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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  March 30, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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our own. sam sedar host of ring of fire. welcome back. now we go . join the host of the war room, jennifer granholm. i'm jennifer grandholm and this is "the war room"." tonight "the war room" takes you to wisconsin. we're first going to the campaign trail and then we have the latest on the recall of wisconsin governor scott walker and the budding bromans between paul ryan and mitt romney. we'll tell you how the forces behind the war on women are on the defense now. and it is friday so let's kick back, and relax and chew over the week's top political stories. this is "the war room." come on inside! ♪
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>> so wisconsin does hold it's gop primary on tuesday for the presidency. here is a look at the latest polls from the badger state nbc marist has these results, and the same poll has the president ahead of both. >> president obama's economic strategy is a bust. these troubling facts are president obama's legacy and now our shared history.
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and as much as we would like to we can't do undo what has hand these last three years. >> you would think tuesday's primary would be getting all of the attention, but what has all of the attention is the recall of scott walker. you recall that walker stepped into a hornet's nest when he signed a bill that ended the collective bargaining rights of union workers. republicans used some procedural maneuvers and they were able to force the anti-labor bill through, and weeks and weeks of protests followed but walker's heaven i have-handedness
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backfired. and now we'll be facing off against the to-be-determined democrat. today milwaukee mayor tom barrett announced he is a candidate. now we're going to someone who knows the lay of the land in wisconsin. i'm joined by andy kroll is a staff reporter from "mother jones" magazine and has been all over the wisconsin recall story. andy joins us from washington. welcome inside the war room andy. >> thank you. >> you are doing such great work but you have done a lot of work out of wisconsin. tom barrett announcing he is throwing his name in the ring against governor scott walker and the second big event was that a court decided that portions of the bill will be struck down. do you think that that will have
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any impact in this recall election? >> yeah, i do and i think it will -- in the end it will come out in favor of the democrats. they'll be able to point to this federal court decision and say governor walker's assault on worker's rights couldn't even stand up to a basic legal test in the courts. parts of the bill is still around, the government is trying to pass legal measures against workers in the state, and we need to stop him. and this is one piece of evidence that feeds into that. >> it ratifies that the democrats or labor movement needs to -- is supported there, but on the other hand we have now, major tom barrett entering on the democratic side and we have a classic democratic fight in a primary that will be set up. major tom barrett has probably
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had to battle the unions a little bit, and he is running against a dane county executive named kathleen faulk. so who wins that battle? >> polls show milwaukee major tom barrett ahead of kathleen falk. they show him ahead by about 6 or 7 percentage points. now have got to understand that this is going to be an incredibly tough and bitter fight between kathleen and tom. kathleen falk is a labor-backed politician. tom barrett is not so much supported by unioned. they are openly disdainful of him. the unions are sort of quietly trying to undermine tom barrett even before he declared his
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candidacy. so we'll have kathleen with a lot of union muscle by hind her. and tom barrett who is a very established candidate. he has the city machine behind him. he is incredibly popular in milwaukee. we have these two types of democrats scaring off, and it will be quite a fight. >> the primary for that race is just about a month before the actual recall election at which a replacement would be chosen? >> that's right. >> right. so june then the next election -- so they only have a month -- whoever it is to rehabilitate themselves. but 900,000 signatures were submitted in a state of 5.7 million people. that is just a huge number of signatures. if they got everyone on the democratic side to vote then i would think that that would be enough to recall scott walker
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and get a democrat for governor. >> yeah there are a few important things to remember here. one is that the number of signatures raised to recall governor walker is pretty much -- you know in the range of the number of votes that elected governor walker in 2010 and that was just folks putting their name down being proactive about it. wasn't people going to the ballot box. so that 900,000 signature number definitely suggests that. the other thing as well is that whomever is going to run against governor walker their talking points are going to be the same. ho launched an unprecedented unexpected assault on worker's rights slashed education by $800 million, and passed a voter id bill that is incredibly unpopular. so the point -- the talking points -- the arguments against walker will be the same for any democrat.
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it's really a race about him no matter what democrat we get, and it's about making that case to wisconsin voters. >> so it's interesting because the talking points against him recite some of the legislation that has been promulgated by organizations affiliated by the koch brothers. the koch brothers have been supportive in pushing back against the recall. tell us about their involvement. >> they are the founders and funders for alec a group that supported scott walker in 2010 and rushed to his side when he was facing hundreds of thousands of protesters in the capitol of wisconsin. they have supported him out there this fight. they have run television ads. in addition, you also have the governor raising untold amounts of money from within the state but also from without the state.
