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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  April 13, 2012 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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♪ [ theme music ] ♪ why hello, current tv viewers. it's me, and chris lavoie my executive producer in the empty chair where jim ward is supposed to be. >> yeah. >> but he is preparing in his own special way. >> yeah. >> i have my fireman hat on. >> yeah, that entire ensemble is new. >> isn't it fabulous? >> yeah.
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>> it transcends political party or sexuality. firemen are hot. who wasn't having a lot of fight backfiremen sex after 9/11. oh, that was just me? >> yes. >> the mommy wars have been ignited again. all right. oh, here is jim. >> hi jim. >> just in time to say hello and have the door slam. good morning, everyone north korea has named the first chairman of the defense commission. his father is, quote, chairman for attorneyty. the announce. comes hours of north korea's
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scaled rocket launch. the white house is condemning north korea. the u.s. has warned north korea that it would have to stop its food assistance program if it went ahead with the rocket launch. mitt romney is using the opportunity to attack president obama saying he has embolded north korea by offering food assistance to its people. there will be an opportunity for mitt romney to reach out to conservatives today who are less than thrilled for mitt romney to reach out to conservative -- he is the lesser of two evils. romney has been strong on gun control in the past, but now he is saying --
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>> we're chat,
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we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on
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simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent. ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho, i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> all right. all right. pipe down. >> i don't know if the cameras can catch our eyes watering over here. >> current viewers be glad that it wasn't come in scratch and
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sniff. >> what are you eating? >> pipe down. >> it's buffalo and broccoli. >> and garlic. >> it's healthy. ground bison. >> that's what you feed a sick dog. >> it is not. i have already gotten fabulous comments on my ensemble today. it's everything i love barack obama, dogs and hotfiremen. [ applause ] >> john fagelsang on his way in. sexy liberal, he is getting off of another sub standard network to come to ours. >> that's right. and then sheldon whitehouse who is -- >> he's the man. >> he is the man is my point on the buffet rule. >> he is writing it, yeah. >> we got a call from the white
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house. >> yeah, it's a daily thing now. i'm like oh barack again. okay. >> they have noticed us now. >> we have been like the whose in whoville for years. we are here apparently. jim as we know is the size of a who in whoville. >> not in this chair. this chair is almost man sized. >> he has never been called the little guy before this show. >> the little guy., you can email. sexy liberal website, on facebook heading up to madison, wisconsin tomorrow where it all began. giving proceeds to recall scott walker. this is where it all began a year ago. so we will be headed there tomorrow --
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♪ you will stand with governor walker ♪ [ applause ] >> no. no. no. the mommy wars are on. [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> woo-hoo! lots of interesting stuff. katherine -- a lot of our listeners, katherine writes steph. love your show. i want to call in so bad, but i'm at work in alabama, i'm afraid if someone heard me i would get drug by behind a truck. tom says mitt romney's wife cannot speak to working outside of the home. i doubt she did her own laundry, i bet she took time to ride her horses or go to the spa -- >> like most women are five
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children after riding my dressage horse, i told the servants -- >> all right. hold up now. here is -- [ tires squealing ] >> because as you know my 89-year-old republican mom is probably watching in charlotte, north carolina, and you said something yesterday, chris that probably made her throw something at the television. because you know when you talk about your own mother you can say whatever you want. but this is why this is an emotional situation. all right. [ patriotic music. ] >> you said i had a nanny, which -- yes i did. but that doesn't mean that my mom don't work hard. >> right. >> all right. this music is distracting me. >> my mom didn't have a nanny. >> i know and that's what i think what michelle obama said -- i think hilary
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rosen's -- it was but the second part the economic realities are true. the minute you say she has never worked, that is offensive. >> yes. >> so that's all i'm saying is she was right to apologize, but her point, i understand is well-taken in some ways. >> hilary rosen was asked the question, you know why was mitt romney asking ann romney about economic issues? and ann romney has never been in the work force around economic issues of the economy -- >> the way she said it her words were ill chosen, which is what she said. anyway -- because -- it was interesting because you brought up a personal story that me go um -- because first of all my dad -- i'm very proud of my dad -- >> you should be -- >> but his dad was a janitor. he was a self made man, so the
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fact my mom always really appreciated -- first of all he was running for vice president and they were going around the country -- and not only was i too ugly to be used as a campaign doll my parents had the decemberensy not to use us as props, so she needed to have somebody watch us -- >> right. >> because now everybody -- you know, that blow hole from the catholic league is saying hilary rosen is not a real mother because she is a lesbian -- >> yes the rnc shot them down to their credit. >> but when you start criticizing everybody's personal situation -- because my dad was a wonderful father and husband, and he insisted that she have help, and my mom still raised us, that's what i know she would
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be very upset about that we were raised by someone else. but i can relate to this more than the average bear. >> yes, you can. [ laughter ] >> my point is you know -- so that's -- that's what -- i realize why this gets really emotional, because i think that -- i know women that are working, and they don't want to -- have to be -- it's just gets sensitive for everybody, and in that sense ann romney doesn't understand that kind of economic reality of either having to work or doing it like most women completely without help. >> but she also had the luxury of hiring quite a few people to help her do the dirty stuff. >> mitt needed a un translator to find out what women are thinking. >> yes. >> it's just amazing hilary
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rosen is jumped on after rush limbaugh called a woman a slut for three days -- >> yeah. >> but i was always offended by dr. laura make women feel bad that worked outside of the home. i'm like you are working right now and making millions of dollars. >> she had the luxury of building a studio inside of her home. >> yes, because like ann romney -- i don't know what she said like $10 million a year. >> yes riding her dressage horse. >> actually no she used to go yachting every day. like most women. do i ride my dressage horse or go yachting? hum. >> hum. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> i think i'll stay in the counting house and count my money. >> the counting house. [ laughter ] >> where we count the money. anyway -- >> i'm sorry if i offended your mother with that comment
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yesterday. >> thank you. there mom. >> i have met your mother and i love your mother -- >> thank you. because i really said your mom wasn't better than my mom -- but your mom didn't have help -- >> i was a high-strung child. >> tell the story. >> i didn't like lincoln logs because if i couldn't get them to look exactly like they looked on the box then i would throw them against the wall. >> in a little snit. >> yeah, i was a perfectionist. >> barb feel your pain. >> these aren't hospital corners! >> your work was harder than most mothers. [ applause ] >> you probably really needed help. >> there was a really cool tower on the front of the lincoln log's box, and i could never get it to work. >> you are a mess.
