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tv   Countdown With Keith Olbermann  Current  March 20, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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primary in illinois right here. we'll be back at 10:00 with a live update on that, as well and check out >> oops. >> i don't care what the unemployment rate's going to be. doesn't matter to me. >> or? >> of course i care about the unemployment rate. i want it to go down, but my candidacy doesn't hinge on whether it goes up or down. >> as the primary vote comes in, romney agrees with santorum on the freedom thing. >> i'm wondering where you suggest that the millions of women who receive their health services, such as mammograms, the h.p.v. vaccines go? >> they can go wherever they'd like to go. this is a free society. >> here is the dumbest idea from
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newt gingrich. we ought to debate on pay per view and charge $10 and it should go to a charity of choice. >> yeah, maybe lincoln will coffer the primary in his land. and the republicans hell bent to phase out medicare and fed cade in their new budget for mini america. >> the penalty's budget is putting us on a path of a debt crisis, of decline and these are the deficits that are in store for america if we stay with the status quo. >> including the debt limits deal the republicans agreed to last year on which they are now reneging. >> people have limits on credit cards. that doesn't mean that you're required to spend up to the limit. >> the killing of treyvon martin by a was want to be cop. >> are you following him?
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>> yes. >> ok, we don't need you to i had that. >> the feds are finally investigating, but his killer is still not under arrest. >> we have lived in this world long enough to know that the more time goes by that he's not arrested, the less likely it is that he will ever be arrested. >> the latest atrocity in the war on women. the senator who believes rape and incest victims are lying so they can get abortions. and what's wrong with this campaign bus picture? the wheels on the bus go round and round, now on "countdown." >> nice set of wheels! >> good evening, this is tuesday, march 20, the polls just closed in the republican primary. there are no votes counts yet.
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it is suggested a 45-35 margin. rick santorum can stop explaining. illinois polls put romney in the lead. dog owners nationally having second thoughts about the former massachusetts governor. illinois having second thoughts about their paper ballots. many reported their ballots will have to be trimmed down or counted by hand, meaning results should be delayed. romney hoping to add to his lead in delegates. gingrich and paul showing he should do that with ease. a public policy polling tally gingrich and powell far back. rick santorum telling an
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audience that his campaign is bigger than the issues that define the election. >> i don't care what the employment rate is going to be. my campaign doesn't hinge on it. it's something for foundational that's going on here. >> gas king romney springing on santorum's error like a dog on a car roof. >> people running also for the republican nomination today said he doesn't care about the unemployment rate, that doesn't bother him. it does bother me. i want to get people back to work. >> after saying he wished he had a do-over, he did it over. >> of course i care about the unemployment rate, i want it to go down, but my candidacy doesn't hinge on whether it goes up or down. it tran sends that. it's about freedom. >> santorum spokesman moaning that this is another example of the romney campaign trying to
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deceive voters. santorum's wife karen tried to make sure her husband's campaign is about more than just women's rights. >> women have nothing to fear with when it comes to contraceptives he will do nothing on that issue. >> after saying he hoped to defund planned parenthood. >> i'm wondering where you suggest that the millions of women who receive health services mom mow grams and health care vaccines go? >> they can go wherever they like. this is a free society. >> a president should be able to send his do your vacation anywhere, even in mexico, even if lonesome roads beck and rick santorum should disagree. >> do you send your daughter as president of the united states to a place where the state department, your own state department says don't go on fringe break, it's a danger? at 13? >> he should set an example. that's what presidents do.
