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  Pres. Trump Holds Cabinet Meeting  CSPAN  October 21, 2019 2:14pm-2:58pm EDT

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system. while only 1/3 of republicans support the change, 84% of democrats and nearly 2/3 of independents favor the popular vote for president. americans do not want to change the way votes are counted in most states and localities, where the person with the most votes wins, even if they do not receive a majority of the votes. this winner takes all system still has the support of 61% of americans. only 37% want to change to a ranked choice system. such as one recently introduced in maine in which voters' second-choice candidates are taken into account if no candidate gets a majority of the votes. support for rank choice systems is strongest amongst independent, but it's still under half among that group. you can read the full results on these issues and others such as americans' views op voting discrimination and voter fraud at >> now part of president
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trump's cabinet meeting from earlier today. he comments on several issues, including the initial decision to choose his golf resort to host the upcoming g-7 summit. his portion is 40 minutes. president trump: thank you very much. we have a cabinet meeting. we'll have a few questions fter grace and if you would, please do the honors. >> we're so thankful for the many blessings that you have bestowed upon us in this country. we're thankful for the people of courage who have been here before us, who have fought hard for the rights of our country. and we thank you for president trump who has great courage in the face of constant criticism. we ask that you give him strength to endure and the wisdom to lead.
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and to recognize you as the sovereign of the universe, with the solution to everything. and the people around the president, the vice president, the cabinet, the advisors, give us all understanding heart and a compassionate heart. those are the things that will keep america great. and help us all to recognize as a nation that separation of church and state means that the church does not dominate the state and it means the state does not dominate the church. it doesn't mean that they cannot work together to promote godly principles. of loving youro man, of caring about your neighbor, of developing your god-given talent to the utmost so it can become valuable to the people around you. having values and principles
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that govern your life. if we do those things, then we will always be successful. we thank you for hearing our prayer. in your holy name, amen. president trump: thank you. that was a great job. appreciate it. the economy is doing fantastically well. it's getting very close to another record. we've had many records since we won office. we're getting very close to another record. i don't know if anybody saw the household median income for eight years of president bush, it rose $400. for eight years of president obama, it rose $975. and for 2 1/2 years of president trump, they have it down as 2 1/2 years, it grows $5,000, not including $2,000 for taxes. so let's say $7,000. so in 2 1/2 years we're up
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$7,000 compared to $1,000, compared to $400. and that's for eight years and eight years. that's a number that just came out. but that's a number that i don't know how there can be any dispute or any -- i've never heard of a number like that. meaning the economy is doing fantastically well. we need for our farmers, our manufacturer, for unions and nonunions, we need usmca to be voted on. if it's voted on, it will pass. it's up to nancy pelosi to put it up. if she puts it up, it will pass. it's going to be very bipartisan. it's something that's very much needed. it will be hundreds of thousands of jobs. mexico and canada have approved it. it's done. they're waiting for our approval. and we can't seem to get the votes. i call them the do-nothing democrats. i mean that. they've done nothing. but this is something they can do very easily. we'll give them bipartisan approvals and credits, all the
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credits they want. but they have to be able to do it. so the economy's doing fantastically well. we want to vote on usmca. we have other trade deals that we've done. we've done south korea, which is a fantastic deal for us. turned out even better than we thought. south korea was a terrible deal . the person in charge of that particular deal, hillary clinton, if you've heard of her, she's the one that's accusing everybody of being a russian agent, anybody that is opposed to her is a russian agent. that's the scam that was pretty much put down. tulsi, i don't know her, but she's not a russian agent. i don't know jill stine. i know she likes environment itch don't think she likes russians. if she does like them, i know she's not an asset. she called her an asset of russia. these people are sick. there's something wrong with them. but i think that tulsi gabbard probably got helped quite a bit by -- [indiscernible] -- i think we were helped because it
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shows for 2 1/2 years, we end up winning. i had to go through 2 1/2 years. if she would have done this earlier, people would have realized what a scam it is. everybody's a russian or a russian agent or a russian asset. the economy, again, is at a level that it's never been. we are doing -- whether it's household income, whether it's almost any chart, i think maybe the best of all sun employment. -- is unemployment. unemployment has reached historic lows. african-american, asian american, hispanic american reached numbers that nobody ever thought would be possible. lowest ever in history. so if you're black, if you're hispanic, if you're asian, anybody, african-american, hispanic american, asian, the lowest in history. for women, the lowest in 71 years. the best. when i say lou he -- lowest, i'm talking about the best.
