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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  February 1, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PST

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for another deadly journey back to the heart of panama city. >> great show he ahead today. we'll tell you why mitt romney might be saying this today. >> is he gone? he's not gone! that's the whole point! he's never gone! >> we've got a great story about that, and also, terrible story an academy award nominated director arrested in the house of representatives today. we'll tell you why the republicans had him arrested. also, look at this scene outside of indianapolis. why is that happening, and how could it affect the cenk uygur? we'll tell you that, as well, all tonight on the young turks. it's go time.
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>> so, last night big victory for mitt romney, 44.4%, 31.9% pore newt gingrich. he collects 50 delegates, now up 80-70ics over young turks, goaling good. obviously gingrich is going to come out and give a concession speech last night. let's watch. >> we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in tampa as the nominee in august. >> wait a minute! that wasn't a cop session speech. that was a victory speech. basically he told mitt romney i'm coming for you. man, that is amazing. so, romney's got to be thinking today: >> you think he's gun? he's not gone. that's the whole point! he's never gone!
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you see? [ laughter ] >> it's totally true. you think newt goes away? his whole staff quit at the beginning of the campaign. he got decimated in iowa. he didn't go away. he's like one of those monsters like in star trek where you tire the phases into them and they grow larger. he talked about what he's going to do his first day as president after he lost the primary in florida. >> the very first executive order will abolish all of the white house czars. we will issue immediately an executive order on the same day, all of this is going to happen two hours after the inaugural address, no point in hanging out and having fun. before we get to go to the various balls that night, we are going to have a work period. this is going to be a working presidency. i may not get in as much golf as
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obama, but i'll get in a lot more job creation. >> this guy's writing bills doing things before -- he's winning before breakfast and he hasn't even won the republican side, let alone the general election, he's planning inaugural balls. the guy's amazing. it's really interesting. david corn found an old quote when he was first running for congress. he had this had to say: >> problem solved, by wait. >> he was telling the republicans at the time, be nasty. you've got to give newt credit. it worked. he became not only a congressman, but speaker of the house and republican party got nasty year and nasty ear and pushed the political spectrum
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further and further to the right. i think the democrats should be 10 times nastier than they are. it has heart by bitten newt in the ass. because mitt romney is you want to get nasty? i can drop $17 million on your ass and see how that feels in florida. $17 million. look at this, his own ads were 99% negative romney's. his pack's ads were 100% negative. newt gingrich can get nasty with the best of them, but mitt romney said you want to get nasty, i can make that happen for you. is delusional or could he do another comeback? let's look at the states coming up. on the fourth, nevada and maine caucuses. more mormons in nevada.
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february 7, missouri, minnesota and colorado. the problem there is he's not on the missouri ballot, so that's a huge problem for newt gingrich. that was a clown maneuver not something oat on the ballot there. very important primaries arizona and michigan. you know, can he make it to february 22 where they have the debate again? obviously michigan favors mitt romney. who's going to come to the rescue? mitt romney. the minute he's up and he's in good shape and by the way every's still got $20 million in cash reserves. his super pack has another $24 million in reserve. newt's got $2.1 million and debts. the rest also have debts and are nowhere near mitt romney's money. he's going to continue to steam roll these guys. again, the problem for mitt romney is mitt romney.
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listen to what he said earlier. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. we have a safety net there. >> i'm not concerned about the very poor. yeah, in context, he said he's not concerned about the rich either. >> that's a good one, mitt that's a good one. even within it's full context it does not sound good for a guy who has a quarter of a million dollars and has a problem connecting with the average american. >> we will hear from the democratic party, the polite of the poor and there's no question, it's not good being poor and we have a safety net to help those that are very poor. >> oh, it's not good being poor. wow, are you not merciful, thank you for acknowledging that. did you hear what he said in the beginning? basically, that's for the democratic party. i'm a republican. i'm not going to care about the poor. that's for democrats. i think this guy might be a very poor candidate. they ask him a third time, this time abc news.
