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tv   Campaign 2020 Michael Bloomberg Speaks in Norfolk VA  CSPAN  November 25, 2019 9:34pm-9:54pm EST

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c-span will award 100,000 dollars in total cash prizes including a $5,000 grand prize. all eligible entries must be uploaded and received by midnight on january 20. >> the best advice i can give is -- in line your are never too young to have an opinion. >> for more information go to our website. student >> former new york city mayor michael bloomberg traveled to norfolk, virginia his first campaign stop since announcing his candidacy for president. he spoke about his decision to enter the race and took a few questions from reporters. >> thank you and good afternoon, it is great to be here. in norfolk. let me start by saying i was glad to support nancy's campaign for the house of delegates. she is going to be a strong
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leader on the big issues facing this community and the whole statement including climate change. i'm happy to also say that i supported 14 other virginia democrats who won election, next to the good work -- thanks to the good work of so many volunteers and supporters who knocked on doors. and in january, democrats will take charge of the state government for the first time in 25 years. it's about time. in 2018, i also supported two congressional candidates here in virginia who won. jennifer wexton and elaine who represent this area. their strong campaigns helped the democrats capture the u.s. house of representatives and began holding president trump accountable for his dangerous abuse of power. and i think that is one of the pieces of good news we have had recently. now, you may ask why am i
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kicking my campaign off right here in norfolk. it's because southeastern virginia proves that with the right candidate we can turn areas from red to blue. we need to do that all across this country. and today, i'm glad to announce i am running for president to defeat donald trump and to unite and rebuild america. we cannot afford four more years of president trump's reckless and unethical actions. he is an existential threat to our country, to our values and our national security. every day it seems to bring , another example of just how unfit he is to serve as our president. and commander in chief. and this week was no exception. yesterday, as many of you read the president forced out the secretary of the navy. a marine veteran. for upholding the navy's commitment to the rule of law.
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secretary spencer wrote, "i cannot in good conscience obey an order that i believe violates the sacred both sides of to i took tocred oath support and defend the constitution of the united states." that is an extraordinary rebuke. here in the city i salute secretary spencer for not flinching for his duties. the fact remains we have a president, a commander in chief who has no respect for the rule of law or for the values that truly make america great. if president trump wins another term in office we may never recover from the damage. the stakes could not be higher. we must win this election. and we must begin by rebuilding america by investing here at
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home and restoring our nation's credibility and moral leadership abroad. i believe my unique set of experiences in business, government, and philanthropy will enable me to both win and lead. i will rally a broad a diverse -- i will rally a broad and diverse coalition to win. i will have the skills to fix what is broken in our great nation and there is a lot broken. we have an economy that is tilted against most americans. we have a health care system that costs too much and doesn't cover everyone. we have communities ravaged by gun violence. including here in this region. sadly, mass shootings like the one earlier this year just 17 miles from here in virginia beach has -- have become almost routine. we cannot accept that. we have to put an end to this madness.
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i will be making gun violence a major issue of my campaign as i have in my life and government philanthropy. i have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to fight the nra to win common sense. laws and i am not going to stop now. across the country, we have schools that are not preparing our children for success in this increasingly high-tech world. we have an immigration system that is cruel and dysfunctional. we have climate change growing worse by the day. and we have special interest -- interests that corrupt washington and -- block progress on all of these issues. as a boy scout i was taught to , believe in the promise and potential of america. and i have never been more worried about our country as i am today. america is at its best when we work together to find meaningful and lasting solutions to our big challenges. we need a president who understands truth and who can do
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it rather than just making promises. i offer myself as a problem solver. and a doer. and not a talker. we say we have to be trump. -- beat trump. i took on trump on gun violence and won stronger gun laws and states across the country. i took on trump the climate denier and led efforts to close more than half of the nations power plants. trump is carrying water for big tobacco. i have taken on the dangers of e-cigarettes to protect our kids. i know what it takes to beat trump. because i already have and i will do it again. defeating trump and rebuilding america is the most urgent and important fight in our lives and i am going all in. my resolve is to stand up to the bigotry and hatred of -- and wrongheaded policies he is anchored in, and in my belief in
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government as a force for good. i have spent my career bringing people together to tackle big problems and fix them. it has worked well in business and in running the country's largest and most progressive city. and it can work in washington as well. let me tell you a little bit about myself. growing up my father never , earned more than $6,000 per year. i worked my way through college and got an entry-level job in new york. and then come up when i was 39 years old, i got laid off. to do nextnow what but i did have an idea to start a company. i took a chance and today, i am glad to say our company employs 20,000 people and generates large profits all of which goes to help people across the country and around the world. wellmpany's employees get page. we provide the best health care benefits that money can buy and
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if someone in our family has a baby, the primary caregiver gets six months statement turn a leaf. withl run my country integrity and inclusion. brought toing that i city government. i first ran for mayor because when i looked around, i became more frustrated about stories of senseless gun violence, failing schools, and lock -- lack of opportunity for those discriminated against because of their faith, religion, or gender. most people said to me -- that is just the way it is. and i said to myself, why? why can't we do better? and instead of complaining about it, why don't we do something about it? i was lucky enough to be elected mayor of america's most diverse city just weeks after the attack of 9/11. it was a frightening time for our city and country.
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we rebuilt the economy with new jobs and new opportunities for people on all rungs of the economic ladder. we worked with our teachers to inotiate the largest raise america. and we improved graduation rates by 42%. we reduced incarceration by nearly 40%. we also cut the city's carbon footprint by 14% and create new created new programs to combat poverty. and we expanded health care. and strengthened immigrant communities. as mayor, my priority was to help the millions of new yorkers that needed it the most. i know government can improve people's lives. because when i ran new york city, that is exactly what we did. we should never settle for anything less. since leaving city hall i found -- i have founded the largest gun safety group in history.
