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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  March 12, 2012 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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thank god it was only a movie. >> thanks for joining us in the war room. have a great night. we'll see you tomorrow. we'll be joined by willie brown former senator debbie stabinaugh and others. >> unfortunately we have another disaster in afghanistan, and now even the republicans are bailing out. >> i reached the conclusion about the entire region that is much more pessimistic than washington's official position. >> we have a great guest on that, but shockingly i agree with newt gringrich on that. we'll get to that in a little bit. and there is a devastating new movie about john mccain and sarah palin that cover moments like this. >> what senator obama--biden obama--biden--obama whatever. >> yeah, bla-bla-bla- >> i got winners and losers for
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you. the winner may an surprising one later on in the program and we have a great controversial in the g.o.p. field. >> are these magic grits? did you buy them from the same guy who told him sold jack his bean stalk bean? you know what the real shocker is? we have more news coming up. >> this morning we woke up to more sad news from afghanistan. one of our soldiers doing something terrible and hears what the news had all day today. >> afghanistan in a revenge from the taliban. >> new details about the u.s. soldier now accused of murdering at least 16 mostly women and
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children in afghanistan. >> he broke into three houses in two villages. slaughtering 16 people, including nine children. >> why should we continue to invest blood and treasure in over ten and a half years in afghanistan? >> well, all right well, i got to ask the same question. we'll ask that in a bit. it does not look good, and 16 people killed, mostly women and children. it's bad bad news. and president obama was talking to local reporters of the white house today and he explained that it makes his transition seem nor sensible. i don't know about but let's listen to him first. >> this is a situation although we're still doing the investigation it appears you had a lone gunman who acted on his own in just a tragic, tragic way. i talked to president karzai and expressed my deep condolences. obviously in no way is this representative of the enormous
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sacrifices that our men and women in uniforms made in afghanistan, but it does signal the importance of transitioning in accordance with my plans that afghanistan take over their own security and we get our troops home. >> whatever you want to call it, let's go, let's go, let's get out immediately. 78% of americans agree with president obama's transition plan to draw down the forces that began last year, and they said absolutely. now 60% of americans say we got to go. it's time to leave afghanistan and the war was not worth it. that's a big big number. remember, the people who did 9/119/11 were originally given sanctuary in afghanistan. still 76% of americans say not worth it. we got to go. when the question was framed, hey, live, should we stay long enough to train their troops the answer was still hell no.
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54% of americans say withdrawal should be immediate. i couldn't agree more. fact now americans are flipping. 74% of republicans used to be in favor of staying in afghanistan and supporting the war in 2009. now 2012, only 47% are approving of the war. now, before this shooting i want to show you what president obama's and santorum and romney's position on the war was. watch. >> our mission will change from combat to support by 14. this process of transition will be complete and the afghan people will be responsible for their own security. >> president obama by making political decision after political decision about timelines and constraints on rules of engagement have validated everything that these radical islamists are saying. that we're not in this to win. we'll play politics with this, and then we'll find this problem in afghanistan on our shores in
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a very short order. >> this is not time for america to cut and run. we've been there for ten years. the afghan troops are picking up the security of their country. >> yeah, how is that working out for us, mitt? it's a terrible mission. we already routed the taliban in the first place. al-qaida is gone, osama bin laden is gone. we got to go. and republicans outside of ron paul snaps, here is newt gringrich saying, we got to go. >> i reached the conclusion frankly about the entire region that is much more pessimistic than washington's general position. i think it's likely that we tragically have lost lives and injuries to a considerable number of young americans on a mission that is not doable.
