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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  January 27, 2012 8:00am-9:00am PST

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>> all right, welcome to the young turks. later tonight a republican debate but on this program our first ever young turks mock gop debate. brian williams is here, mitt romney with a surprising beard rick santorum with an have you not surprising vest and ron paul. are you ready to debate? >> did you just ask me if i was gay? >> no. apparently he's ready. and on a serious note, the republicans go to war. it got nuclear today. i'm going to show you exactly how they are ripping into gingrich, but you know gingrich, he's going to rip right back. our first ever human microphone on the young turks. can i get a mic check? >> chick check. >> it could be better. we'll tell you what that is in a little bit. it's go time.
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>> all right. lots of campaign updates for you guys today and of course newt and mitt have gone thermonothing clear in florida. just when you thought it was ugly it got disastrously ugly. it appears to be the entire republican establishment going after mitt romney. first, the guy who's hitting him hardest is mitt romney, here's is latest ad. >> some debates said newt gingrich was ronald reagan's vice president. >> i worked with ronald reagan. >> gingrich exaggerates dropping reagan's name 50 times but in his diaries mentioned him only once. reagan criticized him saying
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newt's ideas would cripple our defense program. restore our future's responsible for the content of this message. >> ronald reagan thought newt gingrich was ugly and a little overweight. of course, these ads are ripping new newt gingrich. here's the surprising part, the rest of the republican establishment has decided overnight we're going to go get this guy. lead among them is drudge report, link after living to negative stories. one recent headline read insider, gingrich septemberly insulted reagan, the worst thing you can do as a republican. morning joe had quotes about how newt gingrich was unkind to reagan, said bad things about him, everybody piling on. why now? politico talked to a number of these folks and one insider who didn't want to be named said basically they had a moment
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where they realized "holy crap, it could happen," newt gingrich could actually win. the insider went on to say it could happen and it would be a disaster. >> that's pretty hard-hitting. it gets worse. national review says: national review also not interested in newt gingrich. tom delay wouldn't stop him in the back, would he? of course he would. he's tom delay. he says:
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>> when tom delay compares you to bill clinton trust me, it's not a compliment. here comes american spectator: >> so, not only is he tawdry, besmearing everything in sight but they are insinuating there are more affairs to come out. that's all coming from conservatives. in fact, what are they going to do to him? here comes the republican establishment and the national
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review and tom delay and american spectator and the drudge report repeatedly. oh come on! cut it out! jesus! now, you think newt's going to take that lying down? he sees those reports, this morning, he is angry. so he can't contain himself. he's got to rip into mitt romney. lets watch. >> you're watching ads paid for with the money taken from the people of florida by companies like goldman sachs recycled back into ads to stop you from having a choice in this election. that's what this is all about. >> he is taking money from goldman sachs and destroying your homes. more. >> what level of gall does it take to think that we collectively are so stupid, that somebody who owns lots of stock
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in fannie may and freddie mac a lobbyist who made a living protecting fannie may and freddie mac can build his entire campaign in florida around a series of ads that are just false. >> he said over and over again does he think we're stupid? man's newt's pissed. they are launching everything they got. it's mutually assured destruction, exactly what the democrats want. the question is is it working no let's bring in mark blumenthal, the founding editor of talk to me where the race stood after south carolina and where it stands today. >> it's been really unusual. right after south carolina,
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gingrich saw a big bump in his support, really a big surge from where he'd been in florida for the last month and two or three polls showed him ahead over the weekend, but then over the course of this week, there have been four or five other surveys that show a but the of a rebound for romney, up about seven or eight points. >> so, is there anything that you can see as you watch those polls move that you can attribute to i see where this happened and then the polls moved? >> yeah, it -- i mean part of it may be just that there was a little bit of a bump around when the news was coming out in south carolina, it was sort of all good about gingrich winning and all bad about romney losing. i think what's happened in the last three or four days in florida, in addition to attacks from establishment republicans you're seeing a lot of negative ads from romney and the super pack. up until now they've been far more you've been saying 10 romney spots for every gingrich