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as mayor, i banned smoking in restaurants and bars and then cut teen smoking by 50%. today today we continue to win , battles against the tobacco industry. and their sleazy attempts to hook young kids on e-cigarettes. i know how to take the powerful special interest. we need a president that is ready to lead us where we need to go in ways that we can be proud of. someone with the experience to hit the ground ready to go. i am that person and that is why i am running. i will be the only candidate in the race who will not take a penny from anyone and will work or a dollar a year just as i did for 12 years in new york city hall. over the course of this campaign i will tell you what i will do as president. and how i will do it. i have plans to provide good paying jobs providing good , quality health care for every american.
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stopping gun violence reducing incarceration. fighting climate change. fixing our broken immigration system. raising taxes on wealthy individuals like me. protecting women's and lgbtq rights. supporting our veterans. and reestablishing america's place in the world. as a force for peace and stability. more than plans, i offer the leadership to turn plants into reality. to roll up my sleeves, to motivate our country. tonight and rebuild america and make it fairer and better. i'm ready to get to work so let us get it on. i would be happy to take a question or two. sir, you have your hand up. i thought you were going to jump out of your seat. >> have you had a chance to reach out to hillary clinton? >> i was lucky enough to receive
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some very flattering calls between whoever made the call and if they want to talk about it for them. i would not violate their confidence. i didn't grow up in a world where i knew famous people. when you get a call from one of them i pinch myself a little bit. >> a lot of your democratic opponent's are saying you're going to be spinning a lot of money that you are accusing of trying to buy your way into this race. are you trying to buy the presidency? >> i have been using my resources for the things that matter to me. i was lucky enough to build a very successful company. it has been very successful and i used all of it to give back to help america. i am committed to stopping climate change. which is a disaster for us. i'm committed to doing things that i was lucky enough to be house fromp flip the
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republican to democratic control, so that the house provided some oversight of the president. which the republican house before that had not done that. i was using my money to do things like turning virginia from red to blue, both houses are now blue. a lot of it was because of the moneys we provided on gun safety. it was one of the big issues that people cared about. i am now in the race and i'm fully committed to defeating donald trump. i think he is an existential threat to our country. i'm going to make my case. and let many smart voters make their choice. >> some are saying they see your decision to run now is because you view the other candidates as week. weak.
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>> let me phrase it this way, i think there is a greater risk of having donald trump being reelected. if you remember the democratic convention in philadelphia in 2016, i said donald trump was not suited to be president of the united states. unfortunately, not enough people listened to me. we have to do something about donald trump. i think i know how to beat him. i have been him a number of times before. that's what i'm going to focus on most. >> on impeachment, do you believe the hearings will fire back and turn voters away from the democrats? >> i have come to the conclusion that while impeachment is a very serious thing, and we should let the voters in november, i think the conduct we have heard described in these hearings is
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such that if i were a congressman i would vote for impeachment. >> i know you apologized last week but how do you plan to win over some of the minorities you need to win a democratic nomination? >> i think i have done an awful lot of things that should attract people. i have worked very hard to make sure we tackle discrimination wherever i saw it. new york city has had a record that's not perfect, but i think we should be proud of in terms of making it a city open to everyone. i have been a big supporter of gay rights and against any kind of discrimination i see. i worked very hard in minority communities and brought the crime rate down and saved an awful lot of lives.
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we would have lost a lot of young people. i have never done anything perfectly but i did the best job i could. >> have you talked to the dnc about how that might work? >> it will be up to the dnc -- they can set the rules and if they set the rules where i qualify, i would certainly debate. what i want to do is talk directly to the public and explain what i have done and what i would do and give them some comfort that because of what i did in the past, i will deliver in the future. it is not empty promises. and if you can say that in a debate, ok although it is hard to do that. i think i would be much better off talking to the public as i am now. thank you, all and i just want to think the people from virginia. going to phoenix, arizona tomorrow. democrats torrent
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liberal -- too liberal? are have no idea but we going to do that test and it is called voting. >> our c-span campaign 2020 bus team is traveling across the country visiting kate battleground states in the 2020 presidential race asking voters what issues they want candidates to address during the campaign. >> one of the most pressing issues we are facing is poverty and income inequality. the rich are getting richer. cliché, that the poor are getting poorer.
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something needs to be done to equalize things. not taking money away from the rich people by giving more opportunity to better themselves and get a better education to others. so that they can get out of poverty and their children can get out of poverty and we can continue to build the middle class which is being threatened by the inequality. be howuestion would would you tackle the climate crisis without coming off as artisan? >> i would like --without coming off as partisan? >> i would like the candidates to talk about the black agenda. not enough is being done. in all honesty, this is only one part of the preparations that need to be taken seriously. >> i was wondering what are the candidates doing right now during the campaign in order to attack the issues with global
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warming. every day, we are seeing drastic changes with the weather as well as forest fires. what is being done right now to address these issues? >> voices from the campaign to help. part of c-span's battleground states tour. the house will be in order. years, c-span has been providing america with unfiltered coverage of the congress, the white house, the , and public policy events from washington, d.c. and around the country so you can make up your own mind. c-span is brought to you by your local cable or satellite provider. c-span, your unfiltered view of government. president trump today hosted an event at the white house honoring u.s. military dog konan who was wounded


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