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tv   Washington Journal Rep. Dan Meuser  CSPAN  March 11, 2020 11:14am-11:39am EDT

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cam video documentary competition has awarded more than $1 million in since 2004. the top 21 winning entries will air on c-span starting april 1. you can watch all student cam documentaries online at washington journ" continues. first, what's happening here on capitol hill amid the coronavirus outbreak? there was a story yesterday about some members complaining about a lack of institutional standards in the response and how offices should be responding, whether they should be a uniform response. what is your view on capitol hill? guest: well, we run our offices however, of course, when you have got a serious issue they are going to send it down some
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best practices and in many cases requirements to assure from an hr perspective that staff and all stay informed and stay safe. but we, there's a fair amount of rumors circulating, just as there are throughout many cities , society, certainly media and the news. but there are no real cases that have been, have been validated throughout the capital. everybody is taking precautions. this is a busy place. we have got thousands of people coming in and out. yesterday was one of the most busy days on the capital ever, some people felt. certainly my office was jampacked, as was the capital. people are coming in. there are cancellations taken place. so, i think in the next few weeks we will likely see a downturn.
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but very much in general, rumors, we are doing a lot of communicating. i meet up on coronavirus at least twice a day. last week i met with the vice president twice. i met with dr. fauci two or three times. i met with the former fda director, gottlieb. i also met with the former cdc director as well. we are staying updated and the resources of the government are in full force here. half a dozen members self quarantining after possible exposure. , don buyer out of virginia, his announcement yesterday, a phone call on that ofry noted some 200 members congress are 65 or older. i know you are in your 50's, but what are the older members saying to you considering the risk for those over 60? >> a number of those people met
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one individual at the cpac event, at which i was supposed to attend as well. some of them have confined themselves, some did not. one yesterday kept giving tours because they experienced no symptoms after 5, 6, 7 days. the others are taking the measures that they think are in their interest and, you know, in the interest of the people. realist. i'm a believer in the data. the data is that the risk remains very, very low. the number of people affected by this thus far is wildly less , foroccurred 10 years ago instance, with the swine flu, where 12,000 people died and it barely made the news. tens of thousands were afflicted. in ave to take this
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measured way and see where the outbreaks are. the fist bumping, the elbow bumping, i mean whatever you feel comfortable with is what people should do. i will tell you this, though, for the most part people are shaking hands. host: what is happening back home in your district in pennsylvania? or 12elieve we have 11 test positive people out of a 13.5 million. so, it is not a clearly, except it is on the media in the media regularly, and in an alarming , it's not -- and what i mean by that, it's not , thease, -- data based media, it's what's possible as opposed to what is probable. i like dealing with what is rob. when you have large areas or regions, like my reach --
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district, for instance, 500 square miles without one case, the idea of a school having to close now doesn't make sense based upon realistic data. look, decisions have to be made and in our country decisions are not made in that building all the time. they are made of the state and local level, so i respect it. what decision is going to be made in that link when it comes to economic stimulus response from the president? what do you think is possible? the president is applying every resource he has in a mobilized medical effort to mitigateontain, and this issue, right? this virus. so, the president came in and initially prohibited flights in from china. that was the first great step. cases, noave had more
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question it would have ramped up faster. we have suspensions on flights in most of italy and in south korea and other places. and we have significant screening taking place in many other countries where the number of cases has been higher than the average. that is one thing that has been done. ant the other day we passed $8.3 million supplemental bill to provide the funding resources towards helping pharmaceutical .ompanies find an anecdote right? that is certainly being worked on. no question, but that's 10 months out. we hear that it could be happening that much sooner. not from the experts and doctors we talk to. do you think congress can suspend the payroll tax today? guest: i think we can look at a number of things. i'm never against lowering
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attacks or eliminating attacks. we have a boom that i think is more macro, so lowering the taxes on people in the workforce today is certainly something worth considering. we will see. what's important are the many other things the president is offering. the businesses out there, everywhere you go a case has been developed. if the business is concerned about its employees and are therefore producing a product and providing a service and they think it is a good idea to shut down for 10 to 12 days, we don't want that business, we want to provide them some kind of safety net. no bailouts. hopefully we are done with l outs for a long time in this country, but making it known business loans and other types of loans are made available, some sort of relief people as assuring those
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, employers and employees, that their medical benefits will be testing needs if to take place, the tests are available. a very reasonable approach that i would tell you, it starts at the white house but it is being implemented and executed on the local level. that is what america is about. we don't operate like china where everything is command central. that is why they have the problem they have. we are very independent society. they are very dependent. our citizens don't turn to washington for their answers, they turned to themselves, their communities, but they need some leadership and ours needs to be based on realistic data to and improve the situation. guest,his is our
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republican congressman joining us until the bottom of the hour this morning. a former small business that hit of the war getting into public business executive before getting into public service. a special line for small business owners with them being the focus of some of the relief we are talking about, (202) 748-8002 --(202) 748-8003 is the number for small business owners. roger, republican, good morning. caller: can you hear me? guest: yes, we can. i used to be a republican. , hee the homophone come in has destroy the republican party. i don't know what we have now. when donald trump put the ban in, that was fine.