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you see what happens to total messes. they end up in radio. >> the food is unevenly distributed on the plate. [ bell chimes ] >> but your dad was a hot fireman. >> he was a fireman -- >> ken. his parents were named barb and ken. >> and quite often he would have to spend three or four days at the fire house and my mom would be home with my sister and me. governor grandholm who was on yesterday -- and i called her general grand home. but she said her husband chose to stay with the kidding because she was the kov for. and everybody makes different choices -- >> here we go full circle. >> this is interesting, because
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i -- i -- yesterday on cnn i kind of went off on what hilary rosen said because i hadn't heard the entire comment -- >> i don't know if you just heard our whole segment, but it was brilliant. >> oh, it was hilarious. but she did not criticize ann romney for being a stay at home mom. and i went back on cnn this morning, and i'm not defending what the -- the word chose was -- >> they were ill chosen -- >> yes but i will completely defend the substance of what hilary rosen was saying. >> we'll cover that -- >> she was not attacking ann romney in anyway. she wasn't talking about ann romney she was talking about mitt. and the point was how out of touch mitt is. when you go to your wife about -- >> yeah, about economic
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realities. so me it was another story of, look, you are a little out of touch, mitt -- >> you should have gone to a woman who is in touch -- >> but mitt only said that in the first place because he was advised so because they are trying to make him seem like a human and not a robot. hilary rosen was criticizing ann romney who has never worked a day in her life because she has never had. ann romney is a wonderful lady but she had a choice that other women don't have. >> my mom has breast cancer and she surprised breast cancer she had ms, but it was still chosen yes, she had help -- >> you say still say that ann romney is not your go-to source for economic data on the struggles of american women. >> yes. >> and i want to talk about the
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attack against hilary rosen when we woman back -- >> settle down skippy. >> you got me riled up stephers. [ laughter ] >> all right. fridays with john fagelsang on the "stephanie miller show." >> it's brilliant. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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>>i'm a political junkie.
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this show is my fix. [[vo]]this former two-term governor is ... ♪ ♪ bad bad -- >> announcer: stephanie miller -- ♪ baddest girl in the whole damn town ♪ >> yeah, it is the "stephanie miller show" welcome to it. 23 minutes after the hour.
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1-800-steph-1-2. it is friday. you know what that means. ♪ thank god it's friday with fugelsang ♪ >> good morning, children. >> you are not really here until you have been jingled in. >> that's right. i'm officially here now, hi. >> hello. >> i want to congratulate the supreme leader on the first ever underwater launch. the missile just barely got off of the ground he wanted to know this never happens, it will again in the morning. >> and then it may last more than four hours. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> his kitchen is going to turn into a forest with a waterfall. >> i ate some bad kim khi.
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wow, i'm frying! [ laughter ] >> don't touch the brown kim khi. [ laughter ] >> all right. here is the hilary rosen comments that iing noted the you know [ censor bleep ] storm. >> what you have is mitt romney running around the countrying saying what my wife tells me is that what women care about is economic issues. and his wife has never work addai in her life. she has never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues that the majority of the women in this country are facing. how do we feed our kids second them to school and why we worry about their future so yes, it's about these positions, and yes, i think there will be a war of words about the position -- >> john, as you said the second part of what she said was fine. she has never really dealt with the kinds of economic issues -- >> republicans stopped listening after in her life -- >> they finally had one piece of
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evidence to make 12 people they hadn't convinced yet that republicans hate women. >> michelle obama tweeted her support of all mothers. she initially said i'm raising children too. so -- i mean that -- that part of it, john, as you said is -- is accurate. >> yeah, exactly. she never attacked ann romney. and that's the important thing. she used a stupid choice of words, but when you hear the entire thing in context, as i finally did -- when i commented on it yesterday, i only heard hilary rosen's comments. i didn't know the context in which she was making them. was a slam on governor romney not his wife. >> by the way you hit two of my buttons yesterday. >> oh, god, what did i do now? >> it got dragged in about
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hilary rosen being a lesbian, and she is only an adopted mother -- >> this came from the catholic league and bill donohue. >> listen by the way -- and i can speak personally, if you haven't been attacked by that blow hole from the catholic league, you are nobody. >> the pope and the vatican say we don't know him. there is no affiliation between the vatican and the catholic league. >> they aren't even a group. it is one guy with a fax machine.
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>> yeah. >> let me reenact my last exchange. he said, oh, well, stephanie, madonna jumped out of an evan and made fun of the holocaust, you would defend her then too, wouldn't you? what? no. but she didn't -- okay. >> lots of people love slamming madonna, because she will do anything to make herself seem interesting. but this -- here is what bill donohue wrote. lesbian dem hilary rosen tells ann romney she never work addai in her life. unlike hilary rosen who adopted her children. >> oh. >> this is one guy and a fax machine, and a copy of the protocols of the elders of zion. and you go you had a nanny -- but my point was that my dad, you know, self made man, prosecutor of the nurgerberg trials -- >> uh-huh. >> i put me through college -- but since then i
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haven't taken a penny from my parents. >> roosevelt was a millionaire at birth robert kennedy was a mlkary at birth. you can be a great person if you are born rich. that's not the point. when mitt romney goes around saying he understands the circles of working women because he talks to his wife about it, it is fair to say that you are talking to a woman who is in a place of economic security that she might not have the same perspective that other women may have. it was never an insult on her. the catholic league slam is a deliberate bigoted smear. >> exactly. 29 minutes after the hour. we'll be back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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i don't just talk about politics, i've lived politics. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>bringing you exactly what's happening in politics today by people who know what they're talking about. >>d.c. columnist and four time emmy winner bill press joins current's morning news block. >>i know what i'm talking about and i love it and i try to bring that to the show.
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>>this is outrageous! [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear.
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no other television show does that. we're keeping it real. ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller -- stephanie miller >> you sure you won't have one more? >> thanks, but i'm a be it tipsy as it is, bad enough that i peed in your shower. bye. [ laughter ] >> oh jr. arrested development. >> uh-huh. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. will, in chicago. hey, will. >> good morning, guys. first of all i just want to point out the fact that this just goes to prove that mitt thinks he is an average guy out there, and he's not. he is part of the 1% out there,
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and he still acts like he is un'emmed like the rest of us. if the man wants to know what people are thinking, he would ask his help, not his wife. come on -- >> yeah. >> you said it, you know -- you said stay it home stay at home mom -- raising children is difficult, but the biggest decision she had to make on top of raising her children, was whether the tiffany china in all five of her homes matched -- >> yeah, but will you don't know the reality of what she was like as a mom or how involved -- >> yeah. >> my mom was very involved --
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>> i understand that. and i'm not taking away from the challenge of being a parent, but what the average person has to do is have all of those difficulties of raising a child and pay the bills -- >> yeah. >> and do i send them to this bad public school, or this other bad public school. >> or scrimp and save in other parts of your economy. >> exactly. i don't know what was so bad about the comments. what she -- i identified and understood everything she was saying, and just because you know -- >> will, it's sensitive to women that choose or not -- but, you know, that decide to be stay at home moms, it is sensitive to say you have never work addai addai -- a day in your life. and that's where she apologized. >> the thing is let's face it ann romney never had to work because she had to work she chose -- she had the open choice of working or not working because she didn't have to. >> yeah.
