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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  March 14, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> welcome to the war room. i'm jennifer granholm. the republican primary race takes a turn in the deep south. we are going to bring you the latest from alabama and mississippi and analyze how tonight's results might reshape the gop race. >> on the national political scene with former san francisco mayor political power player and the most dapper dresser in all of politics, willie brown. >> mitt romney drops a bombshell, saying he plans to get rid of planned parenthood if he gets elected.
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come on inside. >> it's election night here in the war room. we're going straight to the big board to get the latest results from mississippi and alabama. not a whole lot in yet, only 2%. mississippi, newt gingrich trailing with just 2%, santorum and romney, romney looking pretty good with 34%. we head over, oops, excuse me, we're heading over to alabama, we've got just a couple little counties in as you can see. there only 1% in, romney with 36%, santorum 30% and newt gingrich 25%. cnn exit polls might give you a better view of what height happen tonight. in mississippi, the expectation among overall is that romney would win based upon cnn exit
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poll little at 33%, second would be santorum and third would be gingrich in alabama overall, santorum would win the exit poll, according to the exit polls, romney second, and gingrich third. so, now for the view on the ground, is michael shure, the political correspondent for the young turks, he's epic politics man and that spent the last week talking to alabama volares. he joins us from montgomery. michael, welcome inside the war room. >> governor, it's nice to finally be on your air. it's really a pleasure. >> glad to of you on. what the heck are you doing in alabama, anyway? >> i'm down here for a variety of reasons. i'm doing a story on volar i.d., following a civil rights tour, voting rights tour, and the primary is here in alabama while i'm here. i went out to talk to volares
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quite a bit today and wasn't really able to come to terribly any conclusions. what i was able to tell is that people are not big fans of president obama here in alabama, if i were president obama and the obama for america team i wouldn't spend a whole lot have time campaigning here in alabama, montgomery here. >> you might have heard me talking about the exit polling from cnn and again in alabama things are still very premature, only 1% in. according to that, mitt romney is doing well. i'm interested, because in alabama, in 2008, in the republican primary in 2008, it was -- excuse me, the republican primary in 2008, yeah, it was all john mccain, but it was a later primary. if we look at the republican primary in 2008 in alabama, that was excuse me -- we're now
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looking at alabama, it was mike huckabee with 41%, john mccain with 37% in 2008. so, i don't know if that's any indication of how things ends up going tonight, if romney ends up taking some of the mccain territory, but we're going to be watching it very closely. michael, i'm curious, you said you were hanging around today and you've been to a couple of precincts. in those, did you go to precincts that were largely republican? >> most of the voters that were coming out today were republican. the democratic primary, they weren't terribly exciting to the electorate here, so it was mostly republican voters that was talking with. one thing to remember in 2008 which is why i'm dubious of the polling, but in 2008, the four polls had john mccain up in alabama by eight points, three out of the four polls up by eight points the day before the
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election. those were the last polls to be taken, muck bewon by four points. the polling in alabama and mississippi has always been a little off, even from when you look at polling around the country, about a 50% rate of error in polling over the last three election cycles. this is one of those nights where it's a real wait and see and we don't know what to expect. >> current is lucky to have michael shure in montgomery, alabama. he is called epic politic man for a reason. i'm joined by another super smart guy for a view of what's going on in the republican war rooms. he knows a lot about both mississippi and alabama having served as a senior cant and worked on a presidential campaign in alabama, and he's a southerner on top of it. donny, welcome back into the war
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room. what do you anticipate for the republican volares want two things out of alabama. they want the economy fixed and obama defeated. that's clear in both states. it's going to be really hard to tell whether gingrich or romney has a real advantage here in either state. santorum has a shot in mississippi but doesn't look very strong in alabama. it's too close to call right now. >> for sure too close to call. exit polls, if they were motivated by who is most likely to beat obama, 46% thought romney was most likely to beat obama versus the others and in mississippi, of those who want to beat obama, 50% ended up voting for romney. >> romney's winning the electability debate. gingrich is wing men in those states santorum is winning women and doing ok with evangelicals, but not by as huge
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a margin as you might imagine. >> i was curious to see the evangelical vote in these exit polls to see how that mattered and how it broke down. i would have thought that romney might have been hurt by it, but in both states, it was pretty much split. >> he's doing all right. >> fairly evenly, a little bit more of a skew in bament bam towards santorum. >> yeah. >> in mississippi, you know, those. >> even stein. >> it was even steven. >> what was striking was the number of evangelical voters in these states answered states hike loy ohio and michigan you've got three quarters consider themselves evangelicals. in ohio, it was 47% and measure only 40%. that's a big distinction between these pairs of states. >> so stay with us, donny, because we're going to be coming right back, talking about the gop races a little bit more. coming up, much more on the
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results in alabama and mississippi. after another break, we'll have mr. mayor, willie brown. we're going to talk about president obama's reelection bid and the challenges he will face. this is countdown south carolina. forgot the name of the show p.m.
