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tv   The War Room With Jennifer Granholm  Current  July 30, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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"gasland," josh fox. it has been a pleasure. see his movie. that's "viewpoint" tonight. stay tune to enter the war room with jennifer granholm. >> i'm jennifer granholm. mitt takes it to israel. oiy. do you remember when the gaffes were garden variety foot-in-mouth type stuff? so much for the solid sal salad days. he tells jewish audiences that cultural differences make the difference between israel and palestine. that's a fire that needs stoking. i never thought i would say this but mitt, please, come home.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> mitt romney is at it again making statements on foreign soil. this seemed to contradict official policy whale offending entire populations. this time it's the palestinians. but really here is my question. are these gaffes? or are they maybe finely tuned admissions. mitt romney told donors in israel that they're palestinianing are poorer than israelis because of their cultural. you notice the stark difference in economic vitality, culture
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makes all the difference. unsurprisingly an palestineen official called the remarks racist. why would romney say that in a speech? he simply could have been clueless, but he could be pleasing one of his biggest campaign down e sheldon adelson. he adamantly opposes the palestinian state and said that the u.s. should not increase aid to the palestinian states. and he could not have been more pleased at the speech. take a listen. >> any thoughts on the speech. >> yes, i liked it. >> he added 1 trillion-dollar in his campaign in the three days that he was in israel. but romney did not stop insult insulting palestinian culture. he added this controversial statement about jerusalem. take a listen. >> a nation has the capacity to choose it's own capitol city, and jerusalem is israel's
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capitol. the embassy would be in the capitol. >> it's really delicate because palestinians also consider jerusalem their capitol. and u.s. presidents have generally left this to the negotiating process. so mitt's words are sure to inflame tension there is. why would he say it? it could be a play for the evangelical voters that he needs to win over. michelle bachmann, for example wants the u.s. to recognize jerusalem as israel's undivided capitol. these numbers shows why the voters are so important to mitt. one in four white evangelicals say that they're uncomfortable with romney's mormonism. they make up nearly 25% of the electorate in 2008. finally mitt got tough on iran also. sort of. his foreign policy adviser said that israel should be allowed to attack iran, and romney walks
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those comments back, but only slightly. take a listen. >> if israel has to take action on its own the governor would respect that decision. >> romney: we should use every diplomatic and political vehicle to keep iran from becoming a nuclear-capecapable state. that's as far as i'm willing to discussing this matter on foreign soil. >> it's very similar to what he said to to apec maybe he's following the script he has been paid to read. for more on romney's mideast statement, women' joined by hussein abish. hussein, thank thank you for joining us inside "the war room." >> great to be with you. thank you so much.
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>> you bet. what is the reaction in the palestinian community for mitt romney's comments? >> well, i think there is a good deal of--it's a combination of outrage and here we go again. in the sense that we aren't used to seeing pandering to the various constituencies. some union groups, neo-conservative there is a pretty big range of constituencies in the united states that want to hear support for israel. on the other hand romney went way further with the cultural remark saying essentially he got the numbers wrong. he said israel's gdp per capita was $21,000. it's $31,000. and that the per capita of gdp in the pa controlled areas of the west bank was $15,000. it's actually $1,500. he was way off on the numbers. and then as you said, attributed
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it to culture and also to the hand of providence. and this seems extraordinary especially since he comes five days after the issuance of a very detailed report by the world bank into this very question into the question of the palestinian economy and what ails it. >> and? >> and that world bank report found very clearly that the principle obstacle to growth in the palestinianen territories are israeli restrictions and the 40-year-old israeli occupation. it stymies foreign investment, economic growth and everything that the palestinians want to do in addition that they should rejigger their education system for high tech jobs and things like that. the fact of the occupation is the center feature why the palestinian economy is so weak. that's obvious to everybody. it's in every report.
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we have a huge document document from the world bank that he didn't see fit to mention. ignoring the fact that they've lived under a foreign military occupation is extraordinary and very offensive. >> on the flip side you also see that israeli prime minister ehud bereck has. take a listen. >> sure. >> under president obama is doing to our security more than anything i can remember in the past. >> so he's clearly trying--romney is trying to out-secure if you will, israel. do you agree with berekc, and how would you rate the president's performance online?