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look at what is going on around the region and then ask yourself is this in fact a harder, deeper problem that is not supportable to military forces, at least not military force and skill that we're able to do. >> of course it's not a military problem. you're not going to fix afghanistan that way. newt gringrich says we need to get out of afghanistan. we misunderstood the region. and we need to get into iran. they never learn. then ten years from now we'll talk about yeah, it turns out we couldn't accomplish our mix in iran either. we're telling you ahead of time, don't do it. now a fascinating fact about afghanistan. a poll done by men 20 to 30 years old. in two southern provinces that we were fighting. 92% of them had no idea what 9/11 was. they had no idea why they're fighting us. they have no idea why we're
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there. they're thinking, they're here, let's fight them. the same thing happened to the soviets. they went and asked the former self yet generals and diplomats in the area, what was your experience in the afghanistan. this is what they said. in the economic sphere afghanistan is at a stage lower than the middle ages. we were fighting there to make our country safer. after the war i could see this war had been pointless. gee, does that sound like a middle we've seen. a soviet ambassador back in 79-86. history didn't listen to us. all our efforts to restore peace in the country this was a flop in the end. gee, what does that sound like? it sounds like exactly what we're going through. we got to go. we got to go. we got to get out of there tomorrow. all right i've got a great expert with us on this issue.
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sean parnel. thank you for joining us. i appreciate it. sean is a decorateed airborne ranger retired as a captain two bronze stars and a purple heart. i know you served 16 months with these guys and you know afghanistan infantly. first of all talk about our mission in afghanistan. you know, tell me what you guys and then how do you think that relates to the mission and is the mission in any way possible to accomplish. >> when i was there in 2006 our primary imagination was to destroy the enemy on the board of afghanistan and pakistan. so it was simple back then. but right now we sort of shifted from a counter terrorist strategy to counter insurgency strategy, i'm not sure how that happened but the current strategy we're implementing right now i cements that now assumes
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the afghan nation exists and to train the afghan government effectively. >> that's really interesting. as i read what the old soviets said about it, they said the same thing. they said, what we discovered is that it's not a country. these guys, they don't view it as a country. we gave them a central government and it was not ever going to work. aren't we doing the same mistake. >> implementing a counter insurgentcy strategy is a mistake. it will be unachievable. every tactical engagement we fight on the ground, we win yet a victory in afghanistan is impossible. >> as you look back at the areas you guys are in, and i know you took out 350 guys. you had 80% casual rate on your side people who got wounded but you only lost one guy's life
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which is tragic enough as it is. >> yes. >> did we hold that land? what happened there or right now what is the current status in the places you fought? >> i mean, they're still the same as they were the day that we left. i could say that if we left afghanistan tomorrow to their own devices and two months it would be back to the way that it was, fractured and decentralized. there is no question about it. >> so as i look at that sean, last question for you i think tomorrow tomorrow--every day another tragedy. today it happened to be one of our guys breaking and snapping, doing something horrific and before that it was afghans turning on us and killing six of our guys because of the qur'an burning. is there--i read a story about how the president is negotiating
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with afghans to keep 25,000 soldiers to 2024. i thought no, don't do it, are you crazy? how realistic is it? is it possible to get them out as soon as possible? >> i don't know. i think that when we're talking about--we should resist calls to pull out immediately because now is time to reevaluate our mission there. are we trying to build a jeffersonian democracy? why. is it possible? no. we schuster resist should resist running for the doors now. >> sean parnell, thank you for joining us. "outlaw platoon" an amazing book about the things that you went through, honestly. we turn to a bunch of guys who are nobody's heroes. they are the republican field in
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alabama and mississippi. michael shure in alabama. >> i don't know if he has had any grits yet. we'll ask him when we return. there is a controversy over grits when we come back. >> i like grits. i like cheese grits. i like grits with gravy. there is a number of visit
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protect medicare and rebuild the middle class. >> steve israel runs the dccc, appreciate. >> thank you.
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>> we've got alabama coming up tomorrow and it's incredibly tight. let's show you alabama numbers. we've got gingrich at 27%. romney at 26% and santorum at 25% and ron paul not really in the grace. thenrace. we go to mississippi. gingrich 33% romney 35% and ron paul not in the race. >> talking about grits, newt gringrich is going to pounce.
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go. >> mitt romney didn'ted yesterday morning that it was the first time that he had eaten grits. >> i like grits, too. >> i'd had it with shrimp, cheese, gravy, i get it. >> were these magic grits? did you buy them from the same guy who sold jack the bean stalk bean? >> i take pride in my grits. >> all right i take two things away from that.
