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tv   Scott Wong  CSPAN  October 30, 2019 1:27am-1:39am EDT

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>> we're making it easier for you to follow the impeachment inquiry on search c-span's coverage for video on demand congressional briefings and hearings, as well as the administration's response during the impeachment inquiry process. log on to our impeachment inquiry webpage at
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you're fast and easy way to watch c-span's unfiltered coverage anytime. scott long a senior staff writer with "the hill." what is in the impeachment resolution that the house will take up this week? scott: there are two aspects to this. one is reaffirming that the impeachment inquiry that has been going on the last month is a legitimate inquiry and has been moving along. in the second aspect of this, setting up procedures, rules, really a framework for the next phase of this inquiry, which will be in the public setting. think about how the past three or four weeks have been behind closed doors, taking depositions privately. this will start to shift into the public setting, public hearings, so democrats and nancy
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pelosi want to establish the ground rules for how all of this will unfold. host: what is your sense of the timing of this announcement, taking up this resolution by s and then on the house for thursday? scott: republicans in the white house -- and the white house had been complaining about process. there was the appearance this was in response to some gop criticism that republicans have been complaining about as secretive, that the public should be clued into what was happening in the depositions behind closed doors. nancy pelosiou ask the steny hoyer -- and steny hoyer on the democrat side, this resolution is needed to lay out these rules for the next phase of this investigation, which will be in the public setting, led by the intelligence committee and its chairman, adam schiff.
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we have three committees participating in the closed-door session, but it looks like adam schiff will be taking the lead. -- lead in the public session that will allow the democratic leadership to control that environment more tightly. it means fewer lawmakers will be at least in the ukraine portion of the impeachment inquiry, and so that will be significant. closechiff obviously is a trusted ally of nancy pelosi. she is putting this in his hands. host: the criticism by republicans hasn't let up. in a briefing today, late afternoon statement from the white house press secretary calling the impeachment and illegitimate sham. think the house rules committee meeting looks like wednesday? scott: i don't think much will change. the white house has been
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critical of the process, highly critical of the resolution and process going forward. the president himself called this a witchhunt, illegitimate sham of an investigation. we are seeing similar language from capitol hill including kevin mccarthy and steve scalise, who has referred to it as a soviet style interrogation process, so i don't expect the criticism to let. the democrats are -- let up. democrats are pointing to revisions in the resolution that will allow the president and his attorneys to defend himself in this process in the public setting. they will be interesting to see how that will all take shape. mostly inwe have been the dark aside from a few selective leaks, it will be fascinating when this process heads into the public sphere. one thing i will note is part of
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the ground rules for each of these public hearings will allow for 45 minutes for the to asktic staff counsel questions of the council and 45 minutes uninterrupted for the republican staff counsel to question witnesses and after that total 90 minutes, it will ,hift to the lawmaker portion so we will see professionals questioning these witnesses. thatrats want to make sure process allows them to get as many facts out to the public as possible before it shifts into the political sphere when the lawmakers will be doing the questioning. host: lastly, some congressional observers have called the ultimate houseboat on impeachment -- house vote on impeachment, resolution as a proxy vote for impeachment. do you think this move by democrats will move those house democratic fence setters, the
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ones on the fence about impeachment or moderate republicans? scott: i think there will be a handful who will peel off and break ranks with nancy pelosi the leadership. there are about six democrats vulnerable swing district democrats who flipped gop seats last cycle, who have not yet endorsed this impeachment inquiry process, and so i think i would be looking to some of these six. new jersey, one of those six, told reporters today he still thinks democrats are spending too much time on impeachment. he maybe one of them that votes against democratic resolution. host: we want to remind our c-span audience that we have posted that resolution on process. you will find it at we've been talking with scott wong, senior staff writer with "the hill." you can follow him on twitter and his reporting on this at the
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hhill.ocm the house has announced it is moving forward on the impeachment process against president trump. live wednesday at 3:00 p.m. eastern as the house rules committee presents a resolution on how certain committees will continue their investigation. thursday morning at 9:00 a.m. on c-span, the house takes up that resolution outlining the next steps including how hearings will be conducted and evidence to the judiciary committee. follow the impeachment inquiry live on c-span and c-span3, online at, or listen live from were you are on the free c-span radio app. >> c-span's "washington journal," live everyday with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, pennsylvania democratic congressman brandon boyle
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discusses a newly released country department numbers on the rising budget deficit and the upcoming government funding deadline. the former transportation inspector general talks about congressional hearings and the safety of the boeing 737 max 8 airplanes. kansas republican congressman ron estes, on thursday house vote on impeachment procedures and trade policy. watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 eastern thursday. join the discussion. >> coming up on the c-span networks, on c-span, we are live wednesday at 10:00 a.m. when the house returns for general speeches. at noon, the house takes up several bills expanding protections for some public lands in the west, including the grand canyon, chaco canyon in new mexico, and areas in colorado. on c-span2, the senate continues work on 2020 federal spending. at 7:00 pm, we go to george
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mason university for a conversation on intelligence and the u.s. presidential elections. speakers include former cia director john brennan, former deputy cia directors john mclaughlin and michael morel, and former deputy director of the fbi andrew mccabe. a.m., the at 10:00 house homeland security committee hears testimony on global terror threats with fbi director chris wray. at three clock p.m., we joined house rules committee as it considers an impeachment investigation resolution, laying the groundwork for how the inquiry will proceed. sunday, live at noon eastern on in-depth, princeton joinssity professor perry us to talk about african-american history and racial inequality. >> my mother came of age in alabama. youthher lived her
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through white nationalists society, and it has -- >> open officially white nationalists society? >> yes, and it has reared its head again. book, "ast recent letter to my sons." other books include "may we forever stand." join the conversation with phone calls, tweets, and facebook messages. afterwards,ern on the author of "it shouldn't be this hard to serve your country," recounts his time as the. secretary of veterans affairs in the cup administration. . he is interviewed by -- in the trump administration. he is interviewed by jeremy butler. inthe government involvement health care is the most effective way of honoring our nation's commitment to our veterans. that does not mean that veterans should not have the ability to go into the private sector when it is in their best
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interest, care is better or specialized care is available. i think we all believe that should be available. >> watchable tv every weekend -- watch book tv every weekend and catch the miami book fair november 23 and 24th on book tv on c-span2. representative roger marshall serves the first district of kansas. he is a republican and also the chair of the republican study committee's task force and joins us this morning on "washington journal." we hear sometimes from democrats republicans don't have a plan when it comes to providing health care aside from the aca how would you respond? show less -- respond to that? this is the first chapter. we have been working with the white >> we do have a plan and this is the first chapter. we have been working with the white house all year long in this and very proud of what we have for solutions. >> when it comes to the specifics, what would you highlight? does this work apart from tca


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