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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  March 18, 2013 6:00am-9:00am PDT

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k, he revealed he changed his mind on the subject of marriage equality. in the past he always opposed same-sex marriage, but then he discovered that his son was gay and that gave him a change of heart. well, you know, i think it's nice that senator portman finally has seen the light and i app applaud him for being up front about it. but why this republicans so mean across the board on so many issues until their own family is involved in don't they realize their positions have real consequences for real people. when you repeal obamacare that means millions of people are not going to have health care for themselves and their families when you take away head start that means kids won't be the educational foundation that they need i think politicians should
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do the right thing all the time. that's it for today. come on back again tomorrow. >> announcer: this is the "bill press show".
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> hal: very exciting morning. it's hal sparks, of course. how are you? good to see you. and i'm filling in for steph and the mooks as they are referred to commonly on this side of the aisle anyway. but the person i believe that there is actually no -- no pejorative that either fits nor
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is truly descriptive of is of course, jacki schechner. >> oh aren't you sweet. >> hal: i can think of all sorts of untoward things but of course this is the news jacki schechner. >> yeah, wait until we get to the end of the week and then you can decide what you want to call me? >> all right. >> you want to do the news? >> i do. >> president obama will nomination [ inaudible ]. he served in labor licensing regulation. he has a good history for fighting for the common man, and
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enjoys huge support from labor and latino groups. the supreme court will hear arguments about arizona's top 200. the proposition requires citizens so show proof of citizenship before they can vote. it deems a driver's license sufficient for registration but the arizona law requires further proof, which they will have to bring in in person. if the supreme court agrees with the state, it could open the door for other states to do the same. the president is heading to the
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middle east this week. it's his first trip to israel as president. we're back with more show after the break. stick with us. ♪ billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good, hey all right now ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good ♪ >> hal: welcome to the show it's the hal sparks radio program. oh, no wait. no, it isn't. where am i? is it hump days -- am i at a
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stand-up club, where am i? oh, i know i'm filling in for stephanie miller. i always forget where i am. monday through friday this week here with the lovely and talented jacki schechner. for those of you that don't know, steph goes on vacation very rarely i think only nine times a year and during one of those, she goes to a spa where they lower here in to a special vine-made mud. >> that's why she looks so good. >> hal: yes, she is very well
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preserved. >> i think fermented. >> hal: they lower her down with these tongs or something, and she goes on vacation and is pampered hit with palm fronds and nothing is more relaxing than not making it to your hotel room and passing out on the steps of the spa you are at. but overall the finest things to give her the relaxation she deserves after being on the air for three hours a day trying to hash through all of this. in contrast, jim will be at a
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motel 6, and chris will be in a one-man white party -- >> with a lifetime supply of cottage cheese. >> hal: exactly, we'll be bathing in cottage cheese. i'll tell you a little secret he still watches. >> yeah, travis said he would be watching. >> hal: yeah. it will be fun and knowing that chris is at home watching like a proud pappa or concerned parent like it's their first time crossing the street. >> he put us on the bus >> hal: right. and like forrest gump he'll sit at the bus stop until we get
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home from school. and every time i look back at last week there's more news made off of last week than was made in ages. >> before we get into that -- >> you do realize cameras are rolling? >> yeah. so you were filling in for jim last week -- >> he does have another job. >> so we had you on the show and we were lucky enough to v linda carter and hal told this amazing story that when you were about 7 you made like 35 calls trying to reach linda carter. and on friday night we went to see her sing and we had her
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sign a cd -- >> ahhhhh. >> travis and i got a cd that says to hal, love linda carter. and you can see she does not age -- >> yeah. again, i think she probably goes to the same virgin blood spa drained from the most beautiful women in eastern europe -- >> beautiful and could not be kinder and warmer she give us a big hug and was the sweetest thing, and she is also very good friends with mary hart who also does not age, and couldn't v been nicer and it was just an incredible opportunity to meet some very glamorous women and
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you haven't lived until you have see george tikay dance to her songs. >> i can't imagine. >> she had a lovely voice, and a couple of songs that she wrote on her own that were great, and then she did a bunch of covers. and it was so much fun to watch her have so much fun. >> right. which miami sound machine -- >> congo. >> hal: that is wild. that's like something pearl jam would pull.
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>> yeah it was great. she did rumor has it. she did candy man -- >> did she do a full-on sammy? >> no the christina aguilera sandman. >> oh, okay. >> she did dust in the wind -- >> hal: which by the way is a song that wrote me because the guy who wrote it converted to evangelical christianity and then wrote a rebuttal song called no more dust in the wind. >> is that real? >> yeah. >> it's like taking a hit song and then writing a song called huh-uh. looks like we made it.
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taylor swift cover titled looks like we made it would be genius. it would be right up there, i think with the republican party's autopsy. the autopsy report has been released -- tony we have a theme song now for it any time we reference the gop autopsy -- ♪ >> hal: that's right. so according to the gop autopsy -- that is the quincy theme for those of you that don't know. >> hal: but the gop autopsy which is their growth and outreach document will shock you in that it comes to the conclusion, it comes to the shocking conclusion that they
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have a messaging problem. and here is the thing. i got news for them. they don't. as a matter of fact there has never been a clearer vision of the message of the republican party than there was during the romney/ryan campaign. there has never been a better marketing campaign than the last year of republican politics. the entire debate promess, primary process, leading up to the convention the convention itself, was actually the perfect marketing for the genuine principles and concepts of the party, and so when you hear them say, we have a messaging problem, what they mean is we made the mistake of telling the truth. >> we told you exactly what we
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feel, and you don't like it. >> hal: that's a big mistake in moll ticks. the document itself has all of the content of a paul ryan budget. >> to reveal health care reform? >> exactly, but keep the money. we'll be back right after this, and we'll talk about the rape trial verdict that came down over -- stew benville and the amazing concepts that went with that. we'll talk about it after the break, and it points to the very problem of reporting and prosecuting rape in this country and the public response to it when it's a certain type of defendant, and it's right in line with where women are
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finding themselves in the electorate. you are listening to the "stephanie miller show," and watching it on current tv. i'm hal sparks filling in with jacki schechner all week long. we'll be back right after this. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show."
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>> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for
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real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv. ♪ >> hal: welcome back to the "stephanie miller show." i'm hal sparks filling in while steph and the mooks are on
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vacation. yeah dr. love. occasionally we'll get somebody going it's too much rock and roll for me. >> yeah randy [ inaudible ] plays -- >> what time is she on? maybe we're a little early? >> hal: no you need to go to work. >> i wake to npr, i'm a little bit of a dork that way. i love the soothing sounds of -- >> hal: join the "stephanie miller show" pledge job, get a
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box of wine -- >> and a wind breaker. >> hal: yeah a wind breaker that says it's not really that cold or rainy outside. so the stubenville verdict came down. two of the five boys were charged. there were three other boys involved who simply filmed it? >> from what i understand there were tweets and video. >> hal: yeah, and the -- i mean, it's grotesque in and of itself. there are a lot of questions about where are the parents in this? now i always -- when the comment comes up about these kind of things, you know, par rental involvement, that -- a lot of times comes up with education.