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best unemployment numbers and the best employment numbers. either way you want to cut it. you can say them both. because it's best in both. as far as employment is concerned, we have the most people working today than ever before in the history of our country. we've never had this, close to 160 million people. so incredible things are happening. syria. we will be giving a much fuller report. mike pompeo, secretary of defense, esper and the different people that are very much involved. mike pence. vice president. we're having very good news coming out. the ceasefire's holding. the kurds are moving out. to safer areas. beyond the safe zone, as we call it. having the safe zone is not a bad thing, it's a good thing. and plenty of turks have been killed because of conflict on their border. so you have to look at it both
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ways. but the ceasefire's absolutely holding. there's some skirmishing but very little relatively speaking. of course if you watch the fake news, it's like pretty wild. it's holding. i've watched these pundits that have been working on this thing for 20 years, they've been working on the middle east for 20 years, they don't know what they're doing and they're telling me what to do. they say, what did trump get out of it? i tell you what i get out of it. we won't be fighting and we'll bring our soldiers back home. they were supposed to be there for 30 days. and they've been there now for 10 years. in syria. 10 years. they were supposed to go in, do a quick thing on isis, come out as -- come out. as far as isis is concerned when i took ove, november, 2016, isis was all over the place. i'm the one, meaning it was me, and this administration, working with others, including the kurds, that captured all of these people that you're talking about right now. because president obama, it was a mess. and i was told and you were
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told and everybody was told it would be years before you ever did what i did in about a month and a half after i started. i went over to iraq, i met with our generals. we figured out a plan and it was done within a month and a half. so i'm the one that did the capturing. i'm the one that knows more about it than you people or the fake pundits. but i sort of have to smile to myself. i was telling a couple of people, i'm watching these people that i've been watching for 20 years iverbings been watching the same faces. they're just a little bit older and a little bit grayer. i've been watching them for 20 years saying about the middle east, and they've been wrong on everything they've ever said. and now all of a sudden people are starting to say, you know what trump is doing is great. and we have tremendous, a tremendous power because since the election of 2016, november, since that beautiful day, our country's picked up and valued trillions and trillions of
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dollars of work. trillions and trillions of dollars. numbers that nobody would believe. numbers if i would have said it on the campaign trail, i would ave been excoriated by the fake media. excoriated. the numbers are far greater than anything that even i predicted. you hear that with the household median income. $400 for eight years. $975 for eight years. $7,000 for 2 1/2 years. up. nobody's ever seen numbers. larry cutler's going to speak in a minute and he's going to tell you it's one of the greatest strength of our country. other areas the countries are doing peeler. europe is doing very poorly. asia is doing very poorly. china is doing very poorly. worst year they've had in 57 years. i wonder why. i wonder why. i'm sure you can't figure it out. and we're doing great. we're taking in billions and billions of dollars in tariffs from china. and they're eating the taferes
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because they devalued their currency. and they're pouring money into their economy because they don't want to lose the jobs, but they are losing the jocks. they're having a terrible year. worse in 57 years, they say. if they say that, it means it's worse. and they announced they have the worst numbers they've had in 20 years. they announced six. i don't think it's circumstances i think it's probably minus something. could very well be minus. could very well be in negative territory. but we're doing great. and by the way, the deal with china's coming along very well. they want to make a deal because they sort of have to make a deal, i think. they have to make a deal because their supply chain is going down the tubes. their supply chain is broken. like you've never seen anything broken before. it's broken. so, our soldiers are in syria. they're moving out. very nicely. isis is being held by the kurds and i have an absolute commitment from turkey that they're watching them just in case, so we have a double, we have the kurds watching them.