6:36 am
and that -- right. and that was the part that hilary i think addressed that was valid. president obama obviously said it was the wrong thing to say. she apologized. this was ann romney yesterday. >> my career choice was to be a mother, and i think all of us need to know that we need to respect choices that women make. other women make other choices to have a career and raise family, which hilary rosen has done herself. i respect that. that's wonderful. but, you know, there are other people that have a choice. we have to respect women in alls of the choices that they make. >> right. the choice to marry a millionaire for example. >> that's what hilary was trying to say, she says as mother, she knows raising children is the hardest job there is -- >> and it is. >> -- she is pointing out that most people don't have this
6:37 am
choice. let's go to tim in oklahoma. >> hey, steph you are a lifesaver. >> thank ya. >> you saved me from watching that joe scarborough run his hole under his nose. >> thank you. >> romneys have never worked a hard day in their life. i resent the fact that they even talk about it. i'm a former marine, vietnam vet. >> tim, i thought the most offensive thing that just came out of the romney family when he said his sons have never served in the military because they are serving a higher purpose -- >> you don't know how that makes -- it makes me want to pull my hair out. >> you probably can't because you have a marine cut, right?
6:38 am
>> i'm the only liberal in oklahoma. >> oh, boy. there are good ones there. >> get a haircut. >> liz in alabama. hey, liz. >> hey, i'm phares time caller, so i'm a little nervous. >> don't be nervous. it's just us. >> i had the experience where i have been both a working mother and stay at home mother. i worked and put my husband through college and when he graduated i quit and stayed home with my children. and as far as i am concerned what hilary rosen said isn't a big deal. people want to make something out of it. and those people are never going to vote for president obama anyway. >> they want to make something out of it because romney is behind by 20 points among women.
6:39 am
let's take a look at some of mitt romney's surrogates. [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> hilary rosen is not an obama advisor -- >> that's right. she is on cnn's payroll -- >> yes. she is off the white houses what card list now. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> these are the fun facts -- these are actual romney surrogates. donald trump. noted feminist. >> huge feminist huge! >> who once told the contest acts on his reality show to rate the women contestants our how attractive they are. and offered to show his pinis. >> we have mitt's running mate.
6:40 am
>> and she has claimed that women are being sold as billy goods, and compared women to alley cats when it comes to sex -- >> alley cats don't enjoy sex as much as women do. >> thank you for that john. >> i used to live in front of anally it's awful. >> robert bourque on posed the civil rights act of 1964. he also mocked the idea that gender and discrimination even exists anymore. [ laughter ] >> there. there you go. [ applause ] >> gender discrimination, you silly skirts. >> you come to bitches. >> fix me a turkey pot pie.
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don't call me a massage nis, you bitch! >> jim doesn't talk much but when he does -- here is sue. >> today is my mom's 89th birthday and she is fighting cancer, and she is a holocaust survivor who never earned a paycheck, but raised three girls, and two grand daughters in a two-bedroom apartment in the bronx. and would never vote for mitt romney. number two, i have been a stay at home parent a working parent, i'm helping to raise three of the bar babies and between all of them ann romney's biggest problem is that she has a nanny, a maid a cook,
6:42 am
none of which i ever had, and her biggest problem is she gets confused. >> my point is that doesn't mean she is a bad mother. it means that she is luckier than a lot of us. you can't judge -- i think the second part of what hilary rosen say is correct. >> my point exactly. my mother had three girls in one bedroom. can you imagine? three teenage girls -- >> i bet that -- >> that's -- >> she certainly earned her wage. but what you have to remember out of all of this is that you keep the focus on the mitt and the fact that this war -- when women vote against women's equal pay like lilly ledbetter, and if
6:43 am
you don't stand up a man to make it better then you are part of the problem, not part of the solution. >> all right, sue. there, there, do you feel better now? >> i do. [ applause ] >> yay, you were great. >> rick in missouri, you are on the "stephanie miller show." hi, rick. >> hey steph how are you doing? >> good go ahead. >> as a stay at home father of three children who are now grown, i would like to bet mitt romney $10,000 i have changed more diapers than ann romney has. >> i think i have and i have only been a dad for a month. those poopy infant diapers -- >> probably smell like stephanie's breakfast this morning. >> here is hilary rosen on cnn. >> i apologize, working moms, stay at home moms they are both extremely hard-working moms and
6:44 am
i am sorry if i offended you. >> rick santorum's national press secretary said being a mother is the most important work a woman can do. >> my point is she's a lesbian. >> i think that was their point the president. >> there is no tougher job than being a mom, and when i think about what michelle has had to do, when i think about my own mom, a single mother raising me and my sister, that's work. so anybody who -- who would argue otherwise, i think probably needs to rethink their statement. >> yeah. >> yeah, you can't go after ann romney because that would be like fox news attacking michelle obama. >> i know. and that will never happen. >> yeah.
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it is hard work just tweezing my unibrow alone is hard work. [ screaming ] >> have you seen the picture of her? >> yes, i have. she was a beautiful child. >> did you see the picture of her with gerald ford? >> yes. >> that was an awkward phase. 45 minutes after the hour. back with fridays with fugelsang on the "stephanie miller show." >> i'm kind of known for having a twisted sense of humor. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent.
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really? yeah, i'd like that. who are you talking to? uh, it's jake from state farm. sounds like a really good deal. jake from state farm at three in the morning. who is this? it's jake from state farm. what are you wearing jake from state farm? [ jake ] uh... khakis. she sounds hideous. well she's a guy, so... [ male announcer ] another reason more people stay with state farm. get to a better state. ♪ ♪
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i think it's brilliant. me and stephanie miller in the morning what a way to start the day. ♪
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>> announcer: stephanie miller -- ♪ >> sounds good to me. >> oh, yeah. uh-huh. hello. there is sex in the new york bureau, i am love, and the rest of you are magic. >> oh. >> 51 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. mario in chicago is going to sexy liberal for the fourth time. >> really? >> the fourth time i'm becoming a very ineffective stalker, because i always call you up and warn you guys. >> are you going to madison tomorrow? >> yes, i am. can't wait to see you momma. is there some way i could get a frequent flyer card? >> yeah, we should do that. >> i saw detroit and i got to hear aretha frankly giggle. i was in chicago, buffalo and
6:51 am
now madison. >> wow. >> awesome. >> hot. >> hot. hot. >> i clearly adore you guys. >> thank you. >> i wanted to let you guys know all of this talk about ann romney and these comments. my grandmother came to this country from iceland. she went to business school in the 20s, and she raised three girls. because that's what you did. my mom same situation. she went to depaul, and raised four kids, god bless her. they both would have loved to have been business women. they both would have loved to have the help. and these kinds of comments with mitt talking about i talked to my wife is all the more of an example of how out of touch he is -- >> yep. >> -- and it's painful to hear
6:52 am
as a working mom myself. >> i think that hilary's point as an economic advisor she is probably not the most in touch economic advisor. it came off insulting, i any -- >> yeah, completely. and bless them for crying but at this point just please stop talking. just stop. i think it would do them some favors down the road. >> exactly. see you tomorrow! >> okay. love ya. >> columbus may be the fastest sellout ever. >> yeah. it's weird. >> it's not until august. >> yeah, and almost sold out. >> anne said i switched my service to time-warner, because i had to get current. [ screaming ] >> you have been warned cable providers. >> this means at the current show there will be only more
6:53 am
demand for a show like this. >> that's right. we got our meet and greet tickets. this will be my third time seeing you. another steph head. they are all sitcom characters from the show. [ laughter ] >> i need to try to find mike in raleigh, i believe he's coming too. we're all family. [ applause ] >> hello, how are you? we're all legally married in some states. >> so get your tickets go to let's go to thada in detroit. >> hi, i'm in detroit. i'm watching current, and i wanted to comment on hilary rosen because my mom had five kids, but she doesn't have $250.05 kids. i think if you don't have to get up and go to work every day, it's very convenient to be so
6:54 am
defensive. i have had a million women tell me i never worked and they have kids. and in ann romney's case she is like, oh, no i did work because i had kids. and she doesn't know anything about the average women's struggle. she really doesn't. >> yeah. and that's because you are so out of touch you don't know how hard it is to find a good footman these days. >> i don't need it becausemy horse is okay. >> not that hoof and mouth disease. >> the president yesterday. >> i don't have a lot of patience for commentary about the spouses of political candidates. my general view is those of us who are in public life -- we're fair game. our families are civilians. you know, i haven't met ms. romney, but she seems like a
6:55 am
very nice woman supportive of her family and husband, and i don't know if she necessarily volunteered for this job, so we don't need to be directing comments at them. i think me and governor romney will have more than enough to argue about. >> i'm sure rush limbaugh and fox news are duelly chasing this. >> most people who aren't involved and clued in won't care about this. it is like the etch-a-sketch thing. the only people that care about the etch-a-sketches are those who ask me to sign them at the shows. but the president makes a very important point. we should never make fun of spouses unless it is a palin or a bachmann.
