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tv   Washington Journal Michael Moore  CSPAN  October 23, 2019 8:28pm-9:00pm EDT

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ronald reagan's white house political advisor frank dolan totally -- frank donatelli and a historian. >> reagan cleans up new hampshire, he wins 2-1. it was such momentum that it's a good thing we won by such a big margin, because we had already spent most of our money. >> explore our nations passed on american history tv every weekend on c-span3. >> we are making it easy for you to follow the impeachment search all of c-span's coverage for video on demand of all the congressional briefings and hearings as well as the administration's response during the impeachment inquiry process. log onto our impeachment inquiry webpage at, your fast and easy way to watch c-span's unfiltered coverage anytime. >> filmmaker michael moore joins
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us now for a discussion about impeachment, campaign 2020, just days after you endorsed bernie sanders for president. why bernie? >> because he can crush trump. host -- guest: because barnett can crush trump. i say that as somebody from michigan, a statement bernie won in the primaries in 2016. we lost by michigan, wisconsin, pennsylvania. he can win michigan, wisconsin and probably pennsylvania. host: why and how? whenever some people are looking for in trump and i hope many of them deeply regret it, bernie is not part of the system that they see as corrupt. not speaking to their needs. across the speak street here spending most of
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their time raising money for the next election. peoplei think to most even if you aren't for bernie you would say he's the real deal. he says he is. he will follow through. he will not be bought off. inwill stand for the things the things that i stand for. we have a great group of people running for president. many good people running and i like at least half of them. what i've been telling people is if you believe the polls that say the top five in a head-to-head with trump according to most of the polls would win. so if you believe that we can beat trump then you should in the primaries vote for the person who most closely resembles the things you believe in. wins we getever behind that person in november,
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of who it is. host: progressives who haven't made their choice yet. what your mind separates bernie sanders from elizabeth wine? host: i love elizabeth warren. i had her in my movies. inirst interviewed her before sheet appeared in anything on tv. for the people who support her i think they are supporting a good person. bernie would probably say the same thing. -- iernie, because bernie don't know how quickly your control and can throw something up on the screen but if you add that photograph of him in chicago 1963 where he's being arrested by the police because he is demonstrating against andegation for civil rights
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that's 1963 bernie. for over 50 years this person has fought for things that used to be thought of as crazy weather it was you should be able to marry the person you're in love with no matter which gender paid -- gender. yes. that's the picture. they are hauling him away because he is standing up against racism. look at where the american people have come. al the polls show that majority of americans believe in climate change. they believe women should be paid the same as men. if you go down the whole list of the issues bernie was right on those issues 50 years ago and he's fought for those issues for 50 years. and now the majority of the country has come toward where bernie has been for all this time when it was a crazy idea to
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think about paying people $15 an hour. that is so powerful to me and i've known him for a long time and he is consistent and what you see is what you get and i think that a lot of people and i think he would excite young people and others to come out and vote next november. host: you were with him at that heavily attended rally in new york. did you get a chance to talk to him about his health? host -- guest: yes. and his wife. basically his arteries got cleaned out and she said now on their morning walk, she can't keep up with him. of blooda free weight going through -- freeway of blood going through. he's in great shape.
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on saturday, i really think you could beat me in a 100 yard dash. trakstar and he was in high school. put that picture of of him winning the big race in new york city. i'm not worried about that at all. when we talk about health, i'm less worried about bernie's health. about flintried michigan or the health of this planet or of an unarmed like person sitting in their home. shoter it was the woman through the window in fort worth or in dallas, the black man who was a cpa eating ice cream watching tv. that's a health issue. so when we talk about health that's what i want to talk about. when we talk about heart attacks what i would like to say is the
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only heart attacks anyone needs to be worried about is the heart attack wall street's going to have when he's inaugurated president of the united states. show,e the 1% running the that's the end of that. host: filmmaker michael moore taking a phone calls on the washington journal. >> good morning. this is my lucky day. i get to talk to michael moore. bernie is my man. andre doctors and nurses every high school has a kid coming out to be a doctor. they say it's a radical idea. social security and medicare was englandl idea, to
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declaring independence was a radical idea. this is a country of radical ideas. let's get on that. guest: where do i talk to richard? which camera? those are great points. in 1850 wass day the first national women's rights conference in wister, massachusetts. and 900 people showed up to and the newspapers wrote about them like they were the craziest people on earth. the new york herald road they are trying to get rid of the bible and the constitution and make no mistake about it. especially with health care, -- he's notn is
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rocket science. he's just proposing what every other industrialized country has. the health care system where it's a human right and you will never go broke. total number of people in canada that lost their homes due to doctor bills because they went bankrupt, zero. zero in sweden. zero in france. zero in spain. zero in germany. why we can't figure out how to do this when we are the wealthiest nation on earth. no offense to canada, seriously. where are they getting their money. they've made a conscious decision as a people to say we have to take care of each other. people say, our taxes will go up. they pay a little bit more taxes in canada and france. here's what they don't pay for. they don't pay for health care. many of these countries don't pay for college.