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as you know, most of the isis fighters that we captured, we, we, not obama, we, we captured them, me, our country captured them, working with others, including the kurds, and we helped them. don't forget. we helped the kurds. everyone said the kurds helpeds us. that's true. but we helped the kurds. they're no angels but we helped the kurds. and we never gave the kurd as commitment that we'd stay for this the next 400 years to protect them. they've been fighting with the turks for 300 years that people know of. nobody ever committed, gee, if you do this, we're going to do that, we're going to stay with you forever. nobody ever said that. but when i watch these pundits that always are trying to take a shot, i say, they say, what are we getting out of it? you know what we're getting out of it, we're bringing our soldiers back home, that's a big thing. and it's going to probably work. but if it doesn't work, you're going to have people fighting like they've been fighting for 300 years. it's very simple. it's really very simple.
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but we're going to bring our soldiers back home. so far there hasn't been one drop of bloodshed during this whole period by an american soldier. nobody was killed. nobody cut their finger. there's been nothing. and they're leaving. rather, i think, not expeditiously. rather intelligently. just leaving. leaving certain areas. leaving. we've secured the oil. if you remember, i didn't want to go into iraq, i was a civilian so i had no power over, it but i was always speaking against going into iraq. it was not a great decision. but i always said, if you're going in, keep the oil. same thing here. keep the oil. we'll work something out with the kurds so that they have some money, they have some cash flow. maybe we'll get one of our big oil companies to go in and do it properly. but they'll have some cash flow. which they basically don't have right now. everybody's fighting. it's not a big oil area. but everybody's fighting for whatever there is.
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so we have a lot of good things going over there and they're going very well. as far as the continuation of the witch hunt, we beat the russian deal, we beat the mueller deal. now i find out, as i said before, that they're trying to make other people into russian agents, russian assets. has no credibility. now they have what should be extremely easy to beat, because they have a perfect phone call. i made a perfect call. not a good call. a perfect call. a friend of mine who is a great lawyer said, did you know this was going to be the subject of all of this scrutiny? because the way you expressed yourself, this is like a perfect call. you must have known this was going to happen. no. i didn't. that's just the way i talk to the president of ukraine. who by the way said there was no pressure, there was no blackmail. there was no anything. and congressman hurd, i have to tell you, yesterday was great. it was great what he said. i gained a lot of respect for him very quickly. he said, you know, with all of this going on, i haven't heard one ukrainian say there was
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pressure. i haven't heard one say there was pressure of any kind, there haven't even been reports of it to or people. nobody's even said it. the reason you haven't heard it, because there is no pressure. the conversation i had was perfect. and what happened is i released the conversation and that threw shifty schiff off. crooked. he's a corrupt pop tigs. schiff is a corrupt politician. that threw him off. because he made up a lie. he made up what i said. in my conversation. and he went before the united states congress and he said a made-up story. it was fabricated. he totally fabricateded. they say he's a screenwriter. well, this was screenwritten. it was a fabricated story. he made up a lie. and i released -- they never thought that i'd do this i released a transcription done by stenographers of the exact
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conversation i had. and now the game was up. and the other thing is, the whistleblower and the other whistleblower and the informer, all these people, they seem to have disappeared. you know why they disappeared? because they talked about another conversation. a conversation that i never had. they made up a conversation. now if you'd look at the whistleblower report, and you look at the actual it tribed conversation, the -- transscribed conversation, the actual conversation i had, and you couple that with the president saying that that was a perfectly fine conversation, he doesn't even know what they're doing, he didn't even know about the money not being paid. i think that came out somewhere, that the money -- he didn't know that. then you also have his foreign minister saying no, it's a very good conversation. there was no anything asked for, there was no pressure whatsoever. so this is a phony investigation. i watched a couple of people on
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television today talking about it. they were talking about what a phony deal it is. what a phony investigation it is. and the republicans have to get tougher and fight, we have some that are great fighters but they have to get tougher and fight because the democrats are trying to hurt the republican party for the election. which is coming up. where we're doing very well. where i had a record crowd. the history of the arena. it's the biggest crowd they've ever had. we had 20,000 people outside at least. we're doing great in the election. you saw what happened in north carolina. we picked up two seats that people didn't think they were going to pick up. that was two weeks ago. last week governor the people thought was ok went down and now he's got a big election. he was under 50%, nobody thought that was going to happen. we're doing very well. but a lot of the stories that have made up between a guy like shifty schiff, who is a phony guy, corrupt politician, the media buys it. because unfortunately the media is corrupt also.