6:56 am
>> hi. >> i can't believe i got to talk to you. i want to make sure that your back is okay. i could be a bleeding -- have been a bleeding hart liberal since 1961. i have so many political opinions of what is going on in this crazy world, and i'm concerned about your back. >> my back feels much better now. >> i'm so glad. and as far as the republicans go, i wish we would just leave them alone, and keep giving them rope. >> thank you, judy. >> oh. [ applause ] >> how is your back? >> i threw -- i threw it out doing comedy because i do it wrong. hal and john do the actual comedy. i do some sort of drunken groping. >> you need to stretch -- >> yeah, before i grope. sure. okay, jay carney yesterday. >> we can all agree that raising
6:57 am
children is an extremely difficult job. >> yeah. >> let's go -- >> too sleepy i didn't hear what he said. >> mark in pennsylvania. hey, mark. >> hi steph. i hate to throw hilary rosen under the bus. it has puzzled me that the republicans get all of the poor people to believe that they are all going to be mlk mlk -- millionaires. >> yeah, all right. 58 minutes after the hour back with more fridays with fugelsang on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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welcome back to the
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"stephanie miller show." once you start talking momny wars -- >> do we have celebrity stats coming up too? >> yeah. >> and marcus bachmann is still practicing ex-gay therapy. >> fabulous. >> he is going to keep doing it until it work. so lots to get to in the meantime real news with jacki schechner in the current news center. >> good morning, everyone. we'll start with news of new york mayor cory booker who ran into a burning building last night to save a woman. he got home from a tv appearance, and noticed the building next door to his was on fire. a member of his security team saved two women on the ground floor a little bit earlier. booker was taken to the hospital and treated and released.
7:00 am
booker is getting lots praise online on twitter today, and lots of comparisons to super heros. the president will fly to tampa today, but before that he and vice president biden are releasing their tax returns on line. they'll have the 2011 releases and then all of them back to the year 2000. the obama's release from 2010 will show he and michelle obama paid twice the tax rate that the romneys did. and then we'll talk about the importance of trade with latin america. and down to columbia, where he'll meet with 33 other leaders. on the agenda for the summit of the americas will be economic integration and the violence caused by the illegal drug trade. we have lots to talk about.
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since 1975. sexy liberal john fagelsang in the new york bureau for all three hours. we're all to madison, wisconsin tomorrow. >> what a year? >> i know. and kenny pick will be at the columbus columbus, sexy liberal in august. >> from the desk of congressman alan west this is how to identify a communist. the communist influence in the united states of america is pervasive. communists are behind every door, every rock every corner. you may ask yourself, how do i debfy a communist? a communist is likely someone who doesn't agree with you. a communist may believe that torturing detainees in a foreign
7:06 am
war is wrong. if someone thinks a lot that probably means they are a communist. if a lady is not a lady that means she a communist, if someone thinks sarah palin is cuckoo for coco puffs, that means she is a communist. if you have been neutered from a woman, she also may be a communist. if someone makes fun of your kid, they almost certainly are a communist. [ laughter ] >> -- and become as paranoid and creepy as him. thank you, and god bless america. [ applause ] >> god bless america. >> alan west is so psychotic. >> yeah. >> did he record on that bad turntable -- >> what do you call that thing
7:07 am
you put in the middle of 45 records to make it play on your record player. >> i give up. >> spindle. >> stylist. >> stephanie has been saying it strong for about 50 years now. >> all right. >> she thinks it is a stylist. >> linda writes do you know what it is like to listen to you on the radio and staring at the box with no picture. >> arlene, i can't make the tv work! >> i have a suggestion for your show. she is a fellow western new yorker. get a band to reproduce the song the girl from ekonima and replace it with you on the slope
7:08 am
next to a ski due. [ applause ] >> how about that. >> okay. rick -- >> buffalo. >> -- with a correction. guys there was a sanford police investigation. chief homicide investigator in his report termed the shooting homicide negligent manslaughter and wanted zimmerman arrested. it was the state's attorney who temporarily stepped aside that decided to let zimmerman go free. >> ah-ha. >> trayvon martin mother's yesterday -- this is what everybody was talking about. >> i believe it was an accident i believe it just got out of control, and he couldn't turn the clock back. >> i believe that too. >> well she clarified that she actually said -- the comments she said -- she said she was referring to the chance nature
7:09 am
of the encounter -- >> yeah, not the shooting -- >> she said i think she stalked him and shot and killed him. >> i have a lot of sympathy and pity for this guy george zimmerman i think if he could turn back the clock he would do it. i think he has really really ruined the day. but america works because of the people, you know. it would have been so embarrass embarrassing if guy hadn't been arrested. they marched because it warranted an arrest. and now america can go back to being embarrassed by jersey shores. >> really? hello, juan nita? >> hi, how are ya? >> come on. >> no, i swear on a stack of bibles. >> wow. >> listen, i took care of anne,
7:10 am
i got to take care of anne and her two brothers jim -- and her other brother's name was rodney her -- her maiden name was davies. >> so you took care of ann romney, not her children. >> i look care of anne davies who is married to mitt romney. >> wow. >> i took kay of anne davies when she met mitt i was taking care of her they lived in bloom field hills. i take care of her until -- i took care of them until i had my child, and then i had to leave. i took care of her and her two brothers -- >> so what is your take on all of this? >> i think when the lady said the lady never work addai in her life, she didn't because i took care of anne. anne came from a family that was
7:11 am
very privileged. she was a child of privilege, and i took -- cleaned for them cooked for them, and just took care of her, the whole bit. >> hum. >> so what the lady said about her, she never worked day in her life is true. >> she seems like a nice person though is she? >> she is a very nice person. and mitt is nice also. >> yeah. >> because i remember when he would -- they would entertain -- they would entertain the romneys, you know, they would come to their house, and i would cook and do all of the -- everybody that a maid would do, i was their maid at that time, but -- what the lady said about anne is perfectly true. she has never had to work a day in her life. they had swimming pools horses everything. >> did you have to clean up after the horses? >> no i never did that. >> they probable had stable people for that. >> i just cleaned after their parakeet which was called blue
7:12 am
boy at the time, and he used -- and jimmy used to let him out and fly at me all the time because he knew that i was kind of ascared of him -- >> wow. >> so it was a little bit of an alfred hitchcock movie for you then? >> when the lady made the remark that is true. >> i got it. >> i took care of anne -- >> all right. thank you i appreciate it. >> did she take care of anne? >> she could have talked about being terrorized by the parakeet, blue boy. [ screaming ] >> my parakeet was named blue bird. >> did you make it fly at your mom? >> yes, it used to fly and attack as well. >> only when she was riding her
