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tv   Viewpoint  Current  March 11, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> michael: welcome back to the "the young turks." tomorrow our attention will turn to the vatican as they have their first day of voting, just one vote tomorrow. here it is on "the young turks" the michael shure prediction of who the next pope it will. yes, odilo shererer of brazil. pomp and circumstance, i wouldn't bet on it actually. go online to see us at the young
5:02 pm thanks a lot. [ ♪ music ♪ ] [ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: good evening and welcome to "viewpoint." so judge has repealed new york's soda ban. it turns out antibiotics resistence can cause death from minor surgery or the new england medical journal of extreme medical bummers and karzai is saying that the obama administration is in cahoots with the taliban. either our troops are trying to protect him from his own people or someone is trying to get a gig at fox news. happy birthday to sam donaldson
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and supreme court justice scalia scalia, and i would like to buy him a cake but he probably views that as perpetual entitlement. this is "viewpoint." [♪ music.[ ♪ music ♪ ] >> good evening, i'm john fugelsang. thank you for joining us. it's a week that budget fanatics could only dream of. slip on the green eye shades, crank up the quicken and make sure you have plenty of lined paper ready for notes. not only is house budget chair paul ryan offering up his latest budget proposal on tuesday but after four years without one the senate democrats are preparing to offer a budget of their own he on wednesday. as for the white house well, president obama's budget document is already 36 days over due but could be ready sometime next month. meanwhile mr. obama is trying to
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convince cajole or coerce congress to come together to fix or fiscal problems and for once not let politics get in the way. according to white house press secretary jay carney mr. obama's laid out an ambitious schedule for three days oh to travel capitol hill. >> senate democrats on tuesday. house republicans on wednesday. senate republicans on thursday, and house democrats also on thursday. >> john: it seems that the president thinks the a big deal is possible. >> it's not really about deficit reduction. in fact, you may say it's more of a priority for the recommendation than democrats. >> john: jay carney, there's everything partisan about the deficit reduction. >> we think the obama-care expansion of medicare is reckless. we're saying don't grow this program because it doesn't work. >> john: now you may have thought the supreme court and
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november election settled the fate of the obama-care for good. >> are you saying that as part of your budget you would assume the repeal of the obama-care? >> yes. >> well, that's not going to happen. >> well, we believe it should. it's a program that basically puts medicare under the coal of 15 people on a board that will determine what kind of benefits people get. that's a rationing board. however you slice it. >> john: when it really should be privatized. it's good that paul ryan is bringing down these ayn rand talking points and sarah palin talking points. >> i think the answer to that question will be determined based on how he conducts himself in the coming weeks and months. >> john: how the president conducted himself? it sounds like president obama is on abortion, double secret probation likely if he dares to attack actually g.o.p. policies again. but as unpleasant as it is to be
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demeaned in the present history can be kind to ex-presidents at least that's the fate former florida governor jeb bush imagines for his wayward brother george. >> the more people compare his tenure to what is going on now i think history will be kind to george w. bush. >> john: there is a difference between saying history will be kind and history will vindicate. it's only history like just is blind. as for mr. bush's own future in politics, meet meet the press host gregory pressed him until he cracked. >> who is the hottest politician, you or march crow rubio. who are we more likely to see in the white house. >> you guys are crack addicts. you're obsessed with this politics. marco rubio is a great guy. heroin addict, is that better. >> john: no one laughs harder at that than chris christie.