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much of the media. so much of it. such a big percentage of it. it's such a shame. great reporters, great journalists, but some really bad people. so, that's the story. the economy's good. we're doing well with getting out finally after 10 years. again, 30 days to 10 years. and we're getting out. nobody, none of our people are injured. it's very smooth us this fuss -- thus far. and i think you're going to see something that's going to be good. remember this. if turkey misbehaviors, i don't think they -- misbehaves, i don't think they will, but we have a power that nobody thought we had to the extent. it's called sanctions, it's called tariffs. we'll tariff the hell out of their product coming in. they've sent tremendous amounts of steel to the united states and other things. we will tariff them and we will sanction them and -- but i don't want to use that as a threat. cause mike pence and our secretary of state, mike pompeo, they went out and they
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negotiated a very good five-day ceasefire. i'm sure if we needed a little extension, that would be happening. but our power is our power of economics. we've rebuilt the military since november of 2016. our military was totally depleted from being in stupid situations like this for so many years. our military was depleted to a level that we had very little ammunition. i was actually told we have no ammunition. now we have more ammunition than we've ever had. our military is stronger than it's probably ever been. probably stronger than ever. in a few short months, as the equipment pours in from the money we spent , $2.5 trillion, it will be at a level that it's never even come close to. it's a big difference. all made in the u.s.a. all made in the u.s.a. so we're doing very well and if anybody has any questions, please, feel free. [talking simultaneously] reporter: troops in syria? president trump: excuse me?
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reporter: will you maintain a limited number of troops in syria? president trump: we don't think it will be necessary. we don't want to leave troops there. it's very dangerous there. we had 28 troops, it turns out. people said 50. it was 28. you had an army on both sides of those troops. those troops would have been wiped out. i don't think it's necessary. other than that we secured the oil in a little different section. and the other reason -- region where we've been asked by israel and jordan to leave a small number of troops is a totally different section of syria, near jordan. and close to israel. that's a totally different section. that's a totally different mindset. so we have a small group there and we secured the oil. other than that, there's no reason for it, in our opinion. again, kurds are going to be watching. we're working with the kurds. we have a good relationship with the kurds. but we never agreed to protect the kurds. we fought with them for 3 1/2, four years. we never agreed to protect the kurds for the rest of their
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lives. we are this. when iraq was -- remember this. when iraq was fighting the kurds, everybody thought we were going to fight with the kurds. it's a little strange that we're fighting with the kurds when we just spent $4 trillion on iraq and now we're going to be fighting iraq. so what i did is i said, we're not going take a position. let them fight themselves. i thought the kurds would do very well. everyone said the kurds will do well. iraq moved in and the kurds left. they didn't fight because they didn't have us to fight with. a lot of people are good when they fight with us. you know, when you have $10 billion worth of airplanes shooting 10 miles in front of your line, it's much easier to fight. but with that, they were a good help, but we were a great help to them too. they were fighting isis. you know, they hated isis. so they were fighting isis. but we never agreed, where's the agreement that said we have to stay in the middle east for rest of ewe manatee, for the rest of -- humanity, for the rest of civilization? to protect the kurds?