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however, you can't legislate it. you can't legislate a parent being more involved with a kid at school. you can't go if you don't show up to a pta meeting we're kicking your kid out of math class. one of the reasons we set public school was to make up for the deficit in parents. >> but then what does it say to now that we have such a lack of funding that our class sizes are too big? >> hal: i think that's a republican principled stance what they consider a socialist education system and -- and sort of a youtube paranoid nut bar wing of the republican party that think high schools and middle schools are indoctrine
6:27 am
nation camps for liberalism. those two camps have systematically over the years defunding public education, getting rid of it. it was a talking point during the debates. it was one of the things that i think rick perry didn't forget. get rid of the energy department, the department of education. now here is the thing -- the point i'm trying to make is that an education base you can legislate class size, how many books are available, food they get to eat, but you can't force par rental connection to the child. >> but would you agree we have a
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parental absence crisis? >> hal: no, i don't. i think there are critical groups, and usually they are either super rich or upper rich people who ignore their children and you get these kind of columbine type of ignored kids who are acting out and have all of these resources to act out, adam lambert -- >> lanza. >> hal: thank you. they were very well to do -- >> yes and i think the divorce of the parents there was a lock of oversight. it sounded like the mother had control over his day-to-day.
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>> hal: but there are lots of situations like that and those kids don't go shoot someplace up. it's really about what experience they have day-to-day. the newtown shooter, you have this kid who's mother was arguably a prepper. she thought the world was going to collapse and she needed the weapons to fight off, i guess rioting black people. >> was there a rich shall component to it? >> hal: no but that's where we get things like 28 days later, where our zombies have now spit up blood because of this idea of blood-born illness, creates a different kind of zombie where it used to be -- people would
6:30 am
walk around go to their jobs and they want to eat your brains on the other side -- >> this went into a whole weird direction. >> hal: yes, but now we have -- she had constant contact with her son. >> right. taking him to the shooting range -- >> hal: exactly. it's what his head was being filled with, that lead to what was going on. so when you raise a rapist or a rapist's friend who helps him i mean that's an extraordinary situation to find a parent in, and i don't know they would level -- it's almost like one of those things where you find your son is a serial killer. and you go how did you not know?
6:31 am
here is my issue with it overall. at that age -- as much as i'm not a big fan of trying kids as adults, there should be a level of as a society we should haven't to convince a 15, 16, 17-year-old who is capable of making decisions on this level that you don't rape a girl who is unconscious. >> absolutely. >> hal: but i only took pictures, but i only -- no. no. no. >> but i can take this to another level, i think there's something to be said about the objective -- objective indication of women in terms of how young men view women, and how women view the way they
6:32 am
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♪ ♪ oh, yeah ♪ >> hal: welcome back to the "stephanie miller show." i'm hal sparks filling in and that's the -- sadly when i'm filling in is the only time you'll get to hear doug panic pound hound, thank you tony. >> how early are you on on sunday mornings. >> 6:00 to 9:00 >> hal: yeah, prechurch. >> are you the church guy? >> i guess i can say the same
6:37 am
right? >> yeah, of course. >> it's the jesus christ show. >> oh subtle. >> hal: there's a jeans company in is europe that has the trademark jesus jeans. >> are they holy? ah. i'm go hal sparks. >> hal: okay. on the line we have lee papa joining us, the rude pundit himself. there are several rude things we could be talking about this morning, good morning rude pundit.
6:38 am
>> good morning. good morning, jacki. good morning morning jesus christ show guy. [ laughter ] >> caller: i'm looking at the autopsy report right now. they are dumb. >> hal: what would give you that idea. >> let me put it this way imagine you were trying to date and every time you went on a date somebody was just disgusted my you -- >> hal: right. and through a drink at you, you got maced -- >> yeah never got to first bracelet alone got laid. and you thought maybe it's clothes i'm wear wearing. >> hal: yeah the after shave. all i need is some axe body
6:39 am
spray. >> that's right. and you don't realize that you are just a terrible human being. >> hal: right. it's okay if i think a swam a skank if i just don't call her that to her face. >> right. if i come up with more charming code words for how much i have a great deal of contempt for you. >> hal: yeah, it is stunning and much play has been made of use of the world autopsy. >> right. >> hal: and a value word considering they are dead in the water as far as how they treat -- now in it if i'm not mistaken they come out for immigration reform or they say they are going to. >> first of all there is no
6:40 am
policy laid out on what that means. it just says we have to take on immigration reform and that is the litmus test measuring whether we are meeting with hispanics with a welcome mat or a closed door and that's it. it just says we should advocate positive solutions and hire -- and not to mention hire hispanic communications directors. >> hal: oh, that will do it. >> yeah, they make a big deal that they talked to 52,000 people, and they talked to 2,000 hispanics, which what is that 4% of the people they talk to? i don't think that really matches the population percentage wise. >> hal: right, and i also don't think -- it's more abappearances -- but sometimes you want to question which ones
6:41 am
they talk to and why? you know what i mean? >> right. >> hal: it's like i have talked to a lot of black people including allen west and later in the way i talked to allen west again, and they think -- like let's get some hispanic outreach, but don't do anything to get more hispanic politicians in there doing actual policy that they might actually want to see. >> right. even under their recommendations for how to get more african americans to become republican and it's all about just identifying markets and hiring communications directors. >> hal: yes, once again they
6:42 am
think they have a messaging problem. >> that's right. >> hal: rubio said we need a new way to package -- because leaving it in a bag on the doorstep on fire ringing the bell doesn't help bring the bothing crap into the house. we need to gift wrap the dog crap so we can get it inside before it explodes. >> mitch mcconnell office said -- [ overlapping speakers ] >> they made a harlem shake. >> yes. >> was mitch mcconnell in it? >> i have to warn you, once you see it, you can't unsee it.
6:43 am
>> that's awesome. the walking on sunshine, woe ho ho -- worst part about it now is -- >> hal: yeah by the way in the background there is a person marking up a person hood bill. >> rhythmically. yes. >> hal: as soon as the music kicks in, they are just slashing rights, eliminating any protections against big banks rolling over you defunding obamacare, like kicking an old lady in a wheelchair down a flight of stairs -- i'm kidding they would only do that
6:44 am
figurely. >> right. >> hal: theyest officially want to disenfranchise people that want to have great fun. >> yeah i love that they want to change their name from grand old party to growth opportunity party. that grand old party sounds old. >> hal: it sounds plantational. >> yeah. >> time to have the southern bell ball. >> yes, and have a mint julep, we all know how we feel about the minorities and gays and of course the women folk, but let's be completely honest the white
6:45 am
folk we don't want around here as well but we need to reach out to them so they continue to buy our product. >> dude that is your new one-man show. hal sparks as the racist old southerner. >> hal: right. and by the way for those of you that don't know, rude pundit is at rudepun -- rudepundit.come. we'll give you a wind breaker if somebody wants to pay --
6:46 am
>> i would leave a really terrible voice message for them. say terrible things about people and their lives. >> hal: yeah like a progressive forward-thinking racially sexually and class-level sensitive diatribe but as close to mel gibson drunk on a cell phone as you can get. >> oh, totally. i'll even do it drunk. >> you are not doing this drunk? >> no yesterday was irish coffee day, though so you should have talked to me then. >> hal: living in los angeles, it is crips, bloods and irish
6:47 am
people. >> it was in "hill street blues" that they had the irish gang. and david caruso was the leader of the gang. >> hal: yeah and still is in hollywood. and a ginger with an italian last name. here it is we got to let you go because we're up against a break, but i wanted to make sure people look at the rand paul marco rubio double tailed coin you were talking about.
