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tv   Campaign 2020 Pres. Trump Florida Homecoming Rally in Sunrise FL  CSPAN  November 26, 2019 7:10pm-9:00pm EST

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you are on with commander guy snodgrass. >> good morning. i had a rifle company. i was a junior officer in vietnam in the marine corps. the point i want to make is this. alwaysthe united states -- ♪
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>> hello, florida. it is great to be back in the sunshine state. here to welcome home one of florida's newest residence. i have to tell you, i'm here for one reason and one reason only. florida and america need for more years of president donald trump. [cheers]
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vice pres. pence: i'm here because i stand with president donald trump. [cheers] thispres. pence: when president stands up for american jobs and american workers, i stand with president donald trump. [cheers] when this pence: president stands up for freedom and our armed forces, i stand with president donald trump. [cheers] like all ofence: you, when this president stands up to the do-nothing democrats and their endless investigations and partisan impeachment, we
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stand with president donald trump [cheers] . -- donald trump. [cheers] what beganpence: four years ago has grown into a movement. a movement of everyday americans from every walk of life. florida, you believe we could be strong again. [cheers] vice pres. pence: you believe we could be prosperous again. [cheers] vice pres. pence: and florida republicans were with us every step of the way. [cheers] vice pres. pence: not just all of you but all of your great leaders like ron desantis. [cheers] vice pres. pence: lieutenant governor jeanette nuñez. [cheers] vice pres. pence: attorney general ashley muti. [cheers] vice pres. pence: your former attorney general, the great pam
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bondi. [cheers] vice pres. pence: let's hear it for florida's great delegation to the congress of the united states and the united states senate. [cheers] vice pres. pence: with their support and your support, florida said yes to president donald trump in 2016. i know you're going to say yes to four more years when you sent president donald trump act to the white house in 2020. [cheers] there's onlynce: one way i think you can describe the last three years. it's been amazing. it's been three years of action. it's been three years of results. it's been three years of promises made and promises kept. we are just getting started, florida.
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it's true. think about it. this president promised to rebuild our military, restore the democracy and stand by our troops. president donald trump as your commander in chief has done just that. he signed the largest investment in our national defense since the days of ronald reagan. [cheers] vice pres. pence: with that renewed american strength, we've taken the fight to radical islamic terrorists on our terms, on their soil. [cheers] vice pres. pence: in the last year alone, american forces captured the last inch of the isis caliphate in syria. [cheers] vice pres. pence: u.s. special forces took out the leader of
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isis, al-baghdadi is gone. [cheers] our troops aree: coming home and conan, the hero dog, is just fine. [cheers] crowd: [chanting] vice pres. pence: we visited the military in iraq. it was a great privilege. we told them what all of you already know. the armed forces of the united states are the greatest force for good the world has ever known. [cheers] vice pres. pence: our troops
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know they have a commander-in-chief who will always have their back. [cheers] that goes force: all of those who wore the uniform. president trump promised our realans access to the world class health care that you earned in the uniform of the united states. president donald trump delivered. we reformed the v.a. and veterans choice is now available to every veteran and american -- in america. [cheers] vice pres. pence: this president promised to secure our borders. [cheers] vice pres. pence: we've made historic investments in border security, apprehensions on our southern border are down by 70%. we've already started to build that wall. [cheers]
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bill thatnting] wall, built that wall, built that wall. vice pres. pence: oh, we are building it. tos president promised appoint conservatives to our federal courts at every level. president donald trump delivered. we've already seen this president appoint more than 160 principled conservatives to our federal courts and they are all men and women who uphold the god-given liberties enshrined in our constitution like the freedom of religion, the freedom of speech, and the second amendment right to keep and bear arms. i couldn't be more proud to serve as vice president to a president who stands without
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apology for the sanctity of human life. [cheers] vice pres. pence: it's about security. it's about our liberties. it's about our values. it's about jobs, jobs, jobs. [cheers] from the firste: day of our administration, president trump has worked to remind -- revive the american economy. we cut taxes. we rolled back red tape at historic levels. we unleashed american energy, fought for free and fair trade. america's economy is booming. [cheers] vice pres. pence: it's amazing. 2016, 6.7tion day million new jobs created by businesses all across this country.