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we never said that. and we have protected them. we've taken very good care of them. and i hope they're going to watch over isis, because that's, again, most of it's not in the safe zone, we call it. some call it demilitarized zone. our relationship with the kurds is good. and they're going to be safe. and i will say this. if shooting didn't start for a couple of days, i don't think the kurds would have moved. i don't think frankly would you have been able to make a very easy deal with turkey. i think it was so nasty that when we went to turkey and when we went to the kurds, they agreed to do things that they never would have done before the shooting started. if they didn't go through 2 1/2 days of hell, i don't think they would have done it. i think you couldn't have made a deal. and people have been trying to make this deal for years.
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but we're close to making it. we'll see what happens. again, they've been fighting for 300 years that we know of. 300 years. so why should we put our soldiers in the midst of two large groups, hundreds of thousands potentially, of people that are fighting? i don't think so. i don't think so. reporter: republicans -- [indiscernible] -- tougher and fight. what -- president trump: i think the democrats fight dirty. i think the democrats are lousy politicians with lousy policy. they want open borders. they don't care about crime. they want sanctuary cities. they don't care about drugs. they don't care about almost anything. they don't care about usmca. how about that. i think they're lousy politicians. but two things they have. they're vicious and they stick together. they don't have mitt romney in their midst. they don't have people like that. they stick together. you never see them break off. you never see somebody go out
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and -- that's why i respected so much what i watched with will hurd today. because he was one of the few that didn't seem to be there and yet he made a statement. he said, well, i haven't seen any complaints whatsoever from the ukrainians. the ukrainians didn't complain and they didn't tell any of our ambassadors. this thing is all about a letter that was perfect. you never hear the letter anymore. it was all about whistleblowers. you never hear, what happened to the whistleblower? they're gone. because they've been discredited. what happened to the informant? and where's the i.g.? why didn't the i.g. read the letter, read the transcript, you could have gotten it, i guess, i assume. i would have declassified it for him. if i had to do that. why didn't he read this and then see that the whistleblower's account was totally different than the letter? then he would have said, oh, there's no problem here. the whistleblower gave a false account. now you have to say, well, do
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we have to protect sthab gave a false account? you know, these whistleblowers, they have them like they're angels. so do we have to protect somebody that gave a totally false account of my conversation? i don't know. you tell me. do we have to protect the informant? i happen to think there probably wasn't an informant. the informant went to the whistleblower, the whistleblower had second and thirdhand information. you remember that. it was a big problem. but the information was wrong. so was there actually an informant? maybe the informant was schiff. it could be shifty schiff. in my opinion it's possibly schiff. why didn't schiff say he had a staff or his staff or -- why didn't he say he met with the whistleblower? he knew all about the whistleblower. why didn't he say? he's a crooked politician. very bad for our country. this whole thing is very bad for our country. in the midst of that, i'm trying to get out of wars. we may have to get in wars too.
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we may have to get in wars. we're better prepared than we've ever been. if iran does something, they'll be hit like they've never been hit before. i mean, we have things that we're looking at. but can you imagine, i have to fight off these low-lives. at the same time i'm negotiating these very important things that should have been done during obama and bush and even before that. so that's where we are right now. reporter: mr. president, [indiscernible] -- come home or will -- [indiscernible] president trump: they're going to be sent initially to different parts. ultimately we're bringing them home, yes. we're bringing our troops back home. i got elected on bringing our soldiers back home. it's not very popular within the beltway. because, you know, lockheed doesn't like it. and these great military companies don't like it. not very popular. outside the beltway, my largest cheer in dallas, i had 25,000 people, close, in that arena.