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>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here.
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just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. all what mitt romney said on the campaign trail in missouri. take a license. >> is the program so critical it's worth borrowing money to pay borrow money from china? of course you get rid of obama care. >> that's theedes one. others, planned parenthood
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going to get rid of that the subsidy forearmtrack for amtrack. >> he was asked a question about what he would cut essentially and how he would deal with the deficit. and, of course he said get rid of obama care get rid of planned parenthood. we will get rid of that is what he said. the federal government can't get rid of it because it does get some funding because it serves poor women. to me, though this this is subblim natural, anothernal, another way of saying to his base that he is going to go after pnned papaenen pairenthoooo anand renthood 97% of the services that planned parenthood provides are services to poor women or services for cancer screening or services for breast cancer screening. there is a whole list of things
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that they provide for women that don't have access? >> >>. christine, what's your reaction to what romney said to the trail today? >> deep disappointment. they have gone from dog whist les to somehowing it that they are going to up and downer to the -- to pander to the. the poor women who need those cancer screenings literally in order to survive, and that won't be happening if romney is elected. second, romney has come so far down a dark path from the man who used to campaign for planned parenthood because he said he had a relative who had died of a botched abortion and he understood the need to be pro-choice. i will just simply quote dick scaif, conservative republican who said a year ago when the republicans started and declared this war on women's health he said on planned parenthood republicans and conconservatives are dead wrong. i agree with him. >> well, so do i. that was very well-put, and, in fact this attack on planned parenthood by mitt romney and
2:14 am
the republican party because they've all said that they would not fund planned parenthood and what's been going on in the states in order to defund parentmadparent parenthood, texas being a primary example of that, i believe is like a form of sexual mccarthy mccarthyism, gender mccarthyism, you name it going after planned parenthood seeking outweighs specifically to cut funding for planned perrin patrenthood regardless of the consequences of women. if you want contraseptembertive services or std testing, forget it. cancer screening and prevention forget it. abortion services are only three %, and in many states it's not even provided. it's not allowed. like in texas none of that funding goes for abortion services. when you look at how women will vote in a general election donnie, does this not tell women that republicans are not on
2:15 am
their side? >> this is toowo issues. it's about the right to privacy, and it's about women's health and it's about a set of values. it says a lot of the republicans party establishment and operatives don't respect women in the united states. if you don't oral contraception under the law, you have to believe there is no right to privacy under the constitution. if you don't respect women's health, then you don't give women the right to determine their own choices and go to where they won't to get health services. it's a terrible mistake. >> men should want women to have contraception, too. what is the deal? this is a 2-way street. i don't even understand the rational on that side. >> it's a terrible strategic mistake but it's a terrible statement about where their values lie in relation to the rest of american women. >> christine, i think the values issue is a really important one because of planned parenthood being the only point of access for so many women who don't have transportation to another county or another place in these
2:16 am
clinics often it's not just planned parentshood but any clinics that are placed specifically to be able to serve poor women and to have states and now all of these candidates decide to defund them i think is just an outrage and mitt romney is piling on. >> pick up on what donnie said. if you don't respect us don't expect us. >> nice. >> women are fired up, and this is really changing the way young people think because before they said this is in thenever going to happen to us. you older feminist are giving us scare stories. now, it's real. now it's reality, cutting community health centers, medicaid parent hood. now young people male and female nowknow our rights are at stake. they are going to be turning out in november in response to this. >> not only turning out christine. but what else should women be doing? running for office? right? or stepping up in their communityies to have their voices heard. this is not just an issue of contraception.
