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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  February 28, 2012 10:00am-11:00am PST

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>>(narrator) we went to visit dennis allen, who lived in the woods with aileen, and now lives in this house. >>(broomfield) hi. >>how are you? >>hi, how do you do? i'm nick. >>nick? dennis. >>hi, how do you do? >>(woman) i'm joan. >>joan? >>hello. >>and who are these fine creatures? >>oh, those are my birds. that's, um, freckles and frida. >>freckles and frida? >>mm-hm. >>(narrator) this is a picture of dennis, who used to be a cross-dresser. dennis looked up his only picture of his time in the woods with aileen. >>it was kind of a mess in there, in fact the police took this picture. >>oh, did they? >>that's how i got it. now, i don't know if you can see >>what's it of? >>well, this was--when they were subdividing, they threw all the stumps over in one section. and, these were all made with
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stumps, with straw packed in around them. it was just long enough to get in there and sleep. >>and so aileen would come and visit you? >>yeah. every now and then, she'd find one of my camps and--in fact the last camp i was at when aileen found me was what we call the little round lake. >>mm-hm. >>was way down at the bottom of a gully and it was round. and, i had a piece of plywood that someday had left there, and i just made a lean-to with two posts and put that up on it. that was the last place, in fact, aileen--last camp she come that i had, was that one. >>(narrator) this is a picture of chief, the local pedophile. he's thought to be the father of aileen's child. chief later committed suicide. >>(broomfield) he was, like, a bit of a strange old man, wasn't he? >>kind of, yeah. a lot of people thought he was but they were a gathering place for kids, cause they had kids from everywhere that came there all the time.
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and, i remember when i was little, see, chief would want to pick kids up and put 'em on his lap, and he'd talk, and tell 'em about this and that. and, i never would allow it, because i just--he kind of freaked me a little bit. i can remember one time, uh, he had chicken eggs, cause he had chickens and all this kind of thing, and he'd pick 'em open, when they were ready to hatch. and, i couldn't stand it, him doing that. >>he'd pick them open? >>he would pick the shells open, as they were trying to come through. he would pick 'em open, and it would be too early for 'em still, y'know, cause-- >>they died? >>a lot of times they would. they weren't really ready to come out of there yet. they wouldn't live. >>they're still there. >>(narrator) michelle drove us to aileen's old home. they grew up as vietnam was ending, and drugs were everywhere. >>ailleen's house is right over there. ya wanna go by it? >>yeah. >>ok, i'll take you by it. this was mark farren's house. we're all connected together; we all used to hang in the neighborhood, y'know, all the
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kids packed together. this was terry cox's house right here. she used to do a lot of drugs with (name bleeped) who lived in this little white one. this is aileen's house, right here. this is it. >>that's it, there? >>that's it. this is her house. >>(broomfield) and, when you saw he being beaten, where were-- >>that door right there, i was in front of that door. see, they redid the house since then, but that room, in the very back, is her bedroom, not the first one, but the one in the back. >>and that's where she was being-- >>yeah. this one, the second window. and, see how low they are? she used to climb right out of 'em. if somebody sees us in here, the will come out and raise hell cause i--cory was with me, when that happened last time. and (name bleep) and (name bleep) lived right here, and they were druggies also. we used to hang together, and go over there, and smoke pot, and do what not, get in all kinds of (bleep). >>but, lot's of different drugs? >>yes! lot's of, um, pills actually.
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>>pills. >>lsd, mescaline, blotter acid um... is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
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protect medicare and rebuild the middle class.
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>> steve israel runs the dccc, appreciate. >> thank you.
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>>aileen, aged 16, left michigan and traveled down here to florida, looking for sun and friends. she was young and pretty earning good money as a hooker but with a violent temper, and soon in trouble. she knocked one man out with a beer bottle, another with a
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billiard ball. she particularly liked it here near daytona beach. this is one of the motels, the fairview, where she frequently stayed. >>(crowd cheering, applause) >>it was also new and exciting. just down the road is the last resort biker bar, where aileen liked to hang out. she was allegedly great friends with the human bomb. >>(announcer) 3, 2, 1! >>(explosion) >>(cheers, applause) >>how do you feel? >>real dizzy, right now. real dizzy. >>did you know lee well? >>yeah, uh can i talk to y'all in a few minutes? i gotta walk this off.
