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tv   The Young Turks With Cenk Uygur  Current  October 5, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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>> in police cut and is telling him they're having trouble breathe, but don't believe him. >> cenk: no, he wasn't playing games. he died. we'll talk about that story and another serious story about race
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in the military. but what is the response to the pentagon? these goofy psas. >> never leave a wing man behind. >> whoa buddy, where are you going with my friend. sexual assault prevention starts with you. >> that is not the right response. we have the elbow of the day. there are two of them actually. that story is fun as well. it's go time. let's do it. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> obama: we found out the unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest level since i took oh office. >> the president is crowing about this 7.8 number. >> more and more people have just stop looking for work. >> a lot of people have said don't trust that number. >> it's not an excuse to talk down the economy and score a few political reports. >> this is manna from heaven.
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>> do you worry you've offended the 47%. >> it's not elegantly stated. >> obama: my opponent has been trying to reposition. >> it's completely wrong. >> obama: he said he would eliminate funding for public television. thank goodness someone is getting tough on big bird. we didn't know that big bird was driving the federal government. >> cenk: great numbers unelement has fallen to a 44-month low to 7.8%. it used to be at 8.1% so we're finally below 8%. 114,000 jobs have been added and the july and august numbers added moreobobhich happepe all the t thisthss gat gewatew foror america. more people back at work. so of course the republicans are celebrating right? of course not. no way. they're panicked over it. oh, my god this is going to
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cause us this election. dammit, i can't believe more americans are working. now go to unbelieving. unbelievable jobs numbers. these chicago guys will do anything. can't debate, so change numbers. that's ironic coming from jack welsh because g.e. was fined by the fcc $50 million for cooking their books for about a decade. it began under jack welsh puerto rico i cook the books. i assume that they'll be as dirty as i am. >> you're saying that the administration is actively manipulating that data, correct? >> well, absolutely. >> i want to read you one tweet from jack welch who used to run general election.
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a man who most people would argue knows a bit about how economic data is created. >> i wouldn't put anything past this administration. >> right before a big earnings release. it's all of a sudden hp would have solid 50 times or 100 times more computers or printers literally the day before would you have questioned that a bit. >> oh how convenient that the rate drops for the first time in 43 months, five weeks before the election. >> some people will be very cynical that a government number would come out this great on the eve of the election. >> well, i think it's pretty significant for the first time in nearly four years of this administration that we've gotten down to below 8%. >> large sections of the country don't believe data, not that it's considered gospel. >> cenk: that's an ms nbc at the
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end. they've never questioned numbers, and now they're saying it's rock solid. now it's not in their favor? me? i don't know about those numbers. that's the reality. that's unemployment numbers you see it going up. as it was going up, they never questioned it. now that it's going down, well, it looks like president obama did his job. by the way, how much evidence do they have of this insane conspiracy theory? zero. in all those clips, in all those "reports" on "news shows" they never presented one piece of evidence, not one fact. do you know that the bureau of labor statistics at this point doesn't even have a political appointment? they're all civil servants. they're supposed to have a political appointment but the republicans blocked it. they've blocked it since february. these nut jobs. they hate is when america is successful.