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one, i'm definitely voting for joe pesci, and did you catch the woman basically to the left of romney as you're looking at the cam practice when he said cheesy grits. she's on board having fun and then watch this. >> i have to say i had cheesy grits. and cheesy grits is saying it. look at her reaction. that was awesome. you're supposed to say cheese grits. there. one for everybody. here's what is not fun the disastrous racist views of republicans in alabama and mississippi. you can't call them racist? well watch this. what religion is president obama. we go to alabama, 45% believe he's muslim. 45%. only 14% believe he's christian. 41% go, ugh i don't know how he
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has his grits. that's racist. you know why? because the fact is he's christian. you think he's muslim because he's got a funny sounding name. sarah palin scared the bejesus out of you in 2008 and he's black. keep it real. that's probably not the case in mississippi. let's find out how they are. muslim 52%. 52% of republicans in mississippi believe that he is muslim. you are wrong. you know what that makes you? ignorant. you're ignorant of the fact that he is, in fact christian which only 12% of your dumb ass got right. i'm not supposed to say that. i'm supposed to be of thible. i love the republicans in mississippi and alabama. that's what liberals are supposed to say. no i'm going to say it. you're wrong and ignorant. you're not muslim but he's christian. do you think that interracial should be legal?
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what's the point of asking that question. they're not racist are they? let's go to alabama and find out. in alabama i believe--what have we got here interracial marriage should be allowed 67% of the time. aren't they merciful. inrepublicans in alabama believe 27% of the time believe interracial marriage should be legal. it should get better in mississippi? no it doesn't. this is the year 2012. this is the year 2012. 29% of republicans in mississippi believe interracial marriage should be illegal. what am i supposed to call that? i love this, 17% not sure. ohoh yeah, black folks and white folks, i'm still thinking about
7:20 pm
it, give me some time. this is what i call racist. it's not even an issue. 52% i fine, they're not racist. these guys, you're racist. you don't like it, stop being racist. now we got a correspondent in alabama. his name is michael shure. he is epic politics man. all right. >> is the vote going to be for gingrich, santorum or romney. >> i happen to be in alabama right now. the gut feeling i have, and it's very gut, it's newt gringrich's race to lose. the poll that you mentioned is
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historically very unreliable. in 2008 the polling before that republican primary in alabama three of the last polls taken showed john mccain winning. the polls that had mccain winning had him up by four. huckabee won by four in 2008. the polling here for whatever reason is 50% wrong in the last re-election cycles. what is interesting about today and tomorrow is mitt romney. this is the first time where he can breathe easily. he has nothing to lose. he'll probably end up with the most delegates. tomorrow is hawai'i and it's american samoa it's 30% mormon in american samoa is and that's a
7:22 pm
chance for him to pick up more delegates. >> and in american samoa i understand that interracial marriage is okay there. let's talk talk about newt first of all, newt will put on his historian hat and attack mitt romney. >> the romney camp has been selling since last junes that i should get out of the race, by romney is probably the weakest republican frontrunner since 1920. >> what do you think? how is mitt going to answer that? watch. >> if i'm the weak frontrunner what does that make newt gringrich because i'm really ahead of him. i'm ahead. >> zinger. nicely done by mitt romney. as you look at that, what is the
7:23 pm
scenario here, if newt is winning mississippi he's still behind. does it give him enough momentum to stay in this? if newt wins mississippi is it done finally. >> the math says it's not done finally. there's no way that it's going to be done finally to much further along in in the running. when you look at mitt romney. if he pulls a surprise in the south, listen, if he sweeps tomorrow it's hard to see how people are going to continue to fund it. right now romney is pulling four points ahead in illinois. if romney is able to pick one of these off it will be a surprise and the first surprising finish in this race in quite awhile. the missouri-coloradocolorado-minnesota
7:24 pm
was a surprise. so there is a chance for mitt romney to pull a surprise in alabama and mississippi, but he has got to go against newt gringrich and nothing really gets the electorate going like a good leonard wood reference. >> michael shure in montgomery, alabama. i need you to eat cheese grits but definitely not cheesy grits. >> i promise i won't. i've had grits. i've had plenty of grits but i haven't had any with cheese yet. >> go for it and see how that turns out. when we come back, the new sarah palin movie "game change," it's disastrous for sarah palin. but there is a bigger loser from that movie. >> if you're going to consider the governor of alaska, we have to call her now.