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let's watch. >> my focus, my concern my energy is going to be devoted to helping specific persons. we have a safety net for the poor. i'm sure there's a safety net to catch the people falling between the cracks. we have medicate, housing projects. >> he's like yeah, we got medicaid and food stamps. you still bothers me about the poor? i'm not going to think about them, that's for democratics. it's a terrible answer, if you ask me. he said we shouldn't even have a safety net. he said why are you talking about the safety net. the republican party, just when you thought it couldn't get nastier, it does. >> steve welcome to the young turks. i want to ask you, i look at this, i think in some ways, isn't mitt romney the worst
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candidate for these guys? it's kind of like a john kerry situation, i think he's electable, and it turns out whoops, he wasn't electable at all. >> yeah. he's a bad general election candidate until you compare him to the other options the republican party has for 2012 and then he becomes the good enough candidate. the problem with romney is two fold. his entire political career his status as the rich guy with the privileged lifestyle with the private equity background has always been a problem. ted kennedy's campaign against romney was sort of about the negative excess of big apartmentallism, the plants that that were closed, things like that. it's been a problem, but when you look at 2012, it's particularly problematic. we're having a conversation in this country for the first time as long as i can remember about
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income inequality, tax fairness. wall street is in people's minds. you've got obama and the democratic party absolutely intent on harnessing that spirit and portraying the republican party as the protector of the top 1%, the super elite and you've got mitt romney who in so many different ways embodies that top 1%. when he slips up like this, it's particularly problematic for him because it place to type. the worst kind of gap is the one that reinforces the narrative and that's what he did today. >> i think there's some chance they're going to look back and say during that time when everybody was livid with wall street, we nominated the guy who is the most obvious symbol of wall street, what were we thinking? i think at some point they're going to have to moment. you've got newt gingrich still left in the race throwing punches, a primary schedule that
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doesn't help newt. on the other hand, mitt keeps punches himself in the face, too, so does newt have a chance of making a comeback in february? >> you asked is newt delusional or could he make a comeback. i don't think those are mutually exclusive ideas there. i don't think he's going to make a comeback in february. the playing field is too stacked against him. most of the big states important states that are going to vote in february were already romney states in 2008. he didn't even win the nomination, didn't end up coming that close in 2008 and yet still won a lot of these states then. this is going to be romney's month. here's the thing. if you look to early march march 60 and a week later you're going to have the rest of the deep south mississippi alabama, tennessee, states like this, they are finally going to get to vote. if there is one cultural demographic recipe that's been a problem for romney it's the
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demographics of the deep south. we've seen that in polls consistently for 2011. we always talked about his 25% national ceiling, which there may or may not be too much to that but the number in the south has been much lower. >> right. >> steadily. if gingrich can get to those states. he won the panhandle in florida, and the panhandle is what the rest of the south is like. >> no question about that. we're going to have to see to super tuesday. after february 7, there's some chance that rick santorum will drop out and that could change it, too. we'll talk about santorum later in the show and try to decide if he's a loser who should drop out immediately. when we come back, steve, thank you, man, when we come back, huge showdown in indianapolis. what's it about and how could it affect the superbowl? we'll tell you. who really had a great war room when he ran the first clinton campaign.
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the documentary, if any of you are political junkies and you've seen the movie, the war room, well that's what we're calling this. it is a battle. it's a battle for the future of the country, it's not quite the same kind of combat when you think about war, but it is war, nonetheless. we want to make sure that we arm our viewers with the ammunition that you need to be able to be informed in battling yourselves across kitchen tables across america, on the internet, you name it. we want you to have the latest and greatest. we strongly believe that this war room has a purpose, and the purpose is to make sure that citizens have the information, but also have motivation to change the world.
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>> dramatic events today in indiana where the senate republicans forced through a bill 28-22 saying indiana will be the first rust belt state to have right to work, which means that people who are not part of the union don't have to pay union dues. that might sound inoffensive but it lowers everybody's wages taking away power from not just unions, but all workers. 10,000 people showed up today to protest, of course, reminded me that wisconsin and people are very angry about what is happening there. this has happened in indiana once before, but got repealed, but that was many, many decades ago. some protestors going to try to block the entrances of lucas oil stadium where the superbowl is going to be head. the teamsters are going to disrupt people getting in and out of the stadium.
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that ought to be interesting. where does the nfl players stand on this? they're union guys. the nfl players associate said: >> great to see them stand up for average workers there, as well. we're going to bring in the president of the aflcio in indiana, nancy guide. great to have you here. let me address the superbowl issue. as i tell people that, people are going to be nervous and say wait a minute, is this going to effect the superbowl and is that a good or bad idea? >> we're mindful of the fact that there are an awful lot of people who rely on the superbowl for their income. we don't intend to disturb that, but this is a big issue impacting every hoosier and american and we're going to make sure that we get the message
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out. >> what are you guys going to do? are you going to block entrances, et cetera or are you not going to do that at all? >> i think that we're still talking about exactly what we're going to do, but we are just attend educational events. there are an awful lot of media here, we're on the world stage. it's important to let the world know what's happening here in indiana. >> all right. then, let's talk about the bill itself. republicans are going to say what are you talking about? it's just called right to work and why should they pay union dues if they're not in the union. how do you address that? >> it's already federal law that nobody can be forced to join a union that doesn't want to. we're talking about if you par take in the union services should you have to pay your fair share of the costs those services. what that means for every hoosier, the bill they passed today means is a pay cut for everybody. it means more unsafe workplaces.