6:48 am
because if there is a sign of bad marketing and hopeless future for the gop, i don't think there is a better one than those two in the same room. >> yeah, and rubio saying it's not bigoted of me saying that i'm against same-sex marriage. really? that's the definition of by gotted. and rand paul we're not more drone strikes, but there's a lot of baggage that comes with that for instance the personhood amendment. >> hal: yes, and he has filed another one, but this just proves he is going for 2016,
6:49 am
because it's amazing to me that a libertarian would stake a chance against gay rights and women. >> but you have to supporting rand just because you wanted to support his dad because of drugs. they don't like war and they want to legalize drugs. that makes everything else they do fine. >> hal: well, that's what they are hoping. that little bit where they would let [ inaudible ] run wildly across the waterways and not require them to clean it up, that has always been a snag for me. the freedom to be down wind from a coal plant that lets its coal
6:50 am
dust go into your waterways. >> if you don't like it go off the grid. >> hal: that's a good point. live in minnesota on one of the lake islands. >> that's right. if you have a problem with your coal plant that is producing your energy move. >> hal: there is a new push for nuclear, which by the way that push has been around since the 90s, and coming almost without any want or desire from the american people, but it is coming. >> wow. >> hal: yeah, you are find yourself writing about that in the next six to eight months. micro nuclear is one of the ways we're going to go in this all of
6:51 am
the a above approach. >> does that mean that my cell phone will be operated by nuclear power? >> hal: yes. thank you so much. >> bye. bye, jacki. >> hal: see that he had a flirt while going out the door. >> i like the flirt on a run. >> hal: right. i'm hal sparks fills in on the >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." hah -- >> announcer: as it turns out the revolution will not be televise televised. it's the "stephanie miller show."
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us. ♪
6:56 am
>> hal: well, here i am rolling down another sunny highway it's hal sparks filling in for stephanie miller while she is away on vacation. we'll be here all week and discussing a lot of frankly indifference to st. patrick's stay, hungover news from what went down last week, not the least of which is the stubenville rape verdict.
6:57 am
two boys were found guilty. i have a problem with the three boys who filmed it and did nothing to stop it. i almost feel like if you are witnessing a murder and you don't dive directly in front of the gun -- >> but you have a legal obligation to do or say something without putting yourself in physical harm. >> hal: i totally agree. but in this case there was no physical harm -- and the argument which was crazy to me -- two things made by their argument -- two arguments, that i find amazingly contradictory and one was she was completely
6:58 am
unconscious and they treated her like a toy, but it wasn't rape because she gave no affirmative no. >> well the joke that they were making on the video was that she was dead. like one of the videos the kid kept saying she is so dead that -- she was so unconscious that they were joking about her having passed. >> hal: right. but they wanted to have it both ways. they wanted to have -- they wanted to be able to say that -- well, she -- she didn't say no. but at the same time go during the act she was so unconscious that they should be treated differently than if she was awake and screaming.
6:59 am
>> how is that not worse? >> hal: yeah. i totally agree. and here is the thing. when there are three people standing by while that happens -- let's go to dana in maryland by the way. >> caller: hey, how are you guys doing. >> high, dana. >> caller: hi, jacki. i'm so glad you are there. and i want to give a shoutout to all of my chatters. what i wanted to say is first of all i disagree they should have been tried as adults. they urinated on her. okay? and put it on video and, you know, she was -- you can see she is unconscious and the jokes
7:00 am
about she is dead like caylee anthony, yeah, that's hilarious. it's disespicabledespicable and once again they are treating her as the perpetrator. this poor girl is being basically thrown under the bus because these guys are football stars. they should have been tried as adults, i don't think a year is enough. and this girl's life is ruined. and the interview with indicate i can cure rick they are like these poor boys. and i'm like oh my god is this really happening on cnn? i thought i was listening to fox. and i think candy should have said something --
7:01 am
>> hal: hey dana we're at the hard break, so i have got to go. thanks for calling in.
7:02 am
[♪ theme music ♪] >> hal: you know it's fascinating when you are dealing with as much news flying around as we are, and luckily we have someone to guide us through this entire process, the lovely and talented jacki schechner. [ laughter ] >> hal: sometimes i don't know how you make it as concise and direct as you do. i just love watching it happen. >> you are such a sweetheart.
7:03 am
>> hal: because i would go off on a tangent. >> but that's what the show is for. >> hal: that's right. and we'll talk more about stubenville, and what the gop calls a document and truths about the iraq war that have come out today actually. >> that's a really good start a gnu new gallup poll shows that 53% of americans think the iraq war was a mistake. twitter founder says he would like to run for mayor of new york city one day. he is ranked 392nd of forbes latest ranking of the wealthiest
7:04 am
americans. and don't call it a comeback yes. tomorrow's gop primary is the first test for the republicans next run. sanford is likely to come in first, but if he gets less than 50% of the votes, it will go to a runoff. and following in his dad's footsteps, rand paul came in first in this year's cpac straw poll. paul is likely seriously considering running for president like his dad too. he has already had a couple of
7:05 am
meetings. we're back where more show after the break. stay with us. ♪ support the drug war you must be high. cenk uygur: i think the number one thing viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. i think the audience gets that i actually mean it. michael shure: this show is about being up to date so a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i am given to doing anyway. joy behar: you can say anything here. jerry springer: i spent a couple of hours with a hooker joy behar: your mistake was writing a check jerry springer: she never cashed it (vo) the day's events. four very unique points of view. tonight starting at 6 eastern. um, hello. these ugly stains are ruining my good looks and style. and good luck using that cleaner. excuse me, miss ? he's right. those are tough hard water stains, and that cleaner's not gonna cut it. truth is, 85% of us have hard water and many don't even know it.
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♪ >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine woe ho ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good. hey, all right now. >> hal: welcome to the "stephanie miller show." i'm hal sparks filling in for steph and the mooks while they are on vacation.
7:09 am
stephanie is at a spa on a bicycle while being massaged and mud packed at the same time. jim is reenacting scenes of leaving las vegas, at a hotel 6. and chris is resting like a reasonable person most of the day and then staying up listening to the show, making sure i don't screw up. >> i have visions of him watching, listening, while doing curls. >> hal: yes, using enormous spoons full of cottage cheese. it's like a ren and stimpy show.
