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tv   Interview - Cristina Marcos  CSPAN  October 30, 2019 9:28pm-9:37pm EDT

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pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the house stands in recess subject to the call of the chair. >> christine marcos is a
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congressional reporter for the hill. she joins us for a look at the rules in the impeachment great. the houses voting on a resolution that deals with impeachment procedures thursday. why did the house democratic leadership think the resolution is necessary? >> this is necessary for the public phase of their inquiry. there are different procedures for the committee hearing going forward than what regular seat and our viewers were typically seeking congressional committee hearings. typically, you see members of ,ach party alternating questioning witnesses. for these upcoming hearings, the intelligence committee will just be limited to adam schiff and the top republican on the committee. as well as committee staff.
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democrats are looking for this to mirror the process that is going on behind closed doors right now in these witness depositions. they say that format is more conducive for actually yielding new information from witnesses versus members of congress taking turns and not necessarily building a lot of information. frankly, they may be looking for a soundbite. >> any other key details or information we should know about this resolution? >> one thing that it does that is consistent with past impeachment increase is that it will allow the minority party on both committees to request witnesses and documents.
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they have offered a dozen amendments to expand the powers in these proceedings. they argue they should be allowed equal subpoena power. democrats argue that would be a break from typical president in the house rules. >> the house rules committee went over the resolution. republicans also kept saying that they felt that there was a lack of due process for the president so far. how would the resolution address that issue? resolution under the judiciary committee would allow the president and his counsel to attend a judiciary committee hearing, present their own evidence and cross-examine witnesses. that's only limited to the judiciary committee. there's no such provision on the president and counsel to do those things in the intelligence committee hearings. republicans are arguing it should be the same for both committees.
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they are both conducting hearings in this impeachment great. >> why would it be different for judiciary versus intelligence? isthe intelligence committee involved in the investigation within its parameters of the intelligence committee. complaint waswer by someone in the judiciary committee. it has jurisdiction over impeachment. goingdiciary committee is to be responsible for writing articles of impeachment and debating them in committee and sending them to the house floor for a recommendation. that's why the judiciary say it is democrats the place for the president and his counsel to present their case. >> as democrats layout this impeachment process, when will the house judiciary committee come into things?
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the first -- they will issue a report with the recommendation. after that, they will hand it over to the judiciary committee. this could take at least a month. they are aiming to get to the public phase of their inquiry by mid-november. uporetically, try to wrap their impeachment inquiry in the house by the end of the year. some have suggested that is too ambitious and it could potentially go into early next year. it will depend on how quickly they get to these public hearings and how many hearings they hold. that is something we will have to watch unfold. washe clinton impeachment 55 days in 1998. 60 days left in this year before the end of 2019.
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as far as the vote on thursday, are you expecting a partyline vote? will any democrats crossover to vote no or vice versa? >> at least one democrat has said they will vote against this. jeff van drew from new jersey. he represents the district at president trump carried in 2016 by under five points. he's one of the few democrats that has yet to actually endorse the impeachment increase. he has said he doesn't believe this warns the level of impeachment. he thinks it is distasteful, the things trump has done. he is not ready to cross that line. he says it's another step towards impeachment. he says this resolution is inconsistent with his position. there are a couple of other frontline democrats who also are in trump districts and are very vulnerable next year. at least two of them have said that they will come forward and support this resolution. they argue, it's a way to ensure
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transparency for the rest of this and -- impeachment inquiry. there are a few who have not said how they will vote. it will be a nail biter tomorrow to see how they will vote. marcos, we will continue to follow your reporting. thank you for your time. >> think you for having me. ♪ >> c-span's washington journal, live every day. we are gettingg, your report -- reaction to the house voting on the impeachment resolution. join the conversation all morning with your calls, facebook comments, text messages, and tweets. watch c-span's washington journal, live at 7:00 eastern thursday morning. we are making it easy for you to follow the impeachment great on
9:36 pm search all of c-span's coverage for video on demand of all the congressional briefings and hearings as well as the administration's response during the impeachment great process. log onto our impeachment inquiry webpage at peachment. unfiltered coverage, anytime. tomorrow, the house is back at 9:00 eastern to consider the next phase of the impeachment inquiry against president trump by taking up a resolution that affirms the committee's work so far and any additional procedures in the future including the possibility of public hearings. my the house rules committee meeting from earlier today to consider the rules for floor debate and possible amendments. >> the rules committee will come to order.


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