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unemployment hit a 50 year low. the stock market is soaring. more americans are working today than ever before. [cheers] vice pres. pence: the truth is, thanks to president trump's leadership and the support of florida's leaders and congress, and all of you, we've made america great again. [cheers] vice pres. pence: to keep america great, we need to decide right here and right now that florida is going to vote for four more years of president donald trump in the white house. [cheers]
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crowd: [chanting] four more years, four more years, four more years. vice pres. pence: think about it. four more years means more jobs. four more years means for -- more judges. [cheers] vice pres. pence: four more years means more support for our troops. [cheers] vice pres. pence: it's going to take at least four more years to train -- drain that swamp. [cheers] crowd: [chanting] drain the swamp, drain the swamp, drain the swamp. vice pres. pence: the choice in this election couldn't be clearer. the stakes couldn't be higher. today, we have a president who loves this country. stands by our military, our
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workers, and our freedoms. i can tell you firsthand, he never quits. he never backs down. he believes in you and he fights for you every single day. [cheers] vice pres. pence: that's a lot more than you can say for those do-nothing democrats in washington, d.c.. [booing] vice pres. pence: they want higher taxes, late-term abortion, and socialist policies that would crush this economy. worst of all, these do-nothing democrats spent the last three years on endless investigations, trying to overturn the will of the american people. they are back at it again. [booing] vice pres. pence: you know, i
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think the democrats are running down this president because they know they can't run against this president. [cheers] can't -- vice pres. pence: they can't run against his records. they are pushing their partisan impeachment because they know from givingtop you president donald trump four more years in the white house. [cheers] crowd: [chanting] four more years, four more years, four more years. vice pres. pence: you know, despite three years of nonstop resistance, i'm here to tell you firsthand, president donald trump has never stopped fighting. keeping the promises he made to
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the people of florida. he never will. now, it's our turn to fight for him. on. we need you to keep bringing your enthusiasm, keep voicing your support, keep telling your friends and neighbors that america needs more -- four more years of president donald trump in the white house. we will get this done in november of 2020. [cheers] vice pres. pence: we have work to do. it will take all of us to do it. i know we will get it done. i have faith. faith in this president. my friend. , i seeve and vision every day. whose drive and vision have made america great again. [cheers] vice pres. pence: faith in all of you and all of our fellow
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americans who know we can make america greater than ever before. faith that he who has blessed this nation every , since that first thanksgiving, will yet bless ,his one nation under god beyond all we could ask or imagine as we put our trust in him. [cheers] vice pres. pence: ladies and gentlemen, thank you for coming out today. president donald trump is the real deal. he's a man who says what he means and means what he says. every day and fights to keep the promises we made to the american people. i know that with your continued support, with our strong allies
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from your statehouse in the nation's capital, president donald trump in the white house for four more years and with god's help, we will keep on winning. future deliver a great for the american people. , we willwith this man keep america great. now it's my high honor and distinct privilege to introduce to you my friend and the 45th president of the united states of america, president donald trump. [cheers] ♪ [cheers]
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pres. trump: wow. man, this is a big place. thank you,v ery much. thank you to vice president mike pence. he's doing a fantastic job. thank you to the great state of florida. less than one year from now, i will join voters across the sunshine state, my home. as we head to the polls, and together, we will win back the house. we will hold the senate. we will keep that beautiful
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white house. we will keep it. we just had another stock -- you saw that. the stock market just hit another all-time in history high and jobs.1(k)'s thati'm working my ass off, i can tell you. arena, makeeave the sure that you register to vote. we can't take any chances. we have a great governor. we're very happy with ron. register to vote. as we gather together for wantsgiving --some people -- they don't want to use the term thanksgiving.
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everybody is using christmas again. remember, i said that? now we're gonna have to do a little work on thanksgiving. people have different ideas on why it shouldn't be called thanksgiving. everybody here loves the name thanksgiving and we're not cha nging it. americans have so much to be thankful for. the economy is booming, wages are rising, crime is falling, and america is stronger than ever before. 6.7 million new jobs, including 600,000 jobs right here in the great state of florida.
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we're protecting american workers, taking care of our amazing veterans. you know, the veterans, for years, i was a civilian, i loved my life. it was so much simpler. it was so nice and soft and easy. you build a building and have fun. i would always see that you turn on the news and read in the paper about our veterans being mistreated. job.were doing such a poor you don't hear that anymore. out veterans, for the first time, are taken care of to a level that has never happened in our country before. importantly right now with the world the way it is we are rebuilding the awesome power
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of the united states military. $2.5 trillion and everything is made in the great u.s. of a. a few weeks ago, u.s. special forces brought the world's number one terrorist to justice. the bloodthirsty savage known as al-baghdadi is dead, finally. [chanting] pres. trump: just this week, i
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stuck up for three great warriors against the deep state. you know what i'm talking about. i had so many people say, sir, i don't think you should do that. people have to fight. they shouldn't say, gee whiz. they wanted to put him in jail for 25 years. one young man was in jail for 7 years. he had 16 years to go. i want to tell you, when you look at what they did to that man, you would have been very proud at what we ended up doing. he came out and he hugged his parents. a beautiful thing.
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ourll always stick up for great fighters. people can sit in air-conditioned offices and complain, but it doesn't matter to me. and're out of that field, they are doing a job for us like nobody else in the world can do. the fact is, america is winning again. again. is respected andhile we're creating jobs
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killing terrorists and taking care of our borders. we're setting records. the wall is happening. it's getting billed rapidly and that's a real wall. the radical left democrats are trying to rip our nation apart. [booing] hoax. it was the russia total hoax. it was a failed overthrow attempt and the biggest fraud in the history of our country. then the muller deal. you remember that mess. they had nothing. two years. the spent $45 million and real cost is many times tha
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tnumber. now the same maniacs are pushing the deranged impeachment. think of this. impeachment. a witch hunt. the same as before. they're pushing that impeachment witch hunt. a lot of bad things are happening to them. you see what's happening in the polls? everybody said, that's really bu llshit. applause]d everybody.
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a lot of fake news out there. they're gonna say the president came. they will never talk about the crowd. one of the democrats yesterday had a rally. two people showed up, two. two people! they give us no credit. if some but he has a rally like 1000 people, they'll say, it was packed. they had a thousand people. if we have a rally with 50,000 people, they don't talk about it . much about this, but you go outside, there are a lot outside that can't get in.
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the lies of the democrats are being exposed. their schemes are unraveling. their crimes, and that's what it is, crimes. did you ever hear this guy, schiff? he made up my statement to them theey and president -- to ukrainian president. these lies are being revealed and their sinister plans are unveiled at a level that nobody thought possible. the radical democrats are trying to overturn the last election because they know they cannot win the next election. it's very simple. this --, when i started
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years"]g "four more when i started this, i said, we're gonna do this and that, and it didn't mean anything. just another guy trying to get elected. it's tough. it's not easy. when a guy goes out and nobody shows -- it's not easy. it's normal. this is not normal. you think this is normal? can i be honest, in front of ht there,akers badckck some of the most corrupt people in the world. i will tell you in front of these guys, and they're fake, they're corrupt. in front of the media, this has
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never happened before. we never have an empty seat. i say, let's go to florida, just get me the biggest arena. let's go to wisconsin, let's go to michigan, let's go to pennsylvania, north carolina, south carolina, michigan -- anywhere. is, it doesn't matter, just get me the biggest arena. we get these massive arenas like this one and they're packed. we put the screens outside so that people can see. there is something happening in this country like has never been seen before. in the twisted world view of the
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washington sick democrats, it was time when hillary clinton ran her outrageous pay for play scheme out of the state department. emailse deleted 33,000 after receiving the subpoena from congress. that was standard play. when i have -- it's a perfect call. there was a woman being interviewed. they were talking to women who voted for trump. cheering] were trying to find one
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of those grade b networks. they couldn't find -- they got these 10 women. they were all for trump. they all set i voted for trump but i won't do it again. they said, who is voting for trump? 10 hands. it's incredible what's happening. they actually said, and i shouldn't say this because they will bring it up, we have the greatest race in the history of politics. you're the smartest. they don't like to say that. i went to great colleges, you went to great schools or colleges. you people are successful as hell. they like to try to demean. we're winning, you're smarter, you're better looking, you're sharper.
