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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  March 20, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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>> welcome to the young turks. we've got huge noose in the tray van martin case. >> he said this man was watching him. he put his hoodie on. >> the line then went dead. >> we'll show you what that proves. that's very important. we have breaking news about that very important 911 call that zimmerman made and what does he say on it that everyone else has missed? >> also, mitt romney gets himself in trouble. >> you know what would make me happy? free birth control. >> if you're looking for free stuff you don't have to pay for vote for the other guy. >> is it going to cost him in
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illinois? we'll discuss that. and then rick santorum's pastor. >> there's only one god and his name is jesus! >> and apparently, he should rule the country. is rick santorum a jesus freak? i said it and we'll have a discussion on it on tonight's show. it's go time. >> we've got the gop illinois primary tonight. who's going to come out ahead? i said it was going to be rick santorum. it doesn't look that way right now. it looks like mitt romney. for the moment being latest average at the polls, you see that 41-31 in favor of mitt romney. cantor rum always does better on the day than the polls indicate, not always but almost always, so you never know, but it doesn't
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look good for santorum today. part of the reason is robo corps. >> get a load of how much mitt romney has outspent rick santorum. $3.7 million from romney and his super pack to amicesly $532,000 from santorum. how are you going to win an election with only half a million dollars, rick? what are you thinking? robo corps is set to eliminate and destroy rick santorum. look at the spending advantage. in chicago 21-1 he outspends santorum. the rest of illinois, 7-1. now who's paying for all those ads, as we've shown you before, 97% of the money for romney's super pack comes from people giving over $25,000. in other words the super rich.
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now, why does he have to rely on the super rich to win all these elections for him with these huge money advantage? it's because no one likes him. interesting report about how he's the most unpopular candidate that might be an eventual nominee in the last 36 years. his unfavorability is 49.6 to 37.6 careful, larger than an 11-point gap the largest of almost anyone running in the last 36 years. the only person who had a gap not that large but that had more unfavorable than favorable at this point in the race in the primaries was bill clinton and it was not that large and he was very charismatic where robo corp clearly is not. we're going to bring in david
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shuster. great to have you with us. tell us about voter turnout there in illinois. >> well, cenk, from all over the state, the voter turnout has been remarkably low, this is the sort of news that gives the romney campaign heartburn. it would tend to hurt romney a little bit more than santorum because of the enthusiasm gap. one of the reasons for the low turnout just might be the weather. it was 83 degrees here in the city of chicago today setting all sorts of records. there have been records up and down the state. you might have a reason where people simply haven't wanted to spend this day awaiting in hot stuffy election lines. some of the most remarkable moments in this illinois primary have not been so much with the ads, but the self-inflicted wounds the candidates have been putting on themselves. mitt romney in peoria at bradley
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university, wanted his speech to focus strictly on the economy. he opens it up to questions and a student asks about birth control. >> me i'd like free birth control. >> if you're looking -- if you're looking for free stuff if you're looking for free stuff you don't have to pay for vote for the other guy that's what he's all about. that's not what i'm about. >> david let me ask you. >> that harsh response didn't go over particularly well. a lot of republicans even close to romney said he could have handled it a million different ways without coming across that sort of angry about it. >> i think angry works in the republican campaign witness as i saw that i thought that is not going to help in the general election but i can see the republican voters frothing at the mouth saying yeah, nothing free, go get your birth control somewhere else lady! >> it may work with some of the more conservative voters but
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particularly in the northern part of the state where romney needs to do well, they're fiscally conservative but socially moderate. a lot of chicagoans believe that birth control even free birth control can save money in terms of saving from unwanted pregnancies and everything we've talked about before. never mind mitt romney self-inflicted wound, rick santorum wanted to talk about the symptomatic problems of big government. when he was on this, he started to seem as if he really didn't care about unemployment. watch this. >> you need a candidate whose going to be a fighter for freedom, make that the central theme in the race, because it is. i don't care what the unemployment rate's going to be. doesn't matter to me. my campaign doesn't hinge on unemployment rates. >> i know he back pedaled from
