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tv   Liberally Stephanie Miller  Current  May 22, 2013 6:00am-9:01am PDT

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[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: hello current tv land. jacki schechner, you're my higher power in the current news center and i have a confession to make. i'm officially a spinaholic. i'm going every day now. >> every day? you were spinning every day but now you're a soul cycle. >> we mentioned a brand name. >> oops! not like i was wanting free classes for anything. >> what? [ ♪ magic wand ♪ ] >> stephanie: we couldn't.
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>> i would never wear their hat or promote their brand. >> stephanie: there is a new thing they say that i love. if you feel like you're going to puke, that's awesome. >> what? >> stephanie: right. >> i didn't get that one. i get a lot of like there's a lot of love in this room. everybody is behind you. >> stephanie: i challenge you not to use your towel or water. >> basically, they're saying ignore the warning signs. >> if you feel like you're having a heart attack, go faster. >> stephanie: heart attack is weakness leaving the body. >> it is your soul leaving your body. >> stephanie: we're free. here she is, jacki schechner in the current news center. >> good morning, everybody. it is official. former congressman anthony weiner is going to try to make his political comeback. he's announced today via video he's going to run for mayor of new york city. >> look, i made some big mistakes and i know i let a lot of people down but i've learned tough lessons. i'm running for mayor because i've been fighting for the middle class. i hope i get a second chance to work for you. >> the video features weiner's
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wife and child and aims to draw attention away from the twitter scandal that forced him to resign in june of 2011. weiner is emphasizing his work as a middle class advocate but a new quinnipiac poll shows he's got ground to make up. christine quinn is the front-runner for mayor of new york city and ahead of weiner by ten points. worse than that, close to half of new york city voters say weiner shouldn't bother to run but money may save him. he's got $4.3 million in a city campaign and access to another $5.7 million in public matching. the boy scouts will start the process today of voting on whether or not to allow gay scouts into the organization. they're holding a two-day meeting of some 1400 local leaders to consider the policy change. they're going to cast the first round of ballots today and then a final vote is planned for tomorrow. the leading proposal at the moment would allow gay scouts but would still ban gay adult scout leaders. and the senate judiciary committee voted last night to
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approve bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform. that final vote was 13-5. we're back with more show for you after the break. stay with us. you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say anything. what the hell were they thinking?
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very very excited about that and very proud of that. beltway politics from inside the loop. we tackle the big issues from inside our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >> bill press opens current's morning news block. >> we'll do our best to carry the flag from six to nine every morning. >> think conservatives have a stranglehold on the morning news? bill press invites you to think again as he tackles the hot issues on capital hill and beyond. >> just bringing you exactly what's happening in politics today by people who have a lot of experience, who know what's going on and who know what they're talking about. i'll tell you what energizes me to get up every morning is to get the first crack at the news, the first crack at the newsmakers. i know this stuff, i know what i'm talking about and i love it and i try to bring that to the
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show. only on current tv. >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. jim, pay attention. you're the only one that can talk to me. everybody else is dealing with technical problems. little broadcast -- >> we're having -- >> stephanie: running in while we're on the air. chris has that tense look on his face means something has gone horribly awry. something to do with tones. >> getting sound from here to there. >> stephanie: i assume that only more than just you and i can hear each other. hear this conversation. i could be wrong. in which case -- we wouldn't
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really put that much effort into it. chris, are we actually talking to anybody but ourselves? >> we're good! >> stephanie: okay. all right. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. jim and my normal conversations were not on air just not a lot of effort. what's the point. what would be the point there? all right. so eric boehlert joins us today because he could not make it monday. oh, i did it jim. did you do it? i watched the video of the old woman with the dog in oklahoma. and that -- that made her a weepy day for me. i normally only weep in spinning but -- the old lady was talking about -- she lost her whole house and the dog is the only thing she had in the world. the dog lifts its little head out and she pulls it out. oh god. that's a wasted day. a couple of boxes of wine. all right. you can e-mail us all at the executive producer chris lavoie, voice deity jim ward.
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umbrella gate which is still going strong. [ ♪ "nbc nightly news" ♪ ] why they bother with the google machine. it took about three and a half seconds to see every other president in our history pretty much with a marine or somebody holding an umbrella for them. >> and sarah palin. >> stephanie: right. joe, however one historical anomaly which is true. [ ♪ "nbc nightly news" ♪ ] william harrison was a real president. he didn't need no wussy umbrella. he died from pneumonia two days later after giving his address in the rain. a real man stands in the rain. >> gets pneumonia. >> stephanie: takes it like a man. >> pneumonia is weakness leaving the body. >> stephanie: like a lumberjack. that's who we need. okay. meanwhile, the president yesterday speaking about the tragedy in oklahoma. >> obama: neighborhoods were destroyed. dozens of people lost their
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lives. many more were injured. and among the victims were young children trying to take shelter in the safest place they knew. their school. >> stephanie: it is a totally different story but can i just say this is what i hate about when every time we go through budget cuts, they do all of the teacher bashing because once again, teachers were heroes just like in sandy hook. all of the stories of teachers that probably saved a lot of kids' lives. this is just sounds terrifying. the principal's voice came over the intercom, a severe storm is approaching. students were to go to the cafeteria, wait for parents to pick them up. before all of them could get there, the tornado alarm sounded so the plan changed quickly. teachers started screaming into the room and said get into the hallway. we don't want you to die said a sixth grader, we took off running. some of the children of course were killed at plaza towers elementary. at least seven others would crawl out of the rubble. bloody bruised utterly terrified.
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watching some of these kids. brave teaches who sheltered their pupils by herding them into a closet amid the fear. echoes of sandy hook but a totally different story. let's hear it for the teachers. [ applause ] >> if only they had been armed they could have shot the tornado. >> stephanie: exactly. only thing that could help would be good guys with tornadoes. all right. so by the way, so we had a lot -- we were talking yesterday about you know, how to -- preparation and what you can build shelters, above ground, below ground or tornado proof homes in general. they talked to some special engineers. that might be a good -- >> well, i hope they didn't use dorothy gail's home as a model. that didn't work out well. >> stephanie: gale force winds named after her? it is possible to make your home tornado proof so one structural engineer but it is not very
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practical. it is extremely expensive. probably won't be aesthetically pleasing. another one said it is possible but not a home anyone would want to live in because you know, things like doors windows and roofs, you couldn't have those. >> you couldn't have those? >> stephanie: no. to be completely safe, he said the entire house would need to be missile resistant to reach that level of protection, one's home would have to be made with solid concrete no windows and a steel door. that sounds inviting. >> that would be against hoa rules. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: but he said, we talked about this yesterday. somebody from oklahoma called. you can protect your family with an above ground safe room tested and engineered or with a below ground shelter that has a tested door on it. shelters whether above or below the ground can be installed by a home builder. the cost is from $4,000 to $10,000 which is still prohibitive to some people. but you know, it seems -- >> should be able to maybe -- state or federal government can
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cough up some money. >> stephanie: in terms of oh, we can't afford that. it seems like the collateral damage -- >> we can afford having an entire town destroyed. >> stephanie: and school kids killed. oil companies can have subsidies and what not. oh! senator james inhofe -- i knew this would be good! [ ♪ "nbc nightly news" ♪ ] the other senator from oklahoma. he said on tuesday that federal aid will be totally different than the hurricane sandy aid that he voted against. [ ♪ "nbc nightly news" ♪ ] don't point out hypocrisy in that. just trust him. it's different. >> it is completely different. it is his red state. not the stupid blue state. >> coincidence. >> stephanie: everybody was getting in and exploiting the tragedy that took place. that won't happen in oklahoma. >> exploiting the tragedy? >> stephanie: here's why. because he's a dummy is why. he said the sandy relief bill was supposed knob new jersey but they were getting things in the
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virgin islands fixing roads there, putting roofs on houses in d.c. inhofe and coburn wanted to slash aid to victims of hurricane sandy. at the time, inhofe said he considered the full proposed aid amount to be a slush fund. >> when it is for his state -- >> stephanie: he's not so good with the science fun facts. while northeastern states like new york and new jersey suffer from some of the worst damage as you'll recall from hurricane sandy, the storm affected 24 states. >> it was a big, damn storm. >> stephanie: maybe someone could point out that hurricanes are different than tornadoes. hurricanes wide, right. sandy carved a destructive path from the caribbean sea to the great lakes. coburn said he would demand tornado relief funds for oklahoma be offset by cuts elsewhere in the budget so poor people in presumably other people in other states need to suffer. >> right sure. >> and poor people in his own state need to suffer. >> stephanie: or made to wait.
