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tv   Scott Wong  CSPAN  October 29, 2019 7:04pm-7:15pm EDT

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the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman yields back the balance of his time. does the gentleman have a motion? mr. schweikert: i would like to make a motion to adjourn. the speaker pro tempore: the question is on the motion to adjourn. those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. the ayes have it. the motion is
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the president himself called this a witch hunt and illegitimate sham of an investigation. we are seeing similar language from trum allies including kevin mccarthy and ta steve scalise are referring it to a soviet-style. i don't expect the criticism to let up. the democrats are pointing to certain provisions in the resolution that will allow the president to defend himself. it will be interesting to see how that will all take shape. but, you know, while we have been mostly in the dark aside from a few selective weeks, it will be fascinating when this process heads into the public
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atmosphere. a part of the ground rules for each of these public hearings will allow for 45 minutes for the democratic staff counsel to ask questions of the witness and then 45 minutes uninterrupted for the republican staff counsel to question the witnesses and after that 90 minutes, it will shift to the lawmaker portion. we will see professionals questioning these witnesses, democrats want to make sure that process allows them to get as many facts out to the public as possible before it shifts into the political atmosphere when the lawmakers will do the questioning. >> they have called the ultimate house vote on impeachment as the resolution under way on thursday as a proxy vote for impeachment. do you think this move by democrats will move those house
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democratic sitters, those who are on the fence about impeachment or moderate republicans? >> there will be a handful who will break ranks were nancy. there are about six democrats vulnerable swing democrats who flipped g.o.p. seats who have not endorsed this impeachment inquiry process. those be looking to see six. representative van drew says he time oning one too many impeachment. > we want to remind our c-span audience, we been talking with scott w ompnmp g a senior staff writer. and his reporting on this at the
7:11 pm thanks so much. >> we are making it easy for you to follow the impeachment in wirey, follow the hearings and briefings as well as the administration's response during the process. log on to our impeachment inquiry web page. your fast and easy way to watch c-span's unfillered coverage any time. >> here's a look at our prime time coverage. starting at 8:00 eastern, the boeing c.e.o. testifies on the safety of the 737 max airplane after two recent accidents. on crmp span 2, an impact on veterans issues and on c-span 3, t.s.a. administrator discusses
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oversight of her department. "washington journal." wednesday morning, brend and yle discusses the rising budget deficit. and former transportation inspector germ talks about congressional hearings on the safety of the 737 max airplane. on on thursday's vote impeachment procedures. tch c-span live 7:00 eastern n wednesday morning. >> sunday, live at noon eastern on "in depth," approvesor talks
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about african-american history. >> my mother came in age of jim ow alabama and she lived her youth through white nationalist society. and it has reared its head again. >> "breathe, a letter to my son." join the sbrl active conversation with your phone calls. kin, 00 p.m., david shell saying it shouldn't be hard to recount your history. he is interviewed by iraq and afghanistan veterans of america. >> the government's involvement in v.a. health care is the most effective way of honoring our
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nation's commitment to our veterans. that does not mean that veterans should not go into the private sector. when the care is better or specialized care is better. ht a,


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