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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  Current  February 7, 2012 9:00am-10:00am PST

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ring the super bowl, yesterday, and then in michigan, there was one that would have made the 1970 incarnation of don rickles french from pete hoekstra. drawing harsh criticism but it's not the first in race debateing. this is supposed to depict an asian woman in a rice paddy speaking with broken english. >> debby spend so much of one money you buy more and more from us. your economy get very weak. our get very good. we take your job. >> scripted very weak. acting get worse. the asian-american pacific islander group said it's very disturbing mr. hoekstra's campaign chose to use harmful and negative stereotypes that
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use anti-sentiments. the stereo tightsthe stereotypes is counter productive. and many are asking the recall of the ad. saying quote the imagery in the ad is no different than folks who put black face on." using an actress whose broken english is not all that convincing. >> this is a young woman in china who is speaking english. that'site an achievement. >> seriously. >> and if history is any guide equally poor adjustment will encroach on the presidential race as well. the willie horton ad which helped to topple michael dukakis is now reeding leading the ad wars.
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>> good evening keith. >> first point, so that was a compliment. i mean apart from the fact that the rice paddy that she's in looks like a nice country rode in the the upper peninsula of michigan and sounds like an american using a bad dialect, that is a compliment to bilingual? >> even his explanation is so bad tells me he had no idea he was going to get this kind of push on his ad. it was amazing to me that almost immediately it was republicans who were attacking this ad. they immediately saw it as a problem. remember this nation is getting brokenner and less white every single day and republicans if they're going to compete long term cannot be turning up every group that is not a white southern male. they've gone through african-americans. they've done a number on latinos.
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now it's asian-american turn. >> it used to be okay to make jokes or do particularly dialect bits whether you were kidding or trying to represent some foreign element that people had to be scared of. i don't remember them being widespread in political ads but your county was that hoekstra is of a certain age or the people who designed this ad are of a certain age that even don rickles does not do quote/unquote pollock jokes any more. >> times are changing. one thing that is accelerating that trend is the use of social media. they're not blocked into their suburbs any more or in the urban centers. they're interacting with people of different colors and different nationalities. different parts of the country. so this notion that we're going to demonize orally around as a group by hating on somebody else really is becoming anachronism.
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it is has become the republican party. the more they do this, the more they lose i don't think youth supporters and lose amongst people who are not white male voters. >> it will be a signal day when an ad likes like that does not have a chinese woman but a muslim woman but makes fear out of them is denounced among the minority spectrum like this ad has been. but to jump off this into the process, this ad for hoekstra was produced by fred davis. fred davis is the same man who conceived the demon sheep video in california one of the great bad ads of all time when a guy dressed up in sheep outfit and wolves clothing, and he has the cheap, he did the kristine o'donnell i'm not a witch ad, and he came up with the complete
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the dang fence spot for mccain. now the question fred davis how does he keep getting work? >> that's a good question. i don't have an answer. i guess guess is goes for republicans who don't stand a chance and they don't get attention. that's one thing he does do, he gets them bad attention. and hoekstra he's in an uphill battle against debbie stabenow in michigan. so it's not like he's a frontrunner. this guy is trying to get traction. he still has a primary to get through. he's desperate for attention. and i guess nothing gets attention nowadays than stereotyping and playing up racial stereotypes. mission accomplished if that's what you want. i don't think that's a winning strategy either short-term to win the election, and long-term for the republican party to compete nationally in a country that is increasingly less white. >> you hit the nail on the head, and this brings the subject of
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larry mccarthy promoting mitt romney and the bug bow of this inherited many cases fear that democrats and liberals have of willie horton. here is the man who did the willie horton going to work for romney. is there any evidence that this stuff works any more. >> i think it works in republican parties. if it's going to work anywhere, that's where it works. nationally, or in a general election it works less and less. that's why we we're seeing less overt appeal to racism and bigotry and even the gay stuff it's amazing how quickly culture has moved from an area where it's okay to demonize gay people and now it's not. now it's seen as a political liability. now we see an situation where african-americans are off the table. immigrants yes you can bash on them. but a cautionary tale. this was a big issue in the nevada senate race.
