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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  February 21, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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hitler unless they are actually as bad as hitler. how would you feel if i invoked hitler to describe a guy who promised glory to a nation and then started saying, really craze (bleep) while wearing a ridiculous outfit. if the hat vits then vear it >> thank you for joining us in the war room. we will join you tomorrow. welcome to "young turks." tonight on the show rick santorum goes after president obama's religion. >> it's about some phony ideal. some phony theology. >> we're going to counterattack tonight. you want a culture war, i'll give it to you. >> ps congressgrs womom f fm d.c.c tolds autepublicacaididt
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want one woman testifying on their all-men panel. that one women they didn't want testifying we have her right here at rebel headquarters so you can hear from her. plus . . . >> voted number one resort in this united states. >> by the 1% of the 1% for the 1%. we're going to attack that too. it's go time. ♪ ♪ >> well, rick santorum is doing great in the polls. santorum at 36%. romney at 26%, so he has opened up a 10-point lead and that is
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very nicely done. how did he get there? through being the more religious guy, right? he has been going after all of the guys especially president obama. he doubled down. let's watch. >> it's not about your quality of life? it's not about your jobs. it's about some phony ideal. some phony theology. not a theology based on the baseball. it's an ideology. >> is he saying the president isn't christian? that seems fairly offensive. al stewart is going to go on television and fix it. >> he wasn't questioning the president's religion. as we clarified the statement, he was talking about radical environmentalists, he is referring to the president's policies in terms of radical
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islamic policies specifically in terms of energy exploration. >> the radical policies the president has in terms of energy. and then she said we forgot which line of attack i was supposed to use. i used the islamic line of attack instead of the environmental line of attack. my bad. what the hell are they talking about? with the environmental? theology? they didn't even mention it on the first day. when questioned about his original theology remarks, rick santorum didn't mention theology at all. so they said let's make up something about the environment. so here is rick santorum trying to explain that. >> i wasn't suggesting the president is not a christian. i just said -- when you have a -- a world view that elevates
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the earth above man, and says that, you know, we can't take those resources because we're going to harm the earth by things that are -- that frankly are just not scientifically proven, for example, the whole global warming debate. it's just all an attempt to -- you know to centralize power and give more power to the government. >> is is anybody buying that? really? he meant that president obama has some environmental religion. really? what are you talking about, rick? you are just making up stuff because you want to attack him on religion. it's really sick. but of course once there is blood in though water, here comes the other right wingers. franklin graham who i think is an absolute fraud, and you get a sense of that when they ask him about obama versus santorum. >> do you believe that president
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obama is a christian? >> i think you have to ask president obama? >> why can't you just say, yeah i think he's a christian. >> that's all i can go on? >> do you think rick santorum is a christian? >> i think so because his values are so clear. >> wait a minute i thought you couldn't judge. you weren't willing to say president obama isn't christian because you can't judge from the outside. frankly graham is protestant. all he cares about is politics. and he is going to move that with what he says about mitt romney. >> reverend what about mitt romney? >> i like him. >> is he a christian? >> he is a mormon.
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the -- most christians would not recognize mormon at part of the christian faith. >> but he is not christian? >> i would just say most christians would not recognize mormons as christian. >> you don't even think mitt romney is is a christian, but you would rather support him over president obama who is a christian. if you cared about religion and your brand of christianity buzz that make sense? it's because he doesn't care about christianity or religion all he cares about is how can i help my money-grubbing friends in the republican party grab more money. that is exactly the kind of guy that jesus christ would have thrown out of the temple and said get, throw him out there with the money changers. what a fraud that guy is. let's go back to rick santorum.