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david koch himself told the palm beach post that they would do whatever it took to support governor walker. this is a pivotal moment for them. if they can defend governor walker, they can say look he survived this challenge, his agenda is right. if they lose it is a huge blow for the tea party movement, and a huge rejection for a governor who took on unions. >> huge amount at steak in wisconsin. thank you so much andy kroll for joining us inside "the war room." coming up. did they think we were just going to close our eyes? the war on women is getting some serious push back from -- you'll never guess, yes, women. plus does paul ryan want to be done as the budget genius or the
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next vice president candidate. he is looking like neither. this is "the war room" and we're just getting going. the ted conference held here every year in southern california is an event designed to bring the brightest minds in the world together to share their most powerful, influential and creative ideas. the speakers share a common goal, making the world a better, smarter place through innovation, technology and the power of big ideas. in ted speaker dr. jonathan haidt's book, he argues that all human beings share a few basic moral values. caring, fairness, loyalty, respect, purity and liberty, are intrinsically important to most humans. but how those values get expressed can vary extensively across cultures and other social
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groups. haidt looked at american liberals and consevatives and found that they too shared the same values. but liberals tended to value care and fairness a little more than the others, but was less concerned about purity. conservatives weighted the values a little more evenly, ranking fairness as the least important. haidt believed that despite the issues we may differ on, we're all mostly trying to do the right thing. scion: what moves you.
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can you play games on that? not on the runway. no. ♪ for women, march came in like a lie on a stack of anti-women legislation and attacks on planned parenthood but now at the end of the month, it actually looks like just
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maybe the raging beast has been tamed or at least tranquilized temporarily. the komen ceo actually apologized for pulling funds to planned parenthood. there has been a pushback in state bills in tennessee, for example, the legislation that would have required the names of doctors who performed abortions to be published. >> their characterization of me as a terrorist, murder and more has been used by their leftist friends to engender hatred and incite the threat of violence. >> meanwhile the good people of idaho bought fact against a mandatory ultrasound bill. as iowa's leader so eloquently
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put it when you kick the beehive, bees come out. the bees have also come out in arizona that would give their employer proof that they needed proof that they needed contraception for medical reasons, and not for birth control reasons. the president leading mitt romney by a large amount. joining me now is tricia rose and tracy clark, also a repeat guest.
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welcome back to you both inside "the war room." tracy, are we seeing a successful push back by women? >> i think so. i mean i think that people are actually having to listen. i mean the outrage is -- it's deafening. >> it's empowering isn't it? >> it is. >> the anger through the internet is just awesome. >> yeah it is. it really -- there is unprecedented access, i think to joining the conversation and becoming political. >> and you have seen it a lot because i know you follow this stuff closely and some of the best stuff that is out there, i think you would all agree is actually pretty darn funny. >> it is hilarious. >> women have gotten very creative and humorous. >> yes you have to laugh about it. >> yes. tricia from your perspective, are we seeing just a temporary lull in the action?
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>> we're definitely only seeing a lull in the action but that doesn't mean we can't keep fighting. we have to keep with the humor, keepith the social networking but most importantly educate young women about what feminism is -- it's truly the other f-word. so that backlash that took 25 to 30 years to set in motion my college students actually are afraid to identify unless they are already fully identified. so we have to expand the conversation desigmatize, because they will come back. >> and social action takes time. takes educating people on how they can be effective right? >> right. >> and we'll talk about that in
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just a second. listen to this so that we're not sitting back on our laurels, there are bills introduced every single day. in georgia there was a bill passed further restricting abortion. and in missouri there was a bill who's sponsor said he knew a lot about reproductive health, because, take a listen: >> he grew up in operating rooms and his father is a veterinarian so therefore he has some authority to speak about women's reproductive health. i'm just saying -- >> it's astonishing what they came up with. >> we found so many good quotes from across the country today. it's either too discouraging or you just have to have a sense of humor about it but make sure that humor is combined with
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action and letting people know. tricia there is also anied on the planned parenthood front. we have a statement from nancy brinker who of course is responding to a huge amount of pushback on the part of women. she said: >> that is encouraging right? action taken. in contrast though the president -- president obama is now speaking directly to planned parenthood supporters. take a listen to this. >> women are not an interest group. they are mothers, and daughters, and sisters, and wives. they are half of this country. and they are perfectly capable of making their own choices about their health.