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don't be greedy. roof, what do you need that for? walls. really? moochers. all right. governor mary fallin of oklahoma. >> very, very hard experience. a heartbreaking experience. especially the loss of children. and the schools themselves and those who haven't been able to find their loved ones and are still waiting to hear. >> stephanie: by the way speaking of the money for officials, officials in moore the city that was hit obviously complained earlier this year that federal grant funds that were intended to build safe rooms in the tornado struck region were delayed. plaza towers in brierwood elementary school both leveled were without safe rooms despite their precarious location. at least seven children were found dead there. they complained in february that two million in federal grants to pay for safe rooms had been delayed by a shortage of funding and fema requirements that were a moving target. i'm sure we'll hear more about that and why it was delayed. are you okay?
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it is very hard to watch your distress. i'm trying not to look at you. >> sorry. >> stephanie: it looks like gastrointestinal distress. >> we're trying to troubleshoot here. >> stephanie: i understand. how is that going? >> wouldn't you like to know? >> stephanie: yes i would but i guess i'm on a need-to-know basis. >> yes, are you. just do your little show! [ laughter ] you're talking to people. >> stephanie: okay. this may be one of the funniest letters we've gotten recently in the mailbag. the guy that owns the show is trying to kill us for the life insurance money. mike is hilarious. mike -- hang on. let me get my bleep ready. what's up, ms. miller. i love every second of your show. he had me at hello. a woman from oklahoma called in yesterday to express why the majority of the electorate in that state hate our president. chris said he did not think it was as simple as the president's skin color and that bill clinton received the same disrespect. i'm speaking as a very liberal black man and i loved wild bill
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but i never heard anyone question clinton's [ bleep ] citizen. never saw clinton depicted with a [ bleep ] bone in his nose. he never had some redneck [ bleep ] call him a liar during a state of the union. mr. obama's presidency has given the snaggletoothed inbred crazy a normal -- but this time, p.s. has anyone told reverend al he's wearing a microphone? kisses. >> that's the line of the day. mr. obama's presidency has driven the snaggletoothed inbred [ bleep ] crazy. it is true. i agree with you mike. once again chris is wrong. >> fun fact about oklahoma. all 77 oklahoma counties voted for mitt romney in 2012. is he going to invest some of his cayman island millions into rebuilding oklahoma? step up, republicans. show the rest of the nation how to rebuild without public assistance. >> stephanie: how about a
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little gratitude mittens! what's going on? >> every county voted for you. >> stephanie: there you go. that's a pull yourselves up by the bootstraps, do-it-yourselfers. thank you, jim. delightful fun fact. 17 minutes after the hour. much more out of oklahoma and the i.r.s. hearings obviously started yesterday. we have all of that and eric boehlert as we continue. 17 minutes after the hour. it is the "the stephanie miller show." >> so funny in my head when i planned it. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. i've worn lots of hats, but i've always kept this going. i've been doing politics now for a dozen years. (vo) he's been called the epic politics man. he's michael shure and his arena is the war room. >> these republicans in congress that think the world ends at the atlantic ocean border and pacific ocean border.
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the bloggers and the people that are sort of compiling the best of the day. i do a lot of looking at those people as well. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people, but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them right? hi, i'm terry and i have diabetic nerve pain. it's hard to describe, because you have a numbness, but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. once i started taking the lyrica the pain started subsiding. [ male announcer ] it's known that diabetes damages nerves. lyrica is fda approved to treat diabetic nerve pain. lyrica is not for everyone.
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it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever tired feeling, or skin sores from diabetes. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. it's specific treatment for diabetic nerve pain.
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>> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> with a distinctly satirical point of view. if you believe in state's rights but still believe in the drug war you must be high. >> only on current tv.
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♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 21 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number. toll free from anywhere. john in north carolina, hi, john. >> caller: in chris' favor nothing really good does happen after 3:00 a.m. in the morning. i tuned in fox news and the anchor said, i'm almost quoting him as best i can did president obama know about the i.r.s. conservative? probably not. but we'll talk about impeaching him anyway. >> stephanie: on to the impeachment. exactly. thank you, john. yeah as somebody wrote a great piece in salon i believe it was about -- what's his name?
6:23 am
who am i thinking of? bob woodward. bob woodward. he's gotten so pathetic. to try to be relevant. he gives the answer they want him to give. shades of watergate. what? no. they write in salon he's talking specifically about benghazi. the confused squabbling undertaken by bureaucrats in the foggy hours after a chaotic overseas tgedy is like a sitting president orchestrating a month-long campaign of deceptions to hide criminal activities undertaken by his re-election committee. as i've said over and over, pick up a history book or two for god's sakes. raj in los angeles you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, stephanie. you know the republicans and those guys, eric cantor yesterday, commenting on the natural disaster in oklahoma. all sympathy for the children, nine children died. that's understandable. but the same guys in the sandy hook, 20 children died with the
6:24 am
gun violence. no such thing there. no sympathy there. parents who testified and any comments. so that's because guns are involved. just pooh-pooh this. no sympathy. this is how their brains work. just an observation. >> stephanie: thank you raj. i appreciate it. >> what? >> stephanie: what? >> no. i love his accent. >> stephanie: governor mary fallin yesterday. >> the streets are just gone. the signs are just gone. we've been working very hard to identify areas of need. >> stephanie: yeah, those pictures are just -- continue to be like incredible. you just think -- and i know we always rebuild. that is just -- i mean it really is -- war zone, whatever. it is almost not -- comparison that makes sense you know. >> now you know why i cried on the air yesterday after watching that video huh?
6:25 am
>> stephanie: at least i had the good sense not to watch on air. i was useless for the rest of the day. schnauzer. i had a schnauzer growing up. he put his little head out. >> it looked so scared. >> stephanie: i know, i know. >> i didn't see it. i did punch myself in the face. >> stephanie: good. at least you felt our pain. good. >> stephanie: that was the alternative we offered. if you won't watch this, just -- now, now you got something to cry about, don't you? all right. see, war zone. oklahoma city survivor yesterday. >> it looked like a war zone. it just looked like bombs had been ignited everywhere. there is a car part in my bedroom, you know. everything's gone, you know. just in a matter of 30 minutes why you are whole life is torn upside down. >> stephanie: oh boy. by the way so i knew it. i knew we were going to hear this from rush limbaugh.
6:26 am
i heard other right wing hosts. they say that senator boxer is the dumbest senator because she mentioned climate change yesterday on the senate floor. you can disagree with barbara boxer. she is not dumb. one of the smartest people i've ever met. because she had the audacity to talk about science this is what we're going to see these sort of extreme weather events. >> that's exactly what's happening. coincidence. >> stephanie: i will tell you later who -- i was actually surprised because they're smart guys. really? you really think -- global warming is a hoax? it is like when people go out -- because they're saying oh, there's always been tornadoes. there was one in 18 whatever. no one is saying there hasn't always been weather events. scientists are saying they're increasing and the severity of them are increasing due to climate change. honestly, i honestly thought this debate was over. apparently it's not. the hoax thing has made a strong
6:27 am
comeback, apparently. chris christie has joined the yahoos and biggest sign yet he wants to be president. forget the lap dance surgery. >> lap dance surgery? >> stephanie: you know what i mean. my good friend who i want to date and kiss, tomasky says no proof climate change caused sandy. that's not what he said during sandy. just to get the federal funds now he's just like -- mike tomasky writes months after his state was ravaged by extreme weather, the new jersey governor is denying climate change. a reporter -- i don't know if you saw this. reporter asked him about her station's investigative report on the extreme look of preparedness for hurricane sandy. he tends to be a little touchy when he's criticized. should state agencies make preparations with climate change in mind. this report is damming because new york was much better prepared than jersey.
