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  President Trump Italian President Meeting in Oval Office  CSPAN  October 16, 2019 11:11am-12:01pm EDT

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but that was the structure i would participate. that's the question you want -- yes, ma'am. reporter: is under investigation associates who helped him in ukraine also arrested last week. do you think he should still be the president's lawyer? do you have -- >> all this veilability we break away here taking you to the white house with video from the oval office with president trump and the italian president. president trump: thank you very much. it's a great honor to have the president of italy with us. he is a man of great distinction. he's highly respected in this country. nice to have you at the white house. thank you very much. mr. president.
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we have had a great relationship with italy for a long time. i don't think it's ever been closer than it is now. we have won a $7.5 billion award from, as you know, i guess it's been pretty big news, i know that this is against the european union and world trade. good old world trade. long time they have been taking advantage of the united states and turkey will talk to us about their share of it because they feel they shouldn't have to pay so much. if you look at what's going on, italy is complaining about it. turkey. everybody's complaining about it. turkey's complaining about a lot of things. we are handling turkey very nicely. we have many countries complaining about the different awards that we have been winning lately from the courts. the reason we are winning is we are properly represented. we are winning in the case of
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the european union $7.5 billion and italy has a percentage of that to pay. and other cases we have won and we have a lot of money coming into the united states for the first time ever. tremendous amounts of money, many different forms, including tariffs. our farmers now have been taken care of well. china has already started their purchases. there was some misreporting which does not, frankly, i'm not at all surprised, but there's been some misreporting that china will start purchasing when the deal is signed. the deal is being papered right now. bob light hieser is with us. -- light hieser -- light highser is with us. mike pompeo is with us. china started buying already from the farmers. it will be anywhere from $40 billion to $50 billion far more than anyone thought or expected. it's a great deal for the farmers. i think the farmers will come out, along with many other
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industries in the united states, will come out as one of the big beneficiaries of the trade deal with china. but they have already started purchasing. in fact they started purchasing three weeks ago. you can see the numbers for yourself. it's great for our country. it's great for -- i think it's great for china, too. but it's something that's already taken effect even though the deal won't be signed probably until i meet with president xi in chilly -- chili where -- chile where we have a summit. the world trade we won $7.5 billion and that is being contributed -- distributed among various countries in the european union. italy is one of those countries. i know that the president of italy wants to discuss that. and the other thing of course is trade. and numerous elements of the military and terrorism and security. e'll be discussing everything.
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petroleum: i'm pleased to
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report that -- president trump: i'm please to report in curbingy, somebody reported 50. it was actually down to 28. they were removed a while ago. all american soldiers are away from the site. syria and turkey may fight. syria is struggling with the kurds. the kurds are very well protected. plus they know how to fight. by the way, they are no angels. they were with us. they were no angels, but they are fighting. we are largely out of that area where very well set. we have quite a contingent nearby of soldiers of the finest equipment in the world. i don't think we'll have to use it. so syria is negotiating with or talking to turkey. we are also talking to turkey. we put massive sanctions on turkey. sanctions work, frankly, better than fighting. when you are down to 28 people.
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we are not going to be fighting. we don't want to fight. i don't think there is any reason to from the united states standpoint. syria wanting to take back their land, that's a whole different story. if syria wants to fight for their land, that's up to turkey and syria as it has been for hundreds of years they have been fighting. and the kurds have been fighting for hundreds of years. that whole mess it's been going on for a long time. syria may have some help with russia. and that's fine. it's a lot of sand. they have a lot of sand over there. there's a lot of sand they can play with. we are supposed to be there for 30 days. we stayed for 10 years. it's time for to us come home. we are not a policing agent. it's time for us to come home. but we are working with turkey. we are working with -- talking to everybody in the area. whatever we can do to keep it stable or stabilize it as much as possible. knowing that it's possibly going to be very stable.