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they call themselves elite. if they're elite, then we're the super elite. these peopleut that are elite that are running. have you been watching these debates? what's elite about that? there's nothing elite. we're doing great. we're going to have a tremendous victory. when i have a perfect call -- think of it, what they get away with. i came to washington having been there few times in my life. i say, look at this. i'm riding down pennsylvania avenue and i pass a hotel that i built. i said, to the first lady, who's
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doing a fantastic job -- [cheers and applause] i think i might have been in washington 17 times in my life. i'm riding down and i look at the first lady and i say, melania, do you believe it? i'm president. can you believe it? applause]d i never saw so many motorcycles and police cars. we're going so fast in the opposite direction -- it's not supposed to go that way. i'm saying, this is cool, we could get used to this. i was thinking to myself, when i said that, look.
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i get elected and i beat the bush dynasty. okay. with noected and -- and experience. i have tremendous world experience but i didn't have political experience. i get elected and we beat the clinton dynasty, right? beat barack hussein obama and whatever the hell dynasty that is. have 24 years of people putting people in office. we have tens of thousands of people. some of them are very nice, but i get stuck with a lot of people that i don't want. tens of thousands.
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we're getting it right. we have a great cabinet. we are doing things that no president has ever done before. you've got to be very happy. we have done more already. hopefully, i will say this to drive them crazy, hopefully we have another at least five years to go. at least. you know, they think, he's not leaving, don't you? we have five years and we will make it a great five years. we have done much more than i promised. if you look at the tax cuts and the military and the v.a. right to try, how good is that?
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years that for years and they have been trying to get passed. when i have a perfect phone call with all of the horrible things that they have done, with the president of the ukraine, they've tried to claim that it's an impeachable offense. one of the women said this morning, i'm voting for trump. i happened to read the transcript of his phone call and he did absolutely nothing wrong -- can you imagine? they take this perfect call and they want to impeach your president. here's the good news. we have more support in the republican party, kevin mccarthy, meadows, jim jordan, the great champion wrestler. we got a couple of them here. i'll save their names.
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steve scalise has been incredible. how's elise doing? new star. it's incredible. devin nunes, how good has he been? devin. so many more. i don't want to get into it. a lot of stars are being made. that ourd backstargge poll numbers are through the roof. people don't like watching a scam. they don't like watching it. they have a sick puppy, shifty schiff. they don't like seeing what's happened. a lot of democrats are saying -- d, of them was in detroit, democrat 30.
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that's not one that we will work too hard to get but you never know. notcame out and said, i'm here to impeach the president. what they're saying is, they don't like the position they are in. they are going to like it less and less and we will take it right to november 3, 2020. we're gonna take back the house. so the president of the ukraine declared -- there was no pressure put on me. he's the only one that matters. he said it all different ways. no pressure. they don't even know what they're talking about. the ukrainian foreign minister , ambassadori quote sondland did not tell us, and certainly did not tell me, about a connection between the assistance and the investigation. i have never had a direct link
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between investigations and security assistance. what that means, it means, we did zero --we did nothing wrong. nothing. great senator from wisconsin, ron johnson. a supporter of us from day one. who metkraine, he said, privately -- and he met with president zelensky and he said, at no time during that meeting was there any mention by the president -- you know what i'm talking about, right? at no time was there any mention or anything that they were feeling any pressure in return for military aid. they were devastated by what happened with this mueller
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witch hunt deal. then mueller testified. how did he do? wasn't too good. they were devastated. they say, this was a disaster. now they say, give us anything, we'll impeach him. let him go to the refrigerator and pick an orange, from florida, no less. we'll impeach him. during the time period at issue, the u.s. government held many meetings with the ukraine and never once did the ukraine or the official say anything that was wrong. all of a sudden i'm hearing about a phone call. fortunately, they had transcribers. how about if i didn't -- with these lowlifes. all i'm saying, i don't want to go in it too long. it's a terrible hoax.
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last week, sondland testified that i told him, what do you want from the ukraine? i said, i want nothing. no quid pro quo. i want nothing. tell president zelensky to do the right thing, to do what he ran on. that's what he said. everybody knows this. everybody. there's a lot of people who heard shifty make up a story where he made up but i said. these are the facts. the case closed, game over. turn off the television. as soon as he said that, it was like, turn off the television. i have had republicans come up to me say, can we keep this s
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ucker going a little bit longer? we've never seen anything like it at the polls. i said, let's get it over with but, you know what, we are stuck dealing with sick and corrected people. the washington establishment is trying to stop me because i'm fighting for you and because we're winning. they're attacking me because i'm exposing a rigged system that enriched itself at your expense, and i'm restoring government of, by, and for the people. if you want to see what corruption looks like, then take a look no further than slow, sleepy joe. i don't know what's going on with joe.