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>>(narrator) after keith, her brother, died of cancer, aged 21, aileen surprised everyone by marrying this man, lewis fell, who was 76 years old and president of the keystone coal company. but, after only a month, lewis filed for restraining charges after aileen beat lewis with his own walking stick. in her late twenties, aileen gave up on men and started dating women. here's tyra, who became aileen's family. they lived together for over three years. this was one of the homes they had. aileen saw herself as a kind of bonnie and clyde character on the run, with her lover, tyra. aileen and tyra's favorite pastime was drinking beer and firing their pistols in the woods. aileen got books on being a survivalist. she wanted tyra all to herself. tyra described aileen as a fantasist who became jealous and possessive, and who could be violent and frightening. in the end, tyra ran off as the
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police were closing in. in loneliness and desperation, aileen ended up with this man, >>this is that paper you were talking about? >>yeah, it's called, "my sex romps with kinky man killer." >>(narrator) dick has sold his story to the news of the world. >>all i wanna know is, who's the best lawyer out there, man, to sue them for this trash? i never talked that (bleep) >>they quote you. let me ask if you said this, right? "we were lying in bed one night when she started talking about her favorite sexual fantasies. she said she often got turned on by imagining she had a black hood over her head and was tied to a tree in the forest. then, a guy would come up, rape her, and shoot her in the head. she said the actually killing would make her climax. i was real sickened by what she said." >>wrong. wrong. there's partial truth to that, but most of that, i don't know what it came from, or who got
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it, or nothing about it. you can check any film anywhere in the country, or any one that's got it. i never said that. ok? it goes along the line that, uh, she told me one time that the idea was that she liked to lay in bed out in the middle of the forest, or the woods or somewhere, or the mountains, or something, and have a hood over her head or something, and somebody would come crawl in through the window, or something--no, they had the hood on or something. they would rape or some kind of (bleep) and she liked that. >>did-- >>as far as all these other things go pertaining to it, there's no reality to it. >>did you get any feeling that she hated men, or, >>no, i just got the feeling she's what she was, a dyke, except i didn't know she was a killer. there's no way i could know that. >>i mean, could you tell that when you made love to her? >>nah, not particularly. she probably just liked it either way, whatever came along. didn't really seem to matter much. just another bad experience, i'm sure, for both of us. >>(narrator) this is aileen when first charged with the murders. it was just after the phone conversations with tyra that had led her to confess.
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what aileen didn't know was that tyra herself was involved in movie discussions involving florida state police and production companies in hollywood. they were selling her story, the story of america's first female serial killer. >>(officer) do you understand your rights if you talk? >>yes i do, sir. >>do you wish to be represented by counsel? >>yes i do. >>can you afford to hire an attorney? >>no, sir. >>do you work? >>no. >>uh >>i'm in jail. how can i work? >>well, obviously you're not working now, but how long has it been since you've last worked? >>oh, uh, '84, possibly. >>you haven't worked in six or seven years? how do you support yourself? >>i was a professional call girl. >>(narrator) when sgt brian jarvis, who is now police chief in new york state, objected to these movies discussions, he was taken of the wuornos case. >>right, i was actually transferred back into the patrol division. uh, it had followed a month of continual harassment on the job, in the current position i was in, which ultimately started
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when capt vinegar had realized that i found out about their plan to work with tyria moore in obtaining a movie rights package. >>(narrator) the state attorney's report found that three of jarvis's fellow officers, capt vinegar, sgt munster, and major dan henry were involved in movie discussion with tyria moore after aileen's arrest. >>yeah ultimately when the, when the arrest came, lee wuornos was charged with the murder, and tyria moore was not charged with anything, but she made a, uh, a state's witness, and she was working with these fellow officers on obtaining movie rights. >>(narrator) this note was then pinned under sgt jarvis's back door, and his home burgled. >>less than a month later, on november 25th, um, my wife had gone out to the post office and the store during the daylight hours, like ten o'clock in the morning, and when she came home, the house had been broken into. the doors were ajar.