2:17 am
this is an issue of having women at the table. >> absolutely. >> norfor all things. thanks, you guys. christine, appreciate you coming over. christine pelosi has obviously been a tremendous tremendous voice and presence for women and really really appreciate your presence dodgenie stick around. you will be back with us. in the next block, in the next section, we will speak with mayor willie brown right after this break.
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2:20 am
on? what's president obama need to do to get re-elected in november? so joining me to talk about the democratic strategy going into the general election is long-time democratic political insider and former san francisco mayor, willie brown. i want to thank you for joining us. bear with me while i go to the board here and set the table for our conversation in terms of mississippi and alabama? >> i won't go away. >> all right. so here we are at the board look looking at mississippi. we have 14% in rick santorum with 33%, newt gingrich with 30. mitt romney with 30. look at these guys barely within 90 votes of one another but rick santorum looking pretty good. in alabama it's only 4% in. in this case santorum again ahead. newt gingrich 29 and mitt romney 28. interesting in this. you've got, you know, a similar sort of thing with rick santorum
2:21 am
doing better in these early stages than sot might have thought. some might have thought that gingrich would have been -- would have been doing better. so i am curious from your perspective if king rich doesn't end up doing what he thought, which was to win both or to win one, if he loses both, what happens to him tollmorrow? >> newt's awful stubborn and he has said repeatedly that he will not drop out. now, he will chase this thing all the way zoointo the convention and i take him at his word. i don't think there is a practical bone in his body when it comes to making sense of participating in the electoral process although you've got to know that if either one of the two people ahead of him turned to him and said, newt you are my number 2, newt is gone. >> well, so interesting because i think that romney wants newt in because he ends up splitting obviously the conservative vote
2:22 am
with santorum. and if -- i don't think that he would call newt and say get out, because he wouldn't want to have that one on one against santorum. >> well, you've got to know that romney, i don't think, has the skills to be a competitive person under any circumstances. he really repeatedly missteps. i think president barack obama, if he had to make a choice, either one of the people listed there, he clearly in my opinion can defeat. but i think newt would be the most difficult because he's so much brighter than either one of the other two. i think rom nerolney would be the easiest because he is clearly the least informed and the least a reflection of sarah palin in this particular race. of course santorum is so horm horrible on all of the issues. how -- you would wake up and say, lord give me opponent and
2:23 am
obama, here they are. >> any one of them? a conglomeration of the three? >> correct. >> it will be interesting to see tonight because if romney does end up taking one or two of them, i do think that really glides him a lot more smoothly to the no, ma'am nameminationnomination. but if santorum does this is going on. >> except they got really worried. romney is so much prone to misstep missteps, invariably. i watched him earlier today when he was in mississippi. and he said, hi, y'all! i had some greasy grits this morning. >> cheesey grits. >> whatever it is it's wrong. he should literally obviously be himself. >> that's not the way he talks. >> that's not the way he sounds. and there is absolutely no evidence of sincerity. barack obama on the other hand is at all times very serious, and we now know that there is a
2:24 am
comical side. there is an easy side to him, and it's not forced. when he was in harlem and he sounded like al green. >> that was fabulous. >> brother all wasal was in the audience, i thought he was talking about sharpton. yes think it would be green in harlem because sharpton obviously is in new york. but instead, he broke into the songs that everybody in the nation knows. and believe me, al green was very pleased. went up by 20 to 25%. >> exactly. >> he came out here on barack obama's behalf. those kind of things move people. the only real problem i think barack obama has in theforth coming election is we have got somebody to do something about afghanistan. he has to do something about that war. his expanding of that war created a problem for him that is reflecting itself in activities currently going on. he can get a handle on that.