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give me your take on that? >> i think obama has been at least as enthusiastic as any president, and he just signed an military expansion with israel on the eve of romney's trip. i don't think there are specific complaints you can make from an israeli point of view about bomb's lack of enthusiasm for israel's security. what happens is there are some people like mr. adelson and some of those donors who no doubt gave romney that $1 million and others who can inflate israel's occupation with israel security as if those things are the same. as if israel included the occupied territories and the settlements were some sort of forward defense in israel security. that's not the way that the united states has ever looked at it. and it would be a big
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departure-- >> let me ask you quickly--i'm interested--particularly the issue about moving the capitol and the white house spokesman issued a statement today which said that it's the view of this administration that the capitol is something that should be determined in final status final negotiations between the parties. if mr. romney disagrees with that position, he's also degrees with positions that were taken by presidents like bill clinton and ronald reagan. >> and george w. bush. we've seen this pandering before. george w. bush said he would move the embassy to jerusalem on the day he was inaugurated. the minute he was in office, he reversed that and extended the same as every other president. if we moved our embassy to tel aviv, we would be
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abandoning in affect, 40 years of u.s. foreign policy. that is not going to happen. i'm sure president romney would do no such thing no way. >> it's an interesting debate. this is not going to be the end of it. hussein ibish. thank you so much for joining us inside 9inside "the war room"." >> democrats deliver on a long-overdue promise to the lgbt community. plus the 1992 presidential debate is one for the history books. the question is why hasn't history repeated itself? and then later dick cheney takes aim at one of his own. we don't mean a hunting buddy. find out who should take cover. you're in "the war room," and we'll be right back. >>oh really? >>tax cuts don't create jobs. the golden years as the conservatives call them, we had
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the highest tax rates, and the highest amount of growth, and the highest amount of jobs. those are facts. >>"if you ever raise taxes on the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true!
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>>i jump out of my skin at people when i'm upset. do you share the sense of outrage that they're doing this, this corruption based on corruption based on corruption. >>i think that's an understatement, eliot. >> i'm not prone to understatement, so explain to me why that is. i think the mob learned from wall st., not vice versa.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: this is good news to report. the democratic platform committee has approved gay marriage to be part of their agenda. it states that the democratic party backs gay marriage and the employment non-discrimination act and rejects the defense of marriage act. still it seems to be one step forward and one step back on gay marriage in this detroit. conservatives are rallying chick-fil-a after it's ceo dan kathy said legalizing gay marriage is, quote, inviting god's judgment on our nation." it was later revealed that kathy has donated millions to anti-gay imager groups. and now former arkansas governor mike huckabee is organizing an august 1st chick-fil-a appreciation day. and sarah and todd palin aren't
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waiting until then, and rick santorum tweeted that the chick-fil-a south lake texas was hoping when he stoppedded in fuel up before the tea party candidate ted cruz's rally. and it's not just chicken sandwiches, but others are getting involved. amazon gave $2.5 million in efforts of marriage equality efforts in washington state and other companies such as microsoft pooling general mills, starbucks they're all supporting lgbt causes. joining me now from new york is michaelmichelangelo signorile. thank you for being on "the war room."
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>> thank you for having me. >> is from your perspective, i know this has been an issue on your show, as well, what is the gay marriage plank mean? >> well, the democratic party plank, the platform, is that wish list of what the party really would like to see sort of almost as a perfect america in its eyes. as we mow many things in the platform never come to pass. so i think it's simply the party saying we support the idea of gay marriage. we support the activists and the party are fighting for it, and we property our president first and foremost, who does support it. i think it's the reflection of the party simply catching up with the members of the party with the general public as well. the polls have sown a dramatic shift in favor of marriage equality. when you look at the polls of democratic voters its even much
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higher somewhere near thee quarters. it's the party saying, we're fine with this. this is where things are now. >> jennifer: you don't think--obviously the language of the platform has not been crafted yet but you think it will be more of a general statement rather than calling for some kind of federal marriage equality law? >> yes. there is nothing really that can be put into law federally. they are going to call for repealing the defensive marriage act, which does have hamper federal recognition of marriage. and federal law protecting gay- gay-lesbian, transgender people on the basis of gender legislation. it's a state by state issue but it's the force of the party saying we're with you. we're a part of this. we see this is part of equality in america. >> what are the recent polls look like? how big does it look like in
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democrats because they lose votes in the industrial midwest midwested and other states because of it. >> what we've seen is almost every poll showing a slight majority in favor of marriage equality. when you look at democrats in particular as i said, it's much higher. when you look at independence, it's an issue that just is not very important to people. even though who are opposed it's not a deal breaker. it's not something that they're going to say oh, i really don't support this, so i'm giving up this candidate. it's just not an important issue for most people now. >> jennifer: well, how important is it that you think the private sector has helped to drive some of this agenda? like amazon, starbucks, google. how important have they been to the marriage equality movement. >> it's interesting in your lead talking about chick-fil-a and all the controversy around chick-fil-a.