6:28 am
largely due to that because guess what they talked to climate change. about how they might -- it is a wnyc jpr report showing preparations were a joke compared with new york. should new jersey have prepared with climate change in mind. no, the governor said because i don't think there's been any proof that sandy was caused by climate change. tomasky writes he can't balk the base on this test question. hold out any hope he feels of winning the republican nomination in 2016. it is nonnegotiable. he won't try. >> he can't what the base? >> buck. it sounded like something else. >> stephanie: you're just nervous. >> no, we both looked at each other. >> stephanie: maybe i should keep trying that. i thought you were just panicky from the earlier segment. >> we both looked at each other like what did she say? >> stephanie: it can [ bleep ]
6:29 am
the base. he's big enough now. but he can't -- >> gravity is a hoax. >> stephanie: if anybody proves gravity -- for sure, it would be chris christie. >> it is not man made though. >> stephanie: all right. what's man made? what's not man made? >> gravity. global warming is probably man made. >> stephanie: gravity is when you have to use a state helicopter and a limo to get ten yards to your kid's baseball game. >> that's it. right. >> stephanie: more out of oklahoma. but i was a little bit stunned by that, the ferocity. mainstream republicans just a few years ago with were saying climate change is real. >> if you were relying on the oil companies to fund your campaign, you have to say that. because you want the money. >> stephanie: the exxon mobil scientist that says different. 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
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going to do the young turks. i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they know that i'm not bs'ing them with some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know that i'm going to be the first one to call them out. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
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(vo) current tv is the place for compelling true stories. (kaj) jack, how old are you? >> nine. (adam) this is what 27 tons of marijuana looks like. (vo) with award winning documentaries that take you inside the headlines. way inside. (christoff) we're patrolling the area looking for guns, drugs bodies ... (adam) we're going to places where few others are going. [lady] you have to get out now. >> lots of terrible things happen to people growing marijuana. >> this crop to me is my livelihood. >> i'm being violated by the health care system. (christoff) we go and spend a considerable amount of time getting to know the people and the characters that are actually living these stories. (vo) from the underworld to the world of privilege. >> everyone in michael jackson's life was out to use him. (vo) no one brings you more documentaries that are real, gripping, current. >> occupy! >> we will have class warfare. (vo) true stories, current perspective. documentaries. on current tv.
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>> stephanie miller. >> she's super hot and she's so successful. >> but she has a pug that she pushes around in a stroller. >> your point is? >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. eric boehlert coming up at the top of the hour. >> rescheduled from monday. >> stephanie: darlene in north carolina you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi darlene. >> caller: hi, how are you? i love you guys. >> stephanie: thank you. go ahead. >> caller: i just wanted to say i've been listening to the conversation on the senators from oklahoma and i think that we should call their bluff. of course, we know we're going
6:35 am
to help them because we're americans and we do that. but since they're grandstanding i think we should all say okay, let's -- what do you want to offset just to be jerks about it. >> stephanie: yeah, honestly, senator inhofe said that, i can't even imagine -- the amount of time that people suffered from hurricane sandy because people like him voted against aid and he literally has the audacity to say this is different. really? >> caller: it isn't different. i unfortunately was part of the 2011 tornado that came through my farm. and believe me, the outpouring of people -- americans will help each other. that's what we do. so he's just talking through his you know what. >> stephanie: darlene in all of the stories, we see that. we see all of the hero stories and people helping each other and someone said yesterday nobody's asking are you a democrat or a republican or are you this or that. when it comes time to actually help and do what the government should do best and that's help in disasters in emergencies
6:36 am
you know -- >> caller: of course we're going to do that. grandstanding and it is about time we call them out. living in north carolina, i'm tired of them dictating the conversations. it just gets so monotonous. we know we're all full of you know what. >> stephanie: look at during the political cycle. they beat up on the firefighters and cops and the teachers and the unions and you sure appreciate them at times like this, don't you? >> caller: of course we do. i'm both a liberal and a teacher in north carolina. so you can imagine i'm tired of getting beat up. >> stephanie: there you go. thanks, darlene. i appreciate it. >> speak of refluglicans. republican from tennessee gets millions in farm subsidies and denounces food stamps as stealing other people's money. ♪ wheel of right wing hypocrites ♪ >> stephanie: okay. bill in illinois, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi bill. >> caller: hi, guys. i would like to be known as the
6:37 am
official steel salesman of "the stephanie miller show." >> stephanie: why, yes. i have no need for steel this morning but call again won't you? >> caller: okay. anyway, talking about the republican governors and their climate denial, i was reminded of when i lived in wisconsin and i went to a luncheon and the speaker was a gentleman running for governor by the name of scott walker. and the course of his speech, he said we need -- legislation about climate change based on something other than whatever al gore rolls out of bed and says it is. the room erupted. everyone stood up other than me. they are just so hook, line, and sinker, batten down the hatches on this climate denial. it is mind-boggling. >> stephanie: yes well al gore after he jumped out of bed and talked to every scientist in the world.
6:38 am
>> caller: exactly. >> stephanie: all right. so there's that. okay. one of the survivors yesterday in oklahoma. >> i got blood in my hair from my friend. she was on top of me. she was bleeding because she got hit pretty hard. >> stephanie: these poor kids. how do you ever get over that kind of trauma. you saw them just in pictures terrified. >> the parents were just as terrified, running across the parking lot to each other when they finally saw each other, it was like oh, god. >> stephanie: death toll stands at 24 now, i believe. i think obviously recovery efforts are winding down. i think they feel like they've obviously found everybody at this point. we'll keep you updated. oh, there is always -- one little comedy nugget of gold in the midst of every tragedy and that comedy nugget, jim is wolf blitzer. [ ding ding ] [ applause ] >> stephanie: i know we'll never top our favorite moment in hurricane katrina. >> so hungry. so black. >> stephanie: he actually said that. i've had to fill time during --
6:39 am
on for a long time and they're tired and but i'm just saying, the thing that wolf blitzer blurts out. >> priceless. >> stephanie: that's what he was saying. hurricane katrina. it was after several hours but he said look at all of those people. down there. so poor, so hungry, so black. okay. >> probably not a day goes by that he doesn't hear about that. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: pleased to meet you and i'm so black. you probably noticed that. this is pretty good though. okay. this will teach you to try to inject religion in things, right? >> right. >> we're happy you're here. you guys did a great job. and i guess you gotta thank the lord right? do you thank the lord for that split-second decision? >> i'm actually an atheist. >> you are. but you made the right call. >> yep. we are here and you know i
6:40 am
don't blame anybody for thanking the lord. >> of course not. >> she handled it well. >> stephanie: polite atheist. >> much like me. >> stephanie: actually, wolf, i credit the time of not thanking the lord and getting my ass out of there. if i asked the lord something -- >> i might have gotten stopped by a plank. >> i stopped to read bible verses. >> stephanie: a house landed on me. skedaddling my ass out of there is what -- oh, dear. that's a perfect example of -- you know, everybody says like an atheist can never be elected president. we so you do thank the lord. >> couldn't the lord have stopped this damn hurricane or tornado? >> that could be someone like wolf blitzer assume that everyone in flyover country is religious. you just can't assume that. >> stephanie: right. that will be played tomorrow on radio shows along with the so
6:41 am
black comment. oh yikes. >> so midwestern. >> stephanie: oh heavens. >> so atheist. >> stephanie: greetings bible thumpers. >> although -- >> i had a friend of mine from oklahoma who said he hopes that woman isn't followed and run out of town because she has come out as an atheist on national television. >> stephanie: which is worse than being gay in oklahoma. >> because when you move to oklahoma, they say you know, what's your name? what church do you go to? that's always like the second question. >> stephanie: that will be nice. she survives the tornado then gets pestered out of oklahoma. how much you want to bet she's like oh, i am not answering the door. really? [knock at door] >> stephanie: nobody's here. i stain uled tornado
6:42 am
soundproofing on my door. [knocking at door] >> stephanie: oh, no! >> just here a minute ago. >> he went out to get some kfc. be right back. >> stephanie: indeed. when? stephanie in wisconsin. you're on the "the stephanie miller show." hi, steph. >> caller: hi. how are you? >> stephanie: good. how are you? >> caller: i'm really sad. i have this watch thing and look, at pictures of the devastation down there. it is really sad. and it is also really interesting because there are no basements. i'm from the midwest. so we get lots of tornadoes here too. we go down into the basement. and we come out and we see the devastation but people are alive and the reason why there are no basements is because there are no codes in oklahoma. there are no codes because -- they don't want the government intruding. it is so sad.