2:25 am
all of the rest of foreign policy is in his wheelhouse. and then of course on the domestic side things are looking good. people are finding jobs. and if he quickly declares early enough that he is not responsible for the increase in your gasoline he will be all right there, too. >> hopefully people believe it. we were doing a bit on this yesterday. but, you know, the polls go back and forth. let me jump back to something that you were alluding to with sarah palin. i want you to listen to a sound byte that she or of her, i think she was probably talking aboutto fox news. and i want to get your reaction after we hear it. take a license. >> you can harken back to days before the civil war. what broughtarack obama wants to do is go back to before those days when we were in different classes based on income based on color of skin. why are we allowing our country to move backwards? >> i am not even -- i don't even
2:26 am
understand how she can be on the national stage saying stuff like that. like barack obama wants us to go back before the civil war. >> mind-boggling, to go back when we had separate but equal schools in the country. >> yeah. >> i am not sure she has any frame of reference or knowledge -- from a knowledge standpoint on either of those. >> thedid you see "game change"? >> and i relatedad the whole book, and i believe that sarah palin is -- was a forerunner to the three people that are performing in the primary. i frankly am sorry that she is not in the primary. i wanted her in the republican primary. >> for the good of the kingdom, i think it's probably a good thing she is not. >> a partisan democrat. >> let me go back to something. you were talking about the president, obviouslywhy he is hopefully going to be doing well. he had a lot of dettractors on his left flank. there have been over the past couple of weeks some very interesting articles coming out
2:27 am
in "mother jones," in "washington monthly" which sort of laid out the indicates for why president obama has done more than lbj did as a president. how come? because stimulus health care bin laden, the auto strayindustry save saving, wall street reforms, consumer protection, ending don't ask, don't at the timetell, the education reforms in race to the top. the energy investments, boosting fool standards, reversing bush torture policies all of these body of accomplishments he has achieved. the question is: will it be enough to satisfy those on his left flank? >> on the day in which the republicans finally, settled on their choice to run against barack obama, that's when you will >>again to see all of the obama achievements matched against the prospect for that particular person obviously if
2:28 am
it's santorum it's all over from day one. he would so dramatically have to reference reverse himself in this republican primary. all of the candidates have been trying to grab the conservative ring and ultimately, that's a stone lose her. >> that's never going to be more than 40, 45% of the total vote. when barack balms begins the layout and the people with whom he has done it, the left and the independents and the same people that supported him last time around will come back and recognize he is what we arell need in this country going forward. >> so if that's the case what can derail him is something that he might not have anticipated, that nobody and ispated. so something might happen on the foreign policy area. something might happen that he gets the blame for because he is sitting in the chair.
2:29 am
what would you be most concerned about happening external to him that might end up derailing him? >> at the moment i would be more current about what happens in afghanistan. that expansion of that war clearly at the time that he did it was aimed at trying to find bin laden. he has now captured bin laden so to speak. he has eliminated beenin laden and all of the rim ants of bin laden's operation have been severely hamperred staying inside of afghanistan and allow allowing little incidents to examax exacerbate the problem could put a -- >> do you think he will accelerate the draw-down now as a realtyas a result? >> i think he literally has to. i don't think that's much of an option. if you think about it, what's left there to be done? you aren't going to changee
2:30 am
overnighnoghbenoeebeno aeend o be able to to do the infrastructure needed to make the conditions of life because of the people that they would embrace you and support you. so he needs to figure out an exit strategy that leaves what he wishes in place with nato in the international community, but certainly by perception, he needs to be out of there from america's standpoint. then itshe's got to really worry and make sure that the relationship with isreal remains in good shape so that before israel makes any additional steps towards war in iran for sure barack obama and the united states of america should be a part of that. i think the meeting this past week with the leadership of that nation indicates a willingness to head in that direction. of course obviously he can't do anything about unforeseen
2:31 am
possibilityies about with his credentials and with his performance in the first three years, he probably has greater license to be allowed to explain and deal with any issue than either one of his opponents, no matter who they are except maybe ron paul. i can't explain anything ron paul did. >> i am the choir you are preach preaching to. a quick timeout. stay right with us. we will be right back with former san francisco mayor willie brown. thank you.