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she went up to my office, and all the files on the wuornos case, the investigators, and all the information i had had been trashed. nothing else had been touched in the house. >>(reporter) how do you feel aileen? >>bust these crooked cops and their conspiracy, please. >>are you afraid, aileen? >>i'm innocent. >>(narrator) aileen was right about the cops and their movie deals, but in her paranoia she also believed that the police had known about the first murder, but allowed her to become a serial killer, because then they'd get more money for their film deals. aileen's lawyers are challenging the execution on the grounds of her mental competence, not that executing insane people seems to be a problem. in 1989, the supreme court ruled it was not unconstitutional to execute the mentally impaired. aileen's paranoid delusions have gotten much worse on death row. she now believes her mind is being controlled by radio waves beamed into her cell. [[vo]]...we're the idea nobody
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wants to hear. ...until the truth reveals itself. boat-rockers. and above all... and there's only one place you'll find us. weeknights on current tv. this is countdown south carolina. forgot the name of the show p.m. >>aileen wuornos says her food is being tainted and she's being
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threatened with rape. >>cbs 4's joan murray is live in ft. lauderdale with the story, joan? >>well, now she has written a twenty-five page letter where she names names, names security, or rather, guards at the prison where she is being held in pembroke pines, accusing them of harassing her while she awaits execution. >>and i'm gonna need some, um, an attorney, like a private attorney to oversee my well being until my execution. maybe that would keep things kind of in line, cause there's a lot of illegalness going on. >>(narrator) it's actually pretty hard to help aileen, who by now, not surprisingly doesn't trust anyone. and, she's threatening to fire her lawyer if he continues to try and fight the execution. dawn told aileen about our visit to troy, and aileen asked for the opportunity to put the record straight about her childhood. >>(security door opening) >>alright, yep. will you let me know when she is?
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ok. you don't have any secret cameras in your, uh, belt, do you? >>no, i just have this rather large one right here. >>(security door opening) >>hello! >>hi. >>hey, how ya doin? >>good. >>good to see you. >>good to see you. >>hi, nick. >>hi. how are you? >>(laughs) i'm doin' all right. how you doin'? >>good. >>check out the orange shirt. >>was it orange before? >>no, they changed it. they got this new thing where you where the orange shirt out for rec, or, whenever you get
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like, death row is never escape. no one on death row has every escaped, right, and they're acting like we're escape riskers. >>what's it like being in here all the time? >>what's it like being in here? well, here it's ok, it's all right, but, y'know, you have your problems with the staff& don't like you (laughs). "argh, you're a serial killer!" y'know, that biz and stuff. so they, y'know, some staff won't treat you right, because who you are-- >>have you got any friends? >>--you can't be in control of everybody. >>have you got any friends here at all? >>no, i stick to myself. i just just stick in my cell with myself. i don't even care about goin' outdoors. there's nothing out there. i don't even smoke anymore. so.. >>so, what's your day like? how does it start? >>i spend twenty four/seven in the cell, uh, watching tv, reading the bible, writing letters to dawn, um, sitting
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around doin' a lot of thinking preparing, um, memory--going back in time, memory of all everything i been through in my life, just preparing for my death, get all the tears out of me and stuff so i won't cry and jazz, cause it is going to be a bit tough when i go. >>so you don't cry. >>huh? >>getting all the tears out of you. >>yeah. (laughs) cause i don't want to be in the execution chamber cryin' my eyes out, and i'm not going to. i'm gonna tough it out as tough as i can. just lay on the table and give everybody a little smile, and close my eyes, and go. >>with richard mallory, he was the first that you killed. >>mm-hm. >>did he abuse you or not? cause in the court you said that, y'know-- >>oh, i was just--see i'm not going to go into the--wait a minute, no i won't go in