6:43 am
>> stephanie: that's the thing. i think the right reflexively screams you're politicizing anything when you have the audacity to talk about guns and mental health after sandy hook. the thing we've talked about steph, is why isn't there more on the texas story that was totally preventable right? >> caller: this could have been. it is obviously a natural disaster but more -- those kids and those schools could have been saved right. it just -- it breaks my heart. this isn't the first time that this has happened in moore. i just think that if people thought more sensibly about where government is, they would be a lot better off. we're not intruding. it really is trying to make people safer. it really is. i hope that that comes out of this time. >> stephanie: during katrina when people were like see, fema doesn't work. not with george bush running it, it doesn't. way to go. good job. really?
6:44 am
jim, don't leave. travis says that mary sounds cuddly today and there's only a money left. don't leave. hi, mary how are you? >> caller: hi. how are you? >> stephanie: good. >> caller: i just wanted to say you know, these things going on, tornadoes, this, that, and of course, americans come together to help but in my opinion the government spends so much money overseas but yet they can't help people here when there is a tragedy. >> stephanie: the president has already signed the order to help in oklahoma. >> caller: even military people that come back here maimed. >> you're right. we do send too much money overseas. >> caller: you got people on tv asking for donations. it is pitiful. >> stephanie: right but the president's already signed -- it is republicans like -- >> caller: but it is -- see you always make -- >> stephanie: senator coburn said he won't vote for faith. >> caller: you always make it political. >> stephanie: senator coburn is one of the people who wants
6:45 am
to stop the aid. >> caller: it is always political with you people. >> senator coburn kind of made it political. >> caller: no. it is a tragedy. as far as global warming you know what? who's going to control the weather, really? who is going to control the weather? >> stephanie: scientists have some thoughts on it. >> caller: in a bubble maybe? okay. this is life. >> stephanie: that's just life? >> caller: yeah. that's weather life. >> stephanie: okay. >> caller: ice age. think about it. >> stephanie: okay. all right mar. this was pretty good between us. miss you already. >> caller: okay. >> stephanie: i got a little chuckle out of her. >> first time she's chuckled or showed a happy emotion. >> you know what? >> it's political if the president puts up money for -- but it is not political if coburn turns it down. >> but they're politicians. >> stephanie: was i wrong to think maybe i was judging her.
6:46 am
was i wrong to think in my thought bubble we come together because it is all white people in oklahoma? that's why she was more louisid this morning? >> they all voted for romney. >> oklahoma has the largest native-american population of any state in the country. >> stephanie: 45 minutes -- >> you know what? go back where they came from. >> stephanie: okay. 46 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> to be honest, i've never seen such dysfunction. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." you know who is coming on to me now? you know the kind of guys that do reverse mortgage commercials? those types are coming on to me all the time now. (vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. you would rather deal with ahmadinejad than me. >>absolutely. >> and so would mitt romney. (vo) she's joy behar. >>and the best part is that current will let me say
6:47 am
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this show is about being up to date, staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding.
6:51 am
>> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 50 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. i love that jim chris says that jodi arias feels the jury betrayed her. >> you stab a guy 47 times and suddenly you're a bad person. >> stephanie: 29. >> only 29. >> stephanie: right away, you're a murderer. that makes me so mad. you betrayed me. okay. >> your job is to declare me innocent. >> stephanie: road flare mary was talking about our foreign aid and how much we spend -- hot brie melissa fitzgerald reminds us we spend about 1% of our foreign budget on -- budget on foreign aid. ♪ you think you're so smart ♪
6:52 am
[coughing] ♪ ♪ road flare mary ♪ ♪ road flare mary ♪ ♪ sweet cap'n crunch ♪ [ applause ]
6:53 am
>> stephanie: we send all of our money overseas. i'm like the president already signed the order. douches like tom coburn that are stopping it. >> speaking of money overseas, mitt romney has a lot of money in the cayman islands. >> stephanie: you know what? you always make it political. >> i don't think she's ever coughed on the air. i think we just describe that. >> stephanie: there is a big spasm after she gets off the air. okay. >> you know what? >> stephanie: i picture her husband running over with a spittoon after a call. >> her son. >> stephanie: scrape that corn off my feet. >> how long does it take to scrape feet?
6:54 am
>> stephanie: john in missouri. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi, john. >> caller: hi, stephanie. good to talk to you. i'm a first-time watcher of your show. >> stephanie: over oh. >> caller: oh, no, i love it. i was raised a good bible thumping republican. went in the service. fought for my country three times in iraq. i came home and realized how long i was and -- how wrong i was and praying for god's intervention does seem to be ans asinine thing to do as one of your cohosts stated if god was concerned, he would have stopped the tornadoes before they came in. >> stephanie: well, somebody called yesterday right and said we don't talk about -- god enough. i thought well again when -- he was talking about it is because -- we've -- america has turned their back on god. really? your god is a jerk because i'll
6:55 am
kill some school kids because you're having abortions? to me, that's -- >> caller: it is disgusting. my parents have all but disowned my little sister because she had an abortion. she wasn't in a place in her life where she could have a child. she was heavily involved in drugs and it is just not the right thing to do to bring a child in like that. and i fell you, it is -- i tell you, it is tule light of quite lonely in the bible belt being an atheist who loves his american pitbull terrier and even smokes a little pot once in awhile. >> stephanie: oh, my god. >> caller: i'm a terrible man. >> stephanie: you're a bad man. >> you're a bad man. [ laughter ] >> stephanie: you were saying there is no consistency, at least if they had consistency in their arguments, they keep talking about small government. they don't want big government then we did a story yesterday, a republican in virginia is talking about a bill where women would have to report their
6:56 am
miscarriages to the police within 24 hours or risk jail. during the middle of a personal, private tragedy like that? really? >> caller: ever since dwight david eisenhower put "in god we trust" in everything thus violating the separation of church and state this country has been in a -- >> stephanie: let me pray briefly for my fcc license. >> did you get that, current? >> stephanie: he's turned me into a bible thumper now. okay. >> not all atheists say words like that. >> stephanie: no. bob in oklahoma, you're on "the stephanie miller show." hey, bob. >> caller: hi, stephanie and gang and i'll keep it relatively clean. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: one thing that i don't think has been pointed out in the right wing wacko religious nuts would go crazy and jump on this, sunday afternoon, oklahoma city held
6:57 am
their gay pride parade. before the tornado. >> now it makes sense! >> caller: yeah! >> because gays caused it. >> stephanie: pat robertson said that's why that hurricane hit florida because of gay day at walt disney world. >> only logical. >> stephanie: god clearly has gadar. >> gadar7,000. >> stephanie: caroline in -- except in minnesota that doesn't work there clearly because of the bachmanns. gadar doesn't function there. >> there is like a dome over minnesota. shields it from gadar. >> cell phone towers are block it. >> stephanie: carollen in madison, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: hi, stephanie hi, mooks. i love you guys.
