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tv   The War Room  Current  March 20, 2013 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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other people die of an overdose of almost pure heroin. janis joplin's album, pearl, is released four months later and becomes her best selling and most critically acclaimed record. john till: it's just too dangerous to play around with that stuff and most people i know that did aren't with us any more because it can kill ya in a snap. sam andrew: it was inevitable and really surprising both at the same time. michael joplin: when she died of a heroin overdose it was really hard cause i didn't have a role model anymore. jim langdon: nobody was surprised, i wasn't surprised at her death but one of the most truly surprising surprising things about janis is life and death is that she's still with us. thirty seven years later no mater where you are in america you can flip on your car radio and at some point or another you're going to hear
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janis joplin singing. powell st. john janis was like a racecar driver. you win races and you get great adulation from the fans. but there's always the chance that they'll wipe out. john cooke: i had a dream where janis was on stage. and it was the end of the set, the end of the encore. and, that was maybe a month or so after she died, and i felt like it was janis coming to say goodbye. janis came down the ramp, and there was this little girl needing approval and comfort and she said, "was it okay, was i okay?" and i said,
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>> michael: coming upping tonight, president obama is off to the middle east meaning there are pressure few adults left in washington to carry out "the nation"'s business. let's just hope nobody breaks anything before he gets back and i'm looking at you paul ryan. i'm michael shure, and this is "the war room." [♪ theme music ♪] >> michael: folks we have a great show and we want you to pitch in and help out with our live tweet @thewarroomctv.
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the president hadn't be in israel more than five minutes when he was caught on camera revealing his true feelings about being away from washington. it's amazing the president goes to the middle east site of the world's longest running geopolitical feud, and he is just glad he's not in dc. this, ladies and gentlemen, is how bad it has gotten. is the pathetic state of our federal government. back in washington john boehner didn't seem too concerned about the president's slip of the tongue. >> so much for the charm offensive. as i like to say you only tease the ones you love. i would rather be heckeled an
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ignored. >> michael: wait, he is not teasing you because he loves you. the president is genuinely glad that you are thousands of miles away, and if you want to know why take a look at congress. today republicans did what they always do when faced with an easy decision they made a big fuss threatened to shut the whole thing down and then gave in. they also planned to reintroduce paul ryan's draconian service-slashing budget the same exacting budget that went nowhere last session. but if that's how they want to play, democrats are more than happy to jump in the ring with them. the dccc is always hinting how it will use ryan's budget against republican candidates in 2014 just like they did in 2012. today they released this video.
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>> she joined mitt romney in supporting paul ryan's budget that removes medicare's promise of secure health coverage. ♪ >> michael: and with congress in a complete state of dysfunction, it is calling to the states to chart their own course on the real issues like gun violent. yesterday three months to the day after newtown, senate democrats dropped the assault weapon's ban from their dun bill. that prompted outrage from the left. faced with that kind of criticism, the white house responded. the chief of state argued it might still come up for a vote later. >> we're going to work on this. we're going to find the votes and it deserves a vote. >> michael: for now with no help from washington states are left
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to fend for themselves. colorado has now suffered yet another tragedy. the head of the state's prison system was assassinated at his home early this morning. he was killed just hours before the governor signed new gun-control laws it was a tragic prelude to what was supposed to be a triumphant day for gun limits. the governor signed the bill and afterward said even if washington continues to ignore the please of the people, his state won't. >> i wanted to make sure that -- that again people out there recognize that we were listening, that we do take this very seriously, and we're not trying to create loopholes that could inconvenience or put at risk, law-abiding citizens.
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>> michael: getting sensible gun safety laws passed simply should not be this hard but today john hickenlooper showed washington how it is done. and then to the very red state of south carolina. mark sanford has gone from the appalachian trail back to the campaign trail, and yesterday he made the transition look pretty easy. he beat a field of 16 candidates, but will have to stand in a runoff race, and things are getting whacky on the democrat side as well. they have elizabeth colbert-busch. this one has a reality show written all over it. joining me now for the robert behre. he's a political reporter for the "post" and "courier" and is coming to us via skype from charleston, south carolina.