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it means that they'll have less dignity at work, less security in old age or in sickness. it's the wrong direction for indiana. >> it's a really interesting fact that people at home might not know. studies show that industries are a quarter unionized. non-union workers pay also goes up 5%. right? so nancy is that what you guys are going to push and what's your sense of non-union workers in indiana? are they on your side here or have they done a decent job of splitting you guys and pitting you against one another? >> you know, overwhelmingly, i think working hoosiers, union and non-union are on our side here. there are certainly a large number of hoosiers still trying to understand what this legislation means. they ask over and over again for
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this bill to be slowed down to get to understand it. all those requests were rejected. this is a situation where we came to the statehouse on the first day to basically find the doors locked to hoosiers. they had a six minute hearing in the house. they're not interested in what ordinary hoosiers have to say here. >> how do you fight back? that showing today was impressive. that's a whole lot of folks, reminds a lot of people of wisconsin. obviously this goes to the governor's desk next. he's a republican, more than happy to sign it. if that happens, it seems like it would be a tough, tough thing to repeal. how would you even attempt that? >> actually, the governor signed it today, and what we're going to do is what we did when they passed this once before, we're going to attack this citizen to citizen, block to block. we're going to make sure that every hoosier understands exactly what's just been done to them, why it's been done and we're going to affect change at
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the ballot box. >> all right. nancy, fighting the fight in indianapolis, and i mean, these republicans will not stop. they're coming after the average guy every single day and that mitch daniels is the same guy who did a rebuttal to the state of the union and came out and said oh, yeah, we're for the working class, except for when it comes time to passing legislation, you just gutted the working class and probably lowered wages for union and non-union workers too. i wonder why they do that. i wonder if it has to do with campaign donations from incredibly rich people. >> thank you so much for joining us on the young turks here at rebel headquarters. >> thanks, cenk. >> the director of an academy nominated film goes to cover a hearing in the house. the republicans sent cops after him and arrest him. for what?
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it's outrageous. we're going to explain it when we come back.
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[ male announcer ] you're not you when you're hungry™. hey! my back hurts. [ grunts ] [ male announcer ] snickers satisfies. [ roseanne ] now my front hurts. >> all right, back on the young turks. gas land is a documentary an fracking. it was nominated for an academy award. the director of the movie is josh fox. he went to the house today. they were having a house subcommittee yo on energy and environment meeting, and it was
4:24 pm
about fracking and it was in the raburn building, so he goes down there to tape it. and the republicans. >> i was within my first amendment rights. >> had him arrested. they had him arrested. their report said up to 16 cops were sent to get him. he looks very dangerous. you saw it there. it's a public hearing. why are they arresting this guy? josh wrote in i was arrested today for exercising my first amend rights. i was not expecting to be arrested for practice be journalism. abc news was shut out of the hearing room. republicans are desperate to hide something about their fracking policy. we have a lot of questions for you, zack. first of all, what are the rules on this kind of hearing? couldn't the press normally cover a hearing like this? >> it's been just as a citizen of the units show up and ask to
4:25 pm
be permitted in the hearing room and they will seattle you. they were trying to film the hearing. people do this all the time. it's totally routine and there are regulations that exist to prevent the hearing room from being totally swarmed and swamped with 94 cameras. but in this case, they were the only camera crew there at the time. a separate crew showed up earlier and was denied entrance. there was one camera there. the idea that there is some great pressing need to protect the integrity of the hearing by denying the filming for public distribution of a public hearing by elected officials is a little bizarre. >> zack, the republicans are saying oh, technically you've got to fill out paperwork. is that right and your covering of this story, have you ever seen a film maker arrested at a
4:26 pm
public hearing? >> unlawful enry? there's no such thing as unlawful entry to a public hearing. anybody can show up. the grounds arrest him are really silly. you can conceive how they might force him to shut down his camera or confiscate it, but arrest him and physically removing him from the hearing, i've never heard of. we talked to congressman brad miller the ranking democratic on the panel. he said all the time people show up without giving 24 hours notice and they take down their names in case anything goes wrong to report them to whatever agency they claim to be representing, but provide said they don't get in the way of the hearing, you let the press record the hearing. i've never heard of anybody being denied, let alone arrested. >> we've got someone who was in the room now. the representative that was there, why on god's green earth did they arrest this guy did
4:27 pm