7:13 am
dressage horse. >> i'm a mother of three, economically, speaking this woman does not know what it is like to be on the lower part of middle part of the middle class and work or raise your children. >> right. >> and economically speaking she cannot relate to the people that do. >> yeah. >> that is why it is such a problem that they can't really touch us. >> but she doesn't claim to. hilary rosen was going after mitt and his absurd claim that he talks to his wife for economic advice. and it was never an attack on ann romney. >> that's exactly right. >> the republicans stopped typing after they -- >> right. right. and john before you got here i was talking about my personal story, and i thought -- because every reality is different,
7:14 am
my -- you know i did have a nanny when i was little. my dad was running for vice president -- >> yeah, and we can all relate to that. >> oh, boy. >> no, they didn't use me as a campaign prop. and let me tell you the other part. this is a little bit of a love story. my mom was a great mom and still very involved. my dad was a self made man. his dad was a janitor. and the nanny was my best friend and i went to her house every day when she was dying so there. [ applause ] >> i never did think of her -- i literally used to go to her house every day after school. and we would play cards and stuff -- >> michael reagan thought that the mani was his mother until he
7:15 am
was six years old. >> yeah. >> frank says great show want to say i love your show. i think you are hot. if you should consider adding a new man to your wife please consider me. >> get in line frank. >> he is open to considering it. >> very big of frank. >> he doesn't hear the news that i'm a le -- liberal. hi, maria. >> hi, stephanie. mitt romney was saying how him and i think ann romney said this as well, is they really care about, you know, the middle class, and how obama has destroyed the economy and all of that, and -- but -- and they are so concerned about us that they
7:16 am
want to -- if he should win a -- election, become president, that he wants to take away all of the assistance to help the women and children -- you know the pour, and, you know, the lower middle class and give it to the rich. the job creators and then -- you know trickle down on us as if we haven't been trickled on enough as it is. >> yeah thank you. mittens talking -- >> the democrats i think in anticipation of the anger of the women in america have been saying republicans are waging a war on women. the real war on women has been raised by this president's economic policies. >> blah, blah blah. >> like the transvaginal probes. oh, no that's the republicans. like getting rid of equal pay -- >> oh, no. like denying birth control to women -- oh, no, that was actually republicans. >> did you hear the six-second
7:17 am
pause when they asked romney surrogates whether they support the lilly ledbetter act. [ crickets chirping ] >> we'll get back to you on that. >> do you support any policies that will help any women? >> ahhhhh -- [ crickets chirping ] >> barack obama. >> they probably thought lilly ledbetter was the maker of twinkies. >> we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." >> they degrade women and beavers. >> all right. five minutes . . . [ recorded show playing in the background ] >> did you just say that on the air? >> sorry, i didn't realize it was on the air. >> oh, my god. >> what did you hit -- >> a bleep. >> i was just doing the bit.
7:18 am
sorry. [ laughter ] >> oooooooooh.
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♪ [ theme music ] ♪ hello current people. this is the "stephanie miller show," and obviously -- 100%less stephanie miller. we have a great hour coming up -- there she is. >> did i forget something? >> you missed your toss to jacki. [ labored breathing ] >> coming up we'll still have fridays with fugelsang. >> and i need to stop peeing.
7:57 am
i did not realize this was not jive with my tv career. i need a pocket fisherman. we have celebrity stack coming up this hour. and we continue the momny wars and we'll walk to surly rebecca tailor on camera. >> i thought you were going out there to get her. i didn't know you were going to pee. >> i didn't realize it was take this long. i don't think this ever happens on real network news -- >> jacki schechner is there. >> jacki schechner in the current news center. >> hello stephanie. good morning, everyone. the susan g. koman foundation is going to start funding the planned parenthood program again. they will get about the same amount as they did last year. the komen foundation is
7:58 am
apologizing and admitting it made a mistake. the "new york times" is reporting we may be experiencing the most expensive election in u.s. history. both the president and mitt romney are expected to forgo public funding. president obama did that back in 2008. his fundraisers expect to match or exceed his previous numbers this year. mitt romney also has the super pacs who are expected to raise hundreds of millions more. and according to abc news even though mitt romney and rick santorum are going to give back-to-back speeches at the nra conference in st. louis today, there is no plan for the two of them to sit down and meet. rick santorum may want to mention that he scrubbed all
7:59 am
anti-mitt romney off of his website. if you go there you just get access denied. we'll be right back. ♪
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is on the new news network. >>welcome to the war room. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. a former two-term governor. >>make your voice heard. >>detremined to find solutions. >>that partnership in order to invest in our country is critical. >>driven to find the truth. >>how did romney get his groove back? >>fearless, independent
8:02 am
and above all, politically direct. ♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine, woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good, hey, all right now ♪ >> this tv thing is really making us into monsters. okay. 6 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. i was looking at -- she has on before. it's surly associate producer
8:03 am
and call screener rebecca taylor. [ applause ] >> yeah. >> what, bitch? what? >> do you think that is a character? that is how she talks. >> people think that this is not real, but i really, really hate you. >> i know. and i just told her she has to come on air. and i'm like i'm putting on my lipstick, bitch. >> exactly, you dumb ho. and i already yelled at you today. >> just think, if you call 1-800-steph-1-2 you can have this kind of respect. >> you give me the respect that i'm entitled to! >> i'm going to guess it's because you are not one of my fans. [ laughter ] >> mark writes at where you can contact all of us, mark says steph congratulations on the new
8:04 am
show. there is one very troubling aspect of your show. it's the matter of the lovely and talented call screener it has become apparently that her reputation of surly has gone far worse than it once was. and she has begun to identify with this character she has played for sew long. much like you have become absorbed by the role you are playing. actually we're not playing roles. >> that is so true. >> perhaps red is simply lashing out at a cruel world that has done her so wrong much like a small animal might. it's obvious that years of degraded servitude to a cruel and unfeeling mistress has reduced her and all of your
8:05 am