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spot you're seeing and that does kind of look like the way it worked in december when gingrich was coming down the first time. >> have you ever seen a race this volatile that moves this quickly over and over again? >> no, the short answer is no. this has really been remarkable. i think what it's been about is there are 50% to 60% of republicans nationwide who are not enthusiastic about romney, they will not rule him out. they'd really rather be for a more sort of true blue conservative and they've been bouncing around. because the other half of that problem is they haven't found one candidate that they can fall in love with. you saw contain go up and down and perry and gingrich go up and down and now up. i guess the last act is going to be what happens in florida and beyond. >> right and the problem is they go candidates to candidate
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and think this guy sucks and so does this guy. the negative ads work because they're true. >> thank you so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> very good, thank you. >> all right now when we come back, you know, there's always nonsense republican talking points about how lower taxes lead to these great results like rainbows and
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>> new news out about mitt romney and where he's hiding his taxes. it turns out he has more money in swiss bank accounts that he had not reported properly. they're going to have to revise his taxes and say yes sorry, we had a little more income in our swiss bank accounts. he didn't just have money in swiss bank accounts in the cayman islands, et cetera, but also in bermuda. this guy is stuffing money everywhere. all the meanwhile he's arguing for lower and lower tax rates. do you know that mitt romney is in the top .006% and the top 1% of earners earn over $380,000. let's give you a sense of how much money he has. per day he earns $57,534, earns is an interesting word to use
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there, but that's how much money he makes. multiply that by seven $402,000. in a single week, he's in the top 1%. he's not just in the top 1%, he's in the top 1% with his earnings every single week. that's an amazing number, but yet, he only pays 13.9% in taxes. that's probably his high mark in 2010. he won't release the other taxes, god knows how low they were. why is that guy paying 13.9%. when you look at his payroll travel the average american pays 7.65. romney pay the .1% of his income. almost no payroll tax whatsoever, because he's not a wage earner. he's getting money from unearned income capitol gains dividends carried intert, so s it's instmentoney. can we jus fus t f lovovfodod charar h h a d denent tax rate?
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but they say no. they've got their talking points about how great low taxes are. we're going to busy prove that. one of the ways we're going to do that is do our first ever human microphone. >> mic check! >> mic check! >> mic check! >> hey not bad. the point of this segment is every once in a while they'll have these talking points. we want to make sure people are not misled into believing this right wing nonsense. i want you to spread this as far as you can be our human microphone in getting this message out. they say oh, my god american people want lower taxes on everybody. that's simply not true. listen to what frank newport said the top polling judge sins
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its tore. he said consistently 70% of americans say upper income americans need to pay more taxes. he says almost nothing that he polls polls more consistently than taxing the rich. in fact, here's another quote. he says that's one of the most verified and replicated findings we have in american survey research over the last year or two. doesn't matter how you ask it, americans say yeah, sure, tax the rich. that's the main editor for the gallup polling. when they tell you oh, the american people, they want lower taxes on everybody not at all true. in fact, when you look at unearned income, the capital gains dividends, et cetera, a new polling says that 52% of americans say that should be taxed the same as other wages so not at the incredibly low rate of 15%. 36% after all the republican
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propaganda from fox news and right wing talk show hosts. >> a second talking point they saloer taxes lead to more jobs. there's somebody who knows about job creation, bill gates created tons of jobs. let's ask is it true that lower taxes lead to more jobs. >> when something is a profitable activity, you're going to engage in it. yes, there are tax rates that are so high that people may work less, but that's, you have to get up into 50% to 60% range before that's the case. >> not at all true. he said look, if you're going to make money you're going to make money. you're not going to sit around and worry what the tax rate is. maybe if it's 50% or 60%. but not if we raise it to 20 or
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25%, then i'll sit on my ass. >> as the economy improves and i end the wars, you're going to have to raise taxes. certainly whatever form it takes, i'm not an expert on this, the rich should bear a larger increase than the rest. >> the rich should bear a larger increase. he said later look, that's just justice. here is one of the richest guys in the world saying obviously you should raise the taxes on the rich, and by the way it doesn't hurt job creation and it doesn't hurt any real businessman who wants to make more money. here's another guy who knows about making more money warren buffet. remember the other talking point, lower taxes leads to more investment. >> people like to make money. and they make it if the tax rate's 15% and they make it if the tax rate's 30%. >> they're going to do it no matter what, of course, of course they are. so when you hear these talking points, know that the rich evident men in the world do not agree with it.