they give you guys notice, what kind of notice did they give him and what's the motivation behind it? >> i guess they just don't understand the first amendment. between sopa and arresting a reporter today says something about the republicans. you know, i don't think this can be defended in any way. we've uploaded the video of the arrest and you can see that there was -- this was not a disruptive person. he just wanted to film. this happens all the time, and in fact, the democrats said well, if you're saying it's the rule, let's have a motion to waive the rules and go ahead and allow for the filming and that was defeated on a party line vote, so the republicans just don't want to be seen, but they don't understand that in this world today, you can run but you can't hide, and i think that in a way, they've created a bigger story about their
4:28 pm
fracking policies than they would have had they not arrested this fellow. >> that's what i'm curious about. what are they trying to hide. what was going to happen in that committee hearing that they're so desperate for the public not to hear? >> i don't know, it's a public hearing, so it's not as if the public couldn't see. they're trying to tack the e.p.a. and say that the e.p.a., the scientists there be somehow political and the republican up political party is not political. i mean it's preposterous on its face, they, the republicans tend to be very protective of the oil and gas industry, and this is a -- josh fox did a sort of celebrated documentary called gasland that really was very critical of the environmental damage and the hazards created
4:29 pm
by what the republicans are defending. so, i can only surmise that they didn't want that kind of criticism and they thought they could stop the voices of criticism by arresting a reporter. i mean, it's astonishing. >> i want to bring zack back in here. i'm curious about what the rest of the medias reaction hires. if you let them get away with it, believe me, they'll do it over and over and over again. that's a great way to hide what they're doing in all of the committee hearings. have the rest of the press been outraged by this? >> i think generally speaking, there used to be a saying you don't lob bombs at people who buy ink by the barrel. we don't live in an ink era, but it's not a good idea to arrest journalists, abouting there are a lot of us and we are paying attention. >> congresswoman, i wanted to ask you, what are the departments doing in response?
4:30 pm
how do you make sure journalists are allowed into these meetings going forward? >> we don't have the majority, we made an effort to allow the press to film, and we were voled down. what i'm doing is making this known. i tweeted it i helped upload the video, because i really think as the sopa fight showed a few weeks ago, when an aroused american public speaks out even people like the republicans who don't always defend the person has to listen up. it's not just what the democrats are going to do. it's what are the american people going to say. that's why i'm on with you right now. >> right, absolutely. i want to thank the congresswoman for joining us and zack carter for joining us. tomorrow, josh fox himself will be on the young turks to talk about what happened today. don't miss that on tomorrow's
4:31 pm
program. when we come back, zack will be back. he will be part of the power panel and is rick santorum done and what effect will that have on the race. we'll be right back.
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pure friendship. pure delicious chocolate. pure hershey's. (vo)weeknights... >>the weakest citizen in this country is more important than the strongest corporation.
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my god, this is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard! you got a bone to pick with that? the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan. >> all right, we're back with the power panel, excellent power panel today. steve cornacki is back. i want to call you the cornacki. it sounds strong. she joins us for the first time, great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> yes, zack carter, senior
4:35 pm
political reporter for huffing to know post is back, as well. first topic do primaries make you stronger or weaker? let's listen to mitt romney on that issue. >> a competitive primary does not divide us, it prepares us, and we will win. >> steve, here's my sense of that. i think that he is generally right about that. i would agree with him. i think the democrats should have a lot more primaries. i think the hillary clinton-obama primary helped. this one is the exception that proves the rule. >> i tend to agree. one cautionary note i throw in is a lot of times when it looks clearly like there's been damage in the primary season it can be a mirage. bill clinton was like the most damaged nominee, running a
4:36 pm
distant third place behind pirot and busch senior. in this primary, the damage that's been done is very specific, the attention paid to his income taxes things like that. damage has occurred with blue color swing voters. in the republican primaries, he does much better with rich republican voters than working with middle class republican voters. in the past month among general election volares his standing with voters has fallen 20 points. it's not just so much the damage is happening now, there's a recipe here that's been exposed. >> his unfavorable's have doubled since the primaries began. in this case, is newt gingrich doing some serious damage that maybe even president obama couldn't have done to mitt romney. >> well, i think the entire
4:37 pm
republican party is doing enough damage for the entire republican party. i mean, i don't think going through this tough primary is going to make them stronger. i think it's shows them to be schizophrenic, pro business, but also pro offshore banking. i feel they're suffering from a multiple personality disorder. they don't know who the base is. is it the tea party or sci-fi in other words, who is the base? i feel we're watching the republican party trying to depine the republican party. >> newt gingrich with that moon landing stuff lost that county. i know who their base is, the top 1%. it's their donors they are trying to appeal to. as we were having this conversation, i think i came to the realization of why the damage might in some ways help.