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because he has been on the warpath on the this track for a long time. >> amniocentesis basically are used for the purposes of identifying children who are disabled and in most cases end up with abortion. partial use abortion is a procedure used almost exclusively to kill children late in pregnancy when they have been found out to be disabled. the president said children born alive as a result of an abortion late in pregnancy should be allowed to be killed to the
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doctor. >> it's not a partial term abortion, is a late abortion. and it is often done because of the health of the mother. it's not because president obama wants to kill babies. this is not going to help you. it is going to hurt you. do you think republicans are extreme? 52% said the republican party is extreme and only 35% said they are main stream. that's the majority of the country saying you are extreme. the religion issue isn't going to hurt president obama. it is going to hurt rick santorum. so have it hawes. now here is a speech talking about casey versus planned parenthood saying women do have a right to their own bodies. look at him compared to
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columbine. watch this nut. >> what does the casey decision say? at the heart of libber city the right to define one's own concept of existence, of meaning, of the universe of the mystery of human life. a young boy in littleton, colorado said the same thing just before he shot 13 people. he said what i say goes! i am the law! this is what the casey decision says. it says each one of us has the right to determine our own reality. we are the law. we can do whatever we want to do. god protects us if that is the law of the land from predators who think they can do whatever they want to do so us. >> listen this is how this country works. yes, we all have individual liberties. get used to it. he thinks if you have your own
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conscience and listen to rick santorum's religious beliefs, that somehow you are like the columbine killers? have after it haas. you run that campaign and see how badly you are going to get slaughtered. pro choice is equal to columbine killers? please run your campaign on that. and let a load of this. >> this is a spiritual war, and the father of lies has his rights on what you think the father of lies satan has his sights on. a powerful country, the united states. but over time that great acidic quality of timer can roads away even the strongest foundations.
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and satan has done so by using the great enterprises of america. >> this guy thinks he knows what satan is up to. this guy is a lunatic. do you get why he hates sex so much? he thinks lucifer is using sensuality sensuality wrestle with america. and then he is going to go after prod importance entirely. >> this is a protestant country, and of course if we look at the shape of mainline protestantism in this country, and it is gone from the world of christianity as i see it. >> graham is defending this guy? because it's what -- lost to satan, and president obama isn't
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a good enough christian. we're talking about his religion. come on man! you want to do a culture war, come and get it because you will get killed on it. all right. now when we come back the republicans had an all-male panel on contraception, and the women they didn't want testifying we have her in the studio next when we return on "the young turks" [[vo]]...we're the idea nobody wants to hear. ...until the truth reveals itself. boat-rockers. and above all... and there's only one place you'll find us. weeknights on current tv.
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. "young turks." now the war on women that the republicans have been waging. we have illinois virginia mississippi, and more personhood where they are trying to roll back the rights of women in terms of abortion.
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in virginia they say you must get an ultrasound and if it's early in the pregnancy, it is mandated -- since it's mandated it could be a transvaginal ultrasound. it's sick. it's grotesque. >> janet howell said if we're going to do that we should at least have men with erectile dysfunction to this. >> it's only fair if we're going to subject women to unnecessary procedures and doctors to having to do things that they don't think is medically advisory well mr. president, i think we should just have a little gender equity here. >> i love that effort. and she got a decent somebody of divorces, but of course that
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didn't pass but the ultrasound bill did. and in illinois there is the ultrasound opportunity act. in order to get out of a ultrasound but you have to fill out a form to say why. kelly fights back and say if you want to take viagra you should fill out a form and say what is wrong with your penis. oklahoma senator said hey, two can play at that game. we can fight back and she decided that she is going to
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have a bill of her own. let's watch. >> think action in which a man ejaculates into any other vessel than his woman, it would be illegal under the personhood bill. >> she was on "countdown" obviously there. so if your ejaculate does not go into a woman, there is going to be consequences. >> they didn't like that verse either. but if it involves men, you can't touch them. jim wilson said if you are going to do these restrictive bills, if a guy gets a woman pregnant, and you don't let her end the pregnancy, can the guy at least chip in to pay for the health care as long as she is carrying
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the baby? nobody. not for a second. i think the country is dead set against this. and on the contraception fight, we should counterattack, on the february 7th show right here on "the young turks" here is what i had said. why on god's green earth are you compromising on an issue you should crush them on? you should say, hey thank you so much for running on this. if you would like we'll run the whole campaign on this. you be on the moronic side of 1% of the population that say no no no they shouldn't get contraception or they should pay more for it. that guy nailed it. because now all a sudden progressive groups say if we