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joe was in charge of the ukrainian policy, his son, i call him, where is he? where's hunter? what happened to hunter? where's hunter? his son received millions and millions of dollars from a ukrainian energy company --you know the reputation of that company, despite knowing absolutely nothing about energy. what business are you in, sir? the mailbox business? pod, whoa. you know hunter biden? do you know sleepy joe? bail bonds. hmm. on energyer work
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before? he said no. you know more about energy than hunter. despite being thrown out of the navy for lots of different reasons, he made no money, zero, nothing. his fatherdden, becomes vice president. he's making millions and millions, and then he goes to china. we're getting close to a good deal. if we don't make it, that's fine, but we're getting very close. hunter is dealing with different people than i am in china. away 10 minutes, he walked with $1.5 million. everybody, these are different people than i am dealing with in china. they're much softer.
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that was when his father was vice president. can i tell you something? the fake news doesn't want to bring it up. they protect everybody. [crowd booing] the democrats on stage don't bring it up, do you notice? it will bed make it, brought up 75% of the time we are debating. nobody ever got away with a scam like that. nobody. day after day, we are exposing the depravity, dishonesty, and sickness of the corrupt washington establishment. they are rough and dirty players. they are coming at you from every side, coming at you from new york, coming at me from new jersey, coming at me from every democratic state. rush limbaugh said -- and sean hannity -- applause]d
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that he doesn't know a man or woman in the world that could take the crap that president trump is taking and i understand that. time, be a great president. nobody, in the first three years of a presidency, has done what we've done, nobody. that's very important. we're going to complete the mission. 2020, the crazy democrats are going down in a landslide. that landslide is going to start right here in the great state of florida. [cheers and applause]
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crowd: [crowd booing] -- [chanting] usa, usa, usa. thank you.: here is something that you just read about. we like these updated stories. don't we like something that happened a few days ago? everybody falls asleep. nobody comes. they say, how was he? it was so boring. it was so boring. i always say, being presidential is always easy.
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thank you. it is so easy. doing what i do is tough. it's not tough for me because i like it. if you don't love what you're doing, forget about it. i do like it. what we are doing together has never been done before. never been done. i like telling the stories that happened. they don't have to put them in speeches. he read stuff and people fall asleep. on saturday, you saw what happened. the white house physician called i could do some of the physical. i never took physicals before. it's important. it's good. january is a very busy month for you, sir. you're right. what do you want to do?
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let's go. we go to walter reed medical center. incredible doctors. i was there for just a short while. i visited a family of a soldier. incredible family. their son was in serious condition. i stayed with them for a little while. i towards the hospital. very simple. i got back into the motorcade, the car. we have many cars and trucks and ambulances, unfortunately. lots of different things. , whateverve a bus carries these crazy people. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: the press follows me wherever i go, unfortunately. in the old days, i can speak out and go someplace. these people are crazy. the press, everybody is there. we started a beautiful thing.
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lots of cars and lots of action. the press is following me. i hadn't even gotten back to the white house. that stupid, corrupt, horrible cnn -- [crowd booing] pres. trump: their ratings are terrible, by the way. and others, and others, and others. cnn's ratings are terrible. look, their light just went off. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: the light just went off. i shouldn't do it. i shouldn't do it. we lose audience when that happens. they reported so here i am.
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crowd: [chanting] [inaudible] there for a i'm very routine, little, simple physical. by the way, i want to tell you about it. it's very big stuff. i was there to save a little time. let me tell you, if i didn't feel great, i wouldn't be ranting and raving to 22,000 people with lots of people outside. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: so i get back in and now it's a short drive. we arrive in the white house. i heard that they said, it came out in the media, including some of the very people who are here tonight. it's like the academy awards used to be.
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you know the academy awards? they were big until they have started hitting us. now they have gone down the tubes. look at all those lights back there. cari'm getting out of the and somebody says, are you ok? i said, what's that about? further andeet another security, sir, are you ok? i said, yes, i'm fine. what's wrong? nobody has ever asked me that. these are the greatest people. the military, the secret service. they are the greatest. [cheers and applause] but they don't ever say, sir, are you ok? i could see he was troubled. i walk another few feet, sir, i hope you're ok. what is going on?
8:05 pm
ad then they said i had massive heart attack. nothing to joke about. they said i had a massive heart attack. and it wasn't true. they knew wasn't true. they were with me. if you had a heart attack, you don't leave the hospital shortly after. you stay in the hospital for a little while. about six weeks, maybe. people call. it doesn't mean anything. they are totally corrupt people. they said it's untrue. they brought it down from a massive, unbelievable heart attack -- it's very dangerous for them to do. the world -- believe it or not, the rest of the world and leaders like and respect your president. we don't want to hear this.
8:06 pm
[cheers and applause] pres. trump: it's very sad. instead, they brought it down a notch. they said, he went into the hospital. it's true, i didn't wear a tie. why would i wear a tie? the first thing they do is take off your shirt. show us your gorgeous chest. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we want to see. we've never seen a test quite like it. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: seriously, why would i put on a tie? we are there in 20 minutes and i take it off. it's a physical. people said, he wasn't wearing a type -- tie which is unusual for me. maybe it's not their fault. you never apologize. they said, he wasn't wearing a tie. it's a sign of a massive heart attack. we called off and our people did
8:07 pm
a good job. screaming, here -- he's fine, nothing happened. they brought it down to tremendous chest pains. he had chest pains. one of them said, they were tremendous. tremendous. the only one that didn't know it was me. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and then they said, a little bit later, he is staying over in the hospital. they knew i came back. they were with me. they were with me. they saw me got into the car. they saw steve. they said i stayed at the great walter reed hospital. so, we said, no, the chest pains aren't true. it. kept on reporting we couldn't get them to stop. they are corrupt, crooked. we don't have freedom of the press.