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i won't go into the murder. won't go into the murders, if it was self defense or not. i'm not going into any of the murders. whether or not they died in self defense or what, i'm not going to say. i'm not sayin' nothin'. my concern, the only reason i'm doing interviews for anybody or anything, my concern is there's--you got law enforcement out there allowing people to die. you got--those fifty men in canada, i mean fifty women in canada that died. i'm sure the cops knew who the guy was. they're lettin' them kill. they want to turn them into high profile cases for books and movies. >>well what was it, how was it-- >>i wondered how aileen herself viewed her childhood in troy. >>(broomfield) was it quite nice living there? >>yeah, troy's all right. oh, and i wanted to, uh, straighten out something, man. see, hey nick, i gotta get this straightened out. see, the cops lied about my family, jackie, drew, and them they all lied about my-- >>well, how did they lie about your family? >>because see, ok, now i gotta see i gotta--if this
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documentation--i gotta square some stuff up here-- >>ok, so tell me about your family. >>ok. the truth about my family is this: my dad was so straight and so clean, he wouldn't even take his shirt off to mow the lawn. he did not believe in cussing, he did not believe in, uh, long hair and mini skirts and stuff. he was really straight, really decent; and so was my mom. my mom hated swearing in the house. if you swore, if you said one swear word, you had a whole bar of lava soap in your mouth. so, i came from a real clean and decent family. >>but, why then did you get thrown out, after the birth? >>see, after my mom died, after my mom died my dad got pissed. he was like, ok this is the last straw, y'know. i think you are the cause of mom's death, because, because she had physical problems,
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because of all the stress, and the pain, and the suffering and everything. and, what i'm going through, as a wild kid, is pissing him off. i mean, he thinks that that killed her as well, induced her death and so he's pissed off. he doesn't want me home anymore. >>how did it feel like having to live in cars and in other peoples-- >>it was living hell. that's why i went florida. (laughs). >>living hell. >>yeah. yeah. i mean, y'know sleeping in snow, i mean, sleeping in snowy weather, in a vehicle on cinder blocks at richie's house sleeping in--with no blank--i think i had one blanket and one pillow. it's ice cold outside? that's when i said, well, i got to go, i got to go down to florida, something now. cause i was sleeping in the snow, out in the woods sleeping on the ground in the snow. >>you must have been frozen. >>i was frozen man, yeah. i still got marks from--my toes are blue to this day. the bottom of my feet are blue. that's probably why i even got
10:23 am
my hands like this today. i don't know. my hands are, as you can see they're like they're frostbit lookin'. mm-hmm. >>and how were the other kids though? >>how--the other kids? they were all livin' in their house. (laughs) while i was out on the streets. but, that's all right, man cause you see i lived through it. i survived. i went down to florida, then i--y'know, started truckin' all around the united states of america and stuff. >>aileen, let me ask you one question. do you think, if you hadn't had to leave your home and sleep in the cars and stuff, it would've worked out differently? >>now, if i do my life all over again, and i came from a background of a family that was right on, where my, i mean my family was right on--when i was thinking that i meant as far as my mom not dying, my dad not freaking out and us--if i could do it all over again--my family died too young, i had to hit the road, and i came from a family
10:24 am
that was supportive, we didn't have split sis--half sister brother stuff and that, it was all true blood, real blood and everything was financially stable, and everybody was really tight. i would've became, more than likely, an outstanding citizen of america who would've either been an archaeologist, a paramedic, a police officer, a fire department gal, or an undercover worker for dea, or a arch--did i say archaeologist--or a missionary. 'cause i believe in god, but i'm not a christian freak. >>so, you think it would've-- >>so, scrub missionary cause i'm just--i'm just thinking, y'know, i would've come from a decent--i would've done it real decent. >>let me ask you something. what do you think was the single most happy time in your life? what do you think you've enjoyed most?
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>>(sigh) nick, i been through so much hell, i can't even think of something there, right now. and, i'm so burning (bleep)ing mad about how i'm being--i've got to wait for my execution? i want to get in the (bleep)ing chamber tomorrow and leave. and then they play, since i waved off, i've had nothing more than psychological, and physical (bleep)ing problems, playing with it, cause i'm on hold with my execution. i'm so (bleep)ing mad i can't see straight, and they're just darin' me to kill again. they got me pissed, heh, united states supreme court, you (bleep), i'm tellin' you man you mother(bleep) keep (bleep)ing with my goddamn execution there's gonna be bloodshed. i'm sick of this. get that (bleep)ing warrant signed. >>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal."