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harry reid was one of the few democrats to escape. did he so because the latino turnout was through the root in 2010. in the caucus on saturday only 5% of rep caucus scores from latino. they're losing it as a country as the country gets browner and the appeals are bad politics which is why you have karl rove, and murphy, a strategist, shaking their head in horror. they see it's going to hurt the republican brand in the short term and long term. >> they think they're still running against al smith in 1928. you can't convince them otherwise. thank you. >> thank you very much. >> there really is voter fraud just as the republicans insist. a man has been convicted on six counts, unfortunately he's
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planned parenthood. anna talked to a conservative and it got a little contentious. drama, when we return.
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>> we actually back now? just wanted to make sure there was no commercial running somewhere. the latest anti-union battleground, arizona next. first king george sixth died meaning that his successor queen elizabeth has been on the thrown for 60 years. the second longest reign in british history. time marchs on. >> we begin. >> we begin as we always do with local news. here is saskatchewan lisa dutton. >> it's a sausage competition that i judge. >> like sausage eating? >> yeah, yeah. >> you can get tickets online at pick a dick-- >> oh no. >> well, you're thinking about
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johnny cash. ♪ >> i said it before. i'll said it again. kids love songs about prisons. time marchs on. two more fronts opening one in arizona one in washington slipped in a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
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>> "countdown," the longest 8:00 p.m. news hour running on cable unless you consider fox news. be there aloha. arizona's republicans continue to push their march through another century in this case, 19th. the third story the backlash intensifies, after the state's governor introduced legislation last week that would make
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collective bargaining illegal for government workers teachers and firefighters and would eliminate automatic paycheck deductions for union dues and meanwhile in washington on the federal aviation authorization bill now includes a provision that unions say will restrict their organizing power. 19 unions joining forces and urging reconsideration of the bill. they write in is a statement. rewarding the house republican leadership desire to rewrite decades of longstanding labor law in a flash by inserting an unrelated and controversial labor provision in a much needed aviation safety and security bill without notice, hearing or debate sets an extremely dangerous precedent. and in inside just days after governor mitch danieled approved right to work. actor clint eastwood points to a
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culture of increasing division, discourse, and blame images of pro union protesters in wisconsin captured last year flash on the screen. in madison the sign originally read care about educators like they care for your child. in the ad the text is swapped with one of an alarm clock while others are made blank. and corporate front group the center on union facts ran a primetime ad well. >> i'm sick of the union taking so much of my money out of every paycheck. i don't know why you voted them in. >> don't look at me. i never even got a vote. >> now running for congress in the ninth district, thanks for your time tonight. >> it's great to be with you keith. >> are these anti-union bills more virulent in arizona? gauge them against what we've seen already? >> i do think they're more restrictive than what we've seen in ohio and wisconsin.
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part of that, keith is that arizona is already a so-called right to work state. which means unions already have diminished power and compass night arizona. so this is more damaging to working families than in other states. >> we should mention just a we were mentioning this, the senate passed the bill about the faa that clued this slippen-in provision that restricts their right to collectively bargain. backback to arizona. it's already a right to work state. what would these measures do in terms of limited roles for unions? >> the good news is that even though unions have legally limited roles in arizona we do have some very strong unions such as police, firefighters, and teachers. and they work hard to keep those workers and those communities safe. these bills would completely eliminate their ability to engage in things like collective bargaining which ensures you have fair wages for firefighters, police officers.