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that david but give me a sense of the damage done even with the back pedal in there. >> it was pretty damaging. give you an example of the back pedaling. he goes to puerto rico, gets clocked and explains why did you go to puerto rico. he makes this comment, you can almost see the intellectual framework that unemployment is simply a symptom that there are larger problems causing it. having said that, if you say i don't care about unemployment, it's going to come back toability you. there he was on c.n.n. having to back pedal. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate, i want it to go down, but my candidacy doesn't hinge on whether it goes up and down. it transcends. it's about freedom. not about governor romney's idea that he's going to fix the economy. >> obviously he has to back pedal. the first clip indicated that in rick santorum's campaign they're
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talking about damn it, if unemployment gets better, we're in bad shape here. gives you a sense of the republican point of mind. thanks david. >> thanks, cenk. >> i want to bring in michael shure here and talk about delegate man for a second. very interesting math done by nbc news on this. i think they make a good point about how long this race can last. >> at the very least right now nbc is saying that this race will go on. let's assume for just this argument that mitt romney wins every single delegate available. this is still going to go well into may the 26 of may. let's say there's a 60-40 split in the delegates which is roughly how it's been thus far that will take the tries utah, the 26 of june. that's the latest anything has gone. >> this race is dragging out for
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a long, long time unless romney gets a bunch of knockout blows in a row and he would have to do double digits tonight. he's up by 10, but we don't know if he can do double detects. he'd have to win wisconsin. if they keep trading then how long could it go? >> the nbc model that we're talking about takes it up until the convention. it says that there's a chance he'll be 50 delegates shy needed for the convention which throws the convention into an open convention, a contested convention, something like that, which of course, would crush romney, absolutely crush romney. >> that open convention is a disaster for romney and we're locking forward to it. michael, thank you for joining us. we will take this coverage live at 10:00, as well, so don't go anywhere, current throughout the night. we come back at 10:00 eastern. when we return, president obama apparently he was going to give
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the republicans a grand bargain and it was, i believe it's a terrible idea. i'll explain why when we come back. >> it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this kind of deal. visit
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we are back on the young turks. we told you about the grand bargain president obama has been trying to do with the republicans. the washington post has a very clear article on what happened back in july and how terrible a negotiator president obama was during those days, if you believe he actually cares about progressive priorities, which by the end of this, i'm not sure i believe. let's look at what the grand bargain is, cutting $1.2 trillion in agency cuts, lowers the cost of living for social security, so that's a huge cut for social security, $250 billion in medicare cuts, more in medicaid. you're saying look, these are progressive priorities that are getting hammered. what are we getting in turn? we're supposed to get a tax increase. is that how it went down? not exactly. let me give you a quote:
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>> president obama agreed, in other words no tax increases for the rich. but then wait a minute, there had to be some sort of tax increase, otherwise what's the bargain part? well here comes another extra trick. the second part was: >> you know what that is? that's great. that's the republican idea that hey, if we lower taxes for the rich it will actually trickle down on people and hence create a magical $800 billion extra in tax revenue. that's nonsense! that's magical that's mythical. that isn't an actual tax increase, that's lower taxes on the rich. and you know what? president obama agreed to it. and then the republicans pulled the rug out anyway, they said
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no, we want even more for the rich. if you don't believe that president obama agreed to all that well here's the problem. here's president obama saying about how he agreed to it. watch. >> what we had offered speaker boehner was over a trillion dollars in cuts to discretionary spending both domestic and defense. we then offered additional $650 billion in cuts to entitlement programs medicare, medicaid, social security. in addition, what we sought was revenues that were actually less than what the gaining of six signed off on. it is hard to understand why speaker boehner would walk away from this kind of deal and frank leg, if you look at the commentary out there there are a lot of republicans that are puzzled as to why it couldn't
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get done. >> yeah, the republicans because that's a republican's dream come true, that you agreed to. why did you do that? because honestly, in my opinion he cares a lot more about whether it helps him with politics than he cares about progressive priorities, which i'm not sure that he actually shares. but even all this was not enough for boehner. now at one point, president obama said oh, my god the gaining of six came out with a proposal with two-point truly $1 tax increases. his chief of staff at the time said we look like idiot negotiators, because they got a fake $100 billion when the senate democrats got a real $2 trillion in tax increases. they look terrible. at one point president obama goes boehner can i get $1.2 trillion in increases. boehner doesn't call him back. president obama said i'll take the original deal.