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welcome back inside "the war room," robert. >> hi, thanks for having me. >> michael: so what is the feeling on the ground about sanford now? have people forgiven him for everything? >> 37% have. many are thinking that he is a shoe-in to win in two weeks when the april runoff rolls around. but i think the former congressman has a fighting chance especially if he can pull together some anti-sanford sentiment that still exists here. >> michael: but how much anti-sanford sentiment is there, if he actually went out and won. >> well, he -- he did win -- did get the most votes by far yesterday, but we'll just have to see what happens in two weeks. >> michael: and robert there's some speculation about whether his wife jenny sanford -- his
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ex-wife will get into the race? will she get into the race? >> i don't see any signs of that. his sons were with him last night during his victory party, but no one saw any trace of her and he apparently reportedly did ask her to manage his campaign early on. she declined and that's the extent of it. >> michael: in and of itself that is bizarre. so let's assume sanford would be the candidate, could we actually see democrats win this one? >> it's one of their best shots.% they haven't held this seat since 1980. it is a very republican seat, and she has quite an uphill fight, but if you add together her appeal, her proven power in fund-raising thanks in part by a recent visit by her brother,
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combine that with a wounded sanford, and a district that is red, but also has its share of moderates and things could get interesting, it would certainly seem to be one of the democrats best shot in a long time. >> michael: well it's robert behre, our man on the ground for the south carolina district 1 campaign. thanks so much for being with us. finally from former governors to racist wanna be governors, ken cuccinelli compared the fight to end slavery to his party's fight tend to abortion. seriously. >> it's funny how over time the true demonstrateors
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[ inaudible ]. our experience as a country has demonstrated that in one issue after another starting from the beginning with slavery. today abortion you know. history has shown us what the right position was. >> michael: boy that guy can really work up a crowd. this comes the day after republicans say they need to reach out to women and minorities. i would say statements like that are strike one and strike two, but republicans have been swinging and missing for a long time now. coming up a state of the state's execution in which he highlight the low lights. in other words road trip. a reminder that saying what will they think of next only temps fate. and small government legislatures doing their best to
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ignore the constitution and force big government on women. and some good news for you, texas is on its way to becoming a blue state at which point i expect the republican defender of the electoral college system will say, you know we need to talk. it's "the war room" on a wednesday, and we will be right back. ♪ billy zane stars in barabbas. coming in march to reelz. to find reelz in your area, go to
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>>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning. ♪ >> michael: the buzz this week in war rooms from coast-to-coast is the republican party's autopsy from mitt romney's failed presidential run. the rnc is looking for ways to turn the map red, democrats are doing some surgery of their own. they launched the battleground texas campaign with the goal of making texas theirs. if successful thanks to the state's changing democratics, young and latino combined with mobilization efforts it would
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dramatically change the electoral college map. check this out. texas's 38 electoral votes, along with california's 55, and new york's 29 would mean democrats would have a 122-vote head start. that leaves democrats only 148 votes away from capturing the white house. you could go all over this map you would give the republicans florida and ohio, pennsylvania they are still not getting to the 122. give them states they wouldn't have even won. minnesota, wisconsin michigan. it's a crazy thing that is going on with this map if they are able to get texas. it hasn't stopped my next guest from saying don't mess with texas, because joining us inside "the war room" right now is the
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battleground texas's founder, jeremy bird. he come us to from washington, d.c., but his heart is really in texas, it seechls. welcome inside "the war room," jeremy. >> thanks for having me. >> michael: have you started saying things like howedy? >> no, i have been spending a lot of time down in texas and we have a great team down there. i'm looking forward to getting to know the state better. >> michael: why texas, jeremy? what makes it different than other red states? >> you mentioned it at the top there. the sheer size of the state. i don't agree with senator cruz much, but he said if texas were a purple state, a battleground state, a state that eventually
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would become blue there would be no pathway to the white house. and i agree. right nowt people think of texas as a beat red state. but that's only the people that are turning out to vote. we are getting less than 50% of the population that is turning out at the polls. what you'll see is texas is not as red as people think today, and we're going to change that over the next several years. >> michael: do you balance tracking the minority voters while trying not to lose your connection with white voters? is that a tricky thing to texas? >> not really. it's very similar to what you just saw in the presidential campaign. you can talk about your values and message, and what you are going to see is that voter in texas, hispanic voters african american voters women voters