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is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent and above all, politically direct. 50 >> here's a new hbo movie called "game changes," and it does not do sarah palin do any favors. it was devastating not just for sarah palin but for others as well. as you watch this mash up of real life and the movie sometimes one gets blurred into
7:28 pm
the other. >> do you know what the fact is. >> what insight does the proximity of the state give. >> youthey are our next door neighbors. you can see russia from land. >> speak to me why that enhances your foreign policy credentials. >> as putin rears his head and comes into the air space of the united states of america where do this go? it's alaska. >> do you agree with the bush doctrine. >> in what respect charlie? >> what do you interpret it to be. >> his world-view. >> what magazines did you regularly read before you were cast into this forum. >> i read most of them, again with a great appreciation for
7:29 pm
the press and the media. >> name one [bleep] paper. >> they say the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull lipstick. >> oh, devastating. she didn't know know what the fed was? she thought we went to iraq becausebecause saddam hussein was involved in 9/11. the guy who woody harrelson was playing was steve schmidt. the question is was this true to life? he was on television this morning and they asked him about that. >> i think the notion of sarah palin being president of the united states is something that frightens, frankly and i played a part in that. we were fueled by ambition to win. >> they should never have picked her. and soon after they found our
7:30 pm
incredibly ignorant she was. now nicole walsh was part that have. is the movie right? let's ask her. >> how true to life? >> well, true enough to make me squirm, but you know, this is not a movie about campaign staff or mccain and palin. this is a movie about the vast gray area in which 99% of our politics actually take place. >> true to life, and it made her squirm. how true it was. and you know, reading the books on it, and we'll talk to one of the authors in a second, no question about it. and you know one of the things that they have emphasized in the movie she couldn't say senator biden. she kept saying senator owe biden. >> barack obama and senator owe biden, he said no to everything--senator owe biden. >> in the debate she kept calling joe biden owe obiden.
7:31 pm
>> so can i call you joe which some people thought it was a strategy was just a way for her to be able to say his name without messing up. >> correct. >> oh, disaster after disaster. who are the winners and losers? surprisingly i thought todd palin came out looking good because he calmed sarah palin down before "the" debate. he said, don't worry joe biden sounds smart but no one knows what he's talking about. mark salter said don't pick her. we're supposed to be doing country first and she wasn't country first. and nicole wallace did not vote for that ticket. her own ticket. she didn't vote for it because she was so scared sarah palin
7:32 pm
would become vice president. and another loser in the movie john mccain, he never had a conversation with her about policy at all. obviously sarah palin a big loser, but you know what steve schmidt in the end is the biggest loser because he's the one who picked her. he didn't have a single conversation about foreign policy or domestic policy. and then later he complains about it and he goes and helps with the movie etc., etc. he's the the prtagonist in the movie movie. you should have booted her from the campaign if you cared about the country at all and he didn't do it. we'll go to shoshana who wrote the book "sarah from alaska."
7:33 pm
>> hi, cenk. >> in your experience, sarah palin. >> i thought it was entertaining and there were definitely moment moments that are i know hopped. there were events that i thought were over the top but it's supposed to be entertaining. the part that did happen like election night were very true to what happened that night. >> i remember watching katie couric interview and pulling my hair, oh my gosh, she didn't know who the hamas was and she had no idea. i didn't know to the depths of it. she couldn't tell the war between iraq and afghanistan and what's the difference, etc. but at the same time were there portions that you thought were over the top like give me an example, because well, come on, she had to know that. >> some of the over the top moments were when she was
7:34 pm
screaming and threw her blackberry. that's something over the top. i don't think it happened even if they didn't get along. i thought the whole queen of england line, that the queen would bring troops in to iraq, i thought that was over the top moment. i think in the end i think juliet moore is so good it's eerie. but many parties were quite true to form and well done in tho parts. >> the interviews themselves. forget the movie we saw the interviews. they were devastating. she didn't know the answer. >> the interviews were very easy to put in the movie. they just read the interview script. when she said to katie katie couric,
7:35 pm