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a record crowd. i had so many people outside of the arena. thousands. my largest cheer that night was two things. building the wall. that's number one. and number two and probably tied for number one was we're bringing our soldiers back home. that was the largest cheer in dallas. great place. great state, texas. tough state. they're tough. when i said we're bringing our soldiers back home, the place went crazy. but within the beltway, you know, people don't like it. it's much tougher for me, it would be much easier for me to let our soldiers thereby, let them continue to die. i go out to dover and i meet parents, it's not a pleasant thing. it's the most unpleasant thing i do. most unpleasant thing i do. when i see that big cargo plane open and i see those coffins get rolled off or when i go to walter reed hospital where the doctors are incredible, by the way. saving people that could have never been saved, even five
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years ago. you know that. but those people are horribly wounded. horribly, horribly wounded. wounded warriors. toughest thing i do. toughest thing is sending letters. i send many letters home to parents and i speak to parents but i send many letters home to parents. their son or daughter has been killed. over in the middle east. for what? for what? there are times to fight and there are times not to fight. there are times to be smart. we have tremendous economic power and we're using our economic power. much more powerful in certain .ays than playing with guns and much better for our country and much better for everybody. and actually, much better for human -- humanity. ok? thank you all very much. i appreciate it. thank you very much. [talking simultaneously]
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president trump: it was a very simple situation. i own a property in florida. i was going to do it at no cost or give it free, if i got a ruling, because there's a question as to whether or not you're allowed to give it, because it's a contribution to a country. i'd have to get a ruling. but i would have given it for nothing. a lot of money i would have given away. like i give away my salary. i give away my salary. it's i guess close to $450,000. i give it away. nobody ever said he gives away his salary. now it comes up because of. this but i give away my presidential salary. they say no other president has done it. i'm surprised, to be honest with you. they actually say that george washington may have been the only other president. but see whether or not obama gave up his salary. see whether or not all of the other -- of your favorites gave up their salary. the answer is no. they think george washington did. but they say no other. so i give up -- it's a lot of money. $450,000. close to. i give that up. so i have a place that's in the best location.
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i'm very good at rel estate. very, very good. much better than you even understand. when you see my financials, which i'll give at the right time. you'll say, man, he was much better than we even thought. this guy knows right here, mnuchin. because he was in the private sector. he knows very much what i have. he would tell you. someday maybe he'll tell you. but i'm very good at real estate. there's miami, this facility, everybody would have had their own building. everybody in the g-7 would have had their own building. it was so good. florida loved it. they love economic development. it's a beautiful place. it's new. it's been totally rebuilt. everything's new. got massive meeting rooms. unlimited for security because it's on hundreds of acres. best location. right next to the airport. miami international. one of the biggest airports in the world. some people say it's the biggest. but one of the biggest airports in the world. only minutes away.
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it would have been great. but the democrats went crazy. even though i would have done it free. save the country a lot of money thefpblet they say, oh, but you'll get promotion. you don't think i get enough promotion? i get more promotion than any human being that's ever lived. i think i get. i think i would have that -- i think i can say that fairly safely. i think i get more promotion than any human being that's ever lived. some good, some bad. the people that like me give me only good. the people that don't like me give me only bad. but that's the way life is. i don't need promotion. i don't need promotion. but i was willing to do this for free. and it would have been the greatest g-7 ever. and i would have said to my family, because they run my business now, i don't run my business, i actually put all the stuff in trusts, they run -- and i didn't have to do that. under no obligation to do it. i don't know if you know, george washington, he ran his business simultaneously while
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he was president. many other presidents -- there weren't too many really rich presidents but there were a few. they ran their business. hey, obama made a deal for a book. is that running a business? i'm sure he didn't even discuss it while he was president. he has a deal with netflix. when did they start talking about that? that's only a couple of examples. but other presidents, if you look, other presidents were wealthy. not huge wealth. jorbling washington was actually considered a very rich man at the time. but they ran their businesses. george washington they say had two desks. he had a presidential desk and a business desk. i don't think you people with this phony emoluments clause, and by the way, i would say that it's cost me anywhere from $2 billion to $5 billion to be president. and that's ok. between what i lose and what i to -- could have made. i would have made a fortune if i just ran my business. i was doing it really well.