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we have a very dishonest press. [crowd booing] on monday, i flew to texas. apple computer plant. they make the new, beautiful mac whatever. i met with tim cook and did lots of work. it's a long flight. i got back many hours later, it was late night. i said, you know what, i just set a record. before,y or the day they said i had a massive heart attack. now, a day later, i'm traveling to texas to open up this big plant. i don't know. not too many people have ever done that one before. you asust want to tell an example, we had a great two
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weeks watching these crooked politicians not giving us due process. not giving us lawyers. not giving us the right to speak. and destroying their witnesses. it fell apart. those were there witnesses. we weren't allowed any rights. for the first time in the history of our country, we had no rights. that, we won. if you read the crooked new york times, if you read the washington post, a horrible paper, we don't have it anywhere in d.c. anymore. we don't deliver it or give it. we used to buy it. i ended it in the nation. i want them to get correct news, not fake news. they are bad people. what happened? we go out, we win for the people. we keep winning. we won these last two weeks so
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solidly. if you pick up the new york times, if you pick up this crazy washington post, you would have no idea we won. the people knew it. that's why, that's why they don't want to have this. they don't want to see it go on. it probably will. the people are nuts. i think it's probably a good thing for us is a party. it will just walk us right through that election. it's going to take place in less than a year. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we are thrilled to be joined tonight by many terrific republican leaders. i want to have them run up on the stage. they are stars and warriors like those three guys we helped out. these are warriors in a different way. they are up there. they are fighting for your president and your country and they love the state of florida.
8:11 pm
congressman matt takes. come up. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: a man i watched last night on television. he was fantastic. michael walk. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: come on up, michael. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: it appeared. -- get up here. billy posey, a great guy and a great fighter. billy,,. come up, billy. [cheers and applause] bilirakis.: gus gus, come on up. and a man who is an incredibly mine,guy come a friend of somebody who has done a fantastic job and loves this state. brian mast. [cheers and applause]
8:12 pm
pres. trump: i want to introduce a friend of all of ours who ran won easily,aign, despite a lot of crooked stuff going on with those voting machines. a lot of bad stuff going on with those mode -- voting machines. attorney general ashley muti. come on up, ashley. [cheers and applause] by the way, a friend of mine. a great woman and person. former florida attorney general pam bondi. [cheers and applause] come up,,.: jimmy petronius. jimmy, come up. and somebodyvernor
8:13 pm
that really has become a star in this state, jeanette nuñez. come on up. [cheers and applause] >> it's good to see you. pres. trump: incredible people. and somebody that's one of the most popular governors anywhere in the country. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and -- [cheers and applause] pres. trump: true. he better not be more popular in florida than me. quick one. [cheers and applause]
8:14 pm
pres. trump: here's a quick story. i shouldn't say it. what the hell? ron has been a friend of mine for a long time. he was an incredible congressman. always protecting me from the russia which had -- witchhunt and beyond. he would be on their. i always thought ron was a little heavy, right? i thought he was a little overweight. we'll have our problems. people like tim. he ran an incredible race. that was incredible race. and then he ran against a democrat who was supposed to be unbeatable. he got beaten badly. now this is one of the most popular governors. i always thought ron was a little bit heavy. one day i'm with him and i pat him on the shoulder.
8:15 pm
wow, that's a lot of muscle. my hand didn't sink in like it does with a lot of people. i see him without his shirt one day. this guy is strong. he's not that. that's all power. that's all muscle. you are one of the few i say it too. don't walk around with a jacket all the time. people are going to see the real ron. he's a great guy. he's a tough guy. he's a brilliant guy. he's our governor. i'm very proud. when we got involved with ron, a lot of people were saying, will he make it? he's a champ, he's a winner. i want you to say a few words. ron, thank you. [cheers and applause] >> thank you. great to be with you all. president, say, mr. given your change of
8:16 pm
registration, welcome home to florida. [cheers and applause] and why not come to florida? we have one of the lowest tax burdens of any state in the country. [cheers and applause] you see some of these states that are going bankrupt. we have over a $5 billion in reserves. [cheers and applause] these cities and states with lawlessness. when i came into office, i was proud to sign a bill banning sanctuary cities in the state of florida. [cheers and applause] with your support, we are in the process of eliminating common core. [cheers and applause]
8:17 pm
as soon as i came into office, i was able to replace three liberal justices on our state supreme court with three conservative constitutionalists. [cheers and applause] i got to thank the president for his support of florida. i'm excited that he is here. i'm excited to have melania as a florida resident. [cheers and applause] i think in florida, we are lucky to have my beautiful wife to be. the best first lady of all the 50 states. i'm just saying. [cheers and applause] now, not only do we have casey who does a great job, we also have melania as a florida resident. we are really lucky in that
8:18 pm
regard in florida. you about the president. when we had a hurricane hit northwest florida, a lot of people have forgotten about that. those folks were really in dire straits. i went up to the oval office. a lot of people told him, don't do anything. he was right there standing behind the people of northwest florida. he has helped rejuvenate that area. he saved kindle air force base. it will come back bigger than ever. very important for military. when we were trying to get floridians access to cheaper prescription drugs, we have an avenue to let people buy them in canada. it's about one third of the price. everyone said, you can't do it. i met with the president. he said, we are doing it. they are in the process of putting that through right now. [applause]
8:19 pm
trump has stood with our communities in south florida. cuban-americans, venezuelan americans. standing for freedom in this hemisphere. standing against the dictatorship in places like caracas and havana. stood -- wet has are one of the most veteran friendly states in the country. he has stood by our veterans and our military. [applause] florida, we have a lot of great people in the state. we have a president who not only understands florida, he supports what we're doing here. locating bug him about the state command in florida at some point. i know the air force doesn't want it. he makes his own decisions, as we've seen.