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>> does this help progressives have a big supporter like the president on their side? >> i think it does. if we could talk a little bit about that apology that statement -- >> yeah go. i think it's pretty disenagainous. i think. they are still claiming that it wasn't politically motivated. that it wasn't that they caved to political pressure. and i think the fact that they are still sticking to that line i think a lot of people don't buy it. >> if you look at the statement we made mistakes that ultimately raised questions about saving lives. there is not a word in there about planned parenthood. >> and they have already -- and this is what i think women really should be thoughtful about. they have co-oped this profound female supported space through
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this terrible crisis and taking control of it for political purposes, and i think we should separate that space out, and not give it back to them. i actually don't't think the apology is good enough at all. >> right. i think you were saying the same thing. last issue that came up this week was rush limbaugh. they tried to get rush removed from 180 radio stations but in the end only two removed him from their stations and now we're hearing about a number of ads, and supporters coming back sponsors coming back. do we need another call to action? >> yes, and not just a call to action. i think we need to hold these so-called entertainers accountable. and as you pointed out those
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that are running these destructive modes of entertainment. >> is it too exhausting tracy to ask that women continually be vigilant. >> that's why i think the sense of humor is encouraging. you have to have that to keep going. >> and you have to sing a song to go along with it. >> that's exactly right. tricia rose thank you so much. you are coming back and i so appreciate you coming in again, tracy. it is friday night in the war room that means we're cracking open some cold ones, and talking politics. buckle up you are in "the war r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r
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w. ♪ pain and patch for the middle class, for the middle class, if they pass their budget ♪ ♪ take care great for the millionaire, and the billionaire, who is sharing big tax cuts ♪ ♪ when they need to prepare ways to end medicare that's amore raise ♪ >> i love it. that comes to us from the democratic national community. it came it just hours before wisconsin congressman paul ryan officially endorsed mitt romney for president. and it has certainly been a heady week for ryan.
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on thursday in a party-line vote the house passed his draconian budget. the urban institutes between 14 and 27 million people would be dropped from medicaid. the plan would turn medicare into effectively a voucher program. the savings would pay for significant tax cuts for the highest earnerings and corporations. we can't forget that the savings from the cut to health care also have to pay for major increases in defense spending. here to discuss the budding romance is our all-stall round table. tricia rose has come back phil bronstein, is the former editor for the center for investigative
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reporting. and thomas moyer is the author of "the conservative survival guide to san francisco." >> i need to read that. >> yes. thomas let me start with you. >> sure. >> since you represent the conservative end here. what -- do you think that mitt romney is going to end up regretting fully -- full throated endorsement of this paul ryan budget? >> i don't think so. we have the primaries in wisconsin coming up in the next couple of days. it -- i think it will help him really. >> maybe for that primary -- >> it will. >> but in the general election? >> i think people like the idea of paul ryan's -- of his budget.
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>> what do you think they like about it? >> i think it does something to the national debt -- >> the debt crisis and his courage for coming out. >> yes. >> why not do it in a more balanced way? that's what i think is going to get romney into a lot of trouble, because if it were just the deficit, why not spread out the pain rather than consolidate it. >> you have to admit, he is giving -- he's giving the democrats a plate of issues to complain on in the fall. and i think the democrats are happy as clams -- >> this is an intellectual crowd here, but i don't understand the budget at all.
9:29 pm
>> come on. i don't believe you for one minute. >> i have no idea -- >> you do too. you understand people getting their health care cut. >> cutting, yes. i understand what cutting means. >> right. >> but i think that it is lost on most people. >> by the fall it will be pounded into everyone's head -- >> phil has a point, though. because there is a sense in which people don't get the details, but they get emotionally invested in a sense that hey, we're not having any more waste. >> or you are stealing my health care. you have to be careful about anger. it can move to something that is not so democratic. i don't know if we're going to talk about the other candidates santorum was in the bay area the other day, and he had an
9:30 pm
etch-a-sketch in one hand and jelly belly in the other and said ronald reagan. i'm thinking mitt romney to me is like eating the wrapper and not the candy. i don't think who the vice presidential candidate matters. because the race is over. romney is like a guy going down a stairway that neverens and he keeps tripping all the way down. and he is flavorless. >> push back thomas. >> there are a lot of things going against the president as welt. obamacare. when he stepped out of the military's way and let them do their job, they got bin laden. he has more debt than all of the previous presidents combined.