7:10 am
by the way on the line with us now is eric bow lard. eric how are you, sir? >> good, and you. >> i'm spectacular. >> hi, eric. >> hello. >> hal: you had a busy week sifting through things last week and this weekend and then the follow-up shows are just stunning, why do we even start, sir? >> cpac is always interesting, so this was supposed to be the year where there is going to be some sort of investigation following the second thumping that obama gave them but cpac is probably the last place on
7:11 am
the planet where you would go to search for introspection. if you go back to cpac what is fascinating is it has always been considered the fringe far right. during the clinton years, that's where the crazies went that's where you could buy bumper stickers and hilary and bill killing people. but it wasn't really seen as the republican party. it was like the crazies, the fevered swamp, and it's kind of interesting, but you forward to today it's synonymous. it's just as crazy, but they represent the republican party and the conservative movement so the problem is during the 10,
7:12 am
15 years ago any republican party did not go to cpac but now they are one in the same and they find themselves at places like cpac where you have zaher as sort of the prop comic, big gulp. >> hal: the carrot top of politics. >> right. so that's the delima that they find themselves in. >> hal: and not inviting chris christie who arguably is their way out as far as who is polling best on the republican side. simply because he reached across
7:13 am
the aisle to deal with a real problem. you deal with the media, you know, veneer of the republican party at media and they seem to think that's the only problem they have is that messaging idea. in that they need a media fix. and not that their core has actually moved closer to those odd booth that sell obama derangement syndrome-esque dvds. >> yes. there are people who say we just have to change our message, and we'll be fine. and then there are those people who recognize the democratics are just completely run away
7:14 am
with the party. and what used to be the defining issues for the republican war. they have lost all of those war questions. >> hal: yeah. >> so it seems to me -- it seems obvious anyone who is paying at attention, they need two things a rebranding and then an entire switch on their idealogical issues. >> hal: but they can't do that. >> because that's what they stand for. >> that's right. >> hal: they had a breakout session called trump the race car, where this guy was giving a lecture on how to reach out to black people. and this guy -- scott terry was his name stands up and says by reaching out to black people you are losing and disenfranchising
7:15 am
guys like me. now he is a total nationalist but he wouldn't have been rubbing elbows back in when when -- george hw bush was running. >> that's right. if this was just a party that had gob through its cyclical ups and downs, and the normal people who were in charge of fixing the party were set out to fix it flip flop, and try to move the party back to the middle. politics -- u.s. politics we have seen it all before. democrats web through the same
7:16 am
problem, so they would move the party back they would begin to win independents again but they can't do that when they have fox news in the middle. >> hal: right. >> they also can't reach out to minorities and say we have to explain how our policies help them when they don't. >> hal: right. >> you can't make your policies mean something they don't. >> hal: right. it becomes a linguistic tap dance though. we're just the party of growth and opportunity for 200 of the 400 billionaires in this country. it doesn't apply to you, per se. you don't have the right to live here, but they do. and it's kind of like putting natural on your food even
7:17 am
though it contains petroleum. yes, petroleum occurs nationally. like the friend who died of natural causes. he was shot so naturally he died. it's weird when they have people frederick douglas republicans or go proud who were disinvited as it were -- and -- i mean that group always amazing me. like log cabin republicans it always shocks me that they exist. >> a party that fundamentally doesn't believe in your rights -- >> hal: that's right. and actively legislates against even the simplest freedoms you would possibly have and then
7:18 am
wants you to vote for them by tayloring a message to you, somehow. i'm sure you have been tearing through the autopsy report -- >> yeah. >> somebody on twitter wrote that an autopsy assumes they are dead. >> hal: yeah, nobody ever sat up on quincy's table. ever. >> well, again and part of it so a cosmetic which seems like the reason they are embracing somebody like marco rubio. he'll speak latinos, and hillary clinton beat rubio by like 45
7:19 am
points. put rubio versus the letter d and they have no interest in his message whatsoever. this idea that he's from florida. he is latino therefore we'll be back in the game is -- >> it is insulting. >> hal: it is it is almost cartoonishly insulting. the problem is they don't seem to notice that. rand paul wins the straw poll, but do you see rand paul pushing himself to the front runnership -- there were 44 -- we'll play a clip when we come back from the break -- there were 44 like write-in candidates -- >> including chris christie who
7:20 am
lot like 7%. >> hal: exactly. do you see rand paul being able to walk this to anyplace valuable? >> yeah romney could bt do it. he would have been a natural candidate to sort of move the party to the middle and reach out to independents but he went through the fox news primary like everyone else. i don't think it's possible to get the nomination if you are in the middle. >> hal: yeah it's almost like if you run for president and you get enough visibility from that then you can get a job at fox news for a while. eric thank you so much.
7:21 am
media matters for america,, which you should have bookmarked at all times. >> thank you. >> hal: it's hal sparks and the lovely and talented jacki schechner and rebecca taylor is on the phone. oh, my goodness. we'll be back with more of your calls in just a minute. >> that is great radio. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show."
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>> hal: welcome back to the "stephanie miller show." i'm @halsparks on twitter. and @jacki schechner. >> just go to hal's and you'll find it. you can't spell it. >> hal: yeah. >> i was once introduced to a guy via email of text or something, and he said i don't think i want to date her, she spells her name with an i. like that turned him off enough -- >> hal: i love the people who spell my name with twos. >> that's hall. >> hal: yeah. hall is a word you see all the
7:27 am
time and you know what it means, h-a-l-l means something when you write it. and that's like writing what is your name al? a-l-l. >> tony do you spell your name with an i y? >> with an y. technically it's anthony. >> hal: this is the cpac guy announcing our their election is going for their straw poll pick. >> there were 23 candidates listed on the survey. we then gave people the option to write in people.
7:28 am
you all wrote in another 44 people. [ laughter ] >> hal: when did denzel washington have sex with chris christie and they had a voice baby. play that again. >> there were twenty-three candidates listed on the survey. >> who it is? >> hal: the cpac announcer. >> it does. >> hal: i was drunk at the time. so let's talk about -- let's go to june in atlanta, georgia. hi, june. >> caller: hi hal, how are you doing? >> hal: i'm great. but i guess you can tell me. this is my first day filling in so we'll get there. >> caller: i have a comment i wanted to make.