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when we look at the side of size of chick-fil-a compared to some of these other companies it's an astounding difference. these are global companies that are having an enormous influence on the global economy and certainly on cultures around the world. google is pushing a legalized love campaign to change the loves in countries around the world for lgbt people. so we're talking about companies that really have enormous power. i think that has really sent a message to people. i think again these companies are takeing a cue as well. >> jennifer: you got to be aware aware. chick fillchick-fil-a's approval has dropped significantly. consumer feelings about chick-fil-a have plummeted since
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this statement. and it may make other companies think twice before making statements on sensitive topics like that. >> when everyone is been going in one direction and the younger people are more likely to support marriage equality. future generations are going to be accepting of equality of lgbt. any company that has position against that will be in trouble. >> jennifer: do you think mayors are right to get involved? >> i think what we've seen is a lot of passion in the last couple of weeks. i think it's pulled back a bit. i think some of the mayors overstepped when they said we should ban these restaurant from our cities. the aclu came out and said, you can't do that. one thing though about progressives and liberals, when people overstep, there is a debate, and people pull back. it's far different from when the conservatives were saying the
6:21 pm
mosque should not be or the islamic center should not be at ground zero. we think about it and say maybe that was not a good idea. i think it's a healthy debate. >> jennifer: it is a healthy debate, no doubt about it. i appreciate you coming in and sharing your perspective. up next mitt romney overseas and you wonder if a trip to epcot might have been more his speed we're in the war room. don't go away.
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: welcome back to the war room. i'm jennifer granholm. so everywhere he goes on his overseas tour, mitt romney seems to step in it. while he was greeted warmly by form polish president he got a verbal spanking from solidarity, the trade union that the polish president had once led. in fact, in a written statement the solidarity group said, we have learned from our friends in the american trade unions central afl/cio representing over 12 million workers about mitt romney's support for the attacks against trade unions and labor rights. in this respect i wish to express our solidarity with american workers and trade unions. solidarity will always support
6:25 pm
the afl/cio in their struggle for the right to work and bargain collectively. but, the foreign policy even really matter? mitt romney was polling poorly before this trip started in that subject, and it's hard to see how his tour de force or tour degaffe has improved his image. check this out. this is the latest poll. whose better at foreign policy? sure enough, president obama at 47%. mitt romney at 32%. joining to decipher some of this, the latest polls and what they tell us where will the election is headed john whalely, welcome to the "the war room"." foreign policy is usually not a big deal in elections, is that true here? >> it depends on the context and how it impacts american day
6:26 pm
americans or how it's perceived to impact american day americans. president obama is doing very well in foreign policy after killing bin-laden bringing unpopular wars in iraq and afghanistan to a close. so the things happening in israel and palestine don't impact voters. >> jennifer: will the gaffes that mitt romney under taken particularly in london, will that be reflected in the polls at some point and when? >> i think the degree that they can be played in the larger narrative about romney's inability to connect with people or not quite ready for primetime. but on the specific policy details and nuance, i don't imagine it will have a big impact. >> jennifer: don't you think it will be a nick nick, nick. >> he needs to get that in the positive. >> jennifer: for sure.