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>>the blood is in the water and the sharks are bipartisan. >>you got a bone to pick with that? >> welcome back to the war room. it wouldn't be a war room without looking at the returns as they are coming in and here we are in mississippi, 18% in, santorum still on top. very interesting. gingrich second and romney is third.
2:35 am
perhaps this is why. we will take a look at what's going on alabama. santorum on top, 35 first, gingrich 29, romney 28. it varies. small numbers separateing them but romney is third in both cases. we are back with talking about democratic and republican strategy with former san francisco mayor willie brown but romney is in third in both of those. could this be the reason why he is not sticking around alabama and mississippi tonight and he is on a plane going somewhere else? >> that's usually wehat we politicians dos. nothing to celebrate. we leave it for someone else to clean up. >> that's exactly right. so, you know interesting to me is these -- these states are states that have among the highest pompidouverty rates and some of the most challenged community communities. you would think that if that's the case that the populations of alabama and mississippi would benefit more from democratic
2:36 am
policies are policies that establish the safety net that provided for health care for children and, you know, access to good public etducation. i am wondering in your opinion, why do you think these are deep red states? >> well, because first and foremost, they are states in which many of the citizens living there have been barred from participating in the political process. in some cases, you haved to risk your life to register to vote and it became an even more of a hazard if you tried to cast that vote. some parts of those recommend foment foments are still there. there is not an active ongoing, long-range voter population that's been energized to participate. if so, democrats will win those states. >> now you are seeing the republican legislatures in these states and others adopt more verityer voter id laws and other means of barring citizens from voting
2:37 am
which is in effect a way to return to some of those days? >> in those states where there is such a huge number of people not participating, those who have been controlling it know that they are in the minority and they literally have to set the rules and regulations to person perpettheir perpetuate their power. >> that's not going to happen because holder, the attorney general of this nation is stepping forward and saying to texas and to every other state: you cannot impose these artificial means by which to keep people from being able to to vote. some people would never have a photo id because they are poverty-strick poverty-stricken. they don't have jobs. they don't have driver's license licenses, a whole series of ways they cannot deal with the passport issue. so consequently, you have those legislators on the republican side trying to perpetuate it but
2:38 am
it isn't going to ha one of these days when it does break through -- and it could be in this election. this may be the very time that mississippi and alabama becomes less reliable from a republican standpoint and it will be, in part because of the pinched vote which isn't always black and the black vote which isn't always poverty so to speak, may very well rise up together with the independents and the women who wish -- >> and the latin 0s? >> and the latinos. the combination of those in turn some of those states around. let's hope it does. >> i think you are totally right and from a demographic point of view, if it's not this year, then it will be in the next -- in the next four years. >> no question. if i have any advice to give to young blacks interested in running for higher office i would tell them if you originally are from mississippi or alabama or one of those states, finish your education, go back home and start the process of organizing to produce
2:39 am
one day you will be governor. >> you just gave my chills. so exactly right. so exact right. let me talk to you for a moment about money in politics and the super p.a.c.s. there was a poll out today that said that 7 in 10 voters want to see the sprkuper p.a.c.s made illegal, sneven 10 voters. do you think in a second term of the obama administration that there is a moment a opportunity, to be able to go after a constitutional amendment to bar corporate money from paying for elections to overturn citizens united? >> i think the only real potential will be to make it clear to everybody who they are and how much they have spent. if you do that, that's achieve achievable.