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i have a great business. i have the best properties. but between what i lose, and in all fairness, some properties, dur al is an example. dur al was setting records when i bought it. because i owned it for peard of time. setting -- for a period of time. setting records. it was making a fortune. and then what happened? they announced i'm going to run for office. and all of a sudden -- i say, we have to build a wall, we have to have borders. all of a sudden people, some people didn't like it. they thought the rhetoric was too tough. and it went from doing great to doing fine. it does very ficely now. it's actually coming back, i understand. very strongly. but durral was setting records. and i knew this would happen. because now instead of having 100% of the market that loves you and they love your brand and it's luxury and it's great, now you have 50% of the market. that's called politician -- politics. i fully understood. that it's cost me between 2ds billion and $5 billion. and if i had it to do again,
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i'd do it in an instant the. because who cares? if you can afford it, what difference does it make? because i'm making a big difference for the country. the country is strong hour in than it's been in many years. maybe ever. our military's rebuilt. our economy is hitting records. as i said, best unemployment numbers. best employment numbers. we're strong. we're bringing our soldiers back home from the endless wars. we're doing great. so whether i lost $2 billion, 5ds billion, more or less, doesn't make any difference to me. i don't care. if you're rich, it doesn't matter. i'm doing this for the country. i'm doing it for the people. that show up. i haven't had an empty seat at a rally. i always say, where's the rally? it's in a certain place. ok, just get the biggest arena. i go into these massive basketball arenas, like in dallas where the mavericks play. and fill it up, set a rompt i set a record almost every place i've been because we just need
2:49 pm
a little small stage. we don't need basketball courts, i.c.e. hockey courts. i take less than musicians because they have bands. i don't have a band. i set the world record for somebody without a guitar. ok? i don't have a band. [laughter] so that's the story. those people are the poll. i've had great polls. i have my best polls now. i think it's because people think that it's terrible what they're doing. pelosi, shifty schiff, schumer, these people are trying to destroy the country. it's a very bad thing what they're doing. the president of the united states should be allowed to run the country. not have to focus on this kind of crap while at the same time doing a great job on syria and turkey and all of the other things that we're doing. north korea, ok. maybe someday. but if somebody else became president with that same mindset they had, you'd right now be in a big war with north
2:50 pm
korea. you don't hear too much about it. could happen. could happen. i don't know. i always say, who knows. it's deals, who knows. but in the meantime, north korea's -- i like him, he likes me. we get along. i respect him. he respects me. you could end up in a war. president obama told me that. he said the biggest problem, i don't know how to solve it. he told me, i don't know how to solve. it i said, did you ever call him? no. actually, he tried. 11 times. but the man on the other side, the gentleman on the other side, did not take his calls. lack of respect. but he takes my call. thank you very much, everybody. [talking simultaneously] president trump: we'll look at other locations. i don't think it will be as exciting and i don't think it will be as good. it will cost the country a fortune because it's very expensive. france had a budget of many, many, millions of dollars. they did a great job, by the way. but france had a budget of many, many millions of dollars.
2:51 pm
it's going to cost a fortune for the country. i was willing to do it for free. , t if people didn't like it they thought i may get some promotional value. i need promotional value so badly. what else? [talking simultaneously] reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: you mentioned the word impeach. i see this guy, congressman al green. say, we have to impeach him. otherwise he's going to win the election. what's that all about? but that's exactly what they're saying. we have to impeach him because otherwise he's going to win. i'm going win the election. look, i have the strongest economy ever. it's the economy, stupid, right.