6:58 am
and you make me realize that i'm not completely insane when i wake up in the morning and realize the rest of the world -- >> stephanie: you probably are if you like us but that's okay. we make you care less. >> caller: i wanted to comment that on facebook, there was a picture posted of a little boy being rescued from the rubble yesterday. and everybody's comments on the picture was praise jesus. thank god. thank him with a capital "h." and i just wanted to know where were all of the thank yous to the rescue workers and to the teachers? not one person -- there were like 30 comments and every single one was praise god in some way. >> stephanie: what kind of god decides some kids have to die? that's what i don't -- when people inject god into it, i don't understand. maybe someone can explain it. 58 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
6:59 am
7:00 am
[ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> stephanie: hour number two. jacki schechner, we were curious when you worked with wolf blitzer at cnn did he have a tendency to blurt out things in the break room? >> he was perfectly composed at all times. >> so composed, so black. >> you've heard about him saying that right? >> stephanie: that's not really journalism. do you thanked lord. the woman said i'm an atheist. >> oh, yes yes yes.
7:01 am
i missed -- i didn't watch cnn yesterday. >> stephanie: no, he was -- that was his journalism. do you thank the lord? she said i'm an atheist. he was like oh okay. awkward! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: all right. we were just trying to get a little backstage dirt. >> you know what? i don't have much on him. he was always very well-composed. pretty much what you see on tv is what you get behind the scenes. >> stephanie: make something up and tell us next hour. here she is in the current news center, jacki schechner. >> good morning, everybody. the i.r.s. official lois lerner will appear before the house oversight and government relations committee today as it holds its hearing on the issue of agency employees paying extra scrutiny to some groups seeking tax-exempt status. learner is the woman in charge of the division of the i.r.s. that considers these requests. but even though she will make an appearance, she won't testify. she will invoke her fifth amendment right and not answer
7:02 am
questions because now she's entangled in a criminal investigation. her lawyer says she hasn't done anything wrong but this is her only option given the circumstances. here's committee chair darrell issa opening up today's hearing. >> today we will be looking at how things went so wrong how multiple wrong-doings occurred, how no one in position of authority seems to know anything about it. >> new poll out today shows that residents in the deep south support the expansion of medicaid under the affordable care act by more than 60%. the joint center for political and economic studies surveyed people in five states, alabama georgia, louisiana mississippi and south carolina. results show majority support for expanding the republican insurance program to cover more of the poor and uninsured the republican governors in each of the five states has rejected the medicaid expansion. when you put politics aside, the poll results may perfect sense. deep red southern states end to have worse health outcome than coastal blue states and that has a lot to do with low-income
7:03 am
americans not having access to health insurance. we're back after the break. >> if you believe in state's rights but still support the drug war you must be high. >> "viewpoint" digs deep into the issues of the day. >> do you think that there is any chance we'll see this president even say the words "carbon tax"? >> with an open mind... >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv. hershey's simple pleasures chocolate. 30% less fat, 100% delicious.
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cenk off air alright in 15 minutes we're going to do the young turks! i think the number 1 thing than viewers like about the young turks is that were honest. they know that i'm not bsing them for some hidden agenda, actually supporting one party or the other. when the democrats are wrong, they know i'm going to be the first one to call them out. cenk on air>> what's unacceptable is how washington continues to screw the middle class over. cenk off air i don't want the middle class taking the brunt of the spending cuts and all the different programs that wind up hurting the middle class. cenk on air you got to go to the local level, the state level and we have to fight hard to make sure they can't buy our politics anymore. cenk off air and they can question if i'm right about that. but i think the audience gets that, i actually mean it. cenk on air 3 trillion dollars in spending cuts! narrator uniquely progressive and always topical the worlds largest online news show is on current tv. cenk off air
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and i think the audience gets, "this guys to best of his abilities is trying to look out for us." only on current tv! >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." you can still text red cross to 90999 to donate $10 for the folks in oklahoma. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number from anywhere. here is a woman after my own heart. they're doing something egregious in kentucky. hello, lisa. >> caller: good morning. >> stephanie: trying to lower the blood alcohol limit for driving. is that what you wanted to talk about? >> caller: that's right. i watched the senate debate on
7:07 am
this where the national board of transportation presented their findings and they want to lower it and they want to lower it, the reason is our laws aren't tough enough now and all of the other national countries that have lowered it and we should be where they're at. >> stephanie: right. but they want 0% death -- 0% alcohol-related deaths. >> stephanie: do you like to nip a little moonshine before you go for a drive lisa? >> caller: no. no, i don't. >> stephanie: all right. i was just checking. >> but texting while driving is perfectly fine. >> that's complete prohibition against that. not a complete prohibition against drinking and driving. >> stephanie: okay. >> all the time. >> stephanie: it is his bug bugaboo. >> he brings it up every day.
7:08 am
>> i'm probably going to get killed by a 16-year-old girl texting. >> stephanie: please don't kill our voice deity. let's talk to our good friend, eric boehlert from media matters. media matters from america doing the lord's work as usual. >> announcer: eric boehlert. ♪ hurts so good, come on, baby ♪ >> eric boehlert. ♪ hurts so good ♪ >> stephanie: let's dive into the right-wing world. eric boehlert from media matters who we love. good morning, eric boehlert. >> good morning. >> stephanie: when i have to survive until wednesday until i talk to you, you don't understand. anyway, some great stuff as usual. you know, we talked about this last week. but i seriously -- if i hear one more person yell watergate about any of these obama scandals, as you say obama's approval rating on abc is exclusive benghazi report. obama approval rating 51%. thank god it seems like thus far people get this for the noise it
7:09 am
is right? >> yeah. there's some important noise in there but it certainly doesn't reflect the scandal coverage you know pew has done polling on what stories people are following and gallup has pointed out that you know, the so-called -- the three so-called scandals really don't rate in terms of big white house presidential news events. compared to recent years. but you know, that doesn't stop the pundits, right? gerald steve at the "wall street journal" on monday talking about, you know, obama's second term blues. bill of "the new york times" talking about how obama's second term has been knocked off-course. and if you look at gallup's "washington post" cnn, his ratings are actually up in the last two weeks. for a president who's been derailed by scandal, he hasn't been derailed at all. all of the pundits talking about
7:10 am
how his credibility is damage and you can't trust the white house. it is kind of clintonesque in that the polls are showing people are like tell me about unemployment again. how the dow is doing and stop this breathless, inside the beltway coverage about the scandal. >> stephanie: i love you say best tweet ever from eric bolling. conspiracy theorist in me says the i.r.s. and a.p. scandals are the cover for the about to explode benghazi scandal. what? >> i tweeted back. he was very angry. he said -- in his tweet back to me he accused obama -- he said obama "doesn't care" about the benghazi dead. sort of highlights, you know, the complete frustration fox news has had. particularly about the benghazi story which is, you know, petered out for about the ninth time in eight months.
7:11 am
this is supposed to be -- about to explode and even fox you know temporarily i think has given up on that story to cover up and it is because jonathan karl reporting was so awful. >> stephanie: right, on abc. >> there was no there no terms -- the white house trying to cover for the state department and campaign was practically writing the talking points and all of that nonsense. >> stephanie: eric, you write about this. that's my irritation, too. why isn't that a bigger story? something that was written by republicans. deliberately changed white house e-mails to make them look bad. >> yeah, a couple of people last week were wondering folks on the left, josh marshall, talking points memo was wondering why isn't this a bigger deal? right. i mean karl got played pretty badly. first he said he reported, he kept going on tv saying abc had contained the e-mails.