2:40 am
i think trying to bar the use of money in the world of politics is a became that probably could never be won. and i don't think, frankly in our 4r50i6789 we will see much move more of a modification or reform of that except the revelation of who they are. >> i disagree. i am going to respectfully disagree with you. >> okay. >> i have hopes that this president believes that in order for the stemystem to be cleaned up and if he doesn't have the opportunity to make appointments at the supreme court and that will take a long time why not use mechanisms that you have established in this campaign to have a constitutional convention just focused on this narrow issue, to overturn citizens united? >> can you imagine how much money would be spent by the crowd of the super p.a.c. people to make sure that didn't happen? it would dwarf anything that's
2:41 am
been previously spent in any campaign. >> but you know that any time there is something on the ballot if you start with a 70% favorable rate, you have a bit of a margin to work with. >> you do have a lot to work with. >> work with me on this man. work with me. >> i would be for it but i am telling you, we have 6%. let me jump to the board. we are at 6% in alabama, looks like things are pretty much the same as they were and in mississippi it's 18%, again action santorum still ahead but probably all still too close to call. so let's assume that romney is the nominee. i want you to put on your republican political advice happenhat. who do you think that romney will pick for vice president? >> he, in my opinion, would have to pick rick santorum. >> really?
2:42 am
>> he would have to pick. >> he said i would not take him today. >> >>. >> i saw that but the practic practicality of the john f. kennedy/lindon johnson. >> -- lyndon johnson. >> not from the south. >> but he is for all practical purposes a southerner by conduct and i think he would take santorum. >> here is my prediction. we will put our bets on the table. >> all right. >> my preddix is mike huckabee. >> that's a name out of nowhere? >> it's not out of nowhere. >> he is really a very funny guy. i loved going to an exchange with him because he is able to spin a yarn like a southerner form formerly could do. >> for sure and thinks better thanromney. >> it will be an interesting choice. he is a real musician.
2:43 am
romney is not at all. >> when it ishappens, you come back. i am out there. >> all right. san francisor san francisco mayor willie brown, after the break, we will begin the look pneumoniaahead for that's what next of the g.o.p. candidates and bret erlich will take his pound of flesh from tonight's primaries. er you are watching the war room >>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
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>> welcome back to the war room. back at the big board, checking the results. not much has changed since the last time we looked in mississippi mississippi. it looks like santorum is still number 1. gingrich number 2 and romney number 3. and in alabama again 6% of the results in. santorum at 35%. newt beginning rich at 29, romney at 28. still too close to call. i am going to jump back here to mississippi for a moment because we are also joined by donnie fowler of dogpatch strategies. donnie has worked on major campaigns. presidential level campaigns in both of these states. donnie what do you see in mississippi? what does it tell you from the ywa these c cntysrere couldldououmi in in th re e d countytys,f ocourserere sasaorum. ththpupulele countsntresre romney and those orangeish counties are newt gingrich. >> two things from all of these elections. romney does well in cities and suburbs and the other candidates do well outside.
2:48 am
so we haven't seen the real suburban beenurban areas come in yet in mississippi. in the far if a northwest corner is actually the suburbs of memphis, tennessee. >> up here. >> a big ascasino community, a big republican suburban community. we don't noteknow yet. jackson, state capitol, big city. east of jackson is romney's territory. >> all of this here. >> the gray area. comeney looks like he is behind now in mississippi. we don't know yet that's going to be the result. in alabama, we have got the same thing. let's look at the big cities. in the northwest corner there is huntsville not on your map. birmingham in the middle. down at the coast, romney has a shot here because his countyies largely have not shown up yet. the big surprise in alabama is around birmingham. it shows that it's for santorum now. >> all of these red? >> it should probably be for romney. so maybe santorum is feetling good about itthis.