that's exactly what happened. >> i thought maybe she didn't want to play along. she knows, but she didn't want to screw up the names of "new york times" or "washington post." >> no, she also was--she felt that katie couric was being con descending, and i don't think that's what katie couric was doing at all. most americans who nothing aboutknew nothingabout had would also be interested in. >> the movie depicts her as having a nervous breakdown. i didn't know that as we lived through the campaign. how true is that? what can we know about her mental state during the campaign. >> i think that's one of the more over the top moments. she was as we know under tremendous pressure. she did not prepare the
7:36 pm
parts--wallace was trying to prepare her for katie katie couric interview, and when nicole tried to prepare her forekatie couric and she was interested in an interview in alaska, that happened. it was her choice not to prepare. but the over the over the top nervous freakout was one of those dramatized moments. >> yes any way you slice it, it's an amazing story. at the end of the movie she wants to do a concession speech, and nobody has ever done that. she's crazy. she's crazy. and the people who picked her are even crazier. i can't believe they didn't ask a single policy question. it's stunning to me. >> well, the concession speech is the most dramatic party. that's why we decided to write the book. that night when we were there
7:37 pm
we heard off the record comments that she wanted to deliver a speech, and we decided there is a story here. we dug in and that's where sarah from alaska came from. she had a speech and she wanted to give it. this is not in the movie. i guess for time we're not even sure why but our book would show up to the very last moment she was going to give that speech. she wanted to give that speech. the part where john mccain in the movie says they say it's just going to be me. that happened. he didn't want to tell her directly. it was the most exciting part. >> they were not a profile in courage, that campaign. author of "sarah from alaska," thank you so much. we appreciate it. >> now when we come back we're going to debate whether progressives should be in favor of a response war.
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who wouldn't want to be a part of that? payday. the sweet taste of energy. only one who thinks an amendment to the constitution may be in order. that's next on "the war room."
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♪ >> we have our great power panel. we have joining us the author of "the up rising," and we have tina in the house. and great to have you back as well tina. our first topic is should progressives should rooting for a sponsor boycott of rush limbaugh let me tell how to you devastating it's been. 141 advertisers have pulled out. 98 major advertisers including ford gm,al state geico mcdonald's, avoid environments likely to stir negative cements. that sounds proud. and premiere network sent this
7:42 pm
memo specifically asking from those 98 sponsors, ask that you schedule their commercials in day parts or programs free of content that you know are deemed to be offensive or controversial, for example, mark levin. rush limbaugh, tom leykis, michael savage glenn beck, and i don't know if leykis is on the air any more. and they tracked rush limbaugh 86 ads aired. 77 of them were free public service announcements. only seven of them were paid but they were getting pulled out. seven were getting pulled out. only two remained as ads that will stay there out of the 86. that is horrible numbers. that means they're in a world of trouble. but are we rooting for that? that's the question. let me start with you tina. >> first off they're trying to frame that this that they're martyrs of the first amendment.
7:43 pm
that their free speech is being taken away. the first amendment talks about our speech as our relationship with congress. what they have been advocateing and rush limbaugh specifically is really for corporate and that's what they've been advocating for. it's poetic justice that corporations would not sponsor their speech. what they're suffering from is corporate or non-corporate funded speech. they can go off the air and they can say whatever they like about the president or about who is a and who they want to see naked on the internet. but to have corporations who are looking at their bottom line, the free market is deeming that they do not like what rush limbaugh says after he's been, you know, advocating for him all these years. i think this is hilarious. >> now there is some poetic justice on that. i hear you on that.
7:44 pm
dave you're in politics in colorado. what if this spreads to other talk shows? >> no, it doesn't concern me. i think it's good news that i think there is an awakening here. that certain forms of speech are funded sponsored and we're having an abject lesson that certain parts of speech does not have to be subsidized and sponsored. it's a lesson in a bigger principle. you need to listen to who is paying for the speech that you're seeing throughout the media. i think we need more accountability. we need more americans asking questions what is acceptable in the public scare. what is not acceptable in the square. this caps off a long list of radio hosts and television hosts who have stepped over the line and who have been suspended and who have felt ramifications because of their speech. that's america. that's the first amendment.