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it was a few weeks, that's ok. but who are the 15 people he allowed into the country to get all this started? yeah, i don't, i'm not sure what you are referring to. we have millions and millions of people that enter the country every day. millions go to disney world from different countries. 15s very, you can't pinpoint people or not. but president trump is someone focused on improving america from a quality-of-life and economic world stage and has a sense of urgency and is willing to achieveresources that. all worthwhile, all of biting by the constitution. that is not going to be thrown out the window under this emergency. but he is also as a businessperson someone who is
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responsive to issues of the day. that is what we are seeing here. every aspect of our federal government is being brought to this emergency. it is not being taken lightly. certainly from the top you want a calming affect while behind the scenes to work aggressively to completely understand the problem and fix it as well as possible and protect people along the way, minimizing the overall effect to the health of ourle and the health of economy. some people say the president is trying to have it both ways, where in china they just shut everything down. we don't operate that way, right? you operate in a reasonable way because we don't make decisions from command central. we allow the people to make the judgment calls that are best for them. you serve on the veterans affairs committee. is the v.a. ready for
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coronavirus? are using their resources to follow a similar plan, detecting cases, responding to the cases, quarantining and containing those who perhaps have it. therapeuticing relief, since there is no vaccine. very diligent, doing everything they can to keep this thing, to keep people informed, as well as keep those who are not affected away from those that are. that is one thing about the cdc. they are 12,000 individuals. every one of them is dedicated to protecting and keeping them the american people safe and they are in full operation here. the cdc website by the way, it's the same information as the and briefings i received. whether or not they are the hind
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doors or with the vice president of the united states, we are not receiving any information other than what i could talk about here. nothing at all classified, everything out in the open and we are all in this together. tennessee, independent line, you are next, good morning. are you with us? yes, this coronavirus , letting the know president take care of things, he has done a good job, he has all the experts taking care of everything. i have seen it in the receipt last night. there was a guy out there outraged about president trump. that's a guy, the president of
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the united states. host: what do you mean when you say they are not letting him take care of things? give me an example. caller: they say he is not doing anything, not taking control. host: who is they? the best scientists are working on it. i think i understand what you're saying. unfortunately, the mainstream national media is painting things once again in the worst possible light. they don't want to give president trump any credit for anything. hyperbolizeding at every opportunity. it is disheartening to see that. "the new york times" call it the trunk virus. if you are sick -- trump virus.