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when the government is saying this is not safe, then you don't set the example by sending your kids down there. >> alas that's not what the state department said. parts of mexico have travel warnings. mr. roads beck doesn't understand there are more than one part to mexico. >> newt gingrich has this idea he'd like to try with you. >> we ought to debate on pay per view and charge 10 bucks to watch the debate and it ought to go to a charity of our mutual choice. >> tiffany's? hmm, $10 a viewer. so they'd raise -- $10? looking ahead to november, winning in a major swing state not looking good at $10 or more. president obama is shown winning over mitt romney by eight
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points, over rick santorum by nine, over gingrich by 19. mean time, vice president biden announcing he's hit the campaign trail hard and: >> especially a dog name of shamus romney penned on top of the car for a drive to canada. is it humane or inhumane to put your dog in a kennel on the top of the car for a long trip. 68% insisted it was anything but, 35% also saying it would make them less likely to vote for romney, 55% saying more likely. when asked who they thought would be a better president for dogs, president obama with a commanding lead. for more on tonight's illinois primary, i'm joined by david
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shuster. problem with paper ballots and the machines, we've reached the apex where both things can go wrong? do we know how much which a delay this might mean? >> election officials in illinois say it affects as many as 24 different counties, almost a quarter of the state. the largest county being dupage county, which is west of chicago, including naperville, wheaton, downer's grove. there may be as many as 300 ballots from a couple of different locations were affected. they do not believe it will delay things too much. election officials will have to count the ballots because they can't go through the machines. results from some precincts may take a little longer, but the polls have not been kept open any longer. they do expect to have results before too long. >> the only results we have now were exit polls cnn45 ore 35
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romney over santorum. between that and his big lead in the pre-vote polls of yesterday and earlier where is the support coming from, chicago and the upscale suburbs? is there a different expectation down state when you get to virtual indiana? >> absolutely right. when you look at interstate 80, the suburbs of chicago, a little farther out romney should roll up the numbers there but everything below interstate 80 is santorum country. the key challenge for santorum is because delegates are rewarded by district, can he make up enough in terms of the congressional districts in the southern part of the state to make it competitive in the delegate map where romney is expected to sweep in the counties around chicago. >> not in four counties, can he possibly make enough to come out
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for this not to be a disastrous night for him? he got 15 delegates awarded in the state convention in june, but if you're not eligible for 10 of those you're not going to do well even if you take 15. >> that's right. the santorum campaign thinks a good night for them, if they can get totally maybe 35, they would be thrilled. again, they feel feel like they've got a plan for being able to go after the delegates awarded on a state basis but again you look at the number of delegates that santorum has available a total of 44 available if you take away the 10 that he's not eligible for, of those 44, realistically feel like they can compete maybe nine, 10 or those areas congressional districts, so you're looking at maybe 27 if they get lucky maybe up to 35, but out of a total of 69 that
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will ultimately be awarded because those 15 delegates will go to who wins the plurality of the vote, and santorum's looking at some tough math. >> santorum's tough math obviously applies to the subject of discussing unemployment. that unfortunate gaffe and or revelation, any expectation that that did anything in blue collar illinois to him or was essentially just bought out again by romney's money? >> the gaffe on unemployment came late yesterday so at least the campaign felt there wasn't time for romney to turn that into an attack ad as they probably would have. the romney campaign that spent more money in you chicago and illinois than a lot of people have seen in this state in a long time, including in general election for presidential election. the amount of negative ads, the cycle of the frequency was astounding to political observers here in illinois. even santorum supporters say
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there are some things you can't compete against. if we get 30-35% of the vote in the wake of these ads we'll be happy. it gets to the strategy of tearing down your opponents. >> david shuster in chicago many thanks, david. >> drilling a little deeper as the kids say into the primary race, we are joined by craig crawford. good evening. >> we got enough shovels to dig that deep. >> in choosing our shovel of choice, what are the demographic differences between what we saw in alabama mississippi and why those early numbers that you go romney should do 10 points or better than santorum tonight? >> we have half the percentage
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in these republican illinois primary voters, half the percentage saying they are very conservative or evangelicals that you had in alabama or mississippi. the pattern we're seeing is santorum annual wins in states that are as crazy as he is. in the south the rest of us aren't exactly proud of alabama and mississippi and their political past. it's often said alabama and mississippi are too small to be nations and too large to be mental institutions. >> once said of every state in the south just before the civil war, as i recall. santorum has been the gop leader when voters have been asked who best understands average american's problems. if he hasn't already will he poke a hole in that with that statement that unemployment, sort of implying that
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unemployment is not the most important thing even for those who are unemployed. >> i think another reason he's having trouble in illinois and probably future states, they're seeing the gaffe machine that he is. he takes one step back and back flips another three or four and is always explaining himself. on the substance of this one, the argument he was trying to make and it's a pretty good one if he'd beenar particular let about it, romney is a one note candidate, all about the economy. his whole resume is about being the candidate in the fall with a bad economy. santorum is trying to say that he can speak to more issues than romney. he didn't articulate it that way at all and it came across like he didn't care about unemployed people. he's making romney look like his words are the gettysburg address
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by comparison. >> unless he does that, what time does the drum beat begin to raise tomorrow that he should drop out and gingrich should drop out and everybody should just get out of romney's way? >> i'm beginning to think it doesn't matter anymore. i'm going to retire my tin foil halt tonight. in that race is winding down, because these opponents, gingrich and santorum just couldn't take advantage of what was right in front of them. in particular, santorum in ohio, in measure be michigan now illinois, he had the opportunity to prove he had big broad appeal in big states and could take romney down and at least give him a run for his money or hold him to a number of delegates and i don't see that happening anymore. these opponents are too weak. >> lastly, the dog polling. 35% of voters say the story of
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shamus makes them less likely to vote for romney. i say that the unconventional wisdom has underestimated this story and woefully so. led me hear your thoughts. >> i'm coming around to you keith, it's just such a weird story, i can't believe it makes a difference, but folks are certainly believing it. >> 35% is a big number. >> after all lyndon johnson had to forgery election when he caused the stir holding his beagles up by the ears. >> i don't think any historian would say that is the only reason. might have had something to do with vietnam. >> the shamus story, there is a contribution between what his sons said happened to the dog. they said when they got to canada, the dog ran away.