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i'm joined by jonathan cohen. thank you for joining us. as you know, the ryan budget is supposed to come out tomorrow. do we know what is in it besides another shot at repealing the affordable care act? >> so we don't know what is in it. the reports out have been a little sketchy, and it's hard to know which direction people are trying to drop hints to mislead people and sometimes people who report things don't understand exactly what they're hearing i think it's safe to assume that this ryan budget will look like the last ryan budget which booked like the previous ryan budget. that means it will have three characteristics. number one, it will try to transform basic government social insurance programs. paul ryan doesn't believe in these programs. it will be deep cuts to spending spending and on
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programs that americans i care about. you won't get all the details. that's because if they had to reveal the details people wouldn't like them. >> john: i think you're right. after the election that was fought in part over the affordable care act why do you think they're doubling down on the repeal again. we expect this from congresswoman bachmann, but we don't expect it from paul ryan any more. >> i mean, look, this is what he believes. i don't begrudge his belief. i expect to some extent he's trying to throw red meat to the conservative crowd he wants to please. the republicans have a base. this is what the republican base wants and this is what they're going get. i do think it's important to remember that most likely when he says he wants to repeal obama-care he doesn't want to repeal the good part. he wants to repeal the tax
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credit that middle class people will be able to use to buy insurance. he wants to repeal the part to medicaid. he'll keep medicare that obama-care uses to pay for these other parts. he'll keep the stuff that--he's going to keep the stuff that takes money out of medicare but not the parts that put money back in the pockets of average every day people. >> john: i love agreeing with chris wallace wherever i can this just isn't going to happen. do you think paul ryan is doing this to assert himself as the intellectual leader of the party or just a fundraising tactic for potentially 2016. >> does that have to be an either/or. >> no, please. >> i suspect it's a little bit of both. look, i think he believes it. you're talking about a true believing, you know, anti- anti-government extreme conservative. i think he wants to get rid of
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the coverage expansions of obama-care. he doesn't want to make sure that everyone gets health insurance. he wants to tear it down. this is a guy with an eye on his political future. he needs to raise money, and if this helps he's happy to do this. >> john: well, he ran against the $116 billion provider cuts that the president used to help pay for the affordable care act. now ryan is for using that $716 billion in this budget just like he did in 2011 and 2012 while campaigning against it. does anybody on the g.o.p. side care that paul ryan was for the tax cuts before he was against them, and is now for them again? >> i don't think they do care. i'm not even sure that they understand that that's what he's doing. quite honestly, this has become such a punch line for the republicans, obama-care cuts out of medicare that they don't realize that their own budget takes the exact amount of money out of medicare.
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they seem willing to live with it. they obviously don't care. >> john: congressman ryan said sunday he still wanted to see medicare converted into something he called a premium support system. that sounds scary to me. what does it mean, and do we know if ryan is still trying to rage the eligibility age. >> it should sound scorey. it's a rock solid iron clad guarantee of benefits. it's telling citizens when you turn 65 you'll get a program that will cover your needs. premium coverage means we'll give a check and we hope it will be enough for to you buy insurance. if not well, you might be out of luck. that's the kind of transportation paul ryan--transformation that paul ryan has talked about. if there is an age that this kicks in its hard to know. it's hard to know at the time whether or not he raises the age by a year or two it really doesn't matter. is he going to preserve the
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basic medicare that existed since 1965. i suspect the answer will be known. >> john: when is a voucher not a voucher. thank you for your time tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> john: we appreciate it. for more on the political slug fest, and whether history will be as kind to his brother as jeb bush would like, i'm joining by joe williams and eric bates. thank you for being here. >> nice being here. >> john: let me start with you professor bates. was there any indication to you that any part of the affordable care act was on the menu? >> not that you could tell. if there was a discussion of the affordable care act it didn't go very well since ryan is back out saying he wants to cut it again. why he's moving in that direction when there was a national referendum on this very
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issue is hard to tell. but he is clearly doubling down and wanting to that way again. >> john: it seems like it's testing well with the base but i don't know what kind of traction he'll get with it politically. joe, can paul ryan get away with the flip flops that he used last year but used three times to balance his alleged budget. >> so far so good. he has not been challenged to the degree where people would say hey wait a minute. these numbers are funny. now you're for the tax cut then against it, and now for it again? he's not going to be challenged on that because the beltway media and conventional wisdom is that paul ryan is the budget wonk. people will stick with it, and very few people who have the juice to call bull and get it heard to take it seriously are doing anything like that. it's ludicrous from where i sit. >> john: let's go to the question whether it's a deficit