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look at the numbers. the last 31 months private sector jobs have grown. those are all jobs we've added the last 31 months straight. now there are 325,000 more jobs than when president obama took office. and keep in mind when president obama took office, you know what the republicans left him? a pile of poo they left on his door step? losing 750,000 jobs per month. that's the mess that they left him with. and he's gotten past all of that and we've got 325,000 jobs added. when they see those facts those goddamn facts, i don't believe it. jack welch yeah, yeah, yeah, you got my sins of anger there. we'll leave it right there oh i might saying is really bad. liberals have their own conspiracy theory today. it's hanky panky. mitt romney during the debates takes out something from his pocket right before the debates. they're not supposed to have
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notes. look at it in slow motion. here comes mitt romney. i will be taking something out of my pocket. oh what is that? oh that's a nice little mystery. you know what we're going to do? we're going to be mean. we'll do that story later in the show. you have to stay around a little while to find out what that is number did he cheat? we'll have evidence of that as well and you'll see which direction it goes. now the debates, a lot of people including us, think that mitt romney won. did it move some of the numbers? some of the numbers. in favorability ratings president obama is where he was 56% and above mitt romney. but mitt romney has risen above 50% for the first time. he's at 51%. it obviously helped romney a little bit although it didn't hurt the president as much. when you look at the national polls president obama was up by seven points. he's now up by five points. he has lost two points in that
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poll. it's not a huge difference but a little bit of a movement. rasmussen is a conservative polling organization much more favorable to romney they have them at 49-47 with still obama in the lead. if rasmussen has obama in the lead he must be way up. with romney more centrist and pretending to be moderate. sticking with that 47% line how i didn't care about those guys, maybe that wasn't such a good idea. go ahead a load of mitt romney on the 47% issue. where he started and where he wound out today. >> all right, there are 47% who are with, who believe that they are victims. >> it's a message with i meant to carry and will continue to carry. the president's approach is attractive to people who are not paying taxes because frankly my discussion about lowering taxes
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isn't as attractive. it isn't elegantly stated, i'm speaking off the cuff in response to a question. >> now and then you're going say something that did not come out right. in this case i said something completely wrong. i absolutely believe that my life has shown that i care about 100%. and that has been demonstrated throughout my life. and this whole campaign is about the 100%. when i become president it will be about helping the 100%. >> did i say 47%? i meant 100%. i'm surprised he didn't go with 110%. how did the conservatives feel about this? from the club for growth, massive right wingers who are against any tax increases said this. there was nothing there to give us great concern. but we'll be watching what he does if he becomes president. now, in other words i hear you big guy, go ahead and lie all you need to. we know when you become president you're going to do exactly what we tell you to do. that's the problem.
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now let's figure out what went wrong with president obama's debate. for that let's bring in an epic political correspondent. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: now michael there was a lot of quotes in the "new york times" to president obama and some of them make sense and some of them don't. let me give you a-30 and run it by you. hours before the debate visors said they were worried during his preparation because he was frequently interrupted by his presidential duties, and they indicated they were nervous he was under prepared. now here they're basically saying he's president. he had to be rushed to do presidenting--are you buying that. >> since aback lincoln presidents have been debating and they've been presidents. i don't buy that. if he was interrupted fine.
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but what people have to realize the president had an off night. whether he was unprepared, whether he was tired whether he just wasn't up to it that night. he had an off night. it is not a disaster for his presidency. it does not undo all of this. he got outflanked by an opponent and he'll be back for more. it's not that big of a deal and look at what it is. if you make excuses for what it is then it sounds conspiracial in a way. >> cenk: well, there are a lot of excuses. we'll talk about michael moore's excuses a little bit later. aides said some of the weakness in president's performance advisers said, was the result of a strategy not turning off the narrow slice of swing voters who are on repelled by confrontation. reuters claimed that president obama went up by 8% among independents. i can't believe that's true.
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>> it's hard to say. these immediate polls are not always the most reliable. if that's true it does support what was just said. the idea that--that people don't like confrontation and then he stayed bop of fray and out of the fray. his supporters needs more than that. it's not just about the swath of mysterious independent voters in this race. there are liberal who is were down about the president to begin with. this is not just getting to the independent as soon as one last final question for you whats. >> cenk: one last question. >> since 1984 the percentage of unemployed has not gotten better like this since 1984 when ronald reagan was running in an election year. since january of this year until now 1.0% when reagan was running. what is important what can the democrats do with this number? the republicans have been
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getting bad numbers and doing nothing with them. romney has not been able to turn those numbers into currency on the campaign trail and for him not to turn something to currency is big. the president needs to do that, and then it becomes very important. i believe it fades a little bit because there will be more of them. >> cenk: michael, we appreciate it. i think the jobs numbers are more important than the debate. people will wake up, see that unemployment number and be encouraged. going forward if i was president obama i would do something else entirely. >> um, um, and hum. >> cenk: when we come back i'm going in a different direction. already, later in the program serious story about milwaukee police and abuse that led to a detainee's death. >> i watched that tape one time, and i can't watch it ever again. it broke my heart so bad that
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they just didn't help him at all. (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the vice presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> the idea that he could criticize the president on the down grading, when he led the charge to block a resolution. outrageous. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct.