staff sense of self respect has long since left. bravo, bravo. >> i share your lack of concern for rebecca. >> i have never heard someone write a thesis about me that was so dead on. >> somebody has to care about you, because i don't give a [ censor bleep ]. >> f-you. >> get out. >> i'm out of here. take these! >> good-bye. >> i will concur her. >> and make sure you slam the door so loud like you usually do. [ door slams ] [ applause ] >> she loves me with the heat of a thousand white hot suns. >> as long as the checks keep coming. >> yeah. momma, dave in gahanna, momma,
8:06 am
your columbus tickets are selling so fast. remember the national review guy who sold his kids to stay out of anyplace with a black leader. michael coleman is the leader of columbus, and he is a black. [ dramatic music ] >> i have already instructed my children and the staff of the show what to do where they ever encounter a john derber on the streets. >> hey, columbus stephanie miller and her sexy liberal crew are coming to the capital theater, join, hal sparks john fagelsang, and talk radio goddess, stephanie miller as
8:07 am
they help columbus rediscover its funny bone. >> who is laughing now, huh? i'll tell you who is laughing! we are! >> this is truly the show that will put the oh ha back in ohio. that's the stephanie miller sexy liberal show coming to the capitol theater on august 18th. buckeye state you are going to love our nuts. >> you are going to love my nuts. [ applause ] >> thank you kids. all right. yeah, speaking of doing a lot of flying. [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> my future wife list. women strips naked at denver airport. she suffered some sort of nervous breakdown. denver airport is a very stressful airport. >> a lot of people have been having nervous breakdowns around
8:08 am
airlines lately. like pilots and flight attendants and now passenger's -- >> she was very nearly in the mile high club. >> wow. i guess i might as well do a future husband stack. [ nbc "nightly news" theme ] >> dealer hopes cops won't notice 89 bags of dope tied to his penis. ♪ 89 bags of dope on my ♪ >> cops discovered a gigantic bag of drugs tied to his -- >> drugs or marijuana? >> no, drugs. >> okay. >> i'll get to it. and then he give them an even bigger surprise. he initially was pulled over for a broken taillight and noticed a large bulge down the suspect's pants, and he had a bag
8:09 am
containing a whopping 89 smaller backs of heroine and cocaine strapped around his penis. >> he probably contaminated the drugs in the process. >> a plastic bag around your genitals is not the safe haven that you thought it was. [ applause ] >> this is exactly why if -- i speak from experience it's now the time to invest in lady's undergarments. mr. airport search guy will think twice if he think you will enjoy the cavity search too much. so if you are smug -- smuggling drugs, wear panties and a garter belt. >> there you go. >> we were talk before the break about the fact that a lot of prominent donors of mitt
8:10 am
romney's have been for marriage equality. john, what we were talking about was in the polling. this is the play they ran out here in california. they -- they tried to divide and concur among blacks and gays. and they are saying this race could be so tight that he needs -- the black -- the polling unfortunately with blacks they are not as supportive of marriage equality. and it's a political calculus. >> it is everyone in general. there are still people out there who are afraid of change. >> bill clinton signed the defensive marriage law into law. and while he got a lot of heat from the lgbt community from it if hadn't done it there may have been a chance that bob dole won the nomination for
8:11 am
president. because of the society he is dealing with you have to work with that. >> but, again it's -- something else romney is going to have to flip flop from. we delivered a speech at cpac and talked about how severely conservative he was, and presented massachusetts from becoming this las vegas of gay marriages. >> and he used to support it -- >> yeah. and nom and other conservatives warned of dire consequences if he tries to back away from the pledge. >> nom has no power whatsoever. >> romney is well aware of the disastrous impact on the republican party when the president pledges.
8:12 am
[ dramatic music ] >> oh, god. that's why i respected jon huntsman because he didn't do any of that stuff. >> well, yeah -- >> i just met his daughter abby. oh, yeah. yeah. very nice lady. >> you are a little frisky this morning, john fagelsang. >> i'm going to see you tomorrow. you know. >> yeah. marcus bachmann still practicing exgay therapy. super. ♪ all things considered i could be better everything is super when you don't think i look good in this blouse ♪ >> bachmann and associates please and thank you, the christian counseling clinic still offering exgay therapy. >> you can't spell bachmann and
8:13 am
associates without ass. >> no, you just can't. he talked about submitting to god, letting him direct the way. >> apparently your way is the gay way. >> she told me if i wanted to be happy, i could give my problems to the lord and he could take them away. when confronted last summer he admitted the clinic would perform repairtive therapy upon request. how has it worked upon you thus far, marcus? >> he still uses too much teeth on a corn dog. >> i just see you and i see your ass face! >> and i'll tell why i can put up with your people, because you are bastard people. [ laughter ] >> all right. 17 minutes after the hour. >> oh, boy. >> one suspects michele bachmann is still suffering show tunes-related migraines.
8:14 am
♪ you have busted out all over ♪ >> shut up! >> announcer: for a good time call now, 1-800-steph-1-2. ♪ [ recorded show playing in the background ]
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i know this stuff and i love it and i try to bring that to the show. >> oldies oldies and goodies. 1-800-steph-1-2. buddy in columbus. john it's for you.
8:18 am
>> hello. >> hey momma can i get the community calendar out of the way. >> the people calling me from detroit call back i lost your numbers. peggy calm down and lose the husband. okay. >> okay. go ahead. >> i got to give it up to john fagelsang. what is it with you that makes people feel so comfortable they just open up? >> what are you talking about? >> [overlapping speakers] was really an introverted person and that guy from mitt romney just opened up and said what everybody knows, but don't say it -- >> you are the first person to equate george harrison to the mitt romney campaign. congratulations for that. i'm not a professional journalist and i am not very polished, and i think that makes people feel more unguarded.
8:19 am
but i was the biggest fan george ever had. when he died they put it all back in for the special. but eric fernstrom had no idea that cnn was allowing him to ask a question. i can say it because i'm not a professional, and i don't care. >> and magically the only moment of real journalism in the campaign. >> i know he got in so much trouble. >> has he been seen from again? >> he made a lot of jokes about etch-a-sketch. but he has been with governor romney for a long time. and again, he seems like a nice enough guy. i give mitt romney credit for not firing him. >> debbie in philly. hey, deb. >> hey how are you guys? >> good. go ahead. congratulates on the tv show. >> thank you.
8:20 am
>> and loved you guys in philly both the show and meet and greet. >> yay! >> and come back. >> dying too. >> one of the reasons that the birth control outrage doesn't pass the war on women's smell test is i haven't heard rick santorum or the republican righteous people raging about insurance covering vasectomies. >> yes it's ridiculous. >> there are a lot of catholic and lay people who are railing about against waning to bring back preexisting conditions for women. there are a lot of catholics who don't have access to the media who are very against these policies. >> yes, exactly. did you see the new text from hilary clinton? the creator met with hilary.