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it ensures that you protect pensions for teachers. it ensures that those voices could come down to the capitol and lobby on behalf of the communities that they serve students individuals who need the protection of police and fire. so it really eliminates these unions ability to protect the communities of which they serve. >> kirsten, i know the primary answer to why the republicans are doing this state after state is because of people who support their candidacies tell them to. i know that's the actual answer. but in wisconsin they have scott walker in office for a full term, and that's certainly a large question. casic went down in flames in ohio as they tried to push this through. are there, in fact, republicans in arizona who belong to unions and republicans simply forgot about them? is there enough of a blow back to make a difference here? >> in some of our unions,
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particularly amongst police and fire the majority are republicans. they made a mistake and miscalculated who the people in the working families of arizona are. and cleat i think we'll see if they don't change, you'll see a struggle just as powerful as you saw in wisconsin and ohio right here on the ground in arizona. >> so much is a struggle on the ground in arizona like i have to tell you that. >> right. >> is there some--any way you can measure the overall under current in the state? is there a sense--even for those who might actually go along with these sort of push backs against what we consider 21st century america. are there people who are tired of being in this change confrontational jan brewer's bony finger in barack obama's chest scene that has become apparent in your state the last few years? >> i think that's a really important point.
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the truth is most arizonaens are common-sense people who want to take care of their families. so the picture that you see in arizona over the media is caricature. and it describes only a few elements of our government. it does not represent the true attitudes of the people in arizona. i think what we're starting to see, we've seen it with the recall election of russell pierce. with the election of a new mayor, both are democrat, things are changing in arizona. and the public has begun to see that the few voices out there making the noises do not represent us. i think that the tide is turning. >> if there is a caricature, it's jan brewer. >> kirsten, now seeking the seat in the ninth congressional district. good luck with that, and thank you as always. >> thank you so much. >> maybe rush limbaugh had his finger up his nose in an effort to say we're number
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is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. she's a political trail-blazer. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. >> the quarterback of the new england patriots took his second consecutive super bowl lost with sportsmanship. the quarterback wife, not so much. and this guy said
9:45 am
the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. she's a political trail-blazer. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. >> rush limbaugh fails to pick a super bowl finger. and you're really super bowl round up next. first because there is nothing super about these folks. we have the worst persons. the charles payne that is fox news. mr. payne is the latest victim of fox dilemma. it must assert that the economy is not getting better even
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though that it is, and telling its audience that poor people have it great in america. here is mr. payne who attempted to jump that snake river canyon of chasms and just didn't make it. >> people aren't dieing in america. in fact, the very poor sufficient from gout. in the 20s and 30s that was the rich man's disease. >> they were rich. 90 years ago they didn't know they had what is called the rich man's disease. do you know what we also used to say, smoking was good for your throat and segregation was legal. and poor people is prone to poor diet that cause goat. whalecharlie white the idea of people who shouldn't be voting have evidence that support their game. a court in indiana has convicted
9:47 am
a man on six felonies. he faces 3 to 18 years in jail. he lived in one place and voted in another and the man was indiana secretary of state charlie white. but the winner, john fleming from the fourth district of louisiana, no, seriously. he's an u.s. congressman. congressman fleming saw this. planned parenthood opens $8 billion abortion plex. supposingsupposedly about this clinic that could perform 400 abortions a month with a nightclub and includes this quote allegedly from a planned parenthood spokesperson. although we traditionally dedicated 7% of our resources to other important services such as contra-systems distribution, cancer screening and std testing this new complex allowses to devote our attention to what has always been our true passion
9:48 am
abortion. standing under a barn emblazoned with planned parenthood stating no life is sacred: no life is sacred. that's a defeating slogan. not just for planned parenthood or any group on earth unless they're the mayans with the sacrifice thing. oh, then you would say that's from the onion. i knew that was something wrong there. the onion is a satire site. that's what we would have said. but not john fleming from louisiana. he posted it on his facebook page with more from planned parenthood. punch line, not only did a second-sitting congressman, but one more detail about congress man fleming. he's a medical doctor. easily led. today's w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w w
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coming up if you think the union bashing has been bad, just wait until you see what they are planning. and the scene was wolf? get it? you will when time marches on. i found a new way to get my profile out there. check me out. everybody says i've got a friendly disposition and they love my spinach dip. 5 foot ten. still doing a little exploring... on it. my sign is sagittarius i'm into spanish cheese, my hairline is receding but i'm getting a weave. (falsetto chorus) getting a weave. who wants some ronald tonight!? geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> in case you're not among the 111 million people who already know the super bowl was last night. the underdog new york giants defeated the new york patriots 21-17. some of us told you it would happen. the number one story the game itself was very interesting. but when you have finger slack lining the game itself becomes almost secondary. the halftime show featuring madonna was the highest rated portion of last night's program as the 53-year-old material girl lip-synced her way through the girl only nearly falling over twice. she tried to take a knee. her awkwardness made more apparent as she tried to keep
9:52 am
pace with a man in a toega and his name is sketchy andy lewis and his rope bouncing is called slack lining. the halftime show was stolen when mia flashed a finger during her 13 second period of singing. but mia's finger was not the only one being talked about. rush limbaugh was caught in new england owner robert crafts to pick out a winnow--a win near. will you not digging for goaled was tom brady's wife who after the game responded being heckled by the fans of the victorious giants with football fundamentals. >> i can't argue with that. let's bring in tim burke.