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we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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how's it going, gentlemen? what's up, man? gas prices keep going up. crazy, man. but seeing how i saved hundreds on car insurance with progressive this tank's on me. [ laughs ] you serious? i'm serious. this guy who needs gas, come on, this way, here we go. how are you, sir? okay. gas prices keep going up right? yeah. yeah, we getting a whole free tank of gas. crazy. i've never ever had a full tank of gas in this car. fill it up with savings. you sure about that, man? i'm absolutely sure about that. all right, who's next? the dude from the progressive commercial, man,
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he just filled up our tank for us. appreciate it. take care. fill it up? free tank of gas. fill it up. thanks a lot, man. you bet. straight up, man. switch to progressive, dog. they doing a lot of good out here, man. tell him the messenger sent you. >>(narrator) aileen waited until she thought we weren't filming to talk about the murders. >>(whispering) i would never be able to handle a life sentence or anything. and then they've said other things that are really crazy. they do crazy things to people while they're incarcerated. i'd never be able to handle it so i'm going for the death. i have to, cause they're evil. they're too evil to people incarcerated, and they're too evil to people on the cases. they're so corrupt it's not funny. i gotta go down. i have to. that's why i can't say nothin' about self defense on tape or anything.
10:29 am
>>but, was it self defense? >>huh? >>was it self defense? >>what? >>was it self defense? >>what? >>was it self defense? >>yes, but i can't tell anybody. never. i have to go down to the execution. they're too corrupt. they-they stick together, hand over fist, hand in glove, man. >>so, it was self-- >>hand over fist, friend i glove. >>so was--was mallory self defense? >>yeah, and so was some others but there's nothing i can do about it. all they do is give me an overturned sentence. they would never do me righteous, you see what i'm sayin'? they'll never do my right. they'll only (bleep) me over some more, so i can only go to the death. >>(security door opening)
10:30 am
>>you know i will always remember you and love you. >>yeah. >>i love you so much, man. take care of yourself. >>all right, thanks. >>and nice meeting you. >>nice meeting you. >>take care. >>take care. >>(broomfield) goodbye, aileen. bye. >>see you later! >>(narrator) six months later, this announcement was made. >>(reporter) governor jeb bush signs death warrants scheduling the executions. forty-four year old aileen wuornos is one the nation's first known female serial killers. she will be executed october 9th for the murders of six men. wuornos has dropped all of her appeals. >>i did it because i believe in the death penalty and i have a duty to implement the law. and, a great majority of floridians want their governor to do this-- >>(narrator) jeb bush is running for reelection on a law and order, pro death penalty ticket. aileen's execution date for october the 9th fits in perfectly a month before these elections. brad thomas, jeb bush's
10:31 am
political advisor put it as saying, "we want to become more like texas, bring in the witnesses, put them on a gurney, and let's rock n' roll." ♪ >>(narrator) we're driving to meet dianne wuornos aileen's biological mother. the haven't laid eyes on each other for twenty-five years. this calumet, a copper mining town on michigan's upper peninsula. the wuornos family originally came here as immigrants from oulu in finland to work down the mines. >>(sigh) ok. let me fix my pillow again.
10:32 am
ok, i wanna tell you. i'm probably gonna cry a little. i want to tell you something about her birth. she was a frank, breach birth, that means bottom first. and, a breach birth is very dangerous, and that's feet first. and, a frank breach, bottom first, is, really very bad. the doctor even called in other people to watch it because it was so unusual. but, i thought maybe that she got some kind of brain damage during that birth. and, that may have caused--while she's mentally competent, it may have caused her problems. what does aileen think about what caused her to act like that?
10:33 am
>>well, originally she said she did it in self defense, and then she said she just needed the money, and she says that if she had, y'know, come from a home that wasn't split, and-- >>oh, because her father and me getting a divorce. >>i--she didn't say that, but i think, um, i think she's confused. because, she, on the one hand, she says it has nothing to do with her childhood, but then on the other hand, she was sleeping out in the snow for a while and living in the woods. >>she was sleeping in the snow and living in the woods? >>mm-hm. immediately after she had the
10:34 am
baby. >>i know nothing about that. i never heard barry tell me that. >>after she had the baby she couldn't, she couldn't move back into the house with your father-- >>yeah. >>--then she was living in the woods, in the snow. >>did an agency find her and take care of her? >>no. and then she ended up, y'know, hitchhiking around. >>which she liked. do you know the exact date of the execution? >>i think it's soon. >>ok. >>i think it's very soon. >>i think i'll respite her.