8:21 am
and she signed his thing and said thing for the many lols. hills. >> yes. >> barack obama still things kanye west is a jack ass. >> but he respects him. >> yes, he said j-zis the better rapper. did you see this story. joe versus mel gibson. he said mel gibson said john lennon deserved to be shot.
8:22 am
mel gibson celebrates his death and said he deserves to die. in a scathing letter he said he was [ censor bleep ] listen to his song imagine, i fate that [ censor bleep ] song, i'm glad he is dead. >> oh, my god! >> imagine is my favorite song. >> have you seen brave heart? he is literally in a crucifixion position. and he is saying john lennon was messionic? >> and he directed a film. >> yeah both the best and worst jesus movie ever made. >> wow, he also said he's a [ censor bleep ] jew boy. yikes. a word you don't normally call a
8:23 am
man. mel fired back claiming the letter was a pack of lies -- i think he even said some of it is not true. >> like about his wife -- >> i want to [ censor bleep ], and stab her at the same kind. >> it's almost like mel gibson might be a bit of a creep. and when joe estherhouse calls you a creep that's like linda trip calling you a freak. >> oh god. >> joe is claiming that mel only wanted to make a movie about the macalbies after his trouble. mel is saying that's garbage, i have been trying to make the
8:24 am
movie for ten years. >> yeah. hi, mare. >> hi, steph. how are you doing? >> good. >> thank for taking my call. and i enjoyed the sexy liberal show. >> thank you. >> with this whole ann romney flap, this is really something we should send her a thank you note for. i hope the commentators pick up on this, because she very eloquently stated that women ought to have a choice. and i'm wondering at what point will berefocus the discussion where it belongs which is that this choice should a apply to reproductive choices. >> no only -- >> all women should have choices on dressage horses.
8:25 am
>> exactly with. we'll be right back on the "stephanie miller show." ♪ [[vo]]cenk uygur calls out the mainstream media. >>the rest of the media seems like, "ho-hum, no big deal." we've have no choice, we've lost our democracy here. just refreshing to hear. no other television show does that. we're keeping it real.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:28 am
we will not settle for easy answers. (vo) the former governor of ny eliot spitzer, joins the new news network. >>every night we will drill down on the days top stories in search of facts that inform. >> we don't stop until we get answers that are truthful, serious, and not based on
8:29 am
simplistic answers. >>we're here because we're independent. ♪ >> look at you -- >> announcer: stephanie miller -- . >> -- aren't you just one big slice of fancy. >> well i'm a professional. [ laughter ] >> i am a slice of fancy. 34 minutes after the hour. oh, jim, you got into ucla again, oh, no you didn't. did you see this -- >> oh. >> you remember how tense you were. he was forced to sen out retractions to 894 seniors who were inadvertently admitted -- >> oh. >> and then ashton kucher
8:30 am
comes -- >> they said we realize this is a stressful time for students -- >> especially now. >> college admission pranks. my whole point of that is ucla sucks, usc rules. we have our little rivalry, but mostly i'm too old to care. chris in texas writes steph i was a single mother who didn't have a, quote unquote, choice. and i want to know how many times ann romney had to go to an office work nine hours, fix a meatless meal for her kids put him to bed and then go to her second job. >> you could have hold a few of your horses. >> what do you mean meatless?
8:31 am
she is not a communist. >> a lot of women had that reaction. >> yes. >> hi, paul. >> hi, steph and the mooks. i had a question for john. ann romney was talking about choice. did she -- she -- did she not have to work or did she not want to work or did she choose not to -- did she choose to be a stay-at-home mom or did mitt romney's mormon faith make her say home. >> i think it is all of those things. the more conservative any religion is the more they put women down. the more fundamentalist they are, the more women are sec-class citizens -- >> yeah, michele bachmann's form
8:32 am
of christianity, women are supposed to submit aren't they? >> if you follow the bible literally, women are not allowed to speak in temple and the mormons still stick to that. >> hello, queen bee. >> i have two things. first this business about the mom thing. i am a mom. i know how hard that job is. i am also a working mom. second thing, i think that the reason they are doing this is because they have nothing to throw at the democrats. second thing, i still want to know why you don't have a golden microphone. [ laughter ] >> i have -- this is my miv microphone. radio shack microphone and i enjoy it. >> because she is not terribly insecure about her own anatomy. >> yes. alec baldwin at hinting at
8:33 am
leaving 30 rock on twitter. he said a story about stalking sure brings out the stalkers in the media, he said he thinks he is leaving the network just in time. oh, this is right up myially. kim kardashian asking the court to cues her from a nasty cosmetic lawsuit. she claimed some a home hair removal system works all over your body, and it does not. they are pissed claiming no no
8:34 am
has been put at an unfair disadvantage. as kim said under oath being armenian and hairy, i thought this was the perfect product. [ howling ] [ applause ] >> hairy girls of the world unite. >> wow. >> that left you all speechless. >> greta has defended hilary rosen. >> has she? >> yeah. >> hum. we wish melissa gilbert well. she was injured on "dancing with the stars." >> yikes. >> it makes me feel bad that i apparently had an affair with her husband according to the national inquirer. >> and they finally split up this year over that. >> yes. >> that was the only time she has ever been in the tabloids.
8:35 am
>> for something that is completely untrue. >> yeah. >> melissaeth ridge is the official rock star of the "stephanie miller show." so i'll admit to my bias. oh, dear. her exsays she can't live on $23,000 a month. this is her expartner, tammy lynn michaels. she needs -- apparently $128,000 a month -- >> wow. >> uh-huh. >> that's just her cigarette budget. [ laughter ] [ buzzer sounds ] >> michaels noted she has limited income and virtually no savings whileth ridge has tremendous earning capacity. >> well that's because she is melissaeth ridge. >> i had a very small part in a show that was very short lived that tammy was in and melissa was hanging around by the
8:36 am
services table, and i -- i was like somebody get her some water. >> oh, jim she would have thought that was hilarious. [ laughter ] >> let's take a quick one here. teresa in chicago. >> hi, teresa cradle catholic from chicago. >> okay. i wanted to comment about rosen. first i'll say i am an attorney practiced many, many years. i'm a catholic that uses birth control -- >> you troll op. >> i know. >> we have five biological and one adopted african american. and i wasn't offended by her comment at all. but i am curious or i want to be cautious when we discuss about women and what sort of situation they are in. many women don't have a choice.
8:37 am
they have to work. >> i think that was her appoint. i just think he words were a little ill-chosen. >> and when we say you are lucky or whatever, then what about all of the women that aren't lucky to have household help and those sorts of things. >> yeah. >> so we ought to be careful in that what is important is what they do with their situation. and then i just wanted to point out to john, thank you, i probably learned more about jesus christ from you than in many many [ inaudible ]. >> oh. ♪ jesus ♪ >> that's very kind of you. the lesson we learned is hilary rosen, and ann romney is awesome, and mitt romney is a tool. >> there you go. back with senator sheldon whitehouse who as authored the buffet bill currently in the senate. >> this is the dirtiest show -- [ laughter ] >> -- i have ever been on in all
8:38 am
of my life. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i think its brilliant. >>current tv welcomes two new hosts. news and analysis with a washington perspective from an emmy winning insider. >>i know this stuff and i love it and i try to bring that to the show. >>and humor and politics with a west coast edge. >>politically direct means no bs, cutting through the clutter. >>bill press and stephanie miller, current's new morning news block. weekdays six to noon.