9:31 pm
obama is in the supreme court. >> we'll talk about that in just a minute. >> sure. >> let me ask you one other question. because of all of the endorsements that mitt romney got this week would george w. bush's endorsement help him or hurt him? >> i don't think it is going to really matter at this point. >> i think mitt romney is going to ultimately get the endorsement. and really with marco rubio, he is one of my favorites actually and paul ryan in wisconsin, i think it's a shoe in. >> would it help or hurt? >> i think it would hurt him -- >> i don't think it will matter. >> you are in the no-matter camp no matter. >> the republicans are getting a sense of humor, if you showed the democratic national
9:32 pm
committee tape. karl rove created a great video about obama and russia. and you have romney at least trying to be funny. and i think the republicans can be very outrageous as you know. but funny is something they condition -- and i think it would help them. >> humor is effective. stay right here you guys tricia, phil thomas we'll be right back after the break. mitt romney is starting to get a little chirpy in foreign policy. plus brett ehrlich gets a jump on next week's news. coming up i will tell you everything about the week >>just refreshing to hear. no other television show
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troops home from afghanistan. that's what change is! >> president obama laying out his foreign policy record. and back with us to break down the politics of foreign policy and really how the media has been looking at the events of the week is phil bronstein, plus brown university professor, tricia rose, and thomas moyer. i can't say it without smiling -- oh look at you. and phil with the etch. of course. >> and the beer. [ laughter ] >> so phil get serious will you for a moment. >> i'm always serious. >> the moment with the president and -- the -- demetre medyev where he says i will have more flexibility after the election.
9:37 pm
i want to get your take on that. because it was just a little comment, and you would think he gave them the nuclear codes -- did the media over play that? >> i'm shocked you would suggest that the media overplayed something. >> we are the media now. >> yes, we are. that's us. >> in fact brian lamb who founded cspan retired the other day, and in the 40 years he owned cspan he never once said his name on the air. but it's like a candid moment. but in reality he was playing to an audience of one. and the other thing i think it shows is that he is arrogant. i think he believes he is going
9:38 pm
to win, so it's just an assumed entitled thing, so he is saying when i get reelected i'll be more flexible. we'll institute the same policy he has been instituting. >> you have a different take. i take it. >> what do you think that extra flexibility is going to be? >> but the trick about obama, what he is so good at. is he didn't promise anything. >> absolutely. >> a little yoga. >> we're not in on that conversation -- >> they need russia for all sorts of thing. >> which gets to the -- what mitt romney said this week, which was that the single most dangerous geopolitical foe that the united states has is russia as opposed to russia. >> but then he explained it.
9:39 pm
so it's okay. he just meant context rally they are the ones pushing back the hardest against us. >> i also think it's just about continuing the sense of confidence of leadership. you are not going to say well i might win, i might not win, and if this happened so it extends the leadership. >> this week as well the santorum team put out an ad that was very dramatic. we'll take a listen to just a piece of that. >> and every day the residents of this town must come to grips with the harsh reality that our nation, and sworn american enemy has become a nuclear threat. >> and the world is going to come to an end!
9:40 pm
terrible! >> he is channelling barry goldwater there. >> except that the actual production value of that ad was actually pretty beautiful. but it really looked like a movie script. do you think it will have some impact in the primaries or general election. >> it may? >> it was just so over the top though -- >> it was a bit much. but, again, i don't think it is going to make much difference in the general -- in the primaries, so again -- i'm kind of a mitt fan i think he'll take the cake. >> i think the more candidates whether they are going to win or not, the actual -- the bid, that they are drawing our attention and foe meanting the fear-based politics that has driven a lot of the elections over the last
9:41 pm
30 years. even losers when they activate this deep anxiety and fear it helps, so we wantt to be th ghtful about aheutheesidual affects. tt is t tee o o the candidate side bbetdee lumum bacackk to the medisidisi ofthing.g. because thusth past pt week wererhas been a he hemomot of f fusus on the trayvon martin case. which the president did step into that. how do you think the media has been playing that tricia? >> i think it has gotten to a strange point of obsession which is when a story gets caught in this headline news cycle. i'm happy there is conversation about the systemic conversations. but i think in the opportunity to expand it is great, but i
9:42 pm
think it's caught in this exaggerated narrative. >> from the perspective of an investigative journalism guru it is too much -- >> completely in keeping with the cycle of news and people's attention. we get everything almost instantly, cnn was sort of holding back witnesses the other night, which i thought was weird, but all right. but the fact is that there is this initial jump in where you don't have too many facts but everybody is making assumptions, and if you are talking about investigative reporting, a good reporter would go in there and look for the bigger stories. what are the societal cultural stories that are essential here? instead of seeing it -- and i don't mean this as a play on words -- but black and white.
9:43 pm
the press is chasing these stories like a dog chases a car, except every once in a while we get our mouths stuck on the tail pipe. >> right. >> it will be interesting to follow the thread of the story when the investigation is complete. >> they have got to start an investigation -- >> that is true. all right. everybody stay right where you are, because we have lot more to cover. we have been listening to the supreme court arguments all week. we'll get into that and much more. only right here in "the war room."