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the most successful investor in american history does not agree with it, and they realize that there is a fair way of taxing the rich and it is not at these current ridiculous rates. all right. now when we return, we are going to go and discuss some of the drama in today including january brewer-barack obama showdown and newt wants to go to a special place which is a little different. we'll tell you when we come back.
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>> all right, back on the young turks. well, there's been a lot of drama in the air today including what anna would call drams. there it is right there president obama and january brewer in arizona. what happened yesterday was apparently they had a bit of a fight, if you look at it from january brewer's perspective. it was about the first time that they had met the president apparently in her view was patronizing and condescending about what arizona was doing with immigration. she wrote that up in her book. when they met yesterday, she brought that up and apparently he said that he had not read the whole book. then there was finger wagging by her, and this is lighting up the internet, and so everybody's talking about how it appears to
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be quite disrespectful and i remember when of course liberals were ever disrespectful to the president with bush it was a matter of monumental importance. january brewer is going to explain. >> i believe when we were in the conversation that i was in the middle of a sentence and he walked away. i felt a little bit threatened, if you will in the attitude that he had because i was there to welcome him. >> you felt threatened? threatened by what? that's a weird thing to say. you felt threatened that he walked away? why would you be threatened that he walked away? that doesn't make any sense. one of our viewers also had interesting comment tweeting: >> ok. i don't know about that, but it's weird that she points the finger at him and then says oh, i felt threatened by that man. all right so now you want to
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go to drama? newt gingrich has plenty. he's trying to appeal to the people that work at nasa in florida with a unique new idea. >> when we were 13,000 americans living on the moon they can petition to become a state. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> here's the difference between romantics and so-called practical people. i wanted every young american to say to themselves i could be one of those 13,000, i could be a pioneer. >> oh, boy. well look if newt wants to go to the moon, have at it hoss, by all means godspeed to you. he has this crazy ambitious plan that by 2020 we're going to have colonies on the moon, regular trips to the moon back and forth. i think that the country has a lot of problems. i'm not sure the fact that we
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don't have a colony or state on the moon is probably not one of them. newt gingrich with a lot of interesting ideas. he'll pander to anybody. now, remember the drama about newt gingrich and his ex-wife and abc had interviewed maryanne gingrich and she said newt gingrich had an open marriage. he accused everyone of lying about it. let's watch this first part of the cnn debate. >> i think the destructive vicious negative nature of much of the news media makes it harder to govern this country harder to attract decent people to run for office. i am appalled that you would begin a presidential debate on a topic like that. >> he of course aimed that at john. appalled, how could you possibly suggest that, the media is so against me. he doubled down on it later. >> my two daughters my two
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daughters wrote the head of abc and made the point that it was wrong, that they should pull it. let me be quite clear. the story is false every personal friend i had who knew us says the story was false. we offered several of them to objects to prove they were false. they weren't interested. >> so, the story's false we offered personal friends to rebut that to abc and they weren't interested. really? new report out today john king takes pleasure at this, i imagine. >> tonight after persistent questioning, gingrich concedes he was wrong in the debate and yesterday. the only people the campaign offered to abc were the speaker's two daughters from his first marriage. >> he was lying all along. there was no other persons to confirm his view, because his view was not true.
8:26 am
he's telling everybody bologna ridiculous, et cetera, later saying yeah, we didn't offer anything to abc. we don't have anything on our side that can back up our case. there's one word to describe newt gingrich. it's this. >> that was a fail on that lie. he got caught on it by his own spokesperson. that's a pretty significant fail. >> when we come back, the first ever young turks mock debate. all my rowdy friends are heave rick has his sweater vest, ron paul looking forward to his ridiculous views when we return.