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they are not in line with the current governor and his policies. they don't agree with his cuts to immigration, and the plan of the republican party nationally or what they are doing on health care. our challenge will be to speak toefr to every voter. we need to increase african american and young people turnout. have an all of the above strategy to make sure we talk to voter in the state. >> michael: which sounds reasonable, and that very governor, rick perry that you just spoke of, has been one of your biggest critics. shocking no one. here is what he told abc news affiliate in austin. >> give me the timetable? are we talking 50 years? i welcome them to come to the
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state and spend lots of money, but texas will continue to be a conservative state that continues to lead the nation in job creation and freedom and happiness. >> michael: jeremy i can't believe you are moving to texas to remove freedom and happiness from that great state. what is your reaction to what he said. >> he has said a lot of bluster since we announced battleground texas. and you hear him dismissing our efforts, and we're just going to go out and do what we have always done. what we're going to do is change the fact that when he got elected and other people got elected whether it is in austin or the delegation that has been sent to washington they are not representing half of the people for the people and by the people, and they have done a
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masterful job of gerrymandering the elections. we have to combat that. we have got to compete everywhere, and we have got to make people fight for those votes. so we'll let rick perry continue to talk and we'll go do our job. >> michael: texas hasn't voted for a democratic president since carter in 1976, a democratic senator since benson in '88. how long will it take? >> your point a good one. we -- democrats have lost the last 100-state-wide elections since 1994, 0 to 100. so we know this is a massive challenge, but we also know there is a ton of energy on the ground there volunteers donors supporters across the state who are ready to have
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their voices heard. so the context is going to depend on a couple of key factors, and some of that is how fast can we get the atmosphere at the local level to get a great statewide candidate to get out there and run and take the risk and step up that will accelerate the process a little bit. but it's a short-term thing and it's not going to happen tomorrow. it is going to take organizing on the ground to get it done block by block, precinct by precinct, county by county. but if we don't want today the process will be too long, so we have to speed up the process. >> michael: republicans are upping their game they say when it comes to data and digital, we hear reince priebus lay out that plan this week. let's listen. >> we're going to be working on an open-data platform.
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where we can build data-driven apps using a common api, think of it like apple and the app store. >> michael: are you at all worried that republicans are going to catch up? and what are you doing to make sure you maintain your edge on the technology front. >> that's a great question. the first is i think bigger than anything is -- the election -- you know, a lot of the analysis about the election that just hand has really focused on digital tools, technology tools but the real question is around what are you talking to voters about? you can have the best technology and ground game, but when you get to the door and talk to somebody on the door and take your message online the question is are your values speaking to the voters?
3:24 pm
how are they going to address the issues that matter to hispanics, african-americans, young voters women in the suburbs, and that's a fundamental problem for them. so they can do all they want on the digital, technology side if they are not able to connect with voters then all of that will be for not. now that said, we cannot rest on our laurels, we had great digital technology but we can't stop there. we have to continue our advantage in analytics and dij call -- digital, and hone in on our message that resinates with more voters. >> michael: it sounds like you have a really great plan. is there any competition of the republicans like setting up shop in hawaii to do this?
3:25 pm
or is this the first of its kind? >> i think this is the first of its kind, but that is the problem is the growing democratics in places like arizona and texas. they don't have that same opportunity in other places because their values aren't resinating with voters in california or hawaii. >> michael: there's really no place that they can go. jeremy bird thanks for coming into "the war room" tonight. really appreciate it. >> yep. >> michael: up next we'll head out to north carolina where pink is making the state see red. republicans hassling immigrants color me shocked. it's a story you'll only find that "the war room." if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv.
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♪ >> michael: you're back inside "the war room," i'm michael shure. over the past couple of days momentum has built to overhaul our immigration laws. but outside of washington every day people are leaving out the real advertise. in north carolina the state will issue driver's licenses to some of the undocumented immigrants. it seems like a straight-forward step, right. but it's not. take a listen to what a young immigrant rights activist said. >> it's completely wrong and discriminatory towards my community. these licenses will be completely different from normal licenses. >> michael: here is what he is upset about.