7:12 am
they hadn't obtained them. a republican source read him a summary. he read an incorrect summary of at least one crucial e-mail. so you know, i think there are a couple of reasons it is not a big deal. sort of sarcastically tweeted maybe democrats are used to awful journalism so it doesn't even surprise them anymore. democrats and liberals don't wallow in the victimization the way the right wing does. there isn't this general feeling that we need to spend all of our time and energy, you know, playing victim against the liberal conspiracy and the press. and i think the white house in general has no interest in, you know, waging war with the mainstream media or trying to denounce it. but they certainly could have. in the case of karl and abc still has not posted any kind of apology. still hasn't explained why karl was inaccurately claiming he had obtained the e-mails. there just hasn't been any accountability and it is a shame
7:13 am
because without that erroneous reporting, the benghazi wouldn't have been -- the cover-up story wouldn't have been resurrected for the ninth time. >> stephanie: you know, as you say, too you can't certainly spend time trying to answer charges from fox because as you write, it is like stuff that they report, then comes up to be wildly inaccurate, they just move on. in fact, we had a caller last week, airic that said this thing about why -- who ordered the navy seal to stand down and not help the people there. as you write here, the problem with the fox report, glen doherty had been 600 miles away in tripoli on the night of the attack and was part of the team sent to benghazi but he was killed in the final attack. fox says you never publicly acknowledged the glaring error. >> that was my piece. when it looked like the abc story was legit fox went on a victory lap tour saying we were right about benghazi all along. my point was really?
7:14 am
benghazi is your example of sterling fox news journalism? they've just been making stuff up for nine months. and yeah, that's where the whole ben-zombie phenomena comes in. why weren't the seals sent in. why didn't obama send the troops in? the questions have been answered by the military 150 different times. that's how you know you're in an echo chamber when questions have been answered and nine months later, they're just being asked over and over and over and over and over again whether it is the talking points or security or you know, why did obama you know peggy noonan wrote a column, she basically accused obama of watching, you know, being aware of the attack in real time and being asked again and again you know, can we send the troops? can we send the special teams and him saying no because i want
7:15 am
to win re-election. >> stephanie: yeah, i know. >> again as -- november, benghazi is so important to the right because it encapsules this monster image they have of him. and that allows there should they project -- they project the story line into this traitorrist, un-american person who will let americans die for his own political calculation. that's why it keeps feeding on itself over and over because it is the mythology that they embrace. and that's what they want obama to be. that's what they've told everyone obama really is. he is this monster out to destroy the american way of life. so this is why -- >> the proof is the story we just made up. >> stephanie: eric, i don't know if you read john fab row in the "daily beast," how obama handles crisis. he was the president's speechwriter. he said it is an interesting story about somebody said last friday was a really bad day for
7:16 am
you, mr. president. meaning all of these quote-unquote scandals. the president said you know what was a really bad day, the day benghazi actually happened. that was a bad day. he sort of says he's not going to change the news cycles. he does what he thinks is the right thing to do. >> and i think you know, i think the white house has responded pretty well to all three of them. at the time, there was sort of this fever pitch and all of these things were going to, you know, destroy the second term. but as i said, the polls show the opposite. you know, for a scandal traditionally, there has to be criminality. that has always been the basis whether it is iron contra-- iran-contra and there is no criminality and there's simply no evidence that the white house was plotting all of these things. covering up its steps. >> stephanie: somebody said that as well. i think in salon talking about obviously watergate is the wrong
7:17 am
comparison. whitewater is a better comparison. it is a fishing expedition. whitewater led to travel gate to this gate to lewinsky. it is a fishing expedition. not, as you say anything that's vaguely analogous to iran-contra or watergate. >> whitewater is important for another reason because what the administrations have learned since then particularly democratic ones, was hands off everything. i mean the reason the whitewater, the reason all of these things were elongated besides the fact there was inept kenneth starr and republicans pushing it was, you know, the white house would be in touch with justice department or got a heads up about something. and then republicans freaked out and claimed conspiracy and cover-up. now, with these the i.r.s. and the d.o.j., it is -- we're seeing time and time again the white house has no connection with any of these. they don't call. they don't want a heads up.
7:18 am
there's this firewall around the white house and these agencies and the investigation. so now republicans have turned that around and saying well, he's detached. he's not interested. basically saying why wasn't he meddling in the d.o.j.? >> stephanie: when didn't he know it? >> and learned from the clintons, you just don't touch it because if anyone -- if there's proof that you were, there's going to be hell to pay. the irony is republicans are blaming him for not meddling. >> stephanie: by the way great timing on rumsfeld's book. i love your tweet about donald rumsfeld on fox scolding the white house for telling lies was like a crazy piece of neocon performance art. [ laughter ] i mean, really. it is where you just nod your head at the tv going really, really? >> a couple of weeks ago joe scarborough had bush's former attorney general on to talk about the scandals and the
7:19 am
politicization of you know, what he had done, the exact same thing. i said irony is really dead. we have this parade of bush administration officials explaining how you're really supposed to do things. when they said a pretty -- they set a pretty low bar, i would say. >> stephanie: eric boehlert, you are worth waiting for. i count the days until monday. thanks, honey. there he goes. eric boehlert from media matters. >> not monday. >> stephanie: not monday because we're off. it is memorial day. we'll have to wait a long day. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> this was so funny in my head when i planned it. >> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show."
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(vo) she gets the comedians laughing and the thinkers thinking. >>ok, so there's wiggle room in the ten commandments, that's what you're saying. (vo) she's joy behar. >>current will let me say anything.
7:24 am
♪ it's lady's night and the feeling's right ♪ ♪ oh yes it's lady's night and oh, what a night ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 23 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. this hour brought to you by sodastream. looky here an unsolicited testimonial from kim. steph, i love my sodastream. i have it in my home and when i have to travel, i fill a few bottles because it stays fizzy forever. i am free from lugging cans and bottles to the supermarket. love it. thank you, kim. sodastream is a little miracle, isn't it? >> sure. >> stephanie: just saying it makes soda quick and easy. it transforms regular water into fizzy soda in seconds with just the push of a button. tastes great. no cleanup. and no lugging as kim said.
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find stores near you at >> does it stop you from being a climate change denier? >> stephanie: i don't know about that. damian in pennsylvania writes to all of you republicans who like to tell liberals how unchristian we are, answer this question, what would jesus have said? i can cure your leprosy but -- >> maybe jesus is out back framing some houses. he is a carpenter, after all. >> stephanie: noelle in oregon. >> caller: i just found you today for the first time. >> stephanie: you're the first noelle i've had on the show. >> caller: well, thank you. okay. anyway, thank you for taking my call. i found your show for the first time today when i turned on the tv. and was really kind of excited to see a female talk show host. many years ago in the '90s, i had my own national show on satellite dish.
7:27 am
i'm kind of concerned that in many, many case, we're seeing so much bashing going on of other political groups and i would really like to see maybe where there could be somebody maybe a little bit more independent on your show. you know what i'm saying so we can really have -- sort of like a balance there. i respect what you guys are doing but my concern when those of us who have served in the military and we have to go by sop, standard operating procedure. those of us that are senior officers are enlisted, if we don't know what's going on with those people below us, ultimately the responsibility has to end up with us. >> stephanie: i can't control these idiots i work with. >> caller: i'm sure they're gentlemen. >> stephanie: not to me. >> caller: what i'm concerned about is the fact that those -- somebody like the commander in chief of obama when -- >> stephanie: commander in chief of obama. >> caller: no.
7:28 am
commander in chief who is obama. president obama. when whatever it is that they're saying oh he couldn't have known this and he couldn't have known that. ultimately whether he did or not or whether it is something he chose to overlook at the time or leave to the responsibility of other people to handle, ultimately, the responsibility rests with him. he is the leader of this country i think what would be really nice is if people would stop bashing this party or that party or doing the mudslinging because to me, that doesn't get us anywhere, don't you agree? >> stephanie: in some cases yes but when republican senator tom coburn says he wants offsets before he gets disaster aid for his own state, i think he's -- you know -- >> caller: but when you get someone like peter defazio here in oregon who stood up at a town hall meeting and swore up and down that he understood why we did not want obamacare here
7:29 am
and he would not vote for it, he then went behind our back and made a private concession, if you give me this one little item for the state of oregon, i'll vote for obamacare even though i told my state i would not. it was disconcerting to see he was the one standing behind obama with the other people watching him sign the bill. so he betrayed us. >> stephanie: how dare he get you healthcare. that's awful. >> caller: no. i think what it is. what we should have done is taken more time to look at the obamacare proposals because you know what writers are. they attach on. >> stephanie: yeah, i got that. you realize obamacare is a pejorative. guess what i heard rush call the president yesterday. because he's exactly like -- jay. >> he was a doctor. >> stephanie: president. >> healthcare was not privatized. >> stephanie: 29 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
7:30 am
very, very excited about that and very proud of that. >>beltway politics from inside the loop. >>we tackle the big issues here in our nation's capital, around the country and around the globe. >>dc columnist and four time emmy winner bill press opens current's morning news block. >>we'll do our best to carry the flag from 6 to 9 every morning.