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>> to our viewers around the united states, around the world, and on the internet and in mental institutions everywhere, we welcome you to the first annual young turks yet another debate debate. i would like to begin by first admonishing our audience at the young turks. i don't want to hear cheering or rooting for your candidate of choice. i don't want to here a peep out of anybody. if you do say anything, you will be fired. you'll be replaced. [ booing ] >> and you will be replaced by a limbless chinese iphone worker. [ laughter ] now our candidates are all here, assembled here. it's so great to see all of you. i should first say that you look very different. senator santorum and his vest, you're both here. >> hello brian. i'd like to thank you for not
8:31 am
letting anybody cheer because i don't have any supporters here, thank you thank you very much. >> thank you. representative ron paul, you are here, as well, nice to see you,. >> i i'm the only representative on this stage a true liberal liberty and conservatism, i'm glad to be. >> and mitt romney, sir welcome to the debate. >> thank you brian it's great to be here. thank you for coming to be with us to be with tag matt, jr. ben, craig my wife, my sons. >> jesus. >> he can't help you now rick. >> can you name everyone in the tabernacle choir. >> i just did ryan. >> of course, the former speaker of the house mr. newt gingrich. >> can we start the debate, please? >> let me be clear. let me be clear, i will be the nominee. take that dr. paul. >> also your humility.
8:32 am
i'm going to go around the horn here. i'd like to you keep your answers brief. if you do go a little longer, you're going to hear a sound my voice telling you to shut up. quickly, in preparation of the resurrection of our lord jesus christ what foods do you have in your freezer. >> that's a question i didn't expect, an important question, a question we should give a lot of thought to before we rush to the answer. >> mr. brawl. >> if the government would get out of our way we could fill the refrigerators with food but with the regulation and electrical standards. >> thank you. mr. romney, this is in your wheelhouse. >> yes it's a foie gras, a faulted live delicacy and it have it freeze dried. >> let me be clear.
8:33 am
i would have had more food if goldman sachs and freddie mac had not taken that food out of the mouths of the people are florida. >> freddie mac. >> he has been lying about this all along. >> if he gets to speak i get to speak. freddie mac is his employer. he should have been in there telling them not to give me money. he took money from them and so did i. >> i'd appreciate it if you'd let me ask a question first. the first question, mr. speaker if you can hang on for a second will go to mr. romney. mr. romney, you have a beard. would you like a take a moment to address why you have a beard. >> the man who shaves me is on holiday and i've just let this go. i'm sure all of you have people who safe you but mine is away, so i let the beard grow. >> also, i want to follow up along the lines of shaving.
8:34 am
your father, george romney was born in mexico. the beard and the fact that your father is or was from mexico, how does that make y feel empathy or feel simpatico with the florida latino working class voter? >> muchas gracias for asking that question. when i look at my father and what he did every single dollar i earned, i earned. all the money i have, i earned. i and he should it on the backs of a lot of people. >> especially the mexicans. >> newt, come on. >> let me be clear. como esta. >> that was well put newt, well put. >> senator santorum. >> there are people here at this end of the table. >> would you like to respond to this assertion that because
8:35 am
mr. romney is bearded and the fact that his father was from mexico, that he feels that he's very connected to middle class working class voters in florida especially the latino block? >> i would like to address men with beards, because it is something that i have spent a lot of time thinking about and the role that men with beards play in american society. there's been a lot of talk about how i feel about homosexuals many whom of course have beards. i just want to be clear that i think that people should be able to marry whom ever they want. it doesn't really matter, as long as one person is a man and one person is a woman. i think that's what's critical, but i have a lot of friends who are not heterosexual, many friends who aren't heteroual and i love that we love to spend time with them and they should be ail to have a relationship with a dog or a sheep or a pony if they like. >> if this man is not going to
8:36 am