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apparently he sought asylum in canada. his wife, romney's wife said the dog lived a long and fruitful life. at least i hope that comes up in a debate. we've got to get into that. >> the dog stayed in canada as a draft dodger, explaining why he had to be tied to the roof. >> thank you craig. >> one campaign note about this nonsense. if you think american's politicians miss the obvious let's see what's happening in the local elections in canada. the wide rose party danielle smith. that would be her head and portrait, her chest being exactly where the double wheels and tires go.
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this perhaps was where for the wild rose party the wheels fell off. >> a budget so draconian it could end medicare and medicate virtually outright. the real world. it has under-seat storage to bring everything, available seating for up to seven people to take everyone, and the grip of available all-wheel drive to go everywhere. think of it as a search engine helping you browse the real world. this march, get no extra charge third-row seating plus 0% financing on dodge journey.
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>>never ending enertainment. >>the young turks at seven countdown with keith olbermann at eight and the war room at nine. current tv's prime-time lineup weeknights starting at seven-six central. only on curren >> the first exits broken down by area, rural voters in illinois cnn exit polls santorum 44 romney 39. suburban romney 45 santorum 34. unless you have no idea of what's more or less, you can tell the suburban and urban voters are going to give mitt romney a probable victory in illinois, even though it is officially too early to call. >> when paul ryan released his budget proposal last year, it became the national economic platform for republicans. any republican who did not offer full support was as true astro sized.
5:22 pm
a new budget offers tax cuts to the rich. capitol hill was seemingly holding its collective breath for the release of ryan's latest budget proposal after his dramatic trailer. before ryan could make it onstage to receive is oscar he was beat to the podium questioning the need for the proposal. >> those who say we do not have a budget have either failed to pay attention to what they voted on or deliberately trying to mislead the public. >> rather here to offer americans a chance to choose which future me want for themselves the president's path of debt and decline or the path
5:23 pm
we're proposing. >> according to analysis, deep cuts to medicare, medicaid and reduced access to health care and diminished quality of care, all the while increasing defense spending and providing $2 trillion in tax cuts to wealthy americans. it would lower the discretionary spending cap that was agreed on. the big change from last year's proposal is the inclusion of the agreement on medicare, which would allow seniors the chase between traditional medicare and a voucher for private insurance. the senator apparently cannot support ryan's plan. >> he doesn't like the budget that ryan came up with. >> joining me now senior congressional reporter. the paint you made that the budget might be the issue of the general election campaign, is that because the republicans think they have a winner here or
5:24 pm
democrats now have the bloody shirt to say look, they reneged on this easy to understand deal. >> i think republicans are probably nervous about this budget particularly after what happened last year, but hemmed in by a very well oiled well money conservative apparatus that expects them to support this and i believe they will. if the economy continues to improve, that tends to overwhelm other domestic issues. the appropriate way to look at this is that republicans who have had this long-standing goal of rolling back, privatizing these federal safety net programs, may have thought that the economy the bad economy was such a winner for them that they could campaign on these very controversial policies, and then when they win on the strength of a poor economy claim a mandate
5:25 pm
to both fix the economy but also undo the new deal and great society programs. over a year since they took over the majority of the house they're about to do this all over again. there's a decent chance five, six months down the line, they'd wished they held their cards much more closely to their vest. >> gingrich, courageous, romney, bold step towards putting our nation back on the track towards fiscal sanity, santorum, headed in the right direction. doesn't sound like these guys are ready to embrace ryan's proposal wholeheartedly. >> we saw this earlier in the campaign with gingrich and to some extent mitt romney about the previous in carnation of the same budget. they have to endorse it, and also all want to leave
5:26 pm
themselves enough space in the general election they can say i disagreed with this or that part of it. really ultimately, the whole republican party, the democrats will see to this, is behind this basic vision. all of their tax plans include tax breaks for the wealthiest americans, they all propose this privatized, subsidized version of medicare and want to roll back medicaid and other programs while increasing defense spending. they can quibble the details but they own this. whether paul ryan wants to give them an out later remains to be seen, but they're not going to walk away from it. >> speaking of walking away, senator's position on this, he took a lot of heat even negotiating with paul ryan, does he not have to disavow this
5:27 pm