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problem or revenue problem. according to the "washington post" the senate budget is supposed to replace $85 billion in sequestration cuts from an overhauled tax code. it's supposed to pass through reconciliation which would need 51 democrats. of course that's what we used to pass the affordable care act. are both of these budgets just political documents given that neither could past both houses of congress? if so, are we just looking at plain politics back and forth, not finding any results? >> yes we've been through this rigmarole over and over where the republicans come out and present a budget that doesn't have real numbers in it, that doesn't add up, and it's clear it can't pass. they just do it over and over again. at best you would hope that it's a opening gambit. it's common no negotiations. this is my wish list, and i know i'm not going to get it, but i'm going to start here. they don't move forward with
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anything else, it appears to be an entrenchinged position where they go for it over and over again saying our way or the highway. >> john: aren't the democrats saying they haven't had a budget in 114 days. >> they're willing to move on social security, medicare. republicans keep saying well, show us. they haven't shown anything even when the proposals are in front of him. yes, it seems like one side is willing to negotiate. when that situation continues to posture, it's not going to go anywhere. >> john: can you think think of any? >> well, there's--and then there's the--i'm i got nothing here. i mean, in the objects of imagination, there really is nothing that they can do that will pass both houses of congress and get signed by
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president obama. that's the rare triple plate in washington that we've been hungering for, for so long. they're getting their positions out there, making them look as good as possible for the next election cycle. certainly that on its face, the fact that he has tried to move in their position several times repeatedly, they still won't take yes even after he tells them, look you guys were for this and you've asked to do this. i've done it, why won't you take yes. they can't come up with a very coherent answer. >> john: one area they may agree on is raising the eligibility age of medicare. i don't want to believe that of the democrats but it seems that it's inching that way. is that an area they might reach compromise? >> if they get there, it's in a fight. it won't be in the austere measures that people are talking
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about. there has to be addressing of the situation. president obama has put it on the table. i can't see him getting it getting it passed his base even though the republican base might be willing to go along with it. i don't see that happening, and not to any kind of great success. >> john: wow, this just keeps getting more cheery all the time. let me shift gears to something more funny, jeb bush running for president. he has a book out this week that he wants us to buy and ignore. buy it and don't read it. does he seem like a man who is running for president? >> he absolutely seems like a man who is running for president. he's running in the wrong direction. thethere was a referendum on which way we're going on immigration reform. bush has made an about face on his own position. rather than full citizenship he's for a path that looks like citizenship but isn't.
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that's not going to fly going forward. why he's doing an about face in a direction that just got soundly rejected is very puzzling. >> john: it's very puzzling, indeed, unless he's trying to run hard to the right before the etch-a-sketch moment. he says that history will be kind to his brother. it's a long list bailouts. does he mean history written by republicans? are voters' memories really that short? >> i can't see how they are given the fact that the war that has brother started is still going on and we're likely to have troops in afghanistan beyond 2014, and we still certainly have some presence in iraq even today after the war--the declaration of hostilities is over. i can't see history being kind to george w. bush, unless they don't call him what many have called him as the worst president of modern times.
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but on the other side of the ledger he did do important work, global aid that was good. like it or not the bailout was something that had to be done, and would not have had to have been done if it wasn't for decisions made by previous administrations. there could be some things good things are said about george w. bush but the list is not long. >> john: i got to defend president bush and say i wouldn't call it as a war that he started al-qaeda and taliban started that one. now i've been kind to george bush. we're fair and biased. thank you very much. a pleasure to have you. afghan president karzai says they're conspiring to stay in afghanistan to stay in afghanistan. he should be so lucky.
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somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them, right? vo: the war room monday to thursday at 6 eastern ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] the next wave of italians has come to america, and the fiat 500 with beats audio is rockin' the block. the italian designed fiat 500.