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you go to college for free. in many countries daycare is either free or nearly free. now,eople watching right how much do you pay in daycare every month. how much do you pay to take care of your pains. what your student loan payment this month. i think the average is 200 or $300 a month. it's easily $1000 a month for daycare. it's close to $20,000. we don't call it attacks in this country but that's what it is. we are all being taxed an extra $20,000 a year depending on how many kids you have. roughly we are paying that already and what if we just paid those bit more and all of things were covered. host: have you calculated what your tax rate would be under a bernie sanders tax plan?
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guest: yes. first i calculated my savings under the trump tax plan. do so my commitment and i this only because it's a moral issue with me that i cannot pocket whatever mother i -- money i might be saving now because i do well in making my movies and selling my books, whatever. that money that i save has to go to something else. the first thing would be to removing the person who gave me the tax cut. that would be my first priority. that has to end and people have to pay more. me have to pay more so that the middle-class class and especially the working class don't have to pay more. some people should be paying less actually. ofave a pretty good idea what it is and i'm more than happy. april 15 i think is a wonderful
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day. i actually like paying my taxes. i don't always like what they go for. fact that ie the get to be an american and i'm so proud to pay for that privilege of having the things that i have in this great country and i think people like me actually should be contributing even more to that. i was born in the 50's. i remember a time as a small child watching hollywood newsreels and seeing how the rich lived. , 70, 80, being taxed 90%. look at any pictures of the rich in the 40's and the 50's. they were doing really well and they helped to pay for things like an interstate highway system that president eisenhower gave us and had that thing built pretty much in a 10 year span of
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time. host: this is tim. independent. you, bernie and ralph nader are my heroes. it is such a pleasure -- pleasure to talk to is a retired machinist. i had to comed home to take care of my non-. she's 89 now. thank god for unions because there's just no good paying jobs. i was going to support warren but after seeing the rally with bernie because i gave bernie $900 for his campaign. to ralph nader's campaign.
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host: what was it about the rally that convinced you? caller: i was thinking maybe we need a woman. bernieth warren mirrored sanders pol a g's. like mike, i like paying my taxes. hour imaking $30 an should pay my fair share. i like to drink clean water and when i flush the toilet i would like to know it's not going into a river or lake that i would like to eat fish out of. next time you are in traverse city hi would love it if you stupidutograph my book white men which by the way you stole from me because i was saying that before you even wrote the book. i would love to do that. if you want to just bring it by, i restored a couple of old movie theaters in northern michigan.
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bring them by the state theatre in traverse city. just leave it in the envelope with a note and i will get back to you. i would be happy to do that. i'm so glad you said that about our taxes. if you don't like how we are spending our tax money and we don't a lot of things, we have the ability to throw out the people that are missed spending our money. we supposedly still have a free press where that press can do their job and that press can tell us what we are doing with our tax dollars. i'm glad you are supporting him but elizabeth, too. this is such a great year that the majority i think of the people who are going to be voting in the democratic primary voting aggressive. they are for elizabeth. this is a good thing and i want
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to underscore what you said. we've goneng that 200 plus years and only one gender has served and for half of those years women couldn't even vote. it was a crime if you were a woman to vote. woman three years ago but we have to get rid of the electoral college. she won by 3 million votes. just in case president trump is watching, i always like to by overim that he lost seven million people difference between trump in the others. the people who did not want him to be president of the united states. host: linda out of missouri, go ahead. caller: i voted republican for
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mccain because i really like him. but throughout my voting career i have voted democrat, republican and independent. republican but a i've been having my thoughts. i was born in the 50's. and i admire mr. moore a much. i love his movies. and his books. explain toe you to me because i do have five grandchildren that i worry about, what is the difference socialism and democratic socialism? because i do really like bernie but i'm not really positive. guest: these terms are all messed up. i was on hannity a couple years ago and he said, so you are a socialist. i said, actually i'm a christian.
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it's kind of the same thing. you like to say a word because it has all these connotations. the democratic-socialist is really, the focus should be more on democratic or democracy. problem is that the choices we are given when they say it's capitalism versus socialism, i think it's wrong. that's the wrong equation. it's capitalism versus democracy. believe that our economy should be run in a democratic fashion? it's a democracy in the sense of our political institutions and we get the vote. it doesn't matter if you win the election it doesn't necessarily mean you win the election either. we can't just be a political democracy. we have to have an economic democracy. the economy needs to be controlled by the people or representatives of the people. we have to have a say in this
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and capitalism is anti-democracy to me. i heard somebody speak the other corrupt capitalism, when you say that you are thinking of the old capitalism. adam smith and the early capitalists said this a system won't survive if it doesn't have a heart. and it's noted capitalism. hitting a 21st century feudal system. now is what's happening that halfat statistic of the american public doesn't have $500 to their name. if a loved one died tonight across the country, they don't have the cash on hand by the plane ticket to go to the funeral. half of our fellow citizens. the economic system we want to live in?
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so when bernie says that that kind of socialism means everybody gets a seat at the table and everybody gets a slice of the pie. and some people might get a bigger slice than others, but everyone is going to have a slice and that's not the way it is now. host: mark zuckerberg is going to testify on capitol hill. what would you ask him? guest: i'm actually going to head over there. i probably shouldn't alert them that i'm coming. what i would say to mark inventedg is, you something that has eliminated the middleman and allows us to all kind of talk to each other. that's a good thing. and it's interesting that the motivation for this invention was simply that he wanted to meet girls. that's really how he started in college.