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boehner says to him: >> in other words no, you haven't groveled enough. they did manage to keep the government open, got some agreements, and look at john boehner on 60 minutes bragging about that agreement. >> when you look at this final agreement that we came to with the white house, you know, i got 98% of what i wanted. i'm pretty happy. >> i bet you are. he's spitting in your eye. and president obama still oh, my god, why didn't he take the deal. he wasn't going to lower taxes was he? in that one speech that he was going to raise taxes we caught one thing no one in the press was talking about. the progressive speech in the rose garden, he actually said he would lower taxes. listen. >> we've got one of the highest
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corporate tax rates in the world, but it's riddled with exceptions and special interest loopholes. we can lower the corporate rate if we get rid of all these special deals so i am ready, i am eager to work with democrats and republicans to reform the tax code to make it simpler make it fairer, and make america nor competitive. >> he said it right there, he's willing to lower corporate taxes. his new proposal is to lower them all the way down to 28%. all the way down to 25% for other companies. he can't wait to cut chasms for corporations and the rich. you think that was in the past, come on, mid-last year, no, he's learned his lesson. the washington post reports: >> all right. i'm going to bring in a guest michael mcauliffe has been
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following all this. mike in a best case scenario where president obama is an actual progressive does it not appear to be, does he not appear to be the world's worst negotiator? >> well, i can't tell you how many times over the last three years i've heard progressive democrats, even some middle of the road democrats campaign up on capitol hill about the president's negotiating skills. one guy said the problem is he keeps giving the republicans more cheese so they keep coming back for more. he starts at the end point doesn't fight for the part that he thinks or progressives think he should be. he just lets them, here's where i'm at and then he starts moving over to the right. >> you know, one of the parts of the story that really struck me that i just talked about is dick durbin was in the gang of six. nobody thinks he is a lion of strength. is he a weak senator a democratic aband he got $2 trillion in tax increases in
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negotiations with the gang of six when dick durbin embarrasses you with so much better negotiating than president obama. it's got to break some sort of record, doesn't it? >> it definitely has to break some sort of record. i remember right around that time when they were deadlocked over the debt negotiations, tom coburn said if we send him a bill much like boehner wants he'll sign that puppy. he didn't mince words. he was sure, that's how sure he was. >> that's really interesting. another part of this is in that washington post piece, which was not kind to either side in the sense that like they weren't trying to make a case for either side. they were just -- and they had quotes from both sides. i thought they laid it out in terms of getting the actual details of the story right accurately. they had quotes from the white house almost bragging about this.
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dan pheiffer said: >> you see that mindset there mike? it seems to the white house thinks it doesn't matter what's in the deal. it doesn't -- oh, you want to cut social security and medicare. who cares as long as i get a political benefit out of it. they just care about hey is it a political benefit or not. >> he's looked like a moderate to me from the beginning, and i remember a lot of the things he said on the campaign trail promises to cut taxes and what not, and he sort of delivered on that part of it. i don't think progressives when they listen to him heard those things like the part that you mentioned in that rose garden speech. i don't think they heard those things. they wanted to believe this man is purely a progressive. if you go back and look at those speeches, you can find evidence of what you're talking about right now. >> look, part of problem is last
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part of this is as i'm reading the article they get to a point where the white house takes this horrible deal with boehner to pelosi and reed. they appear to be a little surprised, whoa, jesus that's a bad deal, right but in the end bow their heads and say yes whatever you say mr. president. cutting social security, cutting medicare, isn't it incredibly helpful to right wingers because they get the democratic leaders in congress to also disarm? >> that's exactly right. when you try to cut a campaign ad comes this november, it makes it very difficult. just think about what the republicans did with the $500 billion in savings from cutting medicare advantage in the health care bill. they pounded on democrats for gutting medicare. now just imagine if you have the president agreeing to a lot of the fondest wishes of some of the more conservative republicans in this country.