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i think we are in a very good position in the middle east. i think we are very, very strong in the middle east. iran is going to hell. their economy's in deep trouble. their g.d.p. went down 20% which nobody ever heard of before. probably 25%. we'll be talking to iran also. they want very much to talk. the sanctions with iran, the things we have done, including tariffs, different things gs having to do with countries that are dealing with them, we put on all of the economic sanctions are working very well. so iran will be an interesting case. we'll see. they want to talk. we'll see whether or not they talk f they talk good. if they don't talk that's ok, too. i think we are doing a very good job in the sevens strategically we have syria talking about their land. turkey has gone into syria. if turkey goes into syria that's between turkey and sir it's not between turkey anti-united states like a lot of stupid people would like you to believe. i watched last night a couple of people understood, a couple of the democrats, i won't say
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which ones, but a couple of the more confident democrats actually understood what i was doing and what the plan is. but the plan is to get out of endless wars. to bring our soldiers back home. to not be policing agents all over the world. if you look at other countries, russia, china, they don't have countries to take care of. we are close to 90 countries in one form or another, 90 countries all over the world policing. frankly, many of those countries they don't respect what we are doing. they don't like what we are doing and don't like us. we are looking all over the world. tremendous amounts of money, manpower, lives that we save by doing it much differently. if people aren't respecting what we are going to be doing, that's too bad. you read where we are sending some troops to saudi arabia, that's true. we want to help saudi arabia. they have been a very good ally. they have agreed to pay for the cost of those troops. they have agreed to pay fully for the cost of everything we are doing over there. that's something you never
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heard before i think as long as you have been standing out there. i think the media has never heard that before. but saudi arabia has graciously agreed to pay for the full cost of everything we are doing for them. we are sending some tremendous missiles over. we are sending some great power over to saudi arabia. saudi arabia's paying for 100% of the cost including the cost of our soldiers. that negotiation took a short time. maybe about 35 seconds. i would like now to introduce the president of italy that negotiation took a short t few words. i'm sure you can have many questions for him. thank you.
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president mattarella: peaking a foreign language]
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translator: mr. president, thank you very much for your kind invitation and warm welcome to the white house. thank you for the very interesting remarks you just made. i'm sure we'll be discussing all these issues during our talks later on. in a full spirit of loyalty and cooperation, which is what friend and allies have to do. italy anti-u.s. share a set of values, set of cultures. our bond has been fostered by our o human relations. i'm very pleased to be here in this moment in time as we celebrate the italian american eritage month.
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president mattarella: peaking a foreign language] translator: again, i'm very happy to be here to meet with you, mr. president. it's a pleasure to see you again after we met at the g-20 summit in sicily. our meeting again is proof of the friendship between our countries. as also testified our common belonging to the atlantic alliance and by the human bonds that our countries share and by the long friendship and alliance we have. president mattarella: peaking a foreign language]
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translator: as you may remember, mr. president, when we me at the summit the weather it was also beautiful here yesterday as well. and the fact we meet in different places around the world testifies to how solid our bonds are. president trump: i think the bonds between italy anti-united states have never been more solid. i have so many italian friends. i can't tell you how many italian friends. we have a lot also in your government, we have a lot of great friends in your government. i think the w.t.o. award has been testament to a lot of good work by the trump administration. we never won with the w.t.o., essentially never won. very seldom. now we are winning a lot. we are winning a lot because they know if we are not treated fairly we are leaving because we were a pig i bank that every other country was robbing. china became rich because of
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the w.t.o. that's what china went up, that's when they made their great rise. they were flat lining and all of a sudden around the year 2000, 2001 when they got involved with the w.t.o. it became a whole different story. and china was taking $500 billion a year out of the united states, plus intellectual property he, and many other things. i give china loot of credit. i give the people that ran our o credit no credit. i g.e.f. them discredit for what they allowed to a but the w.t.o., it's a world trade organization, has been very unfair to the united states. they know i feel that way. i think since they know i feel that way all of a sudden we are starting to win very big award. the $7.5 billion we won is going to be discussed. the percentage of that is to be made by italy. italy thinks we are charging them too much. we'll take that under consideration and discuss that today. we are also discussing some very big trade deals.
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italy is a very -- partner with us. we do a lot of trade together. they make incredible product. we buy and they buy. we have a very good relationship. sometimes stymied by the european union, which is frankly very tough to deal with and very tough negotiators. very unfair negotiators. they know i feel that way. we'll see what happens ultimately with the european union. they have been very unfair to the united states. italy, on the other hand, they have been a great partner.