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the newest voice in cable news is on the new news network. >>jennifer granholm joins current tv. this former two term governor is politically direct.
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♪ ♪ dance, dance, dance ♪ >> announcer: stephanie miller -- >> it is the "stephanie miller show." welcome to it 47 minutes after the hour. monday we have the congressman from the great state of kentucky. 1-800-steph-1-2 the phone number toll free from anywhere. president has been talking a lot about the buffet rule. sitcoming up for a vote monday
8:43 am
in the senate, and it is because of a bill that senator sheldon whitehouse put forward and he joins us now. good morning, senator. >> good morning, stephanie. thanks for having me on the show. >> thanks for coming on. jim ward was saying it would be so great if you were the president, because it would be the best name for a president ever. [ laughter ] >> we have been talking obviously about the buffet rule and to me it is so simple and makes so much common sense. the president, i think has been making a good case. he was joined by a bunch of billionaires the other day who were all supporting it correct? >> yeah. >> let's talk about what the chances are on monday? >> well, it depends really on how motivated the american public gets about this issue. i think that's why the president's leadership on this has been so important. if the republicans senator are allowed to vote in the dark on
8:44 am
this one without a lot of people paying attention, the special interests who are the beneficiaries of these privileged low tax rates will prevail. it's only if the american people get on the phone and say what on earth are you people thinking that you can have an effect here. so that's what is up for grabs, and it's hard to tell. i hope if we don't succeed this time, we try and try again. because each time you try it raises a little bit more attention and the same way we did with the wall street reform bill. eventually the american people were on the phone to the senator saying what on earth are you thinking? we just had tarp. we just bailed all of these pirates out. you have got to do something, and they did. after having won, you know, three or four straight filibusters they caved? . and that's the kind of pressure
8:45 am
we need on this one. >> i have seen what, 60 70% of the american people agree with this enacting the buffet floor. when you are on the senate floor what do they say? don't they talk about small business owners or something? it is going to hurt them? and that's just not the case is it? >> yeah, that's just not the case there are s a microscopic number of small business owners who make more than $2 million a year, and they actually pay a real tax rate. but usually they try to change the topic, because they don't really have a good defense. and one measure of how bad the defense is the ronald reagan statement, saying he want to see that everyone pays their fair share, and pointing out that it is good for society, when we all
8:46 am
know that no one is manipulating the system. and those were the words of ronald reagan. and that shows how much it has moved into the special interests that nobody can stand next to ronald reagan and say the them thing. >> the 400 highest earning morning, paid an average of 18.2% in taxes. that's the same that a truck driver pays on a $40,000 salary. buffet amounted to 11% of his adjusted gross income in 2010. >> yeah, and romney about 14%, and if you go to new york and look at the helmsly building it has its own zip code, so they report out the tax information on it, and the building
8:47 am
collectively -- the folks in it pay a lower tax rate than their doorman, than their security guards and janitors. >> as leona once said it's only the little people that pay taxes. >> that's right. >> senator, so -- i mean like you say if -- clearly, you know, the republicans are looking at the same polls you and i are looking at. but it just seems like -- we have just been up against obstruction after obstruction. and it doesn't seem like it moves the needle at all, does it? >> not at the moment but nobody came over until after the wall street thing, and the pressure became so great to mitch mcconnell that we same to harry
8:48 am
reid and said i'm done you can go to the wall street reform bill i'm done. we have heard too much criticism from the public. and i think that's what has to happen here. >> senator whitehouse i'm going to ask you the same question i ask everybody that comes on when we keep talking about these bush tax cuts expires why aren't they creating jobs now? if those tax cuts were helping the job creators so much? >> when i go around rhode island and look at the job creators out there is it people like dr. annie revut who is doing medical research the guys at cumberland foundry who are making some of the best cast
8:49 am
iron specialty pieces in the world, and they are not taking home a million or $2 million. and they are out there creating real jobs. i have my doubt that all of these people earning over $2 million a year are doing a lot of job creating. i suspect many of them are enjoying life. it's just interesting, that when you are a job creator it doesn't matter if you are a small business person that actually creates jobs. it's part of the game in washington to call it that but as everybody knows in reality, most of the jobs are created by small businesses in which nobody is making a million or $2 million out of the small business. >> that's absolutely right. it's such an important bill. and can i compliment your teeny, tiny, and yet beautiful state. >> that's right. come here in the summer there is
8:50 am
no place better. >> thanks so much sir. >> bye-bye. [ applause ] >> president whitehouse the phone is for you. >> that would be awesome. >> dannet in georgia. >> hey, stephanie it is dannet i'm so excited to be talking to you. ann romney said that she chose the career of stay at home mom. >> uh-huh. >> i didn't realize that was a career choice, because i'm not getting paid to be a career stay at home mother. >> say that again, it's not a choice? >> ann romney said when they interviewed her i think on fox. >> right. >> she said she chose the career of stay at home mom. i didn't realize that was a career. >> well, i think it is. i do -- >> it's a lot of hard work -- >> we have to respect each other -- >> no.
8:51 am
no. >> i think the point is her reality is not the same as most stay at home moms. >> exactly. because i'm a stay at home mom. and we struggle. >> exactly. [ overlapping speakers ] >> is it hard for you to pay the mortgage on the other four homes when you say home. >> lindsay lohan has shoved another woman at a nightclub. allegedly. jim, can't you herring handler or something. >> i'll have to control her more. >> yes, she apparently had an altercation with another female. >> is there footage? [ laughter ] >> you know -- >> john travolta said he wasn't that traumatized when somebody stole his mercedes benz. he said i'm not that attached to
8:52 am
material possessions. it was stolen when he was shopping for jaguars. don't you hate that when you are buying a new jaguar and your mercedes gets stolen. >> i hate that. >> zach, welcome. >> i think it is so hypocritical of these people to be jumping all over the ann romney situation when michelle obama has been criticized when she was a candidate's wife, when she was the first lady -- >> and sometimes horribly racist terms as well. >> right. >> romney doesn't work. >> yeah. >> and again, we said this in the first hour. but she wasn't talking about ann romney. she was talking about mitt. look at what roger ails just said about o'brien that she was named after a prison he was sexist and racist in the same
8:53 am
sentence. >> and what have we heard about foster phase making an assassination about the president. hey, kristin. >> i just wanted to call as a 13-year stay at home mom and tell you they was watching when hilary rosen made the comment, and i didn't realize that i was supposed to feel offended about that even. >> until the media told you. >> exactly. >> crank the outrange machine. all right. that's it for us kids. go to, and sexy liberal on facebook to get tickets for all of the upcoming shows. i would like to thanks all of us saying, see you tomorrow night. >> love you. >> okay, baby. see you monday on the "stephanie miller show." ♪
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