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makes it very difficult. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> all right, thanks a lot. >> when we come back, breaking news on the treyvon martin story. george zimmerman said something on the tapes the rest of the media didn't pick up on. it might be critical to the case. we'll share that with you when we come back. i'm a lobster girl. top quality lobster is all we catch. [ male announcer ] don't miss red lobster's lobsterfest. the only time of year you can savor 12 exciting lobster entrees, like lobster lover's dream i'm laura mclennan and i sea food differently.
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bill press joins current's new morning news block. >> i know this stuff, and i love it. and i try to bring that to the show. >> we are back on the young
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turks with an important update on the treyvon martin story shot by the 28-year-old george zimmerman who appointed himself head of the neighborhood watch which he actually wasn't. now, finally the county has decided to convene a grand jury on april 10 to see if the grand jury will indict zimmerman. that might be the beginning of justice in the case. the justice department at the federal level and f.b.i. of decided that they are also going to look into the case. i'll have a statement from them that they gave to us a little later in this segment and then also we have now gotten hold of a tape, or i should say an extra witness, who heard the last call of treyvon martin. it happened to be his girlfriend. once again the cops did not talk to her have not entered that into evidence. where are they other than
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helping zimmerman avoid justice here? she talked to treyvon martin right before he was shot. >> martin was on his cell phone with a 16-year-old girl shortly before his death. a conversation police apparently missed during their initial investigation. she spoke to the martin family attorney about what she heard that night: >> the line then went dead. seconds later, he was shot by 28-year-old george zimmerman who had made this call to 911: >> now according to the police, who talked to the miami herald, the zimmerman self defense claim was he got out of the truck and treyvon martin attacked him from behind. how can he, when you hear on the 911 tape and the last witness
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saying that treyvon martin was running away from him. it's absurd. the martin family attorney weighed in on this. >> he kept pursuing treyvon martin and how do we know? because this young lady connects the dots. she connects the dots. she completely blows zimmerman absurd self defense claim out of the water. >> all this continues to go incredibly outrageous. one more thing police did to disadvantage treyvon martin and give an extra advantage to george zimmerman the suspect here. listen to this. >> and you scratch your head and ask yourself why didn't the police department do a drug and alcohol analysis on him? they did one on treyvon martin who was dead on the ground. you ask yourself why didn't they take a background check on the
4:29 pm
man who had just killed this kid in cold blood? they did a background check on treyvon martin. >> who got shot in the chest! they're like oh, yeah, that guy who's dead, lets do a drug test on him. the cops it appears have been protecting george zimmerman all along here. now when we ask the f.b.i. about this, they actually responded to us in a statement christopher allen from the f.b.i. public affairs said to us: >> ok. so it's a very tough standard of proof. did he shoot this guy was it not self defense and did it have a racial component. well now, we've played you the
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911 tapes of george zimmerman calling the cops before he had the altercation and eventually shot treyvon martin. a lot of the other media has played it, but no one picked up what you guys picked up. our audience heard the tapes themselves and said wait a minute, you seem to be missing something here. and we're going to play it for you here. it's going to be bleeped out in the beginning. we're going to show you one thing here so you can see where he's saying it. after he says back entrance, he pauses and then he whispers or mumbles, i should say what appears to be fing coons. watch. >> the back entrance? >> are you following him? >> yeah. >> ok, we don't need you to do that. >> now this is so important to the story we're actually going to play it for you unedited
4:31 pm
without the bleep. you saw where you -- you heard where we think he said it. now listen really carefully after he said back entrance. does he say ifing coons. >> which entrance is he heading for. >> the back entrance. [bleep] coons. >> that's unbelievable. you heard it for yourself, you can decide what he said. it's possible he said goons it's possible he said something else but it certainly sounds like coons. and if he said that, that is central to the case of showing that there was bias involved here and how it might have been a hate crime or some other violation of the law but very, very relevant to the case. so i want to thank our audience for picking up on that and allowing us to bring that story to you guys, to the family, and to everyone else, as well.