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reporter: are you afraider go dan -- president trump: he didn't say that at all. he's meeting today with some of our representatives. mike pence is leaving today, as you know. needed to take an extra day for security reasons. mike is leevepk leaving. mike pompeo will be meeting also, who is here right now with us. he'll be joining the meeting. we have a lot of great people over there, we'll see. in the meantime our soldiers are not in harm's way, as they shouldn't be. as two countries fight over land. that has nothing to do with us. the kurds are much safer right now. but the kurds know how to fight. as i said they are not angels. they are not angels. take a look. you have to go back and take a look, but they fought with us. we paid loot of money for them to fight with us. that's ok. they did well when they fought with us. they didn't do so well when they didn't fight with us. i refuse to allow the americans
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a year and a half ago to fight with the kurds against iraq. i said wait a minute. this country stupidly just spent a fortune on fighting wars around iraq. nobody knows how they spent it. they spent actually -- in the middle east now for $8 trillion if you can believe that stupidity. in iraq we are in for probably $5.5 trillion. we just spent $5.5 billion fighting in iraq and with iraq. and now we are supposed to spend money to fight with the kurds against iraq. i said no thank you. what happens is what i said we are not going to fight with the kurds, the kurds left. they didn't want to fight against iraq. which right now isn't the greatest fighting force in the world. that happened twice. the kurds actually are pulling back substantially from turkey. and syria's pulling in. syria probably will have a partner of russia, whoever they may have. i wish them all a lot of luck.
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russia was involved in afghanistan. used to be called the soviet union. now it's called russia for a reason. they lost so much money in afghanistan that they had a downsize. very big downsizing. if russia wants to get involved with the -- with syria, that's up to them. they have a problem with turkey, they have a problem at the border. it's not our border. we shouldn't be losing lives over it. but again we only had 28 soldiers, 26, 28, got all different numbers, ends up being 28 between the 26, 28. two people. and they are fully accounted for. so that's the story. it's very simple. and we are watching and we are negotiating and we are trying to get turkey to do the right thing because we'd like to stop wars regardless, whether americans are in or whether they are not in. we want to see wars stopped. it's very important. on a humanitarian basis we want to see that happen. reporter: how confident are
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you that mike pence will be able to arrange a cease-fire? president trump: why don't you president trump: i view
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the situation on the turkish border with syria for the united states strategically billian -- brilliant. our sold remembers out of there. they are safe. they have to work it out. maybe they can do it without fighting. syria's protecting the kurds. that's good. we are -- by the way every player hates isis. everybody we are talking about. syria more than us. russia more than us. they have done a big number on russia. we are over there fighting isis, but they are over there fighting isis, too. they can handle it and should handle it. we can fight our own battles on our own territories. but you have a lot of countries over there that hate isis as much as we do. in some cases probably more. so they can take care of isis. we have them captured. the united states captured them. some were released for effect to make us look a little bit like we have to get right back in there. you have a lot of countries
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over there that have power and that hate isis very much. as much as we do. i think we are in a very stranlly good position. -- strategically good position. we have removed all of our as we said 50 soldiers, but much less than 50 soldiers. they are now in a very safe location. heading into an even safer location. and we will help negotiate. we have tremendously powerful sanctions. our country has become economically much more powerful than frankly it ever was. we picked up trillions and trillions of dollars in work. market was up big yesterday. it's going to be up big today it looks like. the trade deal with china just having to do with what we have done with the financial services, with banks, with the farmers has been incredible. far greater than anyone ever thought. i agree it hasn't been papered yet, but it's being papered. in the meantime as you know and we have said many times, china's already started buying.
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they want to buy. they want to make a deal. they have to make a deal. their economy's been hurt very badly by what we have done. and by the tariffs we have charged. we have taken in tremendous amounts of tariffs. a small portion of them we have given to the farmers, which has more than made up for what they have lost.