7:29 am
i just want to say for the last 35 years the republican party is nothing but big business companies and oil -- >> hal: right. >> they have paid out big for you know lobbyists to pass bills that support or deregulate laws that support their greedy interest, and they got in through the back door by misrepresenting themselves to the common man. >> hal: i appreciate the call. june makes a great point in that here they are reaching out to what are effectively blue color rednecks all over the country, the essence of what you would kind of the of as the working white man, and representing, though, in every act that they
7:30 am
do two groups, the extreme conservatives, and not just corporations, but multinational corporations corporations that don't even have an allegiance with the united states. we are just another consumer to them, and if they could find a cheaper way to do it or better person to sell to re china or india, they are going to do it. >> there's no possibly way they could be looking and themselves in the same time. >> hal: yeah it's like a cheetah going i am glad that gazelles get to have sex, i hope
7:31 am
they do it more often because then there are more gazelles to eat. >> yeah, we were talking about republican was talking about how he didn't want obamacare to happen because he didn't want to pay for poor people. and i said well, you are doing it now. >> hal: yeah. hope it works out, and if it doesn't, you can be mad because it didn't work out the way it should be. >> hal: it's the hal -- fill in show. i keep doing that. we'll be back. >> jack, how old are you? >> nine. ana looks like. (vo) with award winning
7:32 am
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>> hal: welcome back to the "stephanie miller show." i'm hal sparks filling in as steph and the mooks are on vacation, and we are having a great time. tony playing a lack of communication which is an ironic tip of the hat to the folks at cpac. let's go to mark in chicago. >> caller: good morning, i just clicked on wcpt about 30 minutes ago, and i thought i heard you say that christians who don't agree with marriage equality are
7:37 am
bigots. >> hal: marco rubio said i'm not a by got just because i believe y argument would be absolutely correct, but if you actively try to stop someone else's marriage simply because it is outside of your belief system, you take effort to do that that is a bigoted act. >> caller: okay. i thought you posed it like basically outlawing christianity -- >> hal: criticizing something is not outlawing it. and criticizing christianity for what a portion of its believers do is -- is not a curtailing of the rights of christians. it is simply a criticism of how that belief is acted out in the
7:38 am
world. do you agree? >> caller: yes. >> hal: you are not stopped from doing your acts do i stop bill o'reilly from being on the air? does the federal government step in and eliminate his right to free speech, but there is a point where once you start acting on your belief system to limit the lives of non-believers, based on social choices -- >> caller: but isn't that dangerously saying that you are taking the democratic vote away from christians because they don't vote the way you feel on social issues? >> hal: no we live in a democracy where it's imagine yourty rule. there's protection of minority
7:39 am
thought, certainly. but any religion system lives outside of the secular world anyway. but that also doesn't mean that the rest of us if we have decided that an old system of thinking that did not allow, for example, women to work or vote which is absolutely the structure of -- of older judao christian thinking from the catholic church to the episcopal church sarah silverman's sister who is a are buy just got arrested for prayingal the whaling wall because women are not allowed to pray at the whaling wall. now in the united states we would not believe in such a thing.
7:40 am
>> caller: yes. >> hal: so they don't believe that women are not allowed to leave the home without a chaperon chaperon, but the rest of society should not be responsible for enforcing your belief system. >> now if you believed that [ inaudible ] you could be in serious trouble with muslims worldwide. >> hal: how do you mean? >> caller: you can't discard marriage in a christian way -- >> hal: i'm not. that's what i'm saying you have every right in your belief system to get married and maintain marriage in your way, you just don't have the right to curtail someone else from doing
7:41 am
the same thing. >> caller: what about me rising to the ceo of my company, and i believe that marriage is between a man and woman. if i believe that, would i be able to be promoted in my company or discriminated against because of my religious beliefs. >> hal: why would you be discriminated for your religious believes. there is no area in your description where you would be discriminated against for having a marriage the way you believe you should have a marriage but when you issue a memo to the
7:42 am
entire company and say if there are any gay people who would like to [ inaudible ] to their husband or wife then you will be fired. our constitution is based on the freedom of religion so you can believe whatever you want, and you are allowed to express those belief as well, but enacting it on somebody else is the issue. >> caller: that is kind of ghettoizing christians. >> hal: i beg your pardon? >> caller: when you are ghettoizing something is it basically whatever you believe in your house is fine but once you step outside of your house you have to believe you are a
7:43 am
secular humanist. >> hal: then arguably we have been ghettoizing gays for the last 200 years? is that what you are saying? you are saying the priority of your belief system even though it is not limited in how you want to live your life. you can marry a woman and you have all of these beliefs, you act to enact that belief system on to someone else you are in the act of trying to legislate your belief system in such a way that you ghettoize another person whereas you are ability to believe whatever you want and marry whoever you want as long as you are living within your ethic system. your belief system says one way. >> caller: okay.
7:44 am
hal, i like the conversation. >> hal: i appreciate you calling in. that's an important distinction to be made and once we have a conversation like that it's easier to -- >> caller: you need to go to lunch with norman goldman and get him mellowed out on it. thank you for the conversation. >> hal: absolutely. thank you mark. let's -- and by the way, there's -- let's go to david in madison, wisconsin, because it's kind of on the same related thing. >> caller: hey hal and jacki with ani. you perfect i will responded to that caller which i don't agree
7:45 am
with. and if you look at cpac it provides the picture of exactly what you are talking about. they have created a system where what i would call the historic republicans, the republicans that cared about the environment and privacy are absolutely excluded and fearful of speaking up. >> hal: right. >> caller: and that is really the mind-control the thought-control police that people have to look at as the example of where we don't want to go. i think it's so critical. >> hal: i always find it very shocking when there's this belief on the right that the expression of someone else's rights that are in the constitution, in the bill of rights, the acting on those rights in your own way is somehow a violation of theirs simply because it differs with
7:46 am
their religious beliefs or makes them feel icky. if i'm creeped out, i don't want them to make it legal, because then i have to explain it to my kid. and the kid is more hip than you are, and the kid is like it's okay with me. and then you have to have a conversation with what your belief system is. you used to not even have to talk about it. if somebody got pregnant that wasn't supposed to. you sent her off to her aunt and she became unpregnant. >> i think you are right. the republican party and the right-wing have a real issue
7:47 am
with control, and when they see people that aren't doing what they want, they have a perception that they are losing control. >> hal: right. which they are. >> caller: they are losing control. i flew back from south africa a couple of weeks ago on a long flight, and was able to listen to 0-1 on that flight and you guys rock. >> hal: well, thanks a lot. that's my band. i jokingly i cowrote animal with dick cheney. [ laughter ] >> hal: the idea is that an american -- i forget who made the point serial killers have nothing on the average american because through the action of our government we have a death toll on us that stacks up really
7:48 am
scare illy so we just avoid the conversation entirely. so the song was based on that idea. >> caller: it is a great cranking song. thanks a lot you guys. >> hal: appreciate it so much. we'll be back right after with more of the >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." i'm hal sparks with jacki schechner and tony filling in today. and we're going to play some throw backs, including ted cruz who is the gift that keeps on giving. we'll be back. >> and now here is something we hope you will really like. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." ♪ >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view.
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♪ nobody really cares what you have to say ♪ ♪ you get caught up in traffic because every day is a bad day ♪ ♪ but you don't want to cause a scene ♪ ♪ but if you do nothing -- >> hal: i don't even want to take that down. >> now you making me want to go see live music. >> hal: that's a song called the finger by dango jones. they are incredible -- >> one of the best bands you will ever see live. >> really? >> i think so. he commands at attention. >> hal: a big tall mixed race guy from toronto, canada.