8:20 pm
thank you for being a good friend to florida. god bless you, god bless florida , god bless the united states of america. thank you, guys. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: great people. all thanks to republican policies, we have the hottest economy anywhere in the world. it's not even close. unemployment has reached the lowest level in more than 51
8:21 pm
years in the last 12 months. florida has seen the second largest payroll increase of any state in the nation. people are making money. african-american unemployment has again just reached its lowest rate ever recorded in the history of our country. [cheers and applause] americanmp: hispanic and asian-american unemployment have also recently achieved their lowest levels at any time in the history of our country. african-american poverty has reached an all-time historic low. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: wages are rising fast. blue-collar florida workers saw their wages grow nearly 4.5% in just the last 12 months. people are finally starting to see.
8:22 pm
for 21 years, they were going backwards. , 24 years21 years ago ago, people would have tremendous problems. they would make more money many years ago, decades ago than they were making three years ago. they would have two or three jobs. that's not happening anymore. you can choose your job. if you don't like what you are doing, if you are not having a good time getting up the morning, all you do is find a new job. you will get more money, most likely. you've never been so set. you've never been successful like you've been right now. never even close. never had this success. you have a great governor. rick scott is now your senator. he's fantastic. marco rubio, a great guy. we have two great guys. marco and rick. two great guys.
8:23 pm
they love the state. the median income under president bush rose $400 over an eight year time. think of this. eight years, $400. under president obama, it rose $975. you have 400, 8 years. 975, 8 years. in less than three years, it rose $5,000. [cheers and applause] but that's 5000, right? now you can add to the $5,000. cuts, andregulatory energy savings. we are the number one in the world. we can add another $5,000.
8:24 pm
$400, $975, and less than three years, $10,000 median income. nobody's going to beat that. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: nobody's going to be that. keep it going. we have tremendous untapped potential. we ended the last administration's war on american energy. the united states is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas anywhere in the world. [cheers and applause] the democrats want to close it up. i don't know what they will use. little tiny windmills. the big ones killed too many birds. ofare reversing decades ruinous trade policies that demolished one in four -- the number is now greater than that. jobs, younufacturing would need a magic wand.
8:25 pm
you will never bring it back. you need a magic wand. after the twin disasters of nafta, one of the worst trade deals ever made, and china's interest in the wto, the wto. foryears, bought and paid politicians took money from special interests to ship your jobs to other countries. their campaign coffers got full. the lives of hard-working americans were destroyed. all --w what happened >> happened? they left you with nothing. you are having the greatest year in florida. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: a doctor, please. dr. in the house. doctor in the house, please. thank you. thank you very much. are you ok?
8:26 pm
you look like a tough guy to me, i'll tell you. thank you. get a little water or something. in the old days, we used to share water. today, that doesn't happen so much. administration has some things that people haven't seen for a long time. maybe ever. putting our country second, third, 20th, 30th. we put america first now. we put it first. tariffs, our steel steel mills are now firing back up across the nation. they are doing fantastically well, including a brand-new $240 million investment in polk county. good place. replacing the nafta catastrophe, if nancy pelosi will ever sign it and send it.
8:27 pm
we are waiting, for months. is an incredible agreement. everybody wants it. she doesn't want to give the people of our country a victory. i don't know. maybe she will put it. all she has to do is move it forward. it's one of the greatest deals ever. at a certain point, canada and mexico have been waiting for many months. they will say, you know what, let's forget about it. she has to sign it. everybody wants it. she has to put our country first. have to put our country first. it's a tremendous win for ,lorida farmers and all farmers for growers and ranchers from all over our country. justhe and the democrats have done nothing. they are doing nothing, folks. they are doing nothing. it's a terrible thing.
8:28 pm
it's a terrible thing. recursive pal come away she? congresswoman shalala. [crowd booing] pres. trump: i know her well, new york. get her to put it up. nancy is on track to go down as the single worst and least productive speaker of the house in the history of our country. before my election, our leaders used the great american middle class as a piggy bank to fund their delusional global projects. it's all over the globe. i'm president of the united states. i'm not president of the world. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: they decimated american manufacturing to
8:29 pm
promote economic growth in foreign countries. they used our military to defend immensely wealthy nations, subsidizing their welfare states with your money. they spend trillions of trillions of dollars on wars in the middle east. by the way, you see what's happening. we are winning and pulling them back. a lot of folks reporting today, we are doing great. we defeated isis, just a you understand. we defeated 100% of the isis caliphate. when we see them forming, we go in and get them. our military is unsurpassed. they did this while our cities at home fell into disrepair. we spent $8 trillion in the middle east. and we want to fix a road or a highway or a school, it is not easy to get the money, but we are getting it done anyway. after heels of rebuilding other
8:30 pm
nations, we are finally rebuilding our nation. it is about time. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: we are finally going america first -- putting america first. as leaders transform faraway nations into bloodsoaked war zones, then demand americans accept unlimited migration into those territories. we don't want to do that. we are not doing that. as president, i will not allow our immigration system to be used against us. i will not allow political correctness to put our families in danger and our communities at risk. we won't do it. to protect our people from these grave threats abroad, i implemented the travel ban. and i just heard today by the fakeness that the travel -- fak
8:31 pm
e news that the travel ban failed in court. it won the supreme court. what they meant, in an earlier court, it lost. court on, he lost in the travel ban. that is right, in the early court. then i lost at the appellate division, then i won at the u.s. supreme court, but they didn't say that. they forgot to tell you the last part. keeping terrorists, we are keeping criminals and violent extremists the hell out of our country. we are doing great on the border. we are doing great on the border. on no issue have democrat politicians become more dangerous than immigration. the democrat party wants open
8:32 pm
borders, which is a betrayal of every mother and father who wants deadly drugs to be kept out of their community. they want open borders. figure this one. they want sanctuary cities, let the criminals go in. they want open borders, let people pour into our country no matter who they are. and they want higher taxes. hadmy life i grew up, and i great interest in politics, fortunately for you. i said, gee, they are going to lower taxes. good. the democrats want to raise taxes and have open borders. i don't think that plays well. what do i know? the threat is to every child whose school is under siege from these horrible gangs they would allow in, like ms-13.