3:30 pm
they are bright pink stripes and the words unlawful status. and he is not the only one that is upset. north carolina democrats are urging the governor to do away with it. with us now are two of the faith heards who are spear heading one of the protests rabbi john friedman, and reverend jill edens. welcome both of you inside "the war room." reverend i want to start with you, why is a distinct license for these young immigrants discriminatory? >> no other state in the union has decided to do this. so when this went to the department of transportation this was a unique response in having this pink stripe put on the license, and then the confusing words no lawful status. since these are young people,
3:31 pm
and they do have a legal presence in north carolina. they can get work permits, they can have a social security number, they are allowed to have driver's licenses. so it doesn't seem to serve any important legal purpose. we went to speak with the congregation about this, and they were quite upset. they felt like it was going to target a vulnerable community in north carolina, and they mentioned that the color pink was especially offensive. apparently there is a sheriff in arizona who was sued towards cruelty toward inmates and one of the things he insisted on was that inmates wear the color pink. so they think it is intended to
3:32 pm
hue -- hue militate these people. >> michael: rabbi what makes you so passionate about this issues? >> let me tell you a story. when i stood on the pulpit about two weeks ago, and announced to the congress -- congregation that the governor and the department transportation had decided to issue license plates for those illegal children who came through no decision of their own, illegally to the united states, and wur raised as americans in american grade schools and high schools, to issue them licenses that were distinct, there was an audible gasp in the congregation.
3:33 pm
and when i asked someone about it, they said it sounds just like the yellow stars that jews wore in europe. imagine that you are one of these young people and you lived with the recognition that you were in the u.s. illegally all of these years, and comes along the daca, the dream kids legislation and then the order from the president and all of a sudden you have hope that you might finally be accepted as an american, and -- and then you realize that the license that is issued to you, when you take it to get a drink in a bar or to the airport to take a plane or take it to a bank to identify yourself, you are being stigmatized in a way that dashes the hope that the president and the spirit of this act was meant
3:34 pm
to destow upon you. it is simply unfair for them to have to reveal this status and subject themselves to stigmatization simply because the state for no particular reason wishes to issue them a driver's license distinct from all other north carolinians. >> michael: yeah i'm not surprised that your congregation saw that similar to the yellow star. it's a state where white's only signs were up on walls, so we know what the history is there. reverend eden what are you doing protest this move by the state? >> together with our congregation we decided that we would put pink stripes on our licenses, and so we have been doing that every sunday, and inviting members of the congregation to write letters to
3:35 pm
pat mccoury and we hope the governor will reverse himself and decide to not go forward with the stigmatization of these young people, but we have had a lot of support from our organization. the state council of churches has also picked up the pink tape protest, and we'll being supported by the bishop of the catholic diocese in raleigh. >> hal: rab bihas there been any response the state legislature? >> i haven't heard any response. i know a lot of pressure is coming from the democrats in the legislature, but we don't have any indication that the governor yet is going to budge on this. i'm going to bring a sign-on letter to the governor on friday from jewish leaders from
3:36 pm
throughout the united states urging him to -- to withdraw this -- these licenses and issue ordinary licenses just as all over north carolinians receive, but whether he is willing to do that or not is yet to be proven. >> michael: well, bless you for doing this work and for fighting this horrible horrible rule and law in your state of north carolina. up next the war on women at the local level, where perhaps it is at its worst especially when it comes to the right to choose. that store i have next right here from "the war room." ♪ question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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♪ >> michael: there are already 20 anti-abortion laws on the books in kansas but just in case they missed something, the kansas house passed another one today. the bill would prevent almost all abortions after 22 weeks even for victims of rape or incest. abortion increases the risk of breast cancer. back in 2003, scientists from the national cancer institute concluded that that is completely untrue. one kansas slater a moderate republican and a retired anesthesiologist proposed an