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all right now i want to bring in a guest bill is a civil rights attorney. i want to talk to him about the law in this case. thanks for joining us on the young turks, we appreciate it. i want to start with the issue of self defense. now, when he says i got hit in the back by treyvon martin, altogether the evidence seems to point to the contrary. you know, as i sit there and i look at the police saying we believe him when you hear the 911 tapes, every witness saying that the kid was crying out for help and one of the cops comes out and says oh, no, it wasn't the kid, it was zimmerman that you heard crying out for help. doesn't it seem like the cops are trying to help his self defense case, if not even plant it? >> well, i'll tell you sometimes the facts get in the way of a good story. i think unfortunately for mr. zimmerman, the facts are going to get in the way of his self defense claim. there's going to be some things that the f.b.i. is going to be
4:33 pm
able to do. the f.b.i. is going to be able to digit ally enhance the tape. we're going to find out whose voice that is, whose yelling. it's not consistent with the zimmerman's tone of voice or anything else that he's done. obviously a lot of work needs to happen before the investigation's conclude said, but it's -- the tape is not looking good for a self defense claim. >> bill, break down the law for me. in order to claim self defense how does the process work? do you -- can i just walk into a cop's office and say oh, yeah, i shot somebody dead in the street, but don't worry about it, it was self defense. the police seem to say he said it and i don't have evidence to prove it, so i'm going to let him go. is that how the burden of proof works? >> not exactly. you're supposed to be able to be in reasonable fear for your own safety and physical -- serious risk of physical injury or death
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to use force. it's not a subjective standards. in other words, if you're a particularly sensitive person and you're afraid when somebody walks up and says boo in back of you, that doesn't mean you're entitled to pull out a gun and shoot him. there are some real barriers to a self defense claim in this particular case, but the police haven't distinguished themselves up to this point and by concluding the investigation without talking to some of the material witnesses is very, very hard to understand. >> in order for the police to release zimmerman and not even arrest him, they would have to believe that zimmerman has met the burden of showing that this 140-pound kid had scared him so much that zimmerman who is 250 pounds and has a gun on him was afraid he was going to die at any moment, the police actually believe that. >> well, there is a potential benefit of the doubt to the police although frankly i don't think i want to give it to them,
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because i don't think this is what they were doing but they can do an investigation try to gather data, try to gather evidence, serve search warrants to get evidence, for example or medical records, if that was germane and obviously search the victim to see what he had in terms of weapons. i don't think that's what was happening here. that's certainly not what it sounds like. if that's what was happening the pleases would have said we haven't made a decision about whether to arrest zimmerman. we're going to wait until our investigation is over. that's not what they did. >> the police say that they are not charging him because if they did, they'ding lying to the court in saying that they have probably cause. they don't even have probable cause to arrest this guy. it makes my head hurt. one last question, the stand your ground law in florida people are portraying i did that means if you're in any confrontation, you just shoot someone. if that's the case, i think
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we're going to have horrible vigilante justice in florida. is that the case or is it more nuanced than that? >> the stand your ground law was a bad idea. you ought not to be able to use deadly force unless that's your last choice. the stand your ground law doesn't entitle you to use deadly force if you're not confronted with deadly force. the victim here, the skittles,ized tea that's not deadly force. there wasn't a circumstance that allowed zimmerman to use deadly force based on what we know right now. truly, the stand your ground law didn't directly -- doesn't directly have any applicability to this, exempt what the stand your ground law does and the danger of these kinds of laws is it gets people, vigilantes thinking that they have more power than they really have and that they don't have to act
4:37 pm
reasonably when the rest of the world does. that's the danger in these kinds of laws. >> excellent point. bill, thank you so much for joining us. >> you're welcome. >> when we come back, rick santorum's pastor said it's a christian nation and if you don't like it, you should get out. is he the one that should get out, along with rick santorum? we'll debate when we come back. >> as long as they continue to attack marriage, somebody needs to take a stand and say no! no! no! no! (vo) question: how do you say "500" in italian? stay tuned for the answer.