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petroleum: because of the newfound economic power of the united states, because of the fact that we have made so many trillions, many, many trillions of dollars in work of the united states, i call it the newfound economic power. if my opponent would have won, china would be the most powerful nation economically in the world. right now they are not even close. if we are smart they never will get close. depends on who sits in this chair. the united states has tremendous economic power. far more power than playing around with having a few soldiers shooting each other at the border. and then you have a few soldiers back and forth killing each other at the border. the power we have with sanctions and tariffs is far greater than what we are talking about. with that being said our military is completely rebuilt. much of the equipment has already delivered. we spent $2.5 trillion
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rebuilding it. our military power's at the highest, and economic power's at the highest level. i'd rather use economic power before i use military power because people are getting killed with economic power. reporter: how do you expect hat meeting? president mattarella: peaking a foreign language]
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before members of the press have already introduced topics this morning, president trump was talking about the possible implementation of tariffs on european products. of course that's a topic that we will certainly be discussing this morning and i do hope that we can come up with a cooperative basis approach and a frank discussion so that we can avoid retaliation between the two parties. i, myself, personally, have always felt it's better to talk through to find a common solution, to find some sort of understanding for one another's stances because the alternative to that would be tariffs followed by retaliation followed by further tariffs, and we also have to understand that we are waiting for a solution of the boeing affair as well. so of course within the spirit of the atlantic alliance, the friendship we always have, i do feel it would be best to discuss these things and
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understand one another. president trump: in theory there can't be real talation because this is an award we got because of the fact that the european union took advantage of past presidents. this was an award that we got for the unfair treatment given to the united states by the european union. so there should be no retaliation. this was getting us even because $7.5 billion worth of things happened, bad things happened, unfair things happened to the united states by the european union. so this was just getting us back to even. nobody else but me would have gotten that set of half million dollars back for the taxpayers f the united states.
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president, i'm sure you saw reports that john bolton was like a hand grenade the way he was acting. are you concerned that bolton could be called to testify in your impeachment inquiry? president trump: i get along well with him. some people didn't. i actually got along with him pretty well. just didn't work out. i don't know that he got along giuliani. rudy giuliani, what happens mostly in the 2016 election, because there was tremendous corruption in the 2016 election. i think even you would admit that. giuliani. the election was -- it was disgraceful what happened. and what happened to me and what happened to the republicans. and that continues with nancy schiff, schiff, adam schiff got caught making up statements he said i didn't say.
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which is fraud. purely fraudulent. so it continues. rudie was a great prosecutor. he was the best man in the city of new york as far as i can seefment he acknowledged what he did was a crime and everything else. when he saw what was going on of our leaks of 2016, the elech i won, the election that was absolutely corrupted by things that took place in government. we'll see what happens. the i.g. report will come out soon. we'll see what happens. i know nothing about it in terms of the report. i'm waiting for the
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we have an exact copy of the report, of the call. was put out immediately when i started hearing about the whistleblower. whistleblower's report
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was totally wrong. the whistleblower didn't know what he was talking about or was given false information or was even worse than that. now, all of a sudden, schiff talk to the to whistleblower. now, all of a sudden, quid pro matter, because now they see in the call there was quo?id pro rudy was seeking out corruption. i see no problem with seeking corruption. reporter: [inaudible] president trump: [inaudible] ask -- excuse o me, no. you have to ask rudy those questions. ask me. rudy was incensed at the corruption that took place election.t pure corruption. for instance, i still ask the f.b.i., where is the server? how come the f.b.i. never got d.n.c.?er from the where is the server? i want to see the server. let's see what's on the server. so the server, they say, is held
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by a company whose primary ownership, individual, is from ukraine. i'd like to see the server. i think it's very important for the server. to see nobody wants to see it. the media never wants to see it. but i tell you, republicans want to see it. so republicans aren't treated well. here's the problem. we're going to take the house. whatever is happening with the impeachment stuff. and the republicans can do the reverse if they ever have an -- nobody has done better job with the economy, with our military, with -- rebuilt the military. best it's is the ever been. came e numbers that just out where not including taxes, the median household income for american has increased $5,000 since the time i have been president. never has heard of numbers like that. why was nt to find out
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it so corrupt during that election, and i want to find out more than anything else. eporter: the turkey situation, there are as many as 50 weapons turkey.irbase in how confident are you those weapons are safe? president trump: we're confident. any airbase alone can take place. it's a large, powerful airbase. and you know turkey, just so remember, turkey is a nato member. get along osed to with our nato members and turkey is a nato member. do people want to start shooting nato member? that would be a first. eporter: house speaker pelosi saying -- [inaudible] president trump: i think she's country a tremendous disservice. she's created a phony
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witch-hunt. failed.e they're all failing. this one is just absolutely crazy. all you have to do is read the of the call. read the transcript. an open shut, simple case. they're desperate because they going to lose the election. they're desperate to do so. know they'll lose the election. this administration has created he strongest economy in the history of our country. we have the greatest stock market. had over 100 times we broke the record for stock market. if you look at people's stocks, at r 401-k's, if you look anything they want to look at, they are far better off than they probably have ever have this country. record stock market. it's not just rich people. it's all people. because all people own in the stock market. new york stock exchange, all of them. record highs. nobody's ever done what we've done. so they're playing games.