3:41 pm
amendment to remove the breast cancer provision, but her amendment was voted down 71-50. she told the "huffington post" . . . the bill is now poised to sail through the republican-dominated kansas senate. the governor has vowed to sign into law any anti-abortion bills which reach his desk. ming me tonight is elizabeth warren with the organization that promotes women's health. welcome into "the war room," elizabeth. >> thank you so much for having me. >> michael: i'm sorry we have to meet under these circumstances, but kansas would require doctors to inform patients that abortion is linked to breast cancer. >> it requires them to give
3:42 pm
inaccurate information to their parents and then try to discuss why the information is inaccurate, and really all the providers want to do is give women good information so that they can make good decisions on their own. so in kansas and several other states providers are really put in a very difficult position when they have to deal with this inaccurate information at the same time they want to give women the facts, and moreover -- >> michael: you say inaccurate information, though. that's a law. if my doctor is giving me inaccurate information, my doctor is lying to me elizabeth. >> yes the information is just wrong, but it's really a horrible situation when you have the government trying to get itself in between the doctor and the patient right there in the exam room. >> michael: yeah, it's pretty shocking, and so what message does this send to doctors in kansas? who would want to practice in
3:43 pm
kansas if they are a doctor? and what is it like there now? >> well, it's really difficult, as you described the political climate is incredibly hostile towards abortion providers. they have adopted 20 abortion restrictions over the past couple of years, they have made it incredibly hard to provide services, and now part of the deal here is that the government wants to also give women information that directs them to try to continue the pregnancy instead of making a decision on their own about whether or not to have a baby. >> michael: kansas as you know aren't alone. conservative states are just tripping themselves to pass crazy legislation. look at this map here. earlier this month arkansas upped the anti-to 12 weeks, and last week, north dakota passed a limit of 6 weeks. what is going on here?
3:44 pm
>> over 40 years we have seen abortion restrictions enacted in state laws but over the past couple of years, we have really seen this extreme nature just shoot around the country, and a lot of that has to do with the outcomes of the 2010 elections, where conservative candidates became lawmakers, and now we're seeing the types of proposals that they are putting forth which is really a race to the bottom. >> michael: and is this a sign of things to come? is this going to trigger a snowball effect? or are we in mid-snowball now? >> we're certainly in the midst of a huge tidal wave of abortion rights across the country. the fear around the bans certainly is that other states will look to north dakota and arkansas as models and then try to replicate this incredibly
3:45 pm
dangerous legislation. >> michael: well us about some of the other states that are out there now. >> well, sure we have other states that are looking at bans but just as effective in the sense of eliminating abortion access can be restrictions by themselves, so we have states like texas that are trying to turn abortion clinics into mini hospitals. we have other states looking to require abortion providers have hospital privileges which gives a hospital veto power over whether or not abortion is provided in that community, and then we're looking at restrictions that affect the woman. how long is the waiting period? is her health care going to pay for an abortion? so we're seeing these restrictions pop up all over the country, we have had 300
3:46 pm
abortion restrictions introduced in nearly every state this year. >> michael: wow. that's an astonishing number. are you worried about a legitimate challenge to roe v. wade? >> that is certainly where the conservatives are going. abortion opponents want challenge. that's why they are passing these bans at 20 weeks or 6 weeks or everyone entirely and they want these legal challenges to try to overturn roe v. wade which can only hurt women in ways that we can't even imagine now. >> michael: thank you so much on enlightening this problem. up next is michael tomasky will join us.