7:31 am
7:32 am
7:33 am
criticizing, and holding policy to the fire. are you encouraged by what you heard the president say the other night? is this personal, or is it political? a lot of my work happens by doing the things that i'm given to doing anyway, by staying in touch with everything that is going on politically and putting my own nuance on it. in reality it's not like they actually care. this is purely about political grandstanding. i've worn lots of hats, but i've always kept this going. i've been doing politics now for a dozen years. (vo) he's been called the epic politics man. he's michael shure and his arena is the war room. >> these republicans in congress that think the world ends at the atlantic ocean border and pacific ocean border. the bloggers and the people that are sort of compiling the best of the day. i do a lot of looking at those people as well. not only does senator rubio just care about rich people, but somehow he thinks raising the minimum wage is a bad idea for the middle class. but we do care about them right?
7:34 am
>> kids -- >> stephanie miller. >> was an extremely popular show with an extremely simple premise. >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." welcome to it. 34 minutes after the hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. frank in montana. you're on "the stephanie miller show." hi frank. >> caller: hi, how's it going? i've been watching your show about six months and i love your sexy liberal. talking about christianity earlier and i was wondering if republicans are reading the same book as the rest of us. it seems that you know, they're
7:35 am
based in greed. they have a lack of empathy. blatant prejudice against the president. and if you can find that book, i want a copy of it. >> stephanie: i will. ask them for their special copy. [ ♪ "nbc nightly news" ♪ ] the church blames the tornado on collins. >> because he had everything to do with oklahoma. huh? >> stephanie: all right. by the way oh this gay by the way, performed for -- with the gay man's choir of hollywood. i hosted a thing for them. the boy's awards. so they were on stage behind me and i realized i forgot my best joke. i should have said i was backstage with these guys and they saw my boobs. [ ♪ circus ♪ ] >> because they sang on stage at the oscars. >> they sang the famous "i saw your boobs."
7:36 am
>> it is funnier after the fact. >> stephanie: exactly. that explains why -- >> timing! >> stephanie: in other religious news, is pope francis an exorcist? wow. >> he's bobby jindal in drag? >> stephanie: this is fun. is pope francis an exorcist is the news story today. the question has been bubbled up ever since francis laid his hands on the head of a young man in a wheelchair after celebrating mass at st. peters. the young man heaved deeply, shook and then slumped in his wheelchair as francis prayed over him. there is speculating over whether that was actually -- >> a demon leaving his body. >> stephanie: right. or it could have been overexcitement from the pope touching you i suppose. >> or terror. of the pope touching you. >> stephanie: yes. television station of thity alian bishop's conference reported monday it had surveyed exorcists who agreed there was
7:37 am
no doubt francis had performed an exorcism or a prayer to free the man from the devil. isn't that the same thing? >> i thought so. >> stephanie: vatican was more cautious. it said francis didn't intend to perform any exorcism. may be something he can't help. he didn't intend to. i did it again. did you want to keep that demon? my bad! i'm sorry. reflexively. i'll put the demon back if you want. >> put the demon back. >> listen to me very carefully. put the candle back. >> stephanie: did i ask you to ex-or size that demon? fueling the speculation is his obsession with satan. very first homily as pope on march 14th, francis warned
7:38 am
cardinals gathered in the sistine chapel the day after he was elected that he doesn't pray to the lord, prays to the devil. i would have a hard time paying attention in the sistine chapel. i would be staring at the ceiling. that is amazing. okay. and then he has since mentioned the devil on a handful of occasions, most recently in a may 4th homily. in his morning mass, he spoke of the need for dialogue except with satan. he's like a republican from oklahoma. you cannot talk to him. you can't have dialogue. let this be clear he warned. so i'm just saying, speculation. bobby jindal, for you. okay. bobby jindal. who knows if that's true. oh one only hopes for a presidential run again in 2016, don't you? >> it is true he ex-or sized his girlfriend. >> stephanie: not as in spinning class. his college girlfriend had a
7:39 am
demon. >> bought her some pilates equipment. >> stephanie: not that kind of exercise. an exorcism. his wife could be first lady and you know, be giving a speech. hello! maybe he didn't -- it was incomplete. >> does your head spin around? that's what i want to know. >> stephanie: if it's not done correctly, do they come back? ann from north carolina, you're on "the stephanie miller show." >> caller: good morning. i love your show. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i'm a little blue dot surrounded by a red area in the mountains of north carolina and eastern tennessee. >> stephanie: yikes. hello little blue dot. go ahead. >> caller: i want to get back to representative tom cole and what he said yesterday on the radio. he's not running again so i guess this is why he said it.
7:40 am
he said the president called me and said michelle and i are praying for everybody there and blah blah, blah. and then he goes on to say about how well the science work in oklahoma to track this tornado and i thought oh, my goodness. how hypocritical. using the science for the tornado but then they totally dis the science when it comes to climate change. that's all i had to say. >> stephanie: exactly. depends on which kind of science the oil companies believe in. let's go to linda in orange county. hi linda welcome. >> caller: good morning. i was wondering i think maybe president obama was handed a goose with this tornado. if he comes out and speaks to the people of america actually, the partiality that these people -- we never see these people in washington, d.c. but they show up for scandal trials. they show up for things that are
7:41 am
really not hitting us in america. the treason of not trying to fund the money for the funds for the children to eat, for old people to eat but we're wasting time on barack obama sitting here going over things that don't exist with the americans. i think he could talk to america and get this point across. now, we're here with the partialality government run. absolute trees ton the country. >> stephanie: thank you. she'll take no further questions. this is what i was saying to eric boehlert, this piece in salon is so true. it is whitewater all over again. it is just -- you remembered that. it was like one pseudoscandal after another in the clinton years. they're not doing anything. they're not doing any governing. they're not undoing the sequester cuts. yeah. steve ahman in salon writes obama's quote-unquote scandals are not like nixons. they're fishing expeditions to find something bigger. that's what they kept fishing until they found lewinsky which
7:42 am
boehlert said the scandal was elongated. he said the scandal was elongated. >> that's why we love eric boehlert. >> stephanie: because of the fact -- okay. what? he said yeah, he talked about it's always disheartening when bob woodward shows up on the tv. he's gotten to this point where he wants to stay relevant. he says whatever -- i think he wants them -- he thinks they want him to say to keep the media story line going. >> are you saying cnn calls him up and tells him what to say? >> stephanie: they don't tell me. i tell them! [ laughter ] >> stephanie: he said on -- i don't know which show it was. i have to go back 40 years to watergate and nixon to put out his edited transcripts to the conversation. i would not dismiss benghazi. it is a serious issue. steve amman writes you got that, viewer? the foggy hours after a chaotic overseas tragedy is just like a sitting president orchestrating a month-long campaign of
7:43 am
deception to hide his criminal activities undertaken by his re-election committee. they sort of bring him on to go let's give gravitas to this watergate comparison. it is crap. thank you. but he says it is the wrong historical reference. the scandals quote-unquote confronting president obama are driven almost entirely from the political and media mindset that gave us whitewater. they're minor instances of bureaucratic incompetence that are seized upon by hysterical right wing media and politicians by their -- into a full-scale media narratives. this is what allows otherwise self-respecting journalists to flog stories owned by standards partisan boondoggles. travel gate begot file gate begot trooper gate begot lewinsky. watergate was a fox hunt. there was real crime. whitewater was a fishing trip. enduring lesson is fishing trips
7:44 am
can serve as an effective means of opposition particularny in the absence of an agenda. have you heard any republicans say anything about any issues to do with your actual life? it is all about -- the president this and the president that and watergate. the recent controversies that have dogged obama will in all likelihood result in moral events. they're already serving their intended function as an ad hoc campaign of distraction that's pushed the president's agenda off the front page and provides congressional republicans safe cover to oppose his measures or for simply refusing to perform any meaningful function. for the foreseeable future, the front pages will be devoted to the fishing trips. >> stephanie: that part is depressing. he goes on to say this is what we were talking about eric. consider this thought experiment, particularly in light of how much cultural oxygen has been devoted to the four americans killed in benghazi. imagine barack obama had been president when thousands of americans were killed on our
7:45 am
soil and 36 days earlier he had received a briefing from the c.i.a. entitled bin laden determined to strike in the u.s. or imagine obama launched a military invasion based on faulty intelligence, on and on. they're making these into things that are analogous. they're not even close. >> right. >> stephanie: we're no longer able to make basic moral distinctions between crisis that impact our lives. climate change, income inequality. coreuption of our political system by money and ginned up scuttle butt. we can hang out a sign on the country that reads "gone fishing." whitewater all over again. [ applause ] ginned up scuttle butt, my favorite description lately. 45 minutes after the hour. right back on "the stephanie miller show." >> yeah, sorry about that. the show's gotten a little lowbrow. >> what are you talking about? it is the most hilarious show ever!