6:27 pm
in 2008 president obama received 54% of the catholic vote. do you think the catholic vote or polish vote in those swings states is a reason why mitt romney decided to go to poland? >> the story of mitt romney going to poland and how that will be a big symbol for poles in america, it's indicative of this race. his con complicated path to victim, whatever edge he can get great. but it's not like for poles the way he talks to polish issues back in homeland. >> jennifer: i think it's curious why he picked the countries that he picked. poland is a little bit of a mystery to me. although, if you look, we've got this cluster of swing states. now the states here that are colored had been considered at some point or another in the swing states sort of mix. right now we've got a couple that are key, of course, florida
6:28 pm
and virginia absolutely key and have not gone one way other nor but the rest have skewed in and out. >> as we discuss changes every day, these are the quintessential swing states. there are certainly a lot of polish-american voters. >> jennifer: particularly in this cluster. there is a large polish community. >> and romney has to do well in some of these states, wisconsin ohio in particular, to flip this. >> jennifer: what do you see--i know you guys are doing polling all the time, any key poling coming out of these states that are swing states recently that jump out at you? >> i think ohio will be interesting. >> jennifer: notice how this is blue. >> ohio is seen as light blue in
6:29 pm
most of the polls i've seen. it leans. it's not a solid blue state. romney has poor overall favorability but on economic issues, we see this in both swing states and across the country, he seems look like someone who could improve things economically. >> jennifer: today there was an announcement that bill clinton will be placing barack obama's name for nomination at the convention. bill clinton will be a man of these states. >> well, he feels their pain. and barack obama has been criticized, although they lake him, they find him to the degree he can be one with the common plan. >> jennifer: i think he's a perfect choice. well, clinton, of course. don't even get me started.
6:30 pm
this is a poll that came out which has contrasting results democracy, 50% for the president. 46% for romney. rasmussen 44% 47% for romney. what can we make of these conflicting messages. >> these are two partisan polls. you see democracy corps showing obama up. most polls have shown obama up. and in our poll we had obama up six points. so you know-- >> jennifer: national polls notwithstanding, it's these states that are going to be the critical ones in the path to
6:31 pm
victory. john whaley thank you for joining us. democratic pollster with hart research. up next, the first woman ever to host presidential debate and the last. that'sthat's a head scratcher and a travel travelty. she's right here. >>tax cuts don't create jobs. the golden years as the conservatives call them, we had the highest tax rates, and the highest amount of growth, and the highest amount of jobs. those are facts. >>"if you ever raise taxes on the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true!
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: here is a war room fact that i find amusing and disappointing. do you know it's been 20 years two whole decades since a woman moderated the presidential debate? hoohere is a clip. >> good evening and welcome to the second of three presidential debates between the major candidates for president of the united states. the candidates are the republican nominee president george bush. the independent, ross perot and
6:35 pm
governor bill clinton the democratic nominee. i'm carole simpson and i will be the moderator for the debate which is coming to you from the campus of the university of richmond, in richmond, virginia. >> jennifer: as she said, that was abc ankle anchor woman carole simpson. 20 years ago. tonight we are honored to have carole simpson inside "the war room" via skype. not only was she the first woman to moderate a presidential debate. she was also the first african-american woman to angel arrest major network television newscast. she's coming tonight from martha's vineyard. welcome. >> thank you very much. governor, may i call you jennifer. >> jennifer: of course you may i insist. it's great to have you on. so are you as disappointed as i am that there has not been a female moderator of a presidential debate since 1992?
6:36 pm
>> i am horribly disappointed. and i didn't realize it until i was asked in a radio interview you know, why hasn't there been a woman in 20 years. the political junkie that i am i've been watching all of the debates and watching all the election coverage but didn't realize that a woman had not been, you know, in that position. >> jennifer: once you break a glass ceiling you assume that others will come through the creeling and it's true. once the ceiling has been broken it remains broken. but it looks like there has got to be a lot of work to bring other people up. did you feel at the time a lot of pressure being the first woman? >> oh, my god, did i have the pressure. not only did the have the pressure of representing "abc news" where i was anchoring the weekend news. but as soon as i was named which was five days before the debate, i had phone calls from
6:37 pm
african-americans and from women who were telling me, hey you're the first. you got to do really well. you can't embarrass us. you must represent us well. that was additional pressure that i didn't need on me, but i did feel that as i stood there before an audience of 91 million people that i had to do well. i did have to represent women well and minorities well. >> jennifer: well, i want to show our viewers a clip from one of our favorite moments from the debate. let's have them watch. >> tell me again? >> you know people who lost their jobs? >> well, yeah, mm-hmm. >> well, i've been governor of a small state for 12 years. in my state when people lose their jobs there is a good chance i know them by their names. when the factory closes, i know who ran it. when business go bankrupt, i
6:38 pm
know them. >> jennifer: what made that moment stand out for you in that debate. >> well, the young woman who asked the question first directed it to president bush. she said how does the national debt effect you. i knew what she meant was the recession. he heard her question and said, i don't get it. and i participated in many scholarly discussions of that debate and that election, and people say at that moment george bush lost the election. when he said, i don't get it. they apparently, and the american people's minds realized he didn't know what they were going through. here comes bill clinton. he walked within arm's length of that woman young woman and does his i feel your pain kind of thing. people felt that he could relate and that george bush could not. >> jennifer: for sure he connected then.