8:33 pm
we have taken thousands and thousands of ms-13 gang members the hel out ofl our country and back to where they came from. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: in the republican party, we believe all americans, including wonderful legal immigrants, are entitled to an immigration system that puts their needs first. we want to let people come in, but people have to come in legally and they have to come in through merit. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: but thanks to our tireless efforts to secure the border, border patrol, i.c.e, law enforcement -- incredible people. illegal crossings are down 70% since may, and the wall is going up faster than anyone would have thought. that wasn't easy. getting that wasn't easy.
8:34 pm
the democrats would give me anything, any money, billions and billions for anything, except the one. even though -- the wall. the only reason they do not want the wall is because i wanted it. they always say i never apologized for a mistake, but i did. sent we will not -- said we will not build a wall, and they would have wanted to build the wall. what am i going to do? we are removing illegal border crossings from central america -- crossers from central america at a pace never done before. during my first two years in office. are you ok? okay. doctor, please. thank you.
8:35 pm
strong. thank you very much. doctor, thank you. thank you, fellas. great. [cheers and applause] forget, theseon't people have been standing for 2.5 days. that's a lot. thank you. come on back if you are feeling well, okay? that is the man i asked a question to before, and he gave me a good answer. you come back when you are feeling better, okay? come back. tough guy. thank you. [cheers and applause] great.rump: that's that's great.
8:36 pm
thank you. firefighters. thank you. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: thank you very much. what a great job. they are right on the ball, our people. amazing. thank you. bring him back as soon as he feels better. during my first two years in office, border patrol seized 7000 more pounds of deadly drugs than the last two years of the obama administration. seizures of heroin were up. the far left's in place of sanctuary cities demonstrates their disdain for everyday americans. sanctuary cities have adopted a policy of lawless anarchy, aimed at innocent civilians. they deliberately release dangerous criminals onto our streets, out of our jails.
8:37 pm
it is crazy. republicans believe citizens should be sanctuaries to law-abiding americans, not for criminal aliens. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: in the democrat presidential debate, every single democrat candidate raised their hand and plunged to give illegal -- pledged to give illegal aliens free health care, courtesy of you, the american taxpayer. [boos] pres. trump: i couldn't believe it. i will never allow democrats in washington to take away your health care and give it to the legal immigrants. -- to illegal immigrantss. the democrat party is determined to launch a determined takeover of health care that would take away your dr., eviscerate medicare, and put every single senior citizen at risk.
8:38 pm
republicans will always safeguard medicare for our cherished seniors. always. [cheers and applause] will stronglye protect patients with pre-existing conditions, and we will protect your pre-existing physicians. which the democrats are not going to be doing. thanks to our tireless effort to lower the price of prescription drugs, drug prices have declined in our country for the first time in more than 50 years. think of that. but as we are working closely with your governor to bring drug prices down even more here in florida and other states, if it is what ron said, we are allowing your state to buy the identical drug, often
8:39 pm
made in the same factory, from other countries where the prices are 70% lower. that is because our system is all screwed up. i say, go to canada to by them. -- buy them. watch what happens with the drugs. we are giving florida the right to buy at a much lower price. virtually every top democrats also supports late-term abortions, ripping babies straight from the mother's womb, right up until the moment of birth. that is why i asked congress to prohibit extreme late-term abortion, because republicans believe that every child is a sacred gift from god. [cheers and applause] democrats are now party of high
8:40 pm
taxes, high crime, late-term abortion, socialism, and blinged corruption. -- blatant corruption. the republican party is the party of the american worker, the american family, the american dream, and remember this -- the republican party is the party of abraham lincoln. we forgot. abraham lincoln. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and i've always heard the most important thing a president can do is the appointment of judges. i say maybe the military, because without the military, we are not so interested in judges, right? i think the military. but we have appointed more than 160 federal judges, including court of appeal judges, to interpret the constitution as
8:41 pm
written. and we will soon have 182, which will be a record. we are strongly protecting our environment, because we want america to have the cleanest air and cleanest water anywhere on earth. here in florida, as i promised, of $1ivered over half billion to fix lake okeechobee. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: remember i kept saying we are going to do it? much more than $500 million. we had it fixed. we fixed the herbert hoover take and fixed the systems in the florida everglades. we did that altogether. they have been talking about doing it for years. they didn't do anything. it is finished in some cases. almost finished.
8:42 pm
all of the money has been gotten for florida. i signed legislation authorizing to fight reds tied and other -- red tide and other toxic algae. now ron has got the money he wants, so he will straighten it out. $100 million. together we will preserve florida's natural majestic beauty for every generation to come. we are investing over $2 trillion. think of it. up to $2.5 trillion in our military, including $200 million installations. i love that panhandle. wow. election,uring the that great election night. 2016, was that one of the greatest evenings ever?