3:47 pm
(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
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♪ >> michael: the crescendo of president obama's state of the union address last month occurred when he immersed himself in the stylistic hand book of jesse jackson, they deserve a vote, they deserve a vote, they deserve a vote. the senator from nevada was in that chamber. and yesterday he decided not to bring the assault weapon's ban to the floor for a vote. i'm no longer wild about harry. he is a pro-gun, pro-life mormon
3:51 pm
democrat who somehow won the heard. he makes republican senator look like astonished victims of david blaine-like magic. and when it comes to the entire nation he turns the other cheek. guns are another story. the country in poll after poll wants major gun legislation from background checks to assault weapon bans. while the majorities in those polls vary the message does not. shame too on the democratic senator, who are so afraid to vote for what is right. if you vote the way the country wants you to the country will vote the way you want them to. the assault weapon's ban passed out of committee and needs to be
3:52 pm
brought to the senate floor. this is why we fight for a majority. this is why it matters. the people need a vote so we know who voted against this legislation. so the next time blood is spattered on a playground swing set, we'll know where the ball game lays. we all deserve a vote. and with that i'm joined by michael tomasky, special correspondent for "the daily beast." welcome. >> good to be with you. >> hal: michael let's tin to this. >> we're doing nothing here. we're standing around looking at each other and it's things like this that is going to cause the senate to have to reassess all of these rules because right now they accomplish so little. >> michael: can we actually
3:53 pm
believe that he is going to get it done this time michael? >> no. no. i don't think we can. did someone believe that? i guess maybe some people believed that in december and january heading into this new congress, but unfortunately it looks like the moment for it has passed, and i wouldn't pin it all on reid, actually even the gun thing, he -- he has got to count votes and noses, and if the votes aren't there, the votesn't there. and the votes aren't there for filibuster reform, because there are a number of democrats who believe in the traditions of the senate. >> michael: yeah, i think it's also more than the traditions of the senate obviously it's worrying about when they are in the minority but it seems like with this -- the votes are there, counting noses all of that, i agree with you, but
3:54 pm
sometimes people need to be on the record, and i just feel like this is a case where reid is hindering that from happening. i mean, don't you sthee? >> sure, i see that. and he is hindering that from happening, and the directness and simplicity of the president's appeal in the state of the union address was apparently. let them have a vote and let's see how things stack up. but i put more blame on mansion and that crew than i do on reid, because i'm sure they probably all went to reid and said, please harry, don't make us do this. don't make us do this. >> michael: right. >> if those five or six had stood together and had met and said you know what we're going to stand together and take them on, and stand together or fall apart as the old phrase goes and i bet if they had stood together democrats would be
3:55 pm
em-boldened and i bet they would find incredible support even in their states for being brave. >> michael: i totally agree with you. i could not agree more. let's move to the other side of the aisle and listen to boy wonder, reince priebus today. >> we're not losing the issues on the math. we're not losing the issues on spending and debt, and jobs and the economy. those are total winners for us. >> michael: i am speechless. michael what is your reaction to that? >> that's crazy. poll after after poll after poll after poll comes out and show that the majority of the american people want x to happen, and as soon as you read that poll, that's nice i'm glad the american people think that but it's never going to happen because republicans won't let it happen. background checks 91% in the
3:56 pm
most recent poll but many, many polls showing 88%, 91%, show background checks and they were straight line against it. and the majority of polled republicans in this survey supporting public investment in infrastructure spending, and, you know, well -- it's obama has been calling for it for ages, but we know it's utterly impossible. so let's bash harry reid but they are the problem. >> michael: clearly they are the problem, on the assault weapons i'm just frustrated with reid. and you point out 80-some-odd percent on infrastructure and i heard 84% of nra members are for background checks so i don't
3:57 pm
know who they are listening to. what do you make of that gop autopsy? >> well, it was pretty superficial and pretty silly, and i think it's very interesting that that exact same day, and i'll have a piece about this up at the "daily beast" tomorrow, if i may get in that quick little plug but that very same day that reince priebus was at the national press club talking about the need to reach out to latinos, you had the president nominate thomas perez, and you had three republican senators, all white men, raise all kinds of questions about this guy, and say he is the wrong man for the job, so that's who they are. reince priebus can rent out the national press club and say what he wants to say, but this is who they are.
3:58 pm
>> michael: yeah and so too is the ryan budget. how can they vote for something like the ryan budget. >> exactly. they might even end up passing a budget which makes the ryan budget look like a main stream budget. >> michael: that's exactly right. i can't see them winning those seats away if they are going to be doing politics like this. michael tomasky of the"the daily beast" beast", thanks so much for being in "the war room." someone is always in our war room at, thanks for joining us here in "the war room," have a great night. i'll be back in a couple of minutes for "the young turks." no tie but turks. ♪
3:59 pm
that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.


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