4:38 pm
the reason is by the time you get to the general election, you go oh, come on, that's old news, how many times are you reporters going to bring that up about my problems with being capitol or whatever it might be. do you think that phenomena could help? >> i saw that with newt gingrich the way he dismissed questions about his sort of sexual past. one thing with this prolonged ugly primary process is the media ends up being very skewed towards the conservative side. fox was talking about whether birth control should be covered by insurance. we decided this long ago. grow up. conservatives going on t.v. talking about to the conservative base over and over again. that makes whoever wins the primary, means they're going to
4:39 pm
be fighting the general election on a much more conservative basis than otherwise. >> they should take newt's advice from 30 years ago. it's time to get nasty. these guys are running against birth control? have at it, 99% of the country believes in birth control. i'd beat the living daylights out of them with that issue. >> the second topic is basically is rick santorum done. i want to show you a clip from last night that i thought was weak. >> governor really knee, you have every right to go to the private sector and use the gifts that god has given you and the opportunities that you have and made for yours with your hard work and make the money you can and do it in a way that helps our economy and certainly helps you and your family. i'm not going to credit size you for doing that. that's how capitalism works. [ cheering ] >> i got to be brutally honest here.
4:40 pm
i so you that and i thought loser. newt gingrich is measuring the drapes in the oval office. he might might be crazy, but at least the guy is confident and wants to tell. santorum is like please, please, pick me as your v.p. romney. is that the sense you got? >> it's really sad. the biggest boost he got today was picking up an endorsement from pancrodo, known for losing a presidential race and known for being antimuslim. there's one thing santorum has given us and that's that frothy bodily fluid combination that's involved with a sexual act. thank you, that is the biggest google mishap ever. >> i'm going to miss the vest,
4:41 pm
of course, no question about that. if he's gone. let's talk about that, his new line of thinking was wait a minute, wait a minute, i got it, right? said newt couldn't win in florida. that must mean the only conservative left in the race that can beat romney is me. does that convince anyone? >> no. i certainly understand why he fit in through florida. it was remote and distant but i think the scenario would have been romney is on the ropes gingrich is descended after south carolina, and then he gets this big win and romney melts down and the party elders look up and say holy cow, we're going to nominate newt gingrich, we better go with this other guy standing santorum. but santorum didn't even get half of gingrich's vote total about 13%. i don't see where the comeback, he doesn't have the money. he doesn't seem to click with the republican base that well,
4:42 pm
even though the entire campaign he's been the logical one on paper. if it hasn't caught on by now, i don't see how it will. >> the argument is gingrich couldn't win in florida, it must be me. it's weird argument. last word, zack, if you think santorum is done, does that mean gingrich has a solid chance of beating romney if he picks up those votes? >> i think it's been between gingrich and romney all along. their main phrase is being afraid of gay people in love and birth control? in an election year dominated by jobs and the economy, it's ludicrous. they have very deep ties to the financial establishment and donor place. mitt romney kind of is the
4:43 pm
republican base, the establishment. those two are the ones that were always going to be in it for a long time amounted that's where it is now. >> thank you so much for joining us. when we come back, a story about planned parenthood. anna talked to a conservative and it got a little contentious. drama, when we return. i too have... [ dennis ] [ roger ] same agent and everything. [ kyle ] it's like we're connected. no we're not. yeah, we are. no...we're not. ♪ ♪ the allstate value plan. dollar for dollar, nobody protects you like allstate. [ jody ] four course feast. man it's great. the guests love it. [ male announcer ] red lobster's
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>> we are back on the young turks. what's up, anna. >> there's a big story about susan g.komen pulling funds out of planned parent hood. they decided to cut their partnership. jackie spear from california's 12 district was on the house
4:47 pm
floor and came out strong condemning the decision. let's watch. >> why would susan g.comen take the remarkable step of saying they are no longer going fund planned parenthood? i supposed when we review m.i.h. and bring them investigation that they will stop funding them or when we bring a pharmaceutical company to the hill, that they will stop accepting sponsor money from that particular pharmaceutical company. >> she's 100% right. the republicans are bullies planned parenthood and susan g comen is going along with it. >> i spoke with herric scheidler. he has devoted time to basically
4:48 pm