7:54 am
when i first came across their album, i was buying some canadian rock and on the album there was a review sticker that said if kiss and ac/dc had a baby while sniffing glue it would be dango jones. they are amazing. they are on twitter at @dankojones. >> all right. >> hal: i'm hal sparks filling in for steph and the mooks while
7:55 am
they are on vacation. let's go to tony in california. >> caller: okay. hi. >> hal: hi tony. >> caller: hi, jacki -- >> good morning. >> caller: i would date you even if you spelled jacki without a j -- >> hal: right. with an h and you were hackie. [ laughter ] >> caller: what i have been noticing is they would be really happy to get rid of all of these tea party right-wing candidates -- >> hal: they tried that -- look at what karl rove is doing. they are really attempting to
7:56 am
stop that -- to run against that kind of thing, but then look at what happened at cpac. here comes sarah palin. >> caller: they created these people. >> hal: that's right. >> caller: and mitch mcconnell you know -- saying that they had rand paul and rubio, and showing off that they had rand paul, and that democrats have henry. and yeah i'm thinking to myself, yeah, we have the adult. we have these crazy young ones who i wouldn't trust the last time we met these people -- or the last time that these young ones -- they crashed our house pretty much, and now they want us to know their crazy young
7:57 am
kids the keys to drive the car back to the house. >> hal: i totally hear where you are coming from. they seem to think every time that this is a market issue. it was this puffed up artificial astroturf for what was effectively the moral majority same crowd he saw pushing through the agenda and they just switched back and forth depending on who you were talking to at the time. but the essence of these two groups, they fused together under the republican tent and this is the area where social media, and i think media in general is causing a bit of a problem, because it's harder to
7:58 am
regrand when your brand gets retweeted that much. >> yeah, you can't take it back. >> hal: yeah, in the old days nobody had facebook and twitter -- >> yeah and we have a short at attention span but not when it is regurgitated over and over again. >> hal: right. when you try to do a branded effort you have to do it everywhere. the machinery that the democrats really have down but they can stick to it. >> hal: they are also authentic. you can tell when somebody is doing a drive-by promotion of some sort. and if republicans say we're doing this huge digital tech
7:59 am
campaign, it's obviously obvious why they are doing it. >> hal: exactly. hi, go ahead. >> caller: i just want to say i'm not really favor of states granting marriage licenses -- states should be granting civil unions -- >> hal: you are right. the paper work is mildly different, but every teacher says by the authority granted to me by the state of wisconsin -- which is really weird by the way. >> caller: i think one of the interesting things is that so many that say that liberals think the government is the answer to all of their problems will turn around and say what we
8:00 am
want is our religious son september of marriage we want to be sanctioned by the state. >> hal: right. it's like people say i don't believe there are ever any innocent people put to death on death row. and i just want to say hi chris, and if he wants to call in and let us know how we're doing, i would love him too. but you don't have to. we'll be right back with more cpac goodies. and rush.
8:01 am
[♪ theme music ♪]
8:02 am
>> hal: you know, the thing is the conversation just continues no matter what we do. every time we get to this point in the show there is no way to segue into introducing jacki schechner and the news she is part ready to in part on the american people without us already dove tailing into it. the show is going great, because jacki is here, and tony is playing excellent songs, and rebecca is on the phone, who quite frankly if we ran into we
8:03 am
would just call the police -- i don't have a problem with people disagreeing with me obviously -- >> no, and that makes for some of the best conversation as well. >> hal: that's right. and now here's jacki. >> oh, god he is so good to me. i wonder what he wants. seems it is good to be related to a member of congress. 32 members of congress spent more than $2 million in campaign funds on relative salaries. who is gets hired? kids spouses, parents. it's legal for lawmakers to work for the candidate, as long as they are working in an area
8:04 am
effective. the man who ran president obama's 2008 campaign says he thinks hillary clinton is the strongest and most interesting candidate potential at the moment. and clinton has just put a video online announcing her support of gay marriage. again, i would imagine she supported gay marriage. i thought that's where her position was anyway. we're back after the break. that raised the bar for excellence.
8:05 am
>> where ever the story is we will go there to get it. >> we dive deep into the topics that we cover. >> it doesn't get anymore real than this. >> and on the next vanguard: >> tobacco, narcotics, weapons >> current takes you inside the prison walls to see just how far some inmates will go to get hold of the goods behind bars. >> this is one seizure, you see all the cell phones?
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[♪ theme music ♪] >> announcer: ladies and gentlemen, it's the "stephanie miller show"! ♪ i'm walking on sunshine we ho ♪ ♪ i'm walking on sunshine ho woe ♪ ♪ it's time to feel good, hey all right now, it's time to feel good ♪ >> hal: it feels so good. it is the "stephanie miller show." steph and the mooks are away on vacation, and by away i mean steph can afford to go away but the other two are here in town. >> yeah. i don't know where jim is --? he did the anthony hopkins
8:09 am
thing, where he'll find a crap hotel room and sit in his room and drink. that's what i picture jim doing, just kind of a -- you know he goes into his garage and pulls a big sheet off of a dusty old chevy that he -- you know he keeps finely tuned in his quiet hours as a way to keep from bumping us all in the head. >> he does a wife. >> hal: i know. >> i would imagine she would have a say in this? >> hal: she doesn't have a say
8:10 am
in my imagination. he drives somewhere and the chevy breaks down and he gets it fixed just in time to be back to work. [ laughter ] >> hal: i'm here with the lovely jacki schechner, and i will say a lot of big news by the way -- and 1-800-steph-1-2 is the somebody. we have a lot to talk about the stupenville rape verdict coming down cpac and almost like a smoker trying to quite going i'm
8:11 am
going to quite tomorrow at 6:00 am and tonight i'm just going to light packs of cigarettes and smoke them without taken them out of the box. >> i used to live up the street from where they had cpac and there was something very disturbing about the hordes of very white young men in suits and name tags taking over the area for those three days. it was just all very disconcerting. [ laughter ] >> hal: and by the way after the next break i will have some really good news that i want to tell you. i like to end my saturday show with a happy ending but this
8:12 am
one will come earlier. because everybody loves a happy ending. that's why. but this is actually a happy kind of a middle. i'll get to that -- i don't want to give too much away but it might shock you and not shock you at the same time. here is the thing i'm dealing with this the cpac thing. and 1-800-steph-1-2 is our number. and i would love to hear from more you about this. but it is amazing to me that rand paul wins the straw poll -- >> but the question is it is the same reason because there is a group that is very good at motivating motivating these kinds of
8:13 am
things, and then the media just ignore it and say he will never win anything. so the question is is this the same group because it's family or is it a totally different group of supporters? >> there's the paul ryan aran thing -- but there is no way rand paul is ever going to be president. not vice president, not secretary of state, nothing. if he is reelected two more times, i will be shocked. because he ran for senate and that's a lot harder seat to keep.