7:46 am
>> announcer: it's "the stephanie miller show." >> has the time finally come for real immigration reform? >> ...and a distinctly satirical point of view. >> but you mentioned "great leadership" so i want to talk about donald rumsfeld. >> (laughter). >> watch the show. >> only on current tv.
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i think the number one thing that viewers like about the young turks is that we're honest. they can question whether i'm right, but i think that the audience gets that this guy, to the best of his ability, is trying to look out for us.
7:50 am
♪ a little ditty about jack and -- >> stephanie miller. ♪ two american kids growing up in the heartland ♪ ♪ jacki gonna be a football star ♪ >> stephy -- ♪ backseat of jackie's car ♪ >> stephanie: it is "the stephanie miller show." david shuster joins us next hour. 1-800-steph-12 the phone number toll free from anywhere. steven miller, the acing i.r.s. commissioner by the way testified yesterday. >> this is acting commissioner, want to apologize on behalf the
7:51 am
internal revenue service for the mistakes we made and the poor service we provided. the affected organizations and the american public deserve better. >> stephanie: he blah, blah, blah. he told congress yesterday he knew little about what was happening or excuse me, that was doug shulman the bush appointee. he didn't know what was happening when he was still commission commissioner. i agree this is an issue when somebody spotted it, they should have brought it up the chain. i don't know why. senator max baucus. >> targeted groups based on their political views is not only inappropriate, it is intolerable. we need to understand how and why this targeting occurred. we need to know who was involved. and who was responsible. >> i still don't think they were targeted because of their political leanings. they were targeted because they were blatantly political organizations. >> stephanie: when i keep reading -- as you were talking about yesterday jim the
7:52 am
definition, i don't get it. what do any of those groups have to do with social welfare? it sounds like crap to me, honestly like i'm going -- both sides. i'm like going come on. those groups don't exist to do anything other than political stuff. i think it is the wording. >> not greenpeace. >> stephanie: those particular groups, maybe someone can tell me what else do they do besides political. >> tea party has party right there in the name there. >> stephanie: right. george in gary, indiana. hi george, welcome. >> caller: hello, mama and mooks. i think my head's going to explode. i called because of this lady, the former officer in the army who said subordinates and i didn't know what was going on, i would have been fired and blah, blah blah. news flash right-wingers there's thousands of former bush appointees hanging around in the obama administration offices in
7:53 am
various departments because the republicans are holding up appointees by obama! these people are not our friends. they're not friends of government. they're appointees who probably got their job like that idiot who screwed up on katrina and after all, you think about it, guys like jonathan karl. wasn't's bush press guy before? and you know. >> stephanie: politically like the peanut butter in my chocolate. you got your bush administration incompetence in my obama administration. blame obama. >> stinking up the soup, if you know what i mean. >> stephanie: i hear what -- picking up what you're putting down. kev in atlanta. welcome. >> caller: how are you doing you golden nugget, you? >> stephanie: i'm sparkly thank you. >> caller: you know, i think the main problem with the republican party is that they're not even self-aware enough to know that world leaders watch people like
7:54 am
john boner and they hear them say stuff like -- democrat party and that's good english or that makes them -- they can play a psychological game with the public's mind. >> stephanie: i think frank luntz, didn't that memo become public. whatever he does, those focus groups. >> yeah. >> caller: one other thing, i have to ask you a question. please. >> stephanie: yes. >> caller: i was looking at some pictures of john boner's daughter's wedding and i noticed he wore a suit instead of a tuxedo. is that a new style to wear a suit instead of a tuxedo? >> i don't think you're required to wear a tuxedo at a wedding.
7:55 am
>> stephanie: there are a lot of things to criticize him for. i don't know. >> i wear a tuxedo in the shower. >> stephanie: do you jim? you seem just that kind of dapper gentleman. darryl in ventura welcome. >> caller: hi, how are you. thank you for taking my call. >> stephanie: thank you. >> caller: i was calling to see how you felt about our most transparent government in history when you look at fast and furious. you look at what's going on in benghazi and you look at the i.r.s. >> stephanie: what's going on in benghazi? >> caller: well, the fact that we have stories being told to us and we're trying to find out what is really happening. we're getting -- >> stephanie: what is really happening? there's nothing happening now. it happened quite awhile ago. the questions have been asked and answered. how many more hearings do we need, do you think? >> caller: well, it would be nice to find out who gave the talking points to the people and why and -- >> stephanie: they've already answered that question. it was a turf battle between c.i.a. and the state department.
7:56 am
>> caller: you are missing a multitude of e-mails. there are blocks of e-mails that are out. >> stephanie: really? who said there's missing e-mails? >> caller: there are three days of missing e-mails between when benghazi happened and when the e-mails came through. what i'm saying though is if we're so transparent -- >> stephanie: i have not heard that reported, darryl. >> caller: fast and furious. >> stephanie: the bush administration program that started under the bush administration. what about it? >> caller: after four years of obama in, the left continues to bring up bush issues. obama has flushed out -- >> stephanie: the bush administration started the fast and furious program. you're aware of that, right? >> caller: bush did not do the cover-up and let the guns go through and it was blocked. >> stephanie: what cover-up? what cover-up? even darrell issa has given up on claiming there is a cover-up on fast and furious.
7:57 am
i think you're stuck several scandals ago. >> talking points are a little stale. >> caller: i.r.s. lerner is invoking the fifth amendment. she knows what's going on. she's invoking the fifth which is her right. but they take it personal like that and now you promote her up the ladder to be overseeing obamacare? with the i.r.s.? >> stephanie: what do you think she's going to do with the affordable care act? what does that mean? >> finds out you're a conservative -- >> stephanie: she's going to deny you healthcare, right? >> why wouldn't she? she denied tax-exempt status. >> stephanie: they won't be in charge -- actually, the insurance companies get to do that now. thank god you're back. we need to spray. you let a troll through because you had to go in the other room. >> are you tired of cranky callers who only want to harsh your talk show buzz. you've spent a lot of time and effort producing the best show
7:58 am
possible only to have them poop in your punch bowl. introducing troll be gone to rid yourself of trouble making trolls. just one spray. >> i've been a chat room moderator for years. i used to fight with trolls all the time. now i just spray them away from youstream, facebook profiles. apply liberally and it lasts for weeks. >> check out troll be gone in action. >> i'm a small business owner. >> look at the monkey. >> ow, ow, ow. >> i try to listen to both sides. >> order troll be gone today. now available in our five gallon concentrate. >> you know what? >> stephanie: oh, dear. that was a moldy little troll. really? >> the hindenburg. >> stephanie: that was kind of hold fashioned. that was old timey. all right. right back on "the stephanie miller show."
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