8:43 pm
[cheers and applause] pres. trump: and florida was coming in sort of even. we are doing well. a little ahead of schedule. florida wins the first really big state. everything is all right. we are pretty even with crooked hillary. then all of a sudden, we hit a thing called the panhandle. it was like a rocket ship. we take care of the panhandle. we love the panhandle. we also spent a lot of money on macdill air force base in tampa. in panama city, we are building big, beautiful ships for our incredible coast guard. what they have done in texas with the hurricanes, puerto rico. this state will play a critical role in the six the bridge of the u.s. military -- sixth branch of of the u.s. military,
8:44 pm
the space force. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: the democrats are trying to stop it, but i think we are in pretty good shape. that is the new frontier. you look at china. you look at russia. it is about space. we are behind. we will never be behind like that again. space force. brand-new. i withdrew from the horrible, one-sided iran nuclear deal. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: i recognized israel's through capital and opened the american embassy in jerusalem. [cheers and applause] and we have recognized israel's sovereignty over the golan heights. they have been trying to get that done for 52 years. they have been working on jerusalem and the embassy in the
8:45 pm
capital for many many presidents. everybody said we are going to do it during the campaign. never got done. we have a man with us tonight, the ambassador to israel, ambassador david freeman. where is he? did i do a good job for israel, david? [cheers and applause] pres. trump: great ambassador. great success story. here in the western hemisphere, we are confronting the brutal menace of communism and socialism. we are presently supporting the great people of venezuela, cuba, richestragua in their struggle for freedom -- righteous struggle for freedom. you know that. and for those who would try to impose the horrors of socialism on our country, i say tonight,
8:46 pm
america will never be a socialist country. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: this election is a choice between turning back to the past of american decline. we were declining. we were not respected. i can tell you that. we were not respected. everyone took advantage of our country. you see what is happening. this gentleman said we were for sale. we are not for sale anymore. but now we are continuing forward to a future of american strength and dominance. if you look at the dominance --
8:47 pm
look at what we are doing. nobody thought they were going to seek this. -- see this. and american prosperity. it is a choice whether our country is ruled by corrupt politicians. you know what i am talking about. they think it is easy. they have been entrenched for a long time, some very bad people. or whether we will be ruled by the american people. for years and years, you watched as your politicians apologized for america. now you have a president who is standing up for america. we are standing up for the incredible people of florida. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: with your help, we will lift millions more of our citizens from welfare to work, dependence to independence. together, we will elect a
8:48 pm
republican congress to create a fair, safe, sane, and lawful system of immigration. they don't want to approve loopholes. they don't want to approve anything. they want people to pour in to our country. many of those people are very bad people. with the help of our governor and great congressman and senators, we will fight to give school choice to every child in america who needs it. we will enact trade deals. they are coming along great. we just finished our the deal with japan. we just did our deal with south korea. we made them into good deals, fair deals. if they don't want to make a deal, that is ok, we will just tariff the product that pours into your country. we are enacting trade deals that
8:49 pm
result in more products proudly stamped with that beautiful usa.", "made in the we will achieve new breakthroughs in science and medicine, finding new cures for childhood cancer and ending the aids epidemic in america within 10 years. can you believe it? we now have the science to do it. and it could have been started before my administration, but they didn't do that. who would have thought that was possible? when they told me about that a year and a half ago, i said i did not know that. the doctors said that is what they are going to do. they will end the aids epidemic in 10 years. we will chart a new era of spa ce. we will soon land an astronaut on the surface of mars. that is what we are shooting
8:50 pm
for. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: nasa is doing a great job. we have some private rich guys. they love rocket ships. playaid, go ahead, elon, your games, just pay us some nice rent, please. we will defend privacy, free speech, free and assembly, religious liberty, and the right to keep and bear arms. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: and above all, we will never stop fighting for the sacred values that bind us together as one, beautiful country, as one america. defendort protect and the constitution of the united states. we stand with the incredible heroes of law enforcement.
8:51 pm
[cheers and applause] pres. trump: we believe in the dignity of work and the sanctity of life. we believe that faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, are the true american way. we believe children should be taught to love our country, honor our history, and to always respect our great american flag. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: he will always live by the words -- we will always live by the words -- and nobody will take them away -- nobody -- of our national motto, in god we trust. [cheers and applause] takingrump: nobody is them away. we stand on the shoulders of
8:52 pm
american patriots who crossed the oceans, settled the continent, tamed the wilderness, revolutionized industry, pioneered science, won two world wars, defeated fascism and communism, landed men on the moon, and made america the greatest nation in the history of the world. and we are making it greater than ever before. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: proud citizens like you helped build this country, and together we are taking back our country. we are taking it back from some very bad people. we are returning power to you, the american people. with your help, your devotion,
8:53 pm
and your drive, we are going to keep on working. we are going to keep on fighting. we are going to keep on winning, winning, winning. [cheers and applause] are oneump: we movement, one people, one family, and one glorious nation, under god. is beautiful america thriving like never before, and ladies and gentlemen, the best is yet to come. [cheers and applause] pres. trump: true. together, make america wealthy again. that is happening. we will make america strong again.
8:54 pm
that has happened. we will make america proud again. that is happening and has happened. we will make america safe again. great will make america again. thank you, florida. thank you very much. [cheers and applause] ♪
8:55 pm
["you can't always get what you want" playing] ♪
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announcer: the impeachment inquiry hearings continue next week when house judiciary committee chairman jerrold nadler holds the first impeachment inquiry hearing into president trump, focusing on the constitution and the history of impeachment. watch our live coverage december 4 at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span 3. chairman nadler extended an invitation for the president and his counsel to appear before the committee. read the letter to the president on and follow the inquiry live on c-span 3, online at, or listen on the free c-span radio app. washingtonc-span's
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journal, live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up wednesday morning, a discussion on u.s. military deployments around the world. and the better angels president and cofounder talks about the group's efforts to foster understanding among people among different political ideologies. be sure to watching c-span's washington journal, live 7:00 a.m. eastern wednesday morning. congress returns next week. on the agenda for december, the house will work on a prescription drug pricing bill and voting rights legislation. both the house and senate have until december 20 to pass all 12 federal spending bills for the risk of fiscal year -- the rest of fiscal year 2020 to avoid a government shutdown. the house returns on tuesday. the senate will vote on energy secretary nominee on monday when
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they return. he is currently the deputy energy secretary and, if confirmed, would replace rick perry. the senate will continue on judicial nominations. livow live; john c-span2 -- e senate coverage on c-span2. announcer: coming up tonight on c-span, senator cory booker campaigns in new hampshire. then, an interview with former massachusetts governor and democratic essential candidate, deval patrick. later, another chance to see president trump's campaign rally in florida. c-span followed democratic presidential candidate senator cory booker as he spoke with new hampshire voters at a house party, brewery, and coffee shop in the second part of the granite state. in between two the campaign stops,


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