7:45 pm
that's the free market of ideas. nobody has a first amendment right to say what they want to say and have it subsideized. >> let me run a piece from bill mahr. >> i don't like it-- >> he doesn't agree with you guys. let's watch. >> i mean, let's put this in perspective. no one died. a good made a bad joke. i'm not defending it. i'm talking about defending in a country where people don't have to be afraid that they might go out of bounds for one minute. do we all want to be talking about white house spokesmen. >> i disagree. i think that i totally agree that fred phelps should be able to have a sign that says, god
7:46 pm
hates fags without being stalked by congress, the local law or whatever. i think that everybody should be able to have free speech. i'm a free speech extremist. but you do not have the right to have your free speech be syndicated and broadcast. that's where the right wing has tried to make this into. their speech should be their right is to have it broadcast everywhere and repeated by everyone and to have corporate sponsorships to that speech. >> no question, they don't have that right. no question--but guys, i got to--i hear you but david the last question is for you. i'm afraid when it came to the conservatives i didn't say anything. when they came for the progressives, all right it's controlcontrolcontroversial. i don't buy it. >> look, no one has a right to
7:47 pm
consequence of free speech. let's think of other examples in which we already do that. they are not people on tv who are as far as i know who are jen quinn nazisgenuine nazis because our public said that is not acceptable in the public square. if you feel comfortable that your' speaking truth and speaking truth to power then you put it out there and you speak with the consequences. bill maher is nervous with some of the stuff that he puts out there is not acceptable in the public square, and we need to have an hasn't discussion about what is and is not acceptable. that's not censorship. that's >> okay, although there is a new round of controversy about this effort to get this leader in you
7:48 pm
uganda joseph kony and the new round of controversy when we come back. >> there has been a lot of questions about us. we want to be as transparent as possible and answer some of [clucking]. everyone wants to be the cadbury bunny. cause only he brings delicious cadbury crème eggs, while others may keep trying. nobunny knows easter better than cadbury!
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>> all right, back on "the young turks." we've been telling you about this group of invisible children who are trying to bring joseph kony to light. he's war criminal, and this might be the most viral video of all times. all right 74 million views but there is controversial. ana kasparian has been covering this for us. tell us about the controversy. >> invisible children have been criticized for the the simplicity of the movie they put out. they've died to respond by
7:52 pm
putting out another video. you'll see the ceo ben kinsley responding. >> the leaders of invisible children know that we do not have the monopoly on truth. that's one thing that everyone agrees on, that is joseph kony should be stopped. it's not that easy. it's actually very difficult. the effort to stop the lar has to be comprehensive and huge. there has to be a massive amount of individuals and citizens of the world who have invested in a successful outcome. >> one of the things that was not addressed in this new video is some of the funding that they received from fundamentalist organizations. in 2006 invisible children thanked the gaster family foundation and circle family foundation. both anti-gay groups. and in 2007 provision foundation donated $350,000. and in 2008 national christian foundation donated $414,000.
7:53 pm
>> if they have right-wing groups to get this guy fantastic. is it going to help the ugandan government, which is horribly anti-gay. >> they say they do not give any money to the ugandan government whatsoever. they are just working with them to help catch joseph ko ny. as long as the funding doesn't go to the government, i think they're okay. >> you have a government proposed thatting aggravateed homosex homosexuality should receive a death sentence. when we come back, hillary clinton speaks from the heart so fox news is next. >> why extremists always focus on women remains a mystery to me. visit
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(vo)weeknights... >>the weakest citizen in this country is more important than the strongest corporation. my god, this is one of the stupidest things i've ever heard! you got a bone to pick with that? the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan. ♪ >> hillary clinton was speaking at the woman in the world summit in new york and she was speaking about women and it was just a live stream but we found an interesting part of it. but keep in mind here, focus because fox news will attack her
7:57 pm
for this in a second. watch. >> why extremeists always focus on women remains a mystery to me. but they all seem to. it doesn't matter what country they're in or what religion they claim, they all want to control women. they want to control how we dress. they want to control how we act. they even want to control the decisions we make about our own health and our own bodies. it is hard to believe but even here at home we have to stand up for women's rights and reject efforts to marginalize every one of us because eric needs to set an example for the entire world. >> so powerful speech about how america needs to be an example for the world and fox news says hillary clinton extremist wants to control women. shocking they went after her in that fashion. she was
7:58 pm
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