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but a vast majority of democrats and republicans don't support this move. and i think the white house has been a little surprised about how much republican pushback they have gotten, especially from leaders. that is just so unusual in this congress. host: back to potential floor action, last month speaker pelosi introduced her prescription drug plan. what is the status of that? when we might see some floor debate and votes on that? bob: this is a big issue for house democrats. it is what they campaigned on when they won the house in 2018. as you mentioned, speaker pelosi unveiled her bill. not surprisingly, the prescription drug industry is not pleased with this. and they have come out against it. you will see a lot of tv ads, recently, going after the pelosi bill and supporting what the trump administration has done on administrative policy. mitch mcconnell is not a fan of this nancy pelosi bill. nancy pelosi had to strengthen
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the bill to get progressives on board, as far as how many drugs could be negotiated and to bring down drug prices at the same time. it is unclear when it will go to the floor. there is going to be a hearing in the ways and means committee, and this is a number of the committees have jurisdiction in the house, energy and commerce as well. so i think you are going to have the hearings, which are going to be very partisan, and then i would think you are going to have markups, moving through committee, then going to the floor sometime in 2019. host: and a quick yes-no question for you will the house , and senate take up the u.s.-mexico-canada trade agreement before the end of the year? bob: you know, i think it is on a knife's edge. the slight answer if i had to pick yes or no would be yes. impeachment really brings a problem with this because of the politics of it. there is -- but nancy pelosi wants to get to yes, and republicans want to get to yes,
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so there is a little over a 50% chance this is actually going to pass congress this year. but don't bet a lot of money on that. host: editor in chief of the hill, bob cusack, thanks. announcer 1: congress returns to capitol hill on tuesday after a two-week recess with house committees working on impeachment inquiries against the president lowering , prescription drug costs and curbing the outsourcing of u.s. jobs. the senate continues with air force secretary nominee robber baron. watch gavel to gavel coverage of -- online atspan or listen on the go using the free c-span radio app. tonight at 9:00 eastern in her latest book tough love, former
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obama administration national security advisor and you and ambassador suzanne rice talks about her life, career, and foreign diplomacy. she is interviewed by robin wright, author and columnist for the new yorker. >> what were you worried about russian intervention in the 2020 election? >> it is important for the american people to understand it hasn't stopped. this is constant. they were very actively involved in 2016, as we saw through stealing and hacking emails from the dnc, john podesta and others on the clinton campaign. they tried to infiltrate our electoral system. they put out false information, and then they were very active on social media, trying to pit americans against each other over domestic issues of contention whether it is race, immigration, guns, what have you. and their whole thing is to discredit our democracy and to cause people in this country to hate one another andn


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