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became what it is. and what it is has become harmful in many ways. in the 2016 it did election. probably what they are going to talk to him today is has this really changed? are we going to go through in the next 12 months what we did in 2016? with all of this orwellian fakery going on to actually move people in directions that they wouldn't move to had they not been lied to. i don't think he's got to feel good about facebook having become a lie machine. i wouldn't. i think they need to really press him on this and the larger issue of monopolies and the lack how one or two companies now
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control so much, is that democracy? is that really truly an egalitarian country when one or two companies control everything? the i was being raised in 50's, we were told that the kind of country that says we only need one media, we only need one car company, we only need one airline. that was called something else. odd that the so-called supporters of capitalism have shifted our system into where like the old soviet system there is no competition. there really isn't a free market. all of the things they say they believe in they really don't. they believe the best kind of company is if they could buy up all the competition and have the old soviet union back. host: julie in wisconsin. democrat. good morning.
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caller: good morning. i am from wisconsin and i'm kind of like that lady, kind of voted -- voted all over the place. i questionng this, it because i don't believe the news because some of it is so fake. voted i did not vote for hillary because i did not trust her. ok. now with everything coming out and beginning to think maybe we should go with bernie sanders. wondering am also what's he going to do to our social security. guest: what's a 78-year-old going to do to social security? [laughter]
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you can't have a better person being responsible to make sure that everybody over the age of 65 is going to be protected by somebody over the age of 65. i think you have nothing to worry about there. i am 60. i just turned 60 a while back. i'm on social security because of my disability. i have a learning and spelling disability and i have a bad back condition. i do worry about things like that. host: let's take that up and your advice for julie. guest: i would encourage you to vote for bernie because he is somebody who cares so deeply about what you just described and making sure that you have a safety net. that you don't have to suffer because you have an ailment. i could go down a whole list of
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things from what she's talking about. what's going on with what we've read in the paper this week about boeing aircraft. this is what happens when you don't have regulations. they are able to build planes anyway they want to build them. there's no regulation of how they produce the pharmaceuticals you end up with pills that were made wrong. somebody that is going to be on top of this and is going to always be thinking about the people. i would say bernie is the best for that in my opinion. but there are other democrats who also have a strong heart and a strong conviction for these things. wouldn't?that guest: they have dropped out. they are not on the stage. the 12 that are left on that stage all have strong convictions about these things. centristmoderate and
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ones, the bidens and the others. now i guessed pete buttigieg would be one of those. or going to take things slower. halfway measures. things i don't approve of. i think we all learned from obamacare that great things happen in terms of pre-existing conditions. but anybody who has obamacare knows what the cost of those deductibles are outrageous. all of those things that people shouldn't be paying for and if you've got the bronze plan, it's the berlin -- bronze plan. canada live a life similar to ours half a mile across the detroit river and they cannot believe that the richest country on earth can't figure this out. the canadians and the others if you've traveled to these countries have this sense of way. .- we
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and we have sadly gone into this place of need. most of the great religions say the most important thing is to take care of those who are the have-nots. and that's our most important michigan -- mission here on earth. say,e heard a preacher what's the way to get into heaven. when you get to the pearly gates, you need a permission slip from the poor. that said that when you were here on earth, when you are hungry you fed them. when you were homeless you gave them shelter. you took care of them. you were fair. you are just. you were honest. we can't lose these things and i fear that we are slipping away from that. waiting in has been nashville, tennessee. with they question is level of partisanship in
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congress and the lack of focus in passing laws, i think to increase cooperation and progress, what to think about term limits for both congress and the judiciary. thank you. think generally that's a good idea. on the other hand i sure wouldn't have wanted to get rid of president roosevelt in the middle of world war ii so there's that. i see the arguments on both sides. partisanship let me say something in favor of partisanship. it's good that you believe in something. if you are republicans and you have strong beliefs in something, you should fight for those beliefs. run for office. run locally. get involved in the system. fight for the things that you believe in. some things don't have a compromise. you either believe that a fertilized egg is a human being
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or it isn't. there's no halfway to that. there is no halfway to the death penalty. you either believe you can execute somebody and that's morally right or morally wrong. you can't halfway execute somebody. the whole way. just like every other country has figured it out. people if they've figured it out in portugal. if they've figured out and most of the world away to take care of each other, we can do this, too. let you get up to capitol hill. thank you for stopping by. guest: thank you for the candidates challenging president trump for the republican animation -- nomination, c-span hosts bill welsh and mark sanford.
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radio app. up next on c-span, officials speaking about the u.s. withdraw from syria. that is followed by house majority leader steve blair and steve scalise discussing the legislative agenda. later, british prime minister boris johnson talks about his plans for braggs it while -- brexit. >> more now on the u.s. withdraw from syria with james jeffrey, who says the state department special executive for syria. withdrawal u.s. could combat it. >> we come to order. without objection all members will have five days to submit


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