thing rather than have senator reid speak for him? >> i think there's no way that senator widen owned expressly say he supports the whole budget. he never supported this sort of tax policy, he never supported slashing food stamps. he did support a very similar medicare proposal to the one that's in ryan's new budget. there are some differences. he could in theory walk away from that, but i don't think he can walk away from it because the differences aren't that major and little known fact is that he is off the reservation with the white house. heavy some issues going back about a year, and so i don't feel like he thinks he needs to be on the same page as the rest of the democratic party on this issue. so it's conceivable has he can say that he supports poll ryan's new medicare proposal without
5:28 pm
supporting the entirety of the rest of the budget. >> the senior congressional reporter for talking points mental row as also, thanks for your time. >> 911 tapes showing a was was cop being told not to follow a young black male.
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the chicago tribune is reporting that the gop presidential primary today in chicago and the city only is on its way to becoming the lowest turnout ever for a presidential primary in chicago illinois, according to the city at 2:00 p.m. central daylight time, 15% had voted the previous all time low, the 32% that voted in the 1996 republican primary. early indications of tremendously low turnout at least in chicago in tonight's illinois republican primary counts. >> first the sanity break. march 20 on this date, richard
5:32 pm
nixon assured bob halid man that the vietnam war would be over within 10 months, on march 20, 1969. the peace settlement was achieved 1973. april, 1970 and march 1971, time marches on. >> i start with a normal clip of the day. all rush wants to do is go for a swim in the bathtub. one problem no water. this is the way michael phelps learned to swim. a dog named rush in the bathtub. somewhere bill hicks is smiling. >> we find these nine-month-old twins doing synchronized dancing to the song. it looks like a cult, but an
5:33 pm
adorable cult. when it stops they try to make it play again. something's got to work. >> eventually they get assistance and they are back to their rhythmic movement, which we may call the push-pull dance. >> two musical coils playing classic 70's southern rock, just as lynrd sknyrd intended it to be played. ♪ ♪ >> the crowd enjoyed it but demanded that the transformer then play free bird. time marches on. >> treyvon martin, two federal investigations of his death, yet no arrests of his killer. next. >> i know this stuff, and i love it. and i try to bring that to the show.
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>> two headlines out of the illinois primary, fox news has become the first organization to call this one to estimate that romney will in fact beat santorum as all the exit polls and prevoting polls indicated. also, there is a report from the huffing toton post indicating 98% of republican voters in illinois today were white. >> on february 26 an unarmed african-american kid was walking home in a florida gated community. he was shot and killed by a so-called neighborhood watch figure, who claimed he was acting in self defense. the death has been followed by weeks of rallies outrage and demands for justice growing in number and volume and now finally investigations. the civil rights division of the justice department joins the
5:37 pm
f.b.i. to monitor the probe. the local county grand jury will investigate, yet the shooter has not been arrested or charged. walking home talking to his girlfriend treyvon martin was spotted by volunteer neighborhood watch figure george zimmerman. zimmerman found martin to be suspicious and called the police: >> despite the did it matcher advising him not to, zimmerman pursued martin: >> moments later martin was shot in the chest, died at the scene. because of his claim of self defense, george zimmerman has yet to be arrested or charged. a 16-year-old friend of martins on the phone with him at the time of the incident provided
5:38 pm
further evidence that it was martin being pursued: >> martin's family's attorney claimed the investigation is just the beginning. >> even though the justice department and the f.b.i. have opened up an investigation we will not stop, we will not rest until he is arrested. >> joined now by senior reporter for the huffing to know post, thank you for your time. >> good to be here. >> how is it zimmerman is not under arrested or charged at this point? >> it depends who you speak with. if you talk to the police chief he says there is no evidence to refuted zimmerman's claims of self defense. if you talk to the martin family's lawyer and talk to folks they say there is a long history of distrust and police not holding folks accountable
5:39 pm
when they need to be. >> we know the d.o.j. investigation would look at zimmerman. are they also looking at the police department and why that one sat on this case and has for more than three weeks. >> in talking to folks who have a pretty good understanding of how this will work and turn out, basically, the d.o.j. and f.b.i. will put a lot of pressure, and that's exactly what the family wanted. they have no faith in the police department. they hope by having this third party investigation, they put a little pressure. clearly they'll be looking into bringing their muscle to the investigation. >> you mentioned history and distrust. this mr. zimmerman has a history, isn't he a constant almost paranoid presence about outsiders and people he perceives at threats who turn out to be people just walking home? >> most certainly. since january 2011.