win for him to go going and going like this seems not fair. >> let me direct a question. >> let me be clear. speaking of loving men i love ronald reagan more than any of these people times 10. >> i'm glad you brought that up mr. speaker. as you know today, there have been some assertions made that ronald reagan was not fondled of you, that the two of you had a bit of a some kind of strained relationship. how do you respond to that? >> brian you liberal media scum. that's how i respond to it. how dare you! what an audacious lie. we hugged on many occasions. we shared many views. >> my wife and i were at dinner a few days, a an old college friend mitch mitch's date was a bengal tiger. i don't think there's anything wrong with that, as long as they don't get married. >> senator let me follow that
8:37 am
up. you may be aware that los angeles mayor has signed a law requiring all male porn actors in l.a. to wear condoms while they are working. how do you feel about that? should -- is that government going too far or do you support this effort to put all male porn actors in body r. bags? >> i don't of course putting them in body bags, because that would be brian a waste of body bags. [ laughter ] >> let me follow this up, too. [ laughter ] >> let's hold the comments from the crowd all right? please. please. >> a prominent north carolina pastor today in discussion with the americans for truth about homosexuality said gay mind to wear a diaper. i know of a case at the hospital where a homo sexual mail had a
8:38 am
cell phone lodged in his anus and it started ringing while they operated on him. who was making the call? >> i would devote my resources to finding out who made that call. these guys talk about the economy, this guy hey rick santorum. i'm not sure we've met but the important thing these social issues that americans are obsessed with. they want to know whose on the ends of a phone in surgery in a guy. >> real leadership is required here. when i was speaker have the house, i had so many bills about diapers and men with diapers. we got together and even though we were working with bill clinton, we passed legislation on men with diapers none of these men have done anything similar. >> any candidates wearing
8:39 am
undergarments. they practically impeached you threw you out on ethics charges. >> that is bologna and let me be clear about this. black people get food stamps. >> are there any rules to this debate no. >> your underwear burlap. >> in fact, yes. thanks for asking, brian. >> representative paul, we have a series of questions for you too. >> ask away. >> do you think that this condom rule goes too far? >> i think the government should get out of our anus and off your beard. >> that's what i thought you would say. you are watching the young turks and yet another debate debate. we have much more important issues to cover right after this message.
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>> welcome back to the young turks and yet another debate debate. my name is basic cable's brian unger. we are joined by senator santorum ron paul, mitt romney, former speaker of the house newt gingrich. gentlemen, i'd like to talk to
8:44 am
you about this issue the state of the union address. i presume you all saw it. >> did not know it was on. >> when the president addresses by camera fashion the state of the union, president obama made a joke, and i'd like you to take a look at it and then i'd like to hear your assessment of that. >> we got rid of one rule from 40 years ago that could have forced some dairy farmers to spend $10,000 a year proving that they could contain a skill because milk was somehow classified as an oil. with a rule like that, i guess it was worth crying over spilled milk. >> spilled milk. mr. speaker, what is your response to that attempt at humor? >> the president has been a failure at comedy. he has never told a funny joke. when i am president of the united states, the joke will be
8:45 am
on america. >> as someone who bought, gutted, clothed and laid off a lot of dairy workers at a farm i know that there is in fact no crime over spilled milk and i think it was actually one of the funniest things i've ever heard. >> i think it's appropriate that the president talked about spilled milk because with obama care, the president wants to be everybody's daddy and mommy and take care of everybody and clean up after their spilled milk. >> i don't know whether people know this about me, but in my group of friends all of them straight, i'm known as the funny one. and the people who serve me certainly would know. i think the president was very funny and i think he should quit his day job. [ laughter ] >> thank you gentlemen. >> ronald reagan and i shared many jokes together. >> thank you for that, mr. speaker. i'd like to address a question to you representative paul. you were born around, well 12
8:46 am
years after the 1913 revenue act, around the time the cotton gin was being laid to rest, the start of the modern day in come tax. you're proposing a complete overhaul of the tax system. what is your plan if elected president presuming that you actually survive this campaign. >> before 1913, the income tax rate for americans was 0%. that's about the rate i'm looking for. for all these decades the federal government has been taking hard working american's money to finance our national debt. we'll never get out of these economic problems physical until the federal government returns the taxes paid by all living and dead taxpayers since 1913. >> i think the tax rate should be negative. i think we should be getting money back. i think that's what all americans believe. furthermore, he is a dangerous