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[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> cenk: all right now, we had a debate, and one of the things that mitt romney did obviously was that he didn't tell the truth. so it's okay. now president obama was not on his a-game, but he'll come in and straighten everything out until they go in another direction. i'm amazed by what happened on
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cnn on the issue of 5 trillion-dollar in tax cuts and if it could be offset by deductions and loopholes. this is the ridiculous conclusion that they came up with. >> mitt romney does propose across the board 20% tax cuts. under that plan taxes under the wealthiest americans would be reduced by 5 trillion-dollar initially. romney said that he would offset that by closing loopholes and deductions. if you take him at his word, the verdict is false. >> cenk: what? that's ridiculous. president obama, president obama didn't say he was going to cut 5 trillion-dollar for the wealthy. he never said that. he said overall. second off he mentioned the loopholes and deductions. don't watch me. watch president obama. >> when you add up all the loopholes and deductions that upper income individuals that are currently taking advantage of if you take those all away you don't come close to paying
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for 5 trillion-dollar in tax cuts and 2 trillion-dollar in military spending. >> cenk: that's what he said. then did you catch the most important phrase in this fact check. >> taking him at his word. take him at his word. take him at his word. >> cenk: the whole point of the fact check is not to take them at their word. whether it's obama or romney! you're supposed to fact check them. if you take them at his word, he was totally honest. oh what a disaster that is. it's your job to call out what the facts are. that was an enormous fail by cnn. now look, that doesn't mean that president obama did a good job in the debates. he didn't. we've said it many times. i will do it what i love to do on this program. whether it's romney or obama let me do it my way. if i were obama what would i do? first of all let me show you.
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i'd come out with a 2 x 4. no no, say that line about the 5 trillion-dollar again. go ahead say it. >> romney: i'm not in favor of a 5 trillion-dollar tax cut. that's not my man. my plan is not to put in any tax cut that will effect the deficit. i will bring down the deductions and taxes at the same time so the revenue stays in. >> cenk: yeah, yeah, that sounds good. you're going to do a 20% tax cut across the board. then a 2 trillion-dollar increase in the defense budget. then you're going to keep most of the popular deductions. and then you're going to balance the budget. and then you're going to give everybody a free unicorn! that's not how it works mitt!
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you're lying! there is no 5 trillion-dollar in deductions that you take away from just the rich. that's preposterous. and i'm not going to let you get away with it. one wonders how long i will keep this 2 x 4 that is actually not a 2 x 4 on my shoulder, but we move forward. he says, well, before i go on to the next clip, did you know that 50% of mitt romney's benefits in his tax cuts go to the top 5%. mitt, that's who you're for. you're for the top 5%. you give them half of the tax cuts and they're 5 trillion-dollar, you're going to give $2.5 trillion to the top 5%. that's what is going on. all right before i break it. okay now let's go to the $716 billion lie. >> romney: medicare for current retirees he's cutting
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$716 billion from the program. >> cenk: huh, that's beard because that's turns out to be totally untrue. here's what polite cofact said about that. coat obama-care reduces future spending on medicare by reducing payments to insurance companies hotels and other providers. not to the people receiving medicare. this does not effect a single benefit to medicare recipients. mitt don't say the $716 billion lie again. it is a lie. the reality is you want to turn it into a voucher program because you never believed in medicare. your party has never believed in medicare. you talk about how democrats are going to hurt medicare? nonsense. i'm not done yet. you want to talk about how you love teachers? go ahead mitt. >> romney: i love great schools. massachusetts is ranked number one in 50 states. the key to great schools great teachers. i reject the idea that i don't
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believe in great teachers. >> cenk: except when you want to fire them. >> he said we need more firemen, more teachers, did he not get the message of wisconsin? the american people did. it's time to cut back on government. >> cenk: there you are on tape. which one is it, mitt? i want the american people to be very clear on this. which one is it? do you want to fire the teachers or do you love the teachers. do you love big bird or do you want to fire him or you love everybody and you want to fire them any way. what do you want to fire teachers for? i wish he took it to him. now, one more pre-existing condition. >> romney: i do have a plan that deals with people with pre-existing conditions. that's part of my healthcare plan. >> cenk: oh, is that right? i love the way he phrased that. i have a plan that deals with pre-existing conditions. he didn't say it would cover pre-existing conditions. in fact, if you don't have continuous coverage. if you're out of work for some
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reason and you don't have coverage for three months, you're done. if you have a pre-existing condition he's not going to cover you. you know how many americans were in that boat? between 2004 and 2007, 89 million people. that means nearly one-third of the country would not be covered if they had a pre-existing condition. you're not going to cover them. again, why? because you know that the american people want to be covered for pre-existing conditions because they do like obama-care. so you want to ride off that without actually doing it. that's fraud. and then of course there was this great opening by mitt romney. >> romney: you said you would get a deduction for taking a plant overseas? i've been in business for 25 years. i have no idea what you're talking about. i may need a new accountant. >> cenk: no, mitt, your accountant seems pretty good as it is. if i was the president i would have left it right there but me being me. which accountant did you mean,
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the one on the cayman islands the one on taber bermuda or the one in switzerland. now that we have done a romney segment, turns out that he copied it for the first debate. i hope obama copies this for the next debate. when we come back, hanky panky did mitt romney cheat during the debate? we'll show you that. we've got three different tapes on it. and then a very serious story about police abuse in milwaukee. we'll talk about what happened there, and what we can do to fix it. >> i just be holding it in all the time. i can't keep doing that because i miss him so much, it hurts.