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with jennifer granholm. >>i am jenniffer granholm and
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you are in the war room. it's a beautiful thing. >>jennifer granholm on current tv. >>i'm a political junkie. this show is my fix. >>in politics, she was a gutsy leader. in cable news, she's a game changer. >>be afraid, be very afraid. now, the two term governor from michigan is reshaping the debate with a unique perspective and a forward-thinking approach. >>our goal is to bring you behind the scenes with access to stories that you've never seen before. >>she's a trailblazer determined to find solutions. >>one of the key components of a war room is doing a bit of opposition research. >>driven to find the thruth. >>i'm obsessed with the role of govenment. >>fearless, idependent and above all, politically direct. >>part of the mission here in our own war room is to help these candidates stay on track. make your voice heard.
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>> we've got a great power panel for you tonight. rebekah is in the studio, thank you for joining us. and cheryl conaty is also with us great to have you, as well. first topic is rick santorum a jesus freak? sounds controversial but wait a minute now. here is a pass tore that was introducing them in louisiana his name is dennis terry. listen to what he says as rick santorum collapse in the book ground. >> i don't care what the liberals say this nation was founded as a christian nation. there's only one god! there's only one god and his name is jesus! i'm tired of people telling me that i can't say those words. listen to me. if you don't love america you
4:42 pm
don't like the way we do things, i have one thing to say. get out! >> well, reverend terry right back at you! you apparently have no idea how the country works, we are a secular country since you don't understand, get the hell out. that's my opinion. rebekah, what do you think? >> it's 12 minutes of that guy yelling at muslims yelling at buddhists. i don't know who told him he wasn't supposed to say i love jesus. >> i think you're allowed to proclaim your love for jesus in this country. >> he told all of us to get out and laid his hand oned head of rick santorum who happily accepted his blessing and it was super gross. >> cheryl, to me, the issue he says if you're not a christian
4:43 pm
and don't believe this is a christian nation and santorum himself said he is a candidate. i don't understand, if you don't understand this is a secular country, you have no business being the president of the united states. >> i think the founding fathers whom the republicans are so fond of reminding us of their wishes, would be appalled. certainly, the founding fathers including thomas jefferson were very eager to preserve the freedom of religion, thomas jefferson owned a koran, for example. i don't think that rick santorum is a jesus freak. i do think that he's a religious extremist and someone who said in the past he wants to outlaw adultery, sod my, contraceptive rights. he wants to roll back the clock to the 19th century. >> if that isn't a jesus freak what is? my idea of religious extremism
4:44 pm
is what you call a jesus freak. >> in the 60's, jesus freaks were i think called the god spell area, almost an outshoot of the hippies. in their view, it brought about vatican two, for example a lot of liberalization of the church and religious institutions. when i think of jesus freaks, i think of the inclusion of jesus who loved 16ers as well as saints. i don't think that's where rick santorum is coming from. >> you're bringing way too many facts into this argument and we won't have it on this program ok? no no, can't have it. [ laughter ] >> to the larger point rebekah a lot of people see that and say oh, my god this is so wrong we can't talk about this, that should be out of bounds asen issue. i think we should counter
4:45 pm
attack. i don't think they belong in the public sphere. >> when he said j.f.k. said religious people weren't welcome in the public sphere which is the opposite of what he said. he said all religious people and others should be in the public square but not shoving their religion down people's throats. can we get back to or on to his secret service code name, rick santorum all day nobody would do anything stupid, just rick santorum, rick santorum and that came out peter on this rock i shall build my church, that is just messiah complex craziness. >> and the fact that it's latin he went to the hundred year
4:46 pm
anniversary, god knows what he's doing in private life. i'm not going to listen to cheryl's facts he is a jesus freak and belongs nowhere in this presidential race and in his rear end's words he should get you the! get out! get out! >> you guys are great, thank you for joining us. when we come back. what, us call obama a muslim? we never did that. oh, is that right? too bad we got tapes of it. when we return. >> ford, we found no examples of a host saying president obama is a muslim. >> barack obama raised as a muslim. this is huge!