6:39 pm
as a journalist you were always objective. but since you retired you've been a vocal progressive. is it freeing now to be able to give your opinion? >> it is fabulous. i am now like any other american citizen. i have freedom of speech. when i was a hard news woman, which i was for 40 years of my career, i had to play it straight right down the middle, objective, fair, no positions. i would defy anyone to listen to a report of mine or a newscast of mine and be able to tell how i felt about a particular issue. but we're in a different age now. i just--you know, so mean people offer their opinions that to find someone who is a real hard news totally hard newsperson is going to be tough to find. >> jennifer: yes, for sure. it's liberating to be on current tv where i'm not a journalist
6:40 pm
but someone with an opinion. this is an obvious thing for me to ask but for the viewers what are your thoughts on this year's election. i know you were a big hillary clinton supporter in 2008. i suppose you're backing president obama this time? [ laughing ] >> yes, i am. i'm afraid given the positions that i've heard and the positions that mitt romney has taken, i can't support at all. it is so critical that this presidential debate season have a female moderator because there are so many issues effecting women that have come up. contraception, planned parenthood abortion, transvaginal ultrasounds to get an abortion, and the repeal of the affordable healthcare act. those are all issues that concern women and involve women and are issues that i think only a woman could ask the questions
6:41 pm
that need to be asked of the candidates about what they're planning to do about those things. >> jennifer: as you know there is a group of girls who started a petition to have a woman moderate one of this year's presidential debates. they'll be on the show later tonight. do you have any brief advice for them? >> i admire them so much. i wish i could meet them, sign their petition. my name would have been at the top. i'm so grateful there are still young women who do care about things like this. i have students that don't want to be called a feminist. i'm, like, what do you mean? all that means is that you want equal opportunity for women to have the same equal opportunity for women but it's become a dirty word, and no one wants to rock the boat or push anything. these young girls have decided to take this on, it's just
6:42 pm
heartwarming. >> jennifer: a fantastic thing yes. that's carole simpson. thank you so much for being inside "the war room." up next, we'll introduce you to the young women who are trying to break that 20-year streak of all male debate moderators. this is the war room on current tv. dose of politics from a fresh perspective. >>i'm a slutty bob hope. the troops love me. >>only on current tv.
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>> i had to work a little harder. that's all. you see, i believe in the voters. they understand that election aren't just popularity contests. they know this country was built by people just like me who work very hard and don't have everything handed to them on a silver spoon. >> jennifer: that's a clip from the iconic film "election" star starring reese witherspoon. now the young women we're about to introduce aren't devious like reese's character whose name is tracy flik, but they are just as determined to make a difference. emma axelrod sammi siegel, and elena tsemberis thought it was about time that a woman moderate moderated a residential debate again. as we told you in our last segment, the last time a woman did so was 20 years ago. they started an online petition at . and they've already collected well over 100,000 signatures.
6:47 pm
tomorrow they'll present those signatures to the commission on presidential debates. tonight we're excited to have emma sammi and elena in in "the war room." they're coming from washington. welcome to you all. >> thank you. >> sammi, where did you get the idea to do this? >> we all go to the same school, and in this school there is a small community called the civics and government group or cgi for short. the teachers teach us about the women's right movement and other movements for reform. through that it was brought to our attention that there had not been a woman debate moderator for 20 years. we were shocked and we decided to write a petition to change that. >> jennifer: that is so great. elena, what do you think that a woman moderator brings to the table that a male moderator doesn't? >> i think she'll bring a whole new perspective to the debates and ask questions about like
6:48 pm
carole was saying before, reproductive rights, contraception and stuff like that, but to have a woman be there, her presence and use her voice to speak about our needs. we want a woman to be visible in society. we want americans to be able to see women on the political stage in position of prominence, authority and pow so the country can view women and men equally. >> jennifer: emma, did you ever imagine that your petition would get all the attention that it has and the huge number of signatures you wanted to collect requested. >> i didn't want to get my hopes up but it's exciting to see all the support behind the petition. seeing this means so much to many americans as it does to us is very inspiring. it makes us assureed that what we're doing is important. the debates serve the american people. if they want to see american women on that stage they
6:49 pm
should. >> jennifer: sammi, i understand that you all have to make a presentation before the debate commission. are you going to recommend a particular person to be the moderator. >> we are not endorsing anyone. we're nonpartisan in this decision. we want the commission to choose whoever they think is the most qualified but not overlook women as they have been doing so for the past two decades. it's time for them to look for women who could handle this responsibility as far as any nan could. >> jennifer: all right so elena, i know that you can't be partisan, do you have somebody you would like to see really? you don't have to tell the commission that, but you can tell us? >> we really don't want to endorse anyone. >> jennifer: we're running the three of you for office you all three are very gracious. do you feel like at some point you might want to run for office?