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♪ >> nine people on this planet now know the probable fate of president obama's healthcare reform law. the supreme courts took an informal and very secret vote
9:47 pm
today. chief justice roberts goes first, and then antonny scroll leah, the longest serving justice and then down the line. and they'll write the decision. the justices obviously can still reverse their positions before they announce a final ruling in june. here again to talk about the politics behind this healthcare decision is our panel, tricia rose phil bronstein, thomas moyer. this was such a fascinating story this week but what i really wanted was to be able to see it all. you can read the transcript and hear bits and pieces of it but i wanted to get the full flavor
9:48 pm
it would be. >> the worst thing that ever happened to congress was high-definition tv. >> oh, please. >> the supreme court justices as far as i know they do not get facelifts or air transplants -- >> oh stop. >> what about transparent government at the end of the day? >> how about audio? >> audio you can imagine -- it is quite of quaint to see the drawings -- >> it is one thing to release -- i like the idea of releasing the video later. >> yeah. >> i think it would be nice to have for historical documentation. but i think we have enough visual obsessive narrative story-telling culture, which is nervy of me to say that while we're sitting there, but there should be some private space for
9:49 pm
reflection. >> i also think it's such an amazing moment -- >> yeah. >> -- especially these high-profile cases, and young people are often visual. people aren't going to be watching supreme court arguments like they are watching "judge judy." but for those who are studies this i think it's a really -- >> how many cameras should they have? >> thomas and i agree. >> transparency. >> i love it. paul krugman had a great column saying that they are fulfilling their political position their political appointment, you know. and is there a problem with mrit
9:50 pm
-- politicizing the supreme court? >> it has increased in the political polarization. and there is concern when you don't have an independent body -- >> how do you get it more independent? i don't know how you would do it? because they are presidential appointments. >> for life. >> they are for life and they are still political. it is just an amazing thing. it really does put some importance on the level of scrutiny that voters in november will give this case because it's all about who is in the white house, and for america i think that's critical. clarence thomas has been under scrutiny for taking gives from conservative donors and the question is how do you depolite
9:51 pm
size their lives? >> reporters have that same issue. they are supposed to be un unbiassed. >> yeah, it's a long stretch. let's just assume they strike it down. >> uh-huh. >> all right. thomas what was the republican nominee, your guy, what does mitt romney do? it was essentially his plan? >> it was bit different. if you looked at romney care it didn't work out. >> we had the governor of massachusetts on who said it is fabulous. >> regardless of the obamacare i think there's a silver lining for the president. first if it fails, obviously
9:52 pm
that could be a big strike obviously because that was a big piece of his legislation, but it gives him the opportunity to come back to the center reform that bill -- >> it was a republican bill though. it was newt gingrich's bill. >> well there is nothing in there -- so -- none of the republicans ideals actually got into that deal. you know, tort reform none of those actually got included in the bill. >> it probably wouldn't bring any votes. i'm so sorry, but we are believe it or not out of time. you guys have been completely awesome. thanks so much for joining us. that's tricia rose professor of brown university phil bronstein, thomas moyer.
9:53 pm
and up next. it is friday and brett ehrlich has run out of good things to talk about. but we're payayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayay you're about to watch an ad message created by a current tv viewer for hershey's air delight. >>mommy, you're so smart, i feel like you know everything. >>you can ask me anything, anytime honey. >>mom, how do you say "hello" in spanish? >>hola. >>hey mommy, how many miles are there to the moon? >>238,854. >>hey mom, are ninjas still a big problem? >>no, honey. >>ha! >>hey mom, how do they get the bubbles into the hershey's air delight? >>i don't know, but it's delicious. >>[both laugh] >>hershey's air delight milk chocolate.
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a lighter, airier, meltier hershey's happiness. pure friendship. pure delicious chocolate. pure hershey's. attack on women that perhaps the majority of the population woke up? >> idaho is not known as approaching act i.v. you had hundreds of women show up, thousands signed petitions. they made their voices heard. what happens is that now, the legislators are running scared. very similar laws have passed quietly in other states for the past 10 years, really in the past two years have intensified. pennsylvania a similar law was shelved, idaho this proved to be political poison. women are paying attention and
9:55 pm
having their voices heard. >> thanks for coming in. >> the aclu considers a demand that to get a job you have to let an employer open your private mail, the senate wants to make it illegal to hand over a password to your facebook account.
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