10:35 am
>>(narrator) as we were leaving, dianne asked for aileen's forgiveness. i heard aileen just fired her lawyer. i drove to stark, florida, where the execution will happen, and to meet dawn, who's doing the funeral arrangements. >>(broomfield) so, what does aileen want to wear again, for the execution? >>um, a black harley david's tee shirt with wings, cause she believes she's earned her wings, which she has, a pair of jeans a pair of boots with, um, corner toes, and a military belt. i think that's it, actually. she might have something else on that. i don't know, probably a leather jacket, if i know aileen. (laughs) don't know if she can or not, but-- >>and what other wishes did she make? >>you mean to be afterwards? be cremated and come home to my
10:36 am
house. be around the people that love her. why would she want to stay in florida? mm-mm, she'd come home to michigan. the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>it is an independent progressive voice and i love that. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two term governor. >>people like somebody who's got a spine. >>determined to find solutions... >>we need government to ensure that people have freedom. >>driven to find the truth... >>what's really going on? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct.
10:37 am
10:38 am
>>(narrator) aileen's ex-lawyer made a last minute plea to stop the execution, but jeb bush was not going to be stopped. >>based on his concerns, uh, we're going to ask, uh, three psychiatrists to, um, analyze her, to make sure that she's fit for the execution, which is a duty that i have, and i intend
10:39 am
to do it. >>(narrator) jeb ordered a stay of execution, but guess what his psychiatrists examined aileen for just fifteen minutes, and then gave the thumbs up to go ahead. >>lynn gordon is in our newsplex with the latest details, lynn? >>laurie, we have just learned that jeb bush as lifted the stay of execution for serial killer aileen wuornos. she has been found to be mentally competent, that means she will be executed next wednesday. >>(narrator) aileen's given up the opportunity to give a mass press conference, and has asked me to do her last interview. i'm sure that's because she wants me to communicate her ideas about what she calls the crooked cops. the last interview. dumb rules like i've got to stand behind this rope. there'll be fifteen guards including the warden, in
10:40 am
attendance, and aileen, for no good reason, will wear shackles throughout the interview. >>(broomfield) is she on her way? >>pardon? >>is she on her way? >>i can't-- >>(narrator) it's been proven that the death penalty is absolutely no deterrent. states without the death penalty, in fact, have lower murder rates. >>(unintelligible talking on walkie talkies, buzzing of doors) >>(broomfield) hi, aileen.
10:41 am
>>you know i already told you everything, so, y'know, you just go ahead and ask me questions, and if i want to answer 'em, i'll answer 'em, ok? >>ok. >>so, so, i-i guess i was wondering how you're going to be, y'know, at nine thirty tomorrow morning. are you gonna be prepared? >>i'm prepared. i'm all right. i'm all right with it. >>how-- >>i'm all right with it, but like i said, remember to let them know that i know that the cops knew who i was after richard mallory died. i left prints everywhere, and they covered it up, and let me kill the rest of those guys to turn me into a serial killer. i know they did, because i was no professional serial killer or anything. i don't--murder or whatever you want to call it. i wasn't professional at what i
10:42 am
was doing. >>so, aileen, how-- >>i did some sloppy work y'know, and left prints-- >>how have you prepared yourself for tomorrow morning? >>how--i'm all right with it. yeah i'm ready to go. hey, i was tortured at bci. they had the intercom in the room, and they kept lyin' that it wasn't on, and they were using sonic pressure on my head, since 1997. >>sonic pressure? >>and every time i was trying to write something--and i think they had some kind of eye in the cell, i'm not sure, but every time i started writing something it went up higher. so, i'm thinking that they probably had the tv rigged. the tv, or the mirror, or something was rigged. they have a huge satellite on the compound, and after they put the huge satellite on the compound, it could've been rigged to the tv set, or the mirror, or something, cause the electrician, when he put the mirror on the wall said, "doesn't that look like a computer?" the back of it. and then he stuck it to the wall. >>and do you think, what, did it
10:43 am