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>> john: time for our thing of the day, and tonight it's our poetic justice of the day. it only took a hundred years or so, but the plantation where harriet tubman worked as a slave is now becoming a state park. the harriet tubman underground railroad state park and visitor center. broke ground saturday in cambridge, married. as for the slave owner who own the land where the park is going up he's best forgotten.
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>> afghan president karzai canceled a president conference and blasts the united states policies saying the united states was working with the taliban to stabilize the country to have a presence longer than the agreed upon 2014 exit date. he went so far as to claim two attacks that kill two americans as well as a number of a began soldiers served america's purposes, saying yesterday's bombings in kabul and khost didn't aim to show taliban's strength, indeed they served america. these bombings aim to prolong the presence of american forces in afghanistan. here to tell us what this means for american relations is joel ruben. welcome to "viewpoint." >> great to be here. >> john: great to have you. what is going on with our friend mr. karzai. he claims the u.s. wants to stay
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in the country past 2014 have any merit at all? >> thethe claims don't have any merit. we plan to leave by 2014. the united states is in the midst of negotiating a drawdown agreement with afghanistan withdrawing troops. the international community is finding ways to funnel supplies and resources and money to this government, but to change the nature of its relationship. it's clear that secretary hagel said karzai may be feeling the pressure, and certainly in this visit it appears that he's trying to launch a tactical maneuver to get more concessions or get more of a different deal out of the united states. this is tactics but it's not going to change the american strategy there. >> john: i think you're right. you mentioned what secretary hagel said. his exact response was quote i know these are difficult issues for president karzai and the afghan people. i was once a politician, so i
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can understand the kind of pressures especially leaders of countries are always under. is chuck hagel saying more or less, don't worry the guy is lying? >> what secretary hagel is saying there is a fuller picture and this is just one particular episode. it was horrible that there was a bombing during hagel's visit and killing of soldiers again today, this underscores the policy of withdrawing from afghanistan is the right policy. but the key challenge is how to do so in an american manner that maintains security and maintain the stability in afghanistan after the u.s. leaves. that's where hagel is heading in driving this policy. >> john: i want to go back to karzai's statement because it seems we have to figure out what he's trying to accomplish by making this statement saying america is in cahoots with the taliban. is he trying to go with some big
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anti-american and anti-taliban voting block? >> karzai has been back and forth on this issue. from time to time his government has had reconciliation discussions with the taliban in secret in public, they have not come together, and the u.s. has been encouraging in this process. karzai feels like he needs to get control over the process but he may not have it by the time the u.s. leaves. any maneuver, any angle to exclaim to his people that he is in charge in trying to get a good deal and trying at the same time to put the foreigners, the united states, back on the back heel to show that he is in charge is a maneuver where he can gain some authority. it's not clear that it will work. >> john: anyone who studies america will know that this war is not polling too well for politicians. it's not popular here. as citizens of the u.s. we've heard countless reports of troops losing their lives over
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and over helping to stabilize afghanistan and protect karzai from his own people. how are the american people supposed to feel about these comments and more importantly continued ongoing presence there? >> right exactly. the american people do not support this war any longer. in both parties, in fact, we see moves to withdraw from afghanistan. these are hurtful comments. these aren't comments that build popularity for the process. but we need to make sure that overall objective in afghanistan, which came about defeat terrorists and osama bin laden, that's the big picture and u.s. policy is to stand, and the karzai episode is problematic. it creates concerns but it's not the full story here. as the u.s. begins to withdraw, and as the president said, they're planning to do it, it will be seen as one bump in the road, one that is troubling and hopefully we won't see repeated much in the future.
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>> john: i know as america plans it's exit from the region, there are talks and money being spread around to placate the parties. what about the claims that america and the taliban are working in concert together. is there any sliver of truth and do you think it's reasonable we would be reaching out diplomatically to the taliban? >> it's preposterous to think that the u.s. is in cahoots with the taliban who have been killing our soldiers. that stretches the imagination. but it is true that the united states wants to see a reconciliation process at work. to bring stability and security to afghanistan, so that when we depart, that there is a stable afghanistan. we have to remember that a lot a lot has been invested over the decade in afghanistan by the international community the united states included, and insuring that that country maintains itself and it's core is key. these allegations don't really stand the last test.