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>> we are back on the young turks. now, brett fair was on fox news talking about the book about showdown over president obama was inaccurate, because president obama was talking about how fox news was characterizing him as a muslim. >> president obama blamed this network for his mid-term political woes. telling labor leaders he was losing white males because in part, fed up by fox news, they hear obama is a muslim 24/7 and it begins to seep in. >> we found no examples of a host saying president obama is a muslim. >> no examples. that's interesting. our legendary producer j.r. jackson happens to watch fox news. did you find examples? >> you have to listen very closely, especially when the
4:51 pm
defense comes up on fox news. the host finding a host saying barack obama is a muslim is hard to find, let's find out how they did do it. >> backing of a mask appears to support a religion he practices. a poll found one in four identified him as a muslim. he said we are not a christian nation. he went on the apology tour, his first major tour was onal abira tv. the the money, $900 million to hamas controls gaza strip his treatment of benjamin netanyahu. we can go on and on. why do you think one in four think that he is a muslim? >> because of his actions
4:52 pm
because his actions since he became president has been pandering to the islamic world apologizing on behalf of america to the islamic world praising it is islamic world. >> now the news said he was raced a muslim, barack obama raised as a muslim. this is huge. >> this is huge! >> but a fox host never said it. he says it and later retracts it. my favorite is the 9/11 trick right? when bush used to say well i never said that sadaam hussein did 9/11. i just said them in the same sentence. >> i didn't say president obama is a muslim, i just made you say it. >> that right there is the distinction. i didn't say it. i just put it into your head. >> every word makes the
4:53 pm
difference. ford, this is just on record, we're going to say this for the record. if we're casually saying it, it's not on the record, maybe here or there in and out but specifically on the record, our host didn't say so. >> in the end, he said gee, i don't know how our audience thought he was muslim. i never would have guessed. that's how they do it. great job finding those tapes. >> when we come back, cnn makes a critical error. we'll tell you when we return. >> to say an entire party is at war with women? this is all just politics.
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53 >> let's do media watch. this is about aaron burnett on cnn. the republicans included them in an attack saying oh my god obama has a war on women. we've been talking about the war within women that the gop has because they've introduced hundreds of bills around the country taking away women's rights. but of course, an burnett always wants to call it even. >> the fact is neither party came out hard enough when the offender was one of its own. to say that either party is at war with women is all just politics. we've seen many references for a
4:57 pm
war on women but both sides need to be honest that the s word and c word aren't acceptable. >> this is not about words it's about legislation bills restricting abortion rights, restricts rights to contraception et cetera. what do you do? has cnn always does, i'm going to call it even. that's not journalism. she even recognizes it at the end. >> lets end this talk about a war on women and have substantive conversations about real issues, womens pay and reproductive rights. >> why don't you do it? let's call it even, why didn't you instead say all right here are the bills proposed by the republicans against women and here are the bills from the democrats, for fair pay and for women. that's journalism, not what you just did there.
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