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protect women that we are in favor of their issues it is a win-win situation for us. to which i tell them of course! they even have an ad out now. >> back in my days we used bayer aspirin for contraception. >> pregnancy, birth control. >> five men are testifying. >> the power to decide whether or not women will use contraception lies with her. >> where are the women? >> so who should be heard? you. join us. go to today. >> so did that work? >> wait until you get a load of this. emily list signed up 60,000 new members because of them fighting back on this contraception issue. the democratic senatorial
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committee fined up 65,000. the senatorial signed up 250,000 people to a petition. that's pretty good man. turns out there are a lot of people on our side. but how about their side? the national republican committee tried something similar. they did -- oh, only 15 signatures. i believe we have a word for that. fail. losers. why? because there are more of us than there is of them. we should fight back because we're in the majority. by the way, now the money is always pouring in. listen to brian koy he is a spokesperson for virginia democrats:
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money is pouring in. support is pouring in. because it turns out the country likes women. who would have figured? and they think they should have rights. and the people that couldn't figure that out was the all-male panel in the house. remember this scene? they were all against contraception. wow, shocking. i didn't see thatment doing. eleanor holmes norton was on this program talking about the one person they wanted to testify. >> speaker pelosi will held a hearing. i will be there, a number of other people will be there next thursday where the only witness will be saundra fluke. the young women who was there, wanted to testify and who the committee kept from testifying. >> she is in the studio right
7:23 pm
now. thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> tell us what the committee was so afraid to hear? >> what is stunning to me is they are evidently still afraid it is going to get out there. because congress woman pelosi has called for a hearing on women's health this coming thursday and now the republican leadership is not allowing it to be televised. evidencely this is really powerful and really terrifying. >> they might have seen the numbers i just showed. they realize they are on the losing side. and nancy pelosi says this is totally out of the ordinary normally they are televised, but in this case the republicans are scared. what were you going to testify to? >> i was there to give voice to the voice of women who have been
7:24 pm
affected by the lack of contraception coverage. there were several women i wanted to talk about. one was a friend of mine who she needed contraception to prevent cysts from growing on her ovaries. and she lost an ovary because of that. >> that's really a powerful story. oftentimes the republicans talk about, oh no you know, this is about abortion in some of the cases, and in this case they don't really admit it's about contraception. you are not catholic, right? you are protestant? >> yes, i am. many of the women who's stories i wanted to share are catholic but this affects women of all faiths. >> if you are going to go to
7:25 pm
georgetown, you have to do what the catholics want you to do. >> right. >> but it's really a women's health issue. it affects real people and when you block their services and they don't have money, especially at college, women lose their ovaries, and then i guess rick santorum throws a party because he doesn't give a damn? >> it's really offensive, the idea that we should have chosen to go to school elsewhere. i resent the implication that i should give up my quality education in exchange for healthcare. >> i remember not -- i guess i know, we showed a clip of rick santorum saying what is the big deal? why don't you just pay out of pocket. otherwise you are envieding his religious believes apparently. and contraception can run up to
7:26 pm
$600 a year. >> yeah we surveyed women on our campus and 40% said they had a financial burden as a result of the lack of contraception coverage. the coverage can cost as much as an entire summer salary for an student like myself and some people like to say, contraception is readily acceptable. but the institute has shown that the clinics are being defunded by congress, by slate legislatures, and they are having to close their doors, cut their hours, and women are being turned away. so it is not really accessible. and one other story i would like to show and what is so interesting about this particular women's story, she is the model of the moral woman that conservative catholics we should all be. she is in her 30s, married, and
7:27 pm
recently had a baby. her doctor recommended immediately after giving birth she could be on contraception because it is dangerous for her and any potential baby she would carry if she were to get pregnant too soon. but the insurance wouldn't cover that. even when it's medically detrimental to a woman and any potential child it is still not good enough. >> who would know better? your doctor? or rick santorum? obviously santorum. >> obviously. >> republicans don't want big government, unless of course it involves your ovaries, in which case they are all over it. >> are you going to testify on thursday. >> i will be there, several women will be there and attend
7:28 pm
to lend their faces to the issue. >> thank you so much for joining us, and telling those powerful stories, because it's about real women and they get affected in very real and detrimental ways when the republicans push forward these laws. thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. >> when we return, we're coming after santorum again. and you will not believe the shell [ male announcer ] cookies with smooth caramel and chocolate. ♪ ♪ hmm twix. also available in peanut butter.