8:47 am
man. >> rick, how are you losing to all of us? >> i find it staggering. >> gentlemen we surveyed 50 random drunk people in las vegas, and asked them to come up. >> i love vegas. go to the venician. >> i'd like to remind our voters behind the curtain to shut up. we did get some substantive issues and questions that we'd like to put before you. the first one is if you were an app, what kind of app would you be? mr. romney. >> well, i wouldn't be a free one. i'd be one that charged a lot. you'd have to click a lot of iphone bills. >> i would be the deregulator
8:48 am
you deregulate the app the legislation goes away. >> senator? >> i don't know what an app is. [ laughter ] >> mr. speaker what kind of app would you be if you were forced to be an app? >> as the only man here who has accomplished anything in his entire life and i remember when we balanced the budget, ronald reagan and i worked really hard and later forcing bill clinton to do it. i have been grinding away for a long time. i would be a grinder. >> senator santorum, don't kid us, you know what grinder is. >> i do. i do. >> i am hesitant to go into this area because the last anchor who tried to pry open this vault door got his fanny spanked. mr. speaker, as you know, katy perry and russell brand recently filed for divorce after being married for 14 months. theyeyididototavav a prenunuiaia agement. what advdvee wld you give or what do you have nor either of
8:49 am
them as they go into possible second marriages do prenuptials matter and did you sign agreements with your three wives? >> liberal media scum like you make me want to vomit over and over again. how dare you ask me a question like that? now, if i had an open marriage i would definitely ask katy perry to call me at 555-1212, if i had one and if she was interested, but i obviously do not. i have 800 witnesses to that effect and i have made it clear over and over again that i do not have an open marriage, unless it is with other hot women. >> governor, speaking of many wives and hot women how do you respond to that? >> first of all the fact that the speaker is talking about all the open marriages he has brings to mind my mormonism for a moment. i think. >> yeah. >> i think that a lot is being made of his --
8:50 am
>> mormon. >> all right. opus day hello you want to talk religion? >> mr. moderator. >> i have three different religions, i think i win. >> that's a good point. >> well done. >> mr. speaker, we have an epidemic in this country i think everybody would agree an epidemic of bullying in this country, bullies are defined attar rattic, show little concern for the feelings of others and have trouble following the rules. in short bullies manifest aggression -- aggression. [ laughter ] >> go ahead. go ahead ask me that question. >> who on your stage yourself included would you classify as a bully? >> go ahead media scum, ask me that goddamn question, see how it works out for you. goddamn it! you looking at me with that sweater vest on? >> you know who could beat obama in a debate? >> a bully a speaker someone
8:51 am
who loves ronald reagan. ask the question again. ask it! >> let's move on. >> i'm terrified. >> please, try not to approach the desk up here. i went to columbia. >> what did you sigh liberal media. >> i went to columbia. >> i bet you did. this has to be a high point for you. >> as i said, we're going to move on. senator santorum. >> yes. >> you said earlier today in florida that we're not going anywhere, we're going to be in this race for the long haul. how long will you continue to go nowhere and when will you know when you get there? yes that's an excellent question brian. this isn't about florida where i'm going to finish fourth if i'm lucky. this is about colorado and minnesota, michigan, other states i've been to. i'm in the running any t.v. ads in florida not because i don't have any money but because i'm
8:52 am
making that chase. we're going to put ads in hearing aids. i don't think people in florida with their busy schedules the etireees have time to watch ads. if you're with your ungrateful grandchildren, talking about sign felt, snoopy dog, something like that and you don't know what they're saying because of the loud rock and roll music you turn up the hearing aid and what you'll hear is vote for rick santorum for some gosh darn quiet. i think we're going to be successful and we can beat this guy. >> it's unbelievable. are you getting a santorum ad in your ear right now? >> i don't have the big sponsor shape these other gentlemen have. my campaign is based on my power. >> speaking of voices in your ears, i'm getting one now and being told we need to go to a break. the young turks debate debate
8:53 am
with parting words right after this.
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