6:50 pm
>> i would definitely like to include politics in a career but i don't know if i would run for office yet. >> elena, do you have political or journalistic am ambitions on your own? >> i would like to go into law and save people from the death penalty, but making sure women are represented in media and the government to sort of establish and re-establish in america that women are capable equally of things that men are is really important to any young woman trying to pursue ambition in america. >> jennifer: i love it. i know that our viewers too do. that's senator axelrod president and ambassador coming from the great young women in from
6:51 pm
montclair high school. great representatives you are. >> thank you. >> jennifer: you can signed their petition by going to www."the war room," i encourage you to support having a woman moderate the presidential debates. come on. up next, look what the cat dragged in, brett erlich is live and in person! coming up next. >> this is "the war room." this is only on current tv. >>oh really? >>tax cuts don't create jobs. the golden years as the conservatives call them, we had the highest tax rates, and the highest amount of growth, and the highest amount of jobs. those are facts. >>"if you ever raise taxes on the rich, you're going to destroy our economy." not true!
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
cu [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> jennifer: all right everybody, it's time to visit crazy town, and who better to guide us than our very own brett erlich. brett is joining us live in the flesh in the war room without his just wall prop and everything. so glad, no funny costumes. >> no, i have to rely on my
6:54 pm
personality. >> we didn't rick recognize you when you came in with that tinfoil hat. we have a lot to cover. first step, dick cheney decides he's going to weigh in on the lousy pick that john mccain made of sarah palin. take a listen. >> attractive candidate but based on her background she has only been a governor for two years. i don't think she passed that test-- >> of being ready? >> of being ready to take over. that was a mistake. >> jennifer: okay, brett, what is this all about? >> first of all, this is an interview he gives on "good morning america." now when dick cheney is on your show, can you still call it good morninggoodgoodmorning america? >> jennifer: what could you call it? >> bad morning america or run. [ laughing ] i went from that woman who is the olympian who in skeet
6:55 pm
shooting hit 99 out of 100 targets and then to the opposite of that with dick cheney. >> jennifer: in the same segment segment. >> gosh, who can we get the villain from the "spider-man" movie? no we'll go with dick cheney. the worst part of this clip, he said sarah palin was a mistake. do i agree? with dick cheney? do i have to leave? >> jennifer: you have a little identity crisis at that moment. >> but john mccain hit him back. he said, i love to hear these comments four years later. >> jennifer: like you couldn't have raised your hand at the time of course he didn't. he thought he was brilliant at the time. >> it's amazing. >> jennifer: so another big bit of news is that justice scalia is out with a book. he's doing his media tour on this. he was talking with fox news.
6:56 pm
take a listen to this. >> obviously the amendment does not apply to arms that cannot be hand carried, to keep and bear. it does not apply to canons, but i suppose there are hand-held rocket launchers that can bring down airplanes that will have to be decided. >> cenk: he's talking about the second amendment and the right to bear arms. he's talking about the original list intent that you could bear the arm. it had to be smalled enough to carry, like a hand-held rocket launcher or nuclear device. >> things that were at the ready for the minutemen. >> jennifer: right. >> the worse part of this statement is you can't pick up a canon. and there are six guys in arkansas who say, wanna bet? it's a sling you put on your
6:57 pm
back go--vroom. and a rocket launcher because when someone breaks into my house, i want to be able to, a defend my house and b blow up my house. >> jennifer: it's all the original intent. >> i'm sure that is it. >> jennifer: it's lovely to have you on our set. you have to come up and do this more often. the great brett erlich. instead of being able to laugh at you from afar. >> it happens all the time. >> jennifer: someone is always in our war room. check us out online at"the war room" where you can signed our petition and link up to our twitter and facebook page and sign up for exclusive web extras. thank you for joining us here this evening. i hope you have a great night and we'll see you back inside "the war room" tomorrow. [ ♪ theme music ♪ ]
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