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>> cenk: we're here on what we call turk row. and we're going to start with a serious story out of milwaukee. >> hundreds are calling for the resignation of police chief edward flynn after the arrest of derek williams. derek williams was arrested on suspicion of robbery, however after a bit of a scuffle with police he was placed in the back of a police car and for about eight minutes he was telling police officers that he was having trouble breathing and he was begging for help. however, police officials ignored him. let's watch. >> what's your last name? >> i can't breathe. i can't breathe. >> you're breathing just fine. >> believe me. >> it's july 6, 2011. 22-year-old suspect derek williams is in police custody and is telling them he's having trouble breathing, but they don't believe him.
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>> i can't breathe. >> you're just playing games. >> now williams has something known as a sickle cell traitness which means if oxygen is disrupted in his body, what happens the red blood cells become misshapenned and it could block his blood cressels and he could die. and in this case plus the police officers ignored his pleas for help he did die. this next video is graphic. here are the police officials responding to his death. >> derek! derek! derek!
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>> he's not breathing. >> initially the medical examiner ruled this death as something that was caused by a natural cause. however, after journalists starting giving the police enforcement a tough time and after the community found out about this situation an investigation later made the medical examiner change his mind and they listed this as a homicide. now, the police chief in this case edward flynn has been relatively defiant. he said that they did what they could in this situation. let's hear what he had to say. >> as tram tragic as this death was, the individual involved had been in a foot pursuit climbed the fence lost his shirt stuck on the fence. hid from the blitz captureed from the police struggled and handcuff. there was human intervention. it does not mine that mean that we do not take responsibility for not
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responding to the crisis. >> he had three children and a wife. >> i watched that tape one time and i can't watch it ever again. it broke my heart so bad that they didn't help him at all. they didn't help him not one bit. that broke my heart to see that. i swear, it just--i couldn't--just to see him die in the backseat. >> cenk: man, that breaks my heart, too. imagine if someone you loved and you're watching their last moments like that--so, guys, look. we know cops have a tough job and we know that this is an exception, it's not the rule. there are so many cops across the country protect and serve. and the guy they had to chase him down. i'm not blaming them for cuffing him and being rough in the beginning. but when says i'm having trouble breathing, even if in your experience they have sometimes been lying about that, you got to get them to the hospital, no
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doubt about this, right? >> after the police chief's explanation saying he jumped over fences and got his shirt on things. he was breaking the law. let's finish the equation. therefore he deserved to die? what is your point? what is the point you're making. even when you have the correct guy, if we cuff somebody, if he dies, it doesn't matter. >> cenk: to me the devaluing of human life as you watch them being totally indifferent for eight minutes as a guy is dying it turns your stomach. the thing that makes me angry is the flippant attitudes of the police chief. >> the idea that they're saying that it's a homicide and then parsing the words of what homicide could or may or may not mean.
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there is something called neglect homicide and this was negligence, and it was homicide. i think that any time you see this, everybody has got to be taken seriously. what were they afraid of, the guy was in handcuffs. if he was joking about not being able to breathe call that bluff. >> if might be fooled, it's not the and of your life. >> cenk: look-- >> it's almost as if getting caught on the dash cam falling for it is worse than getting caught on the dash cam responding to this. >> cenk: we told you earlier on the though that it is possible that mitt romney was caught cheating on the debate. watch mitt romney as he enters the debate. now this is after shaking hands with president obama. he puts his hand in his pocket. he takes something out but after he's after at lecturn so they can't see what is that? oh, my god!
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ladies and gentlemen, there is some chance we got him. now at the end of the debate they can't have notes because they've written notes throughout, and president obama just leaves it there for his aides. but mitt romney carefully takes it, and tries to put it in his pocket. can't do it. i got to hide the evidence. i got to hide it. give it to his son. you take it. get rid of it. all right, well that looks pretty bad. so now that mitt romney campaign says no, no he just had a hankie and in order to, if he's sweating etc. is that true? oh oh well. it's a hankie. okay now jayar, nonetheless you think there is hankie gate going on. >> it's possible. you can't write off completely just because he had a hanker chef. i have a wallet and cell phone. i can care two things in my pocket and move along like a normal human. we can speculate. i think it's fine.