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>> john: maybe when we finally leave we can finally find out why we had to stay there for so many years. joel ruben, thanks so much for your time this evening. >> great to be here. >> john: thank you. wtf america continues next. this week our hero state is kansas. where to begin. the chill of peppermint. the rich dark chocolate. york peppermint pattie get the sensation.
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a closer shave in a single stroke ant
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[ ♪ theme music ♪ ] >> john: this week on wtf america, we look at kansas, right there. in the state of dorothy and wizard of oz couldn't wait to get out of and couldn't wait to get back to. we like kansas. a lot of great people in kansas. in kansas if you don't have a tornado to take you to a better life, college education can do the trick--unless your poor. kids kansas investment development scholarship funds is a program that helps poor folks
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to attend college. some have been threatened by poor now kansas representative said is this the core responsibility of government? we all know the core function the government is to provide tax cuts for rich people so their money can trickle down to other rich people. you see governor sam brownback and the g.o.p. lawmakers don't want to see poor people go to college because they knee someone to pay for the tax cuts and wtf kansas what do you have against opportunity and education? i guess the concern is if the poor get a shot at college education there will be no one
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left to park the valet cars where congress is wining and dining politicians. friends we love you. surrender dorothy wtf kansas.
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>> john: welcome back. the world medical community says there is bad news--and worse news. the bad news--,antibiotics may not do us any good in about 20 years. bacteria are evolving to resist our current set of antibiotics. and professor sally davey he is a england he's chief medical officer, said this citizen a dangerous as terrorism and client change. in a couple of decades a simple knee surgery could cause a fatal infection that doctors simply won't be able to treat. the worse news? this has already started. one superbug called c.r.e. even hit a national institute of health facility a couple of years ago and the "world health organization" said even gonorrhea is making a comeback. the problem is we've been using
5:38 pm
the same antibiotics so much, for so long, and have barely invented anything new since the 1980s. we are losing the germ war because we stopped fighting it. let's bring in cory abar at tulane university. thank you for being on the show. >> thank you for having me. it's always a pleasure to be here. >> john: tell me that the story is not as terrifying as it seems. why did we stop developing new antibiotics? >> i hate that it is the truth but it is. i'm a straight shooter. antibiotics is not sexy. when you have short-term solution to short-term problem there is no return on investment. but if you have an investment on diabetes, they will invest in that because it's a life-long problem that they can make money of. the same on hypertension. the reality is it has not been sexy because it does not make a lot of money. but now we find ourselves in a
5:39 pm
big problem because we don't have a lot of our medicines in the pipeline that can really address the problem that has become so significant. >> john: i'll agree with you that we have have this tradition of not preventing disease but treating symptoms and people getting very rich off of that. >> yes. >> john: how have we overused antibiotics in this country? >> i'll tell you this, between all these website that are so inaccurate about getting you information it takes two minutes for me to write a prescription but 30 minutes to explain to you why you do not need antibiotics. but somebody comes to the office of a doctor now and say i want this, and the doctor has to succumb to the pressure, give the antibiotics, and that continues the problem because the doctors don't have time to explain why you don't need the antibiotics. number two 50% of all antibioticses are created for
5:40 pm
farms. to make animals bigger and to cure diseases. not to mention the hand sanitizers that don't have alcohol, that is still controversial, some people think that those are the reason why because we're using hand sanitizer on our hands rather than washing our hands. >> john: where are we seeing the biggest problems with the drug resistant bacteria. >> in the big city we overuse antibiotics, so we see resistant resistant. >> john: so it's a world problem problem. >> and in the rural areas, they don't have antibiotics so they die from the diseases. if you go to the rural area they don't have the medicine. if go to the city, they were they have the resistence. >> john: as they work on new drugs how long before we see results. >> there are a lot of stuff in the pipeline that is maybe two or three years away, but guess what, if you get the fda and the
5:41 pm