5:40 pm
he's called 911 about 46 times. he has a history of following individuals in their vehicles. he basically has some as the lawyers say a cop complex. he wanted to be in law enforcement so bad he had a habit of taking things into his own hands. >> florida has this stand your ground law which does not require a threatened citizen to retreat if he acts supposedly in his own defense. in the aftermath of the martin case, isn't it obvious that that's what opened the door to exactly what has happened, no arrest in the case? >> certainly. there have been a number of state legislators who want to review the law. some call the law the make my day law the dirty harry law. there's too much wiggle room here. all you need to do is say you felt in fear or imminent danger and that's all you need to meet
5:41 pm
deadly force. that's what has folks concerned. they're afraid they might end up with a situation like this when they have a young man unarmed shot dead. >> this stuff has been going on for so long that it's hard to believe that even some white people don't recognize this. twenty years ago, a little more, i moved from an apartment in los angeles, just across the street into beverly hills and southern california tremendously diverse in terms of the community there. that doesn't mean anything. i would go and do my food shopping after work about midnight walk to the store and walk home. the first few nights, first time i was living in beverly hills i crossed into beverly hills a police cruiser would come out of nowhere, put a blinding light on me for a couple of seconds and turn it off. the fifth or sixth light they turned the light on me, shined the light on him and didn't turn it off.
5:42 pm
he was black. they stopped and questioned him. what is it going to take to save the next treyvon martin before we realize how rampant this kind of racism is? >> it might take a treyvon martin to save the next. i'm talking about folks black white, it's not even a race issue, it's a morals and ethics issue. so often we have to deal with layers and layers of stereotypes and as young black men you raise these boys up to be strong and proud but wary. unfortunately in doing so, we steal their in sense. i'm not sure what it will take, but i think if there's any good out of this, is this treyvon martin and the community galvanizing around it and bringing attendance to it, no matter black, white, whatever your class is, it's hard not to
5:43 pm
be touched by this case. >> it's important to picture yourself in the situation i described. at that point you realize even just for a second what it's like to be suspected not for what you've done, but just for what somebody mistakes you for thinking he thinks you look like at a distance. it's an extraordinary and in my case, a cheap lesson. for this poor young man in florida, a very expensive lesson. >> the update out of illinois, romney is called there antchicago tribune record low turnout predicted. the latest from the illinois primary, first the idaho state senator who think rape victims are lying just to get abortions and he wants a law to deal with this. next.
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>> add the associated press to those calling romney. this idaho senator claims women say they are the victimses of rape to get abotherses. why do men think they can win it is war against it is majority, women? next. saturday at 1/12 central. and, while you watch, join the live chat at our system is not working. >>there are always some risks. >>i don't think it's that black and white. the science is not there. >>(vo) only on current tv what's up? >>hi! >>how ya doing? >>good. >>what you got there? >>a u.v. light lunch box. >>wow! how does it work?
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it on, you wait for ten seconds, you take it out. it's a healthy apple to eat. >>that's big. if you sell as manny of those as we sold records, one day i'm going to be going to your house. >>got a cool idea of your own? enter it now at four finalist will have the chance to pitch their idea to one winner may see their invention idea brought to life. >> it turns out there's another flight of stairs for civilization to fall down. in our number two story an idaho state senator believes rape and incest victims are lying to get abortions. seven democrats five republicans opposed the
5:48 pm
preabortion ultrasound. state senator chuck windor said: >> the idaho law would require any woman seeking the abortion to have an ultrasound first and give them the opportunity to see their fetus while the doctor describes it in detail. if she's in her first trimester it involves the invasive transvaginal procedure. if they still want to terminate their pregnancy the woman would have to submit for a second ultrasound. i'm joined now for more on this.