2:49 am
>> 6% so it really is hard to know. these things are so, you know where things come in late. >> urban and suburban for rom necessarily ney. anybody else, the leftovers. >> you heard me asking the mayor about gaming this out. if santorum ends up winning both of these what happens? >> he is going to be set up as the alternative to rockmney the conservative alternative. romney is having a lot of trouble getting to 50% of republican voters which means, in reverse, more than half of the republicans voting right now want romney. one on one that's what santorum wants. >> santorum wants one on one and romney does not. so he will do whatever he can to keep again rich in the race. >> please stay in. >> gingrich's main funder is sheldon adelson who has been playing footsie a little bit with romney. romney may talk to adelson about keeping gingrich in the race
2:50 am
long enough to have santorum and gingrich. >> you can coordinate with somebody else's super p.a.c. but not your own. >> exact. now, if for some reason romney ended up coming out ahead in one or both of these states and obviously his path is a lot clearer. >> with youone exception, you are right, romney is the front-runner and will remain the front-runner after tonight. there is some math that says even if romney wins most of the state, he citystill might not havehave -- >> right. >> 11,044 delegates the first week in june when all of the delegations are over. >> they are going to try to defense to keep him from it? >> yeah. >> exactly. it will be an interesting race. i am so happy. it's going to continue on. it's a great thing. we will have you back, donnie fowler, great donnie fowler who has a lot of great insight and knowledge. we appreciate your presence. up next it is time for march madness, and we are going to tell you how the president is celebrate celebrating. we will have that story next right here inside the war room.
2:51 am
this is outrageous! >>every weeknight cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seams like, "oh, ho-hum, no big deal." >>we have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. >>just refreshing to hear. >>no other television show does that, we're keeping it real. >>brought to you by the 2012 fiat 500. visit
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>> in mississippi, we have 57% now. santorum still ahead. gingrich second, romney, third. but look how close it all is. you know it's just an amazingly tight race. and in alabama, 25% in. again, santorum gingrich and romney same trio in the same order. woo! we will watch this very closely. i am you will be too. tonight, we will forego the latest dispatches in crazyfrom crazy town into a descent into mad north shore. the ncaa tournament kicked off today and they usually don't
2:55 am
stop the premises when western kentucky and mississippi valley hit the hardwood they do when two of the most powerful leaders in the world are in attend answer. president obama andining england's prime minister david cameron took in the tournament's opening game in dayton ohio which happens to be a swing state, wink, wink. the president's enthusiasm for college hoops, of course is well documented. last year, he correctly picked all four number 1 seeds to go to the final 4. the president will if i canfill out his full bracket on espn. the white house did announce, though, who he thought would be selected to go to this year's final 4. they are -- this is the president. ohio state north carolina kentucky and missouri. what? no michigan state? come on. >> that's what i am saying. since mitt romney and rimck santorum and michigan too, first set foot in the deep south it's been nothing but y'alls grits and good ol' boys, but are
2:56 am
they going to continue this tact i can in the states yet to come? with a cautionary look at the next stops on this pander express, here is brett ehrlich with shhh! brett brett's talking. >> the best part of this swing through alabama and mississippi has been the candidates awkward con attempts to connect with southern folks. >> my belt notch side. >> wait a go. you said their food makes you fat. will this war of northern misimpressions cease once we move on from the deep south? it doesn't have to thanks to my state-by-state to shameless local pander iing. a lot of people think organized crime started in new york city. but we know it was born right here in chicago. man do i love spicy food that city does a number on my intestins. i would love here to despite the
2:57 am
high murder rate. crab, cheese. >> thank god we are not in delaware. >> thank god we are not in connecticut. >> let's get a taxi to wall street, the rockettes. >> i like many pennsylvanians love dressing up like the 8er oat guy. every rhode islander knows it's not size that matters. it's been in connecticut that matters. >> bactsketball, corn. >> basketball and corn. who needs teeth anyway? >> i can't tell you how many family members i lost to malaria on my 1980 simulated computer trail here. >> ozark. >> colonel sanders is a god. >> texas should be a country. >> i am in the state where they
2:58 am
hid filed famed filmed chiwhua a. >> i am proud to be among the dozen or so people who live in south dacota. >> screw old mexico. >> i think i am going to go take a shower. >> thank you, brett. we do want to hear from you. someone is always in our war room. i hope you will check us out online at where you can link up to twitter and our facebook page. thank you for joining us here in the war room. we will see you all back here tomorrow. don't forget. continue to send in your memorabilia from great campaign campaigns, past and present and we will make sure it is prominently featured here in the war room.
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