cdc and the rest of the government agencies, then the pharmaceutical companies together that's like herding cats. it's not going to happen. it looks like now because another of our neighbors over in england, they decided to make it a national issue so now i think we got to pick up with those joneses and make it a national issue and make sure everybody benefits from this. >> john: i don't mind the competition, but this is the big question. can i hold out any hope that this is all some kind of scare tactic to get more funding for medical research? >> i will tell you this, if this is a scare tactic? it's been scaring me since i've been a doctor. we've had those things for at least 20 years now and people out there listening, please understand that this is real. but make sure that you keep your hands washed, talk to your doctor and don't go in begging
5:42 pm
for antibiotics because you usually don't need them. >> john: i have a lot of tv commercials that demand my doctor give me drugs. before we go, one strain that has become a big problem is mrsa. can you tell us about that? >> it's something that you pick up at a hospital. so you're in a hospital. you have the surgery. you can pick this up. now we're finding isolets in boils on people's skins infected mosquito bites we're seeing more mrsa and the issue is this, once you have that, you can cool onize with it and it's hard to use any antibiotics for skin infection. it's very real too. it's very important that people realize if you don't have to go to the hospital, please don't. >> john: i promise you we're going to be following up on this show.
5:43 pm
dr. corey herbert, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> my panel of non-experts weigh in heavily.
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>> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." a judge in new york overturned mayor bloomberg's ban on selling giant soft drinks. on facebook rhonda garrett posted this. what a waste of time. so many other things that are more important. i'm more concerned about the purity of food than the quantity that you're allowed to buy. that's a great point rhonda. i raise my soy tufu smoothie in your honor. i'm glad it's not a 32-ounce soy tofu smoothie. that would be unhealthy. if you have a comment for the show, tweet us at "viewpoint" ctv or john fugelsang or use the hashtag "viewpoint" or post it on our face back.
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a ban that would not allow the purchase of sugary substance. but now that has been overturned, who wrote, the board of health may supervise and regulate the food supply of the city when it affects public health but the charter's history clearly illustrates when such steps may be takeen ie when the state is facing imminent danger. now you can enjoy that 32-ounce soda. now here to discuss this and much more is comedian, author of "cheat: the guy's guide to infidelity." and createor of the dean's report
5:48 pm
dean odidallah. good evening and welcome. >> hello. >> john: i love this story. it's such a great story about freedom, a big republican government trying to interfere with our lives. one of the reasons that the judge decided to side with the ban was because it didn't have loopholes. would small businesses really have suffered as a consequence of this ban? >> i think so. look, the main thing that people buy in those convenience stores are 20-ounce sodas. no one wants to buy anything in new york with the dirt all over the mouth part and everything. >> i think soda is poison. i'm not a fan of it, but i don't think this was about health. i don't think it was about soda. it's about size bloomberg's size. when he stands next to one of these huge soda containers he
5:49 pm
feels like its dwarfs him and reiterates what a small human being he is. >> john: you say small political men can be intimidated by size issues. >> i believe this is the case here. >> john: dean, does it seem overreach to you? i was with bloomberg on cigarettes and bars. it's nice to come home and not smell like a box of camels. >> this was ridiculous. this idea that you're going to ban sodas, people will buy two immediatemedium sodas. use this idea, if you're this huge all you can qualify for is salad and air. i'm not mocking. >> it bugs me bloomberg's whole movement to ban dangerous dirty fun in new york really just--i'm waiting to bring a girl home from the bar and have him saying
5:50 pm
be careful and wear a condom. bloomberg is putting the icing on the cake. >> john: i admire his efforts to improve the public's health. i agree with you soda is pretty toxic, but i don't think it's legal. i want to switch topics and talk about comedy since you're all pretty fun. president obama showed up his chops at the annual gridiron dinner. he talked talked about "star wars," waterdrinking water gag, but one of his funniest lines now i'm sure you've noticed that someone very special in my life who is missing tonight, somebody who always has my back, stands with me when not only is he the funniest
5:51 pm
president, bush made fun of his own stupid. reagan, his age. obama uses comedy like a sword. making fun of the enemies. he made fun of marco rubio matt damon for mocking him. we don't see presidents use comedy for attacking others. it's more like a comedian dealing with a heckler or critic critic. >> john: he may be the least funny president for comedians. >> he's easier to make fun of. first term he was hard to make fun of. but now he's just like a republican in democratic clothing. we have a lot to make fun of. but do you think obama is funnier than jim which carter? he has the best timing ever.