affect your mind, do you think? >>did that affect your mind in some way? the sonic-- >>it was crushing my head, and they were using sonic pressure continually. then, when i had three meetings with ms. fillacorda on it, every meeting i had she increased the pressure, of the volume, of the calm, increased the harassment on the floor, increased the trays being inedible, just increased every bit of my complaints, and trashed all the grievances. they're trying to make it look like i was crazy at all times, rig up the room with torture. if i said anything about--their whole, i think their whole plan was to make it look like i was totally crazy, and so nobody would believe anything i had to say about anything, and then drive me there if they could. i suffered so bad, i was really struggling to survive. i had a lot of trays that were attempted murder and everything. i had to wash all my food off. then, one day i didn't wash my
10:44 am
food off, and i was sick for three weeks, and i almost died. >>but, you're ok now? >>i'm ok. i'm ok. god is going to be there. jesus christ in going to be there, all the angels and everything, and, y'know, whatever's on the beyond. i think it's going to be more like star trek, beaming me up into a space vehicle, man. then i move on, recolonize to another planet or whatever, but whatever's beyond, i know it's going to be good, because i didn't do anything as wrong as they said. i did the right thing, and i saved a lot of people's butts from getting raped and killed too. >>so, are you saying that you killed in self defense, or in cold blood? what are you--what are--cause, you--you've changed your story. i'm just trying to-- >>what are you talking about? change the story on what? >>about whether it was self defense or not. >>i'm not gonna say if--y'know i'm not gonna get in depth about my cases, nick. i'm on my way to the chamber nothing's stopping it. you can believe it or you don't have to believe it. that's up to you, man. put a big question mark on your
10:45 am
film. >>just before we came here, we met with your, with your mother, dianne. >>you met with my brother and dianne? i could give a-- >>your mother, your mother. >>oh, my mother dianne, let me tell you something, she plopped me out of her belly, left me with my grandparents, and we never knew her! so, tell that damn whore i could give a (bleep) if she even had me. she had me and left to texas and we--my mom, my dad, barry, keith, lori, all of us never saw her ever again, except at funerals, my mom's funeral, my dad's funeral, and my brother's funeral. and, if she's at mine, probably be spittin' on her. i could care less. i don't give a damn about that whore. >>well, she-she asked to-- >>i don't know her. i never even knew her. >>she asked you for your forgiveness. >>she can go to hell. she doesn't have any of my forgiveness. i don't even know her, don't even wanna know her.
10:46 am
my only interview concerns are about cops letting me kill. so, if you don't ask me about that, i'm gonna cut this interview. ask me about the cops. >>what do--i mean, what more is there to--what more is there to say about the cops? what-what more do you want to say about the cops? >>a lot of stuff. did you know that they were surveilling me before i killed and that i knew it? and that was covered up. did you know there was helicopters dropping down from the sky, deputy sheriff, decoys picking me up five months before my arrest. it was covered up. >>but, nonetheless-- >>nobody ever asked me these questions. >>whether the cops were following you or not, aileen-- >>oh, whether cops are following me or not, aileen, what? >>let's say the cops were following you-- >>yeah? >>let's say they were following you and they did everything that you're saying they did-- >>uh-huh. >>nonetheless-- >>yeah?
10:47 am
>>you killed seven men. >>yeah, sure did. >>and i'm asking you what got you to kill the seven men-- >>and i'm telling you because the cops let me keep killing 'em, nick. don't you get it? >>not everybody is killing seven people. so, there must have been something in you that was getting you to do this. >>oh, you are lost, nick! i was a hitchhiking hooker. >>right. >>runnin' into trouble, i'd shoot-shoot the guy if i were runnin' into trouble. physical trouble. the cops knew it. when the physical trouble came along--let her--let her clean the streets, and then we'll pull her in. that's why. >>how come there was so much physical trouble in just--cause it was all in one year. seven people in one year. >>oh well. oh well. >>but, why not say now? >>because, i'm--out of retaliation for taking my life like this and gettin' rich off this all these years, and all the pathological lying. yeah, thanks a lot, i lost my (bleep)ing life because of it. couldn't even get a fair trial. couldn't even get a fair investigation or nothing.