10:34 pm
but there was a lot of serious, both romney's sons, two of the five no, give it to me. no, give it to me. >> who is going to take their dad's hanker chef. >> they were serious about getting those papers. >> cenk: guilty or not guilty. >> i'm going to say guilty. it's more fun to say guilty. >> i think we're making way too many excuses for why the president didn't do so well. >> it's not an excuse. the president didn't do well. >> cenk: i'm overruling everybody. no no, i'm appointing myself chief justice i'm declaring him not guilty. you saw the hankie. get out of here. now when we come back, the ben from ben & jerry's stamp money out of politics. he's in francisco, and he has a new idea of how to fight back in all the money in politics. is it with ice cream?
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we find out when we return. plus who is getting the elbow? it's a fun way. check that out later in the program. criticize the president on the down gradidididididididididididididididididididididididididididididididi
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>> cenk: this is our aggressive progressive section. ben cohen founder of ben & jerry's. they give 7.5% of the proceeds of the company to progressive charge. they have yes pecan in honor of barack obama, i love that one. and he's fighting to get money out of politics. he's doing a new campaign called stamp stampede. >> i think we should start with, you know, some of the earlier stands. i'll take you through the history. i think we started off with bigger ones. these were just the wooden
10:39 pm
handle hand stamps. >> cenk: all right ben joins us now in san francisco in "the war room"." great to have you here. why stamping the money what are you driving out there? >> you know, stamping money is an incredible way to make your voice heard. it's like petition on steroid. no one sees the petitions you sign up for. there is one bill that you stamp once. that will help 10,000 people. if you do 12 stamps 3 hyundai 300
10:40 pm
days a year. stamp, stamp. how many zeros is that? that's like 3 million? 300,000? you lose--that's just one guy. so the idea here is that if people really want money out of politics if they just stamp it pretty soon you'll be seeing this coming up in all your change. it will be that massive movement that really has the possibility to change what they do in congress to force the government. >> cenk: i think i once read how much cocaine is on the bills. 128% of the bills we have has cocaine on them. instead of cocaine put the right message. what is the message you're putting on the bill. >> this is the pro model stamp. this one is not to be used for
10:41 pm
bribing politicians. this one oh over here is a little headier. it's the system isn't broken. it's fixed. it takes a little thought. and then there's this one here, stamp money out of politics. there's this one over here. corporations are not people. money is not free speech. you get whatever stamp you like on our website, stamp . we sell them ats. we buy them wholesale so you can buy them wholesale. >> cenk: i got you. now there are a million issues out there for progressives. do you think this is the most important one, and if you think it's the most important one getting money out of politics, why? >> absolutely. this is the root of the problems. you know, no matter what issue you're most concerned about the environment or energy or healthcare or absurd military
10:42 pm
spending. it's all driven by corporate campaign contributions and campaign contributions from the .1%. so it's the politicians that are doing the bidding of those guys. and that's why the government is doing things that don't support normal people but supporting corporations and the richers people of the country. >> we started something called wolf pac to get people out of politics. until you solve that part of the puds. you can't solve any other issue because they're corrupting all the issues with the swarm of lobby he'ses. before you leave, "the young turks" ice cream flavors young turkish delights or cenk monkey or uygurt.
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>> i like the young turkish delights. here is a pocket stamp. every time you see a bill, hit it baby, it's good. >> cenk: ben cohen founder of ben and jerry's a pleasure. >> thank you. >> cenk: we're getting money out of politics is incredibly serious, but when we return, there is way too much rape in the military. our next guest will try to help solve that problem. she's part of the solution. we'll talk about it when we return. >> it's hard to say this is a bad idea. once this goes to the district attorney's office, we can't help. >> you like she said, if i don't do this, dad it's like the bastards rapeddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd ♪ lord, you got no reason ♪ ♪ you got no right ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ i find myself at the wrong place
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♪ [ male announcer ] the ram 1500 express. ♪ ♪ it says a lot about you. ♪ ♪ in a deep, hemi-rumble sort of way. guts. glory. ram.