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♪ all right. time for some campaign news. bill shoetive was introducing mitt romney as the come-back kid. let's watch. >> what i call this mitt romney is, the come-back kid, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce the come-back kid, mitt romney the next president of the united states of america. bring it on! ♪ >> he has got to be the come-back kid, because right now he's getting his as kicked by rick santorum. one man did predict something related to this. i'm pretty sure it wasn't a nerd or a brain.
7:32 pm
but it might be. epic politics man! ♪ >> all right. michael i remember when you were talking about jeb bush possibly coming in late because the republicans were unsatisfied, and i was like come on michael, you are crazy. well, over the weekend we're finding out that if romney doesn't win michigan they should bring in jeb bush. you are on fire. >> it seems like a no-brainer in a way. because he seems to me to be the only one that could galvanize the party. he has that sort of brood-range of appeal within the party, and i do believe his bushness will be associated with his father who the washington post just called one of the most underrated presidents ever as
7:33 pm
opposed to his brother, who i think may be the worst president ever. >> yeah look everyone knows i have a soft spot for poppy. but i don't think anybody is going back to the george bush days. >> you are right. even rush limbaugh talking about rick santorum let's listen to rush limbaugh here. he was talking about the fact if santorum is the nominee -- let's see. >> an unidentified republican leader actually said that if romney loses michigan the party is going to have to get in rear and try to find somebody else that they can nominate at the convention because they don't
7:34 pm
want santorum newt ron paul or anybody else. >> so it's a very rare moment where i agree with rush limbaugh. if the voters pick santorum to come in here, and say, you're getting to get a jeb bush instead? >> why is running somebody who is terrible a bad idea when there is somebody who may in fact be the candidate. it all starts in michigan next week for romney. he has some bright spots in michigan. but he is closing the gap in michigan. we can see this poll here. the politic average is showing hip about -- what is that -- about 3 points behind rick santorum. rick santorum should be losing badly in that state. it should be a no-brainer again that mitt romney wins that state, but you hear his advisors.
7:35 pm
eric fernstern today was asked if it's a must-win situation? and he said there is no such thing as a must-win situation. they are painting this man, romney now as an underdog in michigan. they are painting him as somebody who is going to be a come-back kid. >> it looks like gingrich wants to do the knockout blow here. let's watch this. >> my only point is there's a whole rationale which is now built on his ability to win, and he hasn't been able to win, if he loses his home state, and i assume they are going to throw the kitchen sink at santorum because that's his style, if he loses, i don't think what he can say to his donors the next day to stay in a race.
7:36 pm
>> for newt to say that the day a poll shows him only up by 2 on romney but if he loses georgia, it's certainly done. the good news is coming from both polls and pauls. ron paul is going against mitt romney but they have this little bro-mans going. the two of them. and this is the ron paul ad in michigan. >> let's be serious? santorum voted to raise the debt ceiling live times. then supported the biggest entitlement since the 60s. not groovy. santorum voted for family tax dollars on people from egypt. >> that's a pretty good ad.
7:37 pm
ron paul has the best ads. >> yeah but it is helping romney. 36 -- 34% of republicans are in favor of mitt romney because he opposed the auto bailout. it worked. >> in michigan. >> yeah in michigan. and 27% said they are unlikely to vote for somebody who are opposed. >> right. remember santorum also opposed the bailout, but he is not well-known for that. >> that's exactly right. we have seen all of the money that has been raised. but i think the place we always go is to the super pac this year. and sheldon adelson seems to not be stopping giving money to newt gingrich. this is what he said to say:
7:38 pm
>> well that would communicate that you are not against it. >> yeah. >> you are in favor of it, because you said i'm going to do it. >> it's the old gun-control ad if the other guy is going to have a gun, i'm going to have a gun as well. he also said: >> $100 million? could you imagine? by the way he also said i'm against negative advertising, although almost all of his $11 million donated to newt gingrich has gone to negative advertising. >> absolutely. and the citizens united decision is putting an exclamation point every day on this campaign. >> it will be interesting to see. if romney loses michigan it will be like austin powers i'm badly burned! someone help me! so we'll see what happens. but he is surging.
7:39 pm
it will be a great night for political junkies like us. >> right. >> michael thank you so much. you have been dead on so far. have we handed our foreign policy to israel. i want to tell you why that might be the case even if we don't want it to (vo)weeknights... >>the weakest citizen in this country is more important than the strongest corporation. my god, this is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard! you got a bone to pick with that? the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan.