9:53 am
thank you for your time tonight. >> hi, keith, great to be with you. >> let's start out with brady for a second. should she be abused for what she said about his receivers or the lack of edge of commentary about football? does she get a round of applause for not being the regular wife after one of these games. >> i think somewhere there is an analog with the political activism of say the dixie chicks who were told to shut up and sing who as a society comes to an agreement that the significant others of athletes are supposed to remain silent publicly about their partner's play or the teammates or the sport itself. that may be its even more of a degree when it's someone who is famous and beautiful and a supermodel like gisele in that so far that her opinions which frankly she does have somewhat of a point, her--tom brady's
9:54 am
teammates literally did drop the ball in that game. but at the same time there is somewhat of a cast the first stone. if tom brady doesn't give up that safety to open the scoring of the game, the patriots probably win. so that sort of plays into it as well. >> and how much bad throws is wes welcker catch as opposed to the perfect ones. can you confirm that, one madonna lip-synced, she did try to take a knee, and then she was dressed as the douwger countess. >> i think she was dressedly she-raw. i can't confirm that she was lip-syncing unless someone who was watching and the way her lips were moving they were not in sync. as for the last thing.
9:55 am
the original post before the mia thing that we'll talk about in a second was that i think madonna is getting too old for this. and madonna is actually younger on average than compared to some of the last couple super bowl performancers that we've had. so i think it's more of an issue where madonna's back up dancers have complimented her music. now her back up dancers are so much better in the choreography than she's able to keep up with. instead of compliment it becomes a contrast where you see all the flaws of a woman who is probably very talented but necessarily not able to keep up with the people of the people who are dancing around her. what happens is she stumbles and falls down. >> she and i are the same age and i could not have lasted 30 second that have routine. i got to ask you about the rush limbaugh photo. was he picking or scratching. >> i've looked at this frame by frame. >> it really is--back and to the
9:56 am
left. back and to the left. >> it comes down to an issue of how you want to define a pick or a scratch. if you define a pick as nasal insertion. but it's a pick. but he was scratching the inside of the septum you might say. he wasn't necessarily digging. he was scratching but it was inside the nostril. >> does he deserve the abuse even if it was just that. the patriot's owner's box is a deathtrap. that's when donald's trumps hair stepped up and waved hi mom. if you're in there bad things will happen to you right? >> well, yeah, i found a lot of fans who discovered that once rush limbaugh was in robert kraft's box before the game, they changed their allegiances. they were pulling for the giants giants. >> the giants were nice enough to me have--oh, sorry.
9:57 am
the giants were nice enough to have me in their box. i could see them lose to washington but that's a whole different story. how did mia get away with that compared to janet jackson a few years ago. >> it's interesting janet jackson, justin timberlake thing was a very top-down media sensation. the media told people you should be outraged by this. in the end i think the fcc got 97 complaints total for the whole thing. most of them from a save the children society of some sort. >> yes. >> this was a very bottom up where watching people responding on twitter and other places on the internet and facebook, everyone was did i just see that? and i think the difference between 2012 and 2004 is that we have twitter and we have the ability to see high definition screen caps, and i can show you
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