8:14 am
senate seat you have to deal with corporate money to stay in there. it's an expensive race and a libertarian even if it's just lip service is going to have a hell of a time ice skating in that area. and i would love to hear from the rand paul supporters on this. but rand paul is a corporate libertarian at best -- this idea that somehow you just let business -- leave the market alone, the government has no business regulating business all they do is shut down progress, everything. which is just ridiculous because until we started doing that, we had all kinds of toxins in our environment, they said i
8:15 am
notice that violent crimes go up when led paint sales go up -- by the way i know school starts soon, so we're going to have to get to michelle in illinois really quick, because michelle is 11. hi, michelle -- i'm sorry. it's michael. >> caller: it's michael, yeah. hi, i just wanted to call in to say how much i love watching your show. >> hal: oh right on. >> hi michael. >> caller: hi. >> hal: are you on your way to school? >> i have the day off. >> hal: why do you have the day off? >> i'm with family. >> hal: why didn't i think of that? i used to have to -- to get out
8:16 am
of school there would have to be 8 feet of snow and i would have to have stitches. so that's great. so i want you to give all of your family a hug, tell them one good thing you can think of special to them something you love about them that they do because they will really appreciate it. you may think it but it is always great when their hear it. >> oh, that's my favorite call of the day. >> hal: it's pretty awesome. let's go to let's deal with the stew benville thing when we come back from the break.
8:17 am
and we have somebody from jacksonville florida who thinks the republicans need a new name and somebody else theys that need to outreach more to the minorities -- >> and not be atpatronizing. i'm hal sparks filling in for steph and the mooks while they are on vacation and jacki schechner adding respectability to the show. >> the following program is close captioned for the thinking impaired. nobunny knows easter better than cadbury!
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>> hal: welcome back to the "stephanie miller show," i'm hal sparks. and tony during the break got a text -- >> read it. >> hal: this is from one of tony's friends. >> they always do this. woo-hoo you on the tv you's famous. hi, alex. >> hal: oh nothing like a good personal mocking. >> good friend. good friend. >> hal: the good news i was going to talk about is that according to president obama, which shouldn't surprise anybody, but also according to john boehner and paul ryan and paul krugman and anybody else who reads or cares to read, it
8:23 am
is official, we do not have a debt crisis. we have a long-term debt issue, but we know more as the united states has a debt crisis than a family with a mortgage has a debt crisis. if you look at your mortgage compared to how much you make it is insurmountable. if you look at it that way, you would go i'm in hell and i'm never getting out. >> it's true. >> hal: look at the stats, it would just look horrifying and if you are the kind of person who treats this country like you are a renter like our dear friend paul ryan does -- because that's how republicans look at
8:24 am
this country, they are renters, and they don't care about the damage they leave behind. >> it's very hard to trust you to run government when you fundamentally want to destroy government. >> hal: yeah, what is your primary qualification as a baby sitter, well i hate kids and i think there should be forced sterilizations. okay. we'll be back after the movie. the biggest problem with our deficit was and is the iraq and afghanistan wars. we did not treat them as a
8:25 am
reality, and then don't allow medicare and medicaid to -- if human beings want to gather as a company, they can negotiate anything they want if they want to gather as a government or community, they are not allowed to do that. >> yes. >> hal: so -- but there was a full-on admission, since by the way within 24 hours as most moments of republican honesty are, completely pulled back -- you know they have been running from it ever since. boehner said there is not an immediate debt crisis paul ryan saying there is not a immediate debt crisis. paul ryan said there is no debt
8:26 am
crisis this morning on "face the nation." they scramble to concoct a budget plan to shore up the federal deficit but ryan said a crisis is on its way. well, yeah if we didn't do anything. but they have attached revenue with closing a loophole. instead of going some americans are double dipping on benefits they are receiving. >> correct. and they are trying to rekwat that with new taxes. >> hal: exactly. the same way as obamacare being
8:27 am
viewed as a tax by justice roberts as a way of justifying its existence, that was his way of throwing conservatives a bone while doing what he knew was -- >> the right thing to do. >> hal: right. but it's interesting that they call that out and then they get stuck in this circular -- this cycle that they have of oops said something reasonable or truthful, and i am going to be eaten alive. >> how much of that is actually being eaten live by the red-meat sucking haze and how much is fabricated? i hear about how the tea party or americans for prosperity are
8:28 am
threatening to primary republicans who vote in any capacity for any sort of revenue increase but i don't know who that truly is? how strong are they? and would they be able to win? so i don't know if that is a real threat or just a perceived threat, and if it's just a perceived threat, maybe some of these republicans could stand up and say, i'm not all that threatened by you. >> hal: right. a those in purple of reddish districts, they are able to sign things across the line and act as old-school reagan republicans who while conservative would
8:29 am
still reach across the aisle, which is pretty beyond debate including issues like immigration reform. let me take one call real quick before we go to break. what do you think, tony? >> do what you want. >> >> hal: okay. >> caller: good morning, jacki you have the best laugh on tv. >> oh thank you. >> caller: the other thing is that the gop should change it's a name to the gyp, grand young party, because it is a gyp.
8:30 am
>> hal: great. >> this is just a mirror image of what paul ryan did before, but even before the election they talk about him being this great thinker and math guy, and none of the math adds up. and he is doing it again, and the media paying at attention to it like it could happen. but it mathematically does not work. and he calls it a vision. >> hal: he had to. >> a little blurry but it is a vision. >> hal: yeah. the issue i have with him is it
8:31 am
is based on the fantasy of bootstrapers, a crowd that he himself does not belong so. and aian rand herself had a boyfriend, slash husband that she said was her husband and got social security benefits from. >> oh, really? >> hal: yeah completely full of beans, but this is -- well we'll talk about it when we come back from the break because it's too much to get to. we'll be back.