5:52 pm
i have to give obama credit. he knows how to hire good joke writers. >> yes, there was no cursing in it either. he manages to handle, as dean said his hecklers with poise and tact whereas when i handle a heckler i'm usually banned from the hotel. >> john: speaking of political comedy i have to talk about john mccain. he has given us a great gift. mccain told "huffington post"," that sentence alone is worth it. it's always the wacko birds on the right and left that get the mega phone. mccain talking about other people with a megaphone doesn't he have a jet pack that he uses to travel from sunday show to
5:53 pm
sunday show? >> that's factual. i love that he took a shot at guys on his own team. that's great. there needs to be more of that gray area in politics. there is too much blind allegiance. i love that did he it, and i love that mccain is becoming the republican 50-cent. >> he's really fighting the younger generation of republicans. when he said wacko did he mean angry birds? wacko birds or angry birds? >> john: i think he's tweeting with snookie too much. >> it angers me because it made me agree withdown mccain. they are wacko birds. but i hate agreeing with john mccain. also like when he talks about giving wrong people the mega phone. does he remember that he handed sarah palin the mega phone? you gave the mega phone to a pit bull and she has not let it go.
5:54 pm
do not talk about who we should hand it to. >> john: really quick before we go to break. jeb bush, he said that his brother will be remembered kindly by history. does anyone in in the john birch society believe that one? >> he's in a tough position having to defend his brother right now. actually the black sheep became president, so now it's turned around. >> at some point you have to realize that even though he's your brother he's still a loser and you can't defend him. people have to get to the point where, yes i understand that he's my brother. he's a lunatic and i'm changing my last name to clinton. >> john: somewhere in the world roger clinton realized he dodged a bullet by not getting into politics. the ultimate excuse for not going to a wedding. stick around.
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>> john: welcome back to "viewpoint." one more quick question for the panel. we're all of muslim heritage? >> arab. >> john: i'm a bigot. brilliant. well i'm happy to be in wrong about this, but let me ask you you're all arabic heritage. jesus comes from the region. ifeesif jesus were to come back tomorrow, what do you think he would be most angry about. >> i quote from my favorite movie. if jesus were to return and see what is being done in his name he would never stop throwing up. >> john: great line. maysoon zayid? >> i'm guessing that jesus would be most upset about the fact that there is religious segregation where he was born in bethlehem, and christians and muslims are not allowed to, you know go to jerusalem or visit nazareth or go to the place where he rose from. he would be pretty pissed off
5:59 pm
about the wall and the religious bigotry. >> john: i agree. dean obeidallah? >> i think it's clear he would be most angry at time warner for dropping current tv, and even though he's a good guy, he would spite something using old testament. >> john: oh my the hope the new owners heard that. that brings me to tonight's f-bomb. it's a special easter-time bundle of good news for right-wing christian homophobes. those hopeless romantics whose faith hinges on the belief that jesus hates the same people they do. rob ingersoll got engaged to his partner of nine years. and he would often send flowers from arlene's flowers where the owner has happily handled all of his gay moves. until now. then said i'm sorry i can't do your wedding because of my relationship with jesus christ.


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