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7:42 pm
current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. ♪ all right. we have an interesting topic for the power panel. jimmy dore, comedian david packman, host of the david packman show. a lot of logical names for the hosts on today's panel. first israel and whether we have handed off our foreign policy to
7:43 pm
them. the president sent his national security to israel telling them we do not want to go to war with iran which that are apparently desirous of. apparently he didn't like that message. oh okay. we have been sending that message for a long time. in fact the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said this. >> a strike at this time would be destabilizing, and wouldn't achieve their long-term objectives. israel has national interests that are unique to them and of course they consider iran to be an exso sten shall threat. i wouldn't say we have persuaded them that our view is the right view, and they are acting in
7:44 pm
ill-advised fashion. here is a long list of people who agree. that i i aononisisfeople yi d'tyio d it! david, i'm going to start with you here. the problem isn't that we say, okay. israel do whatever you want. no. the problem is if israel attacks iran aren't we stuck because they are going to counterattack. and then will we really say good luck to you? >> i think the reality is the u.s. has the same position as israel on a lot of these things just publicly it would be a mistake to say so so it ends up
7:45 pm
appearing that we oppose this. but the reality is all along, under the surface, the goals are basically the same. >> i genuinely believe that president obama does not want to go to war with iran. but the problem is jimmy if he goes that's really interesting, barack, but i'm going to go bomb and see what happens? >> have you seen the israel [ inaudible ] in the summer? it is well worth a nuclear war. it really is. let me say you know what is rare because i hate to blame this on george bush but in 2003, we were both fighting the taliban and on the same page and then we come up with the axis of evil and iran still wanted peace. they were going to give us everything.
7:46 pm
they were going to do everything we wanted if we just promised not to be aggressive anymore in the middle east. bush didn't even respond to the letter. so here we are, back paying for these things again from the bush administration. >> i agree with you, and that was dick cheney saying we don't negotiate with evil. but even bush didn't attack iran to give him credit. real quick, guys i got to ask you, if israel attacks and iran obviously counterattacks, do you think there's any chance in the world that the u.s. does not step in to help israel with that war? david? >> it's clear we step in. there's no question about it. >> yeah, go ahead, jimmy. >> another interesting fact there's 25,000 jews that live in iran? the third-biggest country that hosts jews in the whole world? plus jews are protected in the
7:47 pm
iranian constitution. did you know that? >> that's interesting. i did not know that. look at that the power panel brings us information i did not know. so all right. at the conclusion is we are screwed. we're going to war whether we like it or not. oh, boy. okay. thank you, guys. when we come back. ana was at the naacp image awards and asked some interesting questions. >> of all of the republican candidates, who do you think would be the most destructive to
7:48 pm
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all right. we are back on "the young turks." ana kasparian was at the naacp imaging awards. what is up? >> i talked to several different people, and there was this common theme among most of them.
7:51 pm
>> who is the best? he is not a first veteran. he is both races, and lives by example the way should live. i think he'll be president again. >> you watch current tv. >> i think it's really cool. >> what are your thoughts on the current obama administration. >> i really hope he is a one-term president. i feel like his economic policies are flawed. i feel like we're cultivating a society that is not really good for the long-term health of america. >> first year he was effectively the janitor in chief, and was cleaning up the mess behind by bush. then he came in and gave us healthcare, and restored the auto industry. put two women into supreme court. what more do you want? >> of all the republican
7:52 pm
candidates, who do you think would be the most destructive to the country? >> all of them. [ laughter ] >> yeah that was interesting. so haysbert makes a good case for the president. i feel like i want to debate him, but i thought he really had a good gasp on the issues. >> he is a former president, so . . . >> didn't he lay the ground work for obama. although morgan friedman may have been the first president in the movies. >> patrick kilpatrick was the only person i interviewed that night that was unhappy with obama's presidency. i talked to so many people and everyone was like oh my god, best president ever. i was like really what policy did you like? you know he has just been a great president.
7:53 pm
but of course there were some celebrities who could name a few things. but it was really really positive toward the president. >> even patrick kilpatrick was against him, it was good to hear from him. when we come back
7:54 pm
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