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figure they can't win the election. so maybe we can find some that , we'll get somebody trump never met and maybe they'll say something bad about bad, and if they do really maybe can stick a little bit, i work.think it's going to i think they've done their party a great disrespect. meeting -- my meeting with the family was beautiful in a certain way. not want to meet with the person in question. but we had a very good meeting. they're very nice people. and we met with a full group. it was four people, actually. you know how it's all broken up. place righting took here at about 6:00 last night. very sad, to be honest. they lost their son. believe it was going down the wrong way because that happens in europe.
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roads to europe and the are opposite. it's very tough if you're from the united states. do make that decision to make a right turn where you're supposed to make a left turn. opposite.are and she said that's what happened. that happens to a lot of people, by the way. that's what happened. she was in the room right out there. this area.t here in the offered to bring person in question in and they weren't ready for it. but i did offer. i spoke with boris. do it.d if i would i did it. unfortunately they wanted to meet with her. everybody together they decided not to meet. perhaps they have lawyers nvolved by that time, i don't know exactly. i know the people were lovely. they were very nice, and they desperately sad. reporter: the family indicated at one point they were in meeting with them? president trump: based on what i thought they were.
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they said they will meet if only they are in the u.k. it's up to them. meet the family and i expressed condolences on behalf of our country. thank you very much, everyone. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. president] trump: there is a great question put the mics over there. reporter: you are growing the world. economy in the to take italy? 1/2 is totrump: the 7 be divided the way we say. we divided it up. the ways a problem with we divided it up because they said they had much less to do with it. germany had more to do with it. and france had more to do it as an example. very l look at it strongly. ambassador lighthizer is here. we will look at it very strongly.
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i love that question. >> thank you. >> thank you. thank you for asking. president trump: thank you very much. >> thank you. italian president with president trump at the white house. lindsey tion from graham to what president trump had to say during those comments oval orning from the office. frank of nbc tweeting -- just now reacting to this. if the president did say that turkey's invasion is no concern to us, i find that to be outstanding -- an astonishing statement which i completely and totally reject. kim from "the washington post" romney's reaction
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when told about the comments. oh, my goodness gracious. he kurds are our friends and allies. abandoning them was a very dark moment in american history. a few minutes here on c-span, we'll take you live to the house. begin legislative work at noon eastern. considering 16 bills today. resolutionantly, the imposing u.s. withdrawal from syria and another one today pensions and staff of former presidents. also today, 14 other bills and ing post offices federal buildings. again, live coverage just minutes away. this afternoon, the house affairs committee, subcommittee, rather, will hold a hearing on the final report of syria study n group. president trump's decision to is draw troops from syria among some of the topics to be discussed this afternoon. that will be live on c-span3 at eastern.. eastern.ine also online at
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you are listen live on the c-span radio app. the house intelligence committee continues its closed door investigating president trump's dealings with ukraine. the president's former to ukraine, voy kurt volker, went into the room this morning, his second the lso this morning, michael mckinley, assistant to mic pompeo arrived at the capitol to before the three committees leading the house impeachment investigation into president trump.
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>> the u.s. house gavelling in momentarily. taking up the resolution opposing the withdrawal of the troops from syria. and 15 other bills this afternoon. as well.e in session voting today on a number of judicial nominations and the barbara barrett to be the next air force secretary. we showed you president trump president.alian the two will hold a joint news conference starting in just a few minutes. that will be live at
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the speaker: the house will be in order. the prayer will be offered by the guest chaplain, reverend father brian k. burgess, christchurch