5:49 pm
thanks for your time tonight. >> thank you for having me. >> so, how doctors have to make sure that rape or incest victims are not lying this idaho senator won't rely on police records and reports? >> it's pretty appalling that he expects doctors to investigate whether women are telling the truth when they go to their doctors seeking medical care, but it's part of a continuing trend that we've seen from republicans waging their war on women who question whether women are actually raped or whether they're just trying to exploit what they think is a rape loophole because apparently there are all kinds of fabulous prizes and gifts available for women who were raped. >> why has this ultrasound become the new weapon of choice? >> i think it's part of this idea that women are so stupid that they don't understand that they're pregnant and if they can be forced to look at pictures or listen to heartbeats, then they'll understand that pregnancy means being pregnant
5:50 pm
and won't want to terminate their pregnancy anymore. they just need it explained with pictures. >> one more fundamental fact, but the latest u.s. population estimate that came out last month was 153,200,000 men 157,200,000 women. then are the minority in this country. how are they getting away with this and how come women are not organized in self defense? >> i think women are starting to organized, but women have been very good soldiers and when they're told their pet issues are issues that don't matter to the majority of the country they put it aside and say we won't worry about our own health care. this war has gotten so ugly that women are organizing to fight back and saying we are the majority and deserve our basic health care rights. >> can you fathom the overall
5:51 pm
strategy? >> i think they're desperate. they're scared, because they realize that people are starting to pay attention and fighting back, and the more people fight back, the more desperate me become to try to stop women from having a role in the public sphere. >> thanks for your time. >> thank you. >> an update, the violence against women act gathered it's votes. in 1994, the senate majority leader wants to vote on the legislation soon. i'll check the primary which goes to mitt romney tonight protect.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
>> 69 delegates at stake the illinois primary today a key contest in the presidential race and they fought it out head-to-head with ron paul and
5:54 pm
newt gingrich way out of the picture. all the networks now projecting that romney wins illinois tonight, projected numbers romney with 56% santorum 27, ron paul nine and newt gingrich, just watching at 7%. wrapping up our "countdown" covering with sam cedar. good to see you again. we have so many numbers to pick from. the economy was the number one issue. that is a bad omen for republicans. what about romney's path, has he just accelerated it today? >> he didn't hurt himself. this was a pretty big win if those numbers stay true. he's probably going to have a tougher time in louisiana. over the course of the next couple months, even if romney was to win every single delegate, i think now until he would still -- he still would not clinch until the end of may
5:55 pm
beginning of the june. so this is just going to continue and again, you know, what's the intention for santorum to get out of the race. i don't think he has given up on 2012, but he's starting to think of 2016 and is now becoming the pastor cementing his favored status with the base, and so, then it gives him room to maybe maneuver four years from now. >> i've got three other numbers that i really like tonight. number one was the chicago turnout date that that indicated in chicago this would be not just the record low, but by half, that it was at 15% at 2:00 this afternoon. it could be as low as 50% of the next lowest turnout. >> i think you'll hear from republicans that it was really sunny, people wanted to go out and enjoy the weather.
5:56 pm
>> that usually means more people turnout. i might have started in sports, but i got that one. >> the argument you're going to hear is people wanted to spend the day outside hanging out and not voting. i think what it shows is what we've known all along the republicans are really am witch vent and not just about romney, but also santorum. that's the problem romney has. he's not running on anything. all the grief santorum took for i'm not basing my campaign on the unemployment numbers he has a point. romney is running on hoping it's a bad situation for the country and people will want a change. >> turnout number we'll attribute to ferris bueller day in chicago singing wayne newton and going to the cubs game. they actually asked dog owners about shamus. 35 said that his treatment would
5:57 pm
make them less likely to vote for him. i'm telling you. >> how many of those people knew the story? >> exactly, it's the spreading of the story accelerates it goes exponentially from here on. >> i don't think you need to be a dog owner. >> i thought you were going to say you don't need to be a dog. >> or dog owner. it's very strange behavior. i've lived a fairly rich life, and i've never seen anything like that. and i've seen some very strange things. >> is that a dog on that guys roof? >> i've never met anybody. >> is that dog landing on that guys roof? >> this is something that's so far out of the bounds, it's very hard to say to each his own. >> early in the hour, i mentioned craig crawford, we need to get that back story completed, because we don't know if he ran away when he got to canada. now there's going to be an investigation. he's going to wind up in jail. sam, always
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