fight planned parenthood and just makes up some numbers in this next interview. >> the media's made a big deal out of comen pointing to the congressional investigation and how they do business. comen has made it clear in a statement they issued today that the real reason for severing ties is they want their $93 million in grants to other organizations to directly help women. all planned parenthood is doing is referring women for mamograms. they don't do them themselves, even though last year, they were exposed for lying about that and saying they do when in fact they don't. women are going to be getting directly served by those $93 million of funds from comen, including the three to $400,000 that had been going to planned parenthood. >> i'm not sure where you got your information, but as a woman
4:49 pm
who has taken advantage of planned parenthood, they do cancer screening. in 2010, they did breast cancer screening, cervical cancer screening, they have a host of other services that help women with their health care. abortions are only a tiny fraction. thee% of their funding goes toward planned parenthood. the question i want to ask you now is -- >> that's actually not correct. planned parenthood will claim they only do 3% of their services are abortion. in fact, more than about nine out of -- i'm sorry about 11 out of 100 women going to planned parenthood will get an abortion and 40% of their income comes from abortion. they picked the smallest number they can find, but it's a little bit of a shell game there. >> where do those numbers come from, eric no. >> from plant parenthood
4:50 pm
reports. >> you know they're in trouble when they say in fact. >> eric is a complete spinster, ok. i love how he cited the annual report from plant parenthood something i looked over again and again to make sure my in connection are correct. the actual numbers, if you look at their annual report, the recent data that they have available, they performed 329,445 abortions, but their total services were more than 11 million services, including cancer screenings, s.t.d. tests contraception. they do breast exams, by the way. they do not do mammograms, but they do breast exams, check for lumps in the breast, they do cervical cancer screening. they have a host of other services that he is completely ignoring and pretending don't exist at all. >> 97% of those services that help women are going to be hurt.
4:51 pm
a lot of people won't get those exams and might get breast cancer. it's widely counter productive. anna, thank you for doing this story. we appreciate it. >> when we come back, we're going to celebrate the life of don cornelius. we'll tell you things about him that you might not know, when we return.
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. she's a political trail-blazer. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
4:54 pm
glue back on the young turks. this morning, we were talking about with jarret jackson. you finds out about booker t. washing to be in february. we said why don't we cover it where we talk about african-americans today. we saw about don cornelius. let me bring in j.r. jackson to talk about that. >> as we found out this morning, obviously, it was a tragic story of his apparent suicide this morning. things about, might as well start the month with john cornelius, the creator executive producer and first host of soul train. it ran for 35 years the longest running first run nationally syndicated program in television history. >> that's first, that's really
4:55 pm
interesting. what i didn't know was that he was the executive producer of it. >> yeah. >> i thought he was just the host. he came up with the idea and pushed it forward. >> basically watching folks dance on t.v. was something that was pretty revolutionary. first let's check out the iconic soul train line and also, i love, love 70's style dress. >> right now, turn our attention to the soul train gang and the master story teller, mr. curtis mayfield. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> teenagers got their 15 minutes of fame, synchronized
4:56 pm
dancers. it changed music in general, gave certain artists their first national exposure, aretha franklin and real r.&b for the entire country. >> two things about it one that video was awesome. second of all this is all the different ways the white community became more comfortable with the black community, media was a part of it. he helped that asimulation. people way underestimate that. >> there's dancing in music videos all the time you. sit and watch it. you've got lady gaga doing line dances. we know michael jackson started that with dances like this. people practice in their room in the mirror now. who would want to sit and watch a music video without some kind
4:57 pm
of entertaining part of it. it's not just black history it really leads to how it changed the history of american music where anybody can probably emulate and do this type of thing. >> the other part of the story i love, he starts in chicago and his program director is like i'm going to give you a shot, go for it. put it on the air, it starts doing really well. one day he said i'd like to take it nationwide and the guy's busy and says oh, yeah, go ahead and do it, sell it to other stations and it becomes this phenomenon for 35 years. >> i just wanted to start with him. >> he's a great guy to start this black history month with. i love your idea of not doing just george washington car very. a lot of people don't know what a great businessman cornelius was, as well. thank you, we appreciate it. we'll be doing this throughout the week as well in
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