2:52 pm
i have the strongest economy in the history of our country. we're setting records. over 100 times, i think it's like 118, but over 100 times we've had the highest stock market in the history. since november 8. over 100 times. by the way, the day i got elected, the following day from there null january 20, the market went through the roof. you know why it went through the roof? because they got rid of obama. and they got rid of clinton. and if anybody else, any of these people that i've been watching on the stage got elected, your 401-k's would be down the tubes. they'd go down, not 20% or 30%. they'd go down 70%, 90% and destroy this country. they'd destroy the country. so i think they want to impeach me because the only way they're going to win. they have nothing. all they have is a phone call that was perfect. all they have is a whistleblower who's
2:53 pm
disappeared. where is me? he's gone. then they have a second whistleblower. the second whistleblower's got -- oh, he's got -- where is he? he disappeared. then they have an informant. the informant, where is he? they're interviewing ambassadors who i've never heard of. i don't know who these people are. never heard of them. and i have great respect for some of them. one of them said, just recently, a very, very highly respected man, i'm not going to get into their names, but a highly -- said to no, no, we were very bothered by joe beside understand and his son -- biden and his son. back during the obama administration. he said, we were very -- he's supposed to be their witness. don't forget, many of these people were put there during obama, during clinton. during the bush era. those people might be worse than me. the never-trumpers. the good news is they're dying off fast. they're on artificial
2:54 pm
respiration, i think. but, no, impeachment, they want to impeach and they want to do it as quick as possible. that's pretty much the story. reporter: what about republican support? are you look -- president trump: i think i have great republican support. reporter: do you worry it's alienating -- president trump: no, not at all. reporter: [indiscernible] president trump: i have to do what i have to do. i'll tell you what. i want to bring our soldiers back home. if people want to leave them there, i'll take that every day. all i know, you were in dallas. all i know is the place went crazy when i said we're bringing our soldiers back home. within this little area, very unique area. they may feel that. but i have to do what i got elected on and i have to do what i think is right. now, if i got elected on something and think i was wrong, i'd second guess myself, i'd change. but they want our soldiers back home. and i think we can do as well or better, frankly, let them -- they've got to keep going at each other. it's artificial to have these
2:55 pm
soldiers walking up and down between two big countries. [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] >> the house starts legislative work at 3:30 p.m. eastern. four small business-related bills are on the agenda. also, a republican effort to censure intelligence committee chair adam schiff. debate on that will start at 6:20 p.m. eastern. any requested votes taking place after 6:30. live house coverage is here on c-span when legislative work starts at 3:30 eastern. later today, a look at the role of congress in national security and foreign affairs. three representatives who served in the national security community will take part. will hurd of texas and alisa swat kin of michigan, both former c.i.a. officers, and addie -- andy kim of new jersey, a former national security official in the obama administration, it's hosted by the n.y.u. school of law, live coverage begins at 5:30 p.m. eastern over on c-span3. and canada's holding its
2:56 pm
national elections today that will determine what weather justin trudeau continues as prime minister. cbc news provides coverage and analysis of the results and we'll carry that live tonight starting at 9:00 eastern on our ompanion network, c-span2. >> the new c-span ipso survey on voting and elections found 60% of americans want to amend the u.s. constitution and elect the president by popular vote rather than the electoral college. 38% want to keep the current system. while only 1/3 of republicans support the change, 84% of democrats and nearly 2/3 of independents favor the popular vote for president. americans do not want to change the way votes are counted in most states and localities, with a person with the most votes wins. even if they do not receive a majority of the votes. this winner-takes-all system still has the support of 61% of
2:57 pm
americans. only 37% want to change to a ranked choice system. such as the one recently introduced in maine in which voters' second-choice candidates are taken into account if no candidate gets a majority of the votes. support for ranked choice systems is strongest among independents. but it's still under half among that group. you can read the full results on these issues and others such as americans' views on voting discrimination and voter fraud at s. host: from new york, we are joined by rob asorino, currently a political commentator on cnn and prep -- member of president trump's reelection campaign advisory board. what do you advise him on? rob: can anyone really advise the president? it is an advisy