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>> cenk: now we've been covering the issue of military rape for a
10:47 pm
while. they talked to a marine who had gone through this ordeal. >> do you think they tried to keep your case from being moved to military courts. >> they did. they said this was a bad idea. once this case goes to the district attorney's office we can't help you. we can't protect you. there was a desire to intimidate me and the district attorney out of actually prosecuting this case. >> cenk: that's one of the problems that we have here. people being intimidated after they've gone through the ordeal which of course makes this so much worse. now leon panetta the defense secretary, was asked about that. here's one of his responses. >> does the military foster a culture right now that tolerates sexual assault? >> as we learned from what happened at laclin air force
10:48 pm
base there is a power force that reflect society in general. >> it's not what is happening in society in general. does rape happen, of course it does but we have a particular problem with superior officers abusing their power that is in some ways unique to the military. don't try to displace blame on everybody else. i didn't like that quote at all from leon panetta. you talk about the air force base and we'll talk about it in a second with an expert. >> i guess i want them to know that as difficult as their experience has been, that we are going to learn from that. >> cenk: well, the question is will they? we'll talk about that in a second. one of the things that they have learned is to do public service announcements, but i'm not sure that this is the right way to go. here is one of them. >> as a service member it's your job to look out for your
10:49 pm
brothers and sisters in uniform and take action against these crimes. always have a battle buddy especially at night. >> cenk: that's kind of goofy and it gets worse if you ask me. this one blames the women partially for getting intoxicated. watch this. [ ♪ music ♪ ] >> never leave a wing man behind. >> whoa, buddy where are you going with my friend? come back here. sexual assault prevention starts with you. >> cenk: these are not conventioning. there is a lawsuit as i told you, they have all been named in that lawsuit and susan burke is the lawyer that we've had on before who is handling this case. she has been featured in the documentary "the invisible war." thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me and continuing to pay attention to this important issue. >> susan, let's talk about what you want to happen.
10:50 pm
do you want it to go through military channels? do you want these casing to through civilian channels? how do you think it should be handled? >> well, my first preference would be to say we have decades. decades of experience that the military has not learned. you play the clip with panetta saying we're going to learn. why wasn't there learning from tail hook in 1991, the naval aberdeen proofing ground scandal in '96. air force academy scantal in '01. enough we'll adjudicate these rape charges. there you have best court practices and a better environment. failing that, my second solution would be to have congress pass the stop act. it leaves it in the parallel military system but corrects the
10:51 pm
error of the structure right now that is the fact that rape allegations are decided upon in the first instance by a single individual in the chain of command. that single individual has their own career interest at stake. he or she knows the perpetrator and the victim. they are not an impartial person in any shape. yet they sheriff serve as a bottleneck. you cannot get through the military judicial system without this bottleneck. >> cenk: 19,000 rapes and sexual assaults each year and only 20% are being reported, that's devastating. when you give these alternatives to the military, if i'm in charge sure, it shouldn't be one guy who can abuse that power, what do they say in response? >> they have been completely resistant to taking the chain of command out of the process. they're going to fight that tooth and nail. they will not do it voluntarily. they will not do it willingly.
10:52 pm
that's really why congress has got to act here. i'm sure as all your viewers know the constitution puts the power to control the military in congressional hands civilian hands. we are the people. we control the military. the constitution says congress sets the rules and regulations for the military. not the other way around. >> cenk: you think leon panetta is definitely not doing enough. >> he is not doing enough. and one of the things that i would note, and you point out he has made this reference to society at large. being in the military is far different than just being in society as a civilian. for example if someone has raped in the civilian world they have complete freedom to get away from their attacker. they can move, they can leave they can get temporary restraining orders, go to the police engage all sorts of self help to make sure that they don't have to see the perpetrator, work with the perpetrator and protecting themselves from the perpetrator.
10:53 pm
rape survivors do not have that. they're held captive. it's a crime to go awol. they're forced to work side by side with their perpetrators. >> cenk: that's a great point. one i hadn't thought of. susan burke, thank you for joining us. >> thank you for having me. thank you. >> cenk: the last piece of business on "the young turks" is fun. (vo) what is said here could decide the election. current tv presents coverage of the vice presidential debate. with unrivaled analysis and commentary. >> the idea that he could criticize the president on the down grading, when he led the charge to block a resolution. outrageous. (vo) the only network with real-time reaction straight from the campaigns and from viewers like you. >>now that's politically direct.
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(vo) now, it's your turn. (vo) connect with the young turks with cenk uygur. >> it's go time.
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