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tv   Campaign 2020 Mike Bloomberg Talks to Media Following Campaign Event in...  CSPAN  January 30, 2020 9:57pm-10:13pm EST

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♪ >> here's a look at our live coverage for friday. >> the mayor and i would be happy to take a question or two. reporter: mayor, what do you think the current state of the union is? [laughter] mr. bloomberg: stock market's way up. unemployment is way down. earnings are ok. but the public is worried. a lot of people don't think their children have the
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opportunities they have. we have some very difficult times dealing with people overseas, in countries that had come to depend on us and now we're not so sure that we're rea -- that we are a reliable ally. that's going to hurt an awful lot of people. if you take a look, the world has reduced global poverty by 50% in the last two or three decades. if you measure global poverty by a roof over your head, a meal in your stomach and being literate. all of that was done because of global trade that we're walking away from. we need china to work on climate change, it's one of the big challenges we all have. we've got to pull things together. so some things are going in the right direction. but there are plenty of things that are not going in the right direction. particularly the ethics that our country is setting, particularly the way we treat people, the way we treat our allies and the willingness to reach out and help those who are less fortunate.
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reporter: a lot of people reacting to mayor bowser's tweet this morning, d.c. residents and voters concerned about your earlier stance as mayor with stop and frisk. what would you say to particularly african-americans in washington, d.c., about their concerns over that? mr. bloomberg: i'm a father and i would not be happy if one of my children were stopped on the street. when i got to city hall back in january 1 of 2002, i found 650 murders a year. one of the rights that i have to protect when i'm mayor is the right to live. it's one of the most basic ones. and we adopted the same strategies that all big cities use. what happened by my third term is, without -- maybe i didn't have my eye on the ball, i don't know what, but it all of a sudden we were having a lot more stop and frisks. took a look at it, questioned whether it worked, decided it didn't, cut 95% of them out before i left office. but i've continued, after i left office, to fight the n.r.a., continued to fight the nra.
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lower recidivism rate. we cut that by 40%. formed in organization to get guns off the streets. 6 million members now. every town for gun safety. happened,ize for what but the intent was to reduce crime, and i'm happy to say the murder rate went from 650 down to 330 and it is still a battle we all have to fight. >> some of your competitors are saying you are not facing the same type of scrutiny the other democrats -- >> you ask me questions all the time. >> i know i do. [laughter] willing to participate in the debates if they change the rules before super tuesday? >> let me tell you something, i want to participate in the debate, i always set i would like to participate, but the rules are the rules and it is up
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to the democratic party to set the rules. if they want to change them and they change them so i can get into the debates, i will be happy. i'm not going to change my policies. i don't take money from anybody else. with my wealth it is obscene to ask somebody else to support my campaign. --e importantly, i want to people to understand that a bloomberg administration is a model of integrity. i did not take any money in the three elections for mayor, not even a dollar. i'm not going to do it this time, not even a dollar. >> what would you say to voters who think that past support of stop and frisk is disqualifying? >> what i would say is that i've had that conversation with mike. i understand the regret that he has expressed.
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to help us keep our cities safe. >> can you talk through your thinking how you got to the decision you got to with all the other people running for office? some are front runners and other states will be choosing first. >> what was most important for me is that we have a candidate who can defeat donald trump. i know that mike can do that. he is committed to being all across america in every state and major city. he is committed to working with mayors to get things done. he is also committed to focusing on the number one issue for washington dc, well actually 2. housing affordability. no matter where you go in our city, people are concerned about how much it costs to live here.
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what mike announced today will really change the game. he will guarantee federal rental assistance for families 30% of the median income. if the federal government will be our partner in that, cities can focus on how we can get the types of units built that we need to get built and more people will be able to afford to live in our cities. >> are you worried about other candidates? >> mike has demonstrated the commitment and to -- to be in this race until the end and put the resources into get it done. mike is going to open two offices in washington dc. i can't think of another candidate who has done that ever and certainly has not made that commitment to washington. mike has committed to making
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d.c. statehood a priority for his administration on day one. demonstratede has that he is going to do what it takes in congress to make that more than a platitude, but a real commitment to delivering it. >> [indiscernible] how important is getting out the black vote to being president? >> if you don't folk, then don't complain that the person you don't like get selected. we have the right to pick our own government and an awful lot of americans over the last 245 years have fought and many did not come back. it is something a lot of people in the world would wish they had. there is nothing more important
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then you voting and your vote does count. there are an awful lot of elections that were so close because people said in the wrong person one because they said it doesn't matter, but it does. >> just up the road at the capitol building, some of your democratic rivals are participating in the senate impeachment trial. do you believe the longer that trial goes on that that has an impact on your campaign or that those people can't campaign and you can? >> they have to campaign in the early states, which i'm not competing in. unless this goes in for a very long time, like another three or four weeks, which i don't think it will, maybe then it would affect their ability to campaign and affect me, but for the time being i'm out, all the other states, that is what i said i do. been to 56 cities. but i don't think it really
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matters. is that theytant are there and they get a chance to change the occupant of 1600 pennsylvania. >> would you hear from witnesses? >> if i were a senator, i would ask for more witnesses. i think if it is a credible source that potentially has more information pro or con, i think everybody should express themselves. but that is up to the senators and i would let them worry about that. i will take one or two more questions. >> would you be open to eliminating -- [indiscernible] think the senate filibuster has been overused and is probably not the best use of procedure that they have ever adopted. >> mentioned in your talk earlier, the lgbt community, i was wondering given that another fellow mayor is among other democratic candidates, most of
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whom have strong records on lgbt rights, what message would you have for lgbt voters as to why they should vote for you? >> just to address that one community, my recollection is back in about 2005, i went and got the republican senate of the state of new york, as well as the democratic house, to pass a law permitting gay marriage in new york long before anybody else that i know who is running for office ever even thought about it or certainly said anything about it. my credentials among the lgbtq plus community i think are impeccable would not be overstating it, if you ask people from new york city. one last question. >> a question for both of you. mayor bloomberg and mayor bowser. washington dc is the nation's capital. what goes on here affects the entire nation and the world. you as a potential president of the united states, how would you work with mayor bowser in making sure that washington, as dr.
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king talked about, a light in the darkness and actually reflects the ideals of this country? >> the first thing i would try to do is change the name from mayor bowser to governor bowser. >> ok. >> i think washington dc has 700,000 people and it represents the country. i think if you take a look at what mayor bowser has done to this city in terms of improving --ools and improving reducing crime. a whole bunch of other things. she is a model for what it mayor should be as anybody i have ever met. she is one of the top, you have 10put her in the top five or in the country. mikewould say that mayor
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has done a lot to help change the face of federal washington. helping to take back the house of representatives so that we can get real common sense regulation. all overat mike being the country building infrastructure is going to help us take the senate and when he is in the white house, the representation around the world will change immediately. >> thank you, everybody. enjoy the rest of the day. >> thank you. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2019] -- [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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>> 300,000 employees, eight point 4 million people. i have the experience to run a complex government and a lot of experience internationally to deal with the rest of the world and i'm tough enough to be donald trump. i'm here to unite the country and defeat donald trump. >> thank you. >> i was at your year in review in new york. [general chatter]
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>> press, please be mindful of the set. [general chatter] >> here is a look at our live coverage for friday. at 4:30 p.m. on c-span, jane sanders, the wife of bernie sanders, and filmmaker michael moore will speak with caucus-goers in creston, iowa. p.m., senator sanders will hold a get out to caucus event. on c-span2, the senate
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impeachment trial of president trump continues with a debate and a vote on whether additional witnesses should testify. that gets underway at 1:00 eastern. >> c-span's campaign 2020 differs from all over political coverage for one simple reason. it is c-span. the people who brought you your unfiltered view of government since 1979 are bringing you an unfiltered view of the people seeking to steer that government this november. in other words, your future. see the biggest picture for yourself and make up your own mind. with campaign 2020 brought to you as a public service by your cable television provider. the wife ofn is democratic presidential candidate joe biden. she stopped by the campaign cedar rapids iowa office to rally supporters and volunteers as they headed out canvassing for vote the last few days of the 2020 presidential caucus.


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