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if you are sick, blame trump. they don't act in a professional manner. that is wrong, to send out misrepresentation on an important issue. once again, we have to remove the politics, the with an issue, correct it as americans and all work together. maybe this can be a uniting issue in the end. all i know is that every resource of the federal government, and i say this, i have got an inside look at it, is being put to use to inform, protect, mitigate, contain, and then ameliorate, improve over the shortest amount of time possible. greg, auburn, alabama, democrat, good morning. are you doing? first i would like to say that yearsdiabetic, 60 six
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old, cancer survivor. i am a target of this disease and people with my condition are targets of this disease. now, common sense would tell the average person, and i go to a lot of emergency room's in my condition. i always wait two hours, three hours before i can see a doctor. common sense tells me that this is fluid throughout the country and with this virus, those on when you can see a doctor, when we have a pandemic and whatever else comes after that. really, really scary. as far as the cdc, 12,000 people overlooking 300 million? that's a little bit undercut, under the weather. i think it will take them a long time to look at the 300 million.
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donald trump is downplaying it. i think he's doing the best he can with what he has to work with. guest: i don't disagree with anything you have said, you are at higher risk and those suffering the most severe .ymptoms have fatalities 95% of the time, let me check my math, i wanted to be right, call it 85% of the time over the age of 70, most of that percentage is over the age of 80. you are in higher risk, you absolutely have to take more precautions. avoid places that are highly public, with a lot of people. wash your hands regularly. i'm washing my hands 8, 9, 10 times per day, particularly if i'm shaking hands.
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the 12,000 people, that relates to what i'm saying. you have to count over the positions in the country. ,hey are being trained physicians, on how to respond and get to the test kits. without that, without that local resource that exists, because frankly we are a free society, america, we are better prepared. as far as the president know, you canou look at things glass half full, glass half-empty. i think the president is trying same calling, but at the note be open. he was down at cdc last friday i think it was and he had a one-hour press conference with all the scientists, cdc directors, dr. fauci, everyone else around him. he answered the questions in the most honest manner possible. the same honest way we get our
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briefings behind closed door. everything is being put out there. it is for us to use the information as well as possible and when we have better solutions we will be communicating that. coming back to solutions on capitol hill, what could happen this week? you talked about mandatory paid sick leave, is that something that democrats and republicans can come together on? guest: maybe. let's see were things go. some people have occasion time. there should be access to it. frankly, not on the back of taxpayers. i think there are some initiatives they can provide long-term for help, perhaps
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an extension. we are at full employment right now. it's the best in 50 years, the economy is doing extremely well. doing wells is are and can probably sustain a bit of a downturn. so many are living paycheck to paycheck. that is why the president wants to do the payroll reduction so that they have more money in their pockets. under these sort of emergency initiatives, we likely need to make people understand that there will be some outlets for belief. but we have got to, we have got to see what the options are. robert, small business owner, michigan. what do you own? caller: a grocery store and a farm. host: what do you think is needed? caller: i will tell you what we
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need. number one, when i go to the store, my store, i take a paper towel, bleach it at home, clean up the door handles and everything. and every time that i handle money, i put my hands in the bleach water and disinfect my hands. you don't know where the money has been. host: what would you like to see the federal government do, if anything? >> i think they are doing fairly decent but one thing that needs to be looked at, where are we getting our drugs? that's a good question. i have to tell you, i have many farmers, agriculture industry in my state, and if you ever need some effective horse sense, common sense, ask a farmer. thank you, sir. appreciate that.
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you are doing the things that you need to do to make you comfortable near -- during this time, to avoid contacting this contagious virus. heap in mind on this, though, something like 80% of the people who actually test positive or have the virus have no symptoms. particularly those that are young. that's number one. 10%, let's take 100%. do feel the symptoms. 5% of that had to be hospitalized. and then you have got less than 1% dealing with fatalities. much less, particularly in the united states. but the numbers that you will take into media account all the deaths that occurred in china in a small
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area. again, data matters, statistics matter. this is likely going to get worse before it gets better. or i should say that more people will be tested positive for it. but now we are engaged, right? everyone knows more or less how to handle things. i'm not talking about shutting down schools and businesses. to me that is extreme. particularly if there are no cases at all within the region for the area. at johns hopkins university, they have been keeping up with this on their dashboard. 1039 confirmed cases in the united states. 29 deaths so far. so, just under the 3% number. guest: yes, just under the 3% number. place, testing takes more people will be confirmed to
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