8:32 am
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>> hal: welcome back to the "stephanie miller show." now with 100% more loud get tars. i'm hal sparks filling in for steph and the mooks while away on vacation. did we just get a note from t-bone. >> yes, he says sounds like a good show. it also sounds like he just tuned in. >> hal: yeah, so far. i don't know. yeah, that first hour was a wash honestly. there was next to nothing substance wise it to and i wish i had a fart button but i don't. every time i pushed a button to
8:37 am
try to bail out, i kept hearing -- >> when you are telling these little stories, here is an idea. have a point. >> hal: so just anything i would do, that was the response i would get from the box. again, phone lines are still blowing up. i'm i'm looking at the cartoon that paul ryan put out as the budget. he used the word like blueprint a lot -- >> proposals. >> hal: yeah proposals, concepts. this -- they also -- it presupposes that things that are happening now aren't happening, like energy usage. we will use more of america's energy -- you know, gas and oil reserves and resources than we
8:38 am
have, and coal. blah. blah. we're using record numbers of them. but i got news for you as long as you are on a resource-based energy system, or resourced-based economy, you are always at the effect of the limitations on that resource. there is no way around it, you are going to run out of it. and if you go we have 100 years of natural gas. look if it is causing earthquakes to get it out of the ground now, what about the crap gas, if there was an easy flow -- spigot that you stick it in the ground, we would be using that natural gas. we're not. the natural gas boom going on now, involves pumping huge
8:39 am
amounts of water in the ground -- >> you are talking about frac-ing. >> hal: yes, and directly causing earth quicks in areas of the country they are not used to. here we are. we arel -- ohio has never done that. in john boehner's direct unfortunately anybody who voted for him the last ten times around you are not thinking about the future you are totally just -- you have hung up on that notion because just outside of his district in lima ohio, there is a factory that is
8:40 am
making abrams tanks, and he snuck in $180 million for upgrades to this tank, which is being phased out. it's a cold war relic and they are trying to get rid of it and this is to upgrade the facility to upgrade the tank that will never been used and this is what the president is talking about, where he is saying we need smart budget cuts. because the f-35 is a plane that has been in the works since '88 and it's been outside the budget tear constraint and the view board. and they were like once it
8:41 am
starts and we sign off on this, nobody gets to stop it because what if the bad guys get in here and get elected -- >> what is this aircraft? >> hal: it's hard to say. >> what do we think it is? >> hal: it's a stationary takeoff, but also a speed takeoff plane -- they are multiple variations. >> hal: they are so expensive to run and they can only stay in the air for such a short period of time that it is useless. the cousin can be in the air for like 15 months which is totally
8:42 am
useless. >> [overlapping speakers] >> hal: and the fantasy where we're going to bomb bomb bomb iran, f-16s are plenty to take care of that. because there is an infrastructure in the air force that knows what they are doing. the f-35 is an albatross. because it's another one of these -- what if we had the engagesen engines are facingen inward toward the pilot, and it's a complete piece of crap but no one will go in and stop it because it is jobs building this plane. >> but it is the guys so concerned about jobs on this
8:43 am
antiquated machinery, but they will outsource jobs that we really need. >> hal: right. to paul ryan's process, for va benefits building sure billings are retrofitted for handpy capped individuals, is money that should be cut, but the building of the f-35 in a circular piece of crap fashion on and on and on for decades and decades is -- is a worthwhile usage of federal funds. >> why are we not having this debate in congress? >> hal: it comes up every so
8:44 am
often and then gets shut down. the whole point is to stop debate on stuff. when you hear filibuster again, rand paul's filibuster for all of its fun was -- the reason why it doesn't work is because eventually you will speak your truth. you know how people are afraid of public speaking. i hear this all the time. as a comedian i would say i would never do that. freezing is not the problem you are going to have on stage. you are going to start jibber jabbering to fill the empty science and you are going to blurt out your own sexual fantasy, your family secrets and then catch hell from all of the
8:45 am
people in your life because you said this in public. and that's what republicans are worried about, if they start talking they are going to say something they shouldn't say. and rand paul said he supports the lockner case. who said that the government couldn't set a 40-hour workweek because the contract with the company was sack row -- row -- sacro-sanct. and the government said we're
8:46 am
paying to take care of his widow and orphans at the time so yeah, we do have a say in it. >> that sounds reasonable. >> hal: and lockner is an embarrassment. and rand paul says that obama should take another look at the lockner case. >> do you think that was in his notes? >> i don't know. >> hal: but they are afraid they are going to speak the truth. sarah palin made fun of the president using a teleprompter and her joke was read from a teleprompter. they have to use a teleprompter because if they speak off of the cuff they will sound like an id
8:47 am
-- idiot or speak the truth. like when douglas wrote to his former slave master and said i forgive you, and this guy said for what? for providing foods and shelter. look at rick santorum who almost said the n-word. >> was it the n word or blaaaa -- >> no he bailed out mid-word. >> oh okay. >> hal: but we have to take a break, we'll come back. we'll get to more of your calls. >> let's do.
8:48 am
>> hal: in the waning minutes of the premier vacation weekend sewed, and i think we're holding it together pretty well according to t-bone any ways. we'll be right back, it's the "stephanie miller show," i'm hal sparks, along with jacki schechner and a whole new set of mookage. >> announcer: it's the "stephanie miller show." (vo) from the underworld, to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current.
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it's the documentary series that raised the bar for excellence. >> and on the next vanguard: >> the stabbing out there. >> current takes you inside the prison walls to see just how far some inmates will go to get ahold of goods behind bars. ♪ >> hal: welcome back to the "stephanie miller show." i'm hal sparks. we have a lot of callers on the
8:53 am
line, but i can't see them anymore, because the monitor went off i have to shake the mouse. there, they are. we're good. we have been talking about so many subjects today. including the rape verdict. and the fictional budget and the trumped up debt crisis that the republicans have been pushing as a way to choke austerity down the throats of americans -- because it worked so well in greece. and when the imf comes out and says austerity is a terrible idea, we take responsibility for crashing several economies, and then we're going to follow that path. >> that's the gop rebranded as
8:54 am
retro. >> hal: yeah they are like blinky from pacman but they are going to stay red. let's go to amy about the stubenville trial. >> caller: hi, i have two thoughts. one -- she was -- the problem indicates a lot of times, she shouldn't have been drinking so much, and we here in columbus we could see the verdict live, and they gave those boys a chance to speak after they were sentenced, and the first boy, it seemed completely coached insincere, and the second boy that cried it was like he was crying more that he was convicted. not because of what he did. >> hal: uh-huh. >> caller: these boys are going to serve a little bit of time
8:55 am
and as soon as they turn 21, it is wiped from their record. >> hal: they will have to register as sex offenders. so they have to tell people when they go to get a job that they were -- and people will be able to go wait a minute, let me look him up on the net -- oh he was -- i'm going to look in the other people in this office who might have a problem working with these guys and it will affect them long term -- >> not enough. >> hal: not enough. absolutely. and this girl was drunk beyond control. well, they weren't. they made multiple decisions about this. and there's a certain point -- i don't drink -- i have never had an alcoholic drink in my life and i laugh as the ads that say
8:56 am
drink responsibly, and the people i know use it to excess to avoid responsibility. >> right. and there's no responsible drinking when you are under age. >> hal: that's absolutely true. and thank you for holding on amy. that's a really great point. >> and where in their psyche is that behavior okay? >> hal: right. >> what kind of human being are you that you look at a young woman who is passed out beyond come prehension and say i'm going to do multiple sexual things to this person who cannot respond, i'm going to video it and laugh about it, who thinks
8:57 am
that's okay to do? >> hal: right. there shouldn't be a point. the point is we as a society need to do a better job of extending the respect to women in general. that needs to exist, and we talked a little bit about -- you know, just the -- the view of women in public -- but you look at -- everything -- there's no way you can't equate the anti-equality movement of the republican party and teen gay suicides, because when you are telling an adult that you don't have a right to marry, you are telling a kid that you don't matter. and an adult can go to hell with you, i'm going to fight for my rights, but a kid can go with all of this what hope do i
8:58 am
have? and you take that hope away and you do it repeatedly by den grading them. let's go to samantha in colorado. >> caller: hey, hall, i wanted to make a couple of points real quick. in all of the debates that the republican party keeps bringing up, as do the evangelical church nowhere in marriage does there say anything about religion. you go down you buy your marriage license. a judge or elvis impersonator can marry you, only a judge can divorce you, you write your own vows. where is god? because there are people who are not of the christian faith they
8:59 am
are trying to say marriage is a religious institution when it is a government contract. >> hal: that's a great point. i made a point in my stand-up special that marriage itself -- relationships may be viewed as a bonding of a couple under the eyes of god and that love brought you together and you can make all of the cases you want about that but the mechanics of marriage itself was village elders keeping track of who's kids were


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