10:48 am
couldn't even have my appeals right. you sabotaged my ass, society, and the cops, and the system. a raped woman got executed. it was used for books and movies and (bleep). ladder climbs, reelection, everything else. i got a big finger in all your faces, thanks a lot. you're inhuman--you're an inhumane bunch of (bleep)ing living bastards and (bleep), and you're gonna get your asses nuked in the end, and pretty soon it's coming. 2019 a rock's supposed to hit you anyhow. you're all gonna get nuked. you don't take (bleep)ing human life like this, and just sabotage, and rip it apart like jesus on the cross, and say thanks a lot for all the (bleep)ing money i made off of ya, and not care about a human being, and the truth being told. now i know what jesus was going through. i been trying to tell the truth, and i keep getting stepped on. concerned about if i was raped if--i'm not giving you book and movie info. i'm giving you info for investigations and stuff, and
10:49 am
that's it. we're gonna have to cut this interview, nick. i'm not going to go into any more detail. i'm leaving. i'm glad. thanks a lot, society, for railroadin' my ass. ok, let's go. you dirty son of a bitches. took a raped woman and sent her to--well, you sent her to god, but you're gonna get your nuke someday soon. >>hey, aileen? i'm sorry, i'm sorry. >>tell society i said thanks a lot. to the constitution may be in order. that's next on "the war room."
10:50 am
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1c >>(thunder) >>it was really pretty incredible that aileen had just sailed through the psychiatric tests the day before. it makes you wonder what you would have to do to fail. later that night, dawn met aileen for her last meal kentucky fried chicken and french fries. she was limited to a twenty dollar budget. >>she's sorry, nick. that she didn't--she didn't give you the finger. she gave the media the finger, and then the attorneys the
10:53 am
finger. she didn't give you the, uh, finger. and, she knew she said much more that it could make a difference on her execution tomorrow, so she decided not to. ok? >>well, she thought--she thought they might not execute her if she-- >>yes. she's afraid they're--she's afraid of something jeopardizing her ex, y'know, execution in the morning. >>(crickets) >>(man's voice) keep going ma'am. >>(reporter in distance) sonic waves, sonic waves in her cell >>(female reporter) york. i was wondering if we could just do
10:54 am
>>(reporter in tent) technology is just getting better and better. >>at eight o'clock, time ticking away for aileen wuornos. >>her date with death set for about ninety minutes from now, seven's patrick fraser is live in raiford as her sentence is about to be carried out. good morning, patrick. >>christine, in an hour and a half exactly, aileen wuornos will be injected with a poison. within about two minutes, she will begin to stop breathing. now, it's tough to say who will be happier that she is dying the families of the victims she brutally murdered, or aileen wuornos. >>(dramatic music) >>we did wake her up at five thirty. she, um, requested a towel and washcloth to wash her face and freshen up. she is very calm this morning. um, not as talkative as she has been in the past. >>(narrator) it was hoped aileen would confess all to a priest before execution,but she remained angry and defiant to the very end. aileen sent the priest packing
10:55 am
and then knelt down and prayed for her victims, believing they might be too evil to be accepted by god. >>did you talk about dying and-- >>she didn't talk about dying at all. >>what about remorse? >>all she wanted to do was talk about the police, and--i-i y'know, just formed the impression that here was somebody who is obviously lost her mind, has totally lost touch with reality, and we're executing a person who's mad. and, i don't really know what kind of message that gives. that's very disturbing. >>we're gonna have a briefing. we're gonna have a briefing, then the witnesses. >>is everybody ready? at nine forty seven this morning, the case of the state of florida vs. aileen wuornos was carried out at florida state prison in a very professional and human manner. during aileen wuornos's brief, one minute final statement, uh she alluded to the fact of--that
10:56 am
she would be sailing away with the rock. she'll be back with jesus christ, like on independence day. on june 6th, just like the movie, on the big mothership. i'll be back. i'll be back. >>♪[singing] ("carnival" by natalie merchant) well i've walked these streets, a virtual stage, a scene to me. makeup on their faces, actors to their places next to me.
10:57 am
well, i've walked these streets in a carnival of sights to see. all the cheap thrill seekers vendors, and the dealers. they crowded around me. have i been blind? have i been lost inside